A Night with Shannon by SizePrincess

James, after being convicted for a crime he didn't commit, volunteers for a procedure to shrink the first human being. The 2-inch-tall James then meets Shannon, who claims she can help prove his innocence.


REPOST: I did not write this, merely reuploading for people to enjoy. Originally posted in February 2012

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This is yet another reupload of a now deleted story from the defunct author ThomThumb  which I decided to reupload like, much like his other story 'My Marriage to a Giantess' for readers to enjoy. 

1. The World's First Shrunken Man by SizePrincess

2. Shannon's Place by SizePrincess

3. Bed Time by SizePrincess

4. Breakfast by SizePrincess

5. Life with a Giantess by SizePrincess

6. Realizations by SizePrincess

The World's First Shrunken Man by SizePrincess

Two months before I had met Shannon, I was convicted for a crime I didn't commit.

My psycho ex-girlfriend was to blame. After our bad break-up, she told me she had left all my belongings from her house in a duffle bag for me to pick up. I drove over to pick up my things, and finally be done with this girl for good. She handed me the bag, which was filled with mostly a lot of my clothes and a few bathroom accessories. Little did I know she had hidden some of her rich-ass parents most precious items inside the pockets of my clothes. It was mostly jewelry; a necklace, bracelet, a few rings. Robbing her was the last thing on my mind when I went over to her house for the last time, but the cops decided otherwise. After I pulled out of her driveway, she called the police, and told them I had broken into her home while she was away. The cops pulled me over on the highway on the way back to my house, and sure enough, they found all of her parents valuables stashed away in my bag.

Her parents never liked me. And worse yet, her dad was a police detective, and knew a lot of powerful people. In short, they made absolute sure I was put away. Not a few days later, I was sitting in my prison cell, trying to wrap my head around how my ex could do this to me. She was truly fucked up, I concluded, as I tried to keep my head on straight and started thinking of how I could get myself out of this mess.

A few weeks after my imprisonment, word was traveling fast around the yard about a project some scientists were working on, and the state decided that us inmates were the perfect candidates for the experiments for this particular project. They were working on a shrinking machine. Apparently the scientists had been experimenting on apes for years, and now believed the shrink machine was ready for human test subjects. Before I knew it, dozens of bulletins for volunteers were posted throughout the prison. I figured, why not me? I signed up for the program, as did about twenty other convicts. After the project coordinators decided it would be too costly to test on all of us, they decided on one, and it was me.

Not a day after I heard the good news, I was strapped up to a chair, awaiting the blast of the shrink ray. Before I was tied down, the scientists asked me hundreds of questions, mostly having to do with my health and family history. Turns out I fit the profile and was the perfect specimen for the test. The procedure was to take place in the prison warehouse. It was right out of a science fiction film; a small crowd had gathered to watch, dozens of scientists holding clipboards surrounded me, and the large shrink ray was placed in front of me. After things had settled down, the head scientist began discussing the legalities of what was about to happen.

"Do you, Mr. James West, agree to the terms and potential consequences for this procedure?" he asked.

"Sure, have at it," I replied.

"A simple yes, please," said the scientist.

"Yes." I said.

The people in the crowd were all staring at me, the prison guards kept close watch, and the scientists continuously jotted down notes. After a few simple questions for me, the head scientist announced the time had come to begin.

"Thank you for your patience," the head scientist told the crowd, "we may only have one shot at this, so we must make sure it's done right."

I was suddenly very nervous, and began to sweat.

"Starting the countdown," one scientist said to the others, as he began to call out the numbers.

"5.... 4..... 3.... 2...."

I held my breath.

"1... Engage."

A switch on the wall was thrown, then the shrink ray began to shake light up with color.

A humming noise heard throughout the room increased in volume, and a bream of blue light shot out of ray, and struck my body.

I had never been struck by lightning, but I had guessed this might be what it felt like.

A powerful surge of energy travelled through my body. I screamed, overwhelmed with pain.

The light emitting from the shrink ray and my body filled the entire room, as the crowd covered their eyes.

This exposure lasted for about ten seconds, then I felt a change in my body. It felt as though I was curling up into a ball, but my body remained in the same position. My limbs slipped through my restraints. I was really shrinking. Over the intense noise of the shrink ray, I heard a collective gasp from the crowd watching me. Then, I began to pass out.

"Stop the machine!" I heard a voice yell over all the noise. The ray had stopped, but I was still falling into unconsciousness, and then I blacked out.

When I awoke a minute later, the group of scientists had gathered around me. I was on the floor. I looked up at each of them. Then the head scientist, with a startlingly loud voice, spoke to me.

"Can you hear me James?" he asked.

"Just fine," I said back.

"How many fingers?" He asked me, holding up two digits on his left hand.

"Two," I replied.

I tried to sit up, still very dazed.

"Did it work?" I asked.

"Oh, it worked alright," said one of the other scientists.

I sat up, and glanced around. I was about two inches tall, sitting in the middle of the seat of the largest chair I had ever seen, surrounded by giants. As I glanced up at their faces, it was like gazing up at a living, breathing version of Mt. Rushmore.

"How do you feel?" one of the giant scientists asked me.

"Fine, actually," I told them, as I moved my body around to make sure I was still able to function.

"Ladies, gentlemen," the head scientist said to everyone in the room, "this is a most joyous day in the world of science. I present to you, the worlds first shrunken man!" he announced.

Stepping away from me, he revealed my tiny form to the crowd of people. They all gasped at once, then began to applaud excitedly.

And just like that, I became a part of history the generations would never forget.

I was quickly brought to the university, where the scientists lab was located. They were very careful handling my tiny form, and they made sure each of my needs was met. I was like a celebrity amongst them, and hundreds and hundreds of people came to see me at the lab. Scholars, researchers and all kinds of people wanted to see me and ask me questions. I was now "James West, the first shrunken man." It was great, and I was so glad to be a part of the experiment.

The next two months of my life were excellent. But still, despite all my fame, my charges for robbery still hung over my head. As soon as people learned I was a "thief", their opinions of me always changed. At first during my interviews, I would tell them I was innocent, but they never believed me. I eventually stopped denying it. The research team who looked after me believed me to be innocent, but there was still nothing they could do about it. As far as the country was concerned, I was still a convict, despite my shrinking. How was this still relevant? I would wonder. Even if I was rightfully accused, how could I possibly commit crimes at this height? The whole thing was ridiculous, but it was unchangeable. I tried not to think about it, and just tried to enjoy my new life.

It was all very tiring, trying to stay on top of all the meetings and interviews my scientist caregivers took me to. After a week of non-stop publicity, I was finally left alone inside the small house the scientists had constructed for me. The research group decided to go out for lunch.

"Sorry you can't come with us," one of my scientist colleagues told me, referring to my restrictions to most of the outside world. As a thief, despite being a very small thief, I wasn't allowed many freedoms unless properly sanctioned by an authoritative official.

"It's alright, I need some peace and quiet anyway," I told them.

