Trials of Friendship by Rude Zude

After your best friend confides in you on her witchy powers, you decide that she might be the ticket to living out your biggest fantasy. In life, however, even the best-laid plans often go awry.

The first two chapters were heavily revised for flow, grammar, and tone! The rest will follow shortly!

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Story Notes:

This story will have a heavy emphasis on humiliation and the arc of Chris and Lexy's friendship. If you're interested, stay tuned!

Rewrites are in progress! Chapter One, Trial Run, and Chapter Two have received a loving editing pass! I encourage you to check them out again if you've already read them. More to come soon!

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2. The Jog by Rude Zude

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Trial Run by Rude Zude
Author's Notes:

We start off our adventure in a college courtyard, as Chris tries to charm his way into some size-related fun with Alexis!

"I mean, I'm not totally against it..." Your best friend legitimately pondered the idea as you both sat under one of the many trees in the college courtyard. It was a long shot, but you had to ask. It’s something that has plagued you since she first told you about this crazy second world. Witchcraft, charms, incantations. You knew she could make it happen, and you weren’t about to let the opportunity pass you by.

You'd been close to Alexis for years, even almost friends with benefits. Although it never quite lined up for either of you. One of you had always been dating, while the other was single. It was one of those unfortunate revolving door situations, where neither of you quite lined up with the other. The two of you had been through a lot together; helping each other through bad breakups was something you both felt indebted to each other for. But, through all of it, you couldn't help but admire her body. She was never really one to work out much, but she was far from chubby. Somehow, any pudge had gone to help reinforce her shapely ass and thighs. You always figured it was her Latina genes.

Fortunately, the attraction was mutual. Even just last week, Lexy had made a couple of suggestive comments about your butt in those grey sweats you’d worn over to her apartment. In fact, it’s exactly what had prompted this conversation in the first place. If she agreed, maybe there was something both of you could get out of this. You were always so comfortable around her; what was one little query into the realm of fantasy?

You take a sip of your coke. Droplets of condensation from the sweating can run down your palms. "Come on, I'm sure it would be fun for you too! Think about it, Lexy; when do you get to actually cut loose and use your powers?"

Her brow furrows, "Totally could do with some fun, but, I dunno, Chris. It's just kind of weird. You know, the whole um, butt part, I mean." So, she's hung up on that part. With a metaphorical crack of your mental knuckles, you lean in a bit closer. Time to work some of that patented charm.

"Not at all! Plenty of guys like anal, right? Same deal, just a teensy bit more on the extreme side of everything." Her expression remains unchanged. This was going to be a challenge.

You clear your throat, “Alright, well, think about it like this: You know those vibrating beads you bought when you and Sean were a thing?”

She nods dumbly, unsure of exactly where this conversation could be heading. You continue, “Well, I’d sort of be like one of those. Except, I’m not powered on batteries.” Sending a wink her way as you finish the latest pitch, you see her look off to the side in contemplation. You’re taken aback by the sheer intensity of her eyes. Oh fuck, she’s actually considering it! You know you’ll have to sweeten the pot somehow, so you throw in a desperate comment to break up the silence that had sunk in.

“Come on ‘Lex! I know you like getting your ass eaten, and I could do that all day! Just think about it. In class, during sports...” You pause for dramatic effect before whispering directly into her ear “-maybe even in bed. There’d be so much more of you to appreciate~.”

Her eyes go wide, only to lower in embarrassment as something crosses her mind. "Okay, pretty hot to think about, not going to lie. But, like, what if I have to, you know-” Alexis leans in closer, speaking in a much more hushed tone, “-fart or something?"

You have to admit, it's not one of the aspects you really considered. Although, a butt is a butt. It was a fact of life, though, no matter how much you admired her shapely posterior. You fiddle idly with the metal tab of the can as it presses coldly against your lap, "Guess it comes with the territory. I mean, you can always warn me first, right?"

She smiled, "Yeah totally, I could always just shoot you a text or something." She looked towards the ground, and you both went silent. The only sound between you was the metal tab moving rhythmically between your thumb and index finger.

She finally broke the silence, "I won't lie; it does sound sort of fun to bully you with just my butt." Her face suddenly lights up, "How about a trial run?"

You’re slightly taken aback, "O-oh, right now? Sure I gu-" You never get to finish the sentence. No transition, no sense of movement. Just darkness. There wasn't the usual feeling of vertigo like you read in stories or watched in movies. One second you were under the tree, and the very next was complete blackness. Almost as if someone had turned off the sun. It’s so disorienting that you completely forgot about the flashlight feature on your phone. You desperately claw at your back pocket, trying to fumble your way out of the darkness. That's when the humidity hits you, much like a punch to the face. The atmosphere is so intense, it’s borderline offensive to the sense. You reel backward from the sudden burst of heat, bumping into what could only be described as an elastic material, "Ugh, enough of this garbage." You tap the flashlight feature on, and your phone comes to life; Illuminating a whole world right before your very eyes.

