Bonding by supernova

Sarah and her son William are forced to endure a torturous affair after a run-in with a mysterious woman.

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Bonding by supernova


By Supernova

A commissioned work


Over the McDonald’s counter, Sarah smiled as she watched her son William unwrap his burger. “He’s grown up so fast” she thought, twirling her glowing red hair, leaning forward, finally able to enjoy a day off with him. 

“Thanks mom, I really needed this. Studying for O-Chem is really fu- I mean freaking hard and I haven’t had any fast food in, like, months I guess.” William dug into the sandwich as he closed his eyes and sighed. Sarah could tell he hasn’t had much food other than ramen and bland school lunches for a while. A sense of pride burst in her chest as she tried to comprehend what he had just said. O-Chem. Organic chemistry, one of the hardest classes a student could possibly take, a good grade nearly guaranteed a good life. 

Having lived her life mostly as a dental assistant, Sarah felt as though she’d want to press her son to excel in academia so that he’d far surpass her. The pride was both in him and in herself, having been able to raise someone so independent even in spite of the father being out of the picture for so long. Still smiling, she saw how his auburn hair was a little darker than hers, and wondered if it had darkened more in recent years. Snapping back to the conversation, she widened her bright blue eyes and clearly stated “Oh, of course, you know you deserve a treat once in a while.”

“Yeah, these professors are huge pains. It’s almost unbelievable. They just go at you over and over again. The lectures are insane, too! There’s hundreds of people there and they choose students at random and if you’re picked… get this…”

Sarah leaned forward, trying to keep her sizable breasts from falling too far-forward. Perking up a little, she knew she had to give him a little bit more extra interest in his story than she wanted to, humoring him a little bit. “Get what?”

“The professor will make you get up in front of everyone! Everyone! And you have to do this extremely hard problem. You get totally ripped apart if you get it wrong, too! So far, only one person has gotten the question wrong, and I’m so glad it wasn’t me.”

“Well…” Sarah picked up a small chicken nugget from her container. “Have you had to do any of those questions yourself?” Her slow, almost sultry voice articulated every word, loving this lunch with her son so much that she was subconsciously drawing out her sentences.

He slouched. “No. Thank God. That’s not the only thing, either. There’s a whole bunch’a types of having to do these crazy questions in lecture, too! And lab! Lab’s crazy! You have to, like, mix all these different chemicals and, once, I saw someone’s Erlenmeyer flask explode! The guy didn’t even un-seal it when he was heating it, so… pop!”

Sarah grinned, she could tell he needed to get a lot off his chest, and he wasn’t socializing all that much. With a loving ear, she just let him continue prattling on about the ins and outs of organic chemistry. Having never taken it herself, she was a little bit curious about the goings-on of such an advanced class, but not enough that she didn’t have to feign the interest.

“Sounds dangerous!” She said, smiling, with a subdued enthusiasm.

William cocked his head to the side. “Eh. It kind of is and it kind of isn’t. It’s like, if you wear your protection and follow the instructions, you’re good, but if you don’t, or just do things carelessly, you can get a bit hurt.” He bit into his burger a few more times before politely wiping his greasy face with one of those cheap fast food napkins. “Like, I’ve seen other people wipe silver nitrate all over their pants on purpose! As if we don’t have a procedure for that!”

Sarah laughed a little bit, though forced, to humor him. Trying to watch her weight, she only had four small nuggets, instead spending more to spoil her hard-working son.


William knew his mother wasn’t really paying attention, but she was the only one who’d pretend. Though he felt his mouth spill out phrases like “titration” and “oxidation,” his mind kept wandering. He loved spending time with his mother, doubly so now that their visits have become sporadic. 

Ever since he was very young, William knew that his mother would support him through anything. Through school sports, through his bizarre hobbies which appeared to bounce around relentlessly, through the phase where he enjoyed listening to music way too loudly. Even through his near-incessant lectures on the way his advanced classes worked, he always felt at ease when his mother was involved. 

Having already finished an entire burger, he felt as though the taste was extremely heavy and hearty. Eating, and flavor overall, had to take a back-seat, as he spent nearly every waking hour studying, he prioritized the ability to eat while multitasking. Unfortunately, greasy burgers were not conducive to keeping a pile of important papers clean.

“I even heard that inorganic chemistry is even harder, I feel like acing the first few tests gives me a good idea of what to expect.” William continued between fries. “Once you understand how to study and, like, how to find a good group to study with, everything seems to fall into place. It becomes easy in a way. I mean, the tests aren’t easy, but the process becomes easier.”

Sarah’s eyebrows raised. “So, you’re getting used to this? It sounds like a lot of work!”

William grinned. “Oh yeah, with the right group, it gets easier by a ton! It almost becomes fun. I’m sounding like a nerd now, aren’t I?”

Smiling, Sarah stated “Oh, you’re not a nerd! You’re just a hard-working guy! I prefer the word ‘scholar.’”

A pang of anxiety burst in his chest. Internally, that's what he knew he was. A nerd. Spending too much of his time on academics, he didn’t embrace his time as a student to build friendships or romantic relationships. He didn’t like to be reminded of the fact that, even though he had plenty of opportunity, he was still a virgin. Never even came close to intimacy with another woman before. 

The anxiety turned to irritation as he noticed a woman, a little older than he was, stare at him from across the restaurant. Trying to maintain eye contact with his mother, he couldn’t help but flutter his eyes as the blonde woman twiddled her hair, appearing to be transfixed on him alone. She didn’t even have any food in front of her, she appeared to be weirdly focused on him. Irritation then morphed into an odd sense of sadness, as he knew, deep down, that the woman wasn’t staring at him because she found him attractive. Though he didn’t think there was anything particularly wrong with the way he dressed or looked, he thought there must be some way he carried himself that women found repulsive.

