A Dream Come True by Umlaut

A college student has his lifelong dream come true.

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Chapter 1 by Umlaut
Author's Notes:

This is my first story so please be kind

For all of his life John had wanted to shrink down and be tiny. He had always daydreamed as a kid being so small that he couldn’t be seen, and climbing onto the feet of a woman that he loved. However, that dream had never been fulfilled.

John was a freshman in college, and he had never been in a relationship. He was very short for a guy, about 5’4”, and was very skinny. He had gone out of state to go to his dream school, leaving behind many friends and family. He also left behind his crush, Sarah. Sarah was John’s dream girl, she was very tall, about 6’2” and was very athletic. She was extremely kind and not to mention, she had the most beautiful feet that John had ever seen. Her feet were very large, she wore a size 13, compared to his very small size 7.5 feet. John had dreamed of being so small that Sarah wouldn’t notice him, and climbing her feet and the rest of her body.

On that particular day, John got up at 7:30, as usual. He shot up out of bed, eager to get ready for his classes that day. He walked over to his sink, brushed his teeth, and got ready to hop in the shower.

While in the shower, he daydreamed about Sarah’s feet. He imagined just opening the door to leave his bathroom, and being transported to her room back at home. He imagined seeing her wake up and her giant feet being in view. He wished that someday that would happen, he wanted to live his dream. After a few minutes, John turned off the water and proceeded to dry off. He hung up his towel and walked towards the door to pick out some clothes for the day. But, as he opened the door he was shocked to find that he wasn’t in his room anymore. John was in awe at the sight that beheld him. A vast carpeted landscape that seemed to stretch for miles. A chair, a bed, and a desk that were larger than any skyscraper he had seen before. And on top of that bed, none other than Sarah.


Sarah’s alarm went off and she got out of bed to get ready for her online classes for the day. Her semester had been uneventful thus far, considering she couldn’t go to campus because of the pandemic. She lifted herself out of bed and set her bare feet on the floor, with some bright blue nail polish painted onto her toenails. She grabbed a towel out of her closet and proceeded to walk towards her bathroom to shower, ready to start the day.



John watched as she set her beautiful, gargantuan feet on the ground, her legs and thick thighs appearing to stretch miles into the sky. John knew he had to act quick, he needed to get into the best position to climb on top of her feet and begin living his dream. He sprinted towards her dresser, knowing that she would need to pick out clothes once she finished showering. He barely reached the dresser in time to see Sarah walk into her room with a towel wrapped around her. She strolled towards the dresser, but to John it felt like an earthquake every time she took a step. She stopped right in front of the dresser, her bare feet right in front of John. He jumped right on top of her left foot. John was in heaven. Her skins was so warm and soft. He licked her foot, it tasted amazing. He proceeded to hump her foot. Some of the leftover water from her shower, acting as a lubricant. After about a minute John came all over her foot, he was in bliss.


Sarah walked out of the shower and proceeded to casually walk over to her dresser. She carefully picked out a cute crop top and some booty shorts to wear. She looked in her sock drawer trying to see which socks she wanted to wear, but after giving it a second though she decided to go barefoot for the day. She sat down at her desk and opened up her laptop, ready to start her classes.


John was lying on Sarah’s foot in ecstasy. Never would he have thought that he would be half an inch tall on Sarah’s foot. He stood up and gazed at her leg, it was extremely large. However, he knew what he wanted to do and ran up to her leg. He grabbed onto it and started to climb.

Climbing her leg was much more difficult than John had imagined. He had to grab on to individual hairs or hair follicles to actually move up her leg because her skin was so smooth and soft he couldn’t grab onto it. It was also extremely difficult to keep his footing because the hairs moved whenever he set his foot on top of it. There were also hardly any hairs to grab onto, she must have just shaved her legs. Eventually, John made it up to her knee, and he saw her extremely thick thighs. Being up close and personal with her thighs was another fantasy that John was about to live out. He lied down flat on his stomach and started to rub and kiss her thigh. He then proceeded to start humping her thigh, the skin so soft that he was already hard. After 30 seconds, he came on her left thigh, and he knew that he had to continue his journey.

