A (Mis)fortune-teller by refrt333

In a cold night, a young man comes across the tent of an alluring fortune-teller. Unaware of the danger, he is about to come across a mystical world of magic that will forever change his life.

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A (Mis)fortune-teller by refrt333

The night was cold, and a freezing wind was blowing. I was walking down a dark alley, alone. The city I lived in had many poorly lit streets like that, so it wasn’t so rare to find yourself in such darkness, but it was a little bit creepy anyway. The electric buzz of the few working streetlights and my own steps were the only sounds in the whole street. The old, brick houses on both sides of the road seemed to be deserted and not a single trace of life could be seen or heard from inside them.  As I strolled on the sidewalk, shivering from the cold, I saw a glimmering light in the distance. As I drew closer, I noticed it was a small pavilion, camped right on the sidewalk. The tent was made in a purple cloth and a dim, quivering light came from inside. I chuckled, wondering how such thing could be there. Surely, it would have needed some special permission to occupy a public space, or something like that. Then I noticed a wooden plank, situated above the curtain that closed the entrance, which reported a singular name on it: “Madame Malombra”. I wondered what the origins of such a peculiar name were. Judging by the look, I guessed it was one of those places where a weird-looking woman could allegedly see your future and get some of your money in the meantime. I didn’t really believe in that kind of stuff and, even if the presence of the tent of a fortune-teller in that place was surely strange, I didn’t really care much. I was about to leave and get back to my walk, when a woman’s voice, alluring and confident, called me from inside the tent: “Don’t be shy, young passer-by. Why don’t you come in and have a look at your future?”. Caught off guard by the unexpected invite, I hesitated. I didn’t really think that, whoever was inside, was able to see my future. However, I was intrigued by the mysterious figure that went under the name of Madame Malombra and that had just called me. Besides, I had never done that kind of mystical prediction and, even if I was rather sceptical about its results, I thought it might be an interesting experience. I took the decision and got closer to the entrance. I moved the curtain away and went in.


The interior of the tent was a rather bizarre sight, to say the least. Despite the cold weather outside, it was quite warm, and a soft light came from multiple candles, held by several candelabra all around the place. Four wooden poles in every corner held the tent in place. On the left, between two of them, there was an austere bed, consisting in a mattress and a few blankets and, on the opposite side, stood a small cabinet. At the centre of the pavilion there was a table with two chairs, facing each other: one of them was occupied by the mysterious figure of a woman. She was wearing a long, wide, red dress, decorated with golden garnishes, that partially covered her head with a hood. It reminded me of some of those Arabic dresses that you can see in fairy tales or in movies. She had a few golden bracelets on her wrists and a pair of elegant, big earrings, likewise golden. Her skin was rather tanned, but beside that, it didn’t give out much about the origins of that person. I assumed she was in her mid-thirties, but I struggled with giving her a precise age: she seemed to have the energy and the beauty of youth, but at the same time her eyes revealed the knowledge and the experience of old age. “Ah, glad you made up your mind and came in. Please, take a seat”, she said. She spoke with a strange accent, that sounded familiar, but I wasn’t able to recognize it. I moved a few steps on the soft, red carpet on the ground and I wondered how so many things could fit in such a small place: it seemed like we weren’t even in a tent on the side of the road. As I sat down, I asked her if she was the “Madame Malombra” that the sign advertised. The woman gave a small nod and slightly curled her lips in a mischievous smile. “I am specialised in foreseeing a person’s future through cards. I am mostly thrilled to discover yours and I can only imagine that you are, too. Now, you must be extremely careful about the cards you’re about to choose, as they will reveal your true essence to me. Shall we begin?” the woman asked, sorting a deck of cards decorated with weird symbols. Still sceptical, I agreed, curious about the methods of such art.


The fortune-teller put all the cards on the table, face down. “Now, choose five of them. Let the destiny guide your choices: the order and the image on the cards will determine who you are”, she explained very seriously. I didn’t really know how to choose: all the cards looked exactly the same. Finally, I touched five of them, unaware of the coming result. The woman slowly turned them, one by one, in the same order. She started to explain the meaning of the various drawings to me, and how they affected my life, but as she turned the third card, she fell quiet, thoughtful. She revealed the remaining cards and asked me to repeat the process again, as she shuffled the deck. Other pictures came out and she evaluated them, carefully, scrolling through them with her long fingers, decorated with rings and red nail polish. Finally, looking satisfied with the result, she looked right into my eyes and said: “I know everything about you now. And about your future. You really are… unique, to say the least. I hadn’t read a future as troubling as yours for a very long time. Such an event must be seized…”. The clairvoyant got up and opened the cabinet. She took out a small stick of incense and lighted it with one of the candles. Then, she went behind me and held it under my nose. “Inhale, now. It’s part of the ritual”, she commanded. I breathed in the bittersweet odour of the incense. It was relaxing and I felt my muscles getting weaker and weaker. She began chanting in a language I had never heard before. When I tried to ask her what she was doing, I discovered that I wasn’t able to move my tongue. My eyelids got heavier and I leaned forward on the table, as I slowly lost my senses.


