76 by SophieLenna

Katie shrinks and trains tinies to be good and proper slaves. After almost a year and a half, she decides she wants to train a tiny for herself. Unfortunately, his training may come at the expense of the other tinies in her care.

- - - - - - 

This is a cruel giantess story, and I hope to make it crueler as it continues. I hope you enjoy!

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1. Ch 1: 76 by SophieLenna

2. Ch 2: Unconscious and Clean Up by SophieLenna

3. Ch. 3: In a Cage Under Her Bed by SophieLenna

4. Ch. 4: Pointer and Thumb by SophieLenna

5. Ch. 5: School Shoes by SophieLenna

6. Sweat in the Shoe Sauna by SophieLenna

7. End of the school day by SophieLenna

8. Unusual task; Chewing Gum by SophieLenna

Ch 1: 76 by SophieLenna
Author's Notes:


If Felix hadn’t been late for the bus that day, he would’ve been 72.

Had he not stopped walking at the yellow light and kept going, he would’ve been 73.

Granny Gilda decided to go shopping on a Tuesday instead of her normal Wednesdays, and her weak fingers caused her to drop her bags on her way home, and the kind Felix knelt down to help her pick them up. Had that been all, he would’ve been 75.

But Felix stopped for a moment to admire the daisies that had just bloomed. This allowed Paul Johnson to pass him, and Felix became 76. 


Felix woke up on a cold floor. He didn’t have the strength to open his eyes, and he was too focused on the pounding sensation that plagued his head to worry about where he was. His body tingled, and soon the pain in his head faded away. For a second, he debated if he were dead. In that moment, he felt true peace. He was weightless, like an angel resting on a cloud. He was afraid that opening his eyes might ruin his illusion of bliss, and reveal that he had just collapsed on a pavement somewhere. No, he wanted to enjoy this feeling—a feeling that unfortunately wouldn’t last long.

“Someone help!” A woman’s voice screamed. She sounded far away, but Felix could still make out the sound. His eyelids were heavy, but he managed to open them wide enough to get a look at his surroundings. His vision was blurred, but he saw the woman running adjacent to him. She must’ve been a couple yards away. She constantly turned her head around, as if to look at whoever it was that was chasing her. 

Felix blinked twice, clearing up his eyesight to his normal 20/20 vision. Something didn’t look right. It looked like he was on a hardwood floor, but each plank was way too big. His body alone didn’t even make up the length of a single plank width. 


The sound of a bang in front of him brought him back to the woman. Felix tried shouting out to her, but his voice was raspy and the words didn’t come out. For a second time, the woman screamed. Felix cleared his throat and reached his arm out. It shook in the air, revealing to Felix how weak his body felt. “Hey.” He tried shouting, but it only came out as a murmur.

Luckily, the girl heard him. She turned to him. Felix could make out the desperation and fear in her eyes. It didn’t make sense to him; Felix didn’t see anyone else around. What was she running from? Before the girl even had a chance to run towards Felix, something large and round struck the girl’s side. She screeched. Where did that come from? 

The girl shot a foot in the air, and landed far away from where she originally was. The sphere rolled towards her before coming to a stop at her feet. It was too smooth to be a rock. The thought alone made Felix feel crazy, but it almost looked like a giant marble.

“Bullzeye!” Unlike the woman’s screams, this roar was ear piercing. Felix instinctively covered his eyes. Felix tried desperately to regain his bearings. He had no idea what was going on, but he was obviously in danger. He staggered up to his feet. His head spun, as did his world. He no longer knew that peaceful bliss from earlier. It was replaced with fear and anxiety.

“AH! Stop, please! I promise I’ll be a good girl from now on! I’ll be a good little whore.” The girl from earlier wailed and cried. Who was she talking… 

Felix grabbed his ears again at another ear piercing siren. “Can you even walk anymore? I think I might’ve broken your back by accident.” Felix couldn’t hear anything else as his ears were ringing too loudly. Instead, he forced his eyes open. 

A large shadow casted over the woman, and she was soon covered by a weird liquid that fell from above her. The liquid was too thick to be water, and it was mixed with some foamy white stuff. If Felix had known the truth about his situation, he would’ve known the girl was now drawing in a layer of spit, unable to move due to the marble that broke her back.

Despite not knowing what the liquid was, Felix knew he had to help the woman. Every instinct he had told him to make a run for it, but he needed the woman’s help as much as she needed his. Each step he took towards the woman sent knives up his numb legs. After he saved her, they would have to find somewhere to hide so they could both heal up. 

As he got closer, he could make out the woman’s desperate thrashing in the phlegm. She was covered in it. Without help, she had no hope of making it out and she would drown. Felix dropped to his knees in front of her, covering himself in some of the sticky liquid. He pushed his hands into the mess and wiped it away from her face first. 

The woman clung to every breath she was given, spitting out whatever it was she was forced to swallow in the process. She turned to her savior, tears flowing out of her eyes. “Please, you have to save me. I-I can’t feel my legs. Please please please you have to get me out of here. Get me away from her.” She was hysterical.

Felix tried his best to calm her down. “Don’t worry, I’ll get you out of here.” He said with a smile. He wanted her to feel safe. With him around, nothing bad was going to happen to her. He’d make sure of it. His face looked so calm and handsome in the moment, who wouldn’t feel safe in his presence?

“See, I knew you couldn’t walk.” *Crunch*

Without any warning, something large and white crashed down on top of the poor girl. She was dead in an instant. Her blood splattered, though most of it was contained under the object. 

Felix stared at it blankly. Without moving his face and inch, he brought his hand up and wiped under his eye. The woman’s blood was on his face. It was on his clothes. She was just right here, where did she go?

Looking longer at the object, Felix finally came to grips with what his current reality was. He was looking at a giant shoe. Not just any shoe, but a giant white vans sneaker. The sneaker alone was enough to send his mind into a panicked frenzy, he couldn’t even imagine who might be wearing it.

That giant just snuffed out a girl’s existence with her shoe alone. How cruel… Felix was brought back to the present as the sneaker started to twist back and forth. Each twist bringing another crunch with it. The shoe continued until every bone in the woman’s body was pulverized to dust.

Felix found the experience to be traumatizing enough; he wasn’t ready for when the shoe lifted up. He could make out the girl’s twisted and deformed face as it stretched from the floor to the shoe that was only a few inches in the air. Her guts clinged to the sole, stuck in its creavases. 

The sight became too much for him, and Felix fell on his back. He looked up at the ceiling. Things started making sense to him. He really was on a hardwood floor, and each plank looked huge to him because he was tiny. He was shrunk, trapped inside a room he had never seen before.

“You really shouldn’t get that close to someone who’s about to be stepped on.” The loud voice said. Felix didn’t have the strength to cover his ears anymore. He was barely able to move his eyes to get a look at the source.

He finally saw her. The giant dark haired girl who crushed the person under her shoe. He quickly looked away. He repeated over and over again in his head how this couldn’t be real. But it was

The giant girl bent down over him. His vision was getting darker.

“Don’t give up on me now, you just woke up.” She said. Though his vision was weak, he could make out how mad she was. What did he even do to her?

“You’re supposed to be mine.” She pouted. “I won’t stand for another weak tiny.” 

Before anything else could happen, Felix blacked out.

End Notes:

I hope you enjoyed! I don't expect too many people to because of how I'm writing this, but as long as I keep having fun I'll keep writing.

Ch 2: Unconscious and Clean Up by SophieLenna

  Abigail hugged her older brother tight in her arms. She buried her face in his shirt, dampening it with her tears. “Please don’t go. We can have so much fun here if you just stay.”

Felix put his hand on her head. He had trouble finding the right words for her. He knew him going away for school again would be hard on her, but he didn’t think she would react so strongly. “It’ll only be for a semester, and then I’ll be home for the summer. We can play lots then, promise.”

Abigail looked up at him, snot dripping down her nose. “Promise you won’t forget about me when you go up there with your cool friends?”

“Promise.” Felix smiled, and the little girl did too. “I promise I’ll come home to you.”

I’ll come home to you.


“Come on man, wake up!” Connie helplessly shook the unconscious man before him. Elias continuously swapped between looking at the man and Emma, who was trying to keep Katie busy. “If you don’t wake up right now she’s going to kill us all.”

Felix was awake and heard his words, but he didn’t show it. He felt like his body and mind were separated. These strangers, for whatever reason, were counting on him to wake up. But Felix didn’t have any strength left, not after watching what happened to that girl…

“Screw it man.” Elias said, pulling his hair with his hands. “I’m a senior in highschool, not fucking a doctor. Why would Katie task us with waking him up?”

“Just shut up.” Connie slapped that man as hard as he could. A red mark was left on the side of his face, but he didn’t respond. “Just be thankful you didn’t get Emma’s job. She has to clean Mia’s remains off Katie’s shoe.” Connie slapped him again, but he didn’t even flinch. “Wake up damnit!”

She has to clean up? How? Felix could see through his eyes, even if he couldn’t move them. Far away, he could make out another tiny girl with her face buried into the bloodied shoe. The giant was sitting against the wall with her legs stretched. She was saying something to the tiny, but Felix couldn’t make it out. Was… was that tiny girl licking at the shoe?

“Is this really how we go out?” Elias gently hit the side of his face. His eyes sank and darkened. “I spent the last month being the best little slave I could in hopes of staying alive long enough to be sold to someone nice, and now that all is going to be ruined because this little shit decided to take a nap on his first day.”

Connie dropped Felix and turned to Elias. “If you want to stay alive then how about you stop complaining and try helping me.”

“Helping?” Elias stared at Connie. He was starting to lose it. He was able to push the psychological damage caused by a month of cruel torture and rituals because he hoped one day to make it out alive. But the reality he dreamed about every night was starting to collapse, and he could taste how close his death was. “Sure, why not.”

Elias pushed Connie out of the way. He gripped Felix’s shirt and lifted him up. “Why are you being so selfish? Don’t you know that Katie wanted you to be her own personal tiny? Come on man, that means we wouldn’t have to deal with all her shit, ya feel me?” Elias brough their faces together, looking straight into Felix’s eyes. “So won’t you become her plaything so I don’t have to suffer as much? She’ll kill us if you don’t.” 

Her… Plaything? Her personal tiny? Was Felix shrunk… to be a slave to this giant?

“I don’t know how much longer Emma is going to last.” Connie’s hands started to twitch. He was really going to die. “She’s turning green. I think Katie is making her swallow Mia.” Connie turned back to Felix and Elias. 

He shoved himself next to Elias. They were both now staring down the unresponsive man. “Wake up! Please!” They shouted.

“I’ll only be gone for a semester.” Felix spoke, but his tone was cold and emotionless. “Then I’ll be home for the summer.”

Connie and Elias look at each other and smile. Maybe they weren’t toast after all. 

“Pathetic.” Katie screamed. “You couldn’t even clean up one person from under my shoe before throwing up.”