A lump built in the back of William’s throat, which just added to his sense of extreme discomfort. “Yeah, scholar, that’s a good word for it, I guessed.” William said as he tried his hardest to maintain eye contact with his mother, yet still feeling the searing gaze from behind her. “I’m… I’m done now.” His anxiety now palpable, he balled up his wrappers and put them in the empty McDonald’s cup, as he always did.

“Aww, you still do that?” Sarah asked, almost excitedly. “You’ve always been so neat and clean!”

William blushed, noticing that the blonde woman a few tables behind him was still staring at him with a stern, almost angry expression on her face. Her dark brown eyes felt as though they were piercing his soul. “Yeah.” He muttered. “Let’s just go.”


“Alright, alright!” Sarah said, half-mockingly as she followed William out the door, not knowing what caused his abrupt change of mood. “Are you… feeling alright, sweetie?” She asked, seeing him move somewhat quickly, “storming” she would say.

Taking a turn down the alleyway, William stopped just as quickly as he left, the gravelly surface of the ground crunching below him as he almost stomped. At the end of the passage, just in front of the parking lot, stood a silhouette of a somewhat tall woman, maybe 5’9 from the look of her. With her hands on her hips, she appeared to be oddly domineering with owl-like eyes that stared daggers both at her and at William. Though she didn’t know who this person was, she felt somewhat threatened, even with her son there.

As she watched William ball his fists, you wondered why he’d react so strongly to a stranger. Even with him putting one foot in front of the other, she didn’t move. She just stood there. Though Sarah felt somewhat disconcerted, she felt somewhat confident that both she and William would be able to “take her” if she did something untoward. Not wanting any harm to come to her beloved son, she still felt proud of him for being able to bravely march forward in a strange situation.

The blonde took a few steps forward, almost in response to their movement. Wearing short jean shorts and a white blouse, she still had her hands on her hips and moved somewhat seductively. Slowly. As the two were mere feet away from the strange woman, who was right in the middle of the thin alleyway, William muttered “Excuse me” in an oddly loud, confident way.

The woman didn’t move.

As she stood there, silently, William moved to her left side and Sarah to her right. Feeling awkwardly close to her, she just stared straight forward, her weirdly modelesque face frozen in an expression that looked like anger. Maybe rage.

Sarah lightly bumped into her elbow, which didn’t have much give, before she jumped in shock as the woman’s face dove right for her. Thinking she was being headbutted, she shrieked in surprise as the woman’s blonde hair bounced and she puffed a lungful of hot breath over her face. Smelling weirdly sour, Sarah couldn’t help but roll her eyes back into her head. It was as if she were getting high or something, as she did ages ago, back in her early twenties. The dizziness washed over her immediately, causing her to stumble, her red hair falling over her face.

Her son turned around, having passed the woman, yelling “What the fuck? What did you just do?”

The woman wordlessly raised her right hand, which clearly had a neon pink ring, looking almost like it was made of rubber. The garish piece of jewelry clashed with both her outfit and the surrounding environment as Sarah, between coughs, noticed it began to glow right in front of William’s face.

“Hey, I’m talking to you!” William shouted, as the woman’s body remained eerily still. Now bracing herself on the brick wall, Sarah could hardly hold her body upright, feeling her polished, red nails scrape against the mortal. Knowing her red dress was now scuffed, she tried holding her face, but she couldn’t stay balanced. The dizziness intensified, as did the glow on the woman’s ring.

The blonde’s face now looked near-maniacal as the ring’s glowing began to pulse rhythmically, filling the dark alley with a hot pink light. Sarah was now on her hands and knees as she felt William’s hand on her back. “Come on, mom! We gotta go! Please!” Her legs began to jiggle as the ring’s beam began to brighten rapidly, almost blinding them, before blinking as if it were a strobe light. 

As she felt her son’s arm rip her wrist from the ground, she could hardly walk as the blinking mixed with the dizziness forced her back to the floor again. This time, pulling her son down with her. The blonde woman’s footsteps approached rapidly, as now they could both feel her presence hovering over them. Painfully craning her neck upwards, Sarah saw her face, which was now twisted in a maniacal expression, widened eyes, up-turned brows, and a frighteningly wide grin. 

Then darkness.


“Oh my God, sweetie! Thank God you’re okay!” William barely had his eyes open as he felt his mother’s embrace. The air nearly squeezed from his chest, he looked forward to see his mother, looking exhausted, in front of a battleship grey backdrop.

“Wha - what happened?” William asked as he slowly blinked, sitting on a dingy mattress with no bed frame.

“That woman! That crazy, evil woman must have brought us here! You know! We were there in the alley and then… zap! We’re here!”

Looking around, he noticed the room they were trapped in was constructed in a bizarre fashion, he could see that scattered  over the wall were seemingly randomly-placed black half-spheres, obviously cameras of some kind, as well as a small, white box with a circle of holes punctured through the front, a speaker of some kind. 

“Well, we gotta get out of here, then, mom!” William said as he walked over to the big, metal door that appeared to be flush with the wall. Grasping at the edges and prodding them with his nails, he found himself to be unable to even budge the opening. Grunting, he tried to put his fingers through the gap, but not even his most forceful push caused any sway.

“We’re locked in here, mom” he said as he looked to his mother, sitting on the mattress with her red dress, looking as though she was going to cry. Walking over to the speaker, he tapped on the cluster of holes. “Hello? Anyone there? It’s time to let us out.” He tapped a few more times. “Hello? Does this work?” He turned his head backwards and sighed.

