Struck By a Falling Star by 2KFSK

A group of friends' plans to hit the beach go awry when all but one of them find themselves inexplicably shrunken upon encountering a mysterious meteorite.

Written as a commission. Hope you all enjoy!

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1. Kathleen's Beachside Bonanza by 2KFSK

Kathleen's Beachside Bonanza by 2KFSK
Author's Notes:

A simple, unaware beachtime story! I enjoyed writing it quite a bit, so I hope you all enjoy it as well!

“Summer sun, sand, and sea, for a whole three months!” cheered Kathleen, exiting the car and discarding her jacket as the shining light overhead greeted them. Her short, scarlet hair perfectly accentuated the lovely girl's incredible bone structure, itself wrapped in impossibly supple skin speckled by freckles. Her companions stepped out of her car as the din of ocean waves gently caressed the group of teenagers, laughing and joking.

The car doors slammed as Lucy similarly took off her jacket to reveal gorgeous dark skin, throwing the outerwear back into the car. She was followed by June Li, holding a smartphone and taking copious amounts of selfies. Bryce and Jermaine exited, each hefty high school boy carrying a cooler, their skin glistening with a thin sheen of sweat, made all the more appealing by their jovial, kindly smiles. Luke, the only freshman amongst the group of juniors, got out of the back seat, visibly cold and somewhat nervous but nevertheless jittering with a healthy dose of excitement, his boyish face wrapped about a somewhat feminine,pre-pubescent charm. 

"I've never been to the beach before, actually. I'm excited but… what do you do here?" Luke asked. "Do we… gather seashells?"

Bryce used his free hand to pat his underclassman compatriot on the back, grinning good-naturedly as he said, "Dude, what are you, twelve? Beach on the first day of summer can only mean one thing."

Jermaine offered a fist bump to Bryce, who eagerly accepted as the two dudes cheered in unison, "Babes galore!"

Luke cast a longing glare to the car, where Kathleen was retrieving a bag containing a few towels, sunscreen, and other amenities. He blushed as he said to himself, "Babes galore, huh..." 

Lucy crossed her arms and cocked an eyebrow at the young men. "Babes galore, huh?" she repeated with a sarcastic venom. Nevertheless, a wry smile approached her lips as June chuckled at the altercation.

"Try not to be a bad influence on the kid, will you?" June tossed out. "Anyway, what're we waiting for? The sunny ocean is calling our names! And it'll be a lot of good photo-ops."

"Hear hear!" said the entire group.

"Hear hear…" offered Kathleen as well, before blushing herself and finishing, "Right after I hit up the bathroom. You all can set up; I'll be back soon!"

She bid brief adieu to her friends as they began to trek down to sea.


Luke relaxed in the beach chair as Jermaine and Bryce finished setting up the tables. A slew of snacks from chips to a bowl of grapes were upon it, as well as a number of soft drinks. June was taking pictures by the sea while Lucy was close to her, crouching to feel the water.

"Not gonna lie, the beach is… kinda boring," Luke said. He looked around at the veritable lack of people present.

"Well, this outing was Kathleen's idea. She probably has some stuff to do in that purse of hers," said Jermaine, wiping a bit of sweat from his brow. "Wait… what?"

His confused exclamation punctuated the arrival of a silvery streak falling from the sky across the horizon, crashing into the water what seemed like hundreds of meters away. A shockwave overtook the beach, sending the sand flying in dust clouds and spraying the group with a thin mist, even as they took cover.

"What was that?!" shouted Luke as an intense sickness fell over him. He tried to get back to his feet but was only able to grasp the table.

Bryce was similarly perturbed. “A meteor?!” he exclaimed. Seeing something so dangerous arrive so close to the group was sure to ignite a bit of panic and worry in the group.

Luke watched as a sickness overtook him. He saw Jermaine, the dark-skinned athlete falling to his knees, trying in desperation to grab at the table but only knocking over the bowl of grapes. He tried to speak, but only a series of hoarse coughs came out, an action mimicked as Lucy came limping from the water before collapsing on the beach towel. June Li came behind her, abandoning her phone in the rising tide as she tried with all her might to reach an empty beach chair and sit down. The last thing Luke saw was Bryce as he collapsed to his knees, then descended face-first atop near Kathleen's blue flip flops.

Luke left the chair, an action of great willpower, trying knowing that he had to leave somehow. But he could not travel a single step before he himself had to clutch the table for support. Luke blinked as everything seemed to be approaching so fast, including a piercing headache.

Then he finally passed out.


