A Hellhound in the Human World by idunnow

Karda, a hellhound, travels to the realm of humans and finds them much smaller than she had expected.

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1. Chapter 1 by idunnow

Chapter 1 by idunnow

Karda had been interested in humans ever since she was a pup. The young hellhound had grown up hearing stories about the war between humans and her own kind, the demons. She had devoured every scroll detailing the brutal warfare waged between the two species, and hungrily sought after any crumb of information she could find about the humans and their world. She wanted nothing more than to see a real human, but after losing the war, the lords of Hell had ordered the destruction of all portals between to the human world.

Her lifelong interest in ancient tomes yielded fruits, however, when she found a manuscript detailing how to build an altar that could open a portal to the human world.

After securing for herself an old abandoned location she could use to work in privacy, Karda set out to build an altar. It was a difficult and expensive task, not least because many of the materials needed too scarce or expensive for her to acquire. Often she had to make do with close equivalents, hoping that the portal would still work with those substitutes. In the end, when she finished the altar and spoke the words of power, the portal appeared just as the manuscript had described, and she eagerly went through.

As she set foot in the other world, blinking her eyes as she was met with the brilliance of the sun for the first time in her life, she looked around and saw a landscape that, despite its alien quality, seemed almost familiar after a lifetime spent learning all she could about it.

Above the sky stretched a brilliant blue, totally unlike the sky back in Hell, which ranged from fiery red to sickening yellow. Around her stretched a vast plain of green which danced and waved in the wind. “Grass,” she thought, delighted to see what she had read so much about. It was much more solid than she'd thought it would be, what with the way it crunched under her paws, but it was to be expected that there would be some differences between the images she'd built up in her imagination and the real deal.

Still, what she most wanted to see was a human and there was no sign of them here, so she set out in search of one. As she walked, grass crunching underfoot, eyes scanning the horizon for any signs of humanity, she suddenly stepped on something that felt different from the grass. She glanced down and saw what looked like a bunch of  tiny buildings. Running between them were tiny creatures, roughly the size of bugs. She thought there was something familiar about them, though they didn't look like anything she'd seen before. She crouched to examine them, and to her shock, she found they looked just like humans. She blinked her eyes, thinking maybe all the light in this world was making her see things, but there could be no mistake: the creatures were itty bitty humans, under half an inch tall. What's more, from up close she now saw that the “grass” she had been stepping on was a forest of tiny trees.

Why was everything so small? Maybe by changing the materials she used for the altar she had made her come out hundreds of times her normal size, or maybe it had taken her to an alternate human world, one smaller than the other one her kind had warred with. Whatever the case, it was obvious something had gone wrong.

Still, she was fine with this. She had wanted to see a human, and that's exactly what she got. In fact, if the old stories spoke true, it was probably much safer for her to see them with this size difference to protect her from their human ferocity.

Indeed, as she was looking at them, she saw the tiny humans band together, grabbing knives and pitchforks and anything else they could use as a weapon and running at her paws, trying to attack her. However, partly thanks to her size compared to them, and also thanks to the naturally thick skin of a hellhound, all they did was tickle her.

Karda thought it was cute how the humans attacked her despite being so much smaller than her. She reached down and scooped up a handful of them, and all of them immediately started trying to attack her hand. She then lay back on the ground, stretching out her legs to either side of the tiny village, and dropped them onto her belly.

At first the humans stumbled around, trying to get used to moving on the strange terrain, but then they gathered themselves and marched out across her belly, heading towards her chest. Well, they tried to march at first, but her coal-black fur made for poor ground to walk on, so they ended up crawling as much as marching. They soon made it to her chest and started climbing her breasts before trying to attack her nipples, thinking they would do more damage to her if they targeted her bare skin.

Meanwhile, those still on the ground massed together in front of the hellhound's crotch. Like the others, they thought it better to focus on where she had no protective fur, and so they all climbed up her crotch, hanging from her pubic fur as they attacked her labia. Still, their weapons couldn't pierce her skin; all they did was get her aroused. Soon Karda got horny and decided it was time to move beyond foreplay.

She reached down to her crotch and pushed the humans into her pussy, moaning as they squirmed inside. They felt amazing, and, wanting more, she grabbed the ones on her nipples and also brought them inside. She felt her climax approach, but before it came, one by one the humans went still. Still panting, she reached into herself and dug them out. She brought her fingers up to look at them. They were all stuck, glued to her by her sex juices, barely moving at all. Likely they had passed out form a lack of air. Sighing, she wiped them all off on the ground. She would need much greater amounts of humans to get her to climax.

Karda sat up and looked around the village, quickly identifying a little path that ran through the forest. She followed it over a small hill, and on the other side she saw the forest give way to a field. In the center of it was a town, bustling with activity. As she approached it, she saw the humans were already panicking over her approach.

She took a few steps into town, crushing many buildings under her paws, before getting on her knees. She grabbed a handful of the humans and put them into her pussy before lying down in the middle of the town. The townsfolk swarmed around her, climbing her body like a bunch of ants. They crawled all over her, from her paws to her neck. A few even tried to climb up her head, though these she shook off.

Whenever the humans inside her grew still, she would take another handful and push them inside as deep as they would go. Moaning from the pleasure, her limbs leveled block after block as they stretched and contorted in ecstasy until, with at almost a hundred humans inside, she finally came, her body exploding with ecstasy.

She lay back, panting, and closed her eyes, basking in the warmth of the sun. One hand idly reached down to her pussy and spread her lips, allowing all the humans inside to slowly dribble out to the ground in a big puddle of her sex juices. Basking in her own contentment, and in the rays of this human sun, she dozed off for a good few hours, a sleep undisturbed by the dozens of human crawling on her body.

Hours later she would wake up and take a few humans back to Hell with her; a souvenir from what would be the first of many excursions into this world.

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