Junko by Joyce Julep

Hey everyone! So this is a story I'm currently writing for a wonderful long-term patron, and I thought I'd share it with you guys. It's a prequel story to another one I wrote, "My Sister is a Demon." This story picks up directly after Chapter 5 of that story. 

Basically, the main character, Katherine Williamson, has abandoned her son Clayton to his fate: living out a year of servitude to the demon Asmodeus family (detailed in "My Sister is a Demon"). Katherine's late husband, Jonathan, had left her to serve Kazahana Asmodeus, but had died with one year left of his servitude remaining. Either Katherine or Clayton needed to serve out the remaining year, and instead of sacrificing herself, Katherine promptly volunteered Clayton, got in her car, and drove away. 

This story picks up with Katherine driving away. But something's waiting for her back at home...

This is a small woman story, and if you're a fan of anime, you're in luck! <3  

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1. Chapter 1 by Joyce Julep

2. Chapter 2 by Joyce Julep

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5. Chapter 5 by Joyce Julep

Chapter 1 by Joyce Julep
Chapter 1

Gravel crunched and popped underneath the car’s tires as Katherine Williamson sped past the manicured trees that lined the long driveway of the Asmodeus estate. Her jaw was set hard, so hard that her cheek muscles were visibly clenched, and her chin was stuck out slightly in determination; she kept her eyes staring stonily forward, dead set on the end of the driveway up ahead. Katherine was doggedly resolute in her expression — as soon as she had gotten in her car and sped away, she had steadfastly wiped her mind clear of any thought or reflex that might have caused her to question her decision to drive away and leave her only son with that…that demonic family. The 40-year-old woman knew that she was going to suffer guilt and regret around her decision to abandon Clayton to the Asmodeus clan, but her will and determination to extricate herself from that whole situation overcame any second thoughts she might have entertained, had she more time or inclination to ponder her decision. 

The well-cared-for landscape passed by on either side as Katherine neared the green hedge of the estate’s entrance. 

‘This is all Jonathan’s fault, anyway,’ Katherine told herself, referring to her recently-deceased husband. ‘If he hadn’t gotten himself involved with that demon Kazehana, then none of this would’ve happened. I wouldn’t have been forced into this terrible position, and Clayton…’

Katherine shook her head and blinked her eyes rapidly. She could feel the pressure beginning to build a little behind each eyeball. Even thinking about her teenage son, alone and abandoned to that family, made her start to feel the early pangs of an emotional deluge. But she sniffed and gripped the steering wheel harder, refusing to go down that particular avenue in her brain. 

‘It’s just not my fault,’ she said to herself, over and over, ‘It’s not my fault…it’s not my fault…I did all I could do…everything in my power…without completely giving myself up. This is Jonathan’s legacy — Clayton has to spend a year in servitude because of HIM, not ME.’ 

Katherine knew that she was right about her late husband, and she tried to build on that emotional momentum she was giving herself. Her car passed underneath the green hedge, and a moment later, she was turning back into the main road, accelerating away and down the mountain…away from that terrible mansion in the forest. 

“And anyway,” Katherine said to herself out loud, taking solace in the sound of her own voice, “It’s only for a year. He’ll only be taking Jonathan’s place in the contract for a year, and then…well, he’ll be free again. And…maybe he’ll learn some valuable life lessons along the way. It’s not the typical teenage experience, sure, but…well, that’s the beauty of it, right? He’ll have a unique experience to draw from in his adult life.” 

Katherine stopped herself talking out loud right then and there. She knew that she was starting to sound a little silly — even to herself, her logic was beginning to sound strained and desperate. As she flew on down the highway, she shifted her focus back to herself, where she was most comfortable. 

“I did what was best for ME,” she said out loud again. “I did all I could for…for Clayton…but sometimes…even as a parent…your hands are tied.” 

Katherine thought back to her husband, and the tragedy of him disappearing from her life when Clayton was only 5 years old. He had gone to live with that demon Kazehana…that amazonian, voluptuous terror. Katherine felt her stomach clench inside of her as she thought back to a little while before, when she had actually looked at the 7-foot-plus amazon demon. It was easy to see why Jonathan — or any man, for that matter — would have chosen to be with such an august, curvy, and powerful entity, but it had all come at a price. 

‘He was buried in…a matchbox…’ she thought, recalling Kazehana’s mocking declaration. ‘He had shrunk down so much that he was only…a few inches tall.’ 

Katherine shivered, feeling an uncomfortable chill creep over her flesh. It was all just so horrible…horrible to think about. She felt so many competing emotions around her dead husband that it was difficult to alight on one in particular. She felt terribly, tragically sad that he was dead, but she also felt a poisonous resentment against him for leaving her to bring up Clayton by herself. And that wasn’t all — Katherine also felt a brutish, almost sadistic kind of enjoyment thinking about Jonathan’s last thoughts, as he succumbed to the effects of shrinking, and of simply being with such a powerful demon as Kazehana. 

‘It’s what he deserved, the fucking lowlife,’ she thought savagely, even going so far as to unconsciously bare her teeth as she drove down the road, thinking about it all. ‘What a fucking loser…what a pathetic excuse for a man. I can’t believe I ever saw anything in him. Fuck him…I’m glad he’s dead…and fuck him for putting me in this situation in the first place.’ 

Katherine knew she didn’t totally feel this way, but there was no denying that it was definitely PART of how she was feeling. That was why she had left Clayton and driven away. She needed to be rid of her husband’s awful legacy of submissive, selfish, and prostrate lust. She knew that she just couldn’t take it anymore — she had a burning desire to start her life anew, and her teenage son had unwittingly given her the chance to do just that. 

‘It’s what Clayton owes me, at the very least,’ she told herself, trying hard to convince herself of the righteousness of her own decision. ‘I’ve brought him up myself practically my whole life. I’ve sacrificed soooooo much for him…years and years of time and effort…it’s the least he can do to repay me, staying with them for only ONE year. It can’t be so bad! I made the right call.’ 

Katherine turned the whole situation over and over again in her mind, echoing these same patterns, as she drove back home. The hours flowed into each other, and by the time she was pulling her car into the driveway, she had done a solid job convincing herself that everything was going to be ok, that she was not to blame, and that she had made the correct decision for herself. She was actually beginning to feel positive and light on her feet as she opened her front door and went inside. She looked around…everything seemed eerily normal. But things smelled…different. 

Katherine was so wrapped up in the surreal moment in her own mind that she didn’t recognize the smell as something meaty cooking on the stove. Right now, her olfactory senses were temporarily muted as she realized, with a sickening shot, that there was no Clayton anymore. His school bookbag sat in the corner, without an owner. For a sharp, poignant moment, Katherine felt an intense stab of emotional pain, and if she had allowed it to linger, she would have burst into tears. She missed her son terribly, even if he looked too much like Jonathan, even if, with every passing day, his face reminded her of her husband’s betrayal.

But Katherine wiped her eyes, took a deep breath, and went over to the kitchen sink. Her tunnel vision was such that she completely missed the figure standing over at the far right of the room, stirring a large pot on the stove, grinning silently. 

Katherine ran the tap and splashed her face with cold water, over and over again, until her cheeks were numb. Her eyes burned from the water’s cold sting, and yet still she continued splashing herself. When at last she turned off the water and stood up, the cold water had shocked her back into the reality of her own plan. She reached for a towel and wiped her face off, delighting in the soft warmness of the fabric on her face. This WAS a new beginning. This was EXACTLY what she had been waiting for…for YEARS. And now, finally, her pathetic husband had died, and had given her an opportunity to move on and find a new man for herself, and a new life, free of the insanity of that horrible demon world. 

“Oh my GODDDDD!” exclaimed the figure in the corner, “Are you seriously just going to keep standing there without even noticing me!? Puh-leeeeease…AS IF I’m easy to overlook!” 

Katherine nearly jumped out of her skin, giving a great yelp as she stumbled backward into the sink in surprise, looking toward the source of the voice. A moment later, she was staring at a young, beautiful teenage girl, with strawberry blond hair that was done up in two large pigtails behind her head. This girl, whoever she was, was dressed in a form-fitting black skirt that only went down to her upper thighs, ending in a dash of blood-red fabric at the bottom. Her dress was open at the chest, showing off an impressive pair of breasts, which were large despite the girl’s otherwise slender appearance. Her forearms were bare, and one of her hands was placed on her hip, in evident vexation. But one look at this young girl’s face was enough for Katherine to realize that there was much, much more going on…the teenager was grinning at Katherine with a kind of coquettish smirk that indicated a disturbing degree of self-confidence. Her pale blue eyes were large and penetrating, and as they both stared at Katherine, she couldn’t help but feel that this teenage girl was looking straight into her soul…and laughing at it. 

“Aaaaaaand she’s at a loss for words,” chuckled the girl, seeming to narrate what was happening out loud as she continued to stir the pot on the stove. “What a shock…if she waits around any longer, I’m gonna lose my mind with boredom.” 

“Wh-who…who a-are you!?” stammered Katherine, “A-and…and what are you doing in…in my house!?” 

“Oh great!” giggled the girl sarcastically, rolling her eyes, “Two of the lamest questions you could’ve asked…sooooo borrrrring already! I’ve really gotta do something to spice this whole thing up!” 

The girl reached over the counter and picked up Katherine’s jar of cayenne pepper, opening it and shaking a hefty amount into the bubbling pot, which hissed and steamed in response. 

“I’m…I’m serious!” exclaimed Katherine, her voice rising a little as she stood up to her full height, putting her hands on her hips. At 5’8, she was accustomed to standing taller than most women she encountered, and this little teenage brat was no exception — Katherine figured that she had her by an inch or so in height…and, considering the girl’s slim build, the middle-aged woman was confident that she could overpower her physically if she had to. 

“Oh yes, that much is obvious!” laughed the girl, still stirring the pot. “You’re sooooo very serious and you’ve got your hands on your hips there because you think you can intimidate me and kick me out of your house, huh? Is that about right?” 

The girl took the wooden spoon she had been stirring with and brought a little sample of the soup up to her mouth, puckering her lips as she slurped it up. She smacked her lips approvingly as she nodded her head. 

“Whoooo! Yeah! That’s more like it — it’s really got that spicy kick it needs now!” 

“Alright — that’s it!” said Katherine determinedly, getting a little red in the face as she stomped over to the girl. She didn’t quite know why she was reacting this way to this mysterious intruder — normally, she would have just called the cops and been done with it. But there was something chilling about this teenager…something almost scary…in the way that she was grinning at Katherine…leering at her…as those big, pale blue eyes stared deep into her mind, into her soul. It was too much for Katherine to bear; she wanted this girl gone…NOW. And she was going to make her leave by sheer brute force. 

A moment later, she had reached the girl, who hadn’t even budged from her position next to the stove. It was so odd…this girl appeared to have absolutely no concern whatsoever for Katherine’s incoming, threatening figure. This apparent nonchalance made Katherine even angrier, and she reached for the girl’s shoulder, with plans of yanking her away from the stove and forcing her out through the front door. However, after Katherine grabbed hold of the girl and tried to force her away, she was met with a frightening reality: the girl wasn’t budging. Even though Katherine was pulling on her hard, it was as if she was trying to pull along a solid, heavy marble statue. She couldn’t move this girl…she couldn’t even BUDGE her…and the teenager was still grinning at her, like she had known this was going to happen the whole time. 

“Oh whoops? What’s the matter?” she teased mockingly up at Katherine. “Having a little trouble there?” 

“I…y-you…you need to…get…OUT of here!” grunted Katherine, her face getting redder with effort. 

“And what? You’re gonna make me?” giggled the girl. “Doesn’t seem to be going so well, is it? Ohhhh nooooo, I’m sooooo intimidated by you, hahahaha!”

The teenager’s biting sarcasm was only making Katherine madder, and the way those pale blue eyes were staring at her, twinkling with mysterious teasing mockery, made her snap. Balling up her fist, Katherine clenched her teeth as she aimed a punch at the side of the girl’s face. But before she could even bring her hand forward, the girl shot out her open palm, thrusting it straight into the middle of Katherine’s chest. Even though this simple motion seemed to take net to no energy from the teenager, Katherine found herself flying backwards, propelled back by a shockingly powerful force. She flew back a full ten feet, before crashing backwards into the dining room table and falling in a crumpled heap on the floor. More stunned than hurt, Katherine lay there for a few moments, hardly believing what had just happened. This skinny teenager had literally just thrown her back, all the way across the room, with a casual little push of her hand.

“Hahaha, how pathetic!” the girl cackled, putting down the spoon and walking over to stand, with both hands on her hips, over Katherine’s crouching form on the ground. “You think you’re all big and tough…you think you can push me around just because I look like a skinny little school girl, huh? Well, joke’s on you, Katherine Williamson! Heheheh…a LOT of jokes, actually!”

“I…y-you know my name!?” stuttered Katherine, sitting up in place, with her back to her dining room table, as she stared up at the looming figure of this imperious girl. Even though Katherine was an inch taller, and a respectable few pounds heavier, the way that the teenager was standing over her, with such authority, made Katherine feel instantly intimidated. That, and, of course, the fact that this girl had literally just thrown her across the room with one hand. 

“Duhhhh, of COURSE I know your name!” intoned the girl, rolling her eyes again and shaking her head. Her enormous pigtails bounced and shook every time she moved her head. “Hahaha, look at you there, cowering beneath me — nothing like a little foreshadowing of what’s to come! You humans are all the same, thinking you’ve got everything under control, thinking you’re gonna pull off all your amazing little plans. It’s always all the same, boring story…until I come in, of course! And I make everything taste OH so much better!” 

“Wh-who..who are you?” Katherine asked again, but this time with less aggression in her voice. At this point, her question was much more of a plea than a demand. The girl’s mention of “humans all being the same” had set a chilling fire alight in Katherine’s chest; she felt her body start to prickle and buzz all over with barely-contained anxiety. Something was very, very wrong right now, and she somehow knew that the next thing the girl said would be the start of something unwelcomely and luridly new. 

