Houston, We Have A Problem by Twjr0228

Three Astronauts encounter a mysterious space cloud on a routine mission.

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1. Chapter 1 by Twjr0228

2. Chapter 2 The three Astronauts get rescued by Twjr0228

3. Chapter 3 The Men learn more about the world, and Gil meets the Doctor by Twjr0228

4. Chapter 4 Feelings by Twjr0228

5. Chapter 5 Bad Dreams by Twjr0228

6. Chapter 6 Gil loses his battle by Twjr0228

7. Chapter 7 Gil and Beth Have a Talk by Twjr0228

8. Chapter 8 Trouble in town by Twjr0228

9. Chapter 9 The battle inside Gil’s mind by Twjr0228

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19. Chapter 19 Frustration by Twjr0228

20. Chapter 20 The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn/ A New Life by Twjr0228

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22. Chapter 22 First Date by Twjr0228

23. Chapter 23 Finale by Twjr0228

Chapter 1 by Twjr0228

Earth- 1970

The Lunar Mission was launched in order for the dark side of the Moon to be examined in detail. It had always intrigued scientists. What would it look like? What would they find? The questions perplexed scientists for decades. Now, they finally had the technology to execute their mission.

Three Astronauts were chosen. The Mission Commander was an Air Force Captain, Gil Hodges. Capt. Hodges was in his mid-thirties, and stood a solid 6’2” and weighed 180lbs. The second in command was a Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, Martin Milner, another man in his mid-thirties and someone who stood 6’ and weighed 175lbs. The third astronaut was an Ensign in the Navy, Steve Miller. He was a controversial pick due to his age, late twenties. And he stood 6’1” and weighed 195lbs.

The mission was set, and the launch date announced. Three weeks. It was enough time for the final preparations to be made, and for emergency procedures to be practiced, in case of failure of any control or engines. The astronauts were ready.

The astronauts got to spend the week before the mission with their families. Gil Hodges was married to his high school sweetheart, Beth. Beth was a beautiful brunette who stood 5’5”, and was the mother of two beautiful twin girls, Maggie and Sarah, aged 10.

Martin Milner was married to a girl he met while in the Naval Academy, Julie, a beautiful blonde who stood 5’7”. Julie was also an Ensign, and the mother of a 12 year old girl named Susan. 

Steve Miller was newly married to a redhead named Wendy, who was slightly older than him. Wendy stood 5’10” and had a daughter from a previous marriage named Nicole, who was 8.

The launch was a day away. The three astronauts said goodbye to their families, and caught their flights to Cape Canaveral in order to prepare for the mission. Once they had arrived, a final briefing took place in which everything was gone over, every scenario played out. Nothing was left to chance. This mission was too important to the scientists at mission control. The anticipation was brutal.

Finally, it was the day of the launch. The three astronauts donned their space suits and entered the capsule part of the three stage rocket. Instruments were checked, comms were established with mission control, and a final rundown of emergency procedures was undertaken. 

After two hours of final preparations, it was time. The countdown started from 10 minutes. The three astronauts were nervous, but excited. They knew the importance of their mission. They were going to make history.

Finally, the countdown reached 1 minute. Anticipation among the flight crew and scientists was running high. There would be no failure. This was going to lead to all kinds of discoveries.

Finally, the countdown reached 10 seconds. The rocket’s engines were firing. Liftoff. The rocket’s thrust propelled the vehicle up through the sky and into space. The three astronauts were stunned by the beauty of the journey, and by how large the moon appeared. It would be three days before they would arrive, but without the atmosphere to distort their view, the moon looked like a giant ball, ready to be touched.

With all systems running perfectly, and with three days journey ahead, the astronauts relaxed and started discussing their own families. Besides being in the military and being astronauts, it was another thing that they had in common.

Commander Gil Hodges started off by saying that his wife, Beth, and their daughters, Maggie and Sarah, were what he valued the most in life. They were his rock. They kept him grounded.

Second in Command Martin Milner agreed. His wife Julie was in line for a promotion to Lieutenant and a transfer to the Naval Security Group at the NSA. But his daughter, Susan, had reached the age where she was becoming more independent, and as a result, more rebellious, which caused some tense, emotional moments at home.

Steve Miller was glad that Wendy had a good handle on his step-daughter, Nicole. Mom and daughter were very close, and Nicole accepted Steve as her father. She always strived to do her best in life, and never caused any issues. 

Commander Hodges moved the dials inside the capsule so that the rocket could approach the dark side of the moon at the correct orientation. Astronaut Miller then positioned a camera that was outside the capsule into the correct formation as to get the best possible pictures. 

The moon was less than a thousand miles away, but due to the speed of the craft, it would take minutes to reach the target area. Anticipation was building. The crew was so focused on getting their position correct that they never saw the space cloud that suddenly surrounded their capsule.

They had been in constant contact with mission control in Houston before the space cloud engulfed their capsule. After the cloud disappeared, they had lost all contact with ground control. The three astronauts quickly discussed whether to abandon their mission and return to earth. The rocket was functioning normally, except for not being able to communicate with Houston. 

They decided to continue their mission. They photographed every area of the dark side. Infrared, Hi-Resolution, X-Ray. They took every possible picture they could. Then they fired their engines in order to line up their capsule with earth, and headed home. They constantly attempted to communicate with ground control, but with no success. If they couldn’t contact Houston, they would execute a blind return and landing of their capsule.

On the way home, they discussed the strange space cloud they encountered. They assumed that the cloud had radioactive properties, and that would explain the loss of communication. But they were puzzled that nothing else was affected.

After an uneventful three day journey home, and still unable to communicate with ground control, Commander Hodges executed his blind re-entry of the vehicle into earth’s atmosphere. 

After what seemed like an eternity, the capsule’s parachutes deployed and the astronauts landed safely in the ocean. However, they landed closer to shore than what was the norm. They opened the capsule hatch, and the three of them were extremely surprised to see people on the beach. They were taught to land in deeper waters and on remote beaches, but this area clearly had beach goers. 

It was then that they noticed a speed boat heading towards them. They found it odd that there was no military ship in the area. All space missions ended with military ships rescuing the astronauts, but there was none to be found.

As the boat got closer, the three astronauts noticed that there were two women on board. They didn’t see any men. But there was something else that seemed a little odd about the approaching boat, but they couldn’t place their finger on it…………….

Chapter 2 The three Astronauts get rescued by Twjr0228

As the boat arrived at the capsule, the three astronauts immediately noticed that the two women were no ordinary women. They couldn’t believe their eyes. The women were the most beautiful that any of them had ever seen. In fact, the men couldn’t take their eyes off of the women. 

It was when the boat pulled up next to the capsule that they realized these were no ordinary women. They had blonde hair and blue eyes, shapes and curves that women would kill for, and stood at least 10’-10’6”, and weighed a solid 475lbs, maybe 500lbs. That was physically impossible, but there they stood, in front of the three astronauts, and exactly that size. But they looked so feminine in every aspect that it left the men speechless.

The two women were just as shocked. There was this strange object in the water that neither had seen before. Not in history books or on TV. The women looked down at the three men and offered their hands to bring them onto the boat. 

The three astronauts accepted their offer, and took hold of the largest hands that any of them had ever seen. It was like the men had the hands of 4 year olds compared to the women. But they gladly accepted the help.

But the boat was no ordinary speed boat. It was exceptionally wide, and the seats were tall and large. Gil and his crew mates weren’t sure that they were seeing correctly.

The women introduced themselves as Mary and Margaret. The men responded that they were Gil, Martin, and Steve. The women asked them about the object in the water. Gil, command captain, told the women that it was their space capsule.

Mary and Margaret looked at each other, then Gil and replied ‘space capsule?’ in unison. They asked the men what a space capsule was. Gil thought that maybe they were joking, until he saw that they were serious.

He told the women the capsule was launched by The Space Agency, and it was their mission to explore the dark side of the moon. But they encountered a radiation cloud and communications were cut off with ground control. So they executed a manual landing.

As Gil was explaining what happened, Martin, second in command, could see the absolute look of confusion on the faces of the two ladies. He asked them if they had heard of The Space Agency, and both said they had no idea what he was talking about. 

Gil decided that when they got to shore he would call mission control and inform them of their situation. The men took seats, with their legs nowhere close to touching the bottom of the craft, and the women steered the boat back towards the shore. 

The three men talked among themselves. They felt disoriented by the size of the women, and all found it odd that the women never heard of The Space Agency. Hadn’t they watched the President’s speech, the one in which he challenged the agency to make his goal of moon exploration a reality? It was all over the news. Every school in the country flew Agency banners. It was impossible to miss. But the two ladies driving the boat really had never heard of anything like that. They thought it impossible, even unbelievable. But they were approaching the boat dock, and Gil had to make that call.

One thing that Gil and Martin noticed was that Steve Miller, the third member of the crew, seemed distracted. The older men realized that he had become smitten with one of the women, they just didn’t know which one.

The boat reached the dock. The women got out and lifted the men out of the boat with ease, which surprised them. They knew the ladies were tall, but they were also strong.

Gil made a mental note of all the events from the time the capsule lost comms with mission control, the manual landing, and the rescue. All he needed to ask was where they were. So Gil asked Mary where they were. 

Mary replied that they were in Heraville. Gil wasn’t sure that he heard correctly, so he asked her to repeat the name, which she did. He then asked what state they were in. Mary wasn’t sure that she understood his question, so she asked him what he meant. 

He told her that he needed to know what was the name of the state that Heraville was located in, like Florida, or California, or Texas. Mary asked him what those names meant, because she had never heard of them before. 

Gil was getting frustrated. He needed the name of the  city and state where they landed, so they could be picked up. But the two women were being extremely uncooperative with the information he needed. He threw up his hands and asked Mary where the nearest phone booth was. 

Again, Mary told him that they didn’t have phone booths. Gil lowered his head and calmed himself down. He calmly asked her if there was a phone that he could use, and Mary said at the rescue station. If they came with her and Margaret, they would take them there. So the astronauts followed the women as they reached the beach. Margaret pointed to a building around 500 ft away, and to the left of them, to let them know that was where they were heading.

Once they started walking across the sand it became apparent that something was terribly amiss. As they walked, a beach ball landed in front of Mary and Margaret. This girl, who looked to be around 8 years old, came to get her ball. She should have been a normal, little girl. Except that she was taller than the three men, by a good foot. And right behind her was the largest human being the men had ever seen. It was a woman who looked to be in early 30s, and towered over Mary and Margaret. 

They called the taller lady Mrs Smith, and the girl they called Sally. The older females chatted, while Sally looked at the three men. She thought that they were dressed funny, and she saw the disbelieving look on their faces and laughed, then rejoined her mom.

The lady and her daughter left, and Mary and Margaret continued on the building, with the three guys lagging behind due to their shorter legs. And the men kept looking around the beach, and every couple, or family they saw, the females were a lot taller than the males they were with. It was surreal to the three astronauts.

Once they reached the building, Gil asked the ladies if they really saw what they saw. Margaret asked him what he meant, and Gil replied that the women on the beach were so much taller than the men. 

She replied that it was normal. Normal? asked Gil in disbelief. Margaret replied yes, and told him the females don’t stop growing until they reach 18, and that she and Mary have another four years of growing before they stop. 

The men were so stunned by what she said that a feather could have knocked them over. That meant that Mary and Margaret were 14, yet acted much older. What kind of world did they land on? Was this some god-awful dream? Were they hallucinating? They couldn’t be sure until they got to a telephone.

Chapter 3 The Men learn more about the world, and Gil meets the Doctor by Twjr0228

Gil Hodges, Martin Milner, and Steve Miller were still trying to fully understand what the girls had said. They towered over the three, but were only 14 years old and still growing. They looked at one another with a growing fear in their eyes. If they weren’t hallucinating, and it wasn’t a dream, what kind of world did they land on, and more importantly, what kind of life would they live if they couldn’t get back home.

Mary opened the door to the building. It was at that exact moment that the three men truly saw the scale of this strange world. The door was at least 20 ft tall, and had to be 10 ft wide. But what really set them on their heels was that the door knob hung over their heads by a good two feet. They could never have imagined such a door being possible, except for those being used at those super secret military bases.

But if the size of the door left them speechless, what they saw next nearly caused them to pass out. Mary had opened the large door with ease, and then the three men saw five women, obviously older than Mary and Margaret, and both their incredible beauty and their immense size. Each of them with blonde hair, blue eyes, and bodies that looked like they came from the Greek Goddess Athena herself. 

And the men realized that when the women stood up, they only came halfway up their thighs. The three astronauts started to back up in fear, until they hit the brick wall known as Margaret. The young girl could see the fear and panic in their eyes, and tried to reassure them that they would be safe. 

Gil finally regained his composure enough to stutter out a question of how the women got so big. Margaret looked at him with an amused look on her face. She told him that history books taught that the Goddess Hera had created the world, and every splendor it had to offer. And that she created women in her own image. 

Gil asked her about the men, and why they were so small. Small? Margaret asked. Yes, replied Gil. Margaret explain to him that men had experienced an unexplained spike in the heights over the last century. They used to be a lot smaller. Now they seem to regularly reach heights of around 6’, which is tall for them. 

The other two astronauts had been stunned into silence by what they had seen. Martin asked her how tall did the women get on this planet. Margaret replied that women grow to about heights of 14ft, 15ft. In fact, she and Mary were over 10ft and still growing. Martin could see the excitement in her eyes. 

The three men were still talking to Margaret when one of the ladies came over and joined them. She introduced herself as Beth, and held out a hand that dwarfed Margaret’s, whose hand dwarfed the men’s.

Gil was afraid of attempting to shake her hand, because at her size, she could crush his and not even realize it. 

Beth could sense what he was this, so she offer two fingers for him to shake. She asked the men their names, and where they lived, and if they had any wives, sisters, or mothers that she could call to come get them.

Gil replied that they were astronauts from the planet Earth, and that they were on a space mission when the capsule experienced a mysterious space cloud and they lost communications with mission control. They landed on what they thought was Earth, but obviously there were wrong.

Beth looked down at the men and thought that they were pulling her leg. She then looked at Margaret, who confirmed part of their story by describing the odd looking object that landed just off the coast. 

Now Beth’s interest was piqued. Mary had come over and confirmed Margaret’s account. Beth said that she and couple of the ladies in the building would check out the object in the ocean. But now, she wanted to get the three men taken care of.

She used the phone to call a doctor friend of hers and asked them to come and check out the visitors. And within 20 minutes, the doctor arrived. Gil, Martin and Steve were just as stunned by the doctor’s appearance as they were with the ladies of the building. 

As tall and proportional as Beth, but with brown hair, she reminded Gil of an artist’s rendering of Aphrodite. She was stunningly beautiful, just like Beth and her co-workers.

Beth introduced her friend to the three men. Samantha, or Sam. They men could call her by whichever name they felt comfortable with. As Sam was pulling out a giant clipboard with equally large paper forms, Beth had four chairs brought over. One for Sam, the others for Gil, Martin, and Steve. The seats were over foot above their heads.

Since Beth already knew that the men wouldn’t be able to reach the seats, she quickly, but gently, lifted each of them onto a seat. Gil realized that the way she picked them up, they weighed nothing to her. She could have picked the three of them, at nearly 200lbs a piece, at the same time and not even come close to straining a muscle.

Dr Sam took her seat. The astronauts were placed near the very edge of their seats, allowing their legs to hang down. But their feet stopped halfway down the front, still around 5 ft off the floor. Gil, Martin, and Steve never felt so small in their lives. 

Dr Sam asked the men questions and wrote down their answers. Every topic was covered, medical histories, allergies to medicine, what was their last height, weight, blood pressure readings. Everything the men told her was written down quickly and correctly. She turned and asked Beth if there was an empty room that she could use, and Beth led her to the unused conference room.

Dr Sam asked Gil to follow her into the room. Gil hesitated, leery about following such a large women into a room alone. Sam assured him that it was necessary, and that if he wanted, he could bring his friends in too.

The leerieness left Gil long enough for him to feel embarrassed by what the doctor said. He was an astronaut, trained to explore, and encounter the unknown, and here he was, afraid of following a lady into a room.

He hopped down off the chair. The height of the drop nearly caught him off guard, but he steadied himself and went with Sam into the room. She lifted him up and placed him on top of the large table in the room, and asked him to get undressed. 

Gil wasn’t sure what she was asking, and Sam, seeing his look, assured him that she needed to examine him thoroughly. She told him that it was her job to make sure he was healthy, because the last thing she needed was for him to be carrying some sort of illness that could infect the population.

Gil understood her reasoning, and slowly started to shed his clothes. Sam turned around to give him some sort of privacy. Once fully free of clothing, Sam turned around and reached into her bag. She brought out the biggest stethoscope that Gil had ever seen. In fact, it was almost as long as his arm.

Sam checked his eyes, nose, throat, and ears. She felt his glands, abdomen, and testicles for any unusual lumps. But what shocked Gil was that for someone her size, he had never been examined by someone being so gentle. In fact, he was embarrassed, because as Sam was examining his testicles, he felt his member get erect.

Sam saw it, but never said a word, and just continued with her examination. She gently checked his reflexes, and took his vitals. Everything checked out. Gil was healthy, and free of illness. He was good to go, except mentally. He found that when Sam was doing her examination, he was getting highly aroused. He was embarrassed by his erection, but relieved that Sam never mentioned it.

By the time Sam was done with Gil, Beth had knocked on the door. She entered before Gil could get dressed. She had clothes with her. She apologized to Gil. She had brought him a shirt and pants to wear. Unfortunately, they were the clothes of a 8year old girl, so the shirt was pink, and the sweatpants grey. However, they were very large on him. But he was grateful. The outfit he wore for the mission was really uncomfortable, and feeling heavy on his body.

He looked down at his new clothes, and was actually relieved that he didn’t have to walk around naked. These clothes were extremely large on him, but they were acceptable. He just rolled up the pants legs by 6 inches so he wouldn’t trip, and tried his best to tuck his shirt as far down his pants as possible.

Once Gil was done, the other two men were next. Dr Sam thoroughly examined both, and proclaimed that both were healthy. And each one came out the room dressed the same as Gil. 

As Sam was giving her report to Beth, Gil couldn’t take his mind or eyes off of her. He was married, with a family on Earth, but here, he couldn’t get the beautiful, giant doctor out of his mind. 

As Sam was talking to Beth, she glanced and saw Gil looking at her. She turned her head back to Beth and continued talking. But she was very aware of Gil. But she had to go to work, and would catch up with Beth later on.

Chapter 4 Feelings by Twjr0228

Gill was still mesmerized by the image of Doctor Sam. Her size, beauty, and most of all, her gentleness when examining his body. He just kept thinking about her touching and probing his body, until he realized that there was a certain part of him that was betraying his thoughts. 

And Beth had come up to the three of them and asked if they were hungry. Almost in unison they replied they were. The astronauts couldn’t remember the last solid meal they had. Beth explained that plates of food were really large, probably much larger than they were used to, so she recommended ordering a small sandwich and dividing it into three sections. The men nodded in agreement. Beth made a call, and within a half hour, food had been delivered for everyone in the building.

The men looked at the sandwich that Beth ordered for them and realized that she was absolutely right. Even the “small” sandwich was about three times as big as a large sandwich on Earth. They knew that they wouldn’t be able to finish, so they ate until they were full, then apologized to Beth for wasting the rest.

She smiled down at them, and said it wasn’t a problem. She believed that the men weren’t from her world. When Doctor Sam was doing her examinations, Beth and another lady went out to check on the object that landed in the ocean.

It was something that she had never seen before. There was writing on the side. It read The National Space Agency. And she quickly looked inside and saw all kinds of equipment that was alien to her. But she knew girls who were very smart, and thought that maybe they could do something with it.

Beth offered to take the three of them on a tour of the town. Gil thought for a few seconds, and said that it was a great idea, and accepted her offer. So the four of them left and made their way through to.

While they were walking, Gil had seen an image reflected in a shop window that put things in a stark perspective. It was the image of a mother and her three small children. Except it wasn’t that. It was a reflection of Beth and the three men. 

He shows his crew mates the image, and literally, for the first time since they were four years old, they felt small and weak. The lady walking with them was over twice their size, and more than three times their weight, yet looked absolutely, and totally, feminine. 

And as they continued to walk, that image was being instantly replayed when they looked at the other couples out and about. The women were of such immense size as to totally dwarf the men they were with, yet looked so feminine.

Gil thought that it would have been physically impossible for any woman to look like that, yet this world had nothing but those women. And then his thoughts turned to Sam, and her incredible beauty. The memories of his life on Earth were quickly fading from his mind. He constantly thought of the Doctor and nothing else. He prayed to God that he would see her again.

Beth continued the tour, showing the shops and restaurants and a movie theater. She also stopped in front of a building with the words ‘Town Security’ engraved out front. Beth turned and looked down at the men and said they better behave. She winked at them in a good natured, teasing manner 

About an hour later, the group returned to Beth’s building. It was getting late in the afternoon, and Gil suddenly realized that they had no place to sleep for the night. In fact, they had no money for a place. And worse, they would never be able to function by themselves due to their small height compared to the women. So Gil made the decision that the men would go back to the capsule and spend the night. So he asked Beth if someone could use a boat and take them to their vehicle.

Beth had a puzzled look on her face, and politely asked him why. Gil replied what their sleeping plans were, and explained why they decided to go back to their capsule. 

Beth looked at him sympathetically. She told him that it wouldn’t be necessary. They could stay with her for as long as they needed to. She said that she had a spare room with plenty of pillows and blankets. Gil started to tell her that they would be fine in the capsule, but Beth insisted that they stay with her. So Gil and his crew went with Beth to her place.

Spending the time they did at the building where Beth worked made it easier to accept the immense size of her apartment. Beth had taken her mail to the kitchen to read. The men looked around. Everything was scaled to her size. Looking at the furniture , they knew they had no chance of being able to sit on top of the sofa without Beth’s help. So the three men made themselves comfortable on the floor. 

Beth asked from the kitchen if they wanted coffee, and they said yes. So once the kettle boiled, Beth made one cup for the men, and one for herself. She took a chance and kept it black, adding a little sugar. She then divided the cup she made for the three. Dividing it up equally, she walked into the living room carrying the three cups in her hands. She placed them on the floor. The crew thanked her. She smiled and told them it wasn’t a problem. Then she left to get her cup.

The three men looked at the cups that were placed in front of them. They were glad that they were only a third filled, because each cup contained what would equate to five full cups. Using two hands, each of them lifted their cup, at first struggling with its weight. Once steady, they drank as best they could. The cup was too large to completely lift and angle towards their mouths, so they made do.

Beth returned holding her coffee in one hand and drinking it like it was nothing. Gil looked at the other two and rolled his eyes, letting out a small laugh. Martin and Steve returned the chuckle.

Suddenly, the three astronauts realized how tired and exhausted they felt. It had been so many hours since they were able to sleep. Gil stood up and went over to Beth, apologizing for interrupting her, and asking if they could go to the spare room now, explaining how physically exhausted they were. 

Beth smiled and said no problem. She led the three into a spare room that had no bed. She grabbed a blanket and laid it done on the floor. Gil thought it would have been big enough to completely cover four king sized beds on Earth. Beth gave them each a cushion from her sofa after realizing that the pillows would have been too big for them. And she gave them their own blanket, which they found could be  wrapped around their entire body four or five times.

Once the men were settled, they immediately fell into a deep sleep. Gil opened his eyes and found himself in a strange room. It was dimly lit, and the door was slightly open. He heard noises coming from another room, so he got up and went to investigate.

He made his way through the strange house, until he came upon a room that was completely lit by candlelight. He saw someone on the floor. His eyes widened. It was Sam, the Doctor. She was wearing a see through bathrobe, and Gil could see nothing but her magnificent breasts. 

She turned and saw him, and held out her hand, telling him that she had been waiting for him to come to her. Gil took the giant hand being offered and came closer. He could see those breasts swelling up and down with each breath. He wanted to say something, but he was unable to think of anything but the vision in front of him. 

He was trying to fight the lust overtaking his body, but it was no use. The giantess in front of him was too magnificent, too alluring, too powerful. He gave in to his passion. 

He made a move towards those magnificent breasts, only to be stopped by her powerful hand. She gently used her other hand to flip him on his back and place him next to her. 

Then she explored his body, gently probing every area in such a way that he immediately became erect, and was fighting the urge to climax. 

Sam continued to explore and soon Gil was near tears trying to fight the climax. But it was no use. He couldn’t resist it any longer. He came, and kept coming, until he was as dry as a bone.

Gil woke up in a soaking sweat and racing heart beat. He looked and saw that his two friends were still sleeping. As he was calming his breathing, he felt a wetness, and looked down at the blanket. There was a giant wet spot just below his waist. He removed the blanket. Cum! He had a wet dream, something that he hadn’t experienced since he was a teenager. And he immediately felt embarrassed. How would he be able to explain it to Beth? But he was still exhausted, and soon fell back into a deep sleep.

Chapter 5 Bad Dreams by Twjr0228

Gil fell back into a deep sleep. His dream involving Doctor Sam gave way to another. He was back in his own house, on his own world, giving his wife, Beth, and his twin girls, Maggie and Sarah, a kiss before they drove off.

He watched the car drive down the road, until it was out of sight. As he turned to go back into his house, he heard the loud sound of a car crash, and immediately raced down the road until he came upon a wreck.

It was his wife’s car, and it was on fire. The flames were out of control, and he couldn’t get to it. He kept screaming the names of his wife and daughters, but to no avail. He just screamed and screamed for someone to help them, but no one came.

It wasn’t until the Beth of this world had come into the room to check on him. His screaming woke her up, and she ran to make sure he was ok. Martin and Steve were so exhausted that they never heard a thing.

Gil woke up again drenched in sweat and tears in his eyes. Beth knelt down to get closer to him, and asked if he was ok. It took him a a few seconds to get his bearings, but looking up at the beautiful, friendly face of the giantess seemed to calm him down.

Beth noticed the stain on the blanket by his crotch, and Gil instinctively threw it off to the side. She looked at him with sympathy. She knew what had happened, and knew he would be embarrassed if she mentioned it, so she tried to silently reassure him that he was safe and everything was alright.

By now, Martin and Steve were awake, but not fully aware of what had gone on. They just saw Beth kneeling over Gil, and they immediately stood up to make sure their friend was ok. 

They could see that he was, and then they looked up at Beth for some explanation. Even kneeling, she was about 3 ft taller than them. She told them that Gil had a terrible dream, and was screaming, and she came in to make sure he was ok.

And then she stood up, and said good night to the three of them, and went back to her room. By then, they were fully awake, and the sight of Beth in a nightgown caused bulges to form below the waists of Martin and Steve. God, she was beautiful, they both thought.

But they quickly turned their attention to Gil. They asked him what had happened. Gil told them about his dreams, omitting the one he had about Sam. And as he described the one involving his wife and daughters, Martin and Steve looked at him strangely. 