Now holding his hand on one of the black half-spheres, he tried to pull it free from the wall, but it didn’t budge. Twisting it, William attempted to check if it was screwed away. As he felt pain in his fingertips, he quickly realized it didn’t.

He stepped back as each of the half-spheres turned from black to magenta, almost the same color as the woman’s ring in the alleyway. Staring forward, he noticed them begin to glow lightly.

“William, what’s going on?” his mother asked  as she curled into a ball on the mattress.

The nubs sticking from the walls began to flash brightly, almost blinding William. He stepped back, feeling his legs begin to almost grow numb. He felt different, but in a way he couldn’t articulate either with words or in his emotions. “Mom, I feel… weird? Funny?” He turned to her as she stared back at him with a horrified expression.

“Oh, holy Shi-- William! You’re…  you’re….” Her voice sounded frantic as he looked towards the wall and noticed it shifting. The pink numbs seemed to be sliding upwards.

Turning around, he couldn’t maintain his balance, causing him to fall on his back. Looking up at his mother, she looked as though she were getting further away. As she looked down at him, the horror turned to terror. The pink light reflected off her face, causing her to look like an eerie half-silhouette. She jumped as she realized what was happening before William did.

“AIIIIYEE!! William! You’re really getting smaller! You’re -- AIIYEEE!” 

His mother looked completely monstrous at this point as he could feel his back shift against the cold floor. The sight of his own mother, once a calming influence, now appeared tremendously threatening, like a looming storm cloud. “Mom! Mom - what’s going on?”

As her face blurred with distance, her expression grew more shocked as her red hair hung downwards. William looked up to see his mother’s face stare down at him, her lip quivering, as her eyes began welling up. As he began crawling away from her, a single tear fell from her eye, landing on him and soaking his shirt in warm, salty liquid. Now covering her face, she leaned back on the mattress and screamed. “William! Oh my God!” 

William stared upwards, shivering. Finding himself on a completely flat, concrete floor. Craning his neck upwards, he could feel an aching crick in his neck as he gasped. The flat ground appeared nearly endless. The walls seemed so far away they blurred with extreme distance. Blinking, his heart rate began to rise as he had no idea how big he was at this point. The air smelled musty, as if he was in a warehouse. 

Scanning his new environment, his mind could barely comprehend the scale of the room he was now surrounded by. The walls appeared to go up almost infinitely, just as dingy as the floor. The solidly grey environment was much more imposing, now appearing less as a room and more as an entire prison.

He grit his teeth as he saw an immense, white object in front of him, looking like a used, uncovered mattress with no bed frame. He felt a chill through his spine as he felt the floor begin to vibrate as an immense form of some kind began to move on the bed itself. Mouth agape, William stared upward to see what looked like tremendous, red sand dunes shift over the rim of the near-endless mattress. A tremendous, teary, womanly voice whispered “What… what the… what the fuck is going on?”

His heart lit up, expressing an alien emotion he’d never experienced before. A sense of calming familiarity clashing with the terror of the unknown. His mother’s voice sounded absolutely frenzied. Still on his back, he continued shivering as he crab-walked backwards in reflex as he saw her bright red hair fall as she lifted up her upper body on the bare mattress. Wincing, he saw her sizable breasts fall and lightly jiggle below her red dress as they landed above her thin, fit belly. She was truly enormous, a size extremely difficult for his brain to accept. Her face looked slightly hazy, as the vast distance between them made everything unclear. 

Seeing her rub her face, she was obviously dizzy, looking almost as delirious as him. Watching her body forced a sense of unease and nausea to wash through him, especially because she seemed to have lost track of where he was on the floor. Coughing, he kept trying to piece together what had happened. “I’m… tiny. Mom’s not. I’m here with mom. I’m… oh my God. I’m tiny. I’m like an inch tall.” His mind was completely scrambled. Far outside the ability for him to contextualize.. He gripped at his clothes, pinching himself, trying to convince himself this experience wasn’t a dream.

Trying to find his footing, his legs felt as if they were made of gelatin. Looking upwards at his tremendous, groggy mother, he attempted to call out, but could only cough. His hands on his knees, he found it was extraordinarily difficult to maintain balance. Hacking a few more painful wheezes, he regained composure and managed to stand on both legs without falling.

“Hey! Mom! I’m down here!” He shouted, as he saw his mother’s body jump, her skin jiggling.

“Wha? William? Oh my God...” She sounded panicked as she immediately covered her cheeks in horror. “What? Oh my God! Where did you go?” Her voice was cracking, as though she were about to cry. 

“Down here!” William screamed so hard he could feel his vocal cords burn. 

His mother’s face twisted into one of pure horror. Her eyes widened below arched brows, her thick lips fell agape, she immediately blushed. She shrieked. 

“AAAIIIIYYEEEEE! Oh my God! What did they do to you? What the fuck! AAAIIIIYYEEEEEE!”

William covered his embarrassed face as he saw her make eye contact right before the piercing scream. “Mom! Mom! It’s okay! I’m not hurt! Are you okay?”

A tear ran down her cheek, causing her black eyeliner to begin running. “I… I think so… oh my God. My poor baby… How did you… What did they…” She whispered as she leaned forward, putting her hand out. “Just come over to my hand, sweetie. I’ll keep you safe. I’d rather you be with me than on that cold floor, come on.”

His mother’s incredibly immense hand radiated an uncanny warmth as it lowered in front of him in a gentle cupped gesture. William, still dizzy, put his hand on the tremendous finger before him, feeling the strange leather-like texture as he hoisted himself on to the hand. The flesh below felt clammy and a bit moist, as his mother looked as though she was sweating as she breathed heavily, her heart obviously pounding. 

As she lifted him up off the ground, William experienced the sharp sensation of ascent bursting through his chest as motion blur washed out his view for a split-second. 