They locked up the lab and went out to eat. As I sat alone on my tiny bed, I finally took the time to reflect on what had happened to me. Life as a shrunken man, I thought, what a strange way to live. I really couldn't complain, I thought, because the team had given me everything I needed. A house, food, water, everything I could want. It was a bit annoying, being cooped up in a laboratory all night and most of the day, but it was okay for the most part. It was  actually an improvement from my life before, and it SURE as hell was an improvement from prison. I was content with my situation.

I was about to turn over for a quick nap, when I heard the slamming of the lab door shut. Had one of the scientists forgotten something? I wondered. The sound of footsteps grew closer. Then, a beautiful female voice.

"Hello? Mr. West?" the female voice asked.

I walked out the front door of my miniature home, and the most drop-dead gorgeous and gigantic woman I had ever seen was standing in front of me. Though my house was placed on top of the lab countertop, this woman towered above me like a building. She wore a black business suit, and it fit her slim figure so well. As small as I was, I could still tell she was very tall. She had long blonde hair, and the prettiest face that had ever seen, which was looking down at me. She had one arm latched onto her purse, and she was staring at me with pure fascinaton.

She might have been another journalist, though I hadn't remembered an interview scheduled for this time. She looked to be in her late-twenties, still young, but she looked like a professional... something. I wondered who she was, after a few amazing seconds of staring. Her beauty alone was intimidating, but she was also massive. The scientists I had stayed with for so long were large as well, but this was the first time I had ever truly felt in the presence of a giant person. I couldn't stop looking up at her, she was breath-taking. I must have looked so stupid, being so tiny with my jaw down to the floor, I thought.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed, "I've seen you on TV, but to see you in person is truly amazing."

"Oh, haha," was all I could say. She was astoundingly pretty, and I was very nervous.

"Hi Mr. West, I'm Shannon," her sweet voice said from high above. "I want to help you with your case."

I was still lost in her pretty face and amazing body, but I tried to focus.

"Oh- uh- really? What case?" I asked her, stupidly.

"The case against your conviction," she said.

"Wow, really? That's great!" I shouted up to her, excited.

"I believe you when you say you were wrongfully accused," she explained, "and I really want to prove your innocence."

This was too good to be true, I thought. Maybe now I could finally be a free man again.

"Really?" I asked. "You think I can prove I had nothing to do with the stolen items?"

"Yes, I can," she said, "I've been working on your case for weeks. I called the lab and they told me you were free to discuss it with me for a while."

"Are we going to go through everything right here in the lab?" I asked.

"Actually, this may take a while," she said, "and I have all my work at home."

"Oh, so you'll come back later?," I asked.

"The team actually said I could borrow you for a while and take you back to my apartment," she explained.

"Really?" I asked in excitement, "I'm really allowed to leave the lab for a while?"

"Yes, yes," she said, "they're completely fine with it."

I was overjoyed. Spending time outside the building was one thing, but I would also be with this gorgeous girl.

"It should take about a night or so to get all the information I need from you," she explained, "then I'll bring you right back."

"Sounds good to me," I told her, trying to hide my anticipation.

"Alright, get in," she said, holding open her enormous purse, "I'll take you there."

I walked off the counter and stepped inside the giant leather bag.

I felt her gigantic form carry me out of the building, jump into her car, and she drove us away.

I climbed out her bag on the long ride back to her apartment.

"You really believe I'm innocent?" I asked her, curiously.

"Of course I do, I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't," she explained. I was flattered she took such interest in me.

Shannon's Place by SizePrincess

When we arrived in her driveway, I got back into her bag. As she carried me, I felt Shannon leave her vehicle, head up the steps in her building, and enter her home. She placed the purse on the table, opened it, grabbed my little form, and set me on the table.

"Hang on," she said, releasing me from her gigantic, thin hand. "I have to use the bathroom." Her enormous body disappeared down the hallway.

I checked out her apartment. It was an absolutely great place for a person her age. She had nice leather seats, a big screen TV, an impressive looking computer and LCD screen, among many undoubtedly expensive items. Her kitchen was spotless, and the table I stood on was very clean. Actually, the whole place was very spacious and neat. Clearly, she was a very independent and responsible young woman. Then I remembered why I was here; the case! She's a lawyer, I had guessed, no wonder her place is amazing. I was used to the science team treating me well, but this was a great new environment nontheless. She walked back towards me from down the hallway.

"Great place you've got here," I said to her, as she played with her hands in effort to dry them after the bathroom.

She smiled her beautiful smile.

"Thanks! I hope I was gentle enough with you on the ride here," Shannon said, as she sat down at the table on one of the chairs.

"Yup it was fine, you actually handle much better than most of the scientists," I told her, "some just throw me around like a small toy, not knowing how different life is for me."

"It must be so strange, to be so small" she said.

She crossed her leg, and began to remove her high heels. Despite her thin frame, she still had very thick, very beautiful legs. They were covered in dark hose. She started rubbing her feet. I became very distracted by her looks once again, and decided not to stare and spark up some conversation.

"So, have you lived her long?" I asked.

"Just moved in a week ago, actually," she answered. "I'm not here often because I'm working so much, but I love being here and relaxing."

"For sure, for sure," I said.

"I'm hungry," she told me, "have you had anything to eat?"

"No actually. I'm starving," I told her.

She made herself a sandwich, and even fastened a tiny one for myself, which was still humongous to me.

"Hope it holds together," she said. "I've never prepared food for a tiny person before," she said with a laugh.

"No, this is perfect," I told her, as we began to eat.

This suddenly felt like I was on a date. Maybe it was just because I hadn't been alone around a woman in so long, so I felt the need to impress. But it's not a date, I told myself. Sure, she was beautiful, I thought, but we're here to help my legal issues, I reminded myself.

"So," she began, "what does it feel like for you, being a miniature man?"

"Everything about me is the same actually," I explained to her, "but the world is just, massive now."

"Interesting," she said, " and it must be nice to get out of the lab finally."

"Oh, for sure." I told her. "Especially coming to a nice place and eating a great meal like this. It's like a long-needed vacation. Thanks for everything."

"No problem, it's my pleasure" Shannon said down to me. I'm falling in love, I thought to myself.

"I first heard about you in the newspaper," Shannon told me. "At first, I thought it was very strange they chose prison inmates for the experiment. Then I did a little research on what had happened to you, and I just couldn't believe you were never given a fair trial."

"I can thank my ex-girlfriends father for that one," I explained to her, "he pulled some strings and made sure I was put away as soon as possible."

"How horrible that must have been," she said, "to be framed like that."

"Yup, she's, uh, a bit insane." I explained.

"Well, I guess so." Shannon said with a laugh.

"Though, if she hadn't have done it," I said as I thought hard about it, "I never would have went through the experiment," I realized.

"And you never would have met me," Shannon said with a smile, looking down at my tiny body.

"Very true," I said with a smile back.

"I had a bad break-up recently too," she began, "though nowhere near as bad as yours I guess."

"Oh," I said, "are you alright?" I then asked.

"I'm fine actually," she told me. "It was just very sudden. He ended it out of the blue."

"He dumped YOU?" I said in playful disbelief, "I think that officially makes him even more insane than MY ex."

"Aw, that's sweet," Shannon told me, as she placed her elbows on the table and leaned in closer to me. If this were a date, this might be the part where we kiss. Too bad I was so small.