Gil didn’t understand their reaction, so he asked if anything was wrong. Almost in unison, Martin and Steve told him that they had dreams involving their wives and children, but instead of a car crash, they lost sight of them in a thick, dense fog. And were trying to find them when they were woken up.

Gil thought it not only strange that the three of them had dreams involving their families in which they lost them, but that it was statistically impossible that they would have them at the same time. But he was fully awake, as were his friends.

Beth had left the door open enough for them to leave the room, so the three made their way out to the living room. The seats of the sofa and recliners stood about 8ft off the floor, meaning that they were 2ft above their heads. 

Gil had an idea. He said that he would boost Martin and Steve up, and in turned they would reach down and pull him up. So that’s what they did. 

The sofa was so big, that the three of them could lay end to end across and reach from one side to the other. Gil looked at the clock to get the time. 5am. He didn’t know how to turn the TV on, so the three made themselves comfortable on the sofa and fell asleep.

A few hours later, Beth had come out of her bedroom, and peaked into the spare bedroom. She didn’t see the men, so she made her way to the living room, and what she saw melted her heart.

Gil, Martin and Steve were asleep on the sofa, but the sofa was so massive compared to them, that they looked like 2 year olds taking a nap. If she had a camera she would surely have taken lots of pictures. But she thought the three were very handsome. But she also knew that they were not from her world, were still a little confused about everything, and she didn’t want to take advantage of them. She hoped that they would be able to find a way back to their own world, but if not, she would take care of them. She knew that they couldn’t be alone in her world. They were too fragile compared to women.

Beth went into the kitchen and started making breakfast. She thought that the three guys must be hungry. She was going to surprise them. She made omelettes for herself and the guys. Of course, due to the size of the eggs, theirs was made using only one, and was divided into three equal sizes. 

By now, Gil, Martin and Steve woke up due to the aroma coming from the kitchen. They cautiously hopped down from the sofa and made their way to see what was going on. 

Like last night, Beth was in her nightgown. She turned and saw the three just staring at her with utter disbelief on their faces. She asked them if everything was ok. The three snapped out of trance and quickly looked away, telling her yes. 

Beth told them that breakfast would be ready shortly, and afterwards, they could take showers, and she would wash their clothes. With the aroma of breakfast swirling in the kitchen, it made the three realize how hungry they were. 

Beth made their plates, along with cups of coffee. She led them to the sofa, where she lifted them up onto the seats, and went back to get their plates. The men were eventually able to handle the plates. It was big and heavy. They knew how to handle the cups. 

Beth went back into the kitchen to get silverware, then suddenly realized how big the forks were. She had nothing smaller. So she brought three out, and apologized to the men, saying that they were the only size she had.

The men took the forks, which were the size of hammers back on Earth. It took a while for them to come up with a way to use them. But they did, and the breakfast was delicious. Gil complimented Beth on her meal. Beth smiled and said thank you. 

And once the meal was over, and the coffee was finished, Beth turned the shower on, and set up soap and shampoo to make it easier for them to use, and provided each with what were hand towels to her, but were large enough for them to wrap around their body.

And she took their clothes and washed them. By the time Steve was done with his shower, the washer was finished. And the clothes were put in the dryer. So the three had to spend an hour with nothing but a towel wrapped around them. And unfortunately, Beth had gotten in the shower, denying the guys one more look of her magnificent body on that nightgown.

The three of them were so focused on a conversation they were having about Beth and Sam’s stunning, indescribable beauty, they never noticed her standing in the hallway listening to them. It made her smile. She was finding them attractive, even at their smaller sizes, and now she knew that they found her to be the same. But she reminded herself that they weren’t from her world, and that put a damper on her mood.

Once the dryer was done, the three got their clothes and got dressed. Beth told them that she was going to take them to work with her. Gil asked why, and Beth pointed out their size, and the size of her apartment, and said that they wouldn’t be able to do anything unless she or another female was there. 

Gil looked around and knew she was right. So he told her that when they were at her work, if there was anything that they could help with, just let them know. Beth gave a warm smile and said she would. So out the door they went, on the way to the building from the day before.

Chapter 6 Gil loses his battle by Twjr0228

Beth walked as slowly as she could so her three guests could try and keep up, but it was no use. She had to stop every so often and wait. Her longer legs could cover more area with one step then Gil and his crew could with 10. Beth had the patience of a Saint. That was the only thing that came to Gil’s mind.

Once they reached Beth’s work, Gil wanted to know if he could ask her a question. Beth said sure. He felt stupid, but he asked that if everything in this world is set up to accommodate the size of women, how do men make their way around. Beth considered his question thoughtfully, and reached into her desk and gave him a large realtor magazine, and said it would explain everything. 

Gil took the large magazine from her hand, and found an area on the floor so he could sit and read. And what he read blew his mind. 

The magazine was divided into two complete sections. One was for single women. It listed houses for sale, apartments for rent, and businesses that were specifically catered to women without a male in the house. And the pictures he saw reminded him of both the building they were in, and Beth’s place.

The other section was for women with a male living with them. The pictures showed the usual female setup, but there were sections for men. They had their own man-sized sinks, doors, furniture, beds, showers. They even had their own refrigerator. And the chairs allowed men to sit comfortably, but they pressed a button, and the chair raised up around 8-10 feet off the floor, allowing them to eat at the table, while letting them be as close to eye level with females while seated. And the businesses were set up the same way.

Gil shook his head in disbelief, then let Martin and Steve read it. They were just as stunned as Gil. They had to get back to their own world, but unless they figured out how they got there, it would be impossible.

Beth could see the look on their faces, and tried her best to reassure them that as long as they were her guests, she would take care of them and keep them safe. She also told them that it wasn’t a good idea for them to be outside without a woman present, because there had been incidents involving groups of young girl’s terrorizing men that were by themselves. 

The three of them thought Beth was joking, until she pulled out a newspaper and showed them the articles detailing such encounters. Gil, Martin and Steve just looked at each other and suddenly were worried. What if they were stuck in this world forever? They couldn’t be locked away in some house, just to keep them safe. 

They were grown men. They could take care of themselves.

Gil was still looking at Martin and Steve when he suddenly felt a presence in the room. He turned around and saw Sam talking with Beth. His heart raced. He tried to take his eyes off of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, but couldn’t. It was like he was hypnotized. Suddenly he heard a voice. It was Sam. She was just doing a follow up with the three of them, making sure everything was ok.

Martin and Steve answered that yes, everything was fine. Gil, on the other hand, tried to speak, but the only words that came out of his mouth made no sense. He couldn’t think straight. Her beauty was intoxicating. He used all his willpower to reply that he was doing fine.

Sam saw the way he looked at her. She also saw the very prominent bulge that developed below his waist. But she didn’t want to do anything to embarrass him, so she quickly turned towards Beth and started to ask her about her family.

Gil noticed his erection, and quickly grabbed the magazine off the floor and held it in front. He felt strange in front of Sam, and he couldn’t explain why, or even guess the reason.

Once Sam was finished talking with Beth, she headed for the door. Before exiting, she subtly glanced at Gil, and noticed that he was still watching her. She thought that he reminded her of a puppy. 

She thought Gil was extremely handsome. But she had no time to get involved with anyone. Her medical practice was taking up all her free time. Any sort of personal life would have to wait. And then she walked out the door.

Gil felt his heart fall all the way to his feet. He tried to take his mind off of her by talking to Martin and Steve, but his heart wasn’t in it. His mind tried its hardest to get the giant Goddess out of its thoughts, but it was no use. She was all he could think about.

Eventually, his mind calmed down, and he was able to give his full attention to the people around him. Occasionally an image of Doctor Sam would sneak in, but never last long enough to distract him. It was getting closer to lunch, and his stomach was growling.

Beth came over to the three of them, and asked what they wanted for lunch. They had given up on the idea of individual sandwiches. Everything was just too damn big in this world. So they asked her for the smallest sandwich possible, and cut it into three sections. Gil asked if the sandwich came with a doggie bag. But he could tell by Beth’s reaction that she had no idea what a doggie bag was. He was going to try and explain, but he knew it was no use. One thing that the three noticed was that the women ate every ounce of food during their meals. If there was any food wasted, it was the men who wasted it.

The food arrived, and once lunch was finished, Gil asked Beth if there was anything that the three of them could do to help. They felt useless, and wanted to show their appreciation for all the kindness Beth had shown them.

She thought for a minute, then stood up and went to the basement. She returned a few minutes later with a large box. At least Gil thought it was large. Beth put on the floor, and explained that they were in the town administration building. They had records that had to be stored for a certain number of years, and once the time expired, the records could be destroyed. All she wanted them to do was to go through the records, and make sure everything was there. Files with more than one page would denote how many were supposed to be together. If anything page was missing, she wanted them to set it aside, and let her know.

Gil thanked Beth, and said that the three of them were ready for duty, and gave her a salute. She didn’t recognize the gesture he made, but assumed that it meant as a compliment.

The guys were hard at work, and Beth was impressed by their diligent work ethic. Men on her world basically had to have their hands held as they tried to complete whatever task was assigned. But the three men in front of her were different.

Gil, Martin and Steve were exhausted when they arrived back at Beth’s apartment. Since the box was around 4 ft tall, it required some effort to pull the files. And three hours of constantly reaching and grabbing large sized files tired them out. 

Beth asked them what they wanted for dinner, and the guys couldn’t agree. Finally, Beth feigned frustration, and told them that she would cook spaghetti. And it was delicious spaghetti. 

After dinner, Beth cleaned up while the three went to bed. They got to the point where they couldn’t keep their eyes open. The men fell sound asleep.

And soon, Gil opened his eyes, and found himself in a familiar room. Suddenly, he realized that Sam was kneeling over him. He tried to talk, but she put a large finger gently on his lips. She bent down even further, and guided his mouth to the nipple attached to her large breast.

Gil was in heaven. Her magnificent nipples, attached to her magnificent breasts. The most beautiful, perfect breasts that he had ever seen. His mouth began to salivate at the prospect of sucking on perfection. He sucked and sucked on her breasts,, caressing them with his hands. She took her hand, and started probing his body. She moved her hand with such a gentle touch that it made him shiver. Soon, her hand was in places that he thought would never be explored.

And the more she probed, the more aroused he became. And soon he was erect, and the urge to climax was growing stronger. Her hand kept moving, and the urge kept growing. She had hit a sweet spot on him because Gil just ejaculated every ounce of semen his body had. He looked up at Sam, but it wasn’t her face he noticed. It was Beth from his world. His Beth. His soul mate. And she had tears in her eyes. 

Gil tried to ask her what was wrong, but all Beth could do was cry and ask ‘Why, Gil, why? Why did you do it?’ Until her she faded into a dense grey fog. Gil started to call for her, until he woke up in a cold sweat, and feeling a familiar sensation, realized once again that he had a wet dream. Why the hell did this keep happening? He was a grown man, yet had all the impulse control of a teenager.

He was embarrassed by dirtying the blanket that Beth let him use. He told himself that he was a grown man, and grown men don’t have wet dreams. He resolved to steel his mind, and block out all thoughts that would lead to another accident. He had his plan in place. Then the image of Doctor Sam’s breasts in front of his face popped into his head. He tried to block the image, but it was useless.

Chapter 7 Gil and Beth Have a Talk by Twjr0228
Author's Notes:

I decided to do something completely different. I always wanted to write a chapter where the characters talk, and only talk, with each other. There is no action, or anyone other than Gil and Beth. It was important to me that they both learn more about each other's world, and learn more about each other.

Gil was still a little unnerved by the images of his wife that followed his dreaming of Sam. He loved his family, and hoped to get back home. But with Sam becoming the dominant thought in his mind, he began to think that being stuck in this world wouldn't be so bad.

Once again, Beth left the door to their bedroom open far enough to allow her guests to come and go without issue. So Gil headed towards the living room. He was tired, but knew that he had no chance of falling asleep. 

Beth had gotten up to use the bathroom when she heard grunting coming from the living room. She noticed Gil was struggling mightily trying to get up on the sofa, but with nothing to grab onto, and neither Martin or Steve there to give him a boost, he had no chance. He didn't even notice that Beth had entered the room.

It was only when he felt two, very large but very soft, hands grab hold and lift him up, did he realize that Beth was awake. He looked up at the beautiful, friendly giantess and said thank you. Beth said it was no problem. She asked Gil if he wanted a cup of coffee, and he nodded. 

Beth went into the kitchen, and 5 minutes later, came back out with two cups, one for Gil and one for herself. She made sure Gil was able to securely hold his cup, and then sat down. But Beth didn't sit down on the sofa. Instead, she sat on the floor, and at an angle to allow Gil to be more eye level with her. Her eyes were about 5 inches above his, but even that allowed him to feel some form of normalcy. Every female that he met or saw towered over him and his friends, even the young girl they saw on the beach.

Gil was enjoying the coffee, but he decided to ask Beth a question. He wanted to know how, despite the massive size difference between men and women, people were able to procreate. 

Beth considered his question, and thoughtfully explained that first and foremost, when men and women were in a relationship, it was based mutually on love and respect, and equality among the couples. But in order to have children, men’s semen had to be injected into a woman's ovaries in order for her eggs to become fertilized. 

Pregnancy then proceeded normally. How the children were born was determined by the sex of the baby. Girls were big enough to make it through the birth canal in great shape. Boys, due to their much smaller size, had to be birthed by cesarean section. But they grew up normally.

Beth anticipated Gil’s next question. She explained that in order for men and women to share intimacy, men had to wear strap-ons that were three feet in length, and about 6 inches thick. They allowed the men to achieve penetration. And they were made with lightweight materials. This way the men avoided hurting themselves during sex.

Women, on the other hand, had to be extremely careful when pleasuring men. Their tongues were really powerful, and they ran the risk of seriously injuring the man’s member. Women put a lot of thought into being as gentle as possible, and it seemed to give the men intense pleasure.

Beth asked Gil what his world was like, about his job and family. Gil explained that in his world, women struggled to prove themselves against men. It was because of neanderthal type thinking that said men had to be superior to women.

Gil laughed at the belief. He found some men to be so stubborn that they became stupid. Women were different. Some of the best managers he ever worked for were women, and he would have gone through the gates of hell before he’d let them down. 

As for his job, the military gave him a great career, and The Space Agency gave him the opportunity to go where very few had gone before. He got to see the universe in all its splendid glory. He couldn't have asked for a better career.

He also described his family. He had a beautiful wife named Beth, and wonderful twin daughters named Sarah and Maggie, who were 10. 

The Beth in front of him was excited that he was married to a girl named Beth. She could sense that he loved his family very much, and missed them terribly.  She told him that he had great taste in women. The two of them laughed at that.

Gil asked Beth if she was seeing anyone. He just casually mentioned that every woman on this planet was the most stunningly beautiful that he had ever seen. In fact, he didn't know that such beauty could exist.

Beth blushed, and thanked him for the compliment. She told him that she was very much in love when she was a teenager, but the boy’s family had to move away, and she was so heartbroken that it took her a long time to get over it. Gil heard the regret in her voice and instantly knew that it still upset her.

Gil asked about her job. Beth told him that the five women in the building where she worked were basically the town council. They voted on laws, and handled all crisis situations. And it pained them when they had to pass a law that prohibited men from working, all because no one could come up with a way for them to work in a mixed environment. And men-only businesses were unfeasible due to the trouble they were having with young girls terrorizing men who were out by themselves. In fact, she can't understand where this type of behavior came from. People were always so kind and considerate to one another, and yet, there were a couple of groups who found pleasure in mistreating men. She would have to talk to security about what could be done to eliminate the problem.

Gil decided to ask Beth if she wanted to be a mom? He told her that she would be a tremendous mother. She was so kind, and had such a caring heart. He would be proud to have her as his mom. Beth smiled at him, and gently out her hand on his and told him thank you for the compliment. She just needed to find the right person.

Beth then asked Gil if there was anybody from her world that he liked, and he immediately froze. That told Beth the answer. She then asked him if it was Sam, the doctor. Gil’s face immediately turned beet red with embarrassment. Again, his reaction gave her the answer. 

She pointed out to him that Sam was indeed a very beautiful woman, but he was a married man who should remain faithful to his wife and family. 

Beth noticed as she was describing Sam that Gil started fidgeting in his seat. And she noticed the wet spot on the front of his pants. It didn't take her long to realize that Gil’s accidents the last two nights were caused by him dreaming of Samantha. 

She wasn't going to say anything, because she didn't want to embarrass him. But a small part of her was extremely jealous of the fact that Sam had that effect on Gil. Beth wondered if she would ever have that kind of effect on someone.

Beth noticed the sun started to rise, and she asked Gil if he wanted breakfast. Gil said yes, but on one condition, he wanted to make the toast. Beth gave him a quizzical look, and he told her all she had to do was supply the bread and butter, and place him on the countertop, and he would handle it. 

She wasn't quite sure about that, but she was willing to let him try. At worst, she would be there to finish the job. At best, he would need very little of her help.

Chapter 8 Trouble in town by Twjr0228

Beth and Gil were nearly finished making breakfast when she asked him if they should wake up Martin and Steve. He looked up at her, and said that it’s time the sleeping beauties were awake. Beth let out a chuckle, and lifted him down off the countertop and off he went. Beth was really impressed. Gil was able to handle the toast with little problems. She smiled to herself.

Once the two men were awake, Beth served the food, along with coffee. Martin and Steve could do nothing but yawn, which prompted Gil to ask them if they slept well.

Martin replied that he was having a dream, one in which his wife and daughter were in. He saw them in the distance, but by the time he reached them, they disappeared in a thick grey fog. Although he searched high and low, he couldn’t find them anywhere. Steve admitted that he basically had the same dream. Beth thought that was odd, but reasoned that the human mind can be funny sometimes. But Gil wasn’t so sure. His wife was in his dream, and that meant that for the second time since they arrived, the three of them had similar dreams. And he thought that it was more than coincidence.

But he wanted to change the subject. So Gil asked Beth if anyone in town had a vehicle or car, as he had yet to see any. Beth said yes, but only the rich people had one. And as if to read his mind, she explained that all cars came with built in booster seats to keep men safe. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to properly fit into the seats. Gil wasn’t the least bit phased by her answer, but Martin and Steve looked puzzled.

Beth glanced at the clock. 7am. She excused herself and went to her bedroom to make a call. She returned 5 minutes later. The men had finished as much of their food as they could, but there was still waste. 

Beth gathered the dishes, and Gil asked her if she wanted any help. Beth politely declined, and suggested they all take showers. As she did previously, she started the water for them, and got them towels, while she washed their clothes.

When all three were clean, Beth told them that she had a surprise for them. A friend of hers dropped off clothes that her husband didn’t want anymore. So the three men finally had clothes made for males, even underwear. The clothes fit each of them perfectly, and they also had shoes that fit. 

Gil, Martin and Steve thanked Beth for the gesture. In fact, the three thanked her for everything she had done for them. She made them feel welcomed and accepted in a world different from theirs. She blushed, and said it wasn’t a problem. But Gil felt compelled to walk up to her and asked for her hand. Puzzled, she gave him her right hand. Gil took the massive hand with both of his and kissed it. That surprised Beth, and she asked him why he did it.

Gil looked up at her and told her that she has been nothing but a true lady for what she had done for them, so he decided that she deserved to be treated as such. Beth felt a little uncomfortable. She hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary. But Gil told her that on his planet, that was how some men treated women. So Beth said thank you, and the three men bowed and said your welcome.

That put Beth in a great mood. After her shower, she got dressed and, once again, took Gil, Martin and Steve to work with her. And she was going to have a surprise waiting for them. 

When they arrived at the building, the men noticed something different. Off in a corner, there was a normal sized table, with normal sized chairs. They looked up at Beth confused. She smiled and told them that she wanted them to feel normal. So they could work on the destruction list boxes, and eat lunch in a natural position. It was the least she could do for them after all the work they did for her the day before. They said thank you in unison. She gave them a warm smile, and told them they were welcomed.

It wasn’t long after that another stunningly beautiful woman entered the building, and she was wearing a uniform. But one thing she didn’t have was a smile on her face. In fact, Gil thought it alternated between angry and worry, and all the ladies of the office joined her in the conference room. 

About a minute later, Samantha came in to join them. The door was closed. Gil stopped what he was working on and just stared at the door, as if in a trance. He couldn’t take his eyes off the door, no matter what. Martin looked at Steve and just shook his head.

Inside the room, the lady in the uniform told the council that there had been another attack the night before. Apparently, some 22 year old male was out with his 10 year old sister and got separated from her while  walking through a crowd. Next thing he knew, he was in an alley, bruised and battered. 

With that, she turned to Doctor Sam for an update. Sam said the man didn’t suffer serious injuries. She examined him and treated the cuts, and gave him medication for his pain, but she sent him home. His sister blamed herself for not being there to protect him while they walked through the crowd. Apparently, his mom thought that he would be safe if he was with his sister.

Beth asked the head of security, a lady named Val, what she needed from the council to handle the situation. If it was more officers, she would have them by the end of the day. Just let them know. Val agreed that more officers would help, and that was all that Beth needed to hear.

She picked up the phone and made several calls. Once done she told Chief Val that there would be women waiting for her at the station ready to join. Chief Val thanked Beth, and the rest of the council, and then left. 

Sam talked briefly with Beth, then she opened the door to leave. But all she saw was Gil just looking at her. He turned away quickly, embarrassed by his actions. Samantha gave him a small smile, and she too left the building. That smile caused Gil’s heart to beat at the speed of light. He had to use the breathing technique that he learned in the military to calm himself, which he was able to do.

The men could see the worried look on Beth’s face when she returned to her desk. Gil had regained his composure enough to ask if anything was wrong. She sighed, and told them about the attack from the night before. And that’s why Chief Val from security had come in, to both inform the council, and to ask for more officers. As she was speaking, she kept looking at the three perfect gentlemen in front of her, and she was frightened that if she wasn’t with them, they could be next.

She told them that they had to catch those responsible, because if they didn’t, and a man was hurt seriously, or worse, killed, the women of this town would become vigilantes, and then chaos would ensue.

Gil moved closer to Beth. He put his hand on her arm, and asked her if he could make a suggestion. She absentmindedly said yes. Gil said that the group of girls terrorizing the men in town always seek out the ones that are by themselves. So he offered himself as bait.

Beth, who had been distracted by the news from the previous night, suddenly focused on what Gil had said. She looked at him with a seriousness that caught him off guard, and told him that under no circumstances would she put him or any man at risk trying to stop the girls, especially him. 

Gil argued that he wasn’t from her world, and he didn’t want the men who had loved ones worried about them to be put in harm’s way. He was willing to accept any and all risks to catch those responsible. But Beth held firm. She would not put him in danger. 

She had grown quite attached to the three of them, but especially more so of Gil, because she knew the most about him. She had images of him in the hospital, or worse, the morgue, and that she couldn’t live with. She again said no, and made it clear her decision was final.

The three of them had never seen that kind of reaction from Beth. She was always so friendly and cheerful, but this was a different side of her. Gil was going to say something, but decided not to antagonize her further. So he grabbed her hand and kissed it again and let her know that she was right in what she said, and that he appreciated it very much.

That seemed to improve Beth’s mood, and she gave the three a warm smile. She asked how they were making out with the destruction list. Martin told her things were progressing nicely, but there were an awful lot of missing papers in the files they went through. Beth asked that they do the best they could, and she would bring up more boxes later.

But she never did. She was still thinking about the group of girls that were on a rampage through the town. She really hoped that by hiring more security officers, it would make a difference. But it would take some time to see how things worked out.

The rest of the day flew by. And then it was time to leave. Beth locked up, and escorted her three guests back to her place, keeping a wary eye out for any signs of potential trouble. She was going to suggest that the three of them hold hands, but she realized that would be embarrassing. So she moved as slow as she could to keep the guys as close to her as possible.

Once safely back at her apartment, Gil, Martin and Steve noticed a different setup in both the living room and dining room. Beth sighed. She forgot about the third surprise for her three guests. While they were at work, she had man-sized furniture delivered, so the guys could feel more comfortable. There was a table and chairs, and a sofa. She even had man sized dishes delivered, even silverware. The three of them couldn’t believe it. Beth had gone overboard trying to take care of them. It just overwhelmed them. Gil had the idea of standing on top of the table and asking her to bend down so he could kiss her on the cheek, but he didn’t know how she would react. But he decided to do it anyway. He stood on the table, and Beth bent down, and he gave her a kiss on the cheek and said thank you. She smiled at him, and said you’re welcome. Martin and Steve repeated Gil’s actions. It made her feel almost like a mom taking care of her children. But she realized that they were grown men, older than her. But she appreciated their gestures.

Beth asked the guys if hot dogs were ok for dinner, and they responded that it would be great. So she got to work on cooking dinner. Gil entered the kitchen and asked her if she needed help. She said she was fine as she put a radio on and started singing.

Once alone, Martin asked Gil what was up with him and Doctor Sam? Gil went silent, and quickly answered nothing, then left the table, letting his friends know that he wasn’t going to discuss the matter.

Dinner was delicious, even more so that they could not only eat comfortably, but also use dishes, cups and silverware designed for them. It made them really feel at home. 

After dinner, Beth had asked them if they wanted coffee, but the three of them were feeling really tired. They apologized to her for not helping her clean up from the meal. She told them it was no problem. She could see how tired they were.

They excused themselves and said goodnight to her, and made their way to the bedroom. Within minutes they had passed out from exhaustion.

Beth finished cleaning up. She thought it was very gentlemanly of them to kiss her hand. She was growing quite fond of the gesture. There wasn’t anything romantic about it, and yet it let her know that they were totally comfortable being around her. They were such perfect gentlemen that she felt that she needed to be the perfect lady.

Gil woke up to a familiar scene. He heard noises coming from down the hall, and followed them to a room. Standing in front of him, wearing nothing, was Samantha, in all her heavenly glory. 

Gil immediately felt all his self control and senses disappear from his body. Samantha just stood there. Gil had never seen such beautiful perfection in his life. He could think of nothing but the Goddess in front of him.

Sam laid down on the floor, and curled her finger, motioning Gil to come to her. He could see her breasts, her magnificent breasts, swelling up and down with each breath. He was standing next to her. She took his two hands and placed them on each breast. And directed him to trace all around them with his fingers. Gil did as directed. 

Sam then positioned her arm so that she could use one of her fingers to trace all around his member. Gil was starting to feel an all-too familiar feeling between his legs. He was trying to fight the urge. 

He didn’t feel her finger anymore, so he looked down and saw he was wearing a strap on, and it was just as Beth described. Sam opened her legs, inviting him in.

But as he moved in closer and closer, he heard a powerful voice from far away pleading with him to be true to his wife. He looked around to see where the voice came from, but he saw no one.

He looked down and saw that Sam was no longer in front of him. Instead, it was Beth. His Beth. The one from his world. The one he married. But she was crying. Gil asked her what was wrong, but she just continued to cry. He reached out for her, but she disappeared in a grey fog. Just like that she was gone.