A sudden shift indicated him being held close to his mother’s chest as she still covered her now-monstrous cleavage. Her dress, seeming to have been nearly torn in the attack, was now much looser on her body than it had been. Looking up, he could see a clear view up her nostrils, as well as an incredibly worried expression. His mother got up and walked towards the door, still cupping him in her hand. After trying to stick her nails through the gap between the door and the wall, she quickly gave up, realizing this task was impossible. Not only was there no handle on the door, but it was also completely locked. With no other indication of an exit, she sat back down on the mattress.

“I guess we have to wait to see what they want. Or something.” His mother bit her lip, obviously anxious, as a low, radio static began to hum from the white box.

Her red hair jumped as she quickly got up and ran over to the box. “Hey! Let us the fuck out of here! This is kidnapping! Let us out! Now!” She pounded on the speaker, not caring that her breasts were uncovered.

The static stopped and a woman’s squeaky voice crackled from the other side. “Kiss him.”

Both William and his mother looked at each other in confusion before her face quickly twisted into anger. “What the fuck? I’m not doing what you’re fucking saying! No way! Just let us out!”

A sigh from the other side blew into the microphone. “Ugh. Kiss him or I’ll shrink you with him. I’ll kill you both. Don’t test me. You’re the one locked naked in a box. Not me.”

“Kiss… him?” The redhead asked. “Kiss… my son? That doesn’t seem so bad…” Her voice seemed almost airy. “I’ll do it, but only because you threatened us.”

“Wha? Mom! You can’t just!” William felt a sense of extreme humiliation as he watched his own mother’s scarlet red lips descend for him. He put his arm up in instinctive defense as the warmth of his mother’s mouth covered his entire body.

“MMMMWAH!” His skin now covered in red lipstick mixed with a thin sheen of saliva, William couldn’t help but feel deeply disturbed as he noticed his mother’s tongue slightly peek out from between the immense lips in the middle of the peck.

“Was the tongue necessary?” He screamed, wiping a layer of goo off his torso, but succeeding only in smearing a red stain across his shirt.

Looking as if she were taken aback, his mother raised her eyebrows, “I… I don’t know why I did that, I didn’t want to, I just did!”


Sarah felt humiliated and horrified. She didn’t want to kiss her son, especially when he’s nude like that! Feeling his tiny body retch at the touch of her lips was heartbreaking to her. She was his sweet boy, she didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable. And yet, when the strange voice behind the speaker told her to kiss him, the threat felt truly dangerous. It felt real. It felt as though if she didn’t do it, she’d truly die.

The breathing from the speaker-box sounded almost gravelly, the sound quality being very low. “Now I want you both to…” The voice was low, womanly, and sultry. “I need you to both strip down. Naked. Right now.”

Now experiencing an almost electric jolt of terror pulse through her chest, she looked down at her tiny son, still sitting in her cupped hand. This voice appeared to be extremely compelling, though she had no idea why. Biting her lip, she felt a battle brewing inside her. On one side, she did not want to strip nude in front of her son, and on the other, she wished to do as the voice commanded, fearing what the person, or people who trapped them in there might do.

“I think we might have to, sweetie. I’m so, so sorry” Sarah said to her tiny son as she shook, watching his small body vibrate on her palm.

Reaching down to the bottom of her dress, she peeled it upwards rapidly, lightly gripping William as she tossed the scarlet fabric to the side. Now only in a bra and panties, she felt the sting of embarrassment as she felt her skin exposed to her son.

“Both of you have to strip.” The woman emphasized the word “both.”


William felt his mother’s hand emanate an uncanny level of heat as the immense, gentle fingers wrapped him up. Hearing a tidal wave of fabric flip, he had already known that his mother was beginning to follow her instructions. Now having been exposed to the light again, he couldn’t help but squint as he saw a flat, nearly pure white wall of his mother’s torso right in front of him. Her large breasts were cupped by her black bra, which hung directly over him. 

Upon hearing the command from the speaker, William felt a lump form in his throat. He understood the implications of both him and his mother being nude and commanded by a stranger. The sense of violation was almost overwhelming. Feeling the urge to vomit, he kicked his shoes off and peeled his socks away. Gripping below his tee shirt, he quickly ripped it away and tossed it off the side of his mother’s palm.

“What’s she gonna make us do?” he thought, his heart racing. The very concept of being sexual with his own other was making him delirious with fear. 

His hands shivered to the point where he almost lacked control over his own motor functions. Unbuttoning his jeans was nearly an impossible task, as the incessant shaking kept making his sweaty palms slip off the front. “Guh!” He grunted as he finally felt his waistline become free from the bite of his pants. Gritting his teeth, he accidentally scratched the side of his thighs as he pulled the pants down, both legs at once. Now only in his boxer-briefs, the sense of nausea intensified as he threw his pants off in the same arc he tossed his shirt. 

Rolling in a ball, he wondered how far he could press his luck. His heart now aching, the speaker-box blasted a grainy scream. “I said get naked! Not down to your underwear! Strip! Fucking now!”

William gagged. Still feeling, and smelling, the warm flesh of his own mother’s hand, he had to keep himself from vomiting as he found himself slowly peeling away his boxer-briefs down his legs. Savoring every second he considered clothed, he retched as he tossed his underwear away and sat his bare ass on his mother’s hand. As he made contact with her skin, he felt a shiver run up his whole body as goosebumps formed over every inch of his skin.

Rolling in a ball, he made sure his genitals didn’t touch his mother’s palm. The shame would be far too much to bear. Gritting his teeth, he squeezed both his penis and scrotum between his thighs, trying not to let his mother see or feel them. His jaw now quivering, he knew that whatever the voice had planned was inevitably going to be sexual, forcing him to experience a piercing sense of violation that he experienced as a “bleeding on the inside.”