“What… what the hell?”

When June Li came to on a massive expanse of taut, sloped fabric, she was struck by the intense salty scent of nearby seawater, but a thousand times stronger.

“Wh… where am I?!” she shrieked, searching her swimsuit for her phone but finding nothing. Rotating in a circle, she saw a sharp drop off in one direction, and a massive wall reaching hundreds of feet high in another direction. And even more existentially terrifying, the purple fabric… the general shape… this was all looking… sort of familiar.

“Holy…. holy fucking shit.

She was on a chair.

June Li was about the size of a grain of rice, and she was on a chair.

She had little time to ponder the hows of this situation, however, as a soft thumping -- easy to ignore at normal size, but impossible to miss at this new size -- invaded June’s bones. A methodical thumping that seemed painstakingly slow. Walking. And it was getting closer.




June’s eyes widened as from behind the massive wall of fabric, Kathleen arrived. Her body was absolutely sparkling, illuminated by the sun's rays as it seemed to accentuate everything great about her and diminish the tiniest imperfections. Her size was even more of a fantastical fact of this new existence for June to reckon. Even at the leisurely pace with which she persisted, June was dumbfounded at the speed with which Kathleen appeared to travel, arms swinging side by side without a care in the world.

Kathleen stopped just before the chair, her massive butt the single largest entity June had yet witnessed.

“Where’d everyone go? This is the spot… right?” Kathleen asked, her powerful voice causing June’s ears to ring even as she was behind her.

“K… K-K-Kathy! Kath! I’m here!” screamed June, jumping up and waving to her oblivious friend.

“Oh well…”

And Kathleen began to sit down.

Oh no,” mouthed June, and she began to run to the wall. The sand was a death sentence. From behind, her best friend’s rear end was descending, which, while impossibly fast for such a large object to June, still appeared to chase after the tiny girl humiliatingly slow. Those two globular mounds wreathed in a striped bathing suit were coming for her. And if they made contact, they were going to kill her.

June had little to no plan upon reaching the back of the chair, so she tried to climb it again. Kathleen’s ass was even closer now, so June figured if she could get near the top -- a Herculean feat, to be sure, but it was at least a plan of sorts -- she might be able to yell in her friend’s ear to hear her.

But then, Kathleen’s butt made contact with the chair.

The taut fabric bent and distorted in response to the gravity well made by Kathleen’s derriere. The back of the chair became tight and straightened out, and June Li’s handholds became impossible to hold onto, forcing the girl to tumble several inches downward toward Kathleen’s backside.

W-whoa!” she screamed, tumbling and tumbling until landing in darkness.

Darkness, and flesh.

Whatever was the opposite of a miracle must’ve happened; trying her hardest to push against whatever surface she was in, June felt it give slightly before ultimately bouncing back, allowing no purchase, or even movement at all. June now realized… she was within her friend’s bathing suit.

June began to sweat, but the constructions of this latest tomb were as such that her own sweat had no room to exit June's body, leaving the byproduct of fear and exhaustion to stew in the little morsel of a girl.

 “N-no, nonono, no, NO! KATHLEEN!” she began to scream, trying her best to crawl upwards toward the crack of light that seemed to hint at the outside world above. Working against both flesh and the material of the clothes, June inched by inch, but was quickly smothered in as Kathleen shifted in her seat, maybe to get comfortable, maybe to deal with the incessant feeling that seemed to be bothering her. And the pressure was increasing the more Kathleen allowed herself to relax into the chair.

“K-Kathyyy! Please!” shouted June in the absolute darkness, either cheek of hers now pressed up against either the buttcheek of her best friend of the bathing suit pressed against the chair. Tears tried to leak from June’s eyes as the pressure was increasing, Kathleen ignorant of her friend’s pleas deep in the crevices of her seat.


It was a disgusting sound, and it caused June to yelp in pain, absolutely constricted by the impossibly small space. “K-Kathy?! Kathy! KATHY?!” June couldn’t move, could barely breathe, couldn’t even crawl. She was pinned. All she could do was beseech the name of her friend, and even those pleas would find themselves drowned out as June’s body broke in more and more places, slowly at first before gaining speed. Her form flattened, her ribs broke, her legs were bent in the wrong ways, and June was forced to be conscious for… most of it. She couldn’t even scream, and in the final moments, she could barely form thoughts of any make. Blood began to run out of unexpected places, and the intense pain mercifully enticed June to lose consciousness -- and sanity -- moments before...