Directly in front of you was the most enormous asshole you'd ever seen. Stubs of recently shaven hairs peek out along your friend’s moist skin as well, greeting you excitedly. You stumble backward in awe of it all, "No fucking way, this is too small..." You mumble to yourself, trailing off as you imagine the implications. Rough estimation, but you guessed maybe half an inch at most, possibly even tinier. It’s hard to tell in such a tight space. Of course, the phone vibrates in your hands, right on time. No surprise, It’s Alexis.

Lexi: How's the view? Everything you hoped? ;p

Chris: Lex this is too small. Make me a bit bigger. Please

Lexi: No can doooo! my butt my rules XD 'sides I made you sort of hard to break

Lexi: So don't be worried about getting killed by a random fart lol

Chris: Not funny

Lexi: It is to me lmao. Heading to class btw so hold on


The whole world starts to move as Alexis rises to her feet. Immediately, you were thrown hard into what you now realized was her thong. Her cheeks constantly slide against your tiny body and over the fabric of your clothes as she walks. The soft and warm flesh massages the entirety of your little body. You swore it usually didn't take her this long to walk to class.  

Maybe Lexy had taken the scenic route? Not that you minded, her walk to class had gotten you rock hard. Being enveloped by her soft globes was like a dream come true. A shuffle of papers could be heard briefly before the world once again got turned upside down.


Your phone vibrates as you pick yourself up from a rough tumble. You flick it open with the slide of a finger, the screen already sitting idly on the messenger app.


Lexi: Hope you enjoyed the ride ;)

Lexi: Last class for today. I can take you out when I get home

Chris: Hell yeah! It was like a full-body hand job

Chris: And yeah sounds good

Lexi: Seriously? tbh I can't even feel you back there. Was starting to worry you fell out

Now that was a scary thought. Even if you survived the fall, you'd probably be smashed to pieces under some freshman's converse long before she noticed you were gone. A shiver goes up to your spine. You had no intention of going out like that. Taking a deep breath, you put your dark anxieties aside and slide the phone back into your pocket, deciding it’s time to live out the fantasy. The very same one you’d had since age fourteen. You pull your pants down a bit, letting out your swollen cock. Slowly, you rub it against the flesh of her ass that almost ominously flanks both sides of you. However, in no time at all, you find yourself painting her cheeks with a pitiful amount of cum. Ropey strands fall uselessly down onto the soft material of her thong, while others stay plastered to her plush ass.

You weren't done yet, though. Using the cheeks above for the leverage, you climb upwards towards Lexi’s quivering anus. It shakes and wobbles at your very touch, perhaps even unconsciously. You waste no time kissing and licking at it with all you have, rubbing yourself thoroughly against it in some sort of passionate lust-filled fog. Thankfully, it seemed your bestie kept the whole area pretty clean. Sufficiently turned on again, you grab your dick and start stroking. Taking in the heat, the pheromones, and even the ambient sounds of her body. Quickly you finished yet again, this time painting her massive brown star with small splotches of white. It rumbled, seemingly at your presence. But you were much too small for Lexi to feel you. Regardless, you still felt the need to brag.

Finally spent, you whip your phone back out and shoot Lexi a text.


Chris: Just finished all over your ass

Lexi: Ew! Omg XD

Lexi: Bet I'd need a magnifying glass just to see it lol

Chris: Ouch

Lexi: Hold on

Lexi: Got a surprise for u ;)

The beautiful ass you had just been showering with love suddenly opened up. A quick yet straightforward poof as the object of your affection pulls itself apart only briefly. Almost like it had blown a kiss. Though, at your size, it’s more like a typhoon. You’re immediately slammed backward by the intense foul winds, her thong not doing much to cushion the blow. Your ears ring, and you can’t help but retch, quickly vomiting from the sheer disorientation of it all. The impact is almost comparable to getting hit by a flashbang, overriding all of your senses simultaneously. Luckily, at your pathetic size, she'd never notice the vomit in the back of her thong.

Standing up shakily, the realization of just how weak and insignificant you were right now is starting to sink in. If Lexi's magic hadn't made you more resilient, that fart would have probably ripped you apart. Patting down your pants, you were thankful to find your phone still in the pocket you left it. Sliding open the messenger, you start furiously writing.


Chris: What the fuck!!!

Lexi: XD XD XD

Chris: Not funny Alex. That was fucking disgusting. Let me out. I'm done

Lexi: Nah. Maybe I want you back there

Chris: What?

Lexi: If you're so scared of a girls fart then what about a dick :p

Lexi: Maybe I could bring a hookup over before I let you out

Chris: Seriously Lex this isn't funny

Lexi: What if you fell on his cock XD XD


Lexi started to move without any warning, throwing you right back into chaos as she presumably stood up. You nearly drop your phone in the suddenness of it but manage to stuff it in your pocket before she starts to pick up the pace. You knew Alexis was kidding; she’d let you out when you got back to her place. Though,  dark thoughts nag at you in the very back of your mind. Did she really want to fuck someone with you like this?

Without any warning, you were back outside. Sunny day, right outside the school's tennis courts, and you are so thoroughly confused.

"I thoug-" You started to speak, but your friend is quick to interrupt you.