Greg woke up in a sweat, and with a very erect member. In fact, it was so erect it was causing him discomfort. He tried to calm himself down. But with a racing heart and a conflicted mind, he realized that he had a splitting headache. 

The voice from his dream was right. He must stay true to his Beth. But she was on his old world. Samantha was here,  on this new world. And he couldn’t get the Goddess out of his mind.

Chapter 9 The battle inside Gil’s mind by Twjr0228

Unable to sleep after his latest dream, Gil got up and made his way to the living room. Martin and Steve were both snoring, and he didn’t want to wake them. The latest dream really bothered him. His mind was being overwhelmed by thoughts of Sam, yet, his wife would always find her way in. The pounding headache made him want to cry. He looked at the clock. 3:30am. So he sat on the man sized sofa, and tried to lay down.

He dozed more than slept, and had yet another dream. He was in a field when suddenly the sky turned pitch black, and he found himself being sucked into a tornado, only to have the powerful hand of this world’s Beth grab hold of him and pull him to safety. 

He opened his eyes and saw the massive figure of Beth hovering over him. She had gotten up to start getting ready for her day when she noticed Gil on his sofa tossing and turning. She assumed that he was having a bad dream, so she just wanted to make sure that he was ok.

She said good morning, and Gil responded in kind. She told him that he was having a bad dream, and she wanted to make sure he was alright. Gil said he was fine. But Beth saw a troubled look in his eyes, and told him that if he ever wanted to talk, or needed to talk, she would be there for him. Even if she was sleeping, he could knock on her door and she would listen. 

Gil thanked her but said he was fine. Beth wasn’t convinced, but she didn’t want to push the issue. She wanted to get to the office a little earlier than usual, because just before she went to bed, Chief Val called and asked to meet at 8:20, instead of 8:30. 

And so the morning began the same way the previous morning had begun. Beth and Gil made breakfast, and woke the two sleepyheads when the food was ready. The coffee tasted especially satisfying to Gil, since his mind was racing faster than the speed of light. Plus he still had his headache. Sam and Beth, his Beth, seemed to be waging nuclear warfare for control of his brain. He sat there and wished like hell that things were normal. But he wasn’t even sure what normal was anymore.

He thought of telling Beth that he wasn’t up to working, and that he just wanted to sleep. But he remembered how upset and worried she was the previous day over the assaults taking place against men. He needed to be there for her, to help in any way he could. So he would just have to deal with the TNT going off in his head.

The three of them showered and dressed, followed by Beth. She was a little anxious, which Gil sensed. He tried to crack jokes to help her relax, but she was too busy thinking about what Chief Val had to say to realize Gil was trying to be funny. So when all were ready, out the door they went and headed towards Beth’s office.

Beth, as usual, was trying to be very aware of her surroundings. Even at that early hour, she was going to make sure that the three men under her care were kept safe. And as they approached the office, she saw Chief Val outside with the other members of the council.

Once inside, she asked Gil, Martin and Steve to excuse her, and then all the ladies headed into the conference room. The door was shut. Gil hoped everything was alright.

Once the door was closed, Chief Val informed the council that there had been an attempted incident the night before, but due to increased patrols, it was unsuccessful, and the group got away. However, they got a description of one of the girls. Chief Val handed out flyers to the council. She asked them to pass the information on to the town newspaper, give them the picture, and ask them to encourage the citizens to contact Security with any information they had.

Beth and the council agreed. Whatever Chief Val needed, she would get, no questions asked. This was the council’s top priority, to stop these attacks and bring those responsible to justice.

The door opened and Chief Val left. Beth looked a little more at ease than she did earlier. Gil asked if everything was alright, and Beth explained what had happened the night before, and that they had a description of one of the girls. They were going to have the newspaper publish the picture, and ask people with information to call Security.

Gil reached up and put his hand on her arm, and told her that he was hoping everything would work out. Inside, it pained him that she was upset, and he welcomed any news that might cheer her up. 

The morning was just like the previous two. Beth brought them another box for the three to go through. But unlike the previous days, all the files were intact. In fact, they had found some of the missing parts of the files they previously checked. And once the box was marked finished, a tag marking it for destruction was added. 

However, it was mostly Martin and Steve that went through the box. Due to his lack of sleep the past couple of nights, Gil kept nodding off. And for the most part, he would jerk himself awake. The last time, he was in a deeper sleep state, and found himself in another dream. This time, Sam wasn’t in it. It was his wife Beth and his daughters Maggie and Sarah. He saw them across the street, and he ran to them. But a grey fog suddenly enveloped them, and then they were gone.

Gil suddenly woke up, startled by his dream. His eyes were red. He was breathing fast. He told Beth that he was going outside to get some air. She told him that she would go with him. Gil objected, but Beth told him that men were not allowed to be outside by themselves. The male from the other night had his 10 year old sister out with him, to protect him. And he was still attacked. She said she was going with him. Her tone made any further argument pointless. So Beth escorted Gil outside.

Once they were alone, Beth asked him if anything was bothering him. Gil said there wasn’t anything bothering him. Beth knelt down as far as she could so she could look at him more directly, and asked again, saying that she knew that he was having terrible dreams, and he was starting to look like crap from a lack of sleep. And she wanted the truth.

Gil looked up at her and saw the same look as the previous day when he volunteered to act as bait in order to catch the girls responsible for the attacks, and she put her foot down. With no other choice, he told her everything about his dreams, how they started off with Sam, and ended with his wife crying. He explained in detail the dreams involving Sam. He had tried to keep the thought of her from his mind, but it was no use. His head was being overwhelmed by her beauty.

Gil also apologized to Beth, and she asked him for what. Gil told her that she was every bit as beautiful as Sam, in every way the embodiment of physical perfection, and here he was talking about another woman like she was a goddess.

Beth gently rubbed his cheek. She told him that it was ok. She told him that she found him to be very handsome, but she thought of him as a brother. He would never have to feel embarrassed about expressing himself in front of her. She would be there to lend an ear, just like she promised that morning. 

Gil thanked her for just being there for him and his friends. He wasn’t sure that they would have been able to survive on their own without her looking out for them. And he was glad that the lady he married had the same name, because if he was ever able to get back to his own world, the name Beth would always be on his mind. She smiled at him, and they went back inside as soon as Gil felt better.

Just before lunch, Beth’s phone rang. It was Sam. She wanted to know if they could get together for lunch and catch up with each other. Beth noticed that Gil had froze in his chair, and seemed to be in a trance, and told her friend not that day, as she still had a ton of paperwork to do. So the ladies said goodbye and hung up.

Gil finally heard Beth asking him if he was ok. It was her third attempt to get a response. Gil turned beet red, and apologized. Beth said it was ok. And then ordered their lunch. 

The food hit the spot. Beth got to ask Martin and Steve about their families. The more she got to know them, the more protective she got. They had become her friends, and she loved them like brothers.  

After lunch, she brought up another box for them to go through. It made the afternoon fly by. Soon, 4:00 pm came, and it was time to go. Beth did her usual looking around, and the three guys did the same. 

As they were walking, Gil looked around and saw something that shook him. He stopped dead in his tracks. He couldn’t have seen what he thought he saw. It was impossible. 

He started to cross the street to investigate, but a large, but gentle, hand held him in place. Beth asked him what he was doing, and where he was going. Gil told her that he saw something that he needed to see for himself. Beth told him that he couldn’t wander off by himself. It was important for her to get them home. 

Gil said he wasn’t going. He needed to see something for himself. And he tried to move, only to be stuck in that one spot by Beth’s hand. He tried to struggle to get free, but it was useless. And he realized that with his lack of sleep, his eyes were probably playing tricks on him. He stopped his squirming, and apologized to Beth for his behavior. And he went quietly with her.

But his mind was racing again. Did he actually see what he thought, or was it a hallucination? He couldn’t be sure. Maybe a good night’s sleep would help him.

Chapter 10 Gil needs sleep by Twjr0228

Gil was unusually quiet once they got back to Beth’s apartment. Normally the most talkative of the astronaut crew, he was deep in thought, and not paying attention to the others. She was going to make dinner, and asked Gil if he wanted to help. Beth didn’t need his help, but wanted to get him alone and find out what was bothering him without the others knowing.

Gil absentmindedly followed her into the kitchen. Beth picked him up and put him on the counter, and as she was getting everything ready, asked him if something was bothering him, and if there was something, was it something she did. Gil just said that nothing was wrong. Beth could tell by his halfhearted answer that he wasn’t telling the truth.

She moved closer to him, and bent down slightly to be eye level with him. She told him that he could be totally honest with her. He just had to trust her. Whatever was going on in his mind, she just wanted him to tell her, so she could help. Gil looked at her blankly and again told her nothing was wrong. Beth knew it was pointless to push the issue, she lifted him down off the counter and asked that he leave the kitchen. She didn’t want him to go, but she knew he was distracted. And distracted people in the kitchen led to injuries.

Gil returned to the living room and just sat on a cushion on the sofa. Martin and Steve were also sitting, and Martin asked him what was going on. Gil said nothing. Martin said that was bullshit, and wanted to know, telling him that what affected one of them could affect all of them.

Gil looked at his friends, and told them that while they were walking home, he swore he briefly saw Beth and the kids across the street, but when he looked again, they were gone. He wanted to investigate, but was stopped by the Beth of this world. He understood that she wanted to keep them safe, but the image he saw was almost real. And it was killing him knowing that there was a possibility, though infinitely small, that they were there.

Martin and Steve looked at him with sympathy. They knew he was having terrible dreams, and was sleeping poorly, but to have it in his mind that his wife and kids were on this planet was a sign of a possible mental breakdown. The best they could do is ask Beth if she had any alcohol, let him have a drink, then put him to bed. Martin thought he needed sleep more than anything.

Beth made a quick, easy soup for dinner. Since Gil wasn’t talking, Martin and Steve carried the conversation with her. They talked about something that was mentioned by Mary or Margaret about the Goddess Hera creating this planet. The men thought it was silly, but were trying to find out more about where they were.

Beth said that yes, Hera was the Goddess of the planet. She had created women in her own image, and they were grateful that she was a benevolent Goddess. Martin asked her how was she able to create all this when her husband Zeus was the supreme deity of Mt Olympus? Beth didn’t understand the question. She told them that Hera was not married to a man named Zeus, whoever that was. The Goddess Hera created many wonderful worlds, where men and women lived in harmony. It was her will.

Steve chimed in, asking if Beth found it odd that women were so much larger than men. She replied that it was the way it had always been. The evolution of the population happened according to Hera’s plan. The Goddess had blessed this world with health, prosperity, and peace. Martin and Steve could see that Beth was getting a little annoyed that they weren’t understanding what she was saying, so they both raised their cups and toasted the Goddess Hera, and that brought a warm smile to her face. 

Gil just sat there, still deep in his thoughts. Over and over he kept asking himself if what he saw was real. They only way he would be able to get his answer was that the next time he thought he saw him, he would have to be quicker than Beth. It was his only opportunity to know one way or the other. 

Once Gil was finished eating, he excused himself and went to the bedroom. He was as exhausted as he had ever been, even with all his military and astronaut training. It was the long days and lack of sleep. He silently prayed that any dream he had wouldn’t involve Sam. He needed to keep his mind on Beth and the twins.

He was passed out by the time Martin and Steve came to bed. They enjoyed getting a chance to talk to their giant hostess. They also realized that they should have been more respectful of her religious beliefs, and both did apologize to her for their attitudes. She told them that liked telling them all about Hera. Since everyone on the planet believed the same, it was a little different actually being asked. So no harm, no foul.

Gil tossed and turned like he was on a ship in the middle of a hurricane. He woke up. He saw that he was in the bedroom, and he saw Martin and Steve next to him, sleeping soundly. Gil felt relieved. He did not have a bad dream. So he laid back down and fell into another deep sleep.

A short time later, he was awoken by a noise. He immediately thought someone was trying to break into Beth’s apartment, so he sprang up and went out to the living room, expecting trouble. He looked around, and saw everything was in order. Just a sound, he thought.

So he made his way back towards the bedroom. But the hallway seemed a lot longer than he remembered. He kept walking, but the room was still far away. He thought it strange. 

Then he saw a familiar light coming from a bedroom at the end. He followed the light. Entering the room, he saw the candles on the floor, but they were dimmer than he remembered. He looked around and didn’t see anyone or anything, so he turned to leave.

As he was walking out the door, he heard a noise. Quickly turning, he saw a towering figure at the back of the room. It was a female. He thought of Sam, but it wasn’t. The body wasn’t the same. He stood there as the figure came towards him. Gil admired the beauty of what was in front of him, the perfect breasts, the beautiful lines of a perfect body. 

The figure reached him. Gil was overwhelmed by a desire to kiss what was in front of him. He looked up, but the face was hidden in the shadows. He started caressing the thigh in front of him. The figure laid down, and he moved to her breasts and began to suck on them. They were as magnificent as Sam’s, yet there was something strangely familiar about them.

Gil made his way up to the figure's face. He started kissing her lips. He continued to kiss, and with passion. But like the breasts, the lips were also strangely familiar. It was then that the candles grew brighter, and Gil finally saw the face, and he let out a scream. It was Beth, his Beth. His wife, and she was immense. 

Martin woke up Gil. His screaming had gotten his friends up, and also woke Beth. She came in and tried to reassure him that it was only a dream, and noticing the tear running down his face, gently wiped it away. She asked him if he wanted to go to the living room to calm down, but Gil gave her a strange look, like he didn’t trust her. Beth saw his reaction, and felt hurt by it. She wondered what could have he dreamt about to cause his reaction.

Chapter 11 Shocking, Positively Shocking by Twjr0228

Beth left the men’s bedroom, and went back to hers nearly in tears. She would never hurt them, or do anything that would put them in danger, but when Gil woke up from his dream, he looked at her like she was pure evil. She didn’t understand why. She tried to close her eyes, but Gil’s reaction played over and over in her mind. She was able to doze, but she couldn’t fall into a deep sleep again.

Gil calmed down enough for Martin to ask him if he was alright. Gil replied yes. Martin asked him what he dreamt about. Gil said that he didn’t want to discuss it. And Martin saw by his look that it was best to drop it then and there. Gil told his friends that he was going out to the living room, and that they should get some sleep. And with that he went out the giant door and sat on his sofa. 

Beth heard him leave, and was torn about whether she should try and talk to him, to make sure he was alright. He obviously needed a little space, but he was also on a strange world, and he might be afraid, even if wouldn’t admit it. 

Beth gently came out of her room and went into the living room. She could see Gil just sitting there, with a blank look on his face, deep in thought. She sat on the floor next to him, and asked if he was alright. Her words startled him, for he never heard her enter the room. 

He looked up at the very beautiful, but very sad, giantess. He knew his reaction when he woke up was the reason for her misery. He tried to reach out and touch her arm, but it was just out of his reach. So he did the only thing he could think of. He just started talking, saying how there was this very beautiful lady of the house who was even more beautiful when she smiled.

Beth looked at him kind of funny, not knowing whether or not he was joking. Once she saw he was serious, she gave him a huge smile. It was then that Gil told her everything, about what he thought he saw walking home, and his dream involving his wife. He apologized for his reaction, as the shock of seeing his wife in the dream, behaving exactly like Sam, made him disoriented when he woke up. 

Beth grew quiet. Gil, Martin And Steve were having weird dreams since they got there, but Gil was being especially plagued by them. She didn’t know why, and more importantly, she didn’t know what to do. But she reached over and hugged him and thanked him for opening up to her. Both had calmed down enough to try and sleep, so they both went to their rooms. 

Gil didn’t know what time it was, but he heard Beth get up and head towards the kitchen. He got up and went to the kitchen to help with anything that she might need. Beth was brewing coffee, and he just asked her if she needed his help. She smiled down at him, and crouched as low as she could, picking him up and putting him on the counter. She told him that she was about to make breakfast, and if he could take care of the toast and plates, she would appreciate it. Gil gave her a salute and ‘Yes, Ma’am’. That brought a smile to both of their faces.

While she was making breakfast, Beth couldn’t help but feel a little sad. She had three men staying with her that were not from her world, yet she felt as close to them as to the boy she loved as a teenager. They were open and honest, and made her laugh, and most of all, made her feel like the most important person in the world. 

She knew that they all had wives and children on their world, but she thought that if just one was single, and didn’t mind staying here forever, she would make him happy, and would be able to have children, and raise them together with a man she loved. But she had seen their eyes when they talked about their loved ones. She knew where their hearts lay. It wasn’t with her or this world. 

But she also thought about Gil. She had become closest to him, due to all their late night talks. She felt bad for him because of all the bad dreams he was having. They were causing his lack of sleep. Plus he missed his family. And that must have caused him heartache.

Beth sighed. She thought about how the men missed their families, and wondered if she would ever meet someone who would miss her as much. Their wives were the luckiest girls in the world. She didn’t know how or why the three men were there, but she would be as supportive as possible for as long as they were there. 

Once breakfast was finished, and the dishes cleaned up, the four of them took their showers. The water felt refreshing to all. Once finished, they dressed, and headed out the door, with Beth assuming her usual position as lookout.

It wasn’t until they got to the office building when they saw both Chief Val and Doctor Sam waiting for them. Gil noticed how excited the Chief was. But what he had also realized was that he wasn’t affected by Sam’s presence like he had been. He didn’t know why, but he was glad. Once they were inside, the Chief called a meeting with the ladies of the office. Sam joined them.

Chief Val wanted them to know that they had caught the groups of girls responsible for the attacks on men. The extra patrols paid off when a security officer noticed that a man got separated from his daughter, and proceeded to the area, and caught the first group cornering the poor guy. His daughter showed up, relieved, and told him that ‘mom said he wasn’t to leave her side’. 

The second group was following two boys who were out with their sister. Security noticed the suspicious behavior, and followed them. They were making a move to separate the three, and taking the boys into an alley, but were apprehended before any male was hurt.

There were congratulations and hugs all around. Beth asked Chief Val if she wanted to retain the extra officers that were hired to find the gangs. Chief Val said that she would. It is better to be safe than sorry. Beth told her to consider it done. 

Once Chief Val left, Doctor Sam talked for a few minutes with Beth. Then she asked the three men if it would be ok if she did a follow up interview with them, just to make sure everything was ok. The guys told her it wouldn’t be a problem.

Steve was first up, followed by Martin, and Gil went last. The first two interviews went fairly quickly. Once out of the room, they headed for their table in the corner, out of sight from the front desk. Gil was next, and Sam noticed the bags under his eyes. She asked him if he was sleeping ok. Gil said no. He was having a lot of bad dreams (he didn’t dare say that they usually involved her), and he couldn’t explain why. He was getting up early and going to bed late. Sam said she could prescribe something to help him sleep better. Gil told her that he would try anything. 

While Gil was in with Sam, Martin and Steve were busy with the destruction list when suddenly they were surrounded by a gray fog. The cloud disappeared, as had the two men. At exactly the same instance, a woman and her two daughters had entered the building. Beth said hi, and wondered if she could help them. The woman said they were lost. They didn’t know where they were or how they got there. Beth thought the lady was kidding, but saw that she was generally perplexed. 

Beth explained where they were. And said that if she needed further assistance, she would walk her over to Security, which could probably help them more. Beth asked the women her name. The lady replied that her name was Beth, and her twin girls were named Maggie and Sarah. 

It didn’t register with Beth from the office about the names. She told the mom that she knew a man who had a wife and two daughters with the same name. Both Beths laughed at that thought.

Gil came out of his interview with Sam and headed for his table. He didn’t see Martin or Steve there, which was very odd. He headed towards Beth’s desk when he stopped suddenly. What was before him was impossible, but there nonetheless. He said Beth and both ladies turned and looked. Gil recognized his wife, and ….

Gil woke up on top of the conference room table, with the room spinning all around him. Once it stopped, he noticed Sam was checking his vitals. He looked to his right and saw Maggie and Sarah with dumbfounded expressions on their faces. He turned and saw Beth standing there. He looked further left and saw his wife just staring down at him, her face with the same expression as her two daughters.

Gil wanted to know what happened, and Sam explained that he fainted. They brought him into the room, and she examined him. Everything checked out. Gil just kept looking at his wife. Suddenly, he remembered Martin and Steve. He didn’t see them in the room. He asked Beth if she knew where they were? She had a worried look on her face. She couldn’t find them anywhere. It was like they disappeared. He turned towards his wife. She was immense, just like all the women in this world. He sat up, still unable to take his eyes off Beth. He asked that everyone leave the room, except for his wife and daughters. 

Everyone left, leaving Beth and Maggie and Sarah. Gil hopped down from the table, but failed to account for its great height. He landed and fell face first onto the floor. Beth came to him and helped him to his feet. 

They both stood up straight. He only came up to just past the midway point of her thigh. He looked at his children. They were 10 years old, yet he didn’t even come up to their developing chests. He guessed that they were close to 9 feet. Maggie asked her mom why their dad was so little. Beth had no answer. She looked down and Gil. He looked up at Beth, and tried to give her a hug, but couldn’t reach her waist. 

She bent down and picked him up and gave him a hug, only for him to struggle in panic. Beth didn’t realize that Gil was frantically trying to get free. She couldn’t help herself. She was overjoyed at seeing him. She released him and saw that he was on the verge of turning blue. She asked him what was wrong. He couldn’t catch his breath. He was gasping, until finally his breathing regulated. Beth picked him up again and brought his face to hers and just started kissing him. After a few seconds, Gil started squirming. She put him back down, and once again, he couldn’t catch his breath. 

Once he did, he looked at the girls in front of him. Beth was just as beautiful as she always was, and yet her body was different from how he remembered. Gone was any hint of the body that had two children, and in its place was one that he had grown accustomed to on this world. He was in awe of her new body.

He explained that he was still the same size as when he last saw them. It was the females of this planet that were bigger. And they were tremendously strong. He explained that somehow their physical bodies changed to adapt to their presence on the planet. He told Beth that when she hugged him, he absolutely couldn’t breathe. She gasped. She didn’t realize that she had put him in danger. He said it was ok. And then they simultaneously asked each other how they got there.

Gil explained about the mysterious cloud that surrounded the space capsule, and how they lost contact with ground control. They decided to do a manual landing, and ended up on this planet. 

Beth told him that it was breaking news when mission control not only lost contact with the capsule, but it completely disappeared from their radar. She and Martin and Steve’s wives panicked. And cried many tears, thinking that they were lost forever. 

So one day, she and the girls just wanted to walk to take their minds off the tragedy. But while they were out, a strange fog surrounded them, and next thing they knew, they were outside the office where they were now. She asked him how long he had been there, and where he and his friends slept. He replied just a few days. But he had absolutely no idea how he, or they ended up there. 

Gil said that Beth, the lady from the office, had taken the three of them in. There were no accommodations strictly for men, so they had no other choice. The three of them slept in a spare bedroom. And they came to work with her, because her apartment wasn’t set up for them to use. And they were actually working, going through old files, making sure that they were complete so they could be destroyed. 

Gil informed them once again that on this world, all the women were much, much bigger than men, and much, much stronger, so when they had to interact with males, they had to be careful. Maggie and Sarah looked at each other and smiled. Beth had seen their faces, and reminded them in a stern voice that they were to behave, or else. The girls saw that their mom was serious, and promised they would. 

Gil asked his daughters to go out to the main office and have a lady named Beth come in. Maggie and Sarah did as asked, and soon Beth had entered the room. She had a worried look on her face. Martin and Steve were missing, and there was nothing to point out what happened to them. She had called Chief Val and informed her of the situation. Chief Val sent a bunch of officers to the streets to search. Knowing there was nothing he could do, Gil introduced his wife, Beth Hodges, to the lady that had taken care of the three men. The two started chatting, with Gil’s wife thanking her for all she did. The other Beth said it was never a problem, and that she was happy that he was able to reunite with his family. They were all he talked about. Beth Hodges asked the other Beth about the size difference between men and women. Beth from the office said that she would explain later.. Gil’s wife looked down at him and smiled. The two giant ladies seemed to quickly develop a rapport. Beth from the office asked her if she needed a place to stay. She had one more spare bedroom, and it wouldn’t be any inconvenience. Until Martin and Steve could be found, the girls could use their room. Gil’s wife said that she couldn’t impose, but the other lady insisted, telling her that she realized that they were strangers in a new world, and she wanted to make sure that they were comfortable.


Gil had been thinking about his two friends. It seemed like they disappeared about the same time Beth and his daughters arrived. What if…? He had a theory. He used a break in the Beth and Beth’s conversation to posit a possibility. He told the women that he suspected that Martin and Steve returned home. He didn’t know why, nor could he guess as to why he was left there, only to have his family mysteriously arrive. It was the only explanation. The office doors were too big and too heavy for them to open, and someone in the office would have noticed two men walking out the door. There was no other answer. 

Chapter 12 Finding out about a new world by Twjr0228


Gil and his family followed Beth back to her apartment. She went down to the spare bedroom to get it ready, then went to the one used by Gil and his friends to get it ready for the girls. Being that everything was scaled to the size of women, Beth and her daughters, Maggie and Sarah didn’t think anything strange, until they saw Gil walk into the living room. His size, as compared to the furniture, caused his daughters to giggle.

Beth Hodges gave them a look which told them to knock it off, but then looked at Gil and stifled her own smile. He may have been big and strong on planet Earth, but here he looked like a three year old. She wasn’t sure how to handle the situation, so she instinctively reached down and picked him up and held him against her hip. 

Gil started complaining, and loudly, causing his wife to realize what she was doing, and put him down, apologizing to him. He told her that it was ok, but there were things about this planet that she needed to understand. She should talk to Beth, who would explain all.

This world’s Beth came back into the living room and let everyone know that the spare rooms were ready. But she realized that with both women named Beth, it would cause confusion, as they wouldn’t know who Gil was talking to when they were together. So she told everyone that they could call her Elizabeth. That way they would know who was talking to who.

Beth told Maggie and Sarah to go into the bedroom. The kids wanted to stay in the living room, because they were secretly plotting a way that they could pick up their father, but now that would have to wait. So the girls went to the bedroom. Elizabeth and Beth sat at the kitchen table, while Gil sat on his sofa in the living room. Elizabeth was sure that the new visitor would have plenty of questions. And so she asked her if she would like something to drink. Beth asked if she had any wine. Elizabeth said yes, and produced two glasses.

Beth asked her hostess about the world, and about the size difference between men and women. Elizabeth explained about the town, saying it was called Heraville, and that women were always this size, averaging about 15’ in height. Men used to be smaller, until they experienced an unexplained height increase, which left them about 6’. She explained that the world was created by the Goddess Hera, and she made women in her image. 

Beth wasn’t sure she heard correctly, and asked about the Goddess Hera. Elizabeth said that Hera had created many worlds throughout the universe, and this was just one planet. Beth wasn’t sure if she was joking, but decided not to question her beliefs.