A couple hours flew by, and we hadn't even discussed my case once. It was shocking to me how fast time flew by as I spoke with this gorgeous girl. With us both recently out of long-term relationships, my shrunken situation, life at the lab, we had a lot to talk about. I hoped I could continue spending time with this girl, even after she returned me to the lab.

"Hey, want to watch a movie?" she asked me suddenly.

"Oh, obviously," I said genuinely, "but shouldn't we start working on my case?" She laughed.

"Come on, you've barely had any fun since being stuck in that lab, just live a little," she told me.

I'm in love, I thought to myself. She was right. I hadn't had any fun since both prison AND my time at the lab. I was finally going to take it easy.

"Sure, why not? What do you want to watch?" I asked her.

She quickly reached out her enormous hand, and grabbed me. Her entire fist enclosed my body, as she carried me into the living room.

As we sat and watched the film, I sat cross legged on her enormous thigh, atop her black skirt. It was incredibly comfortable, sitting on her gigantic, soft leg.

We alternated between watching the film and making humorous comments to each other, it was the most fun I had in a long time.

She had been sitting up with her legs crossed on her couch for the entire length of the film, but by the time it was over she had fallen asleep.

"We should watch another," I suggested, but she didn't answer. I looked up and noticed she was no longer awake. She looked so beautifully peaceful as she slept.

Well, this is kinda weird, I thought to myself. What am I supposed to do now?

Suddenly, she shuffled in her sleep, and turned her body, uncrossing her leg. The sudden movement was too much for my small body, I was unprepared. As her legs uncrossed, I fell between them, and landed softly onto the couch cushion below.

I landed on my feet, and looked around. To my right was her right thigh, and to my left was her left thigh, creating an enormous barrier of panty-hosed flesh. In front of me, was the edge of the couch, and a far drop to to the hard-wood below. What was behind me, was truly something to behold.

I turned around, and I was staring up into her skirt, and noticed her pink panties. Her massive crotch stared back at me and intimidated me. Her pussy was probably at least twice the size of my body, maybe more. What a sight this was, I thought to myself. I may have been a tiny man, but I was still a man, and my urges were taking over. Seeing her gigantic nether regions overwhelmed me with excitement. I wonder if I could physically pleasure her at this height? I wondered. I wanted to step into the darkness of her skirt.

Nah. I couldn't do that, I thought to myself, it's just plain wrong. Though it was hard to look away from the beautiful sight, I turned around, and tried to figure out how to climb out from between her immense legs. Oh no, I thought. What if she wakes up and sees me down here? She'll think I'm some kind of pervert, trying to get a glimpse of her.

I looked up at her massive thighs, and contemplated climbing up one of them by grasping her panty hose. But what if I tickle her and she wakes up and sees me? I thought to myself.

I looked down at the floor from the edge of the couch cushion. Nope, I realized, too far down. I was stuck in between her legs. What if she closes them up? I wondered. Would they crush me? I became very scared when I considered what could happen to me down here. She could crush me in her sleep, and would never even realize.

Maybe I should try to wake her up, I thought, and just explain to her that I fell down here. Yeah, that could work, I thought. It was better than her finding me down here on her own.

"Shannon!" I shouted, as loud as my tiny voice possibly could. "Shannon, wake up!"

Suddenly, she moaned in her sleep, and her gigantic left thigh began to shift. Oh fuck, I thought to myself, as her legs began to slowly close in. Her thighs were about to collide, and the enormous walls of flesh would surely injure me, if not kill me, I thought.

"Shannon!" I shouted again, with no avail. There was no way I could jump down from the couch, I realized. So as her legs ran parallel and began to close tighter, I was forced to run under her skirt, and pray for safety next to her enormous crotch.

I ran as fast as I could and bumped directly into her vagina, covered up by her panties, as soon as her legs closed up completely. The force of the top of her thighs squeezing together squished me into the fabric of her underwear and pussy, and I was completely incapable of movement. With her legs bearing down on both sides of me, her crotch behind me, and the roof of her skirt above me, I was completely trapped. I couldn't believe I was enclosed in a giant woman's nether regions.

"Shannon!" I shouted as loud as humanly possible. "Shannon, wake up!"

I had to wake her up. If she were to apply any more pressure, she might smother me down here. As I pressed up against it, her vagina emitted an intense and naturally sweet smell, but it was very strong. The pressure of her thighs on my small body was overwhelming. I tried yelling her name once again, but with no success. My tiny voice must not be loud enough, I thought.

The pressure of her legs was holding me against her underwear so tightly, I figured, she must feel me my small body down here. Maybe if I tickled her, I could get her to wake up and release me. With my legs incapable of moving, I began to run my small hands alongside her inner thighs. Her skin felt so soft, and I tried as hard as I could to tickle her.

I heard a faint giggle from her, outside and up above the fabric of her skirt. She had felt it, I thought. But then, the pressure of her legs only became tighter. She must be contracting in reaction to my hands. As her thighs tightened, I felt immense pain in my lower legs. Any more pressure and she would crush them, I realized.

She shifted her thighs suddenly, and for a moment I was free. I was released, but had nowhere to go. I panicked as I struggled to find a safe position, when her legs closed up on me again. This time, her thighs forced me even deeper into the soft fabric of her panties, and I was slowly being squeezed into her enormous vagina. I struggled to avoid being pressed so tightly into her crotch, and my hands rubbed up against the top portion of the lips of her pussy. I fought to climb up, and through her panties I had made a lot of contact with her enormous lips. As I continued to try avoiding being crushed, the fabric became very damp. Had I inadvertently began to stimulate her? I wondered. Her legs continued to press me against the wall of her underwear, as liquid began to seep through the fabric. Will this wake her up? I wondered.

I felt an intense vibration from her enormous body as she released a great utterance of pleasure. Then suddenly, her legs opened up again, and I was released from the grips of her thighs. I turned around to run out of her skirt, when I noticed her enormous hand slowly moving in towards her pussy. I was unable to avoid her monstrous fingers, as they made contact with my body, and pushed me back into the wall of her underwear. Is she really pleasuring herself in her sleep? I wondered. Do women do this?

Her strong fingers rubbed my body up and down inside her crotch, brushing me against her vagina.

"Shannon!" I tried to scream again. "Shannon, wake up! Stop!"

She was still deep asleep, I realized. Suddenly, her thumb and forefinger lightly pinched me, gripping my entire body. I kicked and squirmed to try and struggle myself free, but it was no use. She had grabbed me firmly, and her hand began to push aside the underside of her panties, revealing her enormous, naked vagina in front of me. The very pink and very monstrous orifice was gushing vaginal fluid, like it was very hungry. Before I could react, her hand pushed me inside, and began to thrust me in and out, in and out, over and over. I took breaths in between thrusts as I tried again and again to avoid more insertion, but it was no use. The mega hand shoved me repeatedly into the top portion of her vagina, and each time it sent me in deeper and deeper.

As I was forced increasingly deeper into her gaping pussy, I feared this would soon kill me. What if she shoved me in and never pulled me out? What if I got stuck? I would surely suffocate or drown inside her mighty pussy. The liquid continued to seep out like a very thick geyser, and it coated my entire body. I screamed non-stop, but half the time my cries were muffled by her enormous vagina as I was placed inside it. Was this really how I was going to die? I wondered. As a human dildo for a giant sleeping girl?