"Thought what?" She had the most giant smirk on her face. Her head cocked slightly to the side, "Yeah, I was going to wait till I got home, but you wanted out." She shrugged, "Whatever, it's too bad because that totally made me way hornier than I thought it would. Might go home and like, masturbate or something." She gives you a sly wink before starting to walk off but stops herself.

She crinkles her nose in disgust, "Ew... You may want to take a shower, just FYI. You kinda reek."

Slick slick slick

You work a well-manicured finger against your clit. Eyes closed, you relived the day over again in your head. Your whole body is still so worked up. With your free hand, you can't help but scroll through the texts from earlier. The entire time he was down there, you couldn't even feel him, and that's what drove you wild. He was practically worshiping you, squirting his tiny dick all over your ass, yet you'd have no idea if he hadn't told you. Something about that was just so indescribably hot.

You nearly moan out loud when you read back what you had sent about getting a hookup, something your roommate probably wouldn't have appreciated, even with the door closed. It was such a dirty thought. Would it even count as a threesome if one of them was bug-sized, you wondered? You try to slip a finger inside your needy cunt, but it’s a fruitless endeavor, as you’re far too wet to get any decent friction. Back to working your clit, you glance over to the calendar. Tomorrow was totally free. Perfect.

Hitting the call button at the top of your text logs, you have to stifle a moan just as he picks up, "H-hey! S-so I had a q-question..." You continued to work on your lower area, your voice is noticeably shaky, but you keep it up, "W-want to go jogging tomorrow?"

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The Jog by Rude Zude
Author's Notes:

Two friends wake up, one much earlier than they're accustomed to. What lies in store for Chris and Alexis? There's only one way to find out...

The warm water washes over your skin, the suds effortlessly sliding off your legs and down the drain in a bubbly flurry. All the while, a smile refuses to leave your freshly cleaned face. You’d been positively gleaming since yesterday, thrilled beyond words. Though, you aren’t quite sure what the day has in store. Regardless of what events were yet to unfold, you know today is going to be an absolute blast!


Consulting your mental checklist, you made sure all the regular places were shiny and clean. Butt? Soaped. Thighs? Scrubbed. Pussy? Smooth and shaved. All the familiar areas for a dick appointment, foamed up and extra sparkly. Check, check, and check!


You hop out of the shower and quickly set off to find what you'll wear. Tearing through your workout outfits, you see the apparent choice pop right out at you. Sports bra, tank top, yogas, and the cherry on top: a black laced up thong. Perfect! You check your phone: almost nine, one more hour to go. You were supposed to meet Chris at the park around ten, but maybe you'd get a short jog in beforehand. Yeah… couldn’t hurt, right?


Ambient noise fills your ears, birds chirping, and the sounds of children playing in the wide-open green. You tap your leg nervously as the uncomfortable metal slats on the park bench dig into your rear. It’s already fifteen past ten; what could possibly be taking her so long?


Usually, you’re pretty confident about everything, but yesterday had left you shaken. You knew Alexis would never do anything to harm you, but thinking about being completely at her mercy again gives you chills. It’s about as frighting to imagine as it is arousing. Though, despite your apparent fears, this wasn't an opportunity you were about to pass up freely. No, you’d never live this down if you declined such a forward proposal from Alexis. Not sure what to expect, you threw on some old workout clothes, and you figure your bestie would probably be wearing something similar.

You sigh, impatient and annoyed. Reaching a hand into your left pocket, you slip the rectangular device smoothly into your hands, flicking the lock screen open with frequently rehearsed motions.


Chris: Heyo

Chris: At the spot


No response. At least, for a little while. A couple of minutes pass before your phone beeps with the usual noise to signal an incoming notification.


Lexi: Perfect

Lexi: Stuck at the crosswalk. See you soon!


That eases your nerves a bit. Naturally, you’d slept like shit last night. Stray thoughts give way to anxiety intense enough to keep you awake. Leaning back, you let out a mighty yawn. God, you are way too high-strung. Some rest probably couldn't hurt, you figure. Your eyes close, starting to drift off as a loud snap reaches your ears. Both eyelids shoot open, and right away, something feels off. Climbing to your feet, it doesn’t take long to deduce that the floor is made entirely of polished green metal. It’s familiar, yet you struggle to grasp the surroundings.


That’s when it hits you; this was the very same bench you had just been sitting at. Except, you've shrunk. Peering upwards, you immediately spot Alexis' all imposing figure. Her legs and ass are hugged tightly by her yogas, her body alone seeming to extend in the sky indefinitely. Had you been religious, you might have even compared her to some angel. But Lexy was no angel. You'd be hard-pressed to call her anything but an imp, maybe some sort of sexy succubus after yesterday.


Last time you didn't have to deal with how massive she was. The inside of her pants felt like a self-contained world of sorts. But out here, she was a whole universe.


"Huh, I wonder... where could Chris possibly be?" She was looking right at you, a shit-eating grin splayed across her face. You knew exactly what that face meant, trouble.