Beth asked her how men and women get intimate, and Elizabeth told her about the strap on, describing it in detail. Beth thought it was a joke, until Elizabeth excused herself, went to the bedroom, and returned with the item. Beth's eyes widened. She had never seen anything that big. Elizabeth explained that it was the only way men could penetrate a female. To have children, sperm from men were injected into the ovaries of women in order to fertilize their eggs. She also explained that a woman had to be gentle when handling a man’s penis, because of her enormous strength, she ran the risk of hurting a man accidentally, maybe even doing enough damage as to prevent him from producing sperm. Beth couldn’t imagine being that powerful, but she thought of how small Gil looked next to the furniture, and realized that Elizabeth was probably correct.

She also explained that, on her world, men and women were equal partners in running a household, and raising children. They each had equal say in decision making. Beth said that with women so much bigger and stronger than men, she would have thought that women would be the dominant sex, and what they decided was the final word. Elizabeth said that had never happened. All relationships were based on love and mutual respect. Women would never hurt men, never treat them as anything less than equal. It just wasn’t their way. Beth thought the whole planet to be too old fashioned. To her, since women were physically superior in every way, they should be the ones running things. But it wasn’t her world. She was a guest, and act accordingly.

With the glass of wine finished, Elizabeth asked Beth if she wanted Gil to borrow the strap on for later. Beth was tempted, and thought why not. She was interested in seeing how it all played out. As long as Gil was up for it, it may be fun. But that was for later.

Elizabeth looked at the clock. Almost 5:00. She excused herself from the table and started to make dinner. Gil automatically asked her if she needed help with anything, and before she could say yes, Beth offered to help with the meal. Gil looked up at his now towering wife, and said that if she wanted to help, she could, and he went back to the living room.

The two women started the baked chicken meal. Elizabeth asked Beth what life was like on her world. Gil had mentioned some of the things, but she wanted a woman’s perspective. 

Beth told her that there was a burgeoning movement dealing with women's liberation. She told her that while she supported it, she couldn’t really do anything, because it might affect her husband’s career. Elizabeth asked her what was a women’s liberation movement. Beth told her that it was a movement that aimed to make women equal to men in all aspects of society. From jobs, to pay, to deciding what to do with their bodies, and whether they wanted men to be involved in their personal lives. They could just have sex with men and dump them the next day. It would be the woman to decide.

Elizabeth found the whole concept extremely repulsive. Men and women were equal partners on her world, and it led to a tremendous amount of love, goodwill, and peace. It sounded like on Beth’s world, women wouldn’t be happy unless they felt superior to men. How could people raise families in that kind of environment? And relationships based strictly on sex? Where was the personal intimacy that people needed? She silently shook her head. She felt sorry for Gil. If she felt that way, then she should have never married him. Gil was a sweet, sweet man. And yet in front of her stood a woman who spoke callously about love and marriage. She would tolerate Beth out of respect for Gil, but she couldn’t see herself being friends with her.

Dinner was an experience. All the females were at the large table, while Gil ate at the table scaled for his size. With the girls engaged in conversation, he was feeling a little invisible. Elizabeth made sure to try and include him in the discussion, but he was basically ignored by his wife and daughters. He was convinced that it was because his family was excited about being on a strange planet, and were focused on learning as much as they could. 

 Maggie and Sarah both said that they couldn’t wait to explore the town. They asked Elizabeth if there were any McDonald’s around. She was confused. Beth explained that McDonald’s was a popular fast food restaurant on their world.  Elizabeth smiled and told them that there weren’t any places like that, but there were ice cream parlors that also served sandwiches. The girls looked at each other and then their mom. Beth said that they could go tomorrow. The girls were happy.

After dinner, Elizabeth started to clean up and Beth offered to help. The help was accepted and appreciated. One thing Elizabeth noticed was that she missed Gil’s presence in the kitchen. She had grown used to his help. She even looked forward to it. Beth seemed nice, but that talk they had before dinner rubbed her the wrong way. She thought that maybe she was overreacting. Beth wasn’t from her world. She needed to keep an open mind. But if Beth did anything to hurt Gil, she would act.

Wait, did Elizabeth just think that? Did she really think about defending Gil from his wife? Was she even thinking at all. Another tenet of her world was not getting involved in someone’s marriage problems. And Gil and Beth weren’t even having problems. She needed to wipe those types of thoughts from her mind.

After the women cleaned up, Gil started feeling really tired. Too many nights of little sleep was finally catching up with him. He was ecstatic that Beth and the twins were here with him, but he just couldn’t keep his eyes open. He excused himself and headed towards the bedroom. 

As he was leaving, he heard Beth ask him where he was going. He turned around and looked at her, and said he was tired. He hadn’t been sleeping well, and with the excitement of the day, he just couldn’t keep his eyes open. Beth looked a little disappointed. She was looking forward to spending time with Gil later on, and possibly trying out the strap on. But she excused herself to Elizabeth, sent Sarah and Maggie to bed, and joined her husband in bed. 

Gil finally got up on the bed when Beth joined him. She quickly undressed and joined him. She gave him a long passionate kiss. She told him that she was afraid that she would never see him again. But now that they were together, she was going to take care of him. Gil was nearly asleep, but a wide smile crossed his face. He buried his head in Beth’s quite ample chest. She caressed his cheek, and within seconds, he was snoring. She continued to stroke his cheek as she closed her eyes and soon fell asleep also.

Elizabeth had watched Beth follow Gil into the bedroom, and was really shocked to feel a tinge of jealousy. She had grown close to him over the past few days, and really enjoyed their talks. But now that his wife and family were there, it meant that she would have to fade into the background when he was with his wife. She went to her bedroom and laid down, hoping that Gil would be happy.

Beth woke up to the sensation of Gil rubbing his hand all over her body, examining her larger, and more proportional physique. She was getting slightly turned on by the feel of his small hands gently caressing any area that he could reach.

She smiled at him, then lifted him up on top of her and brought his face in front of hers, then kissed him, gently at first (remembering that Elizabeth stressed how much stronger a woman’s body was compared to a man’s), but with some passion to it. Gil tried to return the same, but his face was being overwhelmed by the much larger tongue of his wife. He just did the best he could. Beth broke the embrace, and simultaneously both told the other that they loved them, which brought laughter among the couple. Gil just rested his head on her chest, and started to gently caress her left breast. She closed her eyes and held him gently against her.

Chapter 13 Time with the family by Twjr0228

I decided to drop a short chapter, only because I want to try and explore different avenues with the story and characters. Hope you enjoy!

Gil was still laying on top of Beth, and found himself dozing due to her gently rubbing his back. He found it simultaneously to be extremely odd due to her tremendous size, and extremely relaxing. But it was also a feeling that he wasn’t sure that he would ever feel again. And Beth was also drifting in and out of sleep.

They were both startled awake by the sound of Elizabeth’s door opening, and her footsteps heading towards the kitchen. They also heard the door to Maggie and Sarah’s room open and their footsteps following Elizabeth’s. But they quickly fell back into a rhythmic sleep.

Elizabeth started brewing coffee when she noticed the two young girls waiting outside the kitchen area. She smiled at them and asked them if they wanted to help cook breakfast. Both grinned and said yes. And once Elizabeth had her morning coffee, the girls got started on the meal.

But the twins had questions about this new world, and Maggie asked Elizabeth about the size differences between men and women. Elizabeth explained to her about the world they found themselves in, and how the size of women and men had always been about the same, except that the heights of men were greater now than 100 years ago. Scientists couldn’t explain their growth. 

Sarah asked how babies are made, which caused Elizabeth some hesitation in answering. She realized that the girls were only 10, but were very curious, so she delicately explained the process, leaving out the strap on description. She didn’t know whether the girls totally understood what she said, but she wasn’t going to volunteer any additional information.

Beth woke up to the sensation of Gil sucking on her nipples. She was really enjoying the feel of his tongue rubbing over the tips, causing her to silently moan. She just lifted him up and brought his face to hers, and gently kissed him. She also noticed his bulge. But she remembered what Elizabeth told her about how women could accidentally hurt men without realizing. So she tried to be as gentle as possible moving her tongue around his mouth. 


It had been a while since Elizabeth had children in her apartment. Mary and Margaret, the two girls who were part of the beach patrol were probably the last, and they were basically the same age as the two girls in front of her. But she enjoyed the company. She had gotten so used to Gil helping her that she was afraid that something would be forgotten. But Maggie and Sarah had a much easier time maneuvering throughout the kitchen than Gil did, only because of their taller size.

Beth and Gil decided to join the crowd in the kitchen. They quickly got dressed. Beth kept thinking of how cute Gil looked at his size compared to her. He was always the big strong Astronaut hero on Earth, but here he was as adorable as a three year old. Beth bent down and picked him up and gave him a kiss, which he returned with passion. 

Gil was so wrapped up in his kissing Beth that he never noticed her opening the door and heading towards the kitchen. It was only when he heard his daughters burst out laughing that he realized what was going on. To Maggie and Sarah, it looked like their mom was holding a toddler. They thought it was funny seeing their father look helpless in their mom’s arms. And it made Gil feel a little uncomfortable. He was about to ask his wife to put him down when she started to talk to Elizabeth. Gil tried to get Beth’s attention, but she was deep in conversation, and absentmindedly handed him off to Maggie, who held him up by her face. He felt like he weighed nothing in her arms. Gil told her to put him down. Maggie looked at her mom who was still talking, and carried her father out to the living room. Gil was getting mad. He started yelling, and loud enough for Beth to hear him complain, and she told her daughter to put her father down. 

She came over to see if Gil was ok. He was still hot, and reminded all three females in front of him that he was still the husband and father, and expected to be treated as such. Beth bent down and apologized, but also reminded him that his daughters had thought that he was lost forever, and were only excited to see him again, and that he shouldn’t carry on like that. Gil was going to say something, but Beth put her finger on his lips, and said that she considered that matter settled.

And she went back into the kitchen, followed by the girls.

Gil was speechless. Beth had never acted that way on Earth. They had always valued each other’s opinion, and raised their daughters as a team, or as much as his military commitments would allow. But this was something different. He felt that she kind of treated him like a little kid, and he didn’t like it.

Elizabeth had also seen what happened, and it made her a little upset. She just wasn’t used to seeing a man disrespected like that, especially by his family. She really wanted to say something to Beth, but knew it wasn’t her place. People just didn’t get involved in other people’s marriage or personal issues unless they were asked to, or there was imminent danger to someone. This was neither. So she just served breakfast, and whenever was asked a question, she forced herself to sound cheerful and engaged. But silently she really felt bad for Gil.


After breakfast, the girls cleaned up. Elizabeth offered Beth an outfit for the day, and suggested that the twins take showers first while she washed their clothes. 

While Maggie was in the shower and Sarah was waiting, Elizabeth told Gil that she didn’t need his help at work, and that his family was here, and to enjoy his time with them. Gil was a little disappointed. He had been looking forward to working on the destruction box, because it made him feel useful. But he was glad that he was with his family, although how he was treated earlier was still stuck in his mind.

The showers were finished, as was the laundry. Elizabeth gave Beth her work number and a spare key for the apartment. She asked to see what kind of money Beth had. Beth pulled out her wallet, and after inspection, Elizabeth said her money should be fine to use at the shops, and if there were any problems, the shop owners could call her at work, and she would take care of it. Beth thanked her hostess, and watched her leave for work after saying goodbye.

After the door closed, Beth looked at Gil and once again thought about how cute and adorable he looked. She moved closer to him, and bent down and scooped him up, pressing his body against hers, which took him by surprise. He turned towards her face and asked her what she was doing. She told him that she just wanted to hold her husband close. Gil reminded her that he was her husband, not her child. Beth thought for a few seconds, then put him down, apologizing. She said that she didn’t know what had come over her. One minute she was fine, the next minute she was thinking about how fragile and precious he was, and needed to pick him up. 


Gil looked perturbed, but accepted her apology and tried to give her a hug. She rubbed his head, and asked him if he wanted to explore the town. He said yes. So after making sure that everything was off and put away, the Hodges left the apartment to walk through town.

Their first stop was a clothing store. Upon entering, Beth asked to speak with the manager and explained the money situation. The manager examined the currency that Beth had, and determined it to be acceptable. So Beth and the twins bought several outfits and other women’s wear. Gil got a couple of new outfits as well. Beth paid, and they were off on their tour. One thing that Beth and the girls had to get used to was having to walk extremely slow so Gil could keep up. At points, Beth was getting frustrated, and Sarah mentioned to her mom that it might be better if she carried her father, to make the tour quicker, but she said no.

They came upon an ice cream shop that Elizabeth had mentioned. The twins got triple scoops of chocolate, Beth got a single scoop, and Gil got the man-sized single scoop of vanilla. They found a table with chairs that could accommodate males. So they ate their ice cream, with Maggie and Sarah excitedly talking about how great it would be if they could live there forever. Beth tried to mute the discussion by reminding them that they had friends and family on Earth, while Gil tried to ignore the topic altogether. He was really praying that they could return to Earth, so things would go back to normal.

Elizabeth had gotten to work in a quiet mood. Witnessing the scene with Gil, plus the fact that he wasn’t there, left her uneasy. She had only known him a couple of days, but she felt really close to him. She really enjoyed their talks, and his ability to freely discuss topics was something that she knew Martin and Steve weren’t comfortable with. Plus, Gil was a good worker, and without him being there, the office felt empty.

With the shopping out of the way, Gil and his family headed back to the apartment. It was nearly 11, and once inside, Beth put the TV on for the girls, and led her husband back to the bedroom. Once the door was locked, Gil knew what was up. His wife produced the strap on and told him that she wanted to see him use it. Gil tried to object, but Beth was already naked in front of him, so he knew he didn’t have a choice. So he stripped, put on the strap on, and made his way in between Beth’s legs.

Chapter 14 Gil experiences a fate worse than death by Twjr0228

As she was waiting for Gil to get the strap on inside her, Beth felt a strange sensation overcome her body. She thought it was anticipation. Ever since Elizabeth told her about it, she could hardly wait to experience the feeling. Gil was struggling trying to find Beth’s sweet spot. The strap on was not only bulky, but it prevented him from naturally becoming fully erect, and it was causing him some discomfort. He could tell that Beth was beginning to get impatient, as she kept asking him if he needed help, the tone in her voice becoming more agitated. She didn't realize that Gil was extremely unfamiliar with the strap on. But he finally was able to penetrate, though he didn't know how to balance himself to achieve the maximum effect.

Disappointed, Beth used her hand to remove the strap on, causing Gil to lose his balance and fall on his ass. His wife had a frustrated look on her face as she reached down and lifted him back on his feet with one hand. Gil apologized, but Beth half-heartedly accepted. She was in the mood, and not being able to climax caused feelings of frustration. She got dressed and told Gil to do the same, and she left the bedroom and went into the kitchen looking for something to drink. She spotted a bottle of wine, and poured herself a glass.

Once he was dressed, Gil made his way to the kitchen. He noticed the glass of wine in Beth’s hand, and asked her if it was a little early to be drinking. Beth, still feeling disappointed about the lack of climax, snapped that he wasn't her boss, and that she did what she wanted. Gil looked up at his giant wife and saw two angry eyes looking down at him. He decided to drop any further discussion and made his way to the living room.

Elizabeth was feeling a little empty. She had grown used to seeing the three little men, Gil, Martin, and Steve, hard at work going through the boxes, organizing files, and generally being breaths of fresh air in an otherwise boring office. She found her mind occasionally thinking of Gil, and how he was doing. She would have to quickly force those thoughts out of her head. She should have been happy that Gil and his family were reunited. But her truly inner thoughts betrayed her feelings towards him. He was everything that she was looking for, honest, funny, loyal, willing to open up. But he was married. And that was one line that she would dare not cross.

Gil sat down on his sofa, feeling angry and confused. Beth and Maggie and Sarah were there with him, but he couldn't help but feel something was off. Beth had never been overly aggressive sexually, yet she basically had given him no choice earlier. She wanted to have sex, and her was powerless to say no. And her attitude afterwards, when he was unable to completely penetrate her and satisfy her, was off putting. He wasn't used to using anything other than his shaft to satisfy his wife, so he felt like he was being forced to learn how to use the strap on with no practice. 

He was getting deeper in thought when two hands lifted him up with ease, startling him back to attention. It was Beth. She turned him around and placed him on her hip. Gil told her to put him down. Beth ignored him. He tried to wriggle free, but her immense size and strength made any attempt to break free impossible. So Gil gave up. Beth looked at him, and told him that she was sorry that she got mad earlier. She was just so in the mood, and with her being unable to reach satisfaction, she was overly frustrated. She told him that she now understood that he was unfamiliar with the strap on, but she wanted him to get used to wearing it. She told him that she hoped that he would be able to be more successful next time.

Gil just looked at her, his anger growing. He told her that he didn't appreciate being talked to like that. He had worried tremendously that he would never see his family again, and that he had never used anything other than himself to have sex with her. He told her that he refused to wear that damn strap on again, because it was distracting him from being able to be fully intimate with her.

Beth just looked down at her husband, still holding him on her hip, and told him that he will get used to wearing it, whether he liked it or not. And that any further discussion on the matter was over, and things were going to be a little different from that point on. Frozen by those words, he looked into her eyes, and did not recognize the woman speaking. It was as if his wife had become a totally different person than the one he married. He didn't understand it, any of it. She was not the Beth he married.

Before Gil could add anything, Beth placed him on the big sofa between Maggie and Sarah and told them to watch their father. She turned and went back into the bedroom and shut the door. Gil was extremely angry, and felt very humiliated that his wife had basically treated him as a small child, the ultimate insult was having to listen to her words telling his daughters to basically babysit him. And he felt even lower when Maggie picked him up with ease and placed him on her lap. He tried to get down, but felt a pair of large hands hold him in place with ease. And the more he struggled to free himself, the less he was able to move. Finally Maggie told him to stop squirming, that mommy wanted them to watch him. He felt like crying.

Gil wished that he could just make everything return to the way it was before the rocket launch. He was starting to hate this type of life with a passion. He had no idea what was happening, but he was becoming more and more convinced that “his family” wasn't really his family. They weren't the people that he loved and cared for. They were almost like strangers trying to act like people he knew. He suddenly missed Elizabeth and her gentle nature. 

Elizabeth was absentmindedly working when she felt something off. She didn't know what was going on, but the feeling was something real. She went to work on the box of files that the three men would have worked on, just to take her mind off the uneasy feeling running through her body. She was tempted to call the apartment, but thought better of it. She didn't want to interrupt Gil and his family during their reunion. 

About an hour later,  Beth came out of the bedroom and smiled when she saw Gil sitting on Maggie’s lap like a little boy. It gave her a sense of satisfaction, as on their world, she was expected to be subservient to her husband. On this world, she could finally be free of those chains. She would no longer follow his lead. He was going to follow her’s. She loved him, but this was her time to be free. This was obviously a world set up for women, and she was going to take full advantage of it. And she was going to teach her girls that the world was theirs for the taking. Beth also stifled a laugh when she heard Maggie complain that Gil was too squirmish, only to hear him complain that he had to go to the bathroom. Beth told Maggie to let her daddy use the bathroom. 

Gil got down and hurried to the bathroom. He thanked God that Elizabeth had a child’s potty training chair brought in for the three astronauts. Otherwise, the toilet seat would have been way too tall for him to reach. Relieving himself, thoughts of the gentle giantess that was their hostess crept into his mind. He wondered what she had been up to at work. It felt strange for him not to be working with her, going through the files. 

His thoughts then turned to his present situation. He dreaded going back out into the living room. For some strange reason, Beth was treating him in a humiliating manner, and it seemed that his daughters were taking their cues from their mother. He was helpless against even his twin girls, who were infinitely stronger than he was, as well as being 3 feet taller. And Beth? He could forget about having any sort of equal say in their relationship. When she had him cradled on her hip, her tone of voice and condescending manner made it clear to him that she was running the show. Unless he made it back to his own world, he would be trapped in a personal hell, which made him feel sick to his stomach.

Gil was lost in his misery when he felt Beth behind him. Turning around, she wanted to know what was taking him so long because Sarah had to use the bathroom. Gil offered that after relieving himself, he felt that maybe he had to use the bathroom some more. Beth looked down at him, and told him not to tie up the bathroom next time. And then she turned and left. Gil could feel his anger growing, but was incapable of doing anything. He felt as helpless as a child, at the mercy of Beth's moods and whims. He just lowered his head and went back into the living room.

4:00pm came. It was time to close the office. Elizabeth cleaned up her desk and headed for home. She still had the uneasy feeling that was plaguing her all day. She reached her door, and opened it, just in time to hear voices coming from the kitchen. They belonged to Beth and Gil. But it was the words spoken that shocked her. All she heard was Gil apologizing in a panicked voice, and Beth angrily saying it better not happen again. 

Elizabeth didn't know what caused the situation. But she knew that men and women never talked to each other that way. It took all of her self control to avoid getting involved. But she knew instantly what had been causing her feelings all day. It put her in a foul mood. She walked in and saw Beth looming over Gil. Once she entered, Beth stood straight up, and asked her how her day went like nothing had happened. With all of her might, Elizabeth tried to act as friendly as she could, and replied that it went well. 

She noticed Gil looking a little pale, so she immediately asked him if he wanted to work the next day. The boxes with the files needed to be worked on. Gil’s eyes lit up and said he would love to work, only to have Beth tell him that she wanted him there with her. Gil tried to object, but Beth shot him a look that told him not to try her patience. So, forlornly, he told Elizabeth that he couldn't. 

Elizabeth left the kitchen and went to her bedroom. She picked up the phone and dialed Sam’s number, and asked her if she was free in the morning, could she stop by the office? Sam could hear the combination of sadness and anger in her friend’s voice, and told her that she would be there at 9:00am. Elizabeth thanked Sam, and hung up. Spending the night in the same apartment as Beth was going to be the toughest thing that she ever did. But if she left and stayed at Sam's house, it would leave Gil at Beth's mercy, and that was something that she refused to do.

Elizabeth made ravioli for dinner, and found herself making the meal without any help. Not that she wanted any, but she didn't want to be near Beth, not after the way she treated Gil. She felt like crying for him. He was the nicest man she knew, kind and always willing to cheer her up with humor. But the way he was being treated by his wife made her feel repulsed by Beth's presence. But she didn't know what to do.

Dinner was very awkward. Every time Elizabeth tried to include Gil in whatever they were talking about, he was interrupted by Beth, who proceeded to speak as if he wasn't there. And what happened after dinner stunned Elizabeth into shock. 

Everyone was in the living room. Once again, Gil found himself sitting on the lap of his daughter, this time Sarah’s. And as the time approached 9:00 pm, out of the blue Beth told him that it was time for him to go to bed. At first, he thought his wife was joking, but when she told Sarah to put her father in the bedroom, he knew she meant it. He felt that it was the worst possible ending to the worst possible day. And before he could say anything, he was carried into his bedroom by his daughter, and there was nothing that he could do about it. And Beth just continued talking to Elizabeth like nothing unusual happened. 

Elizabeth mentioned that maybe it was bedtime for Maggie and Sarah, but Beth said that they could go to bed when they wanted to. It made Elizabeth the most upset she had ever been in her life, but still didn't say anything out of respect for Gil. But she desperately needed to talk to Sam about the situation. She needed sound advice, because she was afraid of doing something that would make it more difficult for Gil.

After Sarah carried him to the bedroom and closed the door, Gil just sat on the floor, crying uncontrollably. He had never expected Beth to behave the way she did. She always had an independent streak, but on his world, she was a loving, kind, supportive wife and mother. On this world, she had become a monster, lording her immense size and strength over him. He felt that she was taking perverse pleasure in the situation, and he was at a kiss to explain it. And with the prospect of getting home growing smaller, he was now resigning himself to his new life. And he just kept crying.

Chapter 15 A temporary solution by Twjr0228

After Beth had Sarah put Gil to bed, Elizabeth experienced a feeling that she had never before, pure hatred of the woman sitting across from her. She thought that Gil's wife had been so disrespectful towards him that she couldn't understand why he married her. And the thought of being in the same room as that woman was too much to take. So about 10 minutes after Gil was in his room, Elizabeth excused herself and turned in also, leaving Beth and the twins to watch TV. 

And as she was heading towards her room, she silently paused when she heard one of twins ask their mom why she sent their father to bed, anxious to hear Beth's answer. She heard her tell her daughters that the world they just entered was made to be an Utopian Female paradise, where they controlled what happened. And for too long their father, after being away from home for months on end, would come home and immediately start barking orders and overruling all her decisions regarding the raising of her girls, and the house. She resented it, but could not do anything about it, as that society frowned upon strong, independent women. But not this place. She told her daughters that soon their father would learn to obey and respect the three of them, and learn his place in society.

Maggie and Sarah looked at each other, and then at their mother. They had never heard her say these things. It was strange. They thought maybe that their mom was feeling ill, the words that just came out of her mouth like a foreign language they didn't understand. They did what their mother told them with regards to their father because they loved her, and didn't want to disappoint her. But they also felt a little sorry for their dad, because they always knew him as a loving, doting father. And they were tremendously proud that he was an astronaut, the best of the best. But what their mother was saying didn't make sense to them.

Elizabeth heard every word that was said, and her blood was beyond boiling. Gil was as sweet a man as she ever met, but hearing Beth talk about him as if he didn't matter, or worse, treated as less than equal to a child, made her silently weep. Never had she heard of any such behavior in her life. It was totally alien to the way of life on her world. And yet, the lady married to Gil was talking as if men didn't count as people. She really needed to talk to Sam. All she had to do was make it through the night.

It was around 1 in the morning when Beth and the girls decided to call it a night. As she walked with Maggie and Sarah down the hallway, she turned and looked at her daughters, and smiled, telling them that they would truly like the new home. The girls told their mom that they loved her, and went into their room, while Beth headed towards hers. 

Opening the door, she noticed that Gil had fallen asleep on the floor. Looking at her small husband, she thought about leaving him where he was, but she ultimately decided to pick him up and lay him in bed with her. As she laid next to him, she just couldn't get over the fact that a week ago, he was a strapping astronaut, standing 9 inches taller than her. Now he only came up to just around the middle of her thigh. In fact, it made her smile that he only came up to the midsection of his daughters. This was truly a special world for women, and she couldn't wait to take full advantage.

Elizabeth had a terrible night of sleep. Every time she dreamed, it was always of Gil being mentally abused by his wife, and her being unable to help him in anyway, and she would wake up with tears in her eyes. So when her alarm went off, she felt like she hadn't slept at all. She wearily made her way out into the kitchen. The smell of the coffee brewing made her feel a little better. She had hoped that Beth and the girls would sleep in, because she was in no mood to see her that morning. And once the cup of coffee was in her hand, she sat at the table and just enjoyed the silence.

Gil woke up with Beth's large arm on top of him. He had to use the bathroom, but was unable to lift the arm off of him. He tried to shift his position to wriggle out from underneath, but found it impossible to break free. It wasn't until Beth turned away from him that he found the freedom to move. He got down off the bed, and made his way to the door, only to find it closed, and him unable to reach the handle. He felt his bladder about to burst, but with him trapped, he thought he was going to pee all over the floor. It wasn't until the handle turned, and the door open, that he saw his savior.