“Now take him to the mattress.” The voice was harsh. Extremely demanding, yet having a strange form of feminine vulnerability to it. “Sit down with him.”

She felt compelled to do as she was told. As if another person were controlling her body. She wanted, more than anything, to resist, to tell her “Fuck off,” but she just wordlessly obeyed. The worst part about it was that it felt oddly comforting, as if she trusted the person behind the speaker wouldn’t hurt her if she just did what was said.

“Make sure you’re in view of the camera.”

Turning towards the camera, she felt a little delirious, the little black sphere was vaguely threatening in its lifeless gaze. “Oh… okay…” Sarah said, her heart beginning to beat even faster now that she knew that something was off about her own behavior. 

The voice behind the speaker angrily demanded “Hold him like a lollipop and lick him. Hard. Get him nice and wet.”


William couldn’t help but screech as his mother gripped his lower body tightly. His mother’s palm squeezed his legs and waist, including his genitals. “Wha… what are you doing, mom?”

The voice screamed “Do it! Or I’ll fucking kill you!”

His mind was flooded with a sense of disgust thus far unknown to him. William felt his mother’s warm, wet tongue glide over his belly, chest, and face, leaving a hot trail of sour slime. Almost able to feel the steam from the warm goo rising off of him, he could sense the cords of her spit drip from his outstretched arms. As he tried, in vain, to keep his mother’s tongue from worming over his naked body, he could only eke out “Mom! Stop! Mom! You don’t have to do this! Mom!”

The warm, slithering tongue dragged over his neck, his back, and his face, causing her saliva to soak into his hair. Now able to smell nothing but her heavy saliva, he found the odor to be so rank that it nearly burned his nostrils. Wet, slick sounds filled his eardrums as he felt chills electrify his spine as his own mother’s tongue probed everywhere above the balled fist that held him. Each caress of the immense, slick muscle felt supremely violating, as there was no real way to push back from the wet assault.

He had no clue how long it has been since his mom started licking him, but it felt as though it were an eternity before her tongue slithered its way back into her mouth. William, now completely covered in saliva, looked up, his mouth agape, completely stunned at what had just happened. 

His mother boomed. “I… I’m sorry! I don’t know… I just don’t know what’s happening! I don’t want to do this. I’m so, so sorry. But I have to!”

Thinking back to the initial attack in the alleyway, William remembered an odd aspect of it, the woman breathing in his mother’s face. Blinking his eyes, feeling the spit sag down his eyelashes, he thought about a strange drug he read about in a class a few years ago. Hyoscine. Devil’s breath. Small doses of this hydrocarbon can force someone to be more suggestible. You wanted to vomit. This wasn’t happening.


Looking down at her son, Sarah was astonished at her own action. Though he didn’t appear to be physically hurt, he would have never wanted to cause that much trauma to him, even if she were forced. She just found the voice’s threats to be much more compelling than they should be. A sense of dread overcame her, as she had no idea to what extent she could be suggested. 

“Flip him over. Give him some real tongue action.” The voice said as Sarah could hear a light moan coming from the speaker. “Ungh. Yeah. Make him cum.”


William felt his spit-soaked hair flop downwards as his mother obeyed the voice without skipping a beat. He kicked his legs in midair as he faced away from his mother’s body. She wouldn’t really do that, right? That was far too extreme a request for her to take, right? William’s mind continued to bargain, knowing deep down that he was just seconds away from being violated by his own mother. He winced, not wanting his first sexual experience to be with mom. He kept kicking, even as he felt the looming presence of her immense face hover over his upturned crotch. He could sense her mouth opening, letting loose the humid, heavy fog of her breath. Almost sensing the tongue leave his mother’s mouth, he wanted to bite his own tongue.


His brain felt as though it was splitting in two as he felt his own mother’s immense, hot, soaked tongue slide along the inside of his thighs and the underside of his penis. The wet warmth of a tongue’s caress forced him to harden instantly, doubly so as his mother’s taste buds provided extra texture to the tongue’s sliding motion. Quickly and rhythmically dabbing, he could feel her warm saliva dripping from between his legs as she continued to rub against his now-throbbing hard cock.

Trying to resist the urge, he couldn’t help himself. To his great, nearly sanity-shattering shame, he moaned. He moaned because his own mother was now purposefully licking his dick. The unwanted pleasure sent shockwaves of mental pain through his mind, forcing him to feel intensely unclean as the tip of the tongue deftly slid along the tip of his penis, as if to intentionally cause him to squirm. Feeling a woman’s mouth on his cock was like nothing he’d ever experienced. The hot, rhythmic motion wasn’t like masturbation at all, in another situation it’d feel heavenly, but now he just felt as though he needed new skin. A new body. A new life.

“Ungh! Unf! Oh! Stop! Ungh! Mom! Ungh! Stop! Please! Ungh!” He tried to resist, but his mother’s tongue was relentless as it continued sliding over him. Even as it missed, slightly, and grazed the inside of his legs, William wished he could turn inside out. He wished he could go unconscious. He wished he could do anything to escape his reality. So he came.

The blast of pure sexual pleasure felt almost the opposite of the way it was supposed to. It was an explosion of unwanted, backwards gratification as he felt himself release over his mother’s tongue, still held upside-down. Now choking, he could feel tears fall from his eyes as the glow from the orgasm faded. He felt as if he were a different person now. As his mother flipped him back right-side-up, he couldn’t help but hold his head down low, his neck now as limp as his dick.