"Hmm, guess I'll take a seat!" She flips around, and you see both the object of your desire and torment. Her round bubble butt, clad in her favorite yogas. In an instant, the sky goes dark with ominous implications. She wasn't going to sit on you, was she?!


Ugh, seeing him so small and helpless is beyond adorable, and it only makes you want to bully him more. You loved him to death, in a platonic sort of way, of course. But, something about watching his little mannerisms go wild is so… arousing! Truth be told, you didn’t really understand it all that well yourself.

You'd already managed to work up a bit of a sweat, so you're relieved you had opted to spray those lower areas with some light perfume before you headed out. Didn’t want to go overboard the first time, after all.


With a mischievous gleam in your eyes, you let your ass hover in the air right above him, twirling a hand in all the usual motions for the familiar spell. Its effects are instantaneous, like most of the charms you knew. As a direct result of the cast, he quickly finds himself stuck to that very same bench like a used piece of gum. A not-so-far-off comparison considering his diminutive size. You reason that it should be enough to stop your ass from blowing him between the benches metal bars. It’s hard to resist letting out a stifled giggle as your ass impacts the warm metal. Hopefully, you scared that boy shitless; payback for when Chris tricked you into watching that scary movie last month. Then, taking a deep breath, you lean back and roll out the sarcasm, "Oh yeah, I totally needed a break. It's just soooo stuffy out today!"


Your eyes scan the bench in front of you and quickly pick up his tiny form. An absolute speck flanked by both of your enormous fabric-covered thighs. With almost predatory intent, you stare into him, meeting his vastly inferior gaze. Generally, Chris was a somewhat charming guy, with good looks too. It isn't something lost on you; the man had a confident aura around him. But, you have to admit, there's something about how helpless he is in this moment that just makes him so appealing. The thought of dominating him is all the more exciting in your mind.


At his size, you wondered if he could tell how wet you already were. Your pussy is craving attention, but you couldn't let him know that yet. You both had a long jog ahead of you. However, something tells you it might feel a bit longer for the bug currently residing between your plush legs.



Silence. Nothing except for the soft chorus of the birds. Are you dead? Fearing the worst, you cautiously open your eyes and are greeted by none other than Alexis, still grinning ear to ear. Looking at her now, she’s far more extensive than you ever thought any person or object could ever feasibly be. The seemingly unending thighs flanking you from both sides do an excellent job putting how truly puny you are into perspective. She wiggles her phone back and forth expectantly with her hand, breaking you out of a daze with her impatience.


"Yeah yeah..." You grumble under your breath. You nearly drop your phone from how hard your hands are shaking. The whole situation had frozen your very veins. Fuck, why did she have to look at you like that? Almost as if she was looking through you. It was so… intimidating.


Lexi: Where are you? All I see is this weird bug :p


Chris: Not funny


Lexi: Come on

Lexi: I got you with that one

Lexi: Admit it

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Homecoming by Rude Zude
Author's Notes:

Alexis finally brings the little guys home! Shower content, body exploration, nipple actions and more!

You quietly step inside, leaving your shoes at the door. The T.V. is blaring from the other side of the house, like usual. Ugh, why can't Heather ever shut her damn door!


The layout of this apartment never failed to aggravate you. Both bedrooms at the end of a long hallway, right across from each other. Meaning you had to consistently deal with the queen of cunts herself.


You toss your water bottle and keys on the counter, wasting no time heading towards your room. On the way there, you pass by Molly, giving her a little scratch behind the ears. The black Maine Coon purred with enjoyment, rubbing herself against you. Greeting her was always a highlight of getting home.


As you get closer to your room, you briefly cross Heathers. Whatever trashy reality show she had on only got louder, which frustrated you to no end. Old bras and panties litter the floor, even extending out to the hallway. The saving grace of living here was that you had a bathroom connected right to your room. It made putting up with her almost worth it some days.


"Messy bitch." You whisper under your breath. You usually weren't afraid to tell her off, but you weren't in the mood for her particular brand of bitchiness today if you could help it. 


You practically tiptoed past her waste dump of a room, tiny cargo in tow, and only paused to step over a soda bottle that had rolled out into your path. As soon as your foot hits the ground, the floor lets out a loud creak. 


You hear a scoff. Turning your head, you see Heather. Laying on her bed, wasting the day away on her phone like always, "What do you want?" 


Ugh. "Nothing Heather, just heading to my room."


"‘Kay... bye."


You shake your head in disbelief. She never failed to be a massive bitch at every available opportunity. Of course, neither of you were on good terms right now, but you still couldn't reasonably afford an apartment all on your own yet.


You shuffle over to your room and push the already cracked door wide open. Immediately, an array of colorful posters and light pink walls bombards you. Very girly, just how you liked it.


You can't help but give your ass one last playful shake before letting Chris out with a quick snap of your fingers. Just like that, he's suddenly in the palm of your hand. Ha, and mom said recall spells were complicated! Child's-play!


Unfortunately, he looked like a bit of a wreck, sweaty and gross, "Ew, guess you did spend two hours against my asshole. Errm, maybe we should go wash you off..." You start heading toward the bathroom sink when a fun idea pops into your head.