The girl stood up to her full height, her hands still on her hips, and she gave herself a little shake, once again vibrating those enormous blond pigtails, as her breasts bounced noticeably on her chest. As the teenager shook herself, she turned her body slightly to the side, and Katherine caught a glimpse of her well-endowed, apple-shaped ass, which looked like it was just about ready to pop out from underneath her short, tight black skirt. 

“I’m Junko!” chirped the girl brightly, her pale blue eyes widening with pleasure as she finally introduced herself. “And you’re gonna be stuck with me for a loonnnng time, Katherine! Haha, you have NO idea what I’m capable of, but lemme tell ya, you’re gonna learn PRETTY fast!" 

Junko’s sunny and rapid-fire delivery was utterly perplexing to Katherine, who struggled to her feet, rising an inch above the teenager. 

“S-stuck with you?” Katherine managed to say. “No, I’m…I’m not going to stand for this. I’m…gonna call the cops!” 

“You think a couple little men with mommy issues are gonna bother me!?” laughed Junko, shaking her head. “Clearly you don’t know me yet, Katherine. You humans are always so predictable…sooooo boring!” 

“Wh-why do you keep saying…”you humans?”” asked Katherine, not really wanting to know the answer, but asking all the same. “Y-you…you’re a human too!” 

“Like hell I am!” shot back Junko, shaking her finger at Katherine as she spoke. Katherine saw that the teenager was sporting long, sharp red fingernails, which matched the fabric at the bottom of her short black dress…blood-red. 

“I can’t imagine how low and small I’d feel if I was stuck in that lowlife thing you call a “body,” hahaha! But then again, maybe I could use the crushing existential dread of mortality to accentuate my own despair! Aaaaahh, yes, actually, I’m TOTALLY jealous of you all for that! You have all the ingredients for ULTIMATE despair right there in front of you.” 

“Despair?” asked Katherine, bewildered. 

“YES…GOD, you really are dense, aren’t you?” chided Junko, twirling her finger through her hair as she grinned at Katherine. “You still haven’t put the pieces of the puzzle together yet. I would’ve thought that spending a little time around the Asmodeus family might have attuned you more to the demon world, but obviously I was overestimating you.” 

“How…how do you know about…about all that!?” cried Katherine, her eyes going wide with terror. The creeping sense that she was walking into a nightmare began to overcome her, and she started backing away from Junko, not getting very far before she hit her dining room table once again. 

“Mmmmm, you’re feeling it already, aren’t you?” grinned Junko, speaking, as always, in that light, high-pitched voice that was dripping with adolescent glee. “That crushing despair, reaching around your living soul and squeeeeezing it, crushing the life out of it…haha, I can feel it already! And I’ve barely even started with you!” 

Katherine opened her mouth to beg with this girl, to plead with her to tell her what was going on. But a horrible blackness had come over her, and she found that she was only able to mouth and gape, without making any noises, like a fish out of water. Junko giggled out in a girlish little squeal and stepped towards Katherine, her hands still on her hips. 

“The reason I know about you and the Asmodeus family,” she said, blinking her big eyes at Katherine, “Is because I’m a demon too…the demon of Ultimate Despair, seen before you in the form of this spunky, sexy little high school girl. Haha, I look pretty darn cute, don’t ya think! A cruel little twisted bit of irony, huh…having the Demon of Despair looking this good in a skimpy little dress!”

“The D-demon…of Despair?!” breathed Katherine, hardly daring to believe that this could all be happening, right as she thought she was free of the demon world for good. 

“That’s right!” laughed Junko. “The moment you chose Clayton to take your husband’s place in that deal with Kazehana…well, I was dispatched here…to haunt you…to possess you.”

“Y-you’re here to…to p-punish me!?” stammered Katherine, starting to hyperventilate. “But…but no! No, see, I…I HAD to do that, Junko! It w-was all my husband’s fault, and…and it’s only for a year and…and Clayton will be well cared-for, and besides, I needed to b-be free of all that horrible stuff, and…and this was the only way to do it! This was the only way!” 

As Katherine blustered and blithered about in her explanation, Junko had gone back over to the pot and stirred it some more, seemingly unconcerned with anything Katherine was saying. When she was finally done speaking, Junko actually opened her mouth wide and yawned a loud, exaggerated yawn. 

“Yyyyyuuughhhh! Wow, are you finally done with all that?” Junko yawned. “Again, so predictable. I could have predicted everything you just said in my freaking sleep, Katherine. Boooooooring! I don’t care what you use to justify leaving your son in the hands of that family…hahaha, but let me tell you, Clayton’s NOT gonna be “well-taken-care-of” in the way you just said there. Have you even met Scarlet Asmodeus before?!”

“Kazehana’s daughter?” asked Katherine.

“Yep!” said Junko, ladling the soup into two bowls. “If I know anything about anything, Kazehana has already passed your son off to Scarlet, and that girl…ha…hahaha! Well let’s just say that, in a year, when you come back to retrieve him, I doubt Clayton will even have the sanity to recognize you anymore. That girl is going to torture him insane, you mark my words.” 

“That’s…d-don’t…don’t say that!” cried Katherine, getting red in the face. “That’s not true!” 

“As true as anything can be!” smiled Junko, tilting her head a little at Katherine, giving her a once-over, seeming to analyze her even more. 

“Gosh,” Junko continued, after a few moments of silently staring Katherine up and down, “This is going to be, like, the easiest assignment ever. Sometimes I have to twist the minds of the people I possess, to trick them into giving over to despair…but you?! Hahaha, I won’t even HAVE to trick you, Katherine! All the things in your life, your reality, are, like…PERFECT ingredients for ultimate despair, hahaha! I don’t even have to make anything up! All I gotta do is point out the reality in front of you!” 

Th-that’s…that’s your job?” stammered Katherine. “To make me…?”

“Despair, yeeeahhhh!” giggled Junko, handing her a bowl of soup. “And you can try to resist, but good luck with that! I’m VERY good at what I do, and I’ve never failed!” 

Katherine found herself holding the bowl of piping-hot soup. Junko started slurping hers loudly, and a few moments later, the teenager looked up at Katherine. 

“Go on, try it!” she ordered. “Are you really gonna be that rude and refuse to eat what I made you?” 

“I…think I’m ok,” said Katherine weakly. 

“Oh you’re gonna give it a taste,” said Junko firmly, with that same confident smile, “Whether you want to or not. You really wanna make me shove it down your throat? Because I will, Katherine, I totally will…try me.” 

Katherine didn’t need to be told twice. At this point, she already knew that Junko could physically make her do what she wanted. So she brought the bowl up to her lips and took a little sip. It felt like fire, going in her mouth, down her throat, and churning down in her stomach — the soup was so spicy that the sheer heat of the dish overpowered any other taste that was present. Katherine shut her eyes and coughed loudly, dropping the bowl to the floor and shattering it. 

Hot soup went everywhere. Her eyes still closed, Katherine heard Junko laughing at her. When she opened her eyes again, Junko was standing very close to her, so that they were face-to-face. It was only then that Katherine realized, with a terrified jolt, that she had shrunk. She had been taller than the teenager before, but now, they were literally the same height. Junko’s eyes flashed with barely-contained mirth, as her mouth curled into that long, toothy grin that made Katherine’s blood run cold. 

“Welcome, Katherine Williamson,” declared Junko happily, “To the start of your epic journey to Ultimate Despair!”

End Notes:

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Chapter 2 by Joyce Julep

Chapter 2

Katherine grimaced as she ducked herself down into the driver’s seat of her car the following morning. Uncharacteristically, she was running late for work, but at the moment, her tardiness was not at the forefront of her mind. Being the Office Manager for the successful and prominent company, A&W marketing, meant that Katherine did not have to worry about the common professional concerns of working for a strict boss who was always looking over her shoulder. Sure, Giovanni DeGlassio was technically her boss, since he was the CEO of the whole company, but he was rarely around. Aside from getting his daughter, Perona, the Assistant Office Manager position (for which, Katherine often wryly noted to herself, she was not qualified for), Mr. DeGlassio left the day-to-day workings of the company’s office to Katherine. So as she swung out of her driveway and drove towards her work, the last thing Katherine was thinking about was the fact that she was running fifteen minutes late.

She WAS thinking about the REASON why she was late. Katherine hadn’t ever had a worse night’s sleep in her entire life. After shrinking her one inch, with the strong concoction she had made on the stove, that girl…that…demon, Junko, had apparently disappeared.

“Now don’t you think that just because I’m not around for a bit that you can just, like, relax, ok?” Junko had told her with a cute little smile. “Whenever you don’t see me, that doesn’t mean I’m far away from you, Katherine. Just remember that…despite what your increasingly desperate and tortured mind might WANT to believe, I’m never, ever very far away. And I will ALWAYS show up again, sooner or later, just to see the progress you’ve been making in your slow, inevitable descent into the deepest, darkest, blackest pits of despair imaginable!”

Katherine hadn’t had any slightest inkling of an idea how to deal with this kind of giddy promise from this attractive, yet disturbing teenage girl. But a little while later, before she went to bed, she found that Junko had, indeed, appeared to have vanished. Katherine had slid into bed, hoping beyond hope that this “demon’s” appearance was simply a hallucination, brought on by her grief at the death of her husband, and the guilt she felt surrounding allowing Clayton to take his father’s place at the Asmodeus mansion. Junko’s terrible words echoed in her ears, about what Scarlet was going to do to her son: “That girl is going to torture him insane, you mark my words.”

Katherine had shivered, pulled her bed sheets up to her chin, and tried desperately to sleep. But even though Junko didn’t appear to be there in person, Katherine couldn’t stop thinking about her. All night long, she tossed and turned, fruitlessly attempting to get into a mindset that would allow her some peace, that would allow her to drift off into sleep. Once or twice, she got close, but she was never quite able to get there. Junko’s grinning face, or Junko’s serious face, or Junko’s pouting face, would always come up in her mind, staring at her or laughing at her miserable inability to sleep. One time, in a desperate attempt to prove to herself that this was all a grotesque mirage, Katherine had gotten out of bed, seized a tape measure from a drawer in the kitchen, and measured herself. Her heart sank into her stomach as she saw the truth. There was no doubt…she was no longer 5’8 — she had lost an entire inch, and how else but by Junko’s doing?

Katherine had barely gotten any sleep, and when she had come into the kitchen that morning, bleary-eyed and aching from the unproductive night, she was not at all happy to see Junko sitting on the counter, her legs dangling, as she sipped on a cup of coffee.

“J-Junko?!” stuttered Katherine, feeling a crushing sense of dread upon seeing the form of the teenage girl again. She had been hoping beyond hope that Junko would never again appear, and yet there she was now. But far from grinning and pouting cheerily like she had been doing the day before, this morning Junko appeared utterly despondent and reserved.

“What IS a name, anyway?” the girl muttered, her lips barely moving over the edge of her coffee cup, “Other than some halfhearted and pathetic attempt to define the ever-reproducing and mutating bunch of cells as something distinct and different, with a personality, with unique desires and hopes and dreams?”

The blond girl, her big pigtails bulging on both sides of her head, looked up at Katherine.

“It’s all a bunch of slosh…that’s what it is,” said Junko quietly, closing her eyes and shaking her head. “A grotesque mis-mash of chemicals all in motion, always reacting, reacting, reacting with one another…until that day, that moment, when it all ends with a dull whimper, and anything you thought of yourself before vanishes like smoke in the wind. What’s the use, Katherine? What’s the use of it at all?”

“A-are you…what are you talking about??” asked Katherine, becoming alarmed at the strangely depressing and heavy words that were plodding out of the teenager’s mouth. She could feel herself clenching up inside — the girl’s words were already starting to have an effect on her.

“Oh get WITH it, mama bear!” laughed Junko haughtily, shaking the great mane of her hair as she proceeded to drink down the rest of her coffee, slamming her empty mug down on the counter as she hopped lightly off it. “There’s only one way to tackle the day at hand, and that’s with a spruced-up, extra-special, lovingly-prepared, delectable-beyond-belief cup o’ Joe! Here ya go, Katherine!”

Katherine blinked blankly, having no clue what to make of Junko’s sudden and unexpected mood shift. But there it was — the girl was holding out a fresh mug of piping-hot coffee, and Katherine reached for it almost instinctively. At the last moment, however, she had remembered what had happened the previous day, and drawn back.

“WHAT!? This blithering human dares to refuse coffee from the Queen HERSELF!?” thundered Junko, advancing on Katherine with the mug in her outstretched hand.

“I…I j-just…I don’t wanna…g-get smaller again!” exclaimed Katherine, backing into a wall as she held her hands up in surrender. “L-last time I ate something y-you gave me…”

“Can you even BEGIN to understand,” said Junko, snobbishly, turning her nose up, “How RIDICULOUS you look right now, trying to save yourself? One way or another, it’s happening, Katherine.”

“Wh-what’s happening, Junko?” asked Katherine, terrified.

“I already told you, GOSH!” burst out Junko grumpily, shaking her head. But a single moment later her eyes were wide again and sparkling, a bright smile on her face. “Your gloriously agonizing descent into the deepest trenches of despair imaginable!”

She shook the full mug at Katherine, who was completely at a loss for how to deal with this girl. She suddenly realized that she was already running a good deal late…and the coffee DID smell good. She was too tired to keep on resisting; what did it matter, anyway, if she shrunk a little more? Maybe if she gave this…this demon, or whatever it was, what it wanted, then she could get her height back at some point in the future. For the moment, though, her sleepless night, and the pressing reality of a day’s work, came together, and Katherine took the coffee mug from Junko, quickly drinking it down. When Katherine had then turned around for a second, and then turned back, the girl had vanished once again. Katherine shook her head…what on earth was all of this about? But she had to admit, it WAS delicious coffee.