Sarah wanted to cry, but she somehow couldn’t. Seeing her perfect boy in her hand limp and defeated as she tasted a salty dab of his cum in her mouth, she wanted to do anything to help him. To stop giving in to these threats. To save him. She could only make a pained expression looking down at him, knowing she couldn’t. 

By this point, her makeup was completely smeared. Her hair was a complete mess, her eyeliner was running down her cheeks. She was sweaty. Knowing she looked like a complete mess, she just stared into the camera, feeling the need to wait for new orders. Hanging her head low, she knew that her only real act of resistance she could muster was not playing to the cameras.

The speaker crackled back to life as a woman’s sexual moan broke the silence. “Ungh. Yeah. It’s time for him to return the favor. Shove him up your MILF-y snatch. Do it, cunt.”

She froze. The tears broke loose. She could feel her eyelids grow heavy as her eyes grew watery, causing one to fall down the side of her cheek. This couldn’t be happening. She repositioned herself on the mattress, laying down and spreading her legs wide open. Wanting, with all of her heart, to not do this, she could feel her hand containing William, sweet little William, her darling boy, down to her vagina. The part of her mind that wanted her to stop and the part that wanted her to jam him in quickly were at odds, causing her to descend him down to her crotch torturously slowly. Dragging him along the skin of her flat belly led her to scraping him over her bright red pubic hairs. She grit her teeth hard as she reached between her crotch. 

Sarah couldn’t do it. She held him there. The conflict in her mind was beyond the scope of what she was able to handle. Wanting to slam him deep inside her and use him as a dildo versus bringing him back up to her chest and covering him with her hands. She knew which side would win out, she was just delaying the inevitable.


William’s nostrils burned with the scent of cunt. His brain felt nearly completely fried as he looked up and saw his own mother’s pussy lips above a glistening, wet vagina. Completely dripping with thick, gamy fluid, he could see it leaking downwards over a sweat-covered taint to a wrinkly, brown asshole, all covered in curly, red hairs, with a few grey ones interspersed. 

Not knowing if disgust was the emotion he was feeling, the waiting of being held in front of his own mother’s pussy seemed to stretch time to its absolute limit. Each second truly felt like an hour. Able to do nothing but squirm and cry, William attempted to do something he had never tried before: meditate. He thought hard about being on a nice beach or sitting in a long, boring class, but he continuously found himself ripped back to the horrifying reality of being an inch or two tall and held in front of his own mother’s pussy.

A thrust forward and he screamed. Every cell in him wished to fly away, but the contact wasn’t immediate. He just found himself close, impossibly close, to the entrance to the throbbing, pink hole. 

Hearing a scream, he felt another forceful push forward, but, strangely, his mother missed. Immediately heaving, the hot slime between his mother’s pussy and anus slid against him. Fully expecting to be plunged into the tunnel before him, he found himself tasting a vile, thick mixture of both pussy fluid and sweat. Immediately attempting to spit it out, he found it left a stubborn coating on the inside of his mouth. 

Now hearing his mother screaming from above, he felt himself thrust forward again, with much more force.


She couldn’t take it. He was going in. Sarah thrust her son forward and inserted his head directly into her pussy. She grit her teeth so hard she could hear them squeak together. “I can’t do this! No! I can’t!” She screamed again, slowly sliding him into her cunt. 

Instinctively clenching, Sarah knew it’d do nothing. She couldn’t shove him in the rest of the way. There was a certain mental block that was keeping her from doing it. Knowing it was something truly wrong, she slipped him out of her crotch and saw him, coughing on her pussy juice, cords of vaginal fluid connecting him to the space between her legs. Something snapped in her. The resistance she built up to shoving her son into her seemed to break and an immense pressure forced her to reach a little lower.


As his face came into contact with the immense pussy before him, his heart felt as though it was going to explode. He had never touched a vagina before and the soft, wet texture now wrapped him up to his shoulders. The tremendous hole gushed the thick, gamy goo, which he was forced to taste, as the walls around him seemingly quivered, as if his mother were clenching. Another thrust forward and he was in up to his elbows. The pitch darkness held him, he could feel his mom’s heartbeat race through the slick walls. 

Screaming, he felt his face become covered in a thick cluster of bubbles. His own mother’s fluid popped and spluttered around his face as his bare skin came into contact with the enveloping walls. Now unable to breathe, he squirmed as hard as he possibly could as he felt himself quickly pulled out of the hole with a disgusting, slick “slurp” sound. Spitting out several mouthfuls of fluid, he still hung his head low, knowing that the slime hung from his face. Held tightly by his arms, he could only feel the infuriating tingle as they snapped one by one back into his face.

Breathing a few deep, humid breaths, he felt an extraordinarily forceful launch forward. William could only gasp in a feeling of explosive horror as he saw his mother’s wrinkly asshole head towards him at an unfathomable speed before the entire top half of his body was enveloped in impossibly tight, wet heat.

The ring of her anus effortlessly glided over his tiny, lubricated head as she quickly slotted his flesh against hers. William could do nothing but cringe as he found himself tightly wrapped in the rectum of his own mother. Another solid, forceful press and he could sense his hands slide through the asshole, essentially freeing him to press against the tight, pulsing walls. Though they had a surprising amount of give, each thrash he made was met by a near-explosive, crunching clench that pressed his arms back into his torso.

A true, complete sense of being unclean felt as though it truly cracked his sanity. The slick walls appeared to hug him with an uncanny care as he felt himself slid in further. As he thrashed with the constant furor of a trapped animal, William felt his identity slip away from him. Every aspect of who he was as a person now felt stripped away and replaced with the pure, primal will to live. He could feel his mother’s heartbeat pulse over him, over the constant squelching and rumbling of the guts twisting above. The very fact that he was now trapped within his mother’s ass was enough to cause him to bite his lip so hard he broke the skin.