Luckily, she was sitting down, so he just had to walk on her thigh. He was struggling to keep his footing due to Sarah’s small movements whenever she talked, so he eventually ended up crawling on her thigh. He reached the end of her booty shorts, and slight lifted it up, crawling underneath.

Underneath Sarah’s shorts it was dark, and extremely warm. He kept moving up her thigh, much slower now, however. He eventually reached her panties, adn tried lifting them up, but they were tight around her leg. He saw towards her inner thigh, however, that her panties were much looser, so he carefully climbed down and entered her panties.

It was extremely warm, but John knew exactly where he was going. He moved just a little bit forward and saw it, her vagina. John walked up, it was more than 4 times the size of him. He grabbed onto the folds and again, started to climb. He eventually reached her clit, which was larger than his entire head. He proceeded to fondle it and lick it, while with the other hand he stroked his member.



During the middle of her class, Sarah noticed that she was extremely horny, and her pussy was wet. She was extremely aroused by whatever was causing it, but she needed to finish it. So, she moved her hand inside of her panties and started to finger herself.


Suddenly, John saw her massive hand enter her panties. He panicked, her didn’t want to be crushed. So, right as her fingers were approaching him, her jumped onto her hand and grabbed a hold. He was immediately to be moved at extremely fast speeds while Sarah was finger her self. He was extremely aroused still though, and he needed to finish. So he rubbed, kissed, and eventually came on her hand. Luckily, she didn’t seem to notice her presence. After a short while, Sarah came and removed her hand from her panties. As she was doing so, John hopped off of her hand and proceeded to climb again.

John climbed out of Sarah’s panties and was faced with her stomach. He realized that she must have also shaved her stomach, because there weren’t many hairs to grab onto. He had a much more difficult time climbing up her stomach though. But eventually he reached the next destination he had in mind, her chest. He grabbed onto her bra and inserted himself inside of it. Inside, he made his way towards the middle of her breast, right to her nipple. When he reached it, he realized that it was larger than him, it was extremely arousing. He kissed, rubbed and sucked on her nipple, and eventually began humping it. Could his day get any better?


After fingering herself, Sarah brought her attention back to her class. But, after about half an hour, her left nipple was getting extremely hard. She became very horny once again, luckily her webcam was off. She once again started to finger herself. She was in pure ecstasy when she came, she didn’t know what was causing her to be so horny, but she didn’t want it to stop.


At this point John was exhausted. He had exerted a lot of his energy climbing Sarah, but also from all of the times he came on her. He figured that being stationed in her bra was relatively safe, so he fell asleep.


Throughout the rest of the day, Sarah was not as horny as she was before. And when she was being honest with herself, she kind of missed it. She went through the rest of her day without any troubles, and eventually went to bed at midnight.


John woke up, he had no idea what time it was, but he felt refreshed. He could tell that Sarah was asleep because of her rhythmic breathing. So, he crawled out of her breast and started walking up to her face.

Once John reached her chin he jumped up and grabbed onto it, pulling himself up. Sarah’s face was huge. He stopped to admire her beauty for a while. At this size, he realized that he appreciated her beauty so much more. He then got up and walked up to her mouth. He started to kiss her lips, he was extremely aroused. He inserted his dick into her mouth, and began humping her lips. He came into her mouth and he walked down back to her chin and climbed down. He was going to make her way back to her feet. Once he reached her breasts he felt her stir and his heart sank, what if she woke up?



Sarah felt something tickling her chest and she woke up. She looked down and saw something moving, it turned around and freezed in place when it saw her. “What is that?” Sarah asked herself as she took a closer look. Upon closer look, she realized it was a tiny person, she looked at it trying to figure out who it was. Suddenly, it hit her, she knew exactly who this was. “John is that you?” She asked, confused.

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