"Hey, wanna maybe shower together?"



You stare at her naked form as she washes her body. It's a powerful sight to behold. The washcloth spreads across her smooth skin, caressing her most intimate places, including lathering up her butt and thighs into a soapy foam.


Alexis had placed you right on the soap rack after getting you washed up, so you had a great view of everything. However, something about the situation made her feel open and unguarded at this moment. It was probably the most vulnerable you'd ever seen her, a far cry from the last day and a half you'd spent at the back of her pants.


You couldn't help but start jerking it to her incredible body. You figured she wouldn't mind; you'd already been up close and personal with her asshole after all. She kept stealing glances, hoping you wouldn't notice. But you did; it was sort of cute in a way and mischievous in another. She was up to something.


Alexis smirked, letting out an exacerbated squeak, "Oops!" She pretended to drop her rag, not trying too hard to sell the performance. Then, tantalizingly, she lowers herself down abruptly, stopping when she's about chest height to your tiny island.




Lexi lowers her chest onto your already tiny space, and you fall flat on your ass. Her tits nearly decimate you as they land with a wet slap on the porcelain. She was never the largest in the chest department, but even her lower-end C cups were more woman than you could handle at this size.


"Touch 'em." She booms, her playful tone betraying the danger of the situation. You dutifully oblige, but the nipple alone is near twice your size. She seems to know it, too, because she lets out a humiliating cackle as you hang your head in defeat.


"Wow, I couldn't even feel that. Guess you're a bit too tiny, huh?" She twirls her index fingers again, almost like she's conducting an invisible orchestra.


Suddenly everything is smaller; wait, no, you've gotten bigger! It's not much, but it's noticeable.


"Should be about two inches now; care to try again, bug boy?" She winks at you, establishing an unspoken challenge. It was on.


You jump at her waiting nipple, hitting it with everything you have. Punching, kicking, biting. 


It's clear Lexi is barely holding back a giggle, "I can... sort of feel you." You groan out of frustration. What could you possibly do at this size? It was like fucking a mountain.


"Oooh, I have an idea!" A finger suddenly appears from behind, and you quickly find yourself face to face with your friend's rapidly hardening nipple. She rubs you back and forth, using you as a fragile little toy. All the while, you're struggling to breathe, taking in mouth fulls of her pink flesh.


"Mmm, that's how you do it. See? You just needed a little help." You can tell how turned on she is; it's clear from her voice alone. 


She lets you rest for a minute, watching as you desperately gasp for air in her seemingly endless palm. Lexi stares down at you, and your eyes meet hers. It's hard to tell at first, but your friend is blushing. The tension in the steamy bathroom air is palpable, almost tangible.


You watch in utter astonishment as her free hand slowly reaches downward. Her whole body starts to tremble.


Schlick Schlick Schlick


She doesn't break eye contact, slipping her fingers in and out, her wetness blending with the warm water before it cycles down the drain. Every action, every rhythmic thrust of her fingers, had so much power behind it. You'd never felt so small.


"Fuck this; I need those tiny hands on me."


On cue, the jet of water coming from the showerhead turns to a slow drizzle, and you're whisked away by your friend's giant hand. Her palm closes, and once again, almost complete darkness overcomes you.



You glance at the clock on your wall, almost twelve-still plenty of time to be naughty.


Lying on your back, you watch Chris intently as he explores the expansive area between your tits. He traversed it cautiously like it was an alien landscape. You enjoy the sound of that, the dangerous and uncharted country of Alexis! It was adorable in a way.


It's very tempting to skip the foreplay and get to the main event, but you wanted to humor him, if only for a while. It was also a huge plus seeing him between your tits. There were just so many ways you could bully and smother him if you wanted to.


It took him some time, but eventually, he started on your breast. Grabbing handfuls of flesh as he attempted to scale mt. Alexis.


"Oooh, good choice!" You definitely wouldn't mind feeling those little hands on your nipple again. Although you're getting somewhat impatient, so you help him along.


Scooping him up between your index finger and thumb, you give him a shortcut to the peak. You drop him off at his intended destination, and you're ecstatic to see him get right to work. 


Rubbing, licking, biting, he puts everything his little body has into it. Of course, you can't feel all that much of it, but he's trying his best. It's endearing, but it's also sexy as all hell.


It takes all of your willpower not to grind him against it as you had done in the shower. So instead, you opt to give your other nipple some much-needed attention.


You stare out in horror as Alexis' fingers assault the nipple directly opposite from you. Had you been larger, it might have been relatively arousing. However, at your current size, it was a potent reminder of the power you lacked. You try your best to keep up, but you quickly find yourself completely outmatched. There wasn't much you could do that her finger couldn't a hundred times better.


You look up toward Lexi's face, almost ethereal in its beauty from this perspective. The condensation from the shower still covered her face, and her hair is still soaked. She hadn't even bothered to dry it, too eager to get you back to bed.


Her eyes continued to bore into you as she massaged her tit, squeezing and twisting the hardened nipple over and over again.


She bites her lip, "H-hey, maybe you could go... lower?"