Now tasting a mixture of blood, sweat, and pussy, he couldn’t do anything but writhe like a cut worm as he was inserted down to his ankles. Growling, his eyes widened despite the pitch darkness, he didn’t care about anything but the effort to escape. He tried suppressing the thought of what the rectum was used for, but it was absolutely no use. Completely trapped within the most vile area of his mother’s body, a true sense of panic seeped into his core. Every single thought of his became scrambled to the point where the very idea of “thinking” in itself became impossible. He operated fully on instinct, especially as he felt his ankles gripped by his mother’s delicate fingers.

Slipped out halfway, he tried to aid in his own escape, but his heart burst into a painful form of horror as he felt himself slide right back in. In the relentless dissonance of his mind, the word “Dildo” sprang up multiple times. “Mom” “Dildo” “Using me”

Far too panicked to form any coherent thoughts, the very sensation of his own mother’s anal ring rhythmically sliding against him caused his panic to bottom out. He was only capable of inhuman howling as he sensed his whole body being used to pleasure his mom’s asshole. Spreading it open widely, with each thrust forward he could feel the rectum begin to loosen more and more with each push forward. The rhythm quickened until the point where he was overwhelmed with motion. It was as if he was tied to a plane propeller, both the inside of his mind and the outside of his skin were warped, stuck in a world of pure chaos.

The fluid around him developed a horrid, frothy texture as he found himself beginning to lose grip on any semblance of reality. Pure darkness combined with the unbelievable scenario he found himself in forced himself into a form of forced meditation. Only able to perceive abstract shapes and lights, he could feel himself begin to loosen up as he accepted his lack of control in the situation. As he began finding a sense of peace in this new dreamlike state, William was quickly ripped away as he was ripped from his mother’s asshole and quickly dropped back on the mattress. 

Inhaling a lungful of relatively fresh air, he immediately coughed on his mother’s anal froth. Spitting out the gamy mixture, he tried to get on his hands and knees, but all his limbs failed out from under him as he looked up to see his mom’s asshole, which now gaped above him.

Coughing out another wad of his mother’s body fluid, he could feel the mattress below him begin to soak. Defeated, he knew that he was at the complete whim of the speaker-woman’s commands. Now experiencing a dumb electric hum below his skin, he could only fall limp as he felt his mother lift him up again.

Feeling his body being dragged along the surface of his mother’s belly, he couldn’t even react as he had to hear her weeping.

 “I’m so, so sorry, sweetie. I’m so sorry.” His mother’s makeup was now fully smeared, caked down the sides of her cheeks in a wet, uneven pattern. Even her lipstick was mussed, pink smudges surrounding her mouth. He could tell she was quivering as the tears fell down her face.

“Ungh.” A sexual moan crackled from the speaker-box. “Your next command is gonna be important. Ungh!” The woman speaking sounded as though she was in the middle of a frantic masturbation session, the wet thrusts audible through the static. “Eat him. You’re gonna eat him. You’re gonna fucking swallow him whole. Ungh.” The woman behind the speaker breathed deeply. “Right down your fucking throat. Right now.”

“N-no!” His mother screamed, almost piercing his eardrums. Sounding louder and more panicked than she had ever done throughout this whole ordeal, William felt her palm grip him with a light squishing sound as the fluids were pressed into his hair. “I’m not gonna eat my son! You crazy, evil bitch!”

William’s heart pounded. Though the idea of being eaten by his own mother felt horrifying on its face, the back of his mind begged for release, not knowing how he could live on having been through this experience. 

A pounding came from the other end of the speaker box. “Shut the fuck up! You hear me? You’re going to be eaten too if you don’t do what I fucking say! You already licked him. You already fucked him! You’re gonna fucking swallow him now like he’s a load of cum. Ungh! Yeah!”

William’s mother looked down at him, her tears stopped flowing. Now held in her palm, the cords of anal slime connected him down to his mother’s hand. Trying to crawl backwards, he could feel the stickiness of it glue him to the surface. His heart sank deeply as he knew she was considering it, just as he had to consider the concept of his own death. 

“I can’t do this, I can’t. I just can’t! Please, don’t make me do this! Don’t make me eat my only child! Please!” His mother was now begging the speaker box. He could now feel her pulse through her palm, her skin now radiating much more heat than it was before. Her pores now almost ejected sweat, appearing much more apparent at this size. He could tell that she was scared, not only of the voice, but of herself. What she was capable of. 

“I told you three times now. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Now you’re not just gonna eat him. You’re gonna tease him first. You’re gonna make him scared. You’re gonna make things so much worse for him. Mmmf! Yeah!” The rhythmic slapping from the other end continued to be the unmistakable sound of a woman plunging herself with some kind of sex toy. The thought of someone watching and masturbating to his danger filled William with a sense of uncanny, but impotent rage.

His mother began to shake as she pinched his ankles and held him upside down. Her jaw was quivering seconds before an uncanny emotionless expression washed over her face. William’s heart sank. She’s made her decision. He was going to end up swimming in his own mother’s stomach. He felt a sense of defeat come over him as his mother’s mouth contorted into a sick grin, having given in to the orders shouted at her through the box. Now knowing there was no use in fighting anymore, he felt himself go limp and just let her have her way with him.

Thinking back on his life, he could have never imagined his own loving, supportive mother to end his life in such a cruel manner. The memories he was now trying to hide within were now tainted with sexuality, a stain he knew would never come out even if he managed to survive this. He grit his teeth and waited for the inevitable.