Now in the car, on the way to work, Katherine found herself unable to make sense of anything that was happening. Was all of this her…punishment!? For leaving Clayton with Kazehana and Scarlet!? And if it was, then did that mean…that everything was hopeless now? That she was going to just shrink down, smaller and smaller and smaller, as she descended into despair and lost everything that she had worked so hard to build up!? For most of Clayton’s life, she had been a single mother, abandoned by her husband, and STILL she had managed to claw her way to the top of A&W Marketing. She was the one who had restructured the whole company office so that everything ran smoother, and consequently, SHE was the one who ran everything around there! And her hefty salary reflected that. She had overcome so much adversity to get to where she was now, but the downside, of course (as she was realizing now), to all of her accomplishments, was that she had so much to lose.

‘But I’m NOT going to lose it,’ she thought to herself, gritting her teeth as she pulled into A&W’s parking garage, swiping her premium parking pass on the way in. ‘I don’t know who this “Junko” girl thinks she is, or what she thinks she’s capable of, but if her goal is to shrink me down, and make me give in to despair, well…she picked a tough customer in Katherine Williamson, let me tell you!’

Katherine’s mental pep-talk did have the effect of improving her mood slightly, but even as she strode confidently onto the main floor of her office from the elevator, she wasn’t able to hide the bags under her eyes.

“Oh what’s up Katherine…uhm, heheh, I mean good morning,” piped up Perona DeGlassio from her office, which being the Assistant Office Manager’s, was adjacent to Katherine’s. Katherine inwardly rolled her eyes as she halted her progress towards her desk. She liked Perona fine as a person, really she did. The 5’4 skinny blond was harmless as far as her general demeanor went, although, as Katherine never failed to notice, her attitude around the office was always a bit too casual. But what did Katherine expect, after all, from the daughter of the CEO? As a professional colleague, though, Perona was almost no help to Katherine whatsoever. In almost every practical sense, Katherine knew that she didn’t really have a working assistant at all. Perona tried to do a good job sometimes, but, as with every truly nepotistic appointment, she was simply in over her head.

“Morning, Perona,” answered Katherine, sticking her head around the side of Perona’s open door. She knew the answer to her question before she even asked, but her question came out as more tired-sounding than she had intended: “How are those client charts coming along? Think I might be able to look at em’ before the end of today?”

“Ehhhhh….” replied Perona, looking to the side and grinning sheepishly, “I, uh…maaaayybe let’s just say tomorrow, huh?”

“Tomorrow,” repeated Katherine, blinking. She didn’t want to start the morning off on too much of a negative note, but she really did need to somehow get it across to Perona that this was a time-sensitive assignment.

“Yeeeeah, um, I know you said you wanted them by today, haha,” chuckled Perona, reddening slightly as she looked up at her boss, “But…well, I maybe got a little distracted yesterday, and I, like, SWEAR that I haven’t been putting it off, or something…but…heheh, uh, yeah, another day or two would be best, I think.”

“Just…ok, we can work with one more day, ok?” said Katherine, taking a deep breath. “But let’s really try and make the deadline this time, alright?”

“You got it Katherine,” smiled Perona, but her smile dropped a little after she had actually taken a good look at her manager. She squinted her eyes up at Katherine as her eyebrows creased slightly together. Katherine felt a sting of self-consciousness.

“What?” she asked abruptly, causing Perona to blink.

“Uh…n-nothing, it’s just…are you feeling ok today?” Perona asked innocently. “You…uh…you look like you, like…didn’t sleep at all or something.”

“Well I didn’t,” replied Katherine, a little shortly, inclining her head slightly. She was only 40 years old, and would have been considered “beautiful” by any standard definition, but that didn’t mean that she appreciated it when other people pointed out physical imperfections…especially if it was someone like Perona. Katherine had always been secretly envious of Perona’s mixed ancestry. Perona was a natural blond, but her Italian ancestry had given her a slightly-olive skin complexion which went together strikingly well with her blond hair. And with Perona, who always had this light, carefree attitude, the effortlessness of her appearance always seemed to go along with the effortlessness of her own existence in general.

“I had a…bit of a challenging day yesterday,” Katherine continued, arching her eyebrow down at her assistant manager.

“Oh well…haha, uh, like, yeah, some days are good, some days are bad!” chuckled Perona.

“Yes, well…ok, let’s have a productive day, alright?” said Katherine, making it a point to turn her voice into the upper register a bit at the end, to signify that she was meaning to sound friendly.

“Totally Katherine, yes!” replied Perona enthusiastically. “Though, I, uh…I hope you don’t mind…”

“Don’t mind what?” asked Katherine, leaning slightly against Perona’s door frame. She was really doing her best not to get annoyed this early on, but right now, all she wanted to do was get to her desk and start working so she could forget about all the stuff that had happened the day before.

“Well my niece…uh, you know, like I mentioned to you before, has been having some issues,” began Perona.

“Oh…yeah, right...sorry to hear that,” said Katherine. She remembered hearing about Perona's niece, Remilia, struggling with her studies in college...she was an extremely smart girl, but she had apparently been having some behavioral trouble.

“That’s ok, that’s ok,” said Perona, waving her hand casually. “She’s fine…just, uh, you know…my sister's out of the country and...and we thought it might be best to give her daughter a little break and let her come stay with me for awhile so she can, uh..."

“Hey, I’ve got a name you know, auntie!” came a bright, chipper voice from behind Katherine. She immediately jumped, being startled by the sudden sound, but also by the clear energy in the voice. Turning around, Katherine found herself almost face-to-face with the fresh, vigorous visage of a young girl, someone whom she had met on a few occasions, the latest being a couple months ago. Katherine blinked, and wasn’t able to hide her wide-eyed expression: she knew that Perona’s niece was 18 years old, but the teenager's confident expression belied her young age. And...Katherine was puzzled...Remilia seemed taller...a LOT taller, actually; even though Remilia had seemed quite short before, the top of the young girl’s head was right at Katherine’s eye-level now.

“Remilia!” Katherine exclaimed, the surprise evident in her voice. “I…y-you’ve…you’ve grown a TON since I saw you last!”

“Well yeah, the doctor says I’m hitting a growth spurt,” said the teenager proudly, thrusting out her nascent chest. “I just hit 5’3 last week, apparently, so screw all those people who said I was done growing!”

“That’s…wow, yeah, that’s impressive!” responded Katherine. It was impossible not to smile around Remilia. In just about every respect, despite her recent behavioral issues in college, she was a “golden child.” She had a flowing mane of blond hair that framed a wonderfully cute face. What really made Remilia stand out, though, was her poise and self-confidence. That was why Katherine had been able to easily remember her name.

“Remilia is VERY proud of her recent growth spurt,” chuckled Perona from her desk. “All through high school she had always hated being short. And who knows, Remilia, maybe you’ll even REALLY start growing and catch up to those boys who are so into you, haha!”

“Auntie,” said Remilia, turning her head sideways as her dark brown eyes narrowed, cross-examining Perona, “What are you talking about? Most of the boys at my college are TOTALLY shorter than the girls! And me? Haha, I’m WAY taller than most of those tiny wimps…ESPECIALLY the ones that have crushes on me!”

“Oh is that so?” came Perona’s amused chuckle. “How about that, huh Katherine?”

But Katherine wasn’t listening to the conversation anymore — just hearing Remilia talk about her height, and the girls being taller than the boys, made her mind shoot back painfully to the previous day. A snapshot of that gigantic maid Alaina…and the huge, imposing figure of Kazehana looming over her…and in Katherine’s mind, over and over, turned the phrase: ‘buried in a matchbox…buried in a matchbox.’ Her heart seized up inside her, and she broke out into a cold sweat. Junko was standing there, all of a sudden, right behind Remilia.

“Isn’t it such a prescient paradox,” said Junko, her big eyes wide as she stared forward expressionlessly at Katherine, “How a young girl can effortlessly convey so much truth about human sexuality…and yet at the same time, if you asked her about the birds and the bees, she’d get all blushy and would hardly be able to tell you a damn thing?”

“What are you talk—” began Katherine out loud, about to get angry at Junko, but the first words had hardly left her mouth when she immediately realized that Remilia had neither seen nor heard Junko at all. The pigtailed demon had spoken clearly enough, and yet, Remilia hadn’t heard her at all. Katherine turned in place to look at Perona, who was staring at her with a slightly puzzled expression. Clearly, Perona hadn’t seen her either. But then Katherine turned back toward Remilia again, and there again was Junko, standing stock-still behind, her face still unnervingly expressionless. Katherine quickly realized that she couldn’t let anyone know that she was seeing Junko, and she made an effort to recover:

“I—I mean…heheh, uh…I bet…I bet all those boys are just chasing you, huh, Remilia?”

“Eh, whatever,” said Remilia lazily, looking at her manicured fingernails. “There’s much better stuff to do than mess around with boys.”

“Oooooo, now THIS little firecracker knows what she’s TALKIN’ about!” cackled Junko, going up behind her and miming the act of messing up Remilia’s hair. “Yaaaaaaaas, qwwweeeeeeen! You GO girl! Gettin’ started on the right path earlyyyy!”

“I…I, uh,” stuttered Katherine, starting to breathe a little heavily as her heart began beating noticeably faster in her chest. The cold sweat that had broken out on her skin felt colder and wetter still.

“What?” asked Junko innocently, looking searchingly at Katherine. “What’s the matter there? Something wrong, hrrmmm? Just had some uncomfortable little flashbacks there a second ago, didn’t you? Guilty conscience, much!?”

“Katherine…?” asked Perona, her voice tinged with concern behind her, “Are you sure you’re…feeling ok?”

“Yeah, are you suuuuuure?” taunted Junko, seemingly going through Remilia’s body as she strode up to Katherine directly. “Because…I think you’re getting shorter.”

“N-no…” said Katherine out loud, feeling a stab of fear as she saw Junko’s face rising slightly above her own. In the background, Remilia was looking bigger as well. Katherine shut her eyes for a moment as she backed harder into the door frame.

“Yeah, DEFinitely shorter,” whispered Junko’s playful voice in her ear. “Oh, and smaller too.”

Katherine’s clothes certainly felt looser around her. She abruptly opened her eyes. Junko wasn’t there anymore; Katherine found herself staring at the slightly-concerned face of Perona, who had gotten up from her desk and come over to inspect her boss. There was no question: the 5’4 Perona and the 5’3 Remilia looked much bigger to Katherine than they had before. It would have been subtle to anyone else, but to Katherine, who was looking out for these kinds of things, it was more than obvious. The top of Remilia’s head, before even with Katherine’s eyes, was now definitely higher, about the height of her forehead. And Perona, who at 5’4 had been even closer to Katherine’s height before…well, Katherine could tell that she was still taller than her, but only by a smidgen. Katherine could have sworn, too, that Perona’s figure looked…could it be…a little fuller!? She had always looked skinny, fit, and healthy, but now…Katherine couldn’t help but think that she was looking at some actual curvy definition around Perona’s hips. And her ass…?! Was that her ass, peeking around behind the curve of her upper thighs there? Katherine couldn’t tell for sure, but it certainly looked like Perona had gained a little weight. Remilia, too, looked a bit fuller than before…with slightly larger breasts and…a little bit of a bubble butt, starting to poke out there!?

‘No,’ thought Katherine to herself, taking a deep breath as she fought to regain control, ‘There’s no way….no WAY that Junko is…taking my size and…and giving it to them. That’s…that’s just crazy…she can’t do that! That can’t happen! I’m just seeing things now.’

“Katherine?” ventured Perona, peering closer at her.

“I’m sorry…I’m sorry,” said Katherine, trying to push the discombobulation out of her voice. “I just…haha, I think I need to just sit down at my desk and…maybe get a drink of water and…start working. Gotta get out ahead of the day, you know?”

“Oh sure…sure!” said Perona, nodding. “Remilia, get Ms. Katherine some water, ok?”

“Ok auntie,” answered Remilia, but before she turned to leave, she narrowed her gaze at Katherine, and with a jolt, Katherine both saw and FELT Remilia’s eyes going up and down her body, as if she was taking stock of what had just happened. Katherine knew that she had just shrunk again, but surely…surely it was subtle enough for them not to have noticed it!? But the way Remilia was looking at her, in that deliberate, searching way, made Katherine think that the clever teenager had indeed seen something. She had no way of knowing, however, and a moment later was sitting down at her desk, breathing a sigh of relief that she was alone once again. She looked around her office for signs of Junko, but she didn’t seem to be anywhere.

Katherine turned on her computer and put her face in her hands as she waited for the machine to boot up. She had just gotten to work, and already she felt totally exhausted. Even just thinking about the horrible events of the previous day had been enough to sap most of her energy. And she had the dreadful feeling that it was all just beginning. She looked down at her arms…her wristwatch, which had been tight earlier that morning, was now slightly loose. She tightened it in a flash of anger.

‘Fine,’ thought Katherine savagely to herself, ‘If this is the way Junko wants to play me…FINE. I can take it. Bring it on, bitch.’

A light tap at the door brought Katherine back from her thoughts. Remilia was there with her water.


End Notes:

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Chapter 3 by Joyce Julep

Chapter 3

For a second, Katherine felt totally caught off guard. She had forgotten about Perona telling Remilia to get her a glass of water, and, upon entering her office, she had inwardly breathed a sigh of relief that she could finally be alone. Having Perona and Remilia both staring at her, scrutinizing her, as she dealt with Junko (invisible to everyone but her), made Katherine so much more anxious than she already was. At least in her office she could be alone and cloistered with her thoughts…but there was Remilia, at the door.

The 18-year-old tapped at the door again, and Katherine brushed off a twinge of annoyance that spasmed up inside her. She knew it was just her nerves getting the better of her, and she knew that she couldn’t take her fears and frustrations off on the teenager. Even though Remilia was quite precocious, Katherine was sure that the girl’s sidelong glance at her a minute before hadn’t been significant. Remilia couldn’t REALLY be privy to Katherine getting smaller, could she?