Elizabeth had heard the stirring in the quiet apartment, and seeing the bedroom door closed, she assumed, correctly, that it was Gil trying to get out. He thanked her, and ran into the bathroom, barely making it in time. Once he relieved himself, he went back out into the kitchen, and thanked his gentle giantess again for saving him from having an accident. Elizabeth told him that he was very welcome. She noticed that Gil’s demeanor appeared to be a little more upbeat than the night before, but she sensed something was off with him. Without Beth there, he was able to relax a little, but he was always looking at the bedroom door. And she felt that once Beth was awake and out there, he would once again be at the mercy of her moods. She wanted to just take him to work with her, but she couldn't bring herself to go against Beth's wishes. 

It was a short time later that Beth emerged from the bedroom and saw Elizabeth sitting at the table, and Gil sitting on his sofa. She looked at her husband and said that she was wondering where he went. Gil looked up at her and said that he needed to use the bathroom, but the door was closed, and that Elizabeth opened it up for him before he had an accident. Beth looked at her at her husband, and then at Elizabeth, and joked that she would have to buy him diapers to wear at night.

Both Gil and Elizabeth had the same reaction. They both hated it, because they were sure that Beth wasn't kidding. Beth then went into the kitchen and got herself a cup of coffee, and sat down at the table. And that's when Elizabeth got up from the table and went to take a shower. But before she could enter the bathroom, she heard Beth tell Gil that she would like him to come to the dining room. Elizabeth just shook her head. Soon she would meet with Sam. Sam might have the answers to the question of what she should do.

Elizabeth got dressed and after saying goodbye, headed out the door and towards work. As she walked, she just couldn't take her mind off of Gil. The poor man was in for a miserable existence, unless she could come up with a way to make his life better. But she needed to talk with the smartest person she knew. Only then, she hoped, things would become clear.

Once she was at the office, Elizabeth made a pot of coffee, then brought two cups into the conference room. Samantha arrived 15 minutes early, and was promptly greeted with a hug that let her know that her friend was extremely troubled. Once both women were seated, and had their cups in front, Sam asked her friend what was wrong.

Elizabeth hesitated for a moment, then explained everything to the Doctor, leaving nothing out of what she actually knew, and what she suspected. And as she was describing the situation, tears had started to form in her eyes. Sam was quiet. She knew her friend very well. Elizabeth wasn't one to panic, or get excited over minor issues. If she was upset by what she thought was going through, or was going to go through, then she knew it was accurate. And Sam herself sighed. She had met Gil a couple of times, and really thought he was one of the nicest men she had ever met, and handsome too. But once she found out he was married, then she put any interest that she might have had in him out of her mind. She had noticed the way he had looked at her after they met, but she thought that it may have been a case of a stranger in a strange land, looking for a friendly face. 

But Sam was a little surprised by the way her friend had tears in her eyes. It was almost like she had fallen in love with Gil, but didn't want to admit it. But even if that was true, it didn't change the facts surrounding the issue at hand. She looked at Elizabeth and suggested that they go back to the apartment. And it would be an official visit, as Sam should examine Beth and Maggie and Sarah, to make sure that they didn't have any illness that could infect the population. And that it was time for her to perform a follow-up examination of Gil, to make sure his body has properly adjusted to his new surroundings. 

Elizabeth thought that was a great idea. And once both of them were finished with their cups of coffee, they headed back towards her apartment. But once she opened her door, she heard a loud voice coming from the back bedroom. It was Beth, and she didn't sound happy. All the two women heard was Beth telling Gil that he would get used to wearing the strap on whether he liked it or not, followed by Gil replying in a panicked voice that it was too uncomfortable and unwieldy. Sam looked at her friend with a shocked look on her face, while Elizabeth had a look that told her friend that this was what she was worried about.

But before Beth could reply, Elizabeth yelled down the hall that she was home, and brought a friend with her. They heard Gil’s wife quickly get dressed, and come out to the living room. Gil remained in the room. Beth had a curious look on her face as she noticed Sam. The astronaut’s wife wasn't sure what was going on, until Elizabeth explained that her friend’s name was Samantha, and that she was a doctor. She was there to examine Beth and the twins to make sure that they were healthy. Beth started to object, but a quietly angry Elizabeth cut her off, saying it was mandatory. Beth just looked at the two women standing in front of her, and a smile came across her face, and said it would be no problem. She yelled down the hallway, telling Gil to get dressed and join them out in the living room. 

It was those words, spoken in that tone of voice, that got Sam angry. It was as if this lady’s husband didn't count as an adult. Hell, it was like he had less rights than a 5 year old. She could see, with her own eyes, and hear with her own ears, exactly what Elizabeth had described. She wished that she would find something wrong, in order to have Beth quarantined, but realized that it would be very unlikely for that to occur.

A couple of minutes later, Gil joined them in the living room. Sam was taken aback by his appearance. When she had seen him before, his eyes were alive with humor and passion and curiosity. Now his eyes had a look of someone that was withdrawn, fearful, and otherwise miserable. Sam’s heart ached for him. But she was there to do her job, and as much as Beth offended her sensibilities, she was going to do it to the best of her abilities.

Beth went to wake up the girls. The bathroom was plenty big enough, so that was where Sam set up for the exams. Once the girls were up and moving, Beth was the first to go. Entering the room, Sam had her undress, then stand on the scale that was already in the bathroom. She pulled out a tape measure and got an accurate measurement of height and weight.

 As Sam was writing everything down, Beth decided to start a conversation. She asked if it was common in this place for women to be subservient to men? Sam looked up and asked her what she meant. Beth said that since women were so much taller and stronger than men, why didn't they assert themselves more, making men take a back seat to what they wanted to do? Sam remained composed, even though her blood pressure was sky high. She explained to the visitor that men and women didn't take a back seat to anyone. They were completely equal. Once they were married, they made decisions equally regarding the raising of children, where to live, and how to handle finances. It was always that way, and it led to much happiness and prosperity throughout the world.

Beth looked at the Doctor like she was drunk or high. She asked her how could men be taken so seriously when they were so small? Didn't she find that strange that men who were no taller than the middle of women's thighs would have any say in any decisions. It was as if women were intentionally ignoring their greatness in order to make men feel good. And due to their stature, their opinion shouldn't count or be taken seriously. She just couldn't understand that thinking, that this world was for women to take control and live how they wanted to, regardless of how men felt. 

It was then that Samantha looked directly at Beth with a gaze filled with utter contempt. She calmly restated how things were and had always been, and that it wouldn't change. Beth looked at Sam, and smiled, and said that maybe the women of this world hadn't been introduced to an exciting new way of life. 

Sam kept her eyes on Beth as she checked for lumps, rashes, or anything else that wasn't normal. She was silently disappointed when she couldn't find anything wrong, and so gave her a clean bill of health. Beth dressed and left, and then came back in with Maggie and Sarah when they took their turns. Both were healthy, then Gil came in for his exam, with Beth escorting him in. The Dr informed her that the exam was going to be conducted in private, as any Doctor/patient interaction. She told Beth to leave. She told the doctor that she wanted to be there, to make sure her husband was healthy. Once again, Sam looked Beth right in the eyes, and told her to leave the room. Sam had been ok with Beth being there with her daughters, because she was their mother. But Gil was a grown man. There was absolutely no reason for her being there, other than letting him know that she was in charge. It almost made Sam throw up. But Beth eyed up Sam, and turned and left. Once her anger towards Beth receded, Sam couldn't help but feel pity as Gil looked like a condemned prisoner facing a fate worse than death. He too was healthy physically. But Sam knew that mentally he was in trouble. 

Once the exams were over, Sam wrote her reports, and gave them to Elizabeth and stressed that she read them immediately. Her friend did as requested, and when she was  done, she asked Gil to change his clothes and come to work. Beth said that she told him to stay home with her. Elizabeth told her that she had hired him to work in the office, and that his presence was required. Beth oblected, until her hostess pointed out that she was the mayor, and she made all the hiring decisions for the town. Gil had been working on files, and that they needed to be done. 

Beth could see that Elizabeth’s mood had changed. It was no longer upbeat and innocent, but one of darkness and steely resolve. She didn't think the younger woman had it in her, but realized that although she might not like it, she had no choice. So Gil left with Sam and Elizabeth and went to work in the office. And once he was back at work on the files, Elizabeth thanked Sam for suggesting that she hire Gil, just to get him away from Beth. It was a temporary solution, but it would allow her to keep an eye on his well being without his wife being there. 

Spending the day at work seemed to boost Gil’s spirits. Going through the boxes of files temporarily took his mind off of the trouble he was having with Beth, and Elizabeth noticed. She had thought about asking her to leave the apartment, but realized that if that happened, she wouldn't be able to keep an eye on Gil. And there was no telling what she would do to him if she lost her temper. So, when Sam wrote her idea on Gil’s medical report, it gave her an opportunity to get him away from his wife. But it wasn't a permanent solution. Something would have to change, and quickly. But she looked at Gil working away without complaint, and it made her heart skip a beat.

Chapter 16 A decision is made, and lines are drawn by Twjr0228

Gil and Beth enjoyed their tension-free time at work. He wanted to thank her so much for giving him the opportunity to be away from Beth, even if it was for the afternoon. He still didn't understand how she could change from the loving wife and mother into someone who seemed to relish the fact that she was so much bigger than before, and was intent on letting him know at every opportunity. She was behaving like one of those militant feminist that he would read about in the newspaper. 

Elizabeth looked at the little man working his way through the box of files, and the only thought that was running through her mind was how terrible he was being treated by a woman who supposedly loved him. But it was anything but, and it made her feel frustrated that her options for helping Gil were extremely limited. She says something to Beth, then she breaks the unwritten rule of society by interfering in someone else's relationship. She could tell Beth to leave, but that would mean that Gil would have to leave also. And that meant that she wouldn't be able to make sure that he was doing ok. Or she could do nothing, and sit idly by as Beth continued to make Gil's life a living hell. 

It really should have put her in a terrible mood, except that while she was watching Gil work like a machine on the files, she found herself playing the game of what if. What if Gil never reunited with his wife and daughters? Would he find her attractive enough to ask out? She already knew how he felt about Samantha, but he had also told her on several occasions how beautiful she was. What if he had a choice between going back to his world with his family, and staying on this world without them. Would he choose to leave? Or would he stay and be treated with love and respect? Her mind was conflicted, and it didn't help her mood that it was nearing 4:00pm, which is when the office closed. That would mean they would have to go back to the apartment, and be around Beth. 

Elizabeth was dreading the prospect of going back to her own apartment. She was secretly thinking of a way to keep him out of there for as long as possible when her phone rang. She answered. It was Sam, checking on both her friend and Gil. Elizabeth was ecstatic that it was a friendly voice on the phone. She was half expecting Beth to call and check up on Gil, and that was the last thing he needed. But talking with Sam gave her boost, though she relayed the scenarios running around inside her mind. She really needed to keep Gil as close as possible to her, and so she decided to let Beth stay with her. But she didn't know how much longer she could handle being in the same place as Gil's wife.

Once Gil went to work, and the twins had breakfast, Beth told them to get dressed. They were going for a walk. So they left and walked around town. There were several other families out and about. Beth was still trying to understand the dynamic she saw playing out with every couple and family. Women and female children treating men and boys as equals. She thought that the women were stupid. This world was catered towards them and their great size, yet they had no idea how to take advantage. She thought that they were throwing away the opportunity of a lifetime. And for what? To make men feel good about themselves? What about women feeling good about themselves? Why should their feelings be any less important? She told herself that if the women on this world needed to be shown the way to a truly great life, then she would be the one to do it. 

With her twin girls with her, Beth decided to see for herself if what both Elizabeth and Sam described was accurate. She and the girls entered a clothing store. Beth had actually decided to buy new outfits for the three of them. They quickly found what they were looking for, and while waiting in line to pay, Beth struck up a conversation with another woman who was alone. Beth started by mentioning how lovely the day was, and the woman gave a warm, friendly smile and agreed that it was a lovely day. Beth asked her how she liked living there? The woman replied that it was a great town, extremely safe and clean, and the perfect place to raise a family with her husband.

Beth asked the woman if she felt comfortable allowing her husband to have a say in what decisions were made for the family? The warm smile on the lady’s face morphed into a look of confusion. Beth went on to tell the lady that she could obviously make all family decisions on her own, that she didn't need her husband’s permission to live her life the way that she wanted to. 

The woman calmly replied that she and her husband relied on each other for support and advice, and that all choices made were done as one. They were equal partners. Beth thought that if she heard that husband and wife equal partner bullshit one more time she would get sick. She casually mentioned the fact that women were so much bigger and stronger than men. And wouldn't it be great if women made all decisions by themselves, with no input from men? 

The confused look on the woman's face was replaced by one of annoyance. It was the lady's turn to pay, and once the transaction was completed, she turned to leave, but not before looking at Beth and saying that she didn't know where she got her ideas, but they were strange and completely unacceptable. She should go back to her husband and raise her family the right way. And with that, the woman walked out.

Beth had a curious reaction. Instead of being upset by the woman berating her, she smiled. Changing this world was going to be a challenge. But it was a challenge that she looked forward to accepting. However, her mood changed slightly when, on the way back to the apartment, Sarah asked her mom if she was mad at her dad. Beth said she wasn't, and wanted to know why she asked. Sarah told her that it seemed that she was always yelling at him, even if he didn't do anything wrong, and that she acting differently towards him than before.

Beth smiled at her daughter, and said that sometimes, a man had to be shown his place in the world. And as she and Maggie grew older, they would learn to do the same thing with their men. Sarah and Maggie looked at each other in disbelief. They had never heard their mom speak that way about men before, especially their dad. And they were starting to like boys back on their world. They couldn't imagine treating them the way their mom was treating their dad. It put them in an off mood.

Once back at the apartment, Beth made lunch for the three of them. She was in a mood, and if Gil had been there, he would have spent a lot of time wearing the strap on. Beth was horny, and couldn't wait for him to get back. She just kept thinking of how the strap on would feel as it fully penetrated her vagina. All she could imagine was the pleasure she would feel. But then she kept thinking of how much trouble Gil had when he tried to use it. If he didn't learn how to properly use it, he would be useless to her. At his size, there was nothing he could do to satisfy her in a natural way. In fact, there was nothing any man on that world could do to satisfy her by themselves. They all needed help. 

They were truly useless, and yet the women here were treating them like they were special. That was bullshit. Women were the ones that were special. 

And yet, the women here couldn't grasp the opportunity that they had been given. 

She felt a brief sense of frustration, but one thing that she learned on her world was that people were stubborn, and that it produced greater satisfaction when their minds were changed. So she saw this place as a golden opportunity to spread her new gospel.

As 4:00pm came, Elizabeth alerted Gil that it was time to close up the office. He had been so involved in organizing the files, that he lost track of the time after lunch. He looked at the files. There were quite a few, but once he organized them, they were much more manageable. Elizabeth was extremely impressed by both his work ethic and his focus. But as they locked up for the day, Gil became quiet. He realized that his mini break from Beth was ending, and quickly. But, he and he alone, had to deal with her. He didn't want Elizabeth to get involved, as it wasn't her problem. She had been more than generous with Gil and his astronaut friends, as well as with Beth and the girls. He knew that the way Beth was behaving was upsetting her, but he would have to come up with some sort of solution.

Elizabeth and Gil walked through the door. Maggie and Sarah were in the living room, watching TV, while Beth was at the table drinking a glass of wine. He said hi to his girls as they hugged him, and then went over to his wife to do the same. But he could smell the alcohol on her breath, and sensed something lurking beneath that gave him pause. 

Beth looked down as the small man who was her husband stood in front of her. She told him that she wanted her kiss, but made no effort to bend down and make it easy for him. Elizabeth had been watching what was happening, and moved a chair and picked him up so he could stand and reach Beth's lips. This annoyed her so much that she found herself getting angry. She wanted to enjoy watching her husband struggle while trying to give her a kiss, only for Elizabeth to make it easier for him. 

She didn't like it they her hostess stuck her nose in their business. And she had a thought about moving out and finding their own place to stay. But she needed money to do that, and without a job, that was impossible. So she just settled for glaring at Elizabeth, and found that it was being returned in kind. 

Elizabeth was an extremely gentle and generous person, but Beth was really pushing her to the point of no return. But any thoughts she had of kicking her out of the apartment were quickly followed by ones of Gil, and what would happen to him. So she held her tongue as best she could. 

Beth asked Gil how work went, but he could tell by her tone that she wasn't really interested in his answer. He thought that she was trying to show Elizabeth that she was a nice person. But the gentle giantess saw through her ploy, and answered for him, telling his wife that work was productive. The boxes of files were being worked on, and much progress was being made, thanks to Gil’s hard work. 

Beth raised an eyebrow signaling that she was surprised. She would have thought that Gil's job was to get coffee and run errands. But apparently his job was important. And it allowed her to once again think about moving out. She would just use Gil’s salary to pay for the apartment. Beth could sense that her hostess would become upset when she dealt with Gil. But he was her husband, and she was going to do what she thought best. She then began to wait for the opportunity to inform Elizabeth, and to let her know, in no uncertain terms, that her husband was coming with her.

Elizabeth was about to cook dinner, and asked Maggie and Sarah if they wanted to help out. The twins eagerly came into the kitchen. They asked her what she was making, and Elizabeth had a smile on her face as she told them chicken stuffed with mushrooms and ham, with gravy and mashed potatoes. Maggie and Sarah's eyes lit up as the dinner was being described. It sounded delicious. 

Elizabeth enjoyed the help. But it also gave her an opportunity to kind of get a sense for how the girls felt about life there, without appearing too obvious.

So they started on dinner, she asked the girls who was the better cook, mom or dad? Maggie said that mom was, but that dad made fun food when he was home like pancakes and waffles and french toast. Mom made serious food like meatloaf and baked chicken. 

Elizabeth ask if their mom appreciated that their father would cook dinner when he could? Sarah said yes, because mom felt like she had the night off. Dad would not only cook, but clean up and do the dishes. She asked them if they appreciated that their dad would do all that when he was home. And Sarah said they did. Mom was usually busy with something. And that she had a new group of friends, adults that they didn't recognize and had strange clothes. But when their dad came home, he treated them like they were the most special people in the world.

Elizabeth asked the girls about their mom’s new friends. Were they nice? Maggie said that for the most part they were, except when they started talking about their husbands. Then she and her sister had to go to their room because the adults needed to talk alone. Dad would never do that. When his friends came over, everyone could stay, even if it meant going to bed late. But with mom’s friends, it was usually early bedtime. And dad had never met her friends.

Elizabeth asked them if they had boyfriends back on their world. Both Maggie and Sarah said no, but they both liked someone very much. The boys were cute. And funny. She asked the girls how the boys treated them. Both said that they were kind. They could tell jokes. They sort of acted like their dad. He was always treating mom like she was special. And they hoped that when they got married, it would be to someone just like him.

Elizabeth was happy. She had got to know the girls a little better, and could tell that they weren't like their mom at all. And dinner was near complete. But Elizabeth’s happiness was short-lived. She heard Beth raise her voice, asked the girls to stay in the kitchen and keep an eye on dinner, and went out into the living room, only to see Gil backing up against the wall and Beth looming over him. She could see the look of fear in his eyes. She asked Beth what was going on? She told Elizabeth that she was just having a little talk with her husband. And she pointed out that this was a private matter between husband and wife, and she didn't appreciate the interruption.

Elizabeth looked at Beth, and said that while it might be a private matter between husband and wife, this was still her home, and that she expected her guests to behave themselves at all times. Gil's wife looked at the lady with a mixture of anger and amusement. It seemed to her that the lady in the living room had developed some feelings for her little husband. She thought it was cute. 

Dinner was ready. The food was served, but Elizabeth and Gil ate in silence as Beth and the twins talked like nothing happened. Elizabeth's mood was as sour as it ever was. She had never experienced a feeling of pure hatred in her life. But the woman at the table changed that. She couldn't understand it. None of it. 

Dinner was finished, and Elizabeth and the twins cleaned up. It was then that Beth told Elizabeth that they would be moving out soon, and that Gil was coming with her. Elizabeth reminded Beth that Gil was a grown man, and that it would be his choice.  Beth looked amused. This woman had described her husband as a grown man. He looked like a three year old compared to her. It would be her decision, and she let Elizabeth know. So Beth called Gil into the living room, and said that they would be moving out in a day or two, and that he was going with her.

Elizabeth told him that he was a grown man, and that it was his decision on what he wanted to do. He hesitated, thinking about his choices, until Beth hinted that if he didn't go with her, he might not see Sarah and Maggie again. Elizabeth shot her a look that had death written all over it. She knew that it was a low blow. Gil looked at the two women fighting over him, but for different reasons. And he had tears in his eyes.

He knew that if he stayed with Elizabeth he would be happy. But if he didn't go with Beth, he might not see Sarah and Maggie again. And he couldn't live with that choice. He thought that he lost his family before, and wasn't about to lose them again. So he made the painful decision to go with his family, and went to his room when he saw tears running down Elizabeth’s face. He needed to be alone. 

A stunned and hurt Elizabeth reminded Beth that Gil had a job, and once they were settled, she would be picking him up in the morning for work. And she stressed to Beth that violence, especially against men, would be dealt with. So if Gil came to work with bruises, or any unexplained cuts or a limp, the law would deal with it. And the women agreed to part ways. Maggie and Sarah were crying. They had liked Elizabeth. Now, they probably wouldn't see her again. They both went to their room.

Chapter 17 Gil faces a bleak future by Twjr0228

Gil had come back into the living room. The uneasy truce between the two giantesses had been reached. There was an intense dislike between Beth and Elizabeth, and Gil felt it. It hung in the air like the odor of rotting fruit. Maggie and Sarah sensed it also. They loved their parents and really liked the lady whose place they were staying at. But both of them felt that it was their mom who was wrong. The way she treated their dad, the words she spoke to Elizabeth, if their mom acted nicer, they could have stayed there forever. 

It was approaching 10:00pm, and Beth sent the girls to bed. With the three adults remaining in the living room, the tension was as thick as sludge. Gil was starting to feel out of place in both the apartment and the world he landed on. He got used to the immense size difference between men and women, and loved that the females were extremely caring and gentle. But the way Beth had behaved once she arrived showed him that he didn't belong there. He needed to be with his family, but not because of any implied threat that he would never see his daughters again. He wanted to have a normal relationship with his wife, but her power tripping attitude had made it impossible at his current size. But as intolerable as Beth had been, he was afraid for Maggie and Sarah. What would happen if they started behaving like their mother? They were sweet, loving girls. But if they accepted how Beth was acting as normal, what would happen to the boys of this world? What would happen to him? If they started treating their father as their mother did, he would truly be in hell. And he didn't know if he wanted to live a life like that.

And then there was Elizabeth. The sweetest, kindest soul that he had ever known. She had graciously taken in the three stranded astronauts without question or hesitation, and was always willing to listen to what was bothering him, even if it involved sexual desires involving her friend, Sam. She never got jealous, or upset, or angry, and treated him with such respect and as an equal that he wondered what life would be like if he was single, or never saw his wife and daughters again. And having to decide between his family and her was a choice he wishes that he never had to make. But he chose his family, knowing full well what his life would be like with Beth. He didn't want to abandon his girls.

Gil was the one that suggested they call it a night, as he didn't see any reason to prolong the tension any further. Both Beth and Elizabeth agreed, and went to their bedrooms. He followed his wife as he saw his hostess close her door. But once the couple were in their room, and the door was closed, she opened hers slightly, just so she could hear if Gil was in trouble. 

Elizabeth had zero trust in Beth. She knew that it didn't take much to set her off, and she doubted that Gil had given her any reason to become his tormentor. She had talked to Maggie and Sarah when they were making dinner, and she got the sense that their home life was a good one. Except for the new friends that Beth had been hanging around. They seemed to be filling her head with nonsense. And she just behaved like she believed every word they told her, and now she was emphasizing some new found power over Gil. She started to feel a little depressed about how the situation had deteriorated, and how she was powerless to help Gil.

Once Beth and Gil entered the room, she started to get undressed. She looked at her husband, feeling frustrated that he wasn't capable of satisfying her sexually. He noticed her gaze. He asked her what happened to her? Beth was surprised that he would be so bold as to ask her a question. She wanted to know what he meant. He said that she had always been very supportive of him and the girls, and seemed like she loved them very much. Now, she was treating him like the enemy, or worse, like she no longer had any respect for him. He felt that he was nothing more than a small child to her.

She sat on the bed, and looked at him. She told him that she had always put his career before hers. There were a lot of things that she wanted to do, but since she was a military wife, her dreams were pushed to the very back while he was learning to visit the stars. It was frustrating to her. So one day, she met a lady at the supermarket, and found out that she was going through the same thing. And the more they talked, the more they had in common. And she knew friends that were in the same situation. So they would get together and talk. Eventually, they decided that they were going to put themselves first. They had seen what was going on all around the country. And they loved it.

Gil knew what she was talking about. It was the onset of the very vocal and radical feminist movement. But he was also surprised. She had never mentioned that she was unhappy or felt like she was unimportant. If she had told him, he would have supported anything that she wanted to do. And he told the giantess that was sitting on the bed, but she ignored him and continued.

She and her new friends were going to start taking control of their own lives. And it wouldn't involve him. But she was having second thoughts, especially when his capsule disappeared and she thought that he was lost forever. She was upset. She felt confused about things, but had to remain strong for Maggie and Sarah. They all feared that they would never see him again. But then they ended up on this strange planet. And when she saw him, she was happy. Then it dawned on her. With Gil and the rest of the male population basically no taller than three year olds compared to the women, she realized that she was in paradise. A world in which women were the physically dominant sex. She believed that there was no reason to consult men, or ask what the felt, or even how the felt. What her and her friends discussed, how they wanted the world to truly be, was now in front of her. And she was going to make the most of it.

Gil just looked at her. It was like he went to bed with an angel and woke up with a monster that was possessed by the devil. And the only thing that he could think of was why? Why not divorce him? She could find her own happiness, if she was really that miserable at home, and feeling oppressed by being married to him.

She mockingly reminded him about their wedding vows. The part that dealt with the better and worse line. It may be worse for him, but it was so much better for her. Then she told him that there would be no divorce. The Space Agency’s big, strong, astronaut was going to learn his place in a society that she was going to change. Gil thought that she was insane. He said that he didn't want Maggie and Sarah following her off the cliff. She reminded him that he had no say in the matter. She was going to make sure that they knew their true position in life. 

And she laid back on to bed, and before Gil knew it, her long arm reached out and grabbed his arm and pulled him onto the bed without any effort. He tried to struggle, but it was no use. She lifted him up, and mockingly told him to give ‘his little woman’ a kiss. Gil tried to fight it, but found his mouth swallowed by hers. He started to have trouble breathing, and she noticed it too, and slowly broke off her kiss, enjoying every second of his panic.