Her moaning from up above increased in volume, and she began to gasp again and again. It may have been crazy, but I decided to stimulate her even more, and maybe she would wake up. Each time her fingers forced me against her enormous clitoris, I began pinching it between my arms as hard as possible. Then I began to hit it, and wrestle with it, trying to get her attention. The closer I felt to suffocation or drowning, the more my adrenaline took hold. Her breathing and moaning from high up above continued to get louder, and I believed my efforts were working. I fought and struggled against her enormous clit for what was probably ten long minutes, and she was moaning louder than ever before, and her skin was very moist with sweat. I continued to stimulate her, when suddenly, I heard her loud moaning turn into a full-on scream, and her vagina began to throb.

"Oh my God!" she had yelled, as I heard it echo through her entire apartment. She had to be awake now, I thought.

Even more juices began pour out of her vast vagina as her lower muscles began to contract. Her hand released me from it's grip, her legs opened up, and I ran out of her skirt, and back onto her couch cushion.

She continued to scream and play with herself as I ran out. I was soaked from head to toe. My clothes and hair were absolutely drenched, like I had just jumped into a pool. I turned around and looked up at her.

"Shannon down here!" I yelled up to her. Her eyes opened up, and her cries ceased.

"James?" she exclaimed in pure bewilderment.

"What are you doing down there?" she asked, in between very heavy breaths. She was sweating all over.

"I fell off your leg and you forced me, uh, you pushed me... into you... while you were asleep," I explained.

"Oh my God," she began, "I hadn't realized." She ran her hand over her forehead.

"Why didn't you call to wake me up?" she asked.

"I did, but you didn't hear me," I explained.

"Uh huh," she said, still trying to catch her breath. She sounded unconvinced. "So you just happened to be up my skirt, rubbing against me?"

"I already told you, I fell down!" I said, to make her believe me. "And you're legs were about to crush me, I had no choice."

"Well, I don't know" she began, "seems very convenient for a little guy like you, to end up down there by coincidence."

"Hey, I almost died!" I shot back up at her, "you almost smothered me inside your... inside you." She looked a bit disgusted.

"This is too weird," she announced, "I have to go change."

Her enormous body sat up from the couch, causing me to fall over onto the cushion, and she made her way down the hall.

I stood up atop the massive couch, soaked from head to toe in vaginal fluid, unsure of what to make of all this.

Bed Time by SizePrincess

She returned after a few minutes, wearing now a T-shirt and sweat pants.

"Come on," she said, as she picked me up and carried me from the couch into the bathroom.

She ran a small pool of warm water in her sink, and lowered me in. She then broke off a small piece of soap, and told me I should probably wash my clothes.

I prepared to undress, and she left the bathroom without saying a word.

After a thorough cleansing of my clothes from her lady fluid, I put them back on. She returned after a few minutes. She held me up in her palm, and dried me as best as she could with a small cloth.

"James," she said as she gently rubbed the cloth against my wet clothes, "I really didn't expect this."

"I didn't either," I said to her, "I fell down. You didn't realize what you were doing in your sleep. It was an accident."

She continued to dry me, and she was careful to avoid contact with my tiny crotch, which kind of disappointed me. Although I was so close to death, the whole ordeal inside her vagina still kind of excited me.

"How didn't you wake up?" I asked, "didn't you feel me down there?"

"I can't control my urges all the time," Shannon explained, "it just felt good, and I reacted."

"Well," I said to her, "let's forget it."

"Right," she said, as she put the cloth down onto the counter of her bathroom.

"It may still be a while before your clothes are dry," she said, "I'll make you something else to eat before I take you back."

She carried me to the kitchen, and broke me off a small piece of chocolate cake that was too big for me finish.

As I ate the small chunk of cake on her tabletop, she stared at me, then the clock. She let out a long sigh.

"Well, I guess I'll take you back now," she said, "I wish I didn't have to though, I'm so tired after... what happened."

Her cheeks went a bit red in embarrassment, and she did look very tired.

"Well, you've already been so nice to me," I admitted, "you don't have to drive me tonight. You can sleep, then drive me back tomorrow." I suggested. I kind of hoped I could spend the night with her, and redeem myself after our unfortunate incident.

"Do you think my team would let you?" I asked.

"Well," she thought about it, "I guess I could let them know you'd be back tomorrow, but they're probably expecting you back tonight."

"If I've been allowed out this long, I'm sure a while longer won't be too bad." I said to her.

"I am exhausted," she said, "but it's okay, I'll drive you back now."

"No I insist, please, you should get a good sleep," I said. "Plus, it was quite a rigorous experience for me too, you know, trying to escape. I'm very tired."

"Well, if you insist," she said, "I'll leave them a message and tell them."

Carrying me to her bedroom, she clicked around on her phone, and told me she had sent the research team a memo for my return tomorrow.

Her bedroom was abnormally clean, like the rest of her apartment. Carpets were recently vacuumed, no clothes anywhere, and the gigantic bed was made. I became excited once again. In her enormous hand, she held me up to her face.

"I'll want you close to me," she told me. My eyes lit up in anticipation. "In case you need me to carry you to the bathroom in the night," she finished. "You can sleep next to my bed on the nightstand."

Damn, I thought, I reacted a little too fast. Then, she collected some small, soft linens for me, and carefully placed me next to them. I threw the materials together creating a miniature makeshift bed on her nightstand. I began to think I was getting my hopes up over spending the night with a giant woman. Yes, we had a small sexual encounter, actually a BIG sexual encounter for me, but I began to think I was just infatuated with her, and there was no real connection. Whatever, I'll just enjoy my time with her in her nice apartment, and get some sleep.

I crawled into my small bed, while she returned from brushing her teeth and went to turn off the light.

"Night, James," she said, flicking the switch and blackening the room. She walked back to her bed. "See you in the morning."

"Night, Shannon," I said, turning over in my little bed.

I heard her rustling while she played with her bed covers, and crawled in. God, would I be able to sleep? With the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen laying next to me, I knew I would have trouble dozing off. I turned over to face her in the dark.

She sat up in her bed, and quietly removed her bra underneath her T-shirt. My eyes still weren't completely adjusted to the dark, but against the street light shining through the window, I could see the outline of her silhouette and she undressed herself. After setting aside her bra, she reached her hands underneath her blanket, and slid off her pants. This was too much for me, I suddenly realized. She pulled her sweatpants out from underneath the covers, and dropped them to the floor. She then lay her enormous body down, and turned on her side, and pulled the blanket over her.

Well, that was that, I thought to myself. I then became very aware of the erection I had. Dammit, I thought to myself, why did the only person who wanted to help my case have to be the most drop-dead sexiest woman I had ever met? This was truly frustrating. I had barely spent anytime with women lately, and now I'm suddenly sitting in a dark bedroom with one, and she was half naked.