“Uh, come in!” Katherine called out, making an effort to make her voice sound as normal as possible. The doorknob immediately rotated, the door gave way, and in stepped the gorgeous Remilia, carrying a full glass of water in her hand. Katherine blinked and smiled brightly at her, again having to make a conscious effort to appear light and cheery. Her sleepless night weighed heavily down on her face, and on her entire body…and that, coupled with the latent fear that Junko could appear again at any moment, made it hard for Katherine to appear peppy and buoyant. But the immediate cause for concern, at the forefront of Katherine’s mind, was the expression on Remilia’s face. If Katherine had been hoping that the teen hadn’t seized on something she had seen a minute before, then those hopes were now being dashed upon jagged rocks. Remilia had a slow, searching grin on her face, and her big, dark brown eyes were narrowed penetratingly, sharply, straight at Katherine’s face. Her eyes once again travelled slowly up and down Katherine’s body; it looked, for all the world, that the crafty teenager knew a secret she wasn’t supposed to know.

“Oh! Thanks so much Remilia,” said Katherine, feeling it necessary to ignore Remilia’s expression and keep up the pretense of normalcy. Besides, this was her office! Hell, she was the Office Manager of this whole company! What did it matter if this little teenager got some idea in her head!? “I forgot about the water for a minute there, haha.”

Remilia didn’t immediately respond; she just walked silently up to Katherine’s desk and passed her the glass of water. Katherine accepted it with an amiable smile, and immediately drank about half the glass down, in an evident desire to show her appreciation. In reality, of course, Katherine was just taking the time to analyze Remilia’s presence some more. The girl was behaving strangely…just standing there by her desk, watching her drink. This wasn’t like the Remilia that Katherine remembered, the one that was always talking, talking, talking, about something or other.

“Ahhhhh…I needed that,” Katherine sighed out after gulping down the water. She put the glass down on the opposite side of her desk, but in doing so, she nearly jumped out of her skin, because, there again, was Junko, seemingly materialized out of thin air. The pigtailed demon was sitting on the far end of her desk, her shapely legs dangling off the edge, eyeing Katherine joyously with those pale blue orbs.

“Oh my godddd!” cackled Junko, clearly in one of her more playful moods, “I can’t believe you just drank all that down! Don’t you realize that I slipped some drops of verrrrrry special formula in there, without the girl seeing, of course…oh geeeeeez, I can’t wait to see what THIS next spurt’ll be like! Oooooooo I really shouldn’t be allowed to have this much fun!”

Katherine’s face reddened in panic, and she was about to open her mouth and respond to the demon before she remembered that she must always remember NOT to talk to Junko when there were other people about. The last thing Katherine needed right now was other people thinking that she was going insane.

“You look different,” came Remilia’s calm voice, oddly incisive for one so young, and it compelled Katherine to turn away from Junko.

“Oh…haha, yeah, your aunt already mentioned that,” she chuckled, allowing a bit of the irritation she was feeling to leak out into her voice. She didn’t really appreciate how forward this usually-polite young teen was behaving.

“I didn’t get any sleep last night,” Katherine continued, looking towards her computer screen as she began opening her email. “And Remilia, when you get to be as old as I am…haha, well, your beauty sleep REALLY starts to matter.”

“It’s not that,” said Remilia instantly, stepping closer still to Katherine’s desk, once again sweeping over Katherine’s body deliberately with her eyes.

“Hoho! I think she knows, Katherine!” guffawed Junko, rocking back and forth in place on the edge of Katherine’s desk as she swung up feet up jubilantly. “It’s only the first day, and already, the teenager’s got you pegged!”

“Oh, well…what is it then, Remilia?” asked Katherine, her eyes still focused on her computer screen as she defiantly began sifting through the barrage of morning emails. She wasn’t going to give Junko the benefit of a reaction…not right now. “And make it quick, alright? I’ve got a heavy load of work to get through today.” She was trying her best to balance a good-natured approach to Remilia’s penetrating curiosity with a firm and decidedly adult imposition of her own authority.

Remilia took one more step up to Katherine’s desk and then leaned down on it, so that she was looking straight into Katherine’s face. This gesture from the young girl was impossible for Katherine not to react to, and she broke her eyes away from her computer, locking them onto Remilia’s, which did not blink as she spoke the next words:

“You got shorter.”

Katherine blinked up at her. She heard Junko giggling at the other end of her desk, but right now, Katherine knew that she had to focus all her energy on getting Remilia under control. She tried to start by breaking into a smile, and she started chuckling, shaking her head.

“Heheh, well you know what they say — you start shrinking when you get older, and —”

“But you’re like only 40,” Remilia interrupted, still staring down hard at Katherine, unblinking. “That’s not very old at all. People only start shrinking when they’re like 80.”

Katherine stopped chuckling and arched her eyebrows, consciously forcing herself to keep smiling. She decided that it was best to go on the offensive a little.

“Oh, you were…you were being serious there, huh?” she asked the teen, smiling wryly up at her. “I actually look smaller to you?”

“So young, yet so serious already,” came Junko’s empty voice from the other end of the desk. Katherine glanced over, and saw that Junko was staring vacantly into space. “The post-industrial age has overstimulated our youth to the point that they’re overcome with the crushing realities of a life where all the physical essentials are freely provided, but the spiritual essentials are vaporized into the atmosphere, impossible to access or touch. So sad…so, so sad…”

“Would you just —” came Katherine’s aggressive reply, as she turned on Junko. She had already had enough of the demon’s crazy ramblings, and had been about to tell Junko to “shut up,” when she remembered that the demon girl was invisible to everyone but her. Katherine turned back to Remilia quickly, who was looking at her quizzically, and she tried to recover herself.

“Would you just…uh, appreciate, Remilia,” Katherine said, trying to make it all work, “How much…YOU’VE been growing recently? Haha, I mean, you were DEFINITELY much shorter when I saw you last, but like you said, you’ve been growing a lot recently, so…haha, so of course I’m going to look smaller to you.”

Remilia darted her eyes over to where Junko was sitting, and for a moment, Katherine actually thought that the teenager might be able to see her. But a split second later, Remilia had turned her eyes back to Katherine, narrowing them again. Katherine was unnerved by how perceptive and fearless this young woman was.

“I don’t think so,” Remilia declared, shaking her head. She blinked her big brown eyes, and a delightful smile emerged on her face. “I KNOW I’m getting bigger and taller, but I think that YOU’RE actually shrinking too.”

“Haha, well alright Remilia,” chuckled Katherine, feeling deeply, coldly disturbed inside herself as she turned back to her emails. “Whatever you say.”

There was a silence that followed between them, with Junko sighing out several times in depressed despair on the edge of Katherine’s desk, as she stared out into a void somewhere beyond the walls of the office. Katherine found it easy enough to ignore Junko when she was in this dark mood, especially when she wasn’t speaking, but just then, she suddenly had the sensation that her clothes were feeling a little baggier. Her watch slipped up her arm a little bit, even though she had just tightened it a couple minutes before, and, with a slow, horrible kind of drawling realization, Katherine felt like her office chair was slowly absorbing her, eating her…and she knew that she was shrinking again.

Now actively shrinking, her stomach twisting and tightening in panic, Katherine knew that she had to tell the young girl to leave, and quick, but the teen beat her to it.

“Stand up!” chirped Remilia.

“Excuse me?” Katherine forced out her best exhaled impression of a laugh.

“Stand…up!” repeated Remilia, standing up straight and tall herself. To her horror, Katherine saw that the young woman’s limbs looked longer and fuller than they had ever been, even more so than they had looked mere minutes before, when she had been shrinking again. She looked desperately over at Junko for some sort of verification that this size exchange was, in fact, taking place, but the demon girl had vanished without a trace. And just like that, Katherine felt her shrinking come to an abrupt halt. She sat up as high as she could in her chair, but she had definitely lost some height…perhaps even more than she had lost previously. She thought of the tape measure in her desk drawer, and she longed desperately to measure herself, to see how bad the last spurt had been.

“Uhh…Remilia, heheh,” she said, now not bothering to hide the adult condescension in her voice, “I really don’t have time to play this morning, alright? Like I said, I’ve got waaaaay too much work to do. Maybe some other time, ok? Now why don’t you go ahead and go back to Perona’s —”

“I don’t wanna play,” cut in Remilia, thrusting out her chest (which, to Katherine’s dismay, was now maybe a B-cup), “I just want to measure myself up against you…I think I’m as tall as you are now!”

“Uhm…heh, well how about this?” proposed Katherine, starting to sweat under her baggier clothes, “You make some good progress on your schoolwork this morning, ok…and I get my work done, and then maybe we can have a little…measurement fun this afternoon, alright? Sound good to you?”

Remilia looked down at Katherine doubtfully, with the hint of a smirk on her face, that seemed to acknowledge that Katherine had won temporarily. Katherine locked eyes with her for a moment, and then smiled and turned back to her screen, desperate to be rid of her.

“Deal,” Remilia asserted, and without wasting any more time, the teen had turned heel out of the office, closing the door with energy behind her. Katherine felt the vibration of the closing door run through her body, and she briefly felt sick to her stomach. It was only morning, and already, this is what everything had come to!? She was being cross-examined, pressed…intimidated, by Perona’s 18-year-old niece?? Not to mention the fact that she had definitely undergone another shrinking spurt just then, right in front of the scrutinizing teen.

Katherine looked savagely around her office, searching angrily for any sign of Junko, so she could give that little demon bitch a piece of her mind. But there wasn’t any indication whatsoever that Katherine had company in her office, and so she took a few extra seconds to breathe and get her bearings. She had to remind herself that she still wasn’t sure if Junko was some kind of crazy mirage in her head, and that all of her supposed shrinking thus far had all been a dramatic mental reaction to the psychic stress and trauma of what she had just gone through with her late husband, with Clayton, and with that horrid Asmodeus family.

‘But demons exist Katherine,’ a little voice piped up inside her head. ‘You know this now…and Junko…she’s real. You know this too. There’s no way around it.’

“No?!” Katherine exclaimed out loud to herself, abruptly standing up from her desk as she opened her drawer. “No way around it, huh? Well let’s just see about this now!”

She thrust her hand into her drawer, digging around the pens and binder clips and other accoutrements until she found what she was looking for: the flexible measuring tape that she had kept in her drawer ever since she had supervised a t-shirt fitting for her team as a part of a community outreach program. She unravelled the tape measure hurriedly as soon as she snatched it up, almost stumbling over to the nearest wall so that she could measure herself. Before she got too absorbed in this task, however, she remembered that the last thing she wanted was to draw attention to herself…and she realized that her office blinds were still open. And was that…was that Remilia, peeking through them?

Katherine strode over to the windows, the unfurled tape measure still dangling awkwardly from her hand, and she thought that she caught the sight of the teenager quickly fleeing the window, around the corner of the office hallway…but Katherine couldn’t be sure. Was she seeing things? Had it only been a shadow? She quickly twisted the blinds closed, feeling a fresh injection of anger at her situation, and how it was making her behave. She was the Office Manager at A&W Marketing, for god sakes! What on earth was she doing, letting a little teenager get to her like this?

‘But she’s not so little anymore, is she?’ came that tiny voice in her head again. It occurred to Katherine that this little voice sounded an awful lot like Junko, but at this point, she wasn’t about to give that demon any more of her power. After ensuring that her door was locked, she set her jaw straight and stomped over to the far wall of her office, kicking her shoes off as she stood up tall against the wall. She marked her height at the top of her head with her finger and then stepped back a little, making a tiny notch in the wall with her fingernail where her finger had been. And now, the tape measure…

Katherine’s heart started beating faster as she extended the measuring tape down, stepping on the end of it with her foot and then slowly, deliberately inching it up the wall. On and on, up and up it went…36 inches…48 inches…60 inches…Katherine was starting to feel ok. There was still plenty of space to go…she could feel the weight lifting from her shoulders, from her entire body. Maybe all of this WAS just a dream, some kind of psychotic ruse she was going through. Maybe she had imagined everyth—

65-and-a-half inches.

The measuring tape had run out of room. Katherine looked down in alarm. Nothing was amiss — the end of the tape measure was right under her foot, where the wall began, and it went straight up, ending at the little notch she had just made in the wall with her fingernail. 65-and-a-half inches!? Just over 5’5?? Katherine felt herself beginning to panic. She dropped the tape measure and checked her height again, over and over, just to make sure that she had calculated her initial height correctly. Each time, her finger was right at the little notch she had made. Her eyes widening in horror, she took a step back from the wall, gaping at how short the mark on the wall actually looked to her, from her vantage point.

So it was all real. Once again, the nightmare had been proven true…she WAS shrinking, and she had just gone through a spurt that had seen her lose at least a full inch of height in a matter of seconds. To say nothing, of course, of the obvious weight that she had lost. Katherine looked down at her clothes, which were now (at least to her) starting to look quite roomy. She felt her hips in a series of despairing gestures, and it was clear that the curve and fullness of her figure was beginning to markedly diminish. And her wristwatch…it was sliding all over her forearm again. Katherine grit her teeth as she tightened it yet again, for the second time that morning. How could she possibly ignore this all now!? There was no way around it.

“Hah! You think you have it bad right now?” came the sharp, derisive laugh of Junko, “Wait until you getta load of Perona!”

“What the—…wh-where…where ARE you!?” shouted Katherine, whirling around like a madwoman in her office, still in her bare feet. “What the FUCK are you doing to me??”

“Oooooh, might wanna keep your volume down there,” Junko laughed musically. “It’s only your first day as my special little assignment…and it would TOTALLY bum me out if you went crazy a few hours into the start of my project. The ravages of true despair are only enjoyable when the subject fights with every weapon in their arsenal, only to see them all, one by one, fall by the wayside as pitiful and hopeless imitators of the single, inescapable truth of the human condition: that total, lasting despair that waves its dark and glorious design through every strand and fabric of human ambition!”