Emma was on her knees, hand over her mouth. She was staring down at her blood filled puke that way lying in the already blood soaked floor. “I’m sorry…” She murmured. 

“Sorry doesn’t make the throw up go away.” Katie reached her giant hand over to the tiny Emma. She slapped the back of Emma’s head with her pointer finger. Emma’s head crashed into the floor, it was a miracle her skull didn’t crack. Katie placed her finger on the back of her head and forced Emma’s face into her throw up. “Lick that up. It better be gone when I come back. Then you need to finish my shoe.” 

Katie stood up and walked over to the three tiny men in the middle of the room. Her giant form loomed over the three. She tapped her foot. To an ordinary person, they wouldn’t see anything weird about that; but to the inch tall people on her floor, they could make out the blood stain on her sole every time she raised it. It served as a reminder. 

“Is it awake yet?”

Connie and Elias shake in their skin. It was true that he spoke and was awake, but they knew he wasn’t conscious. “Well, see…” Connie said. Katie lowered her brows. She was getting angry.

“We can play lots then, promise.” Felix muttered. 

Katie smiled, “Oh, so he is up. And he’s ready to play. I haven’t heard anyone word it quite like that, but things will probably go better for him if he treats it like a game.”

Connie and Elias were speechless. They knew better than to correct their goddess, even if she was wrong in assuming Felix was conscious and ready to play.

“I promise I’ll come home to you.” Felix said.

“What was that?” Katie raised a brow. 

Connie opened his mouth, about to tell her the truth, but Elias quickly covered it with his hand. “He said he couldn’t be happier, Goddess Katie.” He covered his deception with a discrete smile. 

“Good work you two. At this rate, I’ll be ready to put you on the market in no time. I have plenty of friends at school who are dying to have an obedient slave.” Katie bent down and grabbed Felix, pinching his arms into his body with her pointer finger and thumb. She lifted him up to her face, being careful not to drop her newest addition. 

A chill was sent through Connie and Elias’s bodies. It was hard to tell from how high she was, but if Katie gets a closer look at Felix, she’ll know for sure that he’s not alert and that the two lied to her. 

Katie eyed Felix up and down. Felix got a good look at her deep hazel eyes. Her skin was fine and smooth. She was attractive too, despite looking a couple years younger than Felix. “He looks a little stiff, but you’ll get used to being picked up and tossed around soon enough.”

The two on the floor exhale a sigh of relief as Katie walks away with Felix. Katie returns to the ill Emma on the floor. Katie nudges her with the tip of her shoe, which sends Emma into a panic. “You done yet?” 

Emma vigorously nods her head. “Yes Goddess Katie!” 

“Good. Because you need to finish my shoe. Your friend’s replacement will be watching. Make sure you give him a good show, I’m sure he’ll be cleaning up your remains from my shoe sooner or later, so I need him to know how to do a good job.”

“Yes Goddess.” Emma said, almost too passionately. 

Katie carefully bent down and sat Felix down in the mess on the floor next to Emma. One look at his desolate eyes, and Emma was able to tell he wasn’t there. She looked back at her two friends. Without exchanging words at all, she knew what was going on. She had to keep up the charade that he was awake, lest she dies. 

“I love you too.” Felix again mutters. 

“What are you looking at, bug?” Katie slid down against the wall and slammed her sneakers in front of Emma, exposing the soles to her. The remains and blood were as prominent as ever. “Get to work.”

“Yes.” Emma dug her face into the rubber sole. The guts of her fallen friend squished into her face as Emma worked at prying it off the Goddess’s sole with her teeth. 


Felix could do nothing but watch the girl work. Her tongue dragged against ridges that were painted red until they returned to their original white color. He could tell that the girl was barely holding it together. Did one of the men from earlier say the dead girl’s name was Mia? Were they friends? Is this girl licking her friend’s blood off her killer’s shoe? Is she swallowing her friend’s guts?

“I always liked you more than that other girl.” Katie said, humming to herself. “Training girls is a lot easier than the boys, because you girls know what it’s like to be subservient. Mia was something else. She thought she could be strong and brave, but did you see how easily I crushed her back with a marble? How’s that for reminding her how weak she is, I mean the whore almost drowned in my spit.”

Despite the harsh words, the girl didn’t stop licking the bloody sole.

“You always knew your place though.” Katie continued. “Before I saved you, I bet you spent your free time giving blowjobs on some corner. Aren’t you happy I found you and gave your life actual purpose?”

“Yes Goddess.” Emma ripped out another chunk from the vans. She didn’t let this one drop to the floor. Instead she chewed it up and swallowed it. She looked like she was going to throw up, but kept it in. 

Katie laughed. “I tried giving that other slut purpose, but she refused. I mean, what could be more of an honor in life than being my plaything? Although I guess her existence wasn’t entirely pointless. Her death gave us an opportunity to teach the fresh meat how to clean guts out from under a shoe. Ha! Isn’t that funny? Mia probably had hopes and dreams for her life, but from the moment she was born, she was always destined for this. She only existed so I could have the pleasure of squishing her under my vans and having you eat her.”

“Yes Goddess.” By now, Emma was crying. After how long she had been there, two weeks, she had learned to weep in silence. “She really was worthless.” 

“No she wasn’t.” Felix whispered. Emma’s heart dropped with fear, but luckily he spoke too low for her Goddess to hear. No one ever corrected her and lived, and Emma wasn’t sure if being her personal tiny would be enough to save him.

At the very least, Felix was showing signs of coming back to his senses. Maybe they wouldn’t all die after all. Not today, anyway.

End Notes:

I hope to write more soon, but this is where we leave off for now. Let me know if you enjoyed it!

Ch. 3: In a Cage Under Her Bed by SophieLenna
Author's Notes:

Sorry, no gts content in this chapter. Next one!

Felix sat there with his knees dug into chest. No one had said anything for nearly 20 minutes. Part of Felix thought he should ask what the hell was going on, but the rest of him prefered the silence. He didn’t know if he'd be ready for the answer anyway. A bunch of tiny people in a highschool girl’s bedroom, there wasn’t any good version of an answer that would make Felix feel better about what he just saw. 

From what he was able to gather, it seemed that Katie was shrinking people and training them to be slaves for the highest bidder. That fact alone was enough for Felix to keep his mouth shut, scared of what else they would tell him about her. The thought of being sold was scary, but what was even scarier was that Felix was under the impression that he’d belong to Kaite forever.

Felix banged the back of his head against the bars behind him. Katie went to eat dinner shortly after Emma finished cleaning her shoe. The floor was still stained, but Katie said that it could wait until after dinner. She didn’t trust any of us running around when she’s not there, that’s why she put them in this dusty old cage under her bed.

Emma had been crying since we were put in here. Another girl was comforting her, Felix remembered someone saying her name was Sofia. Connie and Elias were silent like Felix, but they sat close to each other. And then there was a boy who hadn't spoken up at all. He laid on the ground on the other side of the cage, sneezing his head off.

And who could blame him with all this dust. The cage was filthy. Even where he was, Felix sat next to a pile of dried up poop. It stunk, but it mixed with all the other scents. After spending who knows how long sitting in blood and guts, the stool didn’t bother him.

“That’s Mia’s, ya know.” Connie said. 

Felix looked at him, but didn’t say anything.

“That pile of crap you keep looking at. It's Mia’s. That’s all we have left of her: a pile of waste.”

Emma wailed even harder, having trouble keeping it quiet this time. 

“Well I guess we’ll get a little more of her if Emma decides to throw up again.”

“Watch yourself.” Sofia barks.

“What’s your problem, it was a compliment.” Connie remarks. “Emma ate her friend like a good little dog, now she gets to live another day.” 

“She did what she had to do.” Sofia said. “I don’t have to remind you of the things you’ve done.”

“I’m sorry.” Felix said, looking at no one in particular. 

“Ah, it speaks.” Connie turned to him. 

Emma calmed down her crying to look at Felix. “What are you sorry for?”

“She was right there in front of me. I could’ve saved her, but I didn’t. I was so focused on looking cool to her that I did nothing as she was crushed to death.” Felix buried his head into his knees.

“Sorry doesn’t bring Mia back.” Elias sat up. 

“That’s something Katie says.” Sofia said. “Leave it up to the teacher’s pet to really retain that lesson.”

“Call me what you want,” Elias shied away from everyone. “I’m getting out of this hell hole. You guys haven't been here as long as I have. Katie has only sold three of the last ten tinies before me. The rest ended up just like Mia, one way or another. I’m doing whatever it takes to get sold, anyone has to be nicer than Katie.” 

“Achoo!” The boy in the back sneezed. He quivered, staying to himself. Felix started to stand up to move towards him, but Sofia glared at him and shook her head. Felix sat back down. 

Felix reflected on what Elias said. Katie has only sold three in ten people. There were six people in here. The odds weren’t in any of their favor, except maybe Elias. But what about…

“What did you mean when you said I was going to be her personal tiny, Elias?” 

The man peered back at him. The hairs on his chin were so thick, and his eyes heavy. “Katie was tired of seeing all her best pets go, so she wanted to train one all for herself. And since I know why you’re asking—no, I don’t think she’ll kill you as easily as she’ll kill us. You’re her lucky 76, she won’t give up on you as easily as she does us lower beings.”


Felix would be lying if he said he wasn’t relieved to hear he probably wouldn’t die, but living as Katie’s personal slave sounded like a worse fate. Felix scanned the room. Everyone there looked like they were the living dead. Felix wondered what each of them had done. He already knew Emma had eaten her friend off Katie’s shoe, but what did the rest have to do? What kind of things would he have to do to meet Katie’s standards of the perfect slave? And did he have any hope of returning to normal size and escaping?

End Notes:

When I come on this site I hate ready story heavy entries, I want to get right to teh good stuff ya know? Because let's just say I'm not here for the compelling stories. So it's funny that I find myself now writing an entire chapter without any gts content. 

Ch. 4: Pointer and Thumb by SophieLenna

Besides the boy hunched over in the corner, those in the cage jumped up when they heard Katie’s heavy footsteps climbing up the stairs. They all turned to the door. From under the bed, they could make out only the bottom portion of the wooden door, but they watched it intensely. 

Felix kept his eyes glued to it as his heart raced. The footsteps quickly approached, getting louder as the atmosphere began to gloom. 

Elias walked up besides Felix, gripping his hands between the tight metal bars. “A word of advice.” He started. “Do whatever she says.” Elias never once turned to him. Felix nodded silently to himself. He didn’t expect friendly advice from Elias. Honestly, Felix thought he was a little self absorbed. Could it be true that Elias cared about the safety of Felix and the other’s as much as his own?

The footsteps stopped, and the crew could make out a shadow from the small crack at the bottom of the door. Without any more warning, the door shot open. It banged against the wall behind it, and Katie harshly slammed it shut again. She marched over to the group. A long arm reached under the bed and grabbed the cage. She yanked it, sending the cage out into the open and everyone inside to the front facing bars. 