I couldn't stop thinking about her, and my urges got the best of me. Maybe I should just relieve myself, and get her off my mind so I can sleep, I thought to myself. I reached under my tiny blanket, and began to play with myself. I thought of her, and how she used me to penetrate her while she slept. It was incredibly hot, actually, as I imagined her beautiful, enormous body become stimulated by my tiny form.

I was close to finishing, when a blinding light turned on.

It was Shannon, she had turned on her nightstand light, and was staring down directly at me.

"What are you doing?" she demanded. I tried to play it off as nothing.

"What? I was just trying to fall asleep," I said.

"I heard weird noises though," she told me, "like noises underneath your sheet."

"Oh, I was just trying to get comfortable," I lied, "sorry if I was making noise-"

She suddenly shot her giant hand over to me, gripped my tiny blanket, and pulled it off my naked body.

I tried to cover up my erection, but she had already caught a glimpse.

"You were fucking touching yourself?" she asked, disgusted. "Were you watching me as I slept? What's wrong with you?" She sounded very angry. I was beyond humiliated.

"I- I'm sorry!" I blurted. "I just heard you getting undressed, and I couldn't help myself! I'm sorry!"

"Is this why you wanted to stay here?" she asked, "so you could masturbate to me while I sleep?"

"No, I swear it wasn't!" I explained, "I just got carried away, you're so attractive, you know, and I-"

"I don't want to hear this shit," she interrupted, as she sat up in her bed and continued to look at me with contempt.

"How can I possibly sleep now?" she asked in an annoyed tone, "now that I know I'm sleeping next to some sick little pervert?"

"I won't do it again, I promse. Shannon, I'm really sorry," I pleaded with her.

"I know you won't" she told me, "because I'm going to make sure you won't,"

She sprang up from her bed in her grey T-shirt and black underpants, and quickly disappeared down the hall into the kitchen. She began rifling through a drawer.

What is she doing? I wondered.

She returned to the bedroom, an angered look still on her face, holding a roll of scotch tape.

"Arms to your sides, and legs together," she demanded.

"Wha- what?" I asked in pure confusion.

"Arms to your sides, and legs together," she repeated. "Now."

She couldn't possibly want to tie me up, I thought. Not a chance.

"Shannon, you can't be serious," I said.

"I'm dead fucking serious," the giant woman said back to me. "I don't want some sick, perverted asshole like you touching yourself as I sleep. So, arms together."

Her stern look and tone told me she meant it. I decided not to respond, and slowly placed my tiny arms to my sides, and positioned my little legs together.

"Shannon, you don't need to do this-" I began, until her enormous fingers attacked me and held me in place. Holding a long strip of tape in her left hand, she placed it around my body as her right hand spun me around in my bed, strapping me down, leaving me completely immobile. Even my pointy erection had been taped down. She stuck the last portion of the strip tight around my torso, observed her work, and smiled.

"That should hold you," she said, before walking out of the room and back to the kitchen, to return the roll of tape.

How humiliating. Tied up by a giant woman with a tiny piece of ordinary scotch tape. I tried to wiggle my arms, with no use. She had me completely tied up as I lay on my miniature bed. What's worse, I was so close to climaxing. She had interrupted me just as I was about to finish. This was torture.

She returned, and walked back over to me on the nightstand. She took my small blanket, and re-covered my completely subdued, small body.

"There, much better," she said, as she smiled down at me. "'Sleep tight," she said, in a very teasing tone.

She then spun around, turned off her bedroom light, walked back to the bed, and climbed in.

Her revealing my erection was undoubtedly the most embarrassing moment of my life, why did she have to make it so much worse? I wondered. Tying me up so I can't touch myself? Was it really necessary? I thought to myself.

I had never been so humiliated, angry, and frustrated in my life. The tape irritated me even more, as it was very sticky and rough. I attempted to break the tape by extending my arms and legs, but it didn't budge at all. I stopped for a moment to listen to Shannon, she had fallen fast asleep. How could she just embarrass me like that then drift right off to sleep? I wondered. Confined to my bed like a torture victim, I sat awake, in anger, for about an hour. Then, somehow, I finally got to sleep.

Breakfast by SizePrincess

I woke up the next morning in a daze, having forgotten where I was. I glanced around and remembered I was in Shannon's room, and I was still bound by the massive piece of tape. Still unable to move, I continued to lay in my bed. I was actually looking forward to going home today. Shannon suddenly appeared in the doorway of her room, still wearing just a T-shirt and panties.

"Morning, you," she said with a smile. Was she not mad at me anymore? I wondered.

"Uh, morning," I said to her, still confused.

"It's breakfast time," she said, walking over to me, and picking up my tiny, restrained body up from the bed.

As I sat in her palm, she held me up in front of her face, and she looked over my tiny body. She then brought her other hand up to me, and carefully peeled away the end of the strip of tape. Slowly, she released me from my sticky restraint. She let the loose tape fall to the floor.

"Thank you," I said to her as I sat in her hand, stories high above the floor. "You're not mad anymore?" I asked.

"Nope," was all she said, and with a straight face.

"I'm really sorry about all that." I told. To change the subject, I asked curiously "What did you make for breakfast?"

"I was going to make some eggs," she said, and paused, "but then I started thinking, that maybe I would just eat you instead."

As she held me in front of her enormous face, she smiled, revealing her very white, monstrous set of teeth.

I laughed nervously. "Haha, that's really funny."

She didn't laugh, and continued to stare at me. I repeated the question.

"So what did you ma-?"

"My mouth is watering looking at you," she whispered to me.

"Shannon, what are you-" I began, when she positioned me closer to her massive lips.

"I wonder how you taste," she said, "mind if I have a try?"

She stuck her enormous, wet tongue out of her mouth, and ran it along the front of my entire body.

"What are you doing?!" I yelled. "Stop!"

She retracted her tongue, and began gently licking her lips.

"Mmm. You're going to be even better than I thought," she told me.

"Shannon!" I yelled to her, "you can't do this!"

"You know, I've been trying to watch my weight," she explained to me, as I listened in horror. "And you're just the perfect size for a light meal."

She quickly chomped down on her teeth, and smiled playfully.

"Please, don't do this.." I pleaded.

"So, are you going to resist?" she asked, "because I think you squirming around in my mouth would make it even more fun."

"Shannon, please," I begged in desperation, "think about what you're saying."

"Oh, I've tortured myself long enough," she said, ignoring me. She opened her enormous mouth, and slowly began to position me inside.

"No!" I screamed, as I attempted to push away her gigantic lips with my hands and feet, but it was no use.

Even as my puny limbs punched and kicked away at her teeth and tongue, she successfully shoved me in her vast mouth.

The warmth and dampness enveloped me, as her breath washed over me. Now using only her forefinger, she held me down on top of her tongue. She retracted her finger as her enormous jaw closed, trapping me inside. It was dark.

My first instinct was to hop up, but her monstrous tongue pinned me to the roof of her mouth, creating an extremely tight space for me to move around in.

Her thick saliva coated me completely, which created enough lubrication for me to spin around onto my stomach. Once I was turned over, I shot my hands out to the back of her teeth and attempted to pry them open. Her teeth were like enormous white boulders, and their smooth exterior made it hard for me to find a grip. All the while, her tongue moved up and down, slamming me against the roof of her mouth as she tasted me, over and over. My attempts to open her jaw were completely useless, and in heavy breathing, I accidently took in a mouthful of her thick saliva. I coughed and choked in attempt to get it all out of my mouth when suddenly, a powerful vibration caused her entire mouth the rattle and shake, and a very loud humming noise erupted from the back of her throat.