When I woke up, the first thing I thought was how embarrassing it was for me to fall asleep in front of a complete stranger. However, as I slowly regained consciousness, I realised something was wrong. When I opened my eyes, I saw that I was laying down on a wooden surface, whose boundaries seemed to be unreachable. I seemed to be still in the tent, the flickering light of the candles was still there and so was the smoke of that weird incense. Then, I saw something right next to me, that apparently made no sense: one of the cards I had just been looking at, with an incomprehensible figure on it. However, its size was enormous: the flat paper was at least four times bigger than me. In fact, all the room seemed to be scaled to gigantic proportions. Suddenly, a loud, alluring voice boomed from behind me: “Did you get used to the size yet?”. I looked behind me and saw the mysterious woman that had attracted me there, thousand-fold bigger than normal. I stared at her in awe, unable to understand how such prodigy was possible. She let out a sly smile at the sight of my astonishment. As if she read my mind, she answered my question: “There are many occult rituals with unbelievable powers that normal people like you don’t know about. Tonight, you assisted to one of them, as the subject. You are experiencing first-person a world that the majority of people ignore. It may be hard for you to conceive it, but what you are seeing is, indeed, the reality. Your size has been significantly diminished, encasing your body into a smaller form”. The woman was right: everything was too real to be an hallucination. But the situation was so unbelievable that I couldn’t help but questioning why she did that to me. I don’t know if she heard my words despite my size or simply guessed my question, but she chuckled at it. “Oh, you are so naïve. But you already know the answer…” she said enigmatically. She reached out for me with one of her massive fingers. I slowly backed, but she reached me, nonetheless. With her massive index finger, she caressed my much smaller neck, up to my chin. “I can see a person’s life and future through the cards, remember? So, I know everything about you. I saw your deepest fears, your hidden desires, your unspeakable secrets. I know what you think about when you are alone… your… kinks”. I blushed, realising that she knew my most private and embarrassing thoughts. The fascinating, giant woman smiled mischievously, as the realisation hit me, and continued her speech. “Some of them are… quite interesting, too. It doesn’t happen every day to meet someone with such oddities, and the occasion was too rare to pass. Don’t you think?”. I started to be overcome with worry, as the attractive woman slowly turned into a potential threat, both physical, due to my minute size and psychological, knowing that she was aware of many dangerous information. As if she had once again guessed my feelings, the gigantic fortune-teller spoke again, in a malicious tone: “Oh, you should not be worried. The fun is yet to begin… I am sure that once it starts, you will enjoy it and wish it would never end…”. With these words, she leaned down and reached for something with her hands. Something heavy fell on the ground. Then she leaned back on the chair and lifted her massive feet on the table, slamming her heels in front of me.


My vision was entirely filled by the massive soles of that beautiful and mysterious woman. At my size, they were as big as skyscrapers, immense wall of tanned flesh. A single wrinkle of her skin matched me in size. A pair of golden bracers on her left ankle tingled, as the giantess wiggled her red-painted toes, decorated with precious toe rings. A sweet scent of perfumed oil filled the air around me, coming from the enormous feet. They were one of the most beautiful pair of feet I had ever seen, showing that she kept good care of them. I was still contemplating that luxurious sight, when the woman teased me: “I know you want to do more than just watch. I read it into your soul. Now, for the first time in your life, you have the chance to let your impulse run free. No one here will judge you, except for yourself. Therefore, come closer. I insist…”. The situation was getting out of hand: I didn’t really want to give so much confidence to that mysterious woman, especially now that she claimed to know things that should have remained hidden. However, I found impossible to resist her charming invitation. Before I knew it, I was walking towards the massive foot. I knew I shouldn’t trust her, but something deep inside of me wanted to be unleashed. I didn’t know if it was because of my own sick impulses or if she had somehow influenced my free will, but I found myself rubbing my whole body against the smooth, tanned surface of her heel. I knew it was a dangerous decision and that I had to stop, but I was overtaken by such an immense feeling of bliss and pleasure that it was impossible for me to quit. The attractive giantess chuckled, her voice echoed from far away: “You gave in pretty easily, huh? I guess you really wanted this, even if you won’t admit it. Don’t you think you’re ready to go a little bit further now?”. I felt like I didn’t want to disappoint her and, without a thought, I started kissing her sole, while massaging it with my tiny hands. I cannot explain why in words, but I simply couldn’t stop the urge to worship the foot of that seductive stranger. Soon, excitement and lust emerged in me, stronger than ever. I barely kept them at bay, I don’t know why. Maybe I hoped to keep at least a tiny shard of decency, even if it was already compromised by far. “You’re still holding back, I see”, rumbled the giantess’ loud voice. “And that is not good. I told you, I already know everything about you. There is nothing you can do that I haven’t already seen in your thoughts. Just surrender…” she added, her voice more alluring than ever. At those words, as if waiting for a signal, I threw myself once more at those huge feet and started to passionately lick their warm skin. The bittersweet taste of lotion filled my mouth, but I continued. I couldn’t control myself. I couldn’t think. Arousal was everything I knew.