Katherine was turning around and around wildly, the anger boiling inside her as she tried to locate the source of Junko's trilled words. The demon girl was speaking in such a sweetly mellifluous high pitch that Katherine almost felt herself calming down on the inside. Such a bright, charming teenage voice would have otherwise been a source of delight, but it was the words that Junko was saying that made Katherine’s anger start to boil over. She knew the demon was taunting her, and it was starting to make her feel quite crazy indeed.

“You won’t break me,” Katherine growled under her breath through gritted teeth as she forced herself to sit back down at her desk. “You think you’re getting to me, but you’re not.”

“Oh I KNOW I’m getting to you, Katherine!” laughed Junko. A sudden popping sound came from the ceiling, and Katherine looked up to see Junko poking her double-pigtailed blond head out of the air vent in the far corner of the office.

“Oooo, hiding in the air vent,” came Katherine’s acrid, sarcastic response, as she settled herself determinedly into her work. “REALLY clever there, Junko…reeeeeally sophisticated. What is this, hide and seek?”

“No, you diminishing, over-the-hump, has-been!” cackled Junko meanly, retreating back into the air vent and shutting the ceiling grate closed with a bang. “I wouldn’t expect a 40-year-old woman, whose best years are behind her, who can’t find a younger man because she’s starting to get VISIBLE wrinkles, to understand or accept the game that I’M playing! Hahaha, ohhhh no, Katherine Williamson…our little game has just begun.”

“Just…shut up, will you?” said Katherine in a muted voice, blinking at her screen as she strove with all her power to push Junko out of her head. The demon’s words had hurt, though…there was no denying that. Junko’s malice had come as a shock to Katherine, who hadn’t yet realized that she could be so cruel at the drop of a hat…but apparently she could, and Katherine had to admit, as she ground herself into her work, how close to home Junko’s words had been. As an older woman, she DID have trouble finding younger men to go on dates with. She was a beautiful middle-aged woman, yes, but it seemed like all the cute, hot younger men these days were dead-set on dating little starlets who looked like they were a few months past their 18th birthday. As a 40-year-old with wrinkles…(yes, Katherine thought, deflated, visible wrinkles), well, she didn’t stand much of a chance anymore. And even though she knew that Junko was simply there to torment her, the truth of the demon’s words stung.

Somehow, Katherine managed to actually get some work done that morning, and well into the afternoon. Junko had apparently decided to go occupy herself elsewhere, even though Katherine sometimes got the sense that the demon girl was watching her, through the vent, through the blinds, under her door…anywhere, really. Katherine knew enough to realize that if she focused too much on it, she WOULD actually lose her mind. And in that sense, at least, Junko was right. She really did need to put up a fight. Soon she was absorbed in her work, and before she knew it, Katherine noticed that she needed to go check up on Perona, to see how her tasks were going.

‘Just…take a deep breath, and…take it easy,’ Katherine thought to herself, rising up out of her chair and making her way to the door. She hadn’t realized it before, but she hadn’t risen from her chair at all in the past four hours. It was a kind of “safety pod” — as long as she was in the chair, no one could tell that she had shrunk. But her professional duties overcame her anxieties, and she resolved to meet any questions or challenged head-on. She was the boss here, and no one…NO ONE…could get under her skin.

“Wowwww,” breathed Junko’s voice at her ear as Katherine opened her office door, “I bet everything looks a little…BIGGER than it did before, huh?”

Katherine shut her eyes briefly and then opened them again after a couple seconds. She wasn’t even going to look at Junko, even though she knew the demon girl was leering at her over towards her right shoulder. And so Katherine ignored her, pressing on down the hall and straight into Perona’s office.

“Oh! K-Katherine!” Perona’s anxious exclamation made Katherine feel warm and vindicated…and in charge. The Assistant Office Manager had apparently been surfing through cat videos on the internet when her boss came in, and she quickly (but too late) tried to change the tabs on her computer. Usually, Katherine would have expressed her frustration at such idleness, but in her current situation she felt her mouth curling into a smile. It felt good to inspire that kind of anxious reaction.

“S-Sorry!” continued Perona, fumbling around with the papers on her desk as she blushed, letting out an awkward, air-headed laugh. “Hahaha, I was, uhh…just, uhh…haha, looking up some…some stuff.”

“Some…stuff,” repeated Katherine, her eyebrows going up. “Ok Perona, so…what I THOUGHT I saw when I walked in was you watching, um…w-watching…uhhhh…v-videos of…of…”

But Katherine wasn’t able to finish her planned take-down, because a strange expression had developed on Perona’s face. Her anxiety upon seeing Katherine had vanished, and in its place, a curious expression was starting to materialize, an expression Katherine couldn’t quite read. Was it a pausing smile…? A brow-creasing smirk? No, none of those, surely…But whatever it was, Katherine didn’t like it.

And now, Perona was standing up. Katherine had to bite her tongue as she fought to keep her mouth closed. Her Assistant Office Manager was noticeably taller, but it wasn’t just that. She was CURVIER all over, particularly in her ass, hips, and breasts, and as Perona made her way over, Katherine couldn’t help but notice the alluring and inescapable wobble and jiggle in Perona’s hips, and the arrestingly erotic way her newly-bulbous and fleshy ass cheeks bounced and undulated behind her, up and down, up and down. It didn’t matter that Perona was walking TOWARDS her — her ass was already so noticeably bigger that Katherine could see it moving behind her stride.

Katherine could feel the moisture evaporate out of her throat as her heart started beating faster and faster. She felt rooted to the spot, unable to move, as Perona appeared bigger and bigger, with each step towards her she made.

“I heard you, like…shouting at someone in your office,” Perona said, her eyebrows creasing searchingly. “But your door’s been closed the whole time. And…and hey wait…waaaaaaait a second. Something’s going on here, Katherine. Uh, what…hehheh, uhhh, what’s up with all THIS!?”

Perona’s mouth had now definitely twitched into something like a cat-like smile. She didn’t seem to know what was going on, but evidently, she was enjoying it, whatever it was. She had reached her boss, and now the truth was clear: a day before, Katherine had been a full 4 inches taller than the skinny blond. But now, Perona had curves…she had a big ass to boot…and both women were the exact same height.


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Chapter 4 by Joyce Julep

Chapter 4

Katherine just stood there, unable to move, unable to do anything except stare straight forward at Perona and gape her assistant’s face. Katherine wasn’t used to this kind of interaction at all. For one thing, she was accustomed to staring down at Perona…a good deal down. Up until this moment, Katherine hadn’t realized how much she had taken her height advantage over Perona for granted. She had just…always been taller, bigger, bustier…but now, they were the exact same height, and there could be no doubt that Perona now boasted the bustier curves, the more rounded breasts, and unquestionably the rounder, juicer ass. Katherine glanced down at her breasts, and to her horror she realized that they seemed to have gotten smaller and atrophied, just like the rest of her body.

“Ka…uh…Katherine,” came Perona’s awkward chuckle, “Uhm…”

“What, Perona?” Katherine responded immediately, with more venom and energy than she had intended. The truth was, in the moment, Katherine was angrier at Junko than she was at her assistant. But Junko was nowhere to be found, and Perona’s silly little giggle, with all that privileged gossipy little casualness dripping out of her mouth, just enraged Katherine even further.

“I just…uhh,huhuh…just look at us, Katherine,” Perona giggled simply, spreading her hands out, palm-upward, indicating to the fact that they were the same height.

“Yeah, what?” Katherine retorted, standing up as tall as she could and putting her hands authoritatively on her hips. “What of it, Perona? You’ve got something specific to say to me, or maybe you’ve got those client lists early for me, like I asked?”

Perona’s eyes travelled slowly up and down Katherine’s body, a simple action that made Katherine even more upset. The fact that Perona wasn’t immediately answering her, or at least trying to make excuses for herself, told Katherine that her assistant had already detected a shift in their power dynamic. Now, because Katherine was shorter — or because she was taller (or both) — Perona clearly felt like she didn’t owe her boss the same immediate response. And then, when Perona did make eye contact with Katherine, she too stood up straight, as straight as she could, so that she emphasized how they were actually the same height.

“Uhm…heheh, no, I don’t have those yet,” chuckled Perona airily, her eyes still going over Katherine’s body, “But…wow! Seriously Katherine — are you seeing this!? We’re the same height!”

“I’m aware,” said Katherine through clenched teeth, “That’s what it looks like.”

“Looks like!?” laughed Perona, stepping closer toward Katherine and starting to orbit her. “Uh, no…I think…uhm…yep…yep! I’m pretty sure we’re the exact same height, Katherine!”

And stepping forward with unusual brazenness, Perona stood up straight next to Katherine and drew a line over the top of her head to Katherine’s, showing quite clearly that their heights were the same. Katherine fought the urge to smack Perona clean in the face, and she bit her tongue, reminding herself to stay cool through the whole situation.

“Well be that as it may,” replied Katherine dismissively after her deep breath, “That doesn’t give you an excuse to watch cat videos when y-you should be…should be doing your…important work.”

Katherine couldn’t help but trail off, because Remilia had just waltzed into the room. Her face immediately brightened into a knowing smirk when she saw what was going on.

“Remilia! Check this out!” exclaimed Perona, drawing the line between her head and Katherine’s again. “We’re the same height! Can you believe that!? I don’t even know how that’s, like, possible!”

“Yeah, and it’s not just height, you know,” quipped Remilia, narrowing her eyes at Katherine like she saw right through her. “You’re bigger too, auntie.”

“Bigger?” asked Perona blankly, her eyebrows coming together as she looked down at her body. “Now hold on Remilia…that’s not really a polite thing to…to uhhh…hmmmm…you know what? Uhhh…geeez, this is crazy, but I think you’re right! I mean, uh, Katherine!? Is she right!? She’s right, isn’t she??”

Perona was twisting and turning around a bit manically now, trying to get a good look at her backside, even as she realized for the first time that her niece was telling the truth.

“Of course I’m right,” chuckled Remilia arrogantly, turning her eyes back to Katherine. “Aren’t I?”

Katherine balked at being called by her first name by this upstart young woman. But she was realizing with horror that Perona wasn’t the only one who had gotten taller and bigger — Remilia had as well, to the point where it looked like she was only an inch or so shorter than Katherine. Remilia’s breasts and hips certainly looked rounder and more substantial…to say nothing of her ass. Just like Perona’s, Remilia’s butt had become noticeably larger, a fact that Remilia herself seemed to be intimately familiar with.

“Yeah, I’m not sure what’s going on, auntie,” chimed Remilia, turning sideways, so that Katherine could get a good look at her newly-juicy ass, and giving her cheeks a little shake, so that Katherine saw them tremble and quiver, “But I think it’s pretty safe to say that the two of us have had…SIMULTANEOUS growth spurts…and Katherine here has had…well, haha, the opposite.”

“The opposite?” asked Perona, getting confused again. “I, uh…I’m not so sure, Rem. I think it’s maybe just that WE got bigger and —”

“Nope, it’s both,” interrupted Remilia. “I can tell. Look at her clothes. They’re getting all baggy on her. Haha, wow, it’s so obvious.”

“Hey…look,” said Katherine, smiling and huffing out a laugh to try and hide the desperation in her voice, “I don’t really care WHAT’S going on with…with all this weird height stuff, ok? I mean, uhh…clearly something’s up, and…and I’ll probably go to the doctor tomorrow, just to get myself checked up — and I suggest the two of you do the same — but…uh, but the reality is that…uh, that we have work to do here, and…and we don’t really need these distractions right now, alright?”

“Goodness me!” chirped Junko, suddenly emerging from underneath Perona’s desk and sitting in her empty chair. “The way this Office Manager takes control of all potential situations really inspires me to dig in and push for that one hundred and ten percent of effort that every employee needs to give in order to ensure that a satisfactory product keeps the client base not only satisfied, but also hungry for more!”

Katherine stared angrily past Perona at Junko, and tensed her jaw shut, reminding herself that she wouldn’t be doing herself any favors if she engaged the demon right now. In any case, she knew that Junko was just trying to tempt her, to egg her on to her own destruction. Katherine knew that if she could just keep pretending that Junko wasn’t there, she would be fine…wouldn’t she!?

“Heheh…wow, this is, like…crazy!” laughed Perona, still walking around her boss, actively ignoring the mini-speech she had just given. “I wonder what’s going on?”

“I TOLD you, Perona,” repeated Katherine tersely, “We can worry about all that another day. Right now, I need you to focus on those —”

“A true leader always keeps her eyes on the prize!” sang Junko, swiveling herself around in Perona’s chair.

“Th-those…uhh…those client lists,” stuttered Katherine, starting to sweat. “Those lists for, uhm…for…”

“Especially as a woman in the workplace, nothing less than total dedication to the task at hand, a ruthless and relentless hunger to eliminate the action items, one by one, until all goals have been met!” cackled Junko. The demon girl was shaking her head back and forth as she continued swiveling in the chair, making her huge blond pigtails fly all over the place. Katherine couldn’t believe that she was the only one who could see and hear all this happening — Junko was literally insane.

“Yeah, yeah, the lists, right,” chuckled Perona, waving Katherine off with her hand, “But, KATHERINE, I mean, come on — maybe you should, like, take the rest of the day off and, uh…and go to the doctor now. Haha, I mean, this can’t be normal, right?”

“She can’t even complete a sentence,” muttered Remilia, her eyes narrowing again at Katherine, who blinked and looked away from Junko to Remilia, who was now nearly as big as she was. The way that Remilia was looking at her made Katherine’s blood run cold. This girl was SHARP. She knew that SOMETHING was going on — Katherine had seen how Remilia had noticed her starting past Perona at something…something in Perona’s apparently empty chair.

“What’s over there?” asked Remilia suddenly, her eyes fixed hard on Katherine’s face, studying it intensely.