Felix’s body pressed into the bars next to Elias. There was a scream from behind him. Sofia flew in the air. Her skull crashed into the bars as they came to a stop. She screamed as she landed on the cage floor, grabbing the back of her head. 

Katie opened the top of the cage and turned it upside down. All six of the tinies fell out. The sneezer had trouble at first, so Katie had to shake the cage until he joined the others. Felix didn’t like returning to the cold hardwood. Memories of what happened earlier returned to him. Mia’s death, Connie and Elias desperately trying to wake him up, and Emma having to lick Katie’s shoe cleaned after the fact. 

Felix could see Connie in front of him. He was quick to jump to his feet. So were the others. Felix and Sofia were the only ones who still clung to the ground.

“Welcome back Goddess.” Elias said, dropping to his knees and kissing the floor. “I’m so honored to be in your presence.” He kept his head plastards to the ground as Katie walked past him. 

“You.” Katie said, peering down at Emma. 

“Me?” Emma gazed up at her. Her eyes widened as Katie’s giant digits reached down for her. Kaite picked Emma up with her pointer finger and thumb pressed into her head. The tiny girl screamed as gravity alone threatened to tear her head off her miniscule body. 

“Did you think what you did was funny?” Katie asked in a diminutive tone. She pressed her fingers ever so slightly together, but it was enough for Emma to feel her head was going to explode. 

Felix watched in horror as the small girl thrashed in the air, desperate to be released from the giant’s grip. Her head sunk into the flesh of the goddess’s fingers. Emma scratched at the giant finger nails, but to no avail. 

“Don’t you know how embarrassed I was at dinner tonight.” Particles of spit flew out of Katie’s mouth as she spoke. Her eyes showed no remorse for the tiny girl in front of her. “I was still walking around with a stain of blood on my shoe. What if someone saw it? They wouldn’t know it was blood, but they’d think I don’t keep my shoes clean. What’s the point of having a slave who cleans shoes if people think my shoes are dirty.” Katie pressed harder into the skull of tiny Emma. Emma’s scream became ear piercing. Emma lost the strength to kick in the air, instead she focused on the excruciating pain she was under.

“Christ.” Connie said. Everyone’s eyes were fixated on their friend above. It was always hard to watch someone be punished, but this seemed extreme. This stunt could leave Emma with permanent brain damage if Katie didn’t stop soon. If this impaired her functioning, then there was no doubt that she’d be killed next time Katie asked something of her. 

“Stop it!” Felix yelled. “You’re hurting her.” The other tinies turned to him. Usually, they’d be terrified as to what punishment would fall on him for speaking out, but this time they all hoped his cries would save Emma. Even if the punishment shifted to Felix, they’d be happy to have Emma back unscaved. 

“The fuck did you just say to me?” Katie said, now focused on Felix. Her grip on Emma seemed to loosen, as her screaming stopped and she was again able to breathe again.

Felix froze in fear. He couldn’t find any words to say. He felt the malice of the young girl above him radiating down at him. 

Katie locked eyes with Felix for a moment, debating what to do. The tiny girl between her fingers cried, wetting Katie’s skin. “Pay close attention, fresh meat.” Katie turned her hand around and extended it to the group of tinies on her floor. They could all see the agony on Emma’s face as she was brought closer to them. “This is what happens to a tiny who doesn’t do as they’re told.” Katie again pressed down her fingers on the girl’s head, but this time harder than before.

Emma screamed out. She trashed at the fingers, trying to scratch them and claw her way out. 

“Disappoint me, and this is what happens.” Katie squeezed the tiny girl harder. A crack could be heard as Emma’s skull started to fold in on itself. Her head became thinner and longer. Before long, her arms fell to her side. Katie increased her grip, crushing Emma even harder. Emma’s eye turned bloodshot red. Most of her face wasn’t even visible from beyond the pads on her fingers. With the next increase in pressure, Emma’s left eye pops out of her socket. Before her right eye could do the same, her entire head collapsed between the weight of Katie’s forefinger and thumb.

Blood exploded from in between Katie’s fingers. The remnants of Emma’s body fell to the floor, blood still sprinkling out of where her head once was. The tinies stood there stunned. This was the second brutal death Felix had seen in just a few hours. His mind was breaking. He wanted to scream, but didn’t have the strength. 

Katie flicked her hand, trying to get Emma’s brain off of it. “And in case you need another reminder, insect.” Katie’s hand reached for Felix’s head this time. Scared he would be next to die painfully between the giant’s digits, he jumped back. He wasn’t fast enough for the hand, and Katie wrapped her pointer finger and thumb around his head. Instead of squeezing, Katie instead rubbed her thumb and finger into Felix’s face, covering it in the blood of the now deceased Emma. The girl who was just crying in front of him moments earlier. After his face was completely red with her blood, Katie pulled her hand away.

“You, you and you.” She said, pointing to Elias, Connie and Sofia. “Clean that up right away.” 

Elias didn’t hesitate before rushing over to some of the blood that splattered on the floor and lapping it up with his tongue. It took Connie a little longer to move, and Sofia didn’t budge at all.

“And you, fresh meat.” Katie was referring to Felix as she slipped off one of her sneakers. The sole was exposed, and Felix could barely make out a tiny red smudge left on the bottom. “Clean that.” 

The sneaker was right in front of Felix. He wondered why Emma hadn’t cleaned that part. From what he remembered, it was clean when Katie had left for dinner. The only explanation Felix could think up was that Katie had gotten that stain after Emma finished cleaning it, perhaps when she stood back up in the blood that was still on the floor that she said would be cleaned up later. Did Katie know it was her fault her shoe was still dirty when she killed Emma?

“I won't ask again.” Katie said.

Felix stared at the blood on her shoe. He figured he was supposed to lick it up until it turned white, just like Emma had. He thought back to what Elias said about doing whatever Katie tells him to. At first, he thought Elias was giving him advice to help him out, but now he knew better. Emma died so that Katie could teach Felix a lesson on obedience. That’s what Elias was trying to tell Felix: Do whatever Katie tells you, because it’s them who are going to be paying for his insolence. 

Not wanting to witness anymore torture, let alone have any imposed on himself, Felix inched forward and licked the rubber sole. He dragged his tongue against the red spot. He couldn’t smell anything besides iron due to the blood on his face, so he couldn’t smell the foot stank that Emma could earlier. But he could taste the dirt and the rubber that was forever infused on the sole. Every lick caused his tongue to twitch. Felix licked at the sole until he could no longer see any red spots. He fell down to his knees, swallowing the blood soaked spit that lingered in his mouth. What had he just been told to do? 

Katie came over to inspect his work. “Good boy.” She kicked off her other shoe and shoved them both under her bed. Her light blue ankle socks were right in front of Felix’s eyes. He could make out each toe on each foot. The sight alone made him wanna vomit.


For a second, Felix wondered if Emma had been spared from a fate worse than what had happened to her.

End Notes:

Felix's spirit is already starting to wither and Katie has barely given him any tasks yet. I wonder how he will react in chapters to come when things really start to pick up!

Ch. 5: School Shoes by SophieLenna

Felix didn’t get any sleep last night. He laid in the dirt filled cage playing with the dust scattered under his fingers. Every once in a while, he would ram his head against the plastic. He didn’t understand why, but part of him liked the pain he felt afterwards. If he could focus on that, he wouldn’t have to focus on the mental pain. He also entertained the thought that one might kill him. 

Only Elias was able to get any shut eye, with his knees dug into his chest and his hands over his ears. Tomorrow was Friday, meaning there would only be one more week until the end of the month. That’s when Katie would bring him, Connie, and possibly Sofia into her school to be sold. Seven more days of anguish and torment. He hoped he’d get a nice girl, or if she had to be cruel like Katie that she’d be a cheerleader. Katie sells tinies for only ten dollars, that’s how little she thinks they're worth. 

Andrew didn’t see what Katie had done. Even though she had forced him out of the cage, she didn’t force him to watch like she did the others. Andrew thinks that’s her way of being nice, or maybe her way of appeasing him. Even though he was being punished, it would end sooner or later. She wouldn’t want him resentful of her, just obedient. He wasn’t like the other tinies in the cage.

Connie and Sofia tried their hardest to get their minds off Mia and Emma. They talked about their old lives and what they would’ve been doing at that moment. It worked for a while, but each of their stories would somehow work it’s way back to Mia or Emma. Around 2, they sat in silence. 

And of course, Katie slept soundly in her bed above. A few times during the night the tinies could hear her shift her position in bed, reminding everyone of the monster that laid just above them. 


Katie didn’t acknowledge her tinies for the majority of the morning. She rarely ever did. Once in a while, she liked to take one or two with her to the bathroom, but even that was only on weekends. She wasn’t a morning person, and didn’t like anyone seeing her until she was fully dressed— even those she didn’t consider fully human.

When the lights in the room turned on, Connie, Sofia and Elias all approached the front of the cage and sat down. They told Felix that this was the way Katie preferred it. She wouldn’t always like it, but it’s what was least likely to make her mad. Felix followed their lead.

It took Katie an hour to wash up and eat her breakfast. During that time, Felix was able to ask plenty of questions to his fellow captives.

His first question was about food. Sofia told him that Katie only ever feeds them actual food after she eats dinner. She also mentioned that Katie almost never gives them water, but they drink when they can—whatever that means.

He found out that Katie also knew all of their names, but didn’t often use them. She didn’t think unowned tinies deserve names, but there were circumstances where using them were unavoidable. Elias thought Katie would give Felix a name herself when she thought he was ready for one.

Felix tried not to ask too many questions about what the other’s been told to do by Katie, as to not bring up any unpleasant memories, but he thought he should be prepared for what's to come. So he reworded his question a bit. “What might Katie ask me to do?”

“Napkins. Toothpicks. Table weights. Insoles. Toothbrush. Nail clippers. Wipes. Toilet paper.” Connie said, staring blankly at the bars. “Think of any common object, that's what we are now. You saw how she used us as shoe and floor cleaners yesterday. I’m sure you’ll see some other things today.”

“I used to think that was the worst part.” Sofia picked up. “It’s so humiliating, I hated being reduced to something so worthless. But it’s the torture that’s the worst part. Because there's no purpose behind it. It’s just Katie being bored. Mia was crushed like nothing under a marble yesterday for no reason at all. At least when she’s using us to clean the food left on her face, or shortening her fingernails, we have a purpose. But she still treats us like we’re nothing.”

Felix sat on that. Before he could ask another question, Katie came back in, and Felix wiped the terrified look off his face.

Unlike last time, Katie pulled the cage out from under her bed with ease and caution. She undid the latch at the top of the cage and opened it up. 

Felix forgot how pretty she was. He spent the entire night reflecting on how much of a monster she acted. How could someone so beautiful be so cruel? 