Gil gasped for air, as Beth put him on the floor, mocking her ‘hero’ for not being able to handle a little kiss from his wife. She got up off the bed, and went over to get the strap on. She could see the fear in Gil's eyes. She wanted to know if her man was up to satisfying his wife, but he was still out of breath. She went back to the bed and laid down. Even laying on the bed, she held the object over his head by a couple of feet. She told him not to worry. He could have the night off from trying to pleasure her. But he was going to pay attention.

She smiled at him as she slowly rubbed the strap on all around her inner thighs. Her hand completely encircled the device, with fingers to spare. It took him two hands, and he could just about wrap them around it. She kept looking at Gil as she continued, mocking his size. She eventually moved closer to her vagina. She gently inserted it inside, and slowly pushed it further in. She maneuvered it in and out and in rhythm, occasionally looking at Gil and making sure that he was paying attention. She just kept moving it, picking up speed. She was going faster and faster, and starting to moan as she could feel the climax building. Gil noticed the discharge oozing out of her as she just continued. She eventually climaxed, letting out a loud moan, letting everyone in the apartment know what had happened. She looked at him with a smile that reeked of superiority. He just looked at her, feeling humiliated. She had just let him know, and emphasized the point, that he was too small to ever satisfy a woman again. In fact, she no longer needed him for sex. He would be there to serve her and the twins.

Beth told him to come to the bed. Gil refused, and just laid on the floor, with his back to her. She briefly thought about picking him up and laying him next to her, but she decided to let him stew in his humiliation. She would look for a place to live in the morning, and leave that apartment for good.

Elizabeth had heard the muffled voices of what went on between Gil and Beth, then heard the loud moan. She guessed at what happened, and why. She felt her blood pressure rise to a dangerous level, as her anger and hatred rose in unison. Beth had better never be in trouble and need help, because she would let her suffer. Elizabeth started crying at that thought. She had always been taught to help people in need, but Beth was the first person she was going to let suffer. And it caused her tremendous anguish. As reprehensible as Beth was, she was a person just the same, and should be treated as such. But the way she treated Gil made Elizabeth start questioning everything. Society had taught that men and women were equal, and each should be treated with respect by the other. And yet, this woman had come from a strange land and upset her life like no one had before, with abhorrent ideas about men and women. It had caused her to develop a headache. She laid down and closed her eyes, thinking of the hell Gil was living through.

Elizabeth got up before the alarm. Her mood had not improved. She slept poorly, and when she dreamed, it was always of Gil being at the mercy of Beth. She wanted that lady away from her in the worst way, but she knew that Gil would be on his own. She sighed. There were no good choices.

She brewed coffee, went back down the hall and knocked on Gil's door, letting him know the time. He had work to do at the office, and Elizabeth was going to make sure he was there with her. She heard Beth stirring, and when she knew he was at the door, she opened it for him. He half-heartedly said thank you. She knew his mood was one of resignation. He had given up. She felt like crying. He was always upbeat and full of humor and jokes and great advice. The man that came out of the bedroom was none of that. She asked him if he wanted to help her make breakfast, something that happened often before Beth arrived. He absentmindedly said yes, and followed her into the kitchen.

She made him a cup of coffee and picked him up and placed him on the counter. But she saw distant eyes, with no life in them. She asked him if he was sure that he wanted to help with breakfast, and he automatically said yes. So he made the toast, and got the plates out. The mood in the kitchen was somber, like someone had died. But he handled what he needed to do, and once done, Elizabeth lowered back down to the floor. Gil took his plate and sat at his table, eating in silence. She did the same. Once the meal was done, both got ready for work. As they were about to leave, Beth had come into the living room, asking for a kiss from her husband. He dutifully complied. Beth was enjoying the scene, while Elizabeth stewed. She curtly told Gil that it was time to leave, grabbed his hand as gently as she could, and led him out of the apartment. 

Beth smiled to herself. She thought that Gil acted like a perfect little boy, obeying her with his kiss. Mission accomplished, she thought. Now it was time to work on the town. She made breakfast for herself and the twins, making sure that they were awake. Once they were done eating, they dressed. Beth had looked through the directory, and found a couple of real estate agents that she would visit, looking for her place.

Beth and the girls left the apartment and walked to the first place on the list. An elderly woman greeted them, and took her information down. Beth was looking for an apartment or house with 2 bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a full kitchen. The lady asked her if she was married. Beth replied yes, then asked her what that had to do with anything. The lady replied that any house or apartment in which a man would be living must be set up for him as well as all females. That included furniture, a bathroom and shower, his own kitchen, and other arrangements. 

Beth thought the lady was joking, until she saw the lack of humor in her eyes. Beth said that she didn't need that set up, she was looking for something for just herself and her girls. The lady asked about her husband. Beth said that he would get used to living in the apartment, so it wouldn't matter. The lady looked at her, and said that it was the law. All residences must include a setup for males. Without exception.

Beth was getting agitated, calling it a stupid law, saying why should men be treated like that. The woman looked at her, and abruptly told her that she couldn't do anything for her, and asked her to leave. Beth stood up like she was insulted, and left the office with Maggie and Sarah following behind.

Her mood didn't improve any with her visits to other places looking for an apartment. They all told her the same thing. Security almost had to be called at the last office, as Beth became extremely belligerent by the fact that everything had to include things to make it easier for Gil to live there. She wondered what kind of fucking place she was stuck at. Men, Men, MEN!! Everything had to accommodate MEN! They walked back to Elizabeth’s apartment, with Beth seething in anger. 

And her mood went further south when Maggie asked her why couldn't they live in a place that would make it easy for Daddy to live there too. By then, Beth's frustration boiled over. She looked at her daughters, and said that someday, even stupid girls would learn that they are superior. The twins felt hurt by her words. Their mom had never yelled at them, and never said things like that before. They didn't know what was wrong with their mom, but she had definitely changed.

Once Elizabeth and Gil got to the office, he automatically made his way to his table and started working on the files. No coffee, no interaction with anyone, just silently and with his head down. Once he was situated, she picked up the phone and called Chief Val, and explained what was going on. She said that Beth was looking for a place to stay, but that Gil would be going with her. She described how seriously screwed up the situation had become. She wanted to know if Chief Val could keep an eye on the situation as soon as they knew where the new apartment would be. The Chief told her to consider it done. She was not going to let another man face any situation that may put him in danger.

Relieved, Elizabeth thanked the Chief, and hung up. She saw Gil just working away, and went to go check on him. Sat sat down on the floor, still towering over him by a good three feet. She gently asked him how he was doing. He said good. She told him that if he ever wanted to talk, or needed to, she would be there for him. He didn't even look up at her, only quietly saying thank you. She told him that she was sorry. He wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying, and absentmindedly responded with ‘hmmm?’ She repeated that she was sorry that he was in the situation that he was in, and that she couldn't help him.

Gil looked up at her, his eyes still blank, and told her that it was ok. He would be fine. But he didn't really believe it. And Elizabeth knew better. She just looked down at the sweet man in her presence, and thought of how his life was going to be. Beth was blinded by a combination of ego and power, and wouldn't listen to reason. She just looked at Gil as he continued to work, and without realizing it, she started to rub his back. 

Gil noticed what she was doing and tried to subtly shift his body. Elizabeth finally noticed what she was doing, and quickly removed her hand, apologizing for her actions. Gil looked up at her and saw that she looked embarrassed. She noticed that he looked a little more alert than he had been. He gently placed his hand over hers and said that she had nothing to apologize for. He knew exactly what he was getting into, and he didn't want her to feel sorry for him.

With his hand still on hers, and hearing his words, Elizabeth just kept thinking about what a wonderful man Gil truly was. She didn't know if the boy she loved as a teenager would have been as sweet, or as caring as he was. He just kept his hand on top of hers, as if to reassure her that he would be alright. But as he continued trying to comfort her, without thinking, she bent down and kissed him, gently on the lips. Gil was caught completely off guard, and without realizing it, he returned her kiss with one of his own. They felt the electricity, and were starting to get lost in the moment.

They suddenly broke their embrace, each apologizing to each other. Gil and Elizabeth acted as if some sacred trust was broken. It was totally out of character for the both of them. Gil would have never thought of cheating on Beth, while Elizabeth knew that she was to never interfere in the relationship of other people. But here they were. They were both slightly embarrassed by their actions. And promised themselves that they would never do that again. But Elizabeth noticed that life returned to Gil's eyes. It made her happy inside. But she didn't know how long it would last.

Chapter 18 The girls talk by Twjr0228

Beth was in a foul mood. Every place that she had visited, every person that she had called, all told her the same thing. If she was married, or had a man living with her, she was required to rent an apartment, or buy a house with accommodations set up for men. She thought about just lying to the people, but realized that Elizabeth would make sure that wherever they moved, the landlords would know that she was married. She felt like her options were extremely limited, so in spite of her anger, called a number that she found in a realtor guide.

An elderly lady answered. Beth introduced herself and explained that she was new in town, and was looking to rent an apartment. The lady asked her if she was married, or would be living with a man, and Beth said yes. The landlady said that she owned a duplex, and was renting out the other half. It had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, one of which was for the man, and various adaptive setups throughout the apartment to make it easier for him to live. 

Beth could feel her blood boil as the lady continued. She said that she had a strict policy against violence towards men, which was in line with the town standards. Beth told her that she understood, and said that there would never be any issues. She then asked the landlady if she could come and check out the apartment, to which the elderly lady said that it would not be a problem. So Beth, Maggie and Sarah were out the door again, but only around the corner from Elizabeth’s place.

Once Gil and Elizabeth broke off their kiss, an awkward silence developed between them. They weren't sure what exactly happened, or why, but on some deep level, they both quietly enjoyed it. However, Gil kept thinking of his wedding vows, and Beth and his girls. And although his kiss with Elizabeth had taken his mind off of his situation with his wife, he was still a married man with a family. He would not break his vows, no matter how poorly Beth treated him. He still loved her, and hoped to get her to see how badly her behavior had been.

Elizabeth couldn't get the kiss out of her mind. She was always taught to never interfere in someone's marriage or relationship, and for that she felt remorse. But the kiss with Gil was different. She should have felt embarrassment with her actions, but didn't. In fact, she was shocked that kissing Gil seemed like the most natural thing in the world. She couldn't understand why. But it was definitely real. She just hoped that Gil would forgive her for doing what she did.

Beth and the twins left the apartment and basically went around the corner. The duplex was a faded white color, but otherwise looked like a home. Beth knocked on the door to the right. An elderly woman answered, and once she introduced herself to her perspective landlady, the older woman smiled and did the same. She opened the door to a fully furnished half a house. 

Beth wanted to burst out laughing when she saw the little man furniture placed around the rooms, especially the bathroom. An adorable little toilet for her “big, brave” husband. It reminded her of those little houses that could be set up in the backyard for little girls to play in. Otherwise, the apartment was what she needed. Once the rent had been agreed to, Beth signed the lease. The elderly lady tried to explain all the added language contained within, but the younger woman wasn’t really interested. She just wanted to be out of Elizabeth’s place, and away from her prying eyes. So she signed the papers, and would move in once Gil’s income could pay for the security deposit. So it was a few more days at Elizabeth’s apartment. She convinced herself that she could deal with that, as long as it wasn’t any longer. Beth thanked her new landlord, and she and the girls went back to where they were staying.

Gil had noticed the awkwardness that suddenly developed between him and Elizabeth, and knew why. The kiss. He knew the gentle giantess had been overwhelmed by some feeling, and was now ashamed of her actions. He felt the same way. But he was just surprised by how gentle and sweet her kiss had been, considering her immense size. But he had a job to do, and so buried himself in his work.

As the afternoon went on, an energized Gil made tremendous progress on the files. There were only three boxes left. Elizabeth had been impressed with his work ethic. She was doubly impressed by how quickly he made his way through the boxes. But she also realized that once that task was done, either she would have to find work for him in the office, or he wouldn’t be needed and then be stuck with Beth during the day. She had an idea, but she wanted to talk to the other ladies to get their opinions. 

Soon, it was time to close up the office. Elizabeth and Gil walked back to the apartment. The conversation centered on how much progress he had made going through the destruction boxes, and eventually turned towards how he felt about doing other things around the office, like helping the other women organize their work, and making sure that files were correctly marked and organized and put away. Gil said that he would have no issue doing any task assigned to him, and only wanted to feel useful. 

Elizabeth smiled at his response. She had talked to the other ladies to get their feedback on her idea. They were all very receptive to the notion of having Gil help them, as it would free them up for other things. She decided that she would ask him in the morning if he wanted to work full time in the office, doing the very things that she suggested. Deep down, she knew what he would say, but she just wanted to ask him first.

Elizabeth and Gil walked through the door of her apartment and saw Beth waiting for them. They could tell by the look on her face that she had something to tell them. Both knew that she had probably found a place to live, and couldn't wait to tell them all about it. 

And sure enough, Beth said that she had found an apartment, and that they would be moving in the next day, as soon as Gil got paid. Elizabeth's heart sank a little. She knew that the time would come when her house guests would move out, but she wasn't going to miss the other giantess in the room. She would miss having Maggie and Sarah around, because she really enjoyed when they had questions, and felt like a big sister to them, especially when she gave them advice. But she would miss Gil's presence in the apartment. She really looked forward to just spending a little time alone with him, where they would talk about life, family, jobs. It didn't matter to her. It was the fact that she had someone to talk to. 

Elizabeth asked Beth were the apartment was, and Gil’s wife explained that it was around the corner. Elizabeth mentioned a name, and Beth confirmed the landlady’s name. That put a smile on Elizabeth's face. Gil’s new landlord had babysat her when she was a young child, and instantly knew that Gil would be in great hands. She wouldn't tolerate any of Beth's crap towards Gil. 

Elizabeth decided to cook a baked chicken dinner, as a last meal that they would all enjoy together. Maggie and Sarah helped, and Beth surprised everyone with a bottle of wine, as she herself wanted to celebrate getting away from Elizabeth. 

The meal was very delicious. Maggie and Sarah proved to be quick learners of how to prepare a meal. Gil sat at his little man table, but was very involved in the conversation, as Elizabeth wouldn't let Beth ignore him, which he greatly appreciated. And when it was time to clean up, Gil and the twins handled the dishes, while the two ladies talked over the bottle of wine. 

When Beth was starting to feel a buzz from the wine, she decided to be as direct as possible with Elizabeth. She asked her hostess why she hated her so much? Elizabeth replied that she didn't hate her, she just hated the way she treated Gil. Beth asked why that was a concern of hers? Elizabeth told her that since he had appeared on her world, he had been nothing but kind, considerate, funny, always willing to lend a hand or offer great advice, and yet since Beth showed up, she had treated him as less than a human being, constantly lording her size and strength over him. And when Gil would talk about her and the girls, he made her out to be some sort of queen. Except that since she has been there, she has been nothing but a bitch towards him, or worse.

Beth asked her why that concerned her, to which Elizabeth told her again that the men on her world were equal partners with women. They made decisions equally regarding where to live and how to raise a family. And women were very careful not to hurt their men due to their size difference. And since Beth had shown up, she had acted like men were the most interior beings on the planet.

Beth responded to pointing out that men were physically inferior. On her home world, they would be no bigger than 3 year olds, and should be treated as such, because without a woman around, they were both completely helpless, and completely useless. They couldn't do anything for themselves unless the house was adapted for them, and they could never satisfy a woman unless they had the strap on, and even then, Gil didn't know how to use it. And that the women of the planet should wake up and realize their true power and position, and that they didn't need men around for any sort of moral support.

Elizabeth replied that it wasn't about moral support, it was about finding your soul mate. There was so much more than physical size with respect to a relationship. It was built on trust and understanding, and knowing that whatever choices were made, they were made together, so that both the man and women shared equally in success and failure. If it was up to Beth, women would be alone in life, lording her supposed superiority over men, but with an emptiness inside. 

By then, Gil and the twins were finished cleaning up. Beth looked at Elizabeth, and trying to prove her superiority over Gil, told him it was time for him to go to bed. He just looked at his wife, and she repeated her order, this time with more sternness in her voice. Gil said that he wasn't going to bed, which only made his wife angry. She told Maggie to put her father to bed, only for Elizabeth to intervene and say that Gil was a grown adult who could make his own decisions. 

Beth told her that he was HER Husband, and she wanted him to go to bed. Elizabeth said that if Gil didn't want to go, he wasn't going, telling his wife that this was her house, her rules. Gil stays up if he so chooses. This only made the drunk Beth angrier. Elizabeth also reminded her that she would know if Gil was being mistreated, and if he was, the full force of the law would come down like a load of bricks. 

This made Beth stew in silence, so she went into the bedroom and locked the door in anger. Elizabeth turned to a stunned Maggie and Sarah and told them to make sure that nothing happens to their father after they move. She asked the girls if they understood, and the girls said yes. Elizabeth stressed that it was very important that nothing happen to their father, and both girls promised her that he would be safe. 

Elizabeth felt like kicking Beth out right then and there, but she had calmed down long enough to just let the woman be alone. She felt a tinge of sadness, knowing that after Gil gets done work the following day, he will be out of her apartment. But more importantly, out of her protection. She poured herself more wine, and took a seat in the living room with Gil and the girls doing the same. Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.

Chapter 19 Frustration by Twjr0228

Elizabeth, Gil, and the twins called it a night around 11:00pm. The gentle giantess turned off the TV and lights, and once Maggie and Sarah were in their room, she bent down and gave the small man in front of her a hug. Gil wasn't sure why she did it, until she whispered in his ear that she wanted him to take care at the new apartment, and that if he ever needed help, no matter the reason, he could call her anytime, night and day, and she would be there. He thanked Elizabeth, but told her that everything would be fine. The lady kneeling in front of him didn't really believe that, but she had to respect his wishes.

Realizing that he would be in the bedroom without any way of opening the door, Gil made a quick trip to the bathroom, and once he was done, Elizabeth opened the door and closed it behind him. Gil could see Beth sprawled across the bed in such a position that even if he could have climbed up on top, there would be no place for him to lay down. So he spotted Beth's shirt that was twice the size as his entire body on the floor, laid down, and used it as a blanket. And then the raging battle began in his head.

He was determined to remain true to his wedding vows, if for no other reason than to be there for Maggie and Sarah. And he still loved Beth, his wife. But he was also experiencing strong feelings for the gentle giantess that had taken him, Martin, and Steve in out of the kindness of her heart, without expecting anything in return. And Elizabeth had the most gentle soul of anyone that he had ever come across. She was a beautiful woman, but more importantly, she was just as beautiful on the inside. But then he smelled his wife's scent on the shirt that was covering his entire body. It reminded him of their courtship, the wedding, and their life together raising their daughters. But the thought of Beth's behavior since she came to this world started to dominate his thoughts. He still had no explanation for her actions. She was spouting nonsense about women's rights that she had never said before. It was as if he went to fly a rocket into space, and had come back to an entirely different life and person that he loved. He was still playing with those thoughts when he drifted off into a deep sleep.

Elizabeth had said goodnight to Gil, went to her room, dressed into her nightgown, laid in bed, and cried. She cried because she had come to the realization that she loved Gil, but that he would never leave his wife and family. She had been in love with a boy as a teenager, but her feelings were overwhelming her this time. Gil was the kindest, most gentle, most handsome, and funniest soul that she had ever met. She could think of nothing but him ever since their kiss that morning. But she was powerless to pursue her feelings any further. As detestable a person as Beth was, she was still his wife, and mother to the twins. She would never interfere with his marriage, but the thought of not being with him was leaving an abyss inside her heart. And the more she thought about him, the more the tears flowed down her face.

Elizabeth's alarm went off at 7:00 am. She got up and made her way out of her bedroom and towards the kitchen, stopping off at the spare room where Beth and Gil were staying. She gently opened the door, and found Gil pacing back and forth, obviously in some discomfort. He quickly and quietly thanked her and hurried along into the bathroom to empty his bladder.

She moved along into the kitchen, and was joined by Gil, who helped with both the coffee and breakfast. Elizabeth decided to cook for everyone. She was going to be happy seeing Beth leave, but she grew to think of Maggie and Sarah as her younger sisters, and felt sad at the thought of them not being there. She really enjoyed offering advice, and answering their questions. But most of all, it would be Gil’s absence that would cause her the most anguish. 

When Elizabeth woke up, she discovered that her feelings for Gil only intensified. She didn't know why, but it was definitely true. And she decided to cook everyone breakfast as a way to occupy her mind. Plus she had felt another, alien feeling, jealousy. She was absolutely jealous that Beth would be spending time with Gil after work. She had only known him for a short time, but she felt a connection with him, and now that would be interrupted by his moving to a new apartment. She sighed, and with Gil's help, made breakfast. Gil knocked on the door to the twins room, as well as waking up Beth, who looked every bit hungover as she felt. 

Making her way out to the kitchen, Gil asked Beth if she would like a cup of coffee. His wife mumbled something and nodded in the affirmative. Gil went into the kitchen, and Elizabeth returned with the beverage, made as Gil directed. The caffeine helped clear the fog surrounding the giantess’ mind. She drank in silence, not bothering to thank either one for their help. She was trying to get her thoughts gathered when she remembered that they were moving into the apartment that morning. All she had to do was use the money that her husband got paid, and she and the girls, plus Gil, could leave their current, dreaded apartment. She reminded him of their plans. Gil acknowledged her, and said that once they were settled, he would be going to work. Beth looked at the small man in front of her and said that she thought that he should stay with them today, for as soon as they were moved in, they would need to go shopping. 

Gil was uncertain how to answer. He looked at Beth, then Elizabeth, and back to Beth. Elizabeth said that it would be ok to miss work that day, which disappointed Gil. He was hoping to spend time with the gentle giantess at work. It upset Elizabeth to give him the day off, but she knew that she had to be careful. She didn't want to make her feelings for him too obvious in front of his wife. And she reasoned that if he was out in public with his family, there would be less opportunity for Beth to do anything to him.

Breakfast was mostly quiet, except when Maggie and Sarah took turns asking Elizabeth how old they had to be in order to work. She told them 14. They asked her what type of jobs they could get. She told them that they could work in retail, or at the market, or if they were good, solid swimmers, a job with the Beach Patrol. They would need to be 18 to get a job with Chief Val’s Security force, or work in a bank, or get a job in the municipal building. 

And Elizabeth also told them that they could probably babysit now, and make some good money. The twins looked at themselves with excitement, then at their mother and father. Beth was still trying to wake up, but Gil said that was definitely a great job for them. Elizabeth even told them that she knew a lot of parents looking for someone to watch their children while they went out for the night.

Once breakfast was over, and the dishes cleaned, Elizabeth showered and dressed for work. But she didn't leave for work right away. She stayed until Beth,Gil and the girls had gone over to their new place, then called Chief Val and told her the address of Gil and Beth’s new apartment. The Chief thanked her for the information and promised to keep an eye on the property to make sure nothing happened to Gil. The two women hung up, and Elizabeth left for work.

But she felt both lonely and empty without Gil next to her. She had grown so used to his company that the void left by his absence was deep. She never had felt emotions that strong before, not even with the boy she loved as a teenager. She tried to force the thoughts from her mind, but without success.

Beth, Gil and the twins knocked on the landlady's door. The familiar face of the elderly woman greeted Beth and the girls. She smiled, and saw Gil with them. She bent down as far as she could to say hello to the man she thought of as handsome. Gil returned the kind gesture, and the woman opened the door to the apartment, while pointing out the small door to the right that was set up for Gil’s height, and giving a tour more for his benefit than the girls. Once the landlady was satisfied that she had gone over everything, and explained how certain things worked, she asked him if he had any questions. Gil said he had none. So she handed both adults their keys, with Beth's being twice the size of the one Gil received, and then she turned and went back to her apartment.

Maggie and Sarah went to their room to check it out in more detail, while Gil and Beth just kind of stood still in the middle of the living room. She looked down at her husband, and informed him that the only reason she had to get a place like that was because it was the law. Otherwise, she would have rented a place built exclusively for women, and let him struggle to make use of the place. 

Gil wasn't surprised by her attitude. Ever since she came, she has acted as though she was possessed by a demon. He looked up at her calmly, and just said that she should try to be nicer to people, if for no other reason than to set an example for the twins. Beth looked down at her little husband and, with a smile, said that she intended to set an example for her daughters. Her tone was filled with menace.

But if she was expecting Gil to be intimidated, or show fear, she was greatly disappointed, for all she saw was a calm, upbeat look in his eyes. This annoyed her to no end, so much so that she decided that it was time to go grocery shopping right then. So she and Gil and their girls trudged out of the apartment and over to the market. 

But whereas Beth was walking at her normal pace, Maggie and Sarah had slowed theirs considerably, so that Gil could keep up. They each held his hand. Beth stopped and told the two to hurry up, ignoring her husband’s presence. But both Maggie and Sarah said that they were going to stay with their father, further infuriating her. She stormed into the market, grabbed a cart, and started to place groceries inside the basket. Once the three of them caught up, she told Gil to push the cart, even though the handle was two feet above his head. Maggie started pushing it for him, causing her mom to see red. 

When the shopping was done and the groceries were bagged, she set aside three large plastic bags and told Gil to carry them. He started to struggle picking up the first bag, until a friendly hand took it from his hand. He turned around and saw Dr Sam, along with Chief Val. The two ladies had been observing the family dynamic from a distance, to make sure that what Elizabeth had described, and what they had observed earlier, was still accurate. Chief Val was determined to not let anything happen to Gil. The doctor picked up all three bags with one hand, and both she and the Chief could see Beth's face be overwhelmed with frustration. She looked at the two strangers, and asked them what they were doing there. 

Chief Val said that the area was part of her normal patrol route (a lie), and that Dr Sam was there to check on an employee who wasn't feeling well (another lie). But since she had Gil and his family there, she said that in order to celebrate him being the first male hired by the town, they were having a dinner in his honor that night (yet another lie), and attendance, especially for the guest of honor, was mandatory. 

Beth felt like she wanted to cry. She had wanted to get away from Elizabeth, so that she could run her household her way, without interference. But nothing was going right. Gil didn't look scared earlier, Maggie and Sarah weren't being cooperative, and now these two ladies were hanging around for no reason. So she tried to excuse herself and her family and head back to the apartment, only for Chief Val and Dr Sam say that they would walk with them, both carrying the bags of groceries. 

Beth just gave up and gritted her teeth. She had no choice but to accept their company back to the apartment. She walked with the two women, while Maggie and Sarah slowed their pace so that Gil could keep up. Once they were back at the apartment, Chief Val and Dr Sam told Beth and Gil that the dinner would start at 5:00pm. They would stop back at that time and walk with them to the restaurant. With that, they dropped off the groceries inside the living room, and said their goodbyes, and headed towards the township hall. 

Beth cursed her rotten luck. She was beginning to think that this world was never going to change, never going to see things her way, never going to accept that the women were superior beings. She just shook her head and didn't bother making Gil bring the bags to the kitchen. She needed to work off her growing frustration. She looked at the time. 1:00 pm. She finished with the groceries, and then went into the bedroom alone, locking the door behind her. She just laid down on the bed and began to feel like a fool for ever believing that this world was hers for the taking.  She thought that the women on this planet were just too stupid to see their true potential. 