"Mmmmm," she uttered, as she continued to taste my small body.

Her enormous tongue continued to wrestle me, until it forced me to her teeth in the side of her mouth. I stuck out my arms and legs to try and keep myself from being crushed against the walls of her teeth. Then, as I was pressed into her teeth and gums on the left side of her mouth, her mouth quickly opened up. My hand slipped off her wet gums and I fell directly in between her top and bottom sets of teeth. If I don't move now, I thought to myself, she was going to chew me.

I attempted to stand up, but her upper teeth slowly came down, and pinned me to her lower teeth. She was now holding me in place, and I was unable to slide out. If I were to move from side to side I would surely be pierced by one of her molars or canines, which were horrifyingly sharp at my size. All while this was happening, I was bombarded with surge upon surge of very heavy saliva, which completely drenched my clothes and made them heavy. I was unable to move, and her tongue suddenly shot back towards me, and spun me around under her teeth. I continued to struggle and squirm, but her tongue had overpowered me until my entire body was placed underneath her enormous teeth. Facing upwards, the large and sharp tip of her canine tooth stared me in the face.

"Say goodbye, little man," I heard her say, as her booming voice and warm breath filled the confines of her mouth.

Then, the massive, boulder-sized teeth came down on me, and crushed my body into mush.

Life with a Giantess by SizePrincess

I awoke with a scream, and sat up in my miniature bed. I was alive. I was still in Shannon's room, and her enormous body was standing in front of me, looking down at me on the nightstand. Her hands were reached out towards me, and she was grasping my tiny body.

"No!" I shouted at her. "Get away from me!"

"Relax, relax!" she said in a very soothing voice, "I'm just removing the tape."

Her fingers wrapped around me, and unfastened the restraining strip of tape.

"Please, don't eat me!" I begged her, still in a daze of both drowsiness and horror.

"Eat you?" she said with a laugh, as she crumpled up the loose tape. I just lay in fear, staring up at her.

"You must have had a bad dream," she guessed.

I didn't answer, and continued to catch my breath. I looked down at myself and noticed my clothes were drenched in sweat. A dream, I thought, thank God.

"I heard you making noises in your sleep," she explained, "and decided I had better untie you before I leave." Her change in mood from last night confused me.

"So, you're not mad anymore?" I asked her.

"Well, I think I may have overreacted," she admitted, "I was very tired and I got carried away. So, I'm sorry."

"It's alright, I'm sorry too" I told her, "I shouldn't have... done what I was doing."

"Well, it was very shocking at the time," she said, "I guess we both weren't thinking clearly last night."

"Yes," I agreed, "definitely."

She was now dressed in another suit, which fit her slim figure even better than the last, and her long blonde hair was down. God, she was so beautiful, I thought. As I stared up at her, she glanced at her alarm clock.

"Oh no, I'm going to be so late for work," she told me.

"Are you still able to take me back to the lab?" I asked.

"Oh, no," she told me, "I don't have time. Just hang out here for the day, I'll be back later."

She picked me up in her hands and carried me down the hall, to the living room.

"But what about my team?" I asked. "Aren't they expecting me back?"

"I'll call them on my way to work, and tell them you need a while longer with me," she decided, as she set me down on her enormous couch.

"I'm sorry about this," she said. "I'm late enough already, but here, I'll get some movies ready for when I'm gone." She jumped to the television. This was happening very fast, and I wasn't sure how to react.

"Oh, okay," I said, "but you can just leave me the remote and I can watch TV."

"No, my cable doesn't work," she told me, "I'll just put some DVDs in the machine."

She prepared the discs, and ran towards the door.

"I'll be home later," she announced, "make yourself at home."

Her apartment door slammed, and I heard her high heels fade in the distance down the hall.

I now had nothing to do now but relax. I sat back, and began watching the first movie.

She really was nice, I thought to myself. Maybe I still have a chance with her, I wondered. I just can't pull anymore stunts like last night.

As I sat on her massive, cushy sofa and watched the film on her giant screen, I realized I was really going to enjoy my day. The only thing missing that would make this perfect, would be some food, I thought. I realized she forgot to leave me something to eat. I guess I'll just wait until she gets home.

I was used to always having people around me, so when I was finally left alone, I realized what a burden my small height was. As I watched the second film, I noticed I had no way of getting down from the couch. I could jump, but it seemed so far down. I was trapped on this gigantic sofa, I realized. What if I had to go to the bathroom? I began looking around to find a means of getting down the floor, and noticed the enormous sofa pillow. If I could push it over the edge and have it placed below, I could jump off and land softly on top, making it to the floor unharmed. I walked over to the pillow and attempted to drag it across the couch, but my tiny hands were unable to find a grip.

That settles that, I thought to myself, I'm stuck up here on this sofa until she returns. I almost wished she had taken me back to the lab, but this change of environment was so great. When I considered the possibility of getting close to this girl, I became very unsure whether I wanted to leave or not. I concluded that I was happy she'd let me stay here for so long.

Hours pass.

By the time the third film had ended, I was starving. I was also utterly sick of watching movies. She's got to be back soon, I told myself.

Finally, I heard her footsteps, and she walked in through the door. She carried with her a bag from a fast food place. Excellent, I thought to myself. She dropped her purse on the table with a loud thud. She didn't look to be in the best mood as she walked over to the sofa, and sat her massive body down beside me. She really looked amazing in her black suit.

"Ugh, bad day," she said to me. She took out a half-eaten burger from the bag, she must have eaten the first half on the drive home. She took an enormous bite out of it, and as I watched her eat, I suddenly remembered last night's dream and shuddered. Then I remembered my hunger.

"Can I have some of that?" I asked, "I'm starving here."

"Oh, right," she said, breaking of a small piece of the bun and placed it beside me.

"Thanks," I said sincerely, as I picked it up and bit in.

"I guess there's a benefit of being so small," she explained, "you'll save a bundle on food."

"Very true," I said with a laugh.

I quickly scarfed down the piece of bun, and noticed I was still very hungry. I looked up at Shannon, and noticed she too had finished her enormous meal.

"Hey, uh," I began, "is there anything else in the bag?"

"Sorry, that was it," Shannon said, licking her gigantic fingers.

"Oh," I said, disappointed.

"Here," I heard her say, as she stuck her enormous forefinger in front of me. There was a few large crumbs submerged in a drop of ketchup on the end of her extended finger. I found this idea a little amusing.

"Eat off your finger?" I asked with a laugh.

"Well, are you in a position to turn it down?" Shannon asked me. I only looked up at her.

"I'm just kidding. But go ahead, it's fine," she assured me.

"Alright," I said, and inched closer to her enormous outstretched hand.

She continued to watch me as I reached into the drop of ketchup, and pulled out a large crumb.

As she watched me still, I took a bite, and she laughed at me.

"Sorry, this is very cute," she told me.