Katie reached her hand down and plucked each person out one by one. Felix thought he was going to have a panic attack when it was his turn. Katie used the same fingers to pick him up that she used to crush Emma. Visions of Katie smearing Emma’s blood on his face filled his vision. As he was carried out, a terrifying thought came to him— he hadn’t had a bath or water or anything since he shrunk, was Emma’s blood still on his face?

She dropped the five of them on her bed. After scratching her chin for a moment, she picked the sneezer boy back up and brought him over to her book shelf. “While I’m at school, you can work on getting over your allergies.” Standing on her tiptoes, she dropped the tiny boy on the top of the shelf. Felix didn’t think a girl like Katie would read a lot of books. The shelves were probably littered in dust. A loud sneeze confirmed his suspicions. 

“And you,” She said, walking back to the bed and picking up Elias. “You’re going to help me cheat on my history exam Monday.” She dropped him on top of a notebook sitting on her nightstand. “So memorize all of those notes I borrowed from Lina by the time I get back.” Elias nodded and got to work on lifting the heavy front cover of the notebook. 

Connie and Sofia were so stiff, standing on either side of Felix. They didn’t show an ounce of emotion or take their eyes off Katie for a second. Felix wondered if he still looked afraid. He felt it, fear like you wouldn’t believe. He was still trying to wrap his head around being only an inch tall, let alone being as weak and powerless as a bug on top of it. 

Katie bent down and pulled two shoes out from under her bed. They were sadie shoes, probably the ones she wore to school. They had a white toe and heel, with a navy blue color in the middle by the laces and a brown sole bottom. 

“I think we’ll go a little easy on you today.” She said picking up Connie. “I’ll put you in the left one.” With that, she dropped Connie into her left shoe.

Felix jumped back and screamed. Sofia turned to him. She looked terrified. “Shut up.” She barked, sounding scarier with that demand than Katie ever did with one of hers. Felix paid her no mind. Katie just dropped Connie into her shoe. He’s going to die in there. Was she killing all of them? Felix looked around for any way of escape. 

Katie’s hand reached for Sofia and picked her up. Felix wasn’t even able to scream again before her hand was upon him, squishing him in her grip next to Sofia. “And you two get the right one. Girlie, make sure my new pet doesn’t die in there. You’re in charge of him.” And then she dropped them in her right shoe. 

Felix landed on the leather sole with a thud. A slight tilt of Katie’s hand sent Felix hurderling into darkness as he plummeted to the toe section. The smell was putrid. The odor smelled like something had corroded and rottened inside. Knowing Katie, it could either be that or her natural foot smell. Felix’s body slid into the tight tip. His heart rate intensified. 

Thoughts of dying painfully under her toes cluttered his mind. With the faint light peering in from the entrance, he could make out Sofia’s body next to him. Katie told her to keep him safe, she wouldn’t let him die would she? Would she even have the power to save him if she wanted to. “Brace yourself.” She said.

“What?” Felix panicked. He felt his soul leave his body. Katie had dropped the shoe, sending Felix into a world of dysfunction and disorientation. He hated rides for this very reason. He screamed in fear as the shoes clanked against the floor and sent knives of pain through his body. He took in deep breaths, relieved he was alive. 

He looked forwards towards the exit. If he could get there before Katie slid her foot in, he might be able to climb out and escape. He made a run for it. 

Within seconds, Sofia was on top of him. She grabbed his arm and sweeped her leg under his, forcing him down on the sole. 

“What are you doing?” He yelled, trying to get out of her grip. He was going to die. He was really going to die and Sofia was trying to kill him. 

“You’re going to kill yourself, you idiot.” She heaved. “The toe section is the safest place to be.”

“Are you nuts?” Felix freaked out. “That’s the furthest away from the exit. How are we going to escape?”

“Don’t be dumb. You need to give up on escaping and do what makes Katie happy. How else will you live?”

The shoe rumbled. Katie was slipping her foot in. Felix could make out the outline of each toe through the thick navy socks. 

“Get up!” Sofia yelled, letting go of him and running for the far corner of the shoe. Felix flipped on his back. He crawled backwards towards the edge of the shoe, trying to escape the impending foot. Felix reached the end. He was screwed. 

The foot grew closer, and the musky scent grew stronger. Katie’s big toe collided with him, shoving him deeper into the shoe end. Her toe rubbed up and down his body, and he could faintly feel her sharp nail poking at him. At first, he thought she was petting him, but he soon realized what she was actually doing.

With each rub, Katie was trying to drag Felix’s body under her toe. Felix screamed and tried to fight it, but the toe was too strong. He was forced under her toe. He tried wiggling his way out, but Katie lifted up her toe and slammed it back down on him. She did this several times, slamming her toe against his body until he got the message that she didn’t like his squirming. “You’re an insole.” She said, slamming her toe down on him again. She pressed on him. “Insoles don’t move. I’ll give you permission to lick and kiss if you want to show me how grateful you are, but don’t move from that position.” That was the last thing she planned on saying to him until after school.

Felix finally got the message as the pressure lifted up. He caught his breath. How long would he be in there? Katie wasn’t serious about using him as an insole was she? 

As if to answer his question, Katie tightened the laces on her shoes. She stood up straight and pulled her bookbag off her chair. Katie took a step towards her bedroom door. The toes crushing Felix became weightless. It allowed him the time needed to catch his breath. His body ached. He had only been under her big toe for a few seconds, he knew he wouldn’t survive a whole day.

At the peak of her step, Felix felt his whole world stop. Everything began to shatter once her foot started to descend. Felix’s head spun, and Katie’s toe slammed into his body as her foot hit the floor. The process repeated several times. It was especially excruciating for Felix. His body would feel like it was on the worst ride of his life, then his head would bang against the bottom of her insole, and at the same time the putrid toe would crash down on him. 

He felt like he was going to pop. How was a young girl’s toe doing this to him? Tears flowed down his eyes from the pain. Every step caused him to scream, but every scream was muffled by the thick cotton sock. Then came the stairs—the worst experience Felix had gone through in his entire life. It was a rapid succession of Katie’s foot being raised and slammed down on top of him. His mind went numb, letting his body be assaulted by the onslaught Katie’s toe brought.

She landed on the floor with a stomp. This forced Felix’s mind back to what was happening to his body. He was sweating profusely, or maybe it was Katie’s foot sweat that was drenching him. It was so hot in the shoe. What was going to kill him first? Would he die of a stroke? Would he be crushed to dust under Katie’s toe? Or would he end up drowning in sweat?

Felix didn’t want to think of the idea that Katie might have gym class. Part of him wished that she didn’t, that he would have an easy day as she sat in a chair for 8 periods. Another part of him wished for a quick death. No, a large part of him did. The only reason he didn’t want to die was because of how degrading his death would be, but even that part of him was smaller.

His throat started to hurt from the screaming, as did his head from the trampling and crying. What would his parents think? What about his sister? He didn’t want them to ever know about this. He wanted to be crushed by Katie’s toe and flattened beyond recognition. He hated himself for where he was. He finally understood how worthless he was, why Katie thought she could push them around the way she did. He was nothing.

Katie’s foot continued to rise and slam down. Was she putting any thought into her movements? Felix never once thought about the strides he took. Katie was taking each step without thinking even a little bit about how much pressure she put down or considering the tinies inside. 

Felix wondered how Connie and Sofia were doing. Despite being right next to him, Felix didn’t have the strength to move his body to check on Sofia. She was supposed to keep him safe, but how could anyone save him from this? His body continued to be beaten and bruised by Katie’s toe, and she wasn’t even trying to hurt him. 

Things got really heavy for a second. All of Katie’s weight was being supported by her one foot. The pressure was relieved for a moment, but Katie soon returned to her normal walking style. After a few more steps, Felix again felt himself suspended in the air. Except this time her foot didn’t go back down all the way.

Felix heard the sound of an engine, and then felt a little nauseous. Was Katie on a bus? She really was on her way to school with Felix shrunk and in her shoe. 

Feeling the pain consume him in the same way the toe did, Felix couldn’t help but resume his crying. He surprisingly clung onto the toe, pressing his face into it. It was so humid and damp. He felt a gentle hand grasp at his shoulder. He turned and swatted at it, thinking it was another thing out to hurt him. 

It was Sofia. “Are you done crying yet?” Despite being in the same situation Felix was in, she didn’t look battered or scared at all. While Felix’s face was red and soaked in tears and sweat, hers was dry and pale. 

“Kill me…” Felix begged, weeping to himself. He shut his eyes and laid his head on the well-worn insole below. 

“Emma made me promise something to her once.” Sofia said. Katie’s foot twitched, and she scrunched her toes to feel where her tinies were. “When I was first brought here, I told her that next time Katie picked us up and put us on her desk or drawer, I was going jump off and kill myself.” Her voice was so calm and soothing. You’d never know she was almost crushed to death beneath Katie’s pinkie toe. “Do you want to know what she told me?”

Felix forced snot back up his nose. He nodded, staring up at the girl. She couldn’t be older than he was, she actually looked a little younger than Katie.

“She told me that no matter what we did, no matter how well trained or behaved we were, that we were all going to die here. None of us were making it out of here, not alive.”

Katie flexed her toes, trying to find where her one slave had gone. Sofia made sure to stay out of its way. Felix shook his head. “Is that supposed to cheer me up?” He clenched his fist. “I don’t want to spend another second here. I don’t care if I’ll die eventually, I want to die now.” The two could feel Katie place her foot back on the bus floor.

“You idiot.” Sofia said in the driest tone imaginable. “This isn’t about your death. It’s about Emma’s. She was right, she died. And if I don’t go back under Katie’s toe, I’ll die too.”

Out of nowhere, Katie brought her weight down on Felix, pressing her toe into him with great force. He screamed, but Sofia’s face didn’t change.

“Do you know what’s happening? Katie is squishing you to threaten me to get back under her toes. She really will kill you, and then I’ll probably be killed for making her do that. I’m willing to let her kill the two of us if you want, and I’ll let you die. I don’t mind, because I want to die too.”

Felix felt like his head was going to burst. Sofia’s arm slid under the toe, and she pulled Felix’s hand out with hers. She had no hope of pulling him out, but she wasn’t trying to. 

“But if I die, who will remember Emma? Or Mia, or Moritz or Charlotte? Who will remember Elias and Connie after they’re gone?”

Felix spit up blood. It splattered on his stretched out arm and sole below. “Please, h—” He coughed up more. The toe’s pressure was only getting harder.

“Make me a promise.” Sofia smiled. “Promise me that you’ll keep living. Not for yourself, but for the rest of us. So someone can remember what we had to do to keep those before us alive. If you want to die I’ll let you, and I can forget about you too. But one day, someone might escape from this hell. Until then, won’t you fight with us to stay alive?”

Katie wriggled her toe on top of Felix. Half his face sunk into her sock, leaving only the other half visible to Sofia. He couldn’t speak. His throat was torn to shreds from the screaming, and he couldn’t capture enough breath to form any words. But he squeezed Sofia’s hand in his. 