“I…w-what?” asked Katherine blankly, trying to ignore how close Perona was standing to her, and how much her assistant was getting a kick out of this whole situation. But it was impossible to ignore Remilia’s blunt question.

“You’re staring over at something in auntie’s chair,” said Remilia in a dead-pan voice. “What are you looking at?”

Perona immediately turned to look at her chair, and, like Remilia, she saw nothing. But Katherine was now visibly sweating now — she could see Junko doing whirls in the chair, cackling to herself as she kept her eyes intently on Katherine. It was like the demon was daring her to give herself away, to prove to Perona and Remilia that she was losing her mind.

“Once again, an instance of an aging generation with its back against the wall, pinned there by the onslaught of savvy young minds, who are more interested in discovering truth than respecting their elders.” Junko was babbling on in a laughing drawl, like she was commentating on the current situation for an audience. Katherine, however, was fully aware that Junko was just tempting her to lose her composure and yell…and so, with great difficulty, Katherine swallowed the lump in her throat and turned back toward Remilia, giving the young woman a forced little smile.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Remilia,” Katherine said in a forced, sweet voice, “But whatever you THINK I’m looking at, the fact is that your aunt ” — and here Katherine turned to Perona, who was looking down, comparing their bodies — “Should be IN that seat, and doing her work, now, shouldn’t she?”

Perona didn’t seem to have heard Katherine, and for the next several moments seemed to be lost in the body comparisons. They was certainly a noticeable difference now; even Katherine, as she looked expectantly at Perona, wasn’t able to avoid registering that Perona’s wide hips and large, padded ass were now almost bigger than hers…an alarming realization in and of itself, since Perona had always been a skinny, fit little thing.

“Oh…uh…heheh, sorry Katherine,” mumbled Perona through a sheepish little smile, finally having caught on to what he boss had been saying. “I just…heh, yeah…wow, I just had to, uhm…was just curious to check all that out, haha.”

“Yes, yes, it’s all very curious, very interesting,” nodded Katherine, who was beginning to feel herself taking charge of the situation again. As such, the annoyance and irritation were now becoming more prominent in her voice. “And I’ll definitely get myself checked out…but Perona, please. Those client lists?”

“Yeah…haha, yeah, of course, definitely,” agreed Perona, nodding as she made her way back to her chair. “It’s just that this is really amazing, Katherine. Like, I’ve never heard of…anything like this before.”

“Well me neither,” answered Katherine swiftly, looking hard at Junko, who had just put her hands over her mouth, feigning fear, as Perona’s enlarged ass descended down towards the chair. “I just…yeah, I’ll make sure I figure out what’s going on,” Katherine continued, halting for a moment as Perona appeared to sit down directly on top of Junko, who made a funny little show of flailing about, as if she was pinned down by Perona’s butt. Katherine blinked and turned towards Remilia, who was still eying her with that same suspicious stare. It was clear that she was fully aware that Katherine was hiding something, and Remilia looked to be doubly-prepared to find out what the secret was. Katherine didn’t feel comfortable looking at Remilia for too long (since the eye contact required her to keep that condescending smile plastered across her face), and when she looked back at Perona, Junko was gone.

“But in the meantime —” Katherine added, but Perona was already waving her hand casually, even as she looked down and jiggled her butt back and forth in the chair, clearly noticing (and enjoying) how much more her bulk fit into the cushioned seat.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll get those, um…client lists to you as soon as…I can,” said Perona. Her eyes were now going back and forth between Katherine and Remilia. “You know…haha!” she added, her face brightening into a puzzled smile, “I think…I think Remilia is JUST ABOUT as big as you are, Katherine! Hahaha, wow, I hadn’t even noticed how close it was until just now, seeing you two side by side. How on earth could this —”

“Ok, I’d LOVE to stay for the chit chat,” interrupted Katherine, turning on her heel and leaving Perona’s office, “But there’s a LOT still to get to today. Hunker down and focus, alright, Perona?”

Katherine had to take multiple steps away before she heard Perona give a halfhearted, chuckling, “Oh-kay, Katherine!” As soon as she got out of the office, Katherine wiped her forehead with her hand; she couldn’t believe how much she had been sweating through that whole exchange. The craziness of the height and size comparisons were bad enough, but she knew that it was really the presence of Junko in there, with all her madcap, crazy, meandering dialogue, that was driving her up the wall. That…and Remilia. Katherine suddenly grew fearful again. The last thing she wanted was for that nosy girl to follow her out into the hallway, so, without thinking, she made a beeline towards the bathroom, reasoning that she needed to wash her face off, while simultaneously escaping the possibility of Remilia accosting her in the hallway.

Less than half a minute later, Katherine was splashing cold water on her face, staring at herself in the bathroom mirror. It was still her…aside from the dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep, Katherine knew that the face staring back at her was still…HER. She had been subconsciously afraid that she wouldn’t recognize her own reflection in the mirror, after all the shrinking. But now, bolstered by the invigorating effect of the fresh cold water on her face, Katherine could feel herself rallying. Yes, she was shorter. Yes, she was smaller. But she was still herself, and nothing Junko could do would ever take that away from her. She had made her choices, and the demon was not going to be able to guilt-trip her into losing her mind, or her sense of identity.

Abruptly, the bathroom door opened, and Katherine saw, in the reflection of the mirror, Remilia stepping into the room authoritatively. Her shoes clacked against the bathroom tile, echoing off the walls. Katherine’s burgeoning feelings of control sputtered — Remilia had a hard look on her face.

“What’re you hiding?” Remilia demanded, putting her hands on her newly-enlarged hips.

“Hiding?” Katherine asked, her back still turned as she stared at her in the mirror. “Remilia…what…what’s gotten into you?” Katherine bent down and splashed more cold water on her face. This girl didn’t know. She had no basis to say anything…and Katherine was going to keep it that way.

“Nothing,” answered Remilia mildly, keeping her hands on her hips. “I should be asking you the same question. Ever since you got here this morning, everything’s been weird.”

“Well,” declared Katherine, smiling at her in the mirror, “Of course, there’s definitely something…odd going on. But don’t worry, Remilia. I can tell that you’re a little on edge about whatever’s going on, but don’t worry, I’ll get to the bottom of it, no problem. And, I mean, for what it’s worth, I wouldn’t worry that you’re a little taller, and…uh…and maybe gained a few pounds just now. It looks good on you! You look great!”

Katherine was satisfied with her clever attempts to put Remilia back in her place as the subordinate figure, but the young woman was having none of it.

“Oh, I’m not worried,” she replied immediately, looking down at her body and shifted her weight back and forth, so that her hips, ass, and breasts ass visibly jiggled. “I’m not worried at ALL. In fact, I LOVE how I look now.” She looked back into the mirror at Katherine, and the intensity of her eyes chilled Katherine to the bone. “And I’m looking forward to more.”

“To…more?” asked Katherine blankly.

“Oh yeah, to more,” repeated Remilia simply. “See, I KNOW something’s up with you, Katherine. Something that’s making YOU smaller…and me and my aunt BIGGER. I KNOW the two are connected.”

“Oh you know, do you?” said Katherine, her voice suddenly shifting into an irritated snarl as she whipped around to face Remilia directly. “Well you may be sharp, Remilia, but I’m sorry — that doesn’t mean jack SHIT in the real world, ok? You can’t just go around saying these kinds of things without this little thing called EVIDENCE, and I’m sorry, it just doesn’t look like you’ve got any, now, does it?”

“Hmmm, she seems to have hit a nerve,” came Junko’s coldly analytical voice. Gone was the light, playful cheeriness from before — the demon now seemed to be intent on emotionlessly analyzing the situation. Katherine immediately threw her eyes around that bathroom, searching desperately for the source of the sound. Remilia watched her eyes go haywire the whole time.

“I…uh…I don’t…I don’t mean to be blunt with you, Remilia,” said Katherine, her heart sinking as she spied the demon’s two feet under one of the bathroom stalls, with her panties down around her ankles. Was Junko actually sitting on the toilet!?

“I just…you need to learn that sometimes, you just need to let some things go, ok? And that it’s bad manners to pry into other people’s business.”

“But it’s NOT just your business anymore,” replied Remilia quietly, a slow grin starting to creep across her face. “Look at my body, Katherine. Look at my boobs, my hips…look at my butt!”

She turned around, bent over, and gave her shapely ass a little shake. Katherine wasn’t able to help noticing how much it shook and jiggled…maybe not as much as Perona’s, but still.

“Whatever is going on with YOU,” breathed Remilia, turning back around and stepping closer to Katherine, “Is going on with ME too.”

“Oh yeaaaahhhh!” sang Junko from inside the stall. “God it feels amaaaaaazing to let nature do its work. And now, time to FLUSH it all down, down, dowwwnnnnn!”

Katherine heard Junko flush the toilet, and suddenly, she felt herself shrinking again…only this time, it was RIGHT in front of Remilia. The young woman saw what was happening, and as she stared straight into Katherine’s eyes, hands on her hips, she stood up to her maximum height, puffing out her chest, like she was trying everything she had to be taller. Katherine watched helplessly as Remilia’s eyes grew even with hers, and then…ever so surely, rise up above hers. There was nothing Katherine could do — she was watching Remilia grow taller than her in real time, getting curvier and bustier in the process. Katherine’s clothes loosened around her still further, and within ten seconds, it was all over. With cold dread, Katherine saw that she was staring straight forward into Remilia’s lips, which had grown fuller and plusher, and were curved into a knowing smirk.

“Right…” chuckled Remilia, her C-cup-boobs shaking up near Katherine’s shoulders, “I’ll just leave you to…YOUR business, I guess.” She walked away, leaving Kathrine gaping after her, but then turned around, right at the door.

“I’m gonna find out what’s going on, Katherine,” Remilia said determinedly. “You mark my words. Whatever you’re hiding…won’t be hidden for long.”

A second later, Katherine was standing in an empty bathroom…empty, that is, save for Junko’s tapping feet in the stall. She appeared to be pulling up her panties. Katherine clenched her teeth in rage and strode over to the door, flinging it open. She expected to see Junko cowering on the toilet in some kind of playacting helplessness, but instead, she encountered a wild-haired Junko standing directly in front of the door, her eyes blazing, and an aggressive snarl on her face.

Katherine staggered backwards into the sink, with Junko advancing on her.

“Thought you could intimidate me?” growled Junko, bearing her sharp fingernails like claws at Katherine. “Thought you’d take some anger out on me, huh? Well GUESS WHAT!?”

“Wh-what?!” asked Katherine fearfully, after a few moments of awkward silence. The demon had paused in front of Katherine and pouted, furrowing her brow as she looked at the floor. She seemed to have forgotten what she was going to say.

“I…I just caught a different feeling from you,” said Junko, her voice softened as she looked slightly down at Katherine now (who realized that Junko, like Remilia, was now a little taller than she was). “From the future.”

“The…future?” asked Katherine, not understanding.

“Oh yeah,” said Junko, staring at her with those big eyes of hers. “I can see it now, clear as a sparkling mountain stream. You on the ground, all shrunken and skinny…shriveled and pathetic…wallowing in despair that is so deep that you can’t even conceive of it now…and then…you’ll look up at me, your face contorted with all your self-wrought pain, and you’ll BEG me to have sex with you.”

“To have…SEX with YOU!?” burst out Katherine. She shook her head vigorously. “Yeah RIGHT, Junko…you’re insane if you think that’ll ever happen.”

“Oh it will Katherine,” assured the demon, filing her fingernails. “Just you wait…you’re already well on your way. I can see how you think I’m cute.”

“I…do NOT think you’re cute,” Katherine lied. She may have hated Junko, but she definitely didn’t think the demon had chosen an ugly body to inhabit. “And besides,” she continued, “If you think this will be the measure of your success against me, you might as well give up, because it’s never going to happen, especially now that I know it’s your goal. Not the best technique, Junko, haha. Now leave me alone — I’ve got work to do.”

Katherine stormed out of the bathroom, trying to feel vindicated that she had just won a verbal joust with Junko. But her clothes had gotten so baggy around her that she couldn’t feel vindicated about much of anything at all. She took the long route back to her office, so as to avoid going past Perona’s door. Katherine hadn’t seen her assistant yet, but she KNEW, from her own shrink spurt, that Perona had gotten bigger and taller again.


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Chapter 5 by Joyce Julep

Chapter 5

The rest of the workday passed by at a snail’s pace for Katherine. She tried to focus on getting work done, on emailing potential clients and higher-up management and keeping the ball rolling on current contracts, but the whole time, she felt like she was a hollow shell of a person, just waiting to have the grotesque reality of her situation exposed by the demon that continued to haunt her. Katherine thanked her stars that no one else could see Junko, but at the same time, the fact that she was the only one privy to Junko’s shenanigans meant that she was in constant danger of appearing insane to those around her. She was already well aware that she had puzzled Perona with her behavior and, even worse, that she had tipped the more astute Remilia off that something was going on.

‘I’m gonna find out what’s going on Katherine,’ Remilia’s words echoed in her head, ‘You mark my words.’

“Oh right,” Katherine said out loud savagely under her breath, “Like you’re gonna be able to figure it all out, Remilia. You’re gonna discover that I’m being haunted by an evil demon who’s shrinking me and growing the women around me…riiiiiight, good luck with that.”

“You know what they say,” chimed in Junko, who was now hanging upside down from the large plant that grew in the corner of Katherine’s office, “Talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity!”

“Will you just shut up!?” spat Katherine in Junko’s direction. “Isn’t it enough that you’re shrinking me? Can’t you just leave me alone for…for like an HOUR, at least??”

“Well you see Katherine,” laughed Junko softly, “I wouldn’t really be doing my job really, then, would I?”

“I already feel terrible about what I did to Clayton! There — is that good enough for you!?” Katherine was trying not to sound too desperate, but she had already gotten it in her head that maybe, just maybe, if she were to somehow convince Junko that she felt despair in her situation, she could trick the demon into believing her job was done.