With Gil locked out of the bedroom, he asked his daughters if he could see their room, and both enthusiastically said yes. He saw that their room was quite spacious, with enough distance between their beds to give them their own section. And for the first time since they arrived on that world, he was actually alone with his girls. No Beth, Elizabeth, no one. So he took the opportunity to tell his girls how much he loved them. Both Maggie and Sarah came over to him, bent down and gave him a big hug. Gil felt joy in being a father, a feeling that quickly went away after his wife started with her behavior towards him. 

Gil got to spend a couple of hours of quality time with his daughters. Even back on their world, it was something that he rarely did, as both his military commitments and his training for the space program left him with almost no time for his family. It was like that for all the astronauts. And he suddenly thought of Martin and Steve, and what had happened to them.

Chief Val and Dr Sam visited Elizabeth, who had been in a funk all day. Every time she looked over at the table where Gil worked and realized that he wasn't there, it made her feel like she was falling into a dark pit. She tried to focus on her work, but found that she couldn't. She saw her two friends enter the office, and they told her what they observed. They then informed the office of the impromptu dinner for Gil, which they quickly arranged. Elizabeth was happy with the news of the dinner, as it would allow her to see Gil. She thanked both of her friends for looking out for him, and suggested to the other ladies in the office that they close at 3:00pm, allowing them enough time to get ready for the dinner. All agreed. It gave Elizabeth something to brighten her day.


At the National Space Agency’s headquarters in Houston, a grey cloud appeared in the lobby that went unnoticed by everyone present. It quickly vanished, and Martin Milner and Steve Miller suddenly appeared. No one recognized them at first. The reason why was a head scratcher. Both men had stood 6’ or taller before the mission. But the two men in the lobby were barely over 5’. 

Once their identities were confirmed, a battery of tests were conducted to determine why they each  lost a foot of height. Nothing came back to indicate a reason, but the real shocker was when their families arrived to see them. Both men’s wives were a foot taller than they should have been. Even their daughters looked taller than people remembered. No one could explain it. Scientists were dumbfounded, as were all who were affected. It remained a mystery that was never solved.

Chapter 20 The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn/ A New Life by Twjr0228
Author's Notes:

This is a chapter filled with things I normally don’t include in what I write. If anyone is offended, I do apologize.

Beth was not in the best of moods. She didn’t care for this world that she found herself living in, and she absolutely hated the doting on men that every single woman seemed to take pleasure in. Now, she had to get ready for a dinner to celebrate her husband being hired like it was the greatest accomplishment in history. She suspected that it was only being given to let her know her place in society. She started cursing to herself.

Gil and the twins were ready when there was a knock on the door. Sarah answered, and let in Chief Val and Dr Sam, who showed up at 10 til 5, just as they said they would.

Beth eventually emerged from the bedroom in a white dress. She icily greeted the two ladies sitting on the sofa. A final check to make sure there were no problems, and the six of them left for the restaurant. Chief Val and Dr Sam walked slow enough to keep Beth company, much to her chagrin, while Gil held Maggie and Sarah’s hands.

Gil was in a very good mood. His little girls were with him, and he was going to have a good night hanging with his new friends. He was hoping against hope that Beth would finally accept this place for what it offered, a place to raise the girls in a safe environment, and with a beautiful, laid back atmosphere. 

The group reached the restaurant. Elizabeth saw Gil and had a big smile come across her face. The two ladies from the office, Karen and Judy, also had smiles. Gil had become a constant presence in the office, and he was a very nice gentleman to boot.

Everyone took their seats. Gil sat at the head of the table, and to his left was Beth, Maggie, Chief Val, and Judy. To his right, Sarah, Beth, Karen, and at the opposite end was Dr Sam, the woman who had consumed his thoughts, permeated his dreams, and was an image of perfection. 

Everyone seemed to have a great time, chatting and telling jokes. Everyone except Beth, who looked like she would rather be having root canal without anesthesia. Her mood brought Gil down a little. A night that was meant to celebrate, and his wife was a killjoy.

The meal ended, and goodbyes were said. Chief Val offered to walk Gil and his family back to their apartment, but Beth insisted that it wasn’t necessary, and she was adamant that an outsider’s company was not welcomed. So everyone went their separate ways, with Elizabeth telling Gil that she would be at his place at 8:00 am to walk him to work. 

That really stuck in Beth’s crawl. She walked ahead of Gil and the girls, using her long strides to quickly put distance between herself and the others. It caused Maggie to ask Gil what was wrong with mommy? Gil said that she was still trying to find her place in a new world, and was just frustrated that she hadn’t fit in yet. But she would. He knew that would never happen, but said it to reassure his girls.

Beth was already in the bedroom when the three entered the house. Gil hugged the twins who went into their room. He was about to sit down on his sofa when he heard his wife call him into the bedroom, and her tone of voice indicated that he wasn’t to keep her waiting.

Gil entered the room. The door shut behind him, and the lock was engaged. He turned around and saw Beth was stark naked, and with an evil grin on her face, and malice in her eyes.

Gil suddenly felt cold and fearful. He knew that he could not stop Beth, lacking the size and strength to put up any sort of resistance. He was in trouble, and he knew it. She moved closer to him, causing him to take a step back. She asked in a mocking voice if he was really the big man in the office? 

Gil didn’t respond to that, but asked her to consider that their daughters were in the other room. She ignored him, bent down and grabbed his upper left arm as he tried to turn and run. He immediately saw stars as her grip caused pain so intense that he started crying.

Seeing his reaction, Beth mockingly asked him if that was why all the office girls loved him? Because he knew how to cry? What happened to her big, strong, astronaut husband? Gil just continued to cry due to the intense pain her grip had caused. 

He pleaded in between sobs for her to calm down and think of Maggie and Sarah, but she either didn’t hear him, or didn’t care. 

She released her grip on his arm, and it immediately turned an ugly black color. Beth had squeezed it in such a way as to make his arm unusable, at least temporarily. She picked Gil up like a little kid, looked him in the eyes, and told him that he was ‘going to have fun that night’.

Gil could see the look in her eyes, and froze in terror, his only reaction was a wet spot that formed on the front of his pants. Beth noticed, and asked if her big, strong husband needed a diaper? She then placed him on the bed, and grabbed something from underneath. It was a strap on.

Gil yelled that he had felt comfortable using it, but smiled at him and said he wasn’t going to be on the giving end that night. His face turned the whitest white imaginable. He started yelling for help at the top of his lungs. But Beth just grinned. 

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. It was Sarah, asking if everything was ok. Gil yelled help again, while Beth told her daughter that their daddy was kidding. But Gil kept saying help. She told her daughter to make sure that they get a good night’s sleep, and that she would see them in the morning. 

Sarah said ok, and went back to her room. Gil heard the door close, and immediately sank to his knees in despair. He looked up at the massive figure of his wife and cried out why? Why was she doing this? She said nothing, but continued to smile down at him. 

Sarah had returned to her room. Maggie asked her if everything was ok, and she said their mom said it was, but that daddy kept yelling for help. Both girls turned their lights off. But within minutes, Maggie felt something tugging at the back of her mind. She thought about how strange her mom had acted since they came there. She also remembered the words of Elizabeth that she was to look after her father. 

Maggie got out of bed, and quietly opened the door. She stood just outside her parents room, and listened. She listened as she heard her father beg her mother to put the strap on down. She heard her mom say that he was going to take it and like it. Her father started crying again. 

Maggie went into the kitchen and dialed the phone. Elizabeth answered, and Maggie told her that she thought her father was in trouble, and she didn’t know what to do. 

Elizabeth told her to hang up, she would be right over. Within minutes, she was there, along with Chief Val and Dr Sam. Maggie let them in. They immediately heard Gil cry out in such intense pain it sent shivers down their spines. Chief Val ran towards the bedroom, and with all of her might, broke down the door, 

The sight of Gil lying in a prone position on the bed, with Beth ready to insert the strap on again was shocking. She tackled the deranged lady, while Elizabeth and Dr Sam came in and immediately got Gil out of there.

Chief Val handcuffed Beth, who was screaming wildly that Gil was her husband and she would do with him as she pleased. The Chief had enough, and used her baton to hit her over the head, knocking her out cold. By then other officers were there to keep an eye on her.

Chief Val entered just as Dr Sam gently rolled Gil over on his stomach. There was blood around the anus, and an examination revealed that the injuries weren’t life threatening, as the penetration wasn’t deep. But if they hadn’t arrived when they did, he would have been in serious trouble. That much she conveyed to Elizabeth, as she gently rubbed his back and held his hand, while he sobbed uncontrollably.

The two officers guarding Beth had turned their attention to Chief Val coming from the living room towards them. She had a score to settle with the wicked witch, and the officers separated to allow her into the room. 

Beth was stirring. Chief Val asked one of the officers to bring her a glass of ice cold water. The officer returned, handed the water to the Chief, and watched as her boss poured the glass onto the face of the woman lying on the floor.

Beth sat up, and complained of a headache. Chief Val coldly looked at her and said she deserved much worse than a pain in her head. The top officer asked her why she attacked her husband. Beth just looked at her with a blank expression. It was clear to the officers that she had her bell rung, but that didn’t stop the Chief from interrogating her prisoner.

Once again the Chief asked her why she attacked Gil, except this time Beth started crying, saying she wanted to go home to her world. She didn’t belong there. Chief Val said she agreed with her, but demanded to know why she attacked her husband.

But Beth kept repeating that she wanted to go home. The Chief knew she wouldn’t get her answers that night, but she would question her first thing in the morning. As she was giving her officers instructions on what to do with the prisoner once they got back to the station, Dr Sam came to her and gave her the rundown of her examination of Gil.

Gil woke up in a cold sweat. He was out of breath, and shaking. The voice next to him asked him if he was alright. It took him several seconds to realize who the voice belonged to. Elizabeth! 

But he quickly realized that something was off. It should have been Beth talking to him, not Elizabeth. He looked, and as sure as the sun rose in the morning, it was her. His head started spinning. He got down from the bed. Got down? He didn’t remember having to get down from his own bed before. He walked into the living room. 

Everything was the same, yet different. The furniture was the exact design as he remembered, yet it sat up higher than it should. He looked at the mail on the table. A letter from some lawyer. He opened it up, and nearly fainted. The letter was sent to remind him of his upcoming child support payments to Beth. Beth? He felt weak in the knees, until he was caught by two large hands. 

He turned around. It was Elizabeth. He only came up to her midsection. But how? She shouldn’t be there. She should be on her own World, and as twice as tall as she was standing before him.

Elizabeth could see that Gil was disoriented. She bent down and gave him a gentle kiss and hug, telling him that she loved him. Even in his extremely agitated and distracted state, he responded positively to her. And found himself kissing her passionately. 

He didn’t understand what was going on, but with Elizabeth there, he didn’t feel scared. He looked up at her, and asked where they were. She told him they were in their home, in the state of Florida, on the planet Earth. 

Gil told her that it shouldn’t be that way. She should be on her own World, and he should be with Beth, and Maggie and Sarah. Elizabeth looked at him kind of funny, saying that he and Beth divorced 5 years ago, and it was his weekend with the girls. 

Now Gil was thoroughly confused. Elizabeth explained that she worked for the lawyer handling his end of the divorce, and one thing led to another, they fell in love and married 4 years ago. She said Beth had filed for divorce because she had joined some swingers commune, and wanted to be free of any entanglement. But somehow, the judge awarded her custody of the girls. 

Gil still didn’t understand a lot of what she was saying, but he knew that this wasn’t his world. He and Elizabeth were the same, personality wise, but the situation itself was off. 

He looked on the table by the sofa and saw a wedding picture. It was him and Elizabeth, and his mind was suddenly distracted by her overwhelming beauty. He suddenly lost interest in what he was trying to comprehend, and took her hand, and led her back to the bedroom. He guided her to the bed, and as she sat down, he began to suck on her nipples with such a gentle and subtle touch, that it caused her to moan.

He no longer cared what world he was on. He had Elizabeth in his life, as well as his girls. She laid down on the bed, and he immediately dropped his underpants, and guided his now enlarged member into the bullseye. Their bodies began to move rhythmically, and both climaxed together. 

He rolled off of her, and gently lifted her head into his arm, telling her how much he loved her. She turned and looked at him, smiled, and told him that she loved him too, and would do so until the end of time.

Chapter 21 A choice is made by Twjr0228

Gil and Elizabeth were laying in bed, talking and holding hands, when he started feeling tremendous pain around his rectum. He tried to ignore the discomfort, but it quickly became too much to bear. 

Gil turned to look at Elizabeth, but she was no longer there. He started to panic. The pain made it impossible for him to move, and he felt alone and cold. He didn’t know what was happening to him, but he was scared.

Gil opened his eyes, and couldn’t make anything out. His eyes saw five images for every one person or thing. He couldn’t talk, as there was a tube running down his throat, and the cold feeling was still present. He heard voices speaking to him, but couldn’t understand what was being said. His eyes closed again, and the image of Beth standing over him smiling, forcibly ripping off his clothes, and menacingly holding a large object in her hand made him cry out in absolute terror.

Gil’s eyes opened up again. This time they could focus. He saw Dr Sam, Elizabeth, and Maggie and Sarah, along with a nurse he didn’t recognize. Sam came over, and did an examination.

Gil was unsure of what had happened, and asked if anyone could tell him. Elizabeth and Dr Sam explained that apparently, after the dinner in his honor, Beth sexually assaulted and abused him with a strap on. His girls had called for help, and the two of them, plus Chief Val arrived to hear him scream. 

The Chief broke down the door and arrested Beth, while she, Elizabeth, got him safely out of the room. Dr Sam did an examination, and thought that everything would be alright, except that unknown to anyone, the wall of his lower intestine had been punctured, causing him to go into toxic shock.

He was brought to the hospital and underwent surgery to repair the damage. Gil looked at his girls and asked for hugs, and they were only too glad to give them. He then asked them to step out of the room, and once they were gone, looked at the two ladies towering over him. 

Chief Val walked into the cell where Beth was being kept. The top cop was not in the best of moods. She had been visiting the prisoner every day to question her about why she attacked her husband, and every day, there would be no answer. She was determined to get to the bottom of why it happened.

Chief Val asked Beth a simple question; why? But instead of silence, the lady in the cell only simply said words that she had spoken since she arrived. Women were the superior sex, and there should have been no reason to treat men as anything more than 2nd class citizens.

Chief Val told her that her words didn’t mean anything. Society was such that everyone was equal. All Beth had to do was just accept things for the way they were, and her life would have been great. Now, she would be branded an abuser and trouble maker, and live life alone.

Beth sneered at the Chief. She told the law woman that when she got out of jail, she would be collecting her husband and daughters, and moving away. Val told her that her actions the other night triggered a provision in the law that automatically granted the abused spouse an automatic divorce. And, as the person responsible for the actions, she was now deemed an unfit mother. So, because of her attacking Gil, he was now a free man, with custody of his girls.

Beth started to laugh, then became incredulous at the news. She initially thought Chief Val was joking, but seeing the stone cold look on Val’s face, knew she was serious. The Chief had pointed out that they took the safety of men very seriously, and it was conveyed to her daily, so either she was too stubborn to realize that, or too stupid to understand. Suddenly, Beth lunged at the Chief in a rage, only for the officer to step aside, and whack the back of her head with a baton, just like at the apartment. Some people never learn, she thought to herself.

Dr Sam had the look of someone wracked with guilt. She thought her carelessness could have caused Gil to die, and she blamed herself. Gil looked up at her, and asked her to please forgive herself, because she was only human, and things happen. He also said that the important thing was that he was alive, and with his two favorite adult women, offering her a smile. Dr Sam weakly smiled back.

Gil motioned for Elizabeth to come closer, and asked her to bend down. Once her face was close enough, he kissed her on the lips, with as much force as his hurting body would allow. She looked at him quizzically, and asked him what that was for.

Gil looked up into her beautiful blue eyes, and told her that he wanted to. He had been meaning to do it for a while, but his wedding vows always got in the way. But it was clear that Beth was not the woman he married. And most of all, he kissed her because he loved her. 

Elizabeth was shocked at hearing his words. She didn’t know whether to cry, or kiss him back. She looked at Sam, who was as shocked as she was. 

Gil told her that he would seek a divorce from Beth. He didn’t know the laws of this world, but he would seek one. Dr Sam interrupted, saying that by law, as soon as his wife attacked him, the statute covering divorce would take effect, and become instant. So by law, he and Beth were already considered divorced.

Gil had trouble processing the words Sam had spoken. Even he didn’t know what the law was, but  it gave him a headache just thinking about it. He told both girls that he felt tired, and wanted to get some sleep, and asked them to send Maggie and Sarah in so he could say good night.

After he said goodbye to his daughters, Gil closed his eyes, and quickly fell into a deep sleep. He quickly found himself sitting on the edge of a cliff. Thoughts raced through his mind, and was so preoccupied that he never noticed the cloaked figure that had sat next to him. He couldn’t see the face, but when they spoke, he realized that it was a woman.

She asked him what was troubling him. Gil was surprised by the question, because he never told her he was upset or troubled. She told him not to be shy. She knew his name, and now he was freaked out. She held out her hand, and asked him gently to take hold of it. Gil resisted, but her soothing voice made his fears go away, and then he opened up.

He loved his wife, Beth, even after what she did to him and how she acted. But he loved Elizabeth, the caring, gentle giantess who welcomed him and his fellow astronauts into her home without hesitation or complaint. 

He discovered that the more he was with her, the more he was convinced that she was his soulmate. He never had to explain himself to her. And he loved her with all of his heart, despite their massive size difference. She treated him as an equal, and never demanded anything from him.

Beth, on the other hand, was her polar opposite. He always had a feeling that she married him because he had the ambition and drive to become an astronaut, and it would open social doors for her that would otherwise be closed. 

But he never suspected that she wasn’t happy, and it definitely surprised him when she said that she was a feminist. Did they really stop communicating enough for her to turn to other pursuits? 

The woman asked him about Maggie and Sarah. This caused Gil to become defensive. It was one thing for a stranger to ask about him and his wife. They were adults. But it was another to ask about his children, especially when he never mentioned them.

The woman sensed his anger and uncomfortableness, and apologized. She said she didn’t mean to pry. She had been observing him from a distance, and felt it would be ok to discuss them. He asked her how she knew he had daughters? And more importantly, how did she know their names.

The lady turned and looked him directly in the eyes. Gil could see that her eyes were the most beautiful color of blue he had ever seen. But there was an unnerving quality about them.Suddenly, he felt scared and cold, as her stare penetrated his entire being. He didn’t know who she was, or what her name was, but he knew that he was in the presence of a deity. He lowered his head and apologized for upsetting her. 

The woman removed the cloak from her head. Before Gil was a female graced with the most stunning beauty he had ever come across. In fact, he had read of such beauty in books when he studied Greek Mythology. But there were no words that could describe what was before him. He felt himself start to tremble in her presence.

The woman smiled at him, which eased some of his fear. She gently asked him how his daughters were handling being on this world, and Gil told her that they were surprisingly doing well. They adapted pretty quickly. The woman told him that was a good thing.

She then asked how he felt about Beth, even after she attacked him. Gil was going to object to the question, but with her piercing stare from earlier still fresh in his mind, he thought better. He told the woman that he still loved his wife, despite what she had become while living on this planet.

He took his vows seriously, and he wanted to make sure that his daughters would have a proper home environment in which to grow up. He would be willing to sacrifice his own happiness in order to be there for his girls.

The woman asked him about Elizabeth, and could see Gil’s eyes light up immediately. He said that he had grown so close to her since he came there, and felt for the first time in his life that he had met his soulmate. She was beautiful, kind hearted, gentle, and had a tremendous personality. And as much as he wanted to be with her, he was still married to Beth, and that is where he needed to be.

The woman was impressed with the man sitting next to her. He had a chance at total happiness, but instead, decided that honoring his vows and remaining faithful was more important.

It was then that she introduced herself to him. She said her name was Hera, the Goddess Supreme of Mt Olympus, and creator of the world on which Gil and his family had come to. 

Gil didn’t know what to think or say, so he stood up and bowed down to one knee, not daring to look at her directly. She stood up, and up, and up, reaching her full height of 16’, the same as the women on the planet. She gently took hold of his hand, and guided him to a standing position.

She spoke to him, apologizing for putting him in danger, as she didn’t realize that Beth would react to the world the way she did. It was only her intention to bring outsiders to her world that she thought would find it beautiful and idyllic and a great place to raise a family. 

Gil raised his hand to ask a question. Hera looked down at him with a warm smile and gave him the ok. Gil asked something that had been on his mind. Why were the women so much larger than males?

Hera considered his question, then responded that her husband Zeus had created the human race in which men were bigger and stronger than women, and also a world that had many senseless wars. She decided to create her own set of worlds, each with women much, much larger and stronger than men, because she wanted to see how those worlds evolved, and as a way to mock her husband. It took a while, but this world, the one that they were on presently, had evolved into her Utopia. There was peace, prosperity, and more importantly, true love between the sexes, as well as the utmost respect between them. And it pained her when Beth had come and tried to throw off the balance of love and harmony.

Gil had avoided looking up directly into Hera’s eyes. But he caught a glimpse, and was instantly transfixed by her beauty, so much so that he lost his ability to think clearly. Hera sensed this, and pulled her cloak back over her head. She then presented him with three choices.

One- he could go back to his own world, with his wife and daughters, and have no memory of this life, or of Elizabeth.

Two- he could remain here, with Elizabeth, but Beth and the twins would be sent back to their own world without any memory of this world. To them, he would be forever lost in space, and he would have no memory of them.

Three- he and his family would remain here, and the present dynamic between him and Beth would remain, and he would be forced to choose between Elizabeth and his family.

Gil was overwhelmed emotionally. He sank to his knees, the tears starting to run down his face in growing intensity. He wanted to be with his wife and daughters, but couldn’t imagine not seeing his gentle giantess ever again. Or worse, having no memory of her. He would feel incomplete, empty, devoid of purpose. But if he stayed there, he would lose his memories of Beth and the twins. He would be with the woman he loved, and desired, but the part of him that would sacrifice everything for his family would be gone, with no memory whatsoever.

Or he could choose to stay there with everyone, problems and all. But Beth wouldn’t be happy, and it would create a terrible environment for Maggie and Sarah to grow up in. Plus, it would put both him and Elizabeth in an extremely awkward situation, having to dodge his wife’s now menacing attitude towards him and that world. 

Only one choice appealed to Gil, and unfortunately, it was the one that would put him in danger. He could have all four girls in his life, but he would have to stay alert, as Beth had made it clear that she was in charge, and he either did what she said, or he would suffer her wrath. He could choose Elizabeth, but then his girls would grow up in a broken home, and he was damn sure going to see that didn’t happen.

With his tears still flowing, he told Hera that he had made his choice. She asked him if he was sure, and he hesitated, then said yes. She smiled at him, then picked him up and, without warning, tossed him off the cliff.

Gil screamed as he descended towards a bottom that never seemed to be close. His arms and legs flailing, he just kept falling and falling. Suddenly, the ground quickly appeared, and was rapidly getting closer. Gil closed his eyes, bracing for impact, and never noticed the grey cloud forming around him.

Gil was finishing up a comms check with mission control. Martin and Steve reported that all systems were operating and the space capsule began its turn towards the dark side of the moon.

The onboard video camera was transmitting its feed back to Houston, and the special HD camera began snapping a series of photos at 30 second intervals. The images captured stunned Mission Control. 

The astronaut crew completed its mission, and positioned the capsule to begin its three day journey back to Earth. If the calculations were correct, they would land about 10 miles off the coast of Florida on the Atlantic side.

The journey back to Earth was very routine. The biggest obstacles would be re-entry into the atmosphere, and the rapid increase in temperature, and making sure the parachute deployed correctly. Otherwise, they would never survive the trip.

But everything went flawlessly. The capsule landed exactly 10 miles from the coast, the Navy ship was in position to quickly bring them on board, and they headed to the Naval Hospital to spend a week undergoing a battery of tests and examinations to make sure that they were healthy, in between visits from their families. Martin’s wife, Julie, and daughter Susan, as well as Steve’s wife, Wendy, and daughter, Nicole, had joined Beth and Maggie and Sarah as frequent visitors of the patients. But Gil sensed that Beth was preoccupied by something, but never had time alone with her to ask if everything was ok.

All checked out, and the crew was discharged. Martin Milner and Steve Miller said goodbye to their commander and friend, Gil, who had signed his resignation papers, was retiring from the military in order to spend more time with his family. They promised they would keep in touch, as the bond of being crew mates on a trip to the moon made them inseparable.

Since the Hodges lived just off base, the five minute car ride was over before it began. Gil walked through the front door and thanked his lucky stars that the mission to the moon had been uneventful and successful. Beth casually mentioned that their next door neighbor, an elderly man named Frank Castle, had passed away. 

Gil looked at her and wondered aloud what would happen to the property. Frank had mentioned several times that real estate agents would offer to buy his property, with the intention of converting his large house into apartments, but he always resisted, saying that he had something special planned for it.

Gil should have enjoyed his retirement, but as the week went on, he felt Beth become more distant. She would go out in the afternoon with her friends, and not come back until late. He wanted to say something to her, but thought that she had been under so much pressure raising the twins while he played astronaut, that she just needed time to herself. He also understood that being a military wife was difficult, with the constant moving. They just couldn’t put down any roots until now. He hoped that she would embrace him being home.

Monday morning came. The twins were in the middle of their summer vacation. Beth had cooked breakfast and gone to take a shower. Shopping needed to be done, and Gil volunteered, asking Maggie and Sarah if they wanted to tag along. Both girls said yes.

They said goodbye to Beth, and the three of them piled into Gil’s station wagon, and headed for the supermarket. Ninety minutes later, they arrived home. It took longer than usual, because everyone seemed to recognize the astronaut who just went to the moon, and either wanted his autograph, or just to ask questions. He tried to be as accommodating as he could, but he needed to get the frozen food home and in the freezer.

The three walked into an empty house. Gil called for Beth, but heard nothing. He looked out the window to the driveway, and saw that her car wasn’t there. He figured that maybe she forgot something and went to the store to get it. 

Gil and the twins put the groceries away, and decided to play a game of Go Fish, while waiting for Beth to come home. Hours had passed, and no Beth. He started to get worried when there was a knock on the door.

Gil answered, and a gentleman in a suit asked him if he was Gil Hodges, and he replied that he was. The man handed him two envelopes, said to have a nice day, then turned and went to his car that was parked out front, and drove away.

Gil looked at the two envelopes. One was from a law firm that he never heard of. The second, and more important, was from Beth in her handwriting.

It contained a letter, one that tore his heart to pieces. 

The letter informed him that although she loved him and the girls, she needed to have her own life, one that didn’t include the three of them.  She understood that sounded cold and heartless, but she needed her space. She hoped that they would understand.