You started to protest, but she wasn't asking, nor would she have heard your tiny squeaks anyway. So instead, she gently grabbed your puny body, tracing her fingers down her toned belly and finally between her immaculate thighs.


She doesn't immediately throw you into the fire, starting by tracing the very outside of her thighs, stimulating some of her more sensitive nerve endings with your tiny form. But, she quickly grows tired of the foreplay.


You don't even have time to scream before she drags you along her slit. You cough and sputter as your mouth rapidly fills with her fluids. Up and down, left and right, you lose a complete sense of direction. For a minute, you were sure you'd pass out. Or worse, be pulled inside.


Mercifully though, the massive finger relented, dropping you off on her perfectly rounded nub. Safe and sound, if only a little nauseous. 


From there, it quickly became a whirlwind of moans, fluids, and fingers-Lexi rubbing and teasing herself into a fit.


Then, finally, her middle and index fingers slipped inside. You watched in a mixture of fear and lust as it pounded in and out of her wet cunt. Its immense size transfixed you. It was hard not to picture yourself falling to a messy death, mashed into a pulp by your besties perfectly painted fingers.


"C-come on, play with it a b-bit!" The familiar voice of your best friend snapped you out of it. Wrapping your arms around the oversized bulb, you rubbed your entire body against it. You were grinding your rock-hard dick into her bean.


What was wrong with you? You'd always wanted this, but now, here you were moping. You had to try and own this because if you didn't, a part of you knew Lexi would never let you live it down.


You quickly pick up your pace, putting all your remaining energy into grinding your cock against her swelling clit.


"Oh fuck, I can totally feel you! J-just keep doing that!" You didn't need her to tell you twice. You kept up the pace, thrusting your swollen cock against a clit that was practically the size of you. Working to the rhythm and motion of the monstrously sized fingers behind you.


"I'm about to cum!" You brace for impact just in time. The pumping of her fingers slows, and the flesh beneath you trembles as all hell breaks loose. Her muscles tense, and she lets out one last earth-shaking moan before settling back into her mattress.


You never got to cum, but at this point, you're just glad to still be in the land of the living. 


You hear a girlish laugh from up above, "Oops! Am I a bad person for hoping Heather heard that last one?" Her breathing is slowing now, and a peaceful air replaces the frenzied lust that occupied it only moments earlier.


Ah, yes, Heather. She hated your guts. Though, hitting on her when you got drunk last month hadn't helped your case any. Either way, you didn't want to end up in her hands at this size.




You were back up top, right between Alexis' mountains again. Albeit, now sufficiently coated in girl cum.


"Wow, you're soaked! Guess we should get you dried off, huh?" She seemed sufficiently surprised by that. Maybe she hadn't meant to be so rough with you after all. You wrote it off as her getting caught up in the moment; she'd always been the impulsive type.


With that, she lovingly wraps you in a warm yet soft rag, ensuring that her best friend is all cozy and snug in a blanket of fluff. Then, using a caring hand, she places you gently on the nightstand. Before you both quietly pass into a land of dreams, she smiles.


"Sweet dreams."

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The Pull of Gravity by Rude Zude
Author's Notes:

Got some unaware, minor amounts of sweat, and feet! How will Chris fare?

Your eyes flutter open—the soft fabric of the cloth bristles against your uncovered body. You yawn and stretch your arms high above your head, still groggy from a well-deserved nap. 

Looking over to the right, you see your best friend, lazily spread across the bed, still napping off that last excursion. Life's looking pretty sweet right now, waking up satisfied, refreshed, and reasonably close to a hot naked girl. Although, it would be nice to know what she did with your clothes and phone. 

However, at this very moment, you could deal with that. The rag made you feel cozy, warm, and, most of all, safe.


What was that? Startled, you nearly jumped straight to your feet. That sense of protection dashed in an instant. A knot forming deep within your stomach as the immense door that locked off Alexis’s room from the rest of the house ever so carefully slides open. A lightly tanned face creeps through the crack in the door. 

Heather. She looks at a passed-out Alexis, a mix of disgust and confusion scoured across her face, painted across the gestures in her movements, before turning to scan the rest of the room. It doesn’t take long for her eyes to settle directly on you. Or, more specifically, your makeshift bedding.

Your veins turn to ice, and a feeling of dread swallows you whole. The colossal girl’s domineering gaze suddenly shifts over you. She leans in, and you watch in unbearable suspense as the shadow of her hand quickly and mercilessly encompasses you.

You grip the fibers of the cloth and get lucky. Heather’s gigantic fingers grasp the material around you, squeezing the rag tightly, and very narrowly avoids pulping you into a bloody mess. From there, you are very quickly whisked away at nauseating speeds as Heather casually strolls back to her room, your little body in tow.

She steps over all the bottles and laundry that litter the floor, almost like it’s second nature to her—carelessly tossing both you and the rag onto her bed. 

The wind resistance alone threatened to deafen you, and as a result, your ears ring and throb in pain. But, you have no time to waste. You do your best to put one foot in front of the other and stumble forward.