The stain between Kathleen’s ass and her bikini bottom appeared bright and crimson, but would come to soon be washed away by the ocean waves.


“What the hell?!”

Bryce came to upon a wide-open expanse of blue. The ground was foamy and infirm, and when he tried to stand, he struggled to find his proper footing. He had scarce little time to react, however, before a thumping sound became apparent to him.

“Oh… oh shit, oh shit!”

Bryce realized he was shrunken pretty quickly, and when he saw the sizable plastic arch on one end of the landscape, he also realized then that this was, quite possibly, the worst place a shrunken young man could be.

Bryce looked around furtively, and then peered over the edge of the flip-flop.

Beneath him was a sea of jagged shards of sand, a harmless annoyance at normal size, turned torture pit for anyone the size of a grain of rice. Swallowing hard, Bryce began to jog toward the plastic thong of the flip-flop, hoping against hope that if he was somehow able to climb to the top, he might just maybe be able to get the attention of… somebody… eventually. He didn’t know what caused this, but considering his friends had been just as incapacitated as he was, he couldn’t imagine the rest were faring much better. Nevertheless, as tough as it was for him to stomach, being on the flip-flop was by far the safer choice than trying his luck on the ground.

Or so he thought.

The thumping got louder. And louder. Until, unable to stomach it any longer, Bryce was cast in a deep shadow, and saw above him the colossal form of none other than…


It was a futile gesture. The giant girl's legs were like shining obelisks devoted to an Egyptian god. Her powerful form was imposing and seemed to demand acknowledgement just from merely existing. A fair enough compunction; Kathleen was in a position where she didn't even have to actively think about performing the action if she were to end someone's life. It could just… happen.

Kathleen inquired on the whereabouts of her friends before sighing. She turned to the flip flops.

“Oh, oh shit, shit, shit!” screamed Bryce as he tried to sprint for the piece of plastic jutting out. He was only a moment away when he found himself pinned down by a middle toe several times his own size.

Bryce grunted, then screamed again as the toes completely overwhelmed him, covering him in a cocoon of flesh and sea-salty odor. The rubbery appendages rubbed all along the foam of the sandal, taking Bryce along with them. They lightly tapped, squeezed, and fondled the shrunken man beneath them as he struggled and tried to pound away. Finally, the toes settled in comfortably, and held Bryce there within them, a suitable tomb that, try as he might, he could not pound his way out of.

“Kathleen! Kathleen!” he yelled, squirming, trying to exert any force he could against the walls of this crevice of humanity, but the tight space within which he was in allowed for no purchase. Even still, he struggled and squirmed, breath quickening and hyperventilating until, in a moment of grim realization, Bryce realized he must’ve been suspended in the air. It was likely Kathleen had her leg propped over her knee, perhaps, in a gesture of relaxation. 

There was no way to leave. If Kathleen didn’t take off her flip-flops, all he could do was wait to die.

That terrifying thought, ironically, brought an air of calm to him, and as Bryce allowed a few tears to leak out, he also let his stiff, contorted body relax a bit, for just a moment, as he inhaled the intense fumes of Kathleen’s toes, and dozed off.

It would be a short rest. He awakened to a furious shifting, and Bryce screamed as he felt his tomb rapidly descend from its place in the air before planting firmly on the ground. He found solace that he was finally parallel to the floor, but this hope was quickly replaced with terror, fear, and pain as he felt Kathleen’s weight shift when she began to stand up.

“Kathleen?!” burst out Bryce. It was more an instinctual reaction than an actual call for help; locked in a grave of feet, he knew he could not get the message out to anyone. And yet, considering his lungs were compressed and expunged of all their air only seconds later, Bryce felt justified in utilizing his last bit of oxygen for as constructive a purpose as he could use it. 

Strained grunts left his mouth as the toes closed in tighter and tighter. The delineation between Bryce and this encroaching flesh became more and more vague as Bryce choked and bones began to break. Then… it stopped. Then the compression began again, and Bryce felt blood fill his mouth, even as he began to pass out. Then… it stopped.

She was walking. And as a result, Bryce found himself suffering a death twice as excruciatingly slow.







He knew not if it was a mere pace in circles at Kathleen’s frustration in missing her friends, or if she had a destination in this cycle. But soon, he would not know anything; his increasingly mangled bones and body parts were losing definition by the second, and after nary 30 seconds, Bryce had gone from still retaining some recognizably-human qualities to being nothing more than a meat stain speckling the face of Kathleen’s flip-flop.