Gil was devastated. He suspected that there was more to that letter than just Beth needing to live her life. He suspected that there was another man involved, and as detestable as that sounded, he could understand, as his commitment to the space program had left his family devoid of a male presence in the house. His wife probably felt abandoned and lonely. 

Gil had resigned his commission from the military in order to spend more time with his family, but obviously it was too late.. Now, his wife just abandoned her family in order to live the life she wanted. He looked at Maggie and Sarah, and his heart just sank to the bottom of the abyss.

He asked them to come over. They looked at their father with the innocence of 10 year olds. There was no easy way to break the news, so Gil was as honest with them as he could be. He watched as they started crying hysterically. He started crying hysterically. The three hugged one another, and Gil made a solemn promise to his daughters. He would never, ever leave them. He was now back as a full time father, and he intended to be there for them come hell or high water.

The girls ran to their room, tears still streaming down their cheeks. Gil composed himself enough to open the envelope from the lawyer. It was a letter stating that Beth Hodges was filing for divorce from Gil Hodges, citing irreconcilable differences. The action was being filed under the state’s quick divorce law. 

Gil was sent paperwork to sign, but the lawyer’s letter had stressed the importance of him consulting a lawyer to understand the action in total. He looked at the paperwork. It appeared that Beth wasn’t going to ask for any spousal support, and gave up her parental rights to the girls. That shocked him, as he would have thought that being their mother, she would have wanted to have a say in how they were raised.

Gil called his friend in the Judge Advocate General’s office, and explained the situation, and asked if he could stop by on his way home from the base. His friend agreed, and around 6:00 pm, there was a knock on the door. 

Gil and his friend sat in the living room, and the paperwork was examined. Everything seemed on the up and up, and Gil’s reading of the terms was correct. He thanked his friend, and signed the paperwork, and mailed them out when his friend left. The divorce would be final on Friday. 

Gil ordered pizza, then pulled a six pack from the fridge, and by 9, it was gone. He grabbed Beth’s bottle of wine, and finished that. He stumbled out into the living room, sat on the sofa, and passed out.

Gil was walking down the street when he came upon two girls whose car had a flat tire. He offered to help, and they gratefully accepted. He was getting the spare out of the trunk when he introduced himself and asked what their names were. 

Gil changed the tire, and after the girls thanked him, they drove away, and Gil woke up, having to use the bathroom. He was relieving himself when he thought about the dream that he just had. It was fairly pleasant, but something about the girls seemed very familiar to him. He couldn’t explain the feeling, but he chalked it up to the amount of alcohol he had consumed earlier.

Gil was up early. Maggie and Sarah were still asleep, so he made himself a cup of coffee, and started breakfast for the girls. Both came out a short time later, looking like they had a terrible night’s sleep. He asked them if they wanted to have their friends over, figuring that if they could keep from thinking about what had happened, it might help them cope. 

Neither felt like company. Gil knew what he needed to do, and dreaded the very thought. He decided to grab the bull by the horns, and told both Maggie and Sarah that what their mother had done was shocked and upset him as well, but he stressed that it was nothing they did to cause it. Their mom was just going through a really tough time in her life, and she needed to figure things out. 

The twins asked Gil if their mom was coming back, 

and he didn’t know the answer, only offering a weak maybe in response. But he stressed again that he loved them very much, and that they were his life. 

The three of them had tears running down their faces as they hugged one another tightly. It was all Gil could do to comfort the girls after the shocking development from the day before. His heart sank, because he knew deep down that the twins would be scarred by Beth leaving, and there was nothing that he could do about it. It left him feeling down and depressed in his alone moments.

But Tuesday had the same vibe as the day before. He took the girls out to dinner, but the mood was subdued, and the girls were still in shock. On the way home, Gil stopped by the liquor store, and bought a case of beer, plus a couple of bottles of whiskey. 

Once home, the girls went to their room, while Gil went to work on the beer and whiskey. Once again, he passed out on the sofa, while the movie Jason and The Argonauts played on the TV. 

Suddenly, he found himself on Mt Olympus, as Zeus and Hera argued about helping the protagonist of the movie. Hera was growing angrier, accusing her husband of stacking the odds against Jason. Zeus decreed that she could only offer limited help to him, decreeing that there would be severe consequences for disobeying him. This left the Goddess determined to help the hero, by any means necessary.

Gil stood by, none of the Gods and Goddesses noticing his presence. He saw towering figures, more than twice his height, scurrying about. He noticed Hera whisper something to one of her attendants, who enter what appeared to be a secret chamber.

As he observed the servant going into a chamber, he turned and saw Hera standing in front of him. He backed away, afraid of incurring her wrath. But she just smiled down at him, and said ‘ Don’t be afraid, Gil’.

Gil opened his eyes, the dream running through his head at the speed of light. It was one of the strangest dreams he had ever had, yet seemed real. He looked at the empty beer cans that littered the floor, and told himself that he needed to calm down on the drinking. 

He made his way to the empty bed in his room, laid down, and fell into another dream. He was walking with Beth on a beach. Just the two of them, alone. He had the ring and the speech ready, and was just waiting for the perfect moment. 

Finally, they came upon rocks that jutted out into the ocean. Gil turned towards Beth, got down on his knee, produced a box, and asked her to marry him. As he removed the ring, he heard a male voice call Beth’s name, and suddenly, she was gone, leaving him alone. 

Gil woke up again, with the sun shining through the window. His head was splitting, and his eyes were bloodshot. Damn, he thought, he was in no condition to cook for his girls. They would be having cereal for breakfast.

He stumbled out into the kitchen. Maggie and Sarah were already up and finishing their breakfast, Gil got the coffee going. Two more days, and the divorce would be final. He looked at the very beautiful and innocent ten year olds sitting in the living room, and wanted to cry. Not for himself, but for them. They were close to entering the age when changes to their bodies would occur, and he would not be able to help them like Beth would have been able to. They wouldn’t have that female advice to rely on. He made a note to visit the library and read up as best he could.

Wednesday turned into Thursday, and followed a very familiar routine. Gil and the twins would have dinner, then when they went to bed, he would drink himself to sleep, only to have weird dreams. This one involved a land of giant women, who were chasing him like he was the last man on Earth. 

He woke up to another headache, and the case of beer he bought the other night finished, as was one bottle of whiskey. He could smell bacon being cooked. He stumbled into the kitchen, and saw Maggie and Sarah cooking breakfast for him. He wanted to cry. With how much they were being affected by their mom leaving, they were cooking for him. 

He hugged both of them, only to see funny looks come over their faces. He asked them what was wrong, and they told him that he stunk. Gil instinctively smelled his armpits, and started coughing. He smelled worse than the Volga River at low tide. He had taken a tour of the Romania/Transylvania region when he was temporarily assigned to a UN unit, and that smell stuck with him.

He apologized to the twins for the odor, and promised to shower after breakfast. The girls made a surprisingly good meal. He told them that he loved them, and asked if they wanted to do anything. Maggie and Sarah asked if they could go to the park, and Gil told them that it was a date, after he cleaned up.

Gil took his shower, then he and the girls headed for the park. Children playing, couples walking. Everyone was having a good time. And it brought on negative emotions for Gil. It only emphasized the void that was now permanent in his life. 

He kept up a happy face for his girls, but inside was feeling empty and hollow. On the way home from the park, he bought more beer and whiskey. And once the girls were in their room for bed, he again drank himself to sleep. And once again the dreams started. 

He was in the space capsule with Martin and Steve, heading for the dark side of the moon, when they encountered a mysterious cloud. Suddenly, they lost communication with control, and they drifted off course, until they ended up on a world they did not recognize. Suddenly, they were surrounded by giantesses of incredible beauty, and they were all trying to grab the three of them. The women moved closer, and the men started screaming. 

Gil woke up in a sweat. He made his way to his bed, and passed out again, and found himself in another dream. This time he was on a cliff with a woman he didn’t know. She was talking to him, but in a language he didn’t understand. He kept trying to let her know that he didn’t speak her language, when she suddenly pushed him off the edge, and he found himself falling.

Gil woke up to the sound of the telephone ringing. He answered. It was his lawyer buddy from the base, letting him know that his divorce was finalized. It was news that didn’t make him feel any better.

He stumbled out into the kitchen to make coffee, when he saw the time. 12:30pm. He had slept the day away. He cursed himself. He told his girls that he would always be there for them, and yet was unable to cope with the events, drinking himself into a stupor every night. 

He looked out the window, and noticed moving vans in front of his deceased neighbor’s house. He saw furniture going in, then different ones coming out. The kettle boiled. He made his coffee, and had taken two sips when there was a knock on the front door.

He cursed his luck. He was hung over, and probably smelled like stale beer. And now there was someone at the front door. He made his way through the living room, and turned the handle.

Opening the door, he saw two women standing there. One had brown hair, the other blonde. They introduced themselves. The dark haired girl said her name was Elizabeth Sladen, and the blonde was her cousin Samantha Sladen. They had just moved in next door, and wanted to say hello. Gil introduced himself and called Maggie and Sarah over and introduced them. He asked the women if they wanted to come in for a cup of coffee, and the girls happily accepted.

Gil noticed the beer cans were gone, as was the bottle of whiskey. The girls cleaned up, and he was thankful. 

Turning his attention to the women, he mentioned that he didn’t realize that the house they were moving into was for sale. Elizabeth had mentioned it was a very strange thing. In fact, it was so strange that she and Samantha thought someone was playing a prank on them.

Gil was interested in what she said. Elizabeth continued. She said that both her and Samantha recently graduated, she from law school and her cousin from medical school. They really didn’t have money for a new place, until one day they received a letter in the mail. It was from a law office located in Athens, Greece. The letter explained that a property was going to auction, and instructed the two of them to make an offer. It could be any amount, but it had to be done by a certain date.

Samantha spoke up, saying that they thought it was so far fetched and inane, they thought someone was playing a joke on them. So they called the number on the letter to tell off whoever answered. But it turned out that the lawyer was legitimate, as was their instructions. So she and Elizabeth pulled together their last $500 and use that as their bid, assuming that it would be rejected, and they could get on with their lives. They lived in Virginia, after all, and that’s what really made everything seem strange.

Elizabeth picked up the tale, saying that much to the shock of the both of them, their bid won. Their $500 bought the house. And then things really got weird. The lawyer sent them a letter saying that all their moving expenses would be paid. In fact, the man who owned the house had amassed a fortune, but had no heirs. So they were told that all property taxes, insurance, and utilities were to be paid for by his estate. 

$500, and the house was theirs, and they didn’t have to pay any expenses except for their food shopping. She asked Gil if he had ever heard of such an insane story. He responded that he never heard of anything like that happening, even in fairy tales. 

Both Elizabeth and Samantha apologized for dominating the conversation. They asked Gil what he did. Gil said that he recently resigned from the military. He had been part of the space program, and had just completed a mission to the moon. But he was taking some time off before he looked for a new job. 

He looked at the two women sitting at the table, but both had blank expressions on their faces. He finally got to study their faces. They both had blue eyes, and were incredibly beautiful.

It was while he was looking at them that his mind was suddenly flooded with memories that he didn’t know he had. Grey clouds, giant women, strange worlds. It was like everything was as real as the two girls with him. 

The girls snapped out of their trance, as did Gil. The three of them looked at each other. And then it hit them. They had met before. They didn’t know when or where, but they had met. 

On Mt Olympus, Hera smiled. The mortal man had impressed her with his commitment to his family. She wished that her husband Zeus had such commitment. But she wanted to make sure that Gil found happiness, and she couldn’t think of a better person for him than Elizabeth. She was just surprised about how easily his wife Beth was able to be manipulated into leaving him.

Chapter 22 First Date by Twjr0228

Gil, Elizabeth, and Samantha had definitely felt that somewhere, somehow, they had met before. But they couldn't place the exact time or nature. And before the three of them could discuss matters further, a delivery van pulled up in front of the girls’ house. Sam said she would handle it, leaving the other two still at the table.

As they watched the blonde haired woman walk across the lawn, Gil took a chance, and asked Elizabeth if he could take her out to lunch the following day. And much to his surprise, she said yes almost immediately. 

They set a time for 12 noon. Gil would ask his neighbors across the street, who had a daughter the same age as Maggie and Sarah, to watch the girls for the afternoon. 

With that, Elizabeth stood up to leave. Gil showed her to the door. They said their goodbyes, and he watched as she entered her house. He felt a happiness that he hadn't felt in a while. He walked across the street to his neighbors to make the arrangements for the next afternoon, then went into his bedroom to make sure he had clean clothes.

The rest of the day was like any other day. Gil ordered pizza for dinner. He had informed his girls that they would be spending some time with the family across the street. Maggie and Sarah had an indifferent reaction. They weren't close to the girl across the street, but they said they would go. Gil thanked them. 

After dinner, Gil made popcorn, and he and his daughters watched a monster movie on tv. The film was over, and the twins went to bed. Gil started watching the 11pm news, but found that he was having trouble keeping his eyes open.

Eventually, he fell into a dream. He came upon a man and woman sitting on the edge of a cliff. He was in awe at seeing the figure of the female in front of him. She was so much larger than the male, yet he didn't seem frightened at all.

They were just talking, when suddenly, both stood up. It was then that he truly saw how massive the woman was. The man only came up to the halfway point of her thigh. And in the blink of an eye, she scooped up his small body and threw him over the edge and into an abyss. He heard the man scream, and saw that the lady had vanished.

Gil woke up. He had absolutely no idea what time it was. He looked at the clock. 3:30am. He forced himself up off the sofa. He turned out the lights, made sure the doors were locked, and went into his room. 

Next thing he knew, the sun was shining upon his face. Opening his eyes, he looked at the clock. 8:00am. He got up and made his way to the kitchen, getting a much needed pot of coffee going. He needed a shave and shower. He was taking Elizabeth out for lunch at noon. He felt like he was preparing for the first date of his life.

Once he had the cup of coffee in his hand, he knocked on the girls’ door to get them moving. They were going to the neighbors’ house around 11:30, and they both needed to get washed beforehand.

Gil felt a tinge of both anticipation and nervousness. He found himself looking at the clock constantly, trying to will it to speed up. And before he knew it, the time had arrived to take Maggie and Sarah across the street. He thanked his neighbors, and returned to his house to make sure his teeth were brushed again, and he used mouthwash. A little dab of cologne, and he was ready to go.

He walked next door, and knocked. Opening the door was the sight of someone that took his breath away. Elizabeth, wearing a tight fitting white dress. It accentuated her tremendous figure, and Gil had feelings that he had not experienced since he entered 7th grade and discovered that girls had beautiful bodies.

Elizabeth stepped outside and locked the door. She explained that Sam had to take care of an emergency at work. Gil held out his arm, and Elizabeth grabbed a hold, and he escorted her to his car.

Opening the door, he complimented her on how beautiful she looked. Elizabeth blushed, and said thank you, then returned the compliment about the suit he was wearing. 

Once they were in the car, Gil drove to an Italian restaurant in an older part of the city. He parked the car, then opened Elizabeth’s door and escorted her onto the sidewalk.

It had become a beautiful day, and on the warm side. So Gil ditched his jacket and loosened his tie. He asked Elizabeth if she wanted to walk first before eating, and she said yes. 

So they walked along the older, rustic shops and buildings. And as they walked, Gil felt Elizabeth’s hand take hold of his. They just walked and talked as they enjoyed the warm sun. 

Elizabeth casually mentioned about some strange dreams that she had been having over the last couple of weeks. Her words piqued Gil’s interest. He mentioned that he too had been having dreams. He told her that they seem to involve strange worlds, giant women, and a mysterious cloaked lady.

Elizabeth listened intently. She told him that her dreams had been very similar, right down to the cloaked lady. She had no idea of who she was, or why she was dreaming about that particular world. 

Gil understood exactly what she was describing. He had those exact dreams. He didn't know why.

But he was sure that Elizabeth was part of them.

They came to the end of the block. As Gil turned around, he found Elizabeth close to him. Suddenly, he was fighting the urge to kiss her. His battle was unsuccessful. He moved his head ever so slightly and placed his lips on hers. He got no resistance.

Both immediately felt a powerful shock permeate their bodies. But their kiss never stopped. A whirlwind formed around them. Clear images of a much larger Elizabeth and a smaller Gil, Beth and Sam and Chiet Val, Maggie and Sarah. 

The images were overwhelming the two of them. Memories, as real as the kiss they were sharing, had overtaken them. Finally, their lips separated. The whirlwind and images were gone, like nothing had ever happened. Gil and Elizabeth just looked at one another in silence, each trying to process what had just happened. 

They walked back towards the restaurant, each feeling a little uneasy. But Elizabeth was especially shaken, and tightly held Gil’s hand as they neared the eatery.

Once seated inside, the waitress came for their drink order. Gil ordered a beer, and was very surprised when Elizabeth ordered a double whiskey on the rocks. She needed something to help calm her down.

Once the drinks came, Elizabeth looked at Gil, the memories that flooded into her head still present, and asked him a question in which she already knew the answer to. ‘Were they real’?

Gil nodded his head. Elizabeth had seen herself as a giant, and it brought back all her insecurities about her height, which was 5’8”, taller than average. It made her stand out. 

Gil took a nice long swig of his beer and told Elizabeth that she looked incredibly happy in that world, and incredibly beautiful and sexy.

His words stunned her. Never before had a man ever said those words to her. But Elizabeth could tell by his tone and the expression in his eyes that he truly meant every word he spoke. He was a true gentleman, on this world, and the world from her memories. 

With even more memories coming to her, she asked him about Beth. Gil told her that she left him and the girls, joined some commune, and gave him a quickie divorce. Elizabeth was relieved. Her only memories of his ex-wife was that she was a bitch, who used her size to abuse and hurt the man sitting in front of her. 

Gil smiled at her, and asked her if she remembered that she was the mayor of her town, and Elizabeth said yes. She rather enjoyed that part. Then Gil asked her a serious question- did she want to go back to that world?

Elizabeth thought for a moment, and said that she did, and then asked him the same question. Gil said he wouldn’t mind, as long as his girls could come with him. Elizabeth was surprised by his answer, pointing out that he would be no taller than the middle of her thigh.

Gil looked her in the eyes, and said that he didn’t mind. He had fallen in love with her, and as long as he had her and Maggie and Sarah, he would be happy. He told her that his happiest memories of that world was the time they spent together, either making breakfast or dinner, or talking early in the morning, or just being at work.

Elizabeth blushed, and joked that she never showed him the proper way to use the strap on. And as soon as she said that, she realized the terrible mistake she had just made. Gil physically recoiled at the image of the strap on, his memory of being assaulted with one by Beth still strong in his mind. 

Elizabeth apologized profusely and started to cry. Gil took her hand, and told her that she did nothing wrong. The most important thing was that they found each other, and it didn’t matter what world they were on, he just wanted to be with her. 

He stood up, took a napkin, and wiped away her tears, kissing her gently, but with feeling. He told her that he loved her. Elizabeth was lost in his words, her feelings going from abject horror to one nearly causing her to become wet between her legs.

While they were lost in their passion, they never noticed the lady who was sitting at the bar, watching them. In fact, she had been watching them ever since they got into Gil’s car. She was happy. She had always looked out for Elizabeth, and only wanted to see her happy. And she had a lot of respect for Gil, since he was willing to sacrifice true happiness for the sake of his family. She had absolutely no respect for his wife, who she found could be so easily manipulated that it wasn’t funny. Plant a seed in her head, and watch it grow into a weed infested field. Now, all she had to do was see where the couple wanted to be.

Chapter 23 Finale by Twjr0228
Author's Notes:

I decided to end this story, as I have a lot of open stories that I need to work on, plus it has been languishing in pergatory.

Gil and Elizabeth left the restaurant, unsure of where to go next. The electricity that ran through their bodies had the effect of putting them in a slight daze. But they couldn't agree on what to do, so both decided to head on back home. 

They arrived at Elizabeth’s house, finding the three girls watching a movie and eating popcorn. Seeing what was going on made both of them feel slightly foolish. Whether Gil wanted to admit it or not, he had subconsciously put himself on an early curfew, not wanting to burden Sam with Maggie and Sarah for longer than was necessary. 

Gil collected his girls, said goodbye to Sam, and gave Elizabeth another kiss, causing both of them to feel a jolt through their bodies. They looked at each like two lost soulmates, hoping that one day they could be together permanently. But they also realized that it was best to take it slow.

The next morning, Gil woke up early, and decided to surprise his girls by making pancakes for breakfast. Or at least he tried to. An odor of burnt food wafted from the kitchen, and penetrated next door, waking up Elizabeth. She quickly dressed and knocked on the door, hoping everything was alright.

She laughed when she saw a flustered Gil with batter all over his shirt, and she immediately knew what was going on. She offered her help, and Gil gratefully accepted, his male pride be damned.

Maggie and Sarah woke up to perfectly cooked pancakes, courtesy of Elizabeth’s deft touch. Gil looked at her, just sitting there talking with the girls in such a natural way. He loved his ex-wife Beth, but couldn't help but feel that there was something more natural and honest with the woman sitting at the table. 

After a few hours of eating, drinking coffee, and talking, Elizabeth was about to leave when the phone rang. Janet Potts, mother of Abigail, a friend of the twins, apologized for calling so early, but she wanted to know if it would be ok if her family took the girls camping for the weekend. 

Gil said it was alright with him, but he would ask the girls to see what they wanted to do. Both of their eyes lit up, and said yes without hesitation. Arrangements were made for the girls to be picked up that afternoon, and Maggie and Sarah quickly washed, dressed and packed within the hour. 

Elizabeth gave Gil a kiss, and left to go back to her house. When she entered, Sam was on the phone, writing an address down on a piece of paper, and once she hung up, looked at her housemate with excitement in her eyes. 

North Shore University had been going through the transcripts of recent college graduates, and due to her outstanding grades, wanted her to work in the medical research facility. They scheduled an interview for that afternoon, and she was told that it would last a couple of days. 

Elizabeth hugged her friend, and was instinctively going to pour a glass of wine for her to celebrate, but remembered that Sam had to drive a couple of hours north. So they settled for glasses of root beer.

Sam showered, dressed and packed just as the twins did, and by 11am was on the road north. The interview was scheduled for 3, giving her plenty of time for the drive. 

Without her roommate there, and knowing that Maggie and Sarah were about to be picked up, Elizabeth decided to walk back to Gil’s house and invite him over for dinner that night. She assumed that since he was an astronaut, he probably loved steak, and she just had a couple of ribeyes in the fridge. 

So she showered and dressed, and headed next door. She knocked, and heard Gil say enter. Elizabeth walked in, noticing him sitting on the couch, looking at a picture of Beth and the girls.

It was from a day they spent at the beach, and the three looked as happy as could be. She sensed a sadness within Gil, and sat next to him, gently holding his hand.

And just like that, electricity and sexual tension collided, and the picture was dropped, and two pair of lips locked in what seemed like an eternal embrace. 

Next thing they knew, clothes were shed, and the bed was rocking with a rhythm not seen before. All the physical and emotional attraction from a previous life had suddenly overtaken their current ones. 

Both Elizabeth and Gil climaxed like they never did before, moaning and crying out in ecstasy. It was done, and both felt drained of energy. Gil rolled over, and was surprised that Elizabeth was already passed out. He was about to get up, but he too, felt like he was about to pass out. He tried to fight the feeling, but it was no use, and soon found himself dreaming.

Gil found himself falling towards a black hole. He screamed, but no sound came out of his mouth. He tried flailing his arms and legs, but that too was useless. So into the darkness he went.

He found himself within a darkness that he had never encountered. He was on solid ground, that he was sure of, but unable to see anything. There wasn't even a sound to be heard.

Gil started to feel himself being overcome with fear, unable to see or hear anything. Suddenly, birds were chirping, and the darkness lifted, allowing him to see what was around him.

He saw that he was surrounded by ancient ruins. Gil started to walk towards the steps at the end, when suddenly a blinding light engulfed him. When the light disappeared, standing before him was a female of such exquisite beauty, he didn't think it was possible. 

But the female wasn't an ordinary person. She stood about 30 feet tall, and looked strange, yet familiar to him. He thought he had seen her before, but couldn't remember where, when or if he had met her.  

But her outfit reminded him of the movie Jason and The Argonauts. He instinctively knew that she was a Goddess, but he didn't know which one.

The female spoke, telling Gil by name to not be afraid. He was confused as to how she knew his name, but instead of being afraid, her voice was soothing.

He asked her what her name was, and with a warm smile, she told him that she was the Goddess Hera, ruler of Olympus. Gil thought that strange, as he believed Zeus was the ruler of all Gods.

Hera gently asked him how he was enjoying his life, but with that question, came a spell that caused Gil to open up with total honesty. 

He admitted that he was grateful that his mission to the moon was successful, and he and his crew were able to safely land. He also immediately explained that it pained him that his wife left him with twin daughters, but that he met a woman who was familiar to him.

Hera asked him how he felt about Elizabeth. He immediately replied that he loved her with all his heart. He was unable to process the fact that the giantess in front of him knew her name.

She asked Gil if he was comfortable being in Elizabeth’s world, or his world. What should have been a confusing question was anything but, as, without hesitation, answered that as long as he could be with Elizabeth and his girls, it didn't matter where.

Hera smiled down at the little man in front of her. She told him that he was a good man, as good as a human could be, and that he deserved to be happy in life with the woman he loved more than anything else in the world.

With that, Hera disappeared, and Gil was surrounded by total darkness once again. He felt himself being pulled upwards towards the black hole, but this time he was calm, and at peace. He exited the darkness, and found himself floating towards a beautiful, blue planet, with the sun setting beyond the horizon.

Gil woke up drenched in sweat. The bedroom was warm. He turned his head to the left, and saw the beautiful, smiling face of Elizabeth staring at him. She stroked his hair, and asked him if he was alright.

He replied that he was, it was just that he had weird and wild dreams. She asked him if he wanted to talk about them. 

Gil felt a little embarrassed, but he did describe the dreams. He was traveling in space, then he was home, he was then attacked by a crazy lady who claimed that she was his wife, he was in the hospital, met a strange lady, ended up on another world, saw Elizabeth as a different person, met the strange lady again, and poof, he woke up. 

Elizabeth looked at him with a twinkle in her eye. She winked and told him that he was probably exhausted due to the wild love making they had the night before. She bent her head and kissed him.

Suddenly he sat up and before he could ask, Elizabeth told him that the girls were still sleeping. Gil laid back down, and looked up at her incredibly large and beautiful body, and thanked the heavens that he married the girl of his dreams.

Eventually, Elizabeth said that they should get out of bed. It was 730am, and they were due at work by nine. After all, Chief Val was stopping by for a quick meeting, and then Dr Sam was coming to do yearly checkups on all the workers in the office. Then she whispered in his ear, reminding him that he was a married man, and he was to behave himself around the good doctor. And she kissed him passionately to emphasize her point, feeling his member as her lips moved over his.

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