Aerial Reconnaissance by Vintovka

A prank between two sorority sisters using a shrunken man and a drone goes terribly awry.

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Aerial Reconnaissance by Vintovka

I stood atop a vast plain of pastel blue cotton, my feet making tiny ripples in the fabric.  It sloped gently upward in front of me until reaching a broad hill twice my height.  Beyond the hill, teal eyes stared down at me from the middle of an enormous alabaster face.  A curtain of hot pink hair fell on either side, with bangs just above her dark eyebrows completing the frame, and her thin pink lips were pulled tight in an amused grin.


Jackie had taken possession of me almost a month ago when I rapidly shrank to just under an inch tall at one of her sorority’s parties.  Initially I had defied the arrangement and tried to get away from her whenever possible, but I quickly warmed up to her charms.  She kept me on a shelf with the rest of her figurines and referred to me as her favorite mini out of the hundreds she had.  Whenever she had free time, though, she took me off the shelf and played with me, either using me as a piece in one of her games or playing cat and mouse with me.


The ground trembled when she set her two gigantic hands down so they flanked me, her fingers extending well beyond me.  One pale finger rose and slowly drifted toward me, nearly running the whole length of my body when it hit my side.  She gently shoved me with it, her tremendous size offsetting the frailty of her wispy form.  Jackie gave me a light shove toward her other index finger, which lifted and stopped me when I collided with it.  Her finger began driving me back where I had come from, compelling my legs to move from its sheer power.


For several minutes she passed me back and forth between her fingers, never using more force than necessary to make me move.  During one switch, however, she coiled the finger back and shot it forward when I was in front of it.  Jackie’s finger impacted my chest, knocking me backward, then set down atop me.  The finger easily covered me, leaving just my head exposed so I could look at her.  She did not press down with it, though, and merely used it to pin me to her stomach.


“I’ve been thinking about a new game we could play,” Jackie boomed, making her tummy rumble beneath me.  I loved it when she spoke while holding me here.  The vibrations overwhelming my