Kathleen couldn’t help but feel… something was off. It’d been, like, twenty minutes and… somehow… none of them were here? Even as she bounced her leg up and down from its perch atop her knee -- her typical nervous twitch -- her feelings of stress could not be alleviated.

Kathleen got up, stretching, and began to pace. The ocean was right there, and somehow it provided more anxiety than the calming relaxation that had been intended.

And she wanted them to play some volleyball together, too.

Kathleen finally paused in her pacing and turning to the table. An adornment of snacks lined the surface, but her eyes could help but go toward the bowl of grapes. It had been somehow overturned, perhaps by the wind, or maybe as a result of someone tripping upon coming into contact with the table. Nevertheless, grapes were her favorite food, and she could only assume Jermaine washed them before he left… wherever he was.

So, Kathleen sighed, turned the bowl upright in an effort to satisfy her precious desire for cleanliness. Nodding, Kathleen grabbed a handful of the grapes, stuffing them into her mouth. She chewed and relished their juicy deliciousness, feeling the nice, chilly, refreshing taste circulate all throughout her mouth before she swallowed.

Kathleen exhaled in exaltation and picked another, single grape out of the bowl.

Without looking, she tossed it in her mouth and began to chew.

Immediately, something was… a little weird. Was this grape out in the sun too long? It felt a whole lot more… chewy than normal. And… weirdly shaped. Almost, deformed.

Kathleen crunched and crunched on this odd grape, feeling as its own juices filled every facet of her mouth, wiping the sour tastes of the initial cluster of fruity morsels away. This one had a very… bitter taste. Almost… metallic. But yet… familiar. And the meat of the grape felt… tougher. More stringy. Was… what is that tough stuff in the middle? Seeds? Or… something else?

Regardless, Kathleen continued to chew. She could not bring herself to spit it out. And more importantly, whatever this grape was… it tasted kind of… good. Like, really, really good. Kathleen loved this taste. A moan left Kathleen she didn't intend for, but she didn't care; Kathleen could not envision a scenario where she would put this in her mouth and not swallow this lovely food down.

And swallow she did. She finally had reduced the odd grape to an unrecognizable mush and pushed it down the tunnel of her throat, into the awaiting depths below.

“Ahhhh…” sighed Kathleen. Her stress was relieved. Despite hearing, weirdly enough, what sounded like a distant scream upon popping the oddly-shaped grape in her mouth.

Oh well. Kathleen decided to chalk it up to her mind playing tricks on her.


“Come on, come the fuck on!” screamed Lucy as she tried to disentangle herself from the forest of fabric she found herself in. 

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” she screamed, seeing the massive visage of her friend stand up and begin to pace around the area they had designated for their beach funtime. Kathleen’s fidgety nature was a sight to behold even when normal sized, but for Lucy, here on the carpet, trying in vain to free herself from the tangle of cloth fibers entrapping her legs, the utter helplessness she felt made observing Kathleen from this worm’s eye view into an immensely sobering experience. 

Lucy's eyes began down at Kathleen's colossal feet, then traveled upward and upward and upward and… upward... to Kathleen's legs. Then knees, and then her thighs and hips. They just kept going, Lucy realized. Never before had Lucy felt so small.

What the hell was she eating? Why does her face look so… enraptured?

No time for that now, reasoned Lucy. She had to pay attention to the threads that were trapping her. Lucy’s now-tiny hands tried their best to wriggle their way through the inlets and loop-de-loops that had ensnared the young woman on the towel surface, but she only managed to trap herself even more effectively.

“Oh… please!” Lucy sobbed, breaking down into tears just as Kathleen released herself from the spell of whatever she was chewing. Her massive form cast a shadow upon Lucy, breaking her from her despair-induced lament just long enough to see the gargantuan form perform a leisurely stretch.

Then, she began to lay down.

Lucy turned back to her workstation. Her eyes narrowed as stress utterly overtook her tiny little body; what she had before her looked less like an accidental snare and more like defusing a bomb. That a giant girl was slowly descending toward her closer and closer was not conducive to Lucy's confidence either.

Looking for a Hail Mary, Lucy took in a breath and began to pull as hard as she could.




Nothing except wrists rubbed raw.

Lucy screamed a guttural, primal scream as all the light in her world left her, and Kathleen’s massive breasts collided with the shrunken woman.

At normal size, Lucy reminisced, she prized having herself some of the largest breasts in their grade. Larger than Kathleen’s at least. Hell, Lucy even teased Kathleen for her very respectable second place on occasion.