Heathers still on the other side of the room. However, the distant thuds startle you, threatening to put you right back on your ass. Even from across the room, her haphazard movements made you anxious. It gave you some valuable perspective on just how careful Alexis had been with you. Even if it didn’t seem like it, she had been trying.

You have plenty of time to make a move and no reason to think otherwise. Slowly regaining your faculties, you curse the dark-haired bitch for putting you in this situation. Why had she grabbed the rag? Spoiled brat probably didn’t have any left of her own. Heather rarely did the laundry, and you couldn’t think of a good reason today would be an exception.

Still a bit shaken from all the loud noises in the distance, you watched in absolute awe as the giant girl cleared the entire room in just a few steps. Her feet cracked hard and monstrously against the floor. In no time at all, her massive frame was on you, her short-short clad ass bearing down.


Her ass hits the bed with an almost meteoric impact. Heather’s toned athletic butt imprints itself into the mattress as the springs creak from the sudden weight shift. The sheer mass of her rear sends you catapulting several feet in the air. 

You realize quickly that this could very well be at the end of your life. A cruel twist of fate. Dead, all because some bitchy college-sophomore needed a rag. The irony of it all is palpable. You could smell it in the sweat lingering in the air and feel it in your sore joints.

But you don’t die. Instead, you land with a hard SLAP on an entirely new surface. 

Ouch, the landing was like belly-flopping onto concrete. You run a hand along the new exterior, feeling around, testing it almost. It was strangely soft, peach-colored in tone.

You don't have long to investigate, though, as a loud humming assaults your ears, and the smell of coconut lotion chooses now to hit your nostrils. The sudden attack on your senses spurs you to frantically scramble to your feet, realizing exactly where you’d ended up. 

Somehow, against all the odds, you were on this bitch’s sweaty thighs, toned as they were; it wasn’t where you wanted to be. You struggle to find any purchase on her slick skin, and the sweat makes moving all the more difficult. Alexis always left the AC running. So why the hell was her room so muggy?

"You bitch!" You scream at nobody in particular, just trying to vent some of this raw emotion that presently courses through you


You pound the firm thigh in genuine anger. Heather was the absolute last person you wanted to end up stuck on at two inches tall. Climbing to your hands, you're soon knocked right back to the ground once again as you lose footing. Already sore, your legs fail you, giving out and sending you back down to the peachy surface.

“Fuck!” You land on your back, wanting to scream and scream until your throat is raw. What did you do to deserve this kind of cosmic joke? You close your eyes and start breathing. Deep breath, in and a deep breath out. 

Much better. 

Somehow, you manage to calm yourself down enough to make sense of the massive actions taking place over your head. 

Above, Heather readies a bottle and brushes, setting some smelly liquid to the side. You had a strong intuition that she was getting ready to paint her nails; it was part of a ritual you’d seen Alexis do time and time again.

Acutely aware of the danger Heather posed, you knew moving fast was your best course of action; In fact, it was likely the only chance you had of not being smeared into an unmemorable stain. Hopefully, with a bit of luck, you'd find some way out of this.

One foot in front of the other, Chris, you got this!

Slowly but surely, you adapt to the moisture of the environment. Eventually, you practically break into a jog down the titanic thigh—Ha, piece of cake!

At that point, Heather decides to cross her legs, resting her opposite foot against her thigh. The action is almost instantaneous, and as a result, any chance of reacting fast enough was an impossibility—her foot slams against her thigh with an immeasurable amount of force. 

Pounded by nearly seismic levels of force, you're knocked to the side and sent careening down into the space between her legs. Smashing your tiny body against the fleshy wall that made up her thigh, not once, but twice on your tumble down.

Landing with a horrible thump, you reel in pain. Everything hurt, and you might have sprained a leg. 

Alexis had left you reasonably sore, but this was next level. You were pretty sure that last fall bruised a few ribs as well. The gravity of the situation finally sets in as you try to sit up, but the pain coursing through your side forces you right back down.

You were fucked; completely and screwed.

It was so confusing, all the falls and the landings. The pain was simply the last straw. Your brain switched off, and you just laid there, on the verge of tears. You were going to die. Somehow, someway, this bitch was probably going to kill you.

Your eyes went wide with realization. How would they find your body? Simple, they wouldn't. You’d be a smear, and Heather nor Alexis wouldn't be any the wiser. That was a chilling thought. But even worse, what would Alexis do afterward? Would she blame herself? Of course, that was just the kind of person she was. You couldn’t let that happen.

For the sake of your friend, you push yourself to stand up, straining your body to its limit. You were ready to do everything possible to get back to Lexi's room or die trying. Steadying yourself, you focus on breathing. A panic attack right now wouldn’t do anything but get you killed.

You take one more deep breath and take stock of the situation. Looking outward, you see a hand, monumental in size. Daintily, it paints the hand opposite of its own. Good, at least Heather would be distracted for the time being. Hopefully, that meant an easier time moving around.

Wait, where were you? You'd be so caught up in your pity party that you hadn't kept track. You look around, searching for more context clues. Judging from Heather’s face and hands, you figure there could only be a single feasible location. Her foot.