“I KNOW that my decision will…will HAUNT me for the rest of my life!” Katherine continued, spreading her arms out to the demon, showing how loose her clothes were. “And…and I totally accept my punishment that you’ve given me, Junko! It’s…I mean, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to call you “evil” just now…I’m still getting used to my, uh…my poor choices, and having to accept responsibility, and I’ve been weak and deflected that responsibility onto you, which is TOTALLY unfair and…and I’m sorry! Really, I am! And I KNOW that I’ll never really be able to be happy again, living with the choices I’ve made! You’ve…you’ve helped me realize that, Junko, and…and I just have to thank you for that. I feel terrible. I feel…I feel like I’m hitting rock-bottom.”

Junko had been listening to Katherine upside-down, and the demon hadn’t reacted. But when Katherine had said that she was “hitting rock-bottom,” the teenage girl burst into an unrestrained, high-pitched fit of laughter.

“Hahahaha!!! Oh my GODDDDD…hahahahaha!!! That’s…ohhhhh boy, that’s RICH, Katherine! Hahahahaha!!!”

“Wh-what!? What are you talking about!?” asked Katherine, feeling another cold sweat break out across her face as she watched Junko shaking with laughter.

“Y-you…you….HAHAHA, oh my god, I can’t even TALK I’m laughing so harddddd!” cackled Junko. She was shaking so much from he laughter that she actually fell off the plant, clattering to the floor. But the demon didn’t stop there; she proceeded to roll around on the floor, like a little girl, laughing and laughing without end.

“You…you ACTUALLY THINK you’re hitting ROCK-BOTTOM…right NOW!?” burst out Junko, getting completely red in the face from her mirth.

“Ok, ok…” muttered Katherine, feeling utterly annoyed (and not a little frightened) by Junko’s display. “You’ve made your point.”

“You’re not even CLOSE to that sweet, black pit of despair that will consume your soul!” declared Junko intensely, her eyes flashing up at Katherine from her splayed position on the floor. Katherine felt a bolt of fear go through her — even though Junko was rolling around on the floor like a child, with her pigtailed hair all wild and crazy around her, when she had spoken these words, her eyes had flashed a dark, multi-colored shade of red, and they made Katherine start back in her chair, utterly terrified.

“You don’t have the SLIGHTEST CLUE what you’re in for, you pooooooor, hapless, shrinking little woman!” Junko cried, springing up and stalking over to Katherine’s chair. Now that Junko was standing right in front of her, Katherine had to admit that the demon looked intimidating and…bigger, taller, and more curvaceous than Katherine had seen her before. She felt confused by all this for a moment, until she realized, with a terrified jolt, that she was shrinking again. Her office chair felt bigger and bigger around her, and she actually felt her feet leave the floor and start to dangle in place.

“N-no!” cried Katherine, shaking her head up at the looming figure of the demon, who put her hand on her hips impressively, leering down at her as she shook her curves back and forth.

“Yesssssss!” countered Junko, turning around and shaking her big ass in Katherine’s face. Katherine couldn’t believe it — the teenage girl’s ass definitely looked a LOT plumper and wider than it had before. Katherine didn’t know whether this was because she was shrinking, or Junko was growing, or both, but in any case, Katherine didn’t have time to think too hard about it because, without warning, Junko abruptly shook and shimmied her big ass back and forth a little more for good measure and then plopped her butt straight down in Katherine’s lap. Her plush, cushiony ass cheeks were way heavier and firmer than Katherine had expected (along with the rest of her body), and she had to struggle to breathe as Junko proceeded to grind her big ass left and right, left and right, into Katherine’s lap, pinning her to her chair, even as she continued to dwindle and shrink under Junko’s body.

“What a pathetic showing from the Office Manager of an important company!” laughed Junko, mercilessly shaking her big ass in Katherine’s lap. “You actually thought you could trick me into thinking my job was done, huh?! You’ve obviously forgotten who you’re dealing with, Katherine! You think I don’t know real despair when I see it!? Pleeeeeease…you’re obviously desperate, to be trying to pull that kind of nonsense on me, but you’re not NEARLY as desperate as you will be, hahahaha!”

“Please…please, Junko, I’m…I’m ss-sorry!” cried Katherine, struggling under Junko’s growing weight on top of her. She already felt silly for having tried to trick Junko, but at the moment, she was just busy trying to shuffle her shrinking body out from underneath what felt like the demon’s expanding ass. Katherine wasn’t sure if Junko was actually growing, or if it just felt like that because she was shrinking. Either way, she felt herself panicking more and more, until finally, in a helpless, abandoned shriek, she screamed: “PLEASSSSE!!”

And just like that, Junko hopped off, spun around, and faced Katherine again, with her hands on her hips again, and that same leering grin on her pretty lips.

“Mmmmm, that’s more like it!” quipped Junko, raising a pleased eyebrow. “Haha, LOOK at you, all shrunken in your big, important office chair — your feet don’t even touch the floor anymore! Well come on, stand up! Let’s see how small the Office Manager has become now!”

Katherine felt totally deflated, but even now, she couldn’t help but feel curious how much smaller she had gotten. It was a desperate kind of curiosity, one that was born more from her desire to get the worst out of the way and deal with it. Mentally, Katherine was still finding ways to psychologically battle Junko — she knew that she couldn’t do much about her shrinking, but she DID still think that she could somehow defeat the demon if she could find a way to resist despair.

But as Katherine stood up, she saw just how big Junko looked to her now, and her mouth dropped open in horror. She was staring right into the top of Junko’s breasts, which, from this height, looked a good deal bigger, plusher, and firmer than they had looked before. Katherine looked down at her own clothes, which were now baggier and more ridiculous-looking than ever, and then she looked back up at Junko. Katherine had expected Junko to be gloating down at her, as she had been just moments before, but looking up at her now, Katherine was surprised to see that the demon girl was shaking her head sadly…and even that a single tear had formed at the corner of Junko’s left eye.

“How tragic…” murmured Junko in a gloomy voice, sighing out as she sniffled her nose emotionally, “To think that such a strong, independent woman…a single mother at that, could be on such a dramatically steep downward trajectory. And that this is only the BEGINNING of her fall…I’m not totally heartless, you know. I acknowledge tragedy when I see it and…*sniff sniff* and I…can’t help but get choked up right now, just looking down at you now. It’s only been two days, and ALREADY you’re under five feet tall.”

“That’s…that’s bullshit!” yelled Katherine, getting red in the face from anger. She knew that Junko was messing with her mind, and she wasn’t about to let the demon gain the upper hand, even after this most recent shrinking spurt. She stormed over to the edge of her desk, seized the measuring tape, and proceeded to stand up against the wall, measuring herself carefully as she glared at Junko. The demon girl didn’t seem to take any interest in what was going on, and instead seemed to be staring out the office window at the airplanes in the sky, flying over the office tower.

“All this progress…all this labor…all this effort,” Junko muttered to herself dismally, “All in pursuit of something that will never, ever be achieved.”

“Will you just…shut the FUCK UP!?” growled Katherine again. She was getting truly tired of Junko’s mood swings, and the crazy nonsense she seemed to spout when she got in her “depressed” moods. But just then, looking at the measuring tape, Katherine’s blood ran cold. She was 4’10.

“But…wha-….h-how!?” she stammered, backing away from the wall in horror. Junko turned to look mournfully at her, with another tear running down her cheek, but just then, a loud knock interrupted their exchange, making Katherine jump.

“Katherine!? Katherine, open up!” called a new voice. Katherine paused, suspended in anxiety. The voice was Stella Lobovich’s…her boss…one of the upper managers at their marketing company. Stella didn’t usually come down to this floor, since she generally trusted Katherine to run things smoothly. But there could be no doubt that it WAS Stella there, at the door, banging away.

“Uh-oh! What’s she gonna dooooo?” teased Junko’s voice. Katherine glanced desperately around, trying to pinpoint where Junko had hidden herself, but she couldn’t find her. Stella’s knocking became more insistent, and Katherine knew that she had to open the door. Her heart was beating so fast in her chest that she thought it might rip out of her chest. Stella was around her age, and at 5’2, she had always been a good deal shorter than Katherine…but now…well, now it would be obvious that something was terribly wrong. But what choice did she have!? She HAD to open the door.

“J-just…just a second!” Katherine called, balling up the edges of her clothes, to try and make them look less baggy. It was a fruitless effort, though, and Katherine quickly gave up, stumping over to the door to answer it.

“Say goodbye to any promotion opportunities!” cackled Junko from wherever she was hiding. “They don’t give promotions to The Incredible Shrinking Lady!”

“Shut…up!” grunted Katherine through gritted teeth, and flung the door open. Standing in the doorway was Stella, who was a stylish middle-aged woman, with short, jet-black hair, a curvy figure, with large tits and a big ass. Except…well, to Katherine, everything on Stella looked bigger now. SO much bigger. For starters, Katherine, who had always been accustomed to being a good 4 inches taller than Stella, was now shocked to realize that she was staring straight into her boss’s shoulders. The top of her head was even with Stella’s nose. Katherine hadn’t known what she had been expecting, but she certainly hadn’t been prepared for Stella looking this…large and buxom. Her breasts were definitely bigger, and her ass…well, Katherine could see its voluptuous swells behind her figure, and she couldn’t help but gawk a little at how big it looked, and how much it put her own shrunken butt to shame.

“Katherine!” burst out Stella, her eyes widening in surprise. “So it IS true! You’re shrinking!!”

“See!?” came Perona’s voice from behind, as the assistant emerged from behind Stella, coming around the corner of the hallway. Katherine exhaled in desperate shock — Perona had gotten bigger…MUCH bigger. Stella already looked big in front of Katherine, but as Perona walked up to join her, the true scale of her body became clear. Katherine saw that she was staring straight forward into Perona’s nipples, which were large, fat, and engorged as they pressed against the confines of her undersized dress. But it wasn’t just Perona’s huge breasts and fat nipples that accosted Katherine’s gaze — it was EVERYTHING about her body. She looked positively HUGE compared to Katherine; her hips had widened considerably, her ass had bulged out massively behind her (even more so than Stella’s big butt), and her thighs were solid, strong-looking anchors that served as firm pillars for her towering physique. Perona had always been a beautiful and attractive woman, but as Katherine stared up helplessly into Perona’s grinning face, she was met with the sudden and disquieting realization that her assistant had become even more strikingly beautiful than before. There was a plush kind of freshness about her features, combined with a keen twinkle of understanding that sparkled in her eye, which told Katherine that her assistant was growing in more ways than one. Her body was getting bigger, yes…but terrifyingly, Perona seemed to be getting more focused and intelligent. Could such a thing be possible!? Katherine had no idea — at this point, nothing seemed to be off the table.

“I told you she was shrinking!” chuckled Perona, her eyes going wide with amusement as she looked down at her boss, not being able to hide the enjoyment in her face. Katherine knew that Perona’s personality was pretty much designed to not take anything seriously, but right now, her assistant’s lightheartedness felt more like a personal attack than anything else.

“You better be careful, Perona!” exclaimed Katherine angrily, the color coming into her cheeks, “Stepping out of line like that, I’ll have you censured by the board!”

Perona’s eyebrows went up at the threat, but to Katherine’s distress, the amusement did not go away from her assistant’s eyes. Instead, Perona just looked more entertained than ever.

“You’ll do nothing of the sort, Katherine,” said Stella firmly. “You’re not really in any position to be criticizing Perona now, anyway — how can you explain what’s been happening to you?”

“I…l-look, I don’t know what’s happening, ok?” said Katherine, backing up a step and putting up in her hand in a motion of surrender, “But…but I’m g-gonna go to the, um…to the doctor and see if…if they can sort it out, alright?”

“Well…how about you take the rest of the day off and get that taken care of now?” said Stella. Katherine could tell that she wasn’t really asking.

“I…w-well, I really should stay and wait until…until Perona gives me the client list I need to be able to send out the preliminary emails for the virtual convention that’s happening next m—”

“Look, Katherine,” cut in Stella, putting up her hand (which Katherine noticed was quite large now in comparison to her own), “Don’t put me in a position when I need to invoke my authority and MAKE you go to the doctor’s. I’m asking you, politely, to take the rest of the day and get WHATEVER this is taken care of. I really can’t afford to have an Office Manager who is…well, who’s obviously suffering from a very serious physical and psychological malady of unknown origins. It’s clearly an issue, since the rest of us seem to be affected by it — though not for the worst, I’ll admit — but even still, I’m concerned for you, Katherine. You don’t look well.”

“Yeah, Katherine, I mean…heheh, you DO look in pretty bad shape,” chuckled Perona, stepping forward right in front of Katherine. “LOOK at how SMALL you are compared to me now, heheh! It’s kinda crazy! And…it’s even MORE than it was only a couple hours ago! I mean, Stella, are you…are you seeing this!?”

Without warning, Perona reached down, grabbed Katherine roughly by the shoulder, and pulled her up against her own body, showing the extent of the size comparison. Stella’s eyebrow went up as she looked up and down the two women. At this point, there was a full one-foot height difference between the two of them; Perona had shot up to 5’11, and the top of Katherine’s head didn’t even reach her shoulders. Each of her big breasts were nearly the size of Katherine’s head, and the vigorous rise and swell of her attractive hips rose as high as Katherine’s diminished shoulders.

“I’m seeing it Perona, yes,” said Stella ruefully, shaking her head. “Very, very concerning.”

“It looks like you’re, like…my younger sister or something!” laughed Perona, squeezing her big hand around Katherine’s shoulder in a playful way. “My younger sister who hasn’t been getting enough to eat, ahaha! You feel all bony, Katherine! I can literally FEEL the notches of your shoulder in my hand.”