Odd thoughts, perhaps. Well, as Lucy found herself on the receiving end of the two largest breasts she’d ever see in her life, an oddly relaxing thought came to her: these would be the two last breasts she’d see in her life. 

Lucy couldn’t cry. She’d lost most of her tears.

She couldn’t even scream. Being compressed between these two utter monuments of pure femininity had stolen most of her air.

Instead, she closed her eyes, let the darkness consume her, and simply prayed. She prayed to Kathleen, this last being that would be spiriting her from this world and delivering her into the next.

Kathleen’s breasts demolished Lucy. She became a splatter against the taut, stretching beachgoer with absurd speed, speckling her chest and offering Kathleen unknown but effective well-wishes in her final moments.


Luke saw.

He sat on the table in dumbfounded shock as he watched June Li get splattered by Kathleen’s ass.

He saw the pleading face of Bryce get obscured by Kathleen’s foot, before her constant jitters reduced the young man into a leaking bloodstain.

He watched Jermaine… dear God, he had an up-close view of what happened to poor Jermaine.

He even caught a glimpse of Lucy before she got splattered by his crush’s voluptuous breasts.

And now, as he cried himself hoarse, Luke realized with utter defeat and soul-crushing despair that even if he were to get out of this one alive, he would doubtless be the last one alive. Everyone he knew, he’d cared for, who’d cared for him was dead.

Save one person.

The one who murdered them.

The intelligent part of his brain knew that wasn’t true. It was far more nuanced than that. After all, it’s not as though she knew what she was doing when she sat down, put on her flip-flop, took a handful of grapes from the bowl, or decided to have a brief stretch session.

But his friends were dead.

Luke paced on the wide-open table. At his size it was roughly twice the area of a football field.

What had happened?

What had happened?

What had happened?

Those words ran over and over in his head, over and over and over again, and again, and again. Why? How? What?! Why had this happened?!

The young teen pinched himself. Then scratched himself. He bit himself so hard that blood leaked from his wrists, and Luke couldn’t bear to live. He wanted sooner to throw himself off the side of the table and into the sharp and jagged rocks of sand below, to slice him into pieces. To drown in the encroaching tide. But as Luke took a running start to the edge, he noticed that Kathleen was finally getting up from her towel. A blood-red star was present within the queen bee’s breast cleavage, just above her bikini bra. Kathleen was getting to her feet, clearly satisfied after such a nice stretch, and was approaching the table once more.

Luke’s eyes widened. This was it. He was nearer to Kathleen than he’d yet had the chance to be in this sick situation. Her eyes were coming closer and closer to his own. Was that… familiarity? Did she see him as a human? Had she seen him at all?!

Luke allowed hope to enter his heart. Maybe, just maybe, the nightmare was coming to a close. Steeling himself, Luke waved his hand up to the giant woman and took in a massive breath, yelling as hard as he could:


“Ew, a bug!”


Kathleen cringed as she felt the odd crunchy bits give way to her hand, and she rubbed her icky palm all across the table, leaving a ghostly red impression of whatever lifeform had been there, now smeared beyond all recognizability. Her face contorted in an expression of disgust at the stickiness, a feeling she realized was present in some manner everywhere on her body, enticing Kathleen to look toward the ocean. The sun was setting pink, and Kathleen decided one last, good dip into the water to clean herself off would be healthy for her.


Kathleen waited. And waited.

She waited hours at that beach spot for her friends to arrive. But arrive, they never did.

Soon enough, a fearful, anxiety-riddled Kathleen was forced to drive home alone, a drive during which she had a lengthy conversation with the police.

The case would become known as one of the strangest missing person’s cases in the English-speaking world, with potential causes ranging from multiple murder suicides to space aliens abducting earthlings at precisely the wrong time. Every once in a while, someone floated around the notion that Kathleen herself might’ve been the cause of it all, but it was always a long shot with even the most tenuous case for her innocence. Kathleen's genuine confusion and willingness to put herself in the media spotlight, beseeching the public in assistance at the search, was a fair deterrent from those who would assume her guilt as the last survivor. Beyond that, the idea that such a gentle girl could somehow overpower five other teens, all of whom were at least of comparable size to her (in a sense) was just absurd.

Even as Kathleen eventually grew up, graduated high school, and started a family of her own, she would never forget the five friends she lost that day. But unbeknownst to her, they were still with her. Some in ways closer than she could ever possibly conceive of.



End Notes:

And that's that! What'd you think? Pretty standard, but still a darn good scenario in my opinion. Be sure to comment your thoughts!

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