I didn’t know how much time had passed. I was completely lost, and I stopped only because the titanic woman took her beautiful feet away from me. I took a moment of respite and realised what had just happened. It felt like a dream, where you can only watch, but cannot act. Was that really me? Humiliated at the feet of a woman whose true identity was still a mystery to me, unable to stop behaving like a pig, indulging in my own weird fantasies? The flow of my thoughts was interrupted by the booming voice of the beautiful giantess: she lowered her gigantic face upon me, giving me a satisfied look: “See? You pulled out your truest self, you just needed a little… push. It felt good, though, don’t try to deny it”. She was right: for how much I could find it abhorrent and humiliating, it was still… exciting. “Wouldn’t you want to feel like that again? Forever?” she asked, maliciously. Her invite sounded more like a menace, this time. Sure, it felt… good, but I didn’t want to stay like that forever! I had a life to return to, and I didn’t want to go home at that size.  Yet, something in the back of my mind asked for complete surrender and unconditional submission. I dismissed those shameful thoughts and noticed that the mysterious fortune-teller had taken another one of those weird incense sticks. She started to burn it and looked down at me: “I see you are very much undecided… I already know what you will choose in the end, but you still don’t. Let me help you make up your mind…”. She inhaled the thick cloud of smoke and got closer to me. Her crimson lips, only a few steps away from me disclosed just a little, blowing the smoke on me. I coughed, recognizing the foul smell that reduced me at that size before. I realized that I didn’t have to breath, because that would have caused me to shrink even more. That was what she had proposed me. I held my breath for a long time, searching an escape from the cloud of smoke, but no matter where I ran, I wasn’t able to get out. I was short on air, and despair took over me. If I had tried to resist longer, I would have suffocated. I suddenly started thinking that the idea of shrinking more wasn’t that bad, if it meant more pleasure. I slowly gave up trying to resist and breathed the bittersweet smoke. I collapsed, exhausted.


I regained my senses, grimly realizing that it happened again. This time, I was abandoned on a softer, fabric surface. It was a large, covered area and the only source of light came from above. I looked up, and saw the seductive giantess, bigger than ever, looking down at me through the entrance of her flat shoe. Realising where I was paralysed me in fear. The woman smiled one last time and began sliding her enormous foot inside her shoe. My view of her was interrupted by her impossibly huge foot: I was unable to determine how small I was in comparison to it. I was way smaller than before, maybe even less than a centimetre, maybe just a few millimetres. I shouted her to stop and that at that size, she was going to kill me. But my voice was imperceptible, and the foot kept coming my way. I ran, but made little to none progress. I was soon caught under her big toe, nothing more than a speck of dust against her unstoppable digit. She fished settling her foot in the shoe and sealed me away from the world forever.


I don’t know how much time has passed since that fateful day. Hours and days go by like in a dream, unable to distinguish reality and time anymore. The everlasting presence of her foot is the only reality for me now. With nothing more left for me, the pleasure of her foot is the only thing I live for, now. I spend my time losing myself in lust and excitement beneath it, trapped by it, enslaved by it. I worship that mysterious woman with all of myself. I don’t even know her real identity, but I don’t care. Besides, she doesn’t give signs that she knows that I’m still trapped down here. Maybe she thinks I’m already gone for good, unable to handle her size. She can’t even feel me: I tried to get noticed, but to no avail. I was abducted and exiled from the real world, to a new life, from which I will never be able to escape.

And there is nothing I can do about it.







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