Katherine knew that Perona, unlike Junko, was not mean-spirited — she was just amused at the obvious shift in the power dynamic. But a worrying trend was being set, and Katherine was definitely not encouraged to see how much Perona seemed to be enjoying their new size difference. She also wasn’t happy about that little gleam in Perona’s eye as she looked down at Katherine. It reminded her of the look that Remilia had given her in the bathroom hours before — it was something of a knowing look, a look that said ‘Something’s going on…and I’m starting to see a pattern here.’

“N-now…now hold on just a minute!” shouted Katherine, her lips quivering unsteadily as she tried to free herself from Perona’s grasp. Perona just chuckled and held her there with one hand, seemingly without any effort. “You…you said “physical” and “psychological” illness, Stella,” continued Katherine, not hiding her anger. “What are you talking about!? I m-may be, uhh, shrinking and all, but…but there’s NOTHING wrong with my brain!”

“Mmmm, well not from what Perona and Remilia have been telling me,” shot back Stella immediately, putting her hands on her hips. “Talking to yourself in your office all afternoon…shouting at no one in particular…even when you answered the door just now, I could hear you muttering under your breath for someone to ‘shut up.’ I’m worried about you, Katherine. I’m concerned for your health and wellbeing. And of course, any liability with your health is a liability for the company, so…”

“S-so…so what!? What are you saying, Stella??” demanded Katherine, for the first time actually fearing for the safety of her job.

“I’m saying,” declared Stella, turning to leave, “That I’m expecting you to sort yourself out and be in top form tomorrow at our board meeting. Otherwise, well…I might be forced to consider…other options for your position. At least until you can pull yourself together.”

When Stella had said “other options,” she had turned to Perona and smiled at her, with the obvious implication being that Katherine’s job was in danger of being usurped…by Perona!? Katherine couldn’t believe it. Perona!? Taking HER position?? It wasn’t possible! Perona could barely concentrate for more than ten minutes at a time without aimlessly surfing the internet! It was a scandal — and Katherine felt like she needed to immediately assert her authority.

“Ok, well…Perona,” she said curtly, not hiding the acid in her voice, “Do you think you could manage to get me that client list before the end of the day today? Or is that too much for you?”

“She’s already given ME the completed list, actually,” said Stella swiftly, turning in place and staring down at Katherine.

“B-But…but she was supposed to give it to…to me!” blurted out Katherine, totally stupefied.

“Yes, well…she didn’t feel comfortable going into your office this afternoon,” remarked Stella dryly. “Because you were ranting and raving to yourself. You see, Katherine? When you’re not well, the chain of command breaks down. Go to the doctor — right now — and get yourself taken care of. Unless you have a doctor’s note explaining otherwise, I expect you to be back in your “Manager Form” at the meeting tomorrow morning.”

“S-Stella, I —” Katherine began, but her boss had already turned on her heel and left, her huge ass jiggling and shaking in her wake.

“Wow, look at her butt!” exclaimed Perona, turning her head sideways to admire Stella’s retreating ass. “It's almost as big as mine, haha!”

Katherine turned to look up at Perona, giving her a look of pure malice. Far from feeling intimidated by Katherine’s look, however, Perona simply laughed.

“Heheh…well, you can’t really blame me, Katherine,” Perona said, her whole body seeming to jiggle with her mirth. “You were acting all crazy this afternoon, and…ha, there’s no denying that you’re a LOT smaller now. And just…weaker-looking, to be honest.”

“What?” asked Katherine, blinking as she shook her head. She couldn’t bring herself to say anything more, since her head was beginning to spin with the insanity of what was happening.

“Well yeah!” said Perona, throwing up her hands, emphasizing that it wasn’t her fault. “I mean, look at you! Your clothes are barely hanging onto your body at this point. And, like…look at your little arms!”

Perona bent down and seized one of Katherine’s shriveled forearms in a tight grip. Katherine tried to get away, but Perona was having none of it. Very deliberately, Perona proceeded to line up her own firm, womanly-looking forearm against Katherine’s, which looked skinny, bony, and unhealthy. Katherine stared down at the comparison — it was incredible. It was like Perona was a vigorous, healthy adult, and she was an undernourished teenager.

“I mean…Katherine, come on,” murmured Perona, holding their arms side by side. “Look at how much smaller and weaker you are than me already…haha, and whatever you have, whatever’s going on, it’s just started! Imagine what you’ll look like compared to me at the meeting tomorrow!”

“I…look, Perona,” stammered Katherine, yanking her arm away. “I don’t know what you…what you think you’re playing at, but…but it’s not gonna work, ok? Going b-behind my back…with that…that client list, and everything…and…and th-thinking you can intimidate me?! Well, just…just wait for tomorrow. And if y-you think you’re gonna show me up…in the, in the meeting…think again.”

Perona had stood back up to her full height and was just standing there, looking down her E-cups breasts at Katherine, with an amused expression in her face as she put her big hands on her expansive hips. Katherine saw the heavy flesh of Perona’s breasts jiggle and shake as she laughed softly in response to Katherine’s tirade.

“Heheh, ok Katherine…whatever you say,” she giggled, and then turned away, walking back towards her own office, though not before she had looked over Katherine’s head straight at the Office Manager’s desk. Katherine felt, with an uncomfortable throb, that Perona had just made it a point to eye her desk, like she was going to be sitting at it soon. And the shrunken woman could not avoid the slow, anxiety-laden realization that her assistant wasn’t just getting bigger — she was getting, well…smarter too. She had gotten that client list THAT quickly! And the way she had been looking down at Katherine…it made Katherine’s skin crawl. Perona’s mind actually seemed to be proactively working. Of course, she didn’t know what was going on yet, but she was starting to put the pieces together.

“Fucking great…just what I need,” cursed Katherine, getting her purse (which felt way too heavy on her shoulder now, and hung way too low), “Everyone in the office teaming up on me when I’m at my lowest…Perona…freaking PERONA, threatening to take MY position…this is RIDICULOUS. There’s no way that this is gonna slide tomorrow…I’m gonna go home and get some sl—”

Katherine had been stomping around the corner of the hallway, talking to herself, but suddenly she had run smack into a pair of large, firm breasts, which billowed out on either side of her head. For a moment, Katherine could see nothing but sweet-smelling musky darkness, and then she pulled away, gasping for air and looking up at the grinning face of Remilia, who was now 5’9, a full 11 inches taller than Katherine. Katherine’s voice caught in the back of her throat, just looking up at the gorgeous teen. Remilia looked even more beautiful, even more fresh, even more vigorous and strong than she had looked before, and her eyes were positively sparkling with mischief.

“Huh…off to the doctor, Katherine?” she mocked, turning her head to the side as she stuck her tongue into the side of her cheek.

“Uh…y-yeah, yeah, gonna, gonna see what’s uh, wrong with me,” muttered Katherine, and she tried to quickly walk around Remilia’s body. The towering young woman, however, quickly pivoted and blocked Katherine’s way. Katherine tried to go around another route, but again, Remilia moved her body in the way, effectively pinning Katherine up against the wall.

“Aren’t you gonna mention how much bigger I’ve gotten?” whispered Remilia into Katherine’s ear, bending down low so that her plush lips were actually brushing the sensitive skin of Katherine’s earlobe. The teen’s large D-cups breasts were again pushed firmly up against Katherine’s face as she bent down, whispering to her. Katherine felt totally trapped between the wall and the tall, curvy body of the 18-year-old. She didn’t know what to say.

“Mmmmm, yeah…that’s what I thought,” intoned Remilia, still whispering into Katherine’s ear as she continued pressing her larger, burgeoning body into Katherine’s short, skinny frame. “You’re speechless. You can’t even speak in front of me, because you can’t believe how short and tiny you are compared to me now.”

Remilia finally relented, standing back up to her full height and stepping backward away from the wall, giving Katherine a little breathing room. It wasn’t for Katherine’s benefit, however — it was just to show the shrunken woman how truly small she was, compared to the teenager. Katherine now realized why she had caught a sweet whiff on Remilia’s breath; she was chewing pink cum, staring down at Katherine with a knowing twinkle in her eye.

“C-could…could you please…get out of my way, Remilia?” asked Katherine, hating how polite she had to sound. “I n-need to get to the doctor.”

“Mmmm…heheh…oh I don’t think so,” chuckled Remilia, shaking her head. “I don’t think you’re going to the doctor at all.”

“B-But…But I NEED to!” Katherine exclaimed. It didn’t matter that it wasn’t true — Katherine knew that the lie was perfectly reasonable, but for some reason, Remilia didn’t seem to be buying it.

“No, you’re not understanding me,” Remilia snapped, her eyes suddenly flashing, even as her grin widened into a mocking leer. “I don’t think you’re going to the doctor AT ALL. I think you’re just gonna pretend to.”

“I…wh-…how can you say that, Remilia!?” demanded Katherine, doing her best impression of confused outrage.

“I think,” said the teenager slowly, smacking on her gum, “That you know EXACTLY what’s going on with you..but you can’t do anything to stop it. Something…or someONE…is making you shrink, and transferring your size and height and…power…to me and auntie and Stella and the rest of the women in the office. Maybe you don’t like it, Katherine, but it’s HAPPENING, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it! Hahaha, how about THAT for a theory, huh?”

The teenager stopped, cocked her big hip to the side, and stood there, posing like a curvy supermodel, while she continued smacking her gum. Katherine was dumbstruck — she had no idea how Remilia could have picked up so much, but there was no question that she was a sharp young woman. But to know pretty much exactly what was happening! It was disquietingly impressive. But Katherine had to hide how impressed she was, and how terrified she had become of Remilia’s intellect…to say nothing of her huge body.


The eerie sound of Junko’s laughter suddenly echoed through Katherine’s ears, and she shot her glance up and around the ceiling, trying to ascertain where the demon girl’s laughter was coming from now. Katherine knew that it was better for her if she just pretended that she couldn’t hear her, but it was like a terrible itch that she couldn’t help but scratch. She just HAD to know where Junko was. The laughter continued, and Katherine realized that the sounds seemed to be coming from the ceiling — Junko must have been crawling through the ceiling, playing around in all the electrical equipment up there as she laughed and cackled at the scene below. Remilia watched Katherine closely, studying her reactions — even though she couldn’t hear Junko’s laughter, she could tell that Katherine was certainly hearing something.

And then, all of a sudden, it was happening again. With a desperate, inhaled moan, Katherine saw Remilia’s body growing, selling, and burgeoning up before her, while she shrank down smaller and smaller, with her limbs becoming weaker and weaker, and skinnier and skinnier, by the second.

“”Huhh! Katherine exhaled hysterically as she lost multiple inches rapidly. She fumbled about for a second, and then tried to make a break for it down the hallway. But Remilia was too quick for her, and pulled her back effortlessly, latching her huge hand around Katherine’s neck and pressing her firmly back up against the hallway wall. Katherine tried to protest, but any attempt died in her throat when she saw the huge teenager’s body pressing up against her own — Katherine FELT herself shrinking against the teen, just as she FELT Remilia grow around and above her. Down, down, down Katherine went…4’9, 4’8, straight to 4’6, and then finally coming to a stop at 4’5. Remilia, at the same time, sprouted upwards at a fast pace: 5’10, 5’11, straight to 6’1, and then coming to a stop at a towering 6’2.

Katherine couldn’t believe it — she could hardly breathe, Remilia looked so huge. Katherine was staring straight into the middle of the 18-year-old’s stomach. The top of her head didn’t even reach the bottom of Remilia’s E-cup breasts now. And that was just the height comparison — Katherine’s clothes were now barely even hanging onto her tiny, waifish little body, whereas Remilia’s massive body was nearly bursting out of her own clothes, which were far, far too small to accommodate her new curves. Her ass was so huge now that Katherine wasn’t able to avoid thinking that Remilia’s ass alone probably weighed more than half of Katherine’s entire body. The teenager’s hips reached just about as high as Katherine’s shoulders, and the hand around her neck easily spanned its circumference.

And then, suddenly, Remilia did something that shocked Katherine completely, and made her entire body tense up. The gorgeous teenager arched her body down, bending luxuriously at her thick hips, down toward Katherine’s face. Since she was pinned up against the wall, there was nothing Katherine could do to escape. Remilia issued forth a long, undulating red tongue, which she flicked and wiggled suggestively in front of Katherine’s face, before she went to the left side of Katherine’s cheek and tongued her ear. Katherine froze, utterly bamboozled. But Remilia didn’t stop there. After throwing her tongue into several long, sensuous rotations around Katherine’s earlobe, the teen inhaled, as if in preparation, and thrust her tongue deep into Katherine’s ear, wriggling its muscular length around and around in Katherine’s ear canal as her soft, mocking laughter filled the air.

Katherine was horrified, and she felt totally violated…but at the same time, the blatant, confident, and effortless way that Remilia was taking power proved to be irresistible, and Katherine felt herself, against her own will, starting to get wet.


The deafening sounds of Remilia’s busy tongue filled Katherine’s skull, and all she could do was close her eyes as she breathed in and out hard, praying for the teen to stop her onslaught. Eventually, after what seemed like minutes on end, Remilia finally pulled her tongue out of Katherine’s ear, but only so that she could lewdly lick up and down Katherine’s cheeks, covering them in a covering of sticky, sweet saliva.

“Mmmmmmmm, yeeeeeeeaaahhhh,” breathed Remilia down into Katherine’s face. “I like tasting your skin…you know why? Because you’re a helpless little SHRIMP of a woman, who’s getting smaller and smaller, and you can’t do ANYTHING about it!”

Laughing loudly now, her whole curvy, voluptuous body shaking with delight, she stood up to her full height, staring down at Katherine’s shocked face underneath her breasts.

“Well…you enjoy the…doctor’s office, Katherine,” cooed the teen, winking down at her. “And I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Katherine could only watch as Remilia walked away, her gigantic ass cheeks bouncing up and down behind her, seeming to tease and mock Katherine with every delectable amble and bounce.


End Notes:

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