It was a little embarrassing, making me eat from the leftovers of her meal from her finger, but it still tasted great.

"Take more," she told me, "before I lick it all up."

I finished my crumb and collected a few more from her finger.

"Thanks," I told her.

"My pleasure," she said as she pulled away her hand, and licked the rest of her finger clean with one fell swoop of her enormous tongue.

She was about to sit up and walk to kitchen when I stopped her.

"Oh, wait!" I said.

"What?" She asked, looking down at me. I noticed her pretty face again. Even after a hard day at work, she was still as attractive as ever.

"Can you take me to the bathroom?" I asked. "I've been up here all day and couldn't get down."

"God, you sure are needy," she said to me, rolling her eyes.

I suddenly felt very bad, making her doing everything for me. She looked back down at me.

"I'm kidding, James," she told me, and I felt relief, "I have a weird sense of humor, you'll see."

She smiled, and picked me up in her hands. As she carried me to her bathroom, I remembered something.

"Oh, did you talk to the team about me staying here for a while longer?" I asked.

"Yup, talked to them this morning," she said. "Everything's fine."

I was excited. But again, I tried to hide it.

"Oh, cool," I told her, as she carried me high above her hardwood floor and down the hall.

"Plus," she said, "I don't want them to think I've kidnapped you." We laughed together as she walked into the bathroom.

She lowered me onto the counter next to the faucet, and left me for privacy. I decided to just go into the enormous sink, and then I noticed a tube of toothpaste sitting a few meters, or inches, away from me.

I really need a good brush, I realized.

I zipped up, and walked over across the counter to the toothpaste cap.

With a few vigorous turns with my tiny arms, I was able to remove the cap, and placed some paste in my mouth.

Using my tiny finger, I scrubbed my teeth as best as I could, and spit into the sink. I was in the middle of placing the cap back on the toothpaste tube when Shannon returned.

"Oh, you should have told me you wanted to brush," she said.

I continued to struggle with the massive toothpaste cap.

"Here, let me," Shannon said as she reached down her enormous thin hands.

"It's alright," I told her, "I almost have it."

"Sweetie," she said, gesturing me with her hands to move aside, "you barely have it on."

With one swift motion of both her gigantic hands, she slipped the cap back on with ease.

Damn, I thought to myself, even the easiest of everyday tasks seemed so difficult for me now.

"Come on," she said, cupping me in her hands and carrying me away down the hall.

She set me down on the table once again, took a seat, and leaned close to my tiny body.

"So, what do you want to do tonight?" she asked

Realizations by SizePrincess

Looking into her humungous blue eyes, along her vast, smooth skin, and pretty face, I could think of a million things to do. But not only did my size limit me, I was also unsure how she felt about me.

"Uh, I don't know," I lied, "should we start on our case, I guess?"

I really didn't want to start all that boring stuff, but it was all I could think of that wasn't... of sexual nature.

"If you're worried about outstaying your welcome," Shannon began, "you don't have to. You're welcome here as long as you like."

I was overjoyed.

"Really?" I said, to break the silence.

"Of course," she assured, "so, we don't have to work on your case just yet."

"That's okay with me," I told her.

The gigantic Shannon smiled down at me, and we stared at each other in silence.

"Well," she said, "I'm going to change. Don't go anywhere."

She got up from her enormous chair and walked back down the hallway to her bedroom, and closed the door.

Here I was again, I thought to myself, unable to do anything without her assistance. I looked around for something to amuse myself with, when I noticed an edition of one of our local newspapers was stuffed inside her gigantic purse. I walked over to it to find something to read. As it stuck out the top of the purse on it's side, I tilted my head to read the front page. My jaw dropped to the floor.

"Shrunken Man: Missing," was all I could see from my position. I couldn't believe it. I had to read more.

I looked over to Shannon's room to make sure she was still there, and then I walked to the purse and began to climb. I hoisted myself up to the newspaper on top, and began to read.

"James West, the world's first shrunken man, has disappeared after a break-in at the university yesterday afternoon..."

Her bedroom door opened. I jumped as quick as I could off the purse, and landed back down on the table.

As she walked back to the kitchen, I ran back over to where I was standing previously, hoping she hadn't seen me jump.

"Want to just watch some TV?" she asked me, now wearing a small white tank top and pink shorts.

"Yeah, sure," I replied, trying not to make any obvious hints of what I had just learned.

She smiled down at me, picked me up in her hands, and walked into the living room.

She had been lying to me this entire time, I realized. Why is she doing this? I wondered.

She sat down on the couch, placed me on her naked thigh, and turned on the television. I suddenly started to doubt everything that had happened to me since I got here.

"Hey," I said, as I turned around to look up at her gigantic face, I had her attention.

"I thought you're cable wasn't working," I said.

"Oh," Shannon said, quickly looking away from me to the screen. "Well, certain channels don't work, I meant."

I nodded, and turned towards the screen again. I decided to test her.

"Can we watch the news?" I asked, trying to sound as casual as possible.

"Umm," she said, "it's pretty much all of the news channels that don't work. I still need to fix it."

She clearly didn't want me to know she stole me from the lab, and my story must be everywhere by now.

"Ah, okay," I said, trying not to show any changes in my mood.

As we continued to watch some dumb sit-com, I racked my brain trying to figure out why she did this. Maybe she wants to hold me for ransom, I wondered.

Suddenly, with my back turned from her, she inched her enormous hand up to my tiny body. Then she slowly raised her forefinger up to me, and began stroking my back affectionately. Her touch felt amazing.

I became so focused on her gentle caressing, I had forgotten what I recently learned.

"So how long do you think can I stay with you Shannon?" I asked her, trying to sound innocent.

"Oh, maybe another night," she told me. "I'll just leave message at the lab again."

She continued to massage my back.

"Don't worry," she said softly.

Her enormous finger suddenly moved up and around my left shoulder, and her equally gigantic thumb was placed on my right. She could now pinch my head into mush if she wanted, but instead she began to massage my tiny shoulders.

"How does that feel?" she asked down at my small form, sitting on her gigantic naked thigh.

"So good. Please, keep going," I said. It did feel amazing, but I was also becoming very nervous. Did she know? Was she intentionally trying to scare me? My head ran crazy with possibilities.

"James, why are you shaking?" she asked me. I stumbled for a quick answer.

"Well, uh, it's been a while since I've been alone with a woman," I used as an excuse, which was true, I hadn't.

She continued to massage my shoulders with her two humongous fingers.

"Aw, you seem so nervous all of the sudden," she told me. "Turn around."

She withdrew her fingers, and I spun around on her thigh, facing her. Her long, tanned, beautiful body was so massive, and I tried not to seem intimidated. Did she know that I knew?

"I am a bit nervous, yes," I began, "you're just so pretty, I can't help it." This was true. She smiled at my compliment.

"Aw, so sweet," she said, as she wrapped her enormous hand behind and around me.

"You know, you've been so nice to me," said Shannon. "I think you deserve a little kiss."

Her gigantic hand lifted up behind me, and carried me into the air. As she brought me closer to her massive face, I suddenly had a flashback of last night's dream. Shannon had a look in her eye the same way she did in my nightmare, before she ate me.