“Okay.” Sofia’s hand slid out of his, leaving it to fall to the floor. She inched her way to the other side of the shoe and slid under Katie’s pinkie toe. Sofia planted a kiss on the fabric of Katie’s sock. Instantly, all the weight on Felix was lifted and transferred to Sofia. She screamed, having Katie’s pinkie toe drilled into her ribcage. 

Felix couldn’t watch. The bus ride to school would be over soon, although he didn’t know how long. All he could do was lay there and wait and listen to Sofia scream. He had a long day ahead of him.


End Notes:

Usually, Katie would only have one person in each shoe, but since Felix is new he had him ride with Sofia so she could help train him. Elias was choosen to stay behind because he was there the longest and has already completed his insole training. Katie doesn't have a lot more to teach him, but I wonder if he'll be able to measure up to her standards in the end.

Sweat in the Shoe Sauna by SophieLenna

Felix missed his phone. The heat and musky odor inside the old sadie shoe caused his skin and throat to burn. Even though the cotton covered toe had been dormant since second period began, it still weighed heavy on Felix. Without his phone, he had nothing to take his attention away from the pain he felt or the awful situation he was in. 

He couldn’t keep track of time outside of Katie’s movements either. If she went to a regular highschool, then Katie would go through 7 or 8 periods in total including lunch before returning home. Katie’s toe was still now, which let Felix know she was in class. Her moving around would alert him that she was moving to her next period. 

Katie’s big toe scrunched lightly on top of Felix. She did that sporadically, though Felix didn’t think she was doing it consciously. He didn’t think anything Katie was capable of doing could be that gentle.

Felix tried to distract himself by thinking of what his friends were up to. It was still early, so most of them would be in class too. He wondered if his roommates were worried at all that he hadn’t returned to their dorm the previous night. Despite everything that happened, it had barely been a day since Felix was shrunk and kidnapped. 

Would they even know that he was missing? It wasn’t uncommon for Felix to return to the dorms late or sleep out on a Thursday night, and for all they know he could have gone home for the weekend since he didn’t have Friday classes. That meant at the earliest, nobody would know he was missing or start looking for him until Monday. 

Felix hated the idea of his friends hanging out and partying without him while he was stuck in some highschooler’s shoe. He slid his hand down the side of his face to wipe the sweat off. It was easily 100 degrees in her shoe, and the sock dripping with foot sweat wasn’t helping. It was more bearable now that Katie was sitting down, though. When she stood up, her foot would slide forward trapping Felix’s entire body under it. Now it only rested on his waist and legs. 

Looking at his wet palm, Felix realized that he hadn’t taken a shower or anything since before he was shrunk. Did he still have Emma’s blood on his face? Surely it would’ve dried overnight, but would the toe sweat be enough to wipe it off?

He would have to ask Sofia when she woke up. He still couldn’t believe that she was able to sleep so soundly under the giant girl’s pinkie toe. Sofia told Felix that he should try to do the same. It would help pass the time, and they had no idea when they’d be able to sleep again.

Despite not sleeping at all the night before, Felix couldn’t take his mind off his situation for too long. Katie reduced him to nothing more than an insole. She proved time and time again that she didn’t see him or any of the tinies as human. She didn’t care if they lived or died as long as they pleased her. Today, Felix was her insole. But what next? He wasn’t human. It’s exactly like Connie said; Felix was an object now. 

Katie scrunched her toes again, rubbing more sweat onto Felix’s legs. 

There was something comforting in that thought—that he was an object. It had to be the heat making him think that way, but being an object gave him purpose. He was Katie’s insole. He could do that for her. As long as her toe lay comfortable above him, he had meaning. That’s something he always longed for—purpose. That’s why he studied so hard. But why does he need to study so hard if he could help this young girl feel comfortable while she walks, and that be his purpose? 

For the first time since he got there Felix smiled. He felt proud of himself. His head felt dizzy and his vision was spotted, but he was happy. He took in deep breaths, trying to fight to heat. He wasn’t sure if he was in euphoria or dying. His body was the rope in a tug-o-war match between heaven and hell. One moment he was in bliss over being Katie’s personal insole, another he felt the cruel reality of his diminished humanity and melting body. He placed his hand on Katie’s toe, but it wasn’t clear to him if he was admiring it or pounding at it. He needed out of this shoe, but then what good would he be to Katie?


The sound came from across the shoe. Felix’s head dropped to the side. Through the black spots, he made out Sofia on her knees with her mouth sucking on Katie’s sock. She slurped, the sock sucking into her mouth. She moved her head back and gulped, sending the foot sweat down her throat. “Ahh.” She moaned before going back in for more. 

“This heat…” Felix said, trying to get a bearing on his thoughts. “Getting to you too?” He licked his chops. 

“I thought I told you to sleep.” She sucked in more of Katie’s sweat. “And don’t patronize me. You’ll die if you don’t drink it too.”

“Wha…” He stammered. There wasn’t a chance in hell that he was drinking sweat from Katie’s toe. “Won’t you get slick… sick?“

“Only as sick as you’ll get eating your dead friends off a converse.” She moved to a different spot on the foot and sucked up more sweat. Her face bore disgust, but she swallowed anyway. She coughed before wiping her face and wedging her body back under Katie’s pinkie toe. 

“Look, I know it’s gross, and not the best for us, but it’s better than the alternatives. Piss is all waste and spit isn’t good in the long run. Sweat is mostly water and a little bit of salt. Your body will get used to it. I would give up on ever tasting water again.” Sofia slid her hands under her cheek and closed her eyes. “Besides, the sweat comes from Katie herself. You should be honored to get to drink it.” She dozed off.

Felix couldn’t tell if she meant that last part or if she was being sarcastic. He did know he needed to drink something soon. He clenched Katie’s sock. Sweat seeped out of it. Gross. This must’ve been what Sofia meant earlier when she said they drank when they were able. 

Felix sat up the best he could. He didn’t exactly have a lot of strength in him, so he leaned against the sock for support. He felt the foot heat radiate out towards him. It was unbearable to a degree. Why was he still alive? Was it only to serve as a girl’s insole and drink her sweat? It didn’t matter. He trusted Sofia to keep him alive, so he’d do what he had to.

He puckered his lips and pressed them against the sock. He inhaled in, but no sweat seeped into his mouth. He only kissed it. He would have to try harder. This time, he sucked a lot harder. At first, there was nothing. Then it hit him all at once. A mush of toe sweat swarmed into his mouth. He wasn’t expecting it to be so hot and salty. He swished it around, but ended up spitting it out in disgust.

He coughed. That was awful. How could he drink that? He gagged and choked on the musky air. Maybe dying could be a better outcome. He wouldn’t ever have to drink toe sweat again, or worship some entitled brat. But then who would remember Emma? Surely the others would, but who would remember him? He made a promise, and he intended to keep it.

Katie again scrunched and rubbed her toes on top of Felix’s body, as if encouraging him to keep going. He sat back up and wrapped his lips around the sock. He sucked hard, and the sweat came out almost immediately. He cringed with it in his mouth. It was so hot. Katie’s sweat sat in his mouth for almost a minute before  Felix finally bit the bullet and sent the sweat down his throat. 

It felt oddly refreshing. He needed more. He repeated the process of sucking on Katie’s sock and extracting sweat to swallow. He cursed himself the entire time, but he had to drink. It was so humiliating, but he kept swallowing the girl’s sweat. He hated how reliant he was on Katie. She hadn’t stopped torturing him since she shrunk him, but he was so reliant on her to keep him safe, to feed him, to give him shelter, and now he was reliant on her foot sweat to keep him hydrated. 

Felix swallowed his fifth round of sweat. Before he was able to go back for more, Katie stood up. He and Sofia both wailed at the sudden increase in pressure. Katie’s foot quickly covered Felix’s entire body as she started walking. The two tinies screamed in unison with each crash down.

This was nothing like the last couple of times Katie walked on him. Her foot was a lot more drenched in sweat. This caused every step to end in a squench that sent her body fluids pouring into Felix’s mouth. 

It was hot. So hot. It burned his throat. He was forced to swallow tons of sweat every other step, way more than he had drank earlier. He had no time to spit it out eiter. Katie’s strides were quick and rhythmatic. Felix’s body was crushed in sweat every time the dark fabric squished against the floor. It was torture. Complete torture.

By the time Katie sat down again, Felix was sure that the sweat had cleaned any blood off his face. Katie’s toe slid back as she got comfortable.

Felix’s ribs ached, and he was sure that his nose was broken. He couldn’t keep his attention on any thought for longer than a second. 


It was only her third period. There were still five more to go, not including the rest of that one. Felix howled as Katie’s toe drilled into his stomach. She let up after a few moments, but it was enough to make Felix finally pass out.

End Notes:

Thank you all so much for all the reviews! They're what give me the motivation to keep writing. I would love to do a Q&A some time if I could ever figure out how to go about it. Until then, feel free to ask on in the reviews or email me.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the chapter! Until next time, chow!

End of the school day by SophieLenna

Felix drifted in and out of consciousness. He so desperately wanted to stay asleep, but the constant pounding of Katie’s big toe on top of him kept him awake. How long had it been? Each time he managed to drift into slumber, a shot of adrenaline would soon rush through his body alerting him to the impending threat of being crushed to death or drowning in sweat, but he had no way of knowing if he was only asleep for a few seconds or longer. The shoe was beginning to overheat, adding more to his fever and drowsiness. Felix couldn’t move, he felt like a ragdoll trapped in an oven. Spit was drooling out of his mouth. He tried his best to keep it in, less he dehydrate, but he didn’t have the strength to suck the spit back in. His mind raced, but thought about nothing other than the pain he was in, all due to the giant girl who had him trapped in her shoe.


High above, Katie was starting to get restless in her seat. Class was so boring, and she didn’t have any friends to distract her from the lecture. So she diverted her attention to the tinies in her shoes. She’d start by pressing her toes down on the singular tiny in her left shoe. When she felt like he had had enough, she’d release the pressure and move it to the tiny under her right big toe, then do the same with the tiny under her pinkie toe before starting over again.


Part of her really wanted one of them to pop, but there were two things stopping her. Firstly, she didn’t remember which slave was her 76, and was afraid that she might pop him without needing to. Secondly, she had been killing off too many of her slaves lately. The two from the day before were necessary; the first decided she wanted to be a slut and mess around with her younger brother, and she had to kill the second one to teach her personal slave a lesson about his new place in life. But if she killed any more, she wouldn’t have anything to sell next Friday. She only had three that she could sell, which is already lower than previous months. So she tried her best not to kill or maim them, but the thought was tempting. As long as they did what they were supposed to—be good insoles for her— she wouldn’t need to kill them. 