Suddenly, all the sights made sense: the curved hill and the weird dips in elevation in the ground. You were on the side of her foot. Fuck, you were at a loss for what to do. You could neither escape nor get her attention from here. Unless…

It was a long shot, but maybe she would try and match her toes? Knowing Heather, she very well could be that vain. Then, you could perhaps get her attention.

You sigh, resisting the urge to collapse into a sobbing heap. This plan was stupid, impractical, and likely wouldn't work, but what other option did you have? Jump down to her bed and get smashed by her ass? No, this seemed like your best shot by a mile. Though, that mile was starting to look more and more like an entire marathon.

The worst offender is her leg. You tried to walk, but her foot was shaky. Sometime between switching up her playlist, her body had started subconsciously bobbing to the rhythm. While she was still jamming out, it was nearly impossible to stand without falling to the sheets below.

Fine, if that stuck-up bitch was going to play this game, so could you. Dropping to your stomach, you crawl. Inch by agonizing inch, you make your way across the rigid sides. It’s unbearably hot being so close to her skin, not to mention wet. But, slowly, you make progress.

By the end of the trek, you're sweaty, exhausted, and your arms burn like they never have before. You lie on your back, knowing at any moment, a random fidget could send you flying. It doesn't matter. You’re far past any semblance of caring; You made it, and that's all that counts right now.

Your aching body rests, allowing your eyes to wander and watch the giant girl above you. Her movements were so big it was hard to track them with your eyes alone. It was easy to get lost in those immense pools of blue around her pupils, so focused on her hands, doing her best to make them perfect and pretty.

At this size, a sense of what is beyond and just how far away it is can be nearly unimaginable. So, when Heather looks directly at you, it’s as if the heavens themselves had gazed upon your unworthy form. A smile cracked your face. You did it! Although you were too exhausted to do much more than wave your hands, the amount of relief you felt was indescribable. Against all odds, she'd seen you. You’re safe. It’s finally over!

Everything went quiet as she leaned closer, squinting to get a closer look at you. Excitedly, you wave back towards her, arms quickly tiring.

"Ugh, gross." She whispered under her breath, callously and coldly staring down at you. No, she was staring past you. What she saw on her toe wasn’t even human.

What little remained of your will to survive shattered. You were too defeated even to choke out a sob as she raised a finger and flicked you right off her toe like a gross insignificant bug.

The finger hit your body like a freight train, shattering several bones from the impact alone. Your only indication being a horrific crunch as you find yourself suddenly airborne.

You fly off her toe and hit the ground with a sickening crack. Pain radiated everywhere as the girl above you calmly took a sip of her soda. She wasn't even going to finish you off. Why would she? After all, you were just another dead bug on the floor.

Laying there, unable to move and unable to call for help, you watched as she went about painting her toes. Humming whatever stupid song was in blaring through her headphones.

You were furious, upset at the luck of your draw. You didn't deserve this; you wanted to live! Something inside you broke, and coldly you accept your fate.

Although, fate had one last surprise in store for you, as you'd soon learn.

She’s going for another sip of her coke, but Heather fumbles, accidentally dumping a large portion of the can right on the floor. Or, more precisely, on you.

The soda is relentless, and you get hit with what feels like gallons of the sticky, acidic liquid. You cough and sputter as some amount manages to force itself roughly down your gullet. The carbonation fizzles and bubbles around you as you gasp for air.

"Shit." Heather looks around for something she can use to help fix the mess on the floor. It doesn't take long for her to turn to the rag.

She intended to use it for her toenails, but it would do in a jam. She'd have to grab some paper towels from the kitchen later on.

The bed’s springs creak and groan as the behemoth rises off its frame, tossing her stolen rag onto the mess below.

The rag collides with your gasping oxygen-starved body, eclipsing you in darkness.

Not wanting to risk smudging her still drying fingernails, she places a foot over the rag, roughly wiping it back and forth. Occasionally applying a bit more force to soak up the soda.

You're sent on a whirlwind of motion as her foot impacts the microfibers in the cloth. Further cracks and twists accompany its impact as her foot beats, stomps, and smears your fragile body into the cold and uncaring floor.

Satisfied with the rag having soaked up most of the residue, she lightly kicks it out into the hallway, your crumpled body sailing through the air along with it.


You sit there, battered and bruised; your beaten body aches all over, your bones twisted, cracked, and injured from all the abuse. 

You’re breathing slows, and you silently come to terms with your inevitable fate. You asked yourself the same question you proposed earlier: What had you done to deserve this? It was all so wrong, dying in a dirty, sticky rag. It wasn't how living out your fantasy was supposed to go.

That's when Alexis's door creaked open for the second time in the last hour, and a horrified Lexi scoured the area in a frenzy before her eyes saw the rag, and she finally connected the dots. Her jaw dropped, tears welling in her eyes.

You see her, but you can't summon the energy to give any acknowledgment. Instead, you might take another little nap. Yeah, sleep sounds good to you right about now.


You drift off to sleep as your best friend clutches your tiny broken body in her arms—Alexis sobs uncontrollably as Heather slams her door.

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