I was now only a few inches away from her face. I tried to keep looking into her eyes, but my gaze kept moving to her vast mouth. The size and sheer power of her lips began to scare me.

"It's okay," she whispered, "it won't hurt."

Her sweet breath washed over me. It had a minty smell. I looked from her mouth to her eyes, and attempted to understand her intentions. I had no choice either way, I thought.

"Okay," I said softly.

She lifted me closer to her mouth, puckered her enormous lips, and carefully lay a wet kiss on my entire face. A thin coat of saliva covered my head, and she withdrew me from her mouth. She giggled.

Before I could wipe away the liquid from my face, her mouth opened, and her monstrous tongue was now slowly coming towards me. I wasn't prepared for it, as she positioned me closer, and licked my entire torso and face. Then she licked me again. And again.

I was being covered in her saliva as her tongue became relentless. It just kept licking, and licking. My instinct was to resist, but I didn't want her to know I was afraid. I needed her to think I knew nothing, so I could ensure myself at least chance of escaping. But still, her monstrous tongue would not cease.

"Mmmm," I heard her thunderous voice utter, as she alternated between licking me and kissing me with her massive lips. She then pulled me away.

"Shirt off," I heard her say softly.

I decided not to hesitate, removed my tiny T-shirt, and let it fall to the ground far below. She continued to unmercifully kiss my tiny body. Though I was still struck with fear, I became more and more aroused. If I get more into it, I thought to myself, maybe she will be convinced nothing is wrong. I let my animalistic urges take over, and welcomed Shannon's enormous mouth. I even began to remove my tiny jeans, stripping down to only my boxers. She pulled me away so she could get a glimpse. Her enormous blue eyes went over my crotch, and noticed my tiny erection.

"Ooh, is that for me?" she asked playfully, and pulled me in towards her massive face once again.

She began to work her enormous tongue against my body, and applied great pressure to my nether regions. Brushing against my boxers, she carefully rotated her tongue to stimulate me, and the great muscle's force overwhelmed me with pleasure. I soon became more hard than I ever had been in my life, as her gigantic tongue continued to bear down on my crotch. She then slipped my boxer shorts down with a powerful swoop of her tongue, and pulled them completely off my legs. I was now fully exposed in front of the giant woman.

She brought up her other hand over to me, and carefully pinched me by my tiny arm. She lifted me up from her palm. She then turned her head up, and raised me up above her face, as I moved through the air at an alarming speed. As I hovered over her enormous mouth, she opened, and lowered me in. She first dipped me in up to my knees, then closed her mouth around them, and slowly lifted me out. My legs gently rubbed her wet lips as she dragged me upwards along the opening of her mouth. It was as though she were giving my entire body a blowjob. Lowering me again, she dipped me up past my waist, and closed her lips around my crotch. Lifting me up once again, my erection slowly passed through the threshold of her lips as she applied amazing pressure. Lowering me now even further, she dangled me in her mouth once again, but with her lips up to my arms. This time, her enormous tongue emerged from below, and gently began massaging my throbbing erection. Her lips closed around nearly my entire body, trapping my lower half in her mouth, and began to raise me up again.

She was tasting me thoroughly, and it felt absolutely amazing. No regular sized woman could ever physically stimulate any man the way this gigantic woman was. Each part of her enormous mouth was like a lover itself. Her tongue from below, her ever-dilating lips, her thick saliva, the occasional gentle brush of her teeth, all pleasured me insurmountably.

I no longer cared about my kidnapping, all that mattered to me in this moment was Shannon. Perhaps the most amazing fact of all this, was that she stimulated me so effortlessly. With only a few movements and tricks of her mouth, she had brought me more joy than I ever had in my life.

She lowered me once again into her gaping mouth, and dipped me in up to my neck. Slowly, with the most pressure yet from her enclosing lips, she began to lift me out of her mouth. Her tongue continued to stimulate my erection as she did this, and I neared my climax.

She somehow knew I was on the verge, and began to gently hum.

"Mmmmm," I heard from down inside her great body.

Her voice carried up her throat and caused her entire mouth to vibrate, just as my penis passed through the threshold of her lips. The feeling overwhelmed every nerve in my body, and I released all inside her gigantic mouth as she continued to lift me up. She must have felt my tiny release, as she raised up her other hand, and began stroking my erection between her fingers, finishing me off completely, and letting it all drip onto her tongue.

After she had drained me as I dangled above her face, she stuck her tongue back in her mouth, and I heard her swallow deeply.

"Yummy," she said softly. She opened her eyes, and stared at up at me for a very long five seconds.

In the midst of the amazing sensation, I looked into her devious eyes, and wondered for a moment if she was going to eat me.

She then slowly moved me from above her mouth, lowered my tiny naked body back down to her thigh, and released me from her grip. I was very dizzy from what she had done, and I rushed to sit down. I sat cross-legged on her giant leg once again, as I attempted to recover from the greatest sensation and relief I had ever experienced. As we both sat quietly, she simply stared down at me, like she was waiting for me to say something.

I turned around to the TV, then decided to tell her.

"I know you stole me from the lab," I said.

"I know," she said down to me from behind. There was a long pause.

"Did you really want to help me with my case? Are you really a lawyer?" I asked.

"No, and I never said I was," she answered. Another long pause.

"Why did you do this?" I finally asked. She seemed to think about this question for a few seconds.

"Because, I wanted to," she answered back. I still had my back to her.

"I love it when men are dependent on me," she admitted, "and being at your size, your life depends entirely on me."

"I guess," I responded.

"Don't you like this?" she asked me. I didn't know what to answer. "Don't you like having a big, beautiful girl like me looking after you, and caring about you?"

Of course I did, I thought to myself, but this was so extreme.

"Turn around, please," she told me. I obeyed.

"Haven't you enjoyed being my little man?" she asked genuinely. I looked up at her, and told the truth.

"Yeah," I said. She smiled.

"I know you'll be happy," she said, "and I'll take good care of you."

This all sounded so bittersweet. What about my freedom? I wondered.

"Will you ever let me go?" I asked. She looked back down at me, and she was so gorgeous. She reached over her monstrous hand over to me, and stroked the side of my small head with her giant finger affectionately.

"No," she answered softly.

I continued to mull this all over, as she continued gently stroking my small form.

"So," she began, "because you need me for everything: you don't eat, you don't sleep, piss, cum, speak, move, or think, unless I let you."

She spoke very matter-of-factly, and in a very nonchalant tone. This, with the look on her pretty face, made me understand that she meant this.

"And as long as you do what I say, we will be just fine. I'll keep you happy," she said with a smile.

I continued to stare up at her, taking this all in. Her smile then faded.

"But if you fuck with me, I'll put you in my mouth, and swallow you for real."

I kept a stern face. I knew this was my life now. This insane, giant bitch had me, pure and simple. I nodded slowly.

"Okay," was all I said. Maybe I would learn to like this, or maybe I could one day escape. I'll be alright, I told myself.

"Now," she said.

Her enormous fingers slowly wrapped around my body. She lifted me from her leg and carried me above her shorts. She stretched out the waistband, and gently lowered me down inside her panties.

"My turn again," she said.

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