Her fifth period was almost over, and after that she would have lunch and one more period. When the bell rang to signal the end of class, she made sure to slam her feet down as she stood up. This woke Felix up from another nap. He erupted in screams of agony. Being under Katie’s big toe, he had it worse than the others. Pain soared through his body with each fidget of motion. He didn’t think it could get any worse than earlier, but it did. 


As Katie resumed walking, each drop of her foot caused Felix to scream. But about half way through the hall, his tormented screams turned to sick laughter. Each time her shoe connected to the floor and her foot squished into Felix’s body, he laughed even louder. What has become of my life, he thought with a smirk. This wasn’t him. He had traded places with someone else. People don’t get put inside someone else’s shoe. This was a cruel dream, a nightmare that he couldn’t wake up from. Either that, or it really was true that he was no longer a person. 


Across the insole, Sofia listened to Felix with worry. He didn’t sound okay. She felt like she was being selfish not forcing Felix to Katie’s pinkie toe when they first entered the shoe and taking it for herself instead.The pinkie toe was the best and safest place to be. Not only was it the smallest toe, but it was also the least walked on. Sofia felt nauseous going up and down so many times, but the pressure on her was miniscule. She felt bad for making Felix stay under Katie’s big toe, but better him than her. She already decided that when they were released, she would make it look like she was the one under the big toe and not Felix. Katie would appreciate her initiative going into the spot she preferred, and Sofia might even be rewarded. Katie wouldn’t punish Felix for cowering under her pinkie toe, not since it’s his first time as her insole. Cheating him out like that made Sofia’s stomach sick, but she had to look after herself first. 


Finally, Katie’s foot came to a stop. Felix’s laugh faded into a slight chuckle. He slammed his head against the mushy insole. This was what it felt like to be crazy. The pain wasn’t only soaring through his muscles and bones, but his brain too. His network was being rewired. Everything he knew about his old life was being rewritten. He was always this pathetic. He was never a person. Did he actually believe this, or was it the combination of the heat he endured and the sweat he had to drink? Regardless, in that moment he felt it to be true. Katie was like a god to him. No, she was a god to him. She controlled his entire life. He couldn’t leave the shoe though he wanted to, and after slamming his head down again on the sweaty insole, he realized he could even die without her permission either.


Then Katie started to move again. Felix’s world was already disoriented enough, but why was Katie getting up so soon after sitting down? Her class couldn’t have ended this quickly. That had to mean she was going somewhere else, but where was she going? The warm cotton again pressed into Felix’s face, causing sweat to drip out onto him. The sensation was all too familiar. 


He heard a door open and close. After a few more seconds of walking, he heard a click. The movements once again stopped, and the weight was lifted from them as Katie sat down. 


“Felix,” Sofia started. “Are you okay?”


Felix was more composed from earlier. He still wanted to sleep, but the fire shooting in his brain kept his eyes wide open. “How much longer?” He cracked.


“If I had to guess, I’d say we’re at lunch right now. But I’m not sure where she got up to go. Anyway, she only has one more class after this, and then it’s the bus ride home.” Sofia was unbothered. She spoke so calmly, a calm that Felix hadn’t experienced since he was dumped in the shoe. 

“Sofia,” Felix said, his face scrunching up. “I want to—”


“You promised me you wouldn’t die.” She interrupted. 


Felix couldn’t take the mental strain any more. He was breaking down. He wanted to cry, but there weren’t any liquids left in his body to spare. 


“Tell you what,” Sophie said, biting her lower lip. “If Katie asks us which toe we were under, tell her you were the one under her pinkie toe. If she finds out you were under her big one, she might make that your permanent spot.”


Felix tried to crack a smile, but he couldn’t move his lips in such a way. Sofia didn’t have to be that nice, but she was willing to stick her neck out for him anyway. His heart pounded with joy— maybe he wasn’t as worthless as he was beginning to believe. He still had people who cared about him and were looking out for him. “Thank you.”


Katie’s foot started to shift. “Huh?” Felix said, looking back at the entrance of the shoe. Katie’s foot was retreating, leaving through the hole above. Light poured into the shoe, the odor airing out. Felix could feel the sweat that covered his body mix with the incoming cool air. He took in deep breaths. With the influx of light, he could see how damp his clothes were. Even his skin was all pruny, he looked like a towel that needed to be ringed out. 


Then a hand made its way into the shoe. It was inching towards them. “Felix,” Sofia cheered, “She’s going to take us out. Quickly, switch spots with me!” 


Sofia ran towards him. His body was too weak to move, but he knew if he didn’t then Katie would know it was him under her big toe and that it would become his permanent spot. He couldn’t go back there again. He reached his hands out, using all of his strength. Katie’s hand was almost on top of them. Sofia grabbed onto Felix and pulled back, dragging him over to the other end of the sole. Katie's hand got stuck for a moment. She had to wiggle her hand around to get in deeper. Sofia ran back to the big toe end just in time for the two of them to be grabbed.


Katie’s pinkie finger dug into Felix’s stomach. He screamed as he was dragged back to the shoe entrance. He could see her face— the face of the demon girl who did this to her. She seemed so unaffected by everything that had just happened. To her, it was just another school day. She paid no mind to the pain she inflicted onto Felix.


The shoe turned over, causing the two to fall out onto the cold tile floor. It was unclear if Katie thought it was Felix under her pinkie or not. For the first time in hours, Felix was met with total fresh air. He turned over on his back, allowing the cool air to wash over him. It felt weird not having a heavy fleshy object on top of him anymore, not to mention being able to see again. 


After taking a moment to collect himself, he took a look around at his surroundings. It looked like they were in a huge metal box. The ceiling was just as grey as the walls. Sofia didn’t look good at all. Her face was beat red and her hair was frizzy. Her eyes boggled. Felix assumed his face looked the same.


He made eye contact with Katie next. Just like that morning, he forgot how attractive she was. For the last few hours, he thought of her foot as the monster that was torturing him. He personified her foot into a demon, but now he saw it was only attached to a much larger and scarier devil.


She wasn’t in a classroom or the lunchroom. Looking further down, Felix noticed that Katie was sitting on some kind of white seat. Not only that, but her pants were down by her knees. Then it hit him: they were in a bathroom. Felix felt a little weird to be in a girl’s bathroom, but he felt relieved to be away from Katie’s foot.


“You should know better than to stare at a girl while she’s using the pot, pervert.” Katie demeaned. With that, she raised her foot above Felix and shoved her big toe down on top of him, shoving him into the hard cold floor. The insole provided Felix with comfort and support on his back, but the hard tile threatened to crush him.


“Good news and bad news, chickie.” Katie said as she reached down for Sofia and picked her up. “This stall is out of toilet paper, that’s the bad news. The good news is that I only peed.”


Sofia looked up at Katie in terror. She had only heard one story of a tiny having to be used as Katie’s toilet paper. It was a girl Emma knew who had been sold long ago. The thing is, Katie actually had toilet paper in her bathroom that time. She just wanted to humiliate the tiny girl, laughing as she rubbed her up and down her butt checks and smearing her in shit. Apparently, Katie dropped her in the toilet after, threw shit covered toilet paper on top of her until Katie was clean, and then left the tiny girl in the toilet overnight. If she couldn’t clean herself up by the morning, she’d be flushed away with the toilet paper. Sofia hoped that didn’t happen to her.


Sofia was met with a swift flick to the head from Katie. “Why are you looking at me like that? I need you to pay attention and lick. If you’re not good enough to wipe away a little dry drip, how can I sell you. If you’re that brain dead, I can leave you in here to drown in my piss. Maybe another girl can come to piss all over you too.” Fearfully, Sofia shook her head.


“Good.” Katie brought Sofia down to her shirt and wiped off her sweat. The fabric of Katie’s shirt scratched Sofia’s face and body. She guessed it wouldn’t do much good cleaning off any leftover pee if she got her sweat on Katie’s hole. After she was well and dry, Katie lowered Sofia down to her urethra. Sofia was pressed into it, excess pee splattering on her face. 


The poor girl was rubbed against the giant cunt, being used as toilet paper for the giant girl. Katie swiped her three more times, turning the tiny around to make sure every dry part of her body was rubbed against her. Sofia was in agony. She had to get used to doing so many gross things— drinking sweat, picking boogers, eating her friends off a shoe— but she never imagined having to clean up pee with her body. She shrieked, but managed to keep her mouth shut before any pee got in. Most of the pee was already gone and in the toilet, there was only a little left, but it felt awkward to be rubbed against her giant capture’s vagina. By the time Kaite was finished, Sofia was covered in pee, but at least Katie’s cunt was clean. Katie almost dropped Sofia in the toilet on instinct, but remembered at the last second to take her out. If nothing else, Katie had to admit it felt better to have a tiny down there than actual toilet paper. If they were a little bigger, she would use them often.


Katie dropped the tiny girl on the floor in between her shoe and foot. She pulled her pants back up and took her toe off Felix. His mind was spinning from being overheated in such a cold area. He will definitely catch a cold after today. He was so worried about his worsening condition that he didn’t even notice how awful Sofia’s piss scented body smelled.


“Okay, back in my shoe you two.” Katie picked up Sofia and dropped her in her shoe. “And you, newbie.” Kaite grabbed Felix and pinched him in between her fingers. With any luck, he might pop. “Don’t ever leave your spot under my pinkie toe again. If I had to crush another slave to teach you a lesson I would’ve been furious. You’re my personal slave, so I don’t have to worry about keeping you intact before the sell date. If I have to start cutting off limbs to teach you a lesson, I will.” 


The words shook Felix. At the very least, Sofia's plan worked.


Just then, Felix could hear the bathroom door opening again. Katie smirked. “Looks like your new friend just arrived.” Without another word, Katie dropped Felix in and tilted her shoe downwards. The tinies slid into their spots as the shoe dropped, Sofia under where the big toe would be and Felix the pinkie toe. Felix managed to mutter a thank you to Sofia before Katie’s foot invaded the shoe and covered them.


Katie stood up, pressing weight down onto the pair. The pinkie toe was way lighter on Felix than Katie’s big toe. Being in the infectious heat again wasn’t easy, but Felix got used to it pretty quickly. It was like Katie left some of her foot stench out there with her. 


There was a scream, only for a second, before complete silence. Felix could hear Katie washing her hands before leaving the bathroom. Felix could also hear Sofia’s screaming as she was slowly crushed under Katie’s big toe with each step. He felt bad for her. He should’ve finished being under there for the day since he was already used to it. He remembered Katie’s warnings not to leave, however, so when Katie sat back down he stayed where he was.


With the lightened weight, Felix was able to fall asleep with more ease. 




The sound of a roaring engine is what woke him up. He was covered in sweat again, but he was sure this time that most of it was his. There was more room between the toe and tip of the shoe for Felix to stretch. For a second, Felix could pretend like he wasn’t in a school shoe. That didn’t last long. Once his eyes were able to absorb the little light that made its way in the sadie shoe, Felix could make out the outline of each toe. 