“My little sweetie’s gonna have a good time in mommy’s belly, aren’t you?” Barely able to open his eyes, he knew that she was just following the compulsion of the commands. The teasing wasn’t nearly as demanding as forcing her to use him as an anal dildo. “You’re gonna slide right down my throat and go into my tummy! Right below where you are, see?” He felt his feet forcefully dragged over her belly button, his mother now swirling his legs in a circle around it. 

Oddly heartened by these threats, he knew that, once he was eaten, the nightmare would end. “It’ll be nice and warm in mommy’s tummy. I promise. You’ll have lots of fun in there with all those chicken nuggets.” 

He didn’t even have enough energy to feel disgusted at his own fate, even as she brought him above her face. Looking downwards, he didn’t even see his own mother. He saw some delirious, broken woman with running makeup and dead eyes. As he watched her lips part, he couldn’t feel the warmth of her breath, as he was still covered in hot slime.

Now sticking her tongue out, William felt a short pang of surprise as he was dropped on the slick surface. With no desire to resist, he just laid down, limp and lifeless, as the tongue slid back into her mouth.

Immediately inundated with a torrent of bubbly saliva, William felt a kind of ironic freedom as he felt himself washed around, completely at the mercy of his own mother. Her anal slime quickly washed away and replaced with spit, William just closed his eyes in the darkness and felt the immense tongue wash him next to her cheeks, over her hard palate, and over the large, disc-shaped tastebuds that lined the back of her throat.

He did not feel anything at all when she swallowed with a loud “gluck” sound.

Now held tightly by another ring of flesh, William’s face sagged as he made his descent deep into his mother’s body. His brain now able to form more coherent thoughts, he reflected on the long life that was robbed from him. How he was never able to truly lose his virginity. Not really. How he wasn’t able to graduate. How he wasn’t able to establish himself independently. How he was never able to truly live. 

The esophagus gently gripped him and spluttered him out horizontally, as his mom was still laying down on the mattress, into a dark, stinging stomach. Immediately met with the chunky mass of digesting chicken nuggets, William felt his conquered soul settle down between two of his own mother’s stomach folds. The air was heavy and noxious, to the point that the fog appeared to cling to his eyes and burn.

Lifting up both of his arms, he found them to feel as though they were being weighed down. The heavy slime mixed with the relentless pounding of the anus he was trapped in earlier combined to make even vain opposition completely impossible. He could only cough as he felt his skin begin to sting. The mucus-laden ocean of hot slime lapped away at his limp form. His light felt gone, as he only felt alive inside his own head. No desire to fight, no desire to push against the rippling walls, no desire to even scream. He was done. Even if he were somehow miraculously rescued, he had no idea how he’d go on living having experienced what he had.

He wanted to reflect on any good memories he had, but they were all of his supportive mother, the very person he was going to die inside. William felt as though he were being crushed, knowing that he sacrificed having a fulfilling youth for a bright and hopeful future, a choice which he now regretted more than anything. As a thick drop of mucus slimed over his head, he just kept wondering why it had to be him to go through all this. 

His eyes and genitals now felt as though they were being fried in the sour, dark, foul soup of his mother’s stomach. Now reflecting on what could have been a more horrific death, his mind, which was not functioning at full capacity, could not think of anything. Used as an anal dildo by your own mother before being digested alive in a slime-laden vat of acid. “Can’t get worse than this” he thought, as his consciousness began to truly wander. 

As he felt his skin begin to flake away, becoming one with the churning goo that surrounded him, he wondered how his mother would feel once she came back to her senses. What the mysterious woman had planned. If she’d ever get out of the situation. He couldn’t care. He earnestly tried, but as he felt his fingernails begin to drift away, he found that any emotion at all was too much for him to muster. Slipping further down the soft, churning walls of his mother’s stomach, he allowed his head to slip below the bubbling surface. Now completely without air, he knew he could probably hoist himself up over the surface if he really tried, but he didn’t. He wanted this to be over.

After his air reserves ran out, he could feel his lungs fill with his mother’s puke. Spasming in reflex, he lacked the energy to embrace any last thoughts. He slipped under the surface completely defeated, reduced to an unthinking husk before his heart made its last few beats.


Sarah was curled up in a ball on the mattress crying harder than she ever had in her life. Clutching her stomach, she kept screaming “My boy! My William! No!” between broken gasps of sorrow-induced grief. Knowing she couldn’t simply vomit him up, as the voice told her to keep it down, her sadness completely overwhelmed every sense as she rolled around the mattress, still feeling her rectum attempt to regain its original shape.

“My son!” she howled. “My only son! I can’t! I can’t deal with this! My William! My sweetie, no!” She grabbed the skin on her flat stomach, dragging her nails along the surface and leaving pink scratch marks. 

The front of the mattress now completely stained with tears and snot, the voice coming from the other end let out a distinctly sexual moan, seemingly in response to Sarah’s cries.

“Fuck you!” Sarah cried out in response as she pressed her face deep into the mattress before screaming so loudly and so forcefully that her lungs cracked. Wanting nothing more than to die, Sarah went limp on the mattress, tears still gushing from her bloodshot eyes.


Maggie stared at the wall of screens intently, shoving a large, glass dildo into her pussy. Breathing heavily, she felt an obscene sense of exhilaration both at the situation she caused and at the beautiful footage she was recording. Sitting back in her large, cushioned gaming chair, the blonde woman continued forcefully plunging the thick rod into her pussy, making sure to press the button whenever she moaned. 

Feeling no greater pleasure than the complete domination of strangers using her new shrinking ring, she surprised even herself at how cruel she could be with her own private little torture chamber. And this stuff was in serious demand, too!


Wondering what she was going to do with that annoying, weepy redhead on her screen, she pressed the button and screeched a pleasured shriek as a vile new idea popped into her mind.

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