The little toe scratched against his lower body. It didn’t hurt as much as when the big toe did it. This was more of a relaxing pat. He hoped Sofia was okay. Katie’s big toe was merciless before, and Felix doubted anything would change just because it as later in the day. If anything, things would get a lot worse under there. 

“Sofia, are you still conscious?” Felix tilted his head and tried to pick her outline out, but couldn’t find her. 

“Don’t worry about me.” Sofia grunted. It was clear to Felix that she was in a lot of pain. “This isn’t even my tenth time inside a shoe. I’m a lot stronger than I look.” She coughed. 

“I shouldn’t have let you trade places with me.” Now that Felix wasn’t drowsy or experiencing heat stroke, he was able to think more clearly. He didn’t believe what he thought earlier about himself being worthless, even if that was how Katie made him feel. He accepted where he was in life, even if he didn’t agree with the title bestowed upon him. “I’m Katie’s personal, uh… I’m her personal slave. I’ll probably end up back under her big toe anyway. I should get used to it now. For all either of us know, that girl that buys you might not even keep you in their shoes.” 

Sofia was silent for a few moments. Felix feared she might have passed out, but eventually she spoke. “You know, you’re lucky that you were chosen to be Katie’s pet.” 

Felix popped his head up. “What? Are you crazy? How can you say I’m lucky to be shrunk and turned into her slave? You don’t believe that she actually gave us purpose by shrinking us do you?” 

“Of course not!” Sofia gritted her teeth. “None of us who have crossed her path have been lucky. But if you were to be shrunk by anyone and be their personal slave, Katie is who you would want to own you.”
“What are you talking about?” Felix was lost for words. Not only that, but he was angry. “We couldn’t have gotten a worse person to shrink us. She has done nothing but torture and kill us since I got here. Hell, I almost died today. How is that lucky? Anybody would be a better choice!”

“Do you think the people she sells us to are any different?” Sofia shouted. “Do you think any of the tinies she sold are still alive?”

Felix grew silent. He hadn’t thought much about the people Katie had sold, but he always saw getting away from her as salvation.

“Even the nicer ones don’t know how fragile we are. Katie has shrunk 76 people, she knows how much damage she can do to us before we break. Her friends don’t. I won’t last a day after I’m sold!” She was crying. 

Felix wanted to say something back, but he was stopped by the giant toe pressing down on him. Katie was walking. Even though the toe he was under was a lot smaller than the one before, the pain was still grave enough that he couldn’t focus on anything else. 

Katie entered her home and ran up her stairs to her room. She was home alone, except the tinies, but she still locked her door out of habit. She stood on her tippy toes to get a look at the tiny on top of her book shelf. This put an incredible amount of pressure on Connie, Sofia and Felix. Being under her big toe, Sofia threatened to pop. However Connie had it worse of all, since he was laying sideways he had multiple toes crushing down on it.

The boy was covered in dust and laying in his own throw up. His face was red and puffy, and though his eyes were swollen shut he was awake and experiencing every agonizing second of his predicament.

Katie smiled at this. He was slightly less puffy than he was last time she did this to him. “You can spend another couple hours up here, kay?” Katie gently blew air on to the boy, causing the dust to blow onto him. He entered a sneezing fit, which sent Katie into a laughing fit. 

The tinies in her shoe were relieved when Katie stood normal again. Another few seconds and Sofia would’ve popped under the toe. Kaite connected the back of her left foot to her right shoe to take it off. She slipped her foot out, then did the same with her left shoe. She picked both of her shoes up and turned them upside down, dumping the tinies onto her desk where Elias was.

Connie, Sofia and Felix all coughed and gasped for air. They were finally freed from their prison and returned to fresh air. Elias turned to them, but didn’t say anything. Instead, he looked up at Katie.

“Stop your bitch coughing and listen up. It wasn’t even that bad in there.” Katie said. Felix clutched his chest and looked up at the giantess. “Starting today, we're going to be training a new slave for distribution.”

Katie reached into her shirt and dug in between her breasts. She pulled out a tiny girl, who was also covered in sweat, and presented her to the group. “This is Angelina, an underclassman who had the misfortune of going to the bathroom at the same time as me. I’d hate to have to kill one of you to teach her what her new place in life is, so while I get changed and washed up, I suggest the four of you teach her what her place is before I do.” She dropped Angelina from her fingers, letting her fall onto the table with the others. 

If they couldn’t get her to submit, one of them would die.

End Notes:

Sorry it took me so long to release the new chapter, I recieved my first commision so I had to proritize that. I hope to upload that story soon, although the subject mater is a little sensitive so I understand that it's not for everyone.

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Unusual task; Chewing Gum by SophieLenna
Author's Notes:

Katie has just assigned her slaves to teach Angelina her new place in life, but will they be able to? Or will one of them die trying?

The door clicked behind Katie, shutting the five in a dim room.

“Please, one of you has to help me.” Angelina shook so harshly that the others thought she was having a panic attack. “I don’t know what happened to me.”

The others looked at each other, but none of them knew what to say. Felix, Connie and Sofia were all exhausted from the long day as Katie’s insole, their hair still fizzed and sticking up from the heat and sweat. Katie said she shrunk Angelina in the bathroom. Was that the scream Felix heard earlier, the young girl being overpowered and shrunk? 

“My mom’s going to think I’m being bad again.” Tears swelled in her eyes. Felix felt his heart sink, she didn’t look older than 15. “The school dance is next week, I can’t be grounded and miss it.” Angelina clung to the ground. She was in shock, having no idea what kind of situation fate had forced upon her. It was Felix’s job to teach her. Katie tasked them to teach Angelina her place, but how could they when she was barely coherent? 

The weeping tiny girl looked up at the figure approaching her. “Please, will you help me?” A swift hand slapped across her cheek, causing a shriek as her head whipped sideways.         

“Elias!” Sofia shouted. She stepped forward, but her legs were too weak to carry her more than a few steps before she collapsed. 

Elias grabbed Angelina by her uniform’s collar and pulled her in. “You’re a slave now.” Smack! “A toy.” Smack! “An object.” Smack! Angelina fell back to the floor, sobbing. Her cheek was red from being smacked so much, but Elias didn’t seem to be done with her just yet. He flipped her around and mounted her. 

“No!” Angelina fought him, smacking him with her palms. Elias grabbed her wrists and forced them to the floor.

“Stop resisting!” Spit flew out of his mouth as he spoke. “Get it through your head that your old life is over. You’re Katie’s property now, a slave to be trained and sold.” 

“Please!” Angelina said again, but she wasn’t talking to Elias. Her head jerked back, and she made eye contact with Felix. “He’s gonna… he’s trying to rape me. Help! Help!” She wouldn’t stop screaming. Elias smacked her again, but it didn’t work.

“He’s not going to…” But he couldn’t find any words to sooth her, so his voice was drowned behind her screams. By this point, Sofia finally crawled her way over to where Angelina and Elias were. She placed her forearm on Elias’s chest, and with all her strength, pushed him off her, tumbling in the process.

“Enough, Elias!” Her voice, though still cold, clearly showed how much pain she was in as it forced the words out. Felix felt it too, the aches in his bones from his time under Katie’s big toe. “You’re scaring her.”

“She should be scared!” Elias threw his arms out to his side. “You heard our goddess, if we don’t show her her new place, it’s one of us Katie is going to kill.”

Sofia was trying her best to comfort Angelina, but she was still speaking sporadically, saying the words ‘please’ and ‘help me’ over and over again. “Look, you made her worse.” 

“At least I did something, the rest of you just stood there!” 

“I can’t take this anymore.” Connie spoke for the first time since leaving the shoe. He was crotched down, his hands squeezing his temple. “Mia… Emma… it can’t be me next. Don’t let it be me next.” Connie had already given up. There was no way of getting through to Angelina. They were all goners. 

“You need to calm down.” Sofia rubbed the side of Angelina’s face. “Things are only going to get worse if you can’t calm down.” But this didn’t make Angelina feel any better. In fact, Angelina became more hysterical. She backed away from Sofia, almost pushing herself off the desk’s edge.

“I say we beat it out of her.” Elias said eagerly. He was shaking almost as bad as Angelina was. “Beat her until she becomes complacent. That’s what Katie did to us, isn’t it. We could,” his hand made a fist. 

Everybody was panicking. Felix recognized this scene, just a day before, when he had first been shrunk and watched Katie kill Mia. He was just as, if not even more hysterical than, as Angelina was now. And just like then, the people trying to wake her up cared way more about saving their own butts than hers. But could Felix blame them? Mia died because he was selfish, because he wanted to play the hero. 

Sofia was pulling Angelina by the hair. Maybe the reason Felix wasn’t as scared as the others, resorting to anything to get Angelina to comply, was because he knew he was safe. Sofia said it to him back in the shoe, that he was lucky to be Katie’s personal slave. If things went south with Angelina, it wouldn't be Felix who died. 

“You selfish bitch!” Sofia was forcing Angelina’s mouth shut with her free hand. “Katie will be back any minute now. Just shut up!” They hadn’t made any progress at showing Angelina her new place, in fact, it was proving impossible to get her to stop crying. Sofia let go of the girl completely and fell into the same position Connie was. “We’re all going to die.” A wicked laugh escaped her lips. “We’re all going to die.”

Elias was marching back to Angelina. “Wait!” Felix shouted. Elias shot him a look that was a mix of anger and fear. “Let me…” Felix still didn’t know what he’d say, but he had to try. Angelina had snot dripping from her nose and her cheeks were puffy and red. Seeing Felix approach her seemed to calm her down some, but she still flinched when he knelt down beside her. 

“I’m not going to hurt you.” He assured her. This calmed her down enough to stop screaming with every cry Felix was careful not to touch her. “But somebody will, and I’m not talking about them.” He motioned to the people behind him. Connie had switched to the fetal position, sucking on his thumb. Elias and Sofia hadn’t stopped shaking, either. 

“They’re scared, just like you are. Do you know where you are?” Angelina shook her head. She wasn’t shaking as hard. “You’re in Katie’s bedroom, on her desk.” She was freaking out again. “You were shrunk during lunch, and she brought you here.”

“Y-your hair.” Angelina muttered, breathing more heavily now. “F-face.” 

A light in the hallway shut off, and footsteps banged towards the door. Felix’s time was running out. 

“This isn’t going to work.” Elias shouted. “Let’s push her off, pretend that she jumped.” 

“We’re all going to die.” Sofia whispered. 

“Don’t listen to them.” Felix redirected Angelina’s attention back to him. “Do you trust me?” She shook her head. Felix was hoping for something else. “I know this can be hard, but you have to do whatever Katie tells you. Everything will be okay if you just do that. You’re not a slave, you’re a person, but you have to do what it takes to survive. Can you trust me on that?” 

The door swung open. Angelina nodded. “Yes.” 

“How’s the new slave coming along? Not well by the looks of it.” Connie, Sofia and Elias were frozen in fear. 

Angelina was too. She clung to Felix’s shirt, desperate. “I can’t do this, you need to save me. You need to—”

“She’s accepted her place.” Felix yelled up to Katie. 

Katie was happily surprised. “Good work, slave. I knew 76 was a lucky number.” Katie reached down and grabbed Angelina’s head between her finger and thumb. She lifted her up.

“No.” Angelina reached out for Felix, but Felix shook his head.

“Just do whatever she says.” He assured her, hoping Katie would excuse the terrified look on her face. 

Katie raised Angelina up to her hazel eyes. The girl looked terrified, tears still streaming down her face. She’d have to punish her slaves for not making her completely compliant, but that could wait until after she finished showing her new bitch its place. 

“Do you remember me, Angelina?” Katie asked. “Or I guess I can’t call you that anymore, names like that are for people.”

Angelina winced. She didn’t know her head laid between the same two fingers that crushed another one of Katie’s slaves the day before. Angelina eyed Katie through the gaps in her fingertips, she didn’t recognize her. 

“I’ve seen you a few times in your old life. You freshmen were always so annoying, I always just wanted to—” Katie squeezed her fingers, delighted to see Angelina scream and thrash her legs in mid air. 

Why was Katie laughing at her? They went to the same school, and Angelina never did anything wrong to her. Angelina wanted to beg, but she couldn’t find the strength to speak in front of a being so powerful. Angelina could only make out her face, but it was so enormous and terrifying. Her eyes, beaming down, were just as big as she was. Her nose could swallow her whole, and her mouth… Her pink plush lips, guarding her off-white teeth and tongue glistening with spit. That’s what scared Angelina the most. Every time Katie spoke, as hot bad breath washed over her, Angelina could see her giant teeth and tongue, waiting to feast. 

“I’m glad you know your place, but you still need to be broken in.” Katie released some of her pressure on the girl’s head. “I wanted to do that by killing the other girl in front of you, but now I see I don’t have to do that. So I think… hmmm… Ah, I know. I think I’ll eat you instead.” With a smirk, Katie licked her lips and opened her maw. 

Angelina squealed. She could see her terrified face staring back at her in the reflection of Katie’s spit. Katie bit down her teeth, holding Angelina high above them. Her teeth were so sharp, so deadly. Katie wouldn’t eat her, would she? People put food in their mouths, things to be eaten. Angelina wasn’t food, she wouldn’t— 

Katie let go of the tiny girl. All at once, Angelina felt the pressure from her head lift and be replaced with the sensation of falling. It took forever for her to reach the giant’s lips. Angelina landed hard on her teeth. She wasn’t expecting how wet they’d be. Katei’s breath escaped through the gaps in her teeth, and it was through them Angelina could see the dark pit that awaited her. She was helpless to stop this. She was frozen on Katie’s teeth, afraid that moving an inch would cause the gate to open and swallow her whole. 

How long was Katie going to keep her there? Was she watching her? Angelina was too scared to check. Then, Katie closed her lips around her. Angelina was squished on either end by giant lips that pressed into her. The teeth below her parted, suspending Angelina in the air with only Katie’s lips to save her. 

Any words of desperation Angelina may have been saying were drowned out by Katie’s mouth. “I wish there was something we could do to help her.” Felix said.

“Yeah? I don’t,” said Elias, “She almost got us killed.”

Sofia was still calming herself down, and Connie was spread out on the desk relaxing. Unlike Elias, though, Felix couldn’t take his eyes off what was happening meters above him. He couldn’t tell if Angelina was in Katie’s mouth or not, but it looked like she was trapped between her lips. Katie surely wouldn’t actually eat her. Although by now Felix had learned not to put anything past Katie. If Angelina did something up there to piss Katie off, she’d die.

The giant tongue beneath Angelina slithered up and grabbed her legs. It slid onto and over them. It lathered her legs in spit before sliding up to Angelina’s waist. Angelina’s heart pounded. She really was going to be eaten. Katie was tasting her. They went to the same school, they were both Eagles, why would she eat her? 

Katie giggled, pulling her lips off Angelina and letting her freely slide down her tongue. Her entire body was covered in saliva as she entered the dark moist cave. Katie shut her lips, sealing Angelina in darkness. It was hard to breathe, most of the air already down into Katie’s lungs. The tongue below her tossed her around, making sure Angelina got thoroughly acquainted with its spit. 

No amount of preparation could’ve prepared Felix for how loud Angelina’s screams would’ve gotten, only to be silenced seconds later by spit sneaking into her mouth. Felix was pulling on his hair, impatiently waiting to see if Katie followed through on eating Angelina. He had only ever seen her kill the slaves she punished. 

Angelina was choking on Katie’s spit. If it weren’t for the plump tongue her back rested on, Angelina wouldn’t be able to tell which direction she faced. She was just thankful she couldn’t see the sharp teeth that surrounded her. Angelina thought about sliding her body down to the back of Katie’s throat, ending her torment before Katie could do anything worse to her. But before she could, Katie’s tongue pushed her to the side. 

 The tongue slammed Angelina into a row of teeth. Her body yelled, her breast crushing into her chest, her cheek slashing against a pointy ridge. Angelina tried squirming out, but the giant girl’s tongue was too strong for her. It overpowered her easily, and Angelina knew Katie wasn’t even using her full strength. 

Light poured into the dark save as Katie opened her mouth. A rush of cold air blew over Angelina, blowing the spit down her body. “I’m not going to eat you.” Katie’s voice boomed in Angelina’s ear. She wanted to cover them, but her arms were still pinned to Katie’s teeth. “But I will keep you in there longer.” Angelina’s ears were ringing so badly that she didn’t hear what Katie said next. Instead, she saw her push something else into her mouth, something that scared her a lot more than being eaten.

“No way.” Connie said, suddenly alert. “She’s going to kill her.”

“She won’t die.” said Sofia, but she wasn't looking at anyone in particular. “Not yet, but the injuries she’ll get will make it hard for her to make it far during Katie’s slave training.”

“Not very reassuring, is it?” Connie puffed air. 

Angelina thrashed around in Katie’s mouth as a large stick of gum entered it, resting on Katie’s bottom row of teeth. Her mouth shut, Katie’s upper row of teeth smacking against the bottom. The gum started to squish, pressing into Angelina who narrowly just had her head bitten off. Katie lowered her jaw and bit down again, repeating this over and over until she was satisfied with how chewed the gum was. Spit was absorbed and released by the gum as Katie chewed it, splashing spit onto Angelina’s body. 

The next time Katie lowered her jaw, instead of biting back down, Katie shoved Angelina slightly with her tongue, sticking her to the gum. Angelina was afraid of this; becoming Katie’s gum. With her hands freed, she frightfully ripped at the gum on her body. She couldn’t get stuck there, she couldn’t. But her attempts were fruitless. Katie’s tongue pushed down on Agelina’s back, forcing her into the gum. It stuck to her clothes and face. Katie’s tongue rolled her around, covering her entire body in the spit filled piece of gum.

Then Katie bit down. She was careful to see how much her new slave should take. She nibbled on the tiny girl, but that gave her too much space to wiggle. Katie increased the force she bit down on her gum, did this a few times, but couldn’t tell where the gum ended and the girl started. So she increased her force a lot, biting down into her gum.

Angelina feared when Katie’s teeth would break into the gum. She could feel the two teeth between her compress her as it forced the gum into her. Angelina’s hair was long and wavy, coming down to just above her hips. She took pride in her hair, so she never gum, because if she blew a bubble and it popped it might get stuck in there. 

Angelina’s body compressed and decompressed as the teeth nawled on her. She could feel the gum rip away in front of her. Katie kept pressing down harder onto her. Angelina wished that Katie would just leave her curled up there, but the rips in the gum provided Angelina with the only air she was going to get. She was lightheaded, but she had bigger problems to worry about. 

Annoyed, Katie started biting down hard. Who cared what happened to the slave? She chewed her a little lighter than she would chew actual gum, but she was a slave, and if her owner one day wanted her to be gum, she’d have to learn how to be gum. 

Angelina’s back was stabbed by the sharp row of teeth behind her. She swore holes were poked in her back, but the gum sticking to her made it hard to tell. Katie was picking up the speed of her chewing though, freely allowing spit to soak the gum. Angelia was tossed around the mouth too, being pushed back and forth from the right side of Katie’s mouth to the left. 

Angelina cried so much over the next twenty minutes that the gum was starting to absorb it. Over time the gum got more rough, gluing itself to Angelina. It sealed her mouth shut. She wanted to die quickly, but suffocating scared her just as much as being chewed, so she bit away at Katie’s gum, swallowing it and her spit. 

Katie’s sharp teeth continued to stab Angelina’s body. It punctured holes in her skin, putting dents in her body the size of her teeth. It covered her. She didn’t want to ever look at herself again. The sound of Katie chewing her was ear piercing too, blowing out Angelina’s ear drums and causing blood to leak out of them. 

Even Felix eventually stopped watching. Katie grew bored of them, leaving them on her desk as she played on her phone. Connie and Elias chatted with each other, Sofia occasionally glancing at them. She had lost the person she used to talk to the day before, and she was growing tired of Felix’s ignorance. 

The pain never got easier for Angelina, even after Katie started chewing on her a lot slower. Even though Katie wasn’t chewing as quickly, she was pressing in harder to Angelina.

“Coming!” Katie yelled, although Angelina barely heard it. She couldn’t hear much of anything anymore; not the clanking of Angelina’s lips, the squelching of the gum or even her own screaming. 

Katie spit Angelina out onto her hand, but Angelina couldn’t tell the difference. She dropped the gum wadded Angelina onto the desk with her other slaves, retrieved the cage from under the desk, and deposited the five in there before sliding it back under her bed. Katie exited the room, heading to dinner. 

Felix was the first to run over to Angelina. The pink gum, parts stained red from what Felix feared was Angelina’s blood, was solidified into her body. He dug his hands in and tried prying the gum out, ripping away parts of Angelina’s skin as he did. She looked mortified, half dead. Her eyes were shut, and using a finger to open one showed Angelina’s eye bugging out. She was alive, but wasn’t coherent.

“Thank God.” Felix whispered. 

“I don’t know why you’re thanking God,” said Elias. “She’s the one who did this to her.”

Felix’s blood boiled. He was getting sick of Elias’s ass kissing when Katie wasn’t there.

“Y-you.” Angelina’s bugging eyes were staring at Felix. “Y-you did this.” 

“Angelina, I’m sorry.” 

“You told me to trust you, and then this happened.” Angelina said, weeping again. She was bleeding from several holes throughout her body, including cuts on her face. Large teeth indents were still visible on her skin, and Felix swore he could see the outline of some of her organs. “Somebody said she’d kill one of you if I didn’t comply. I wish I didn’t… maybe then she would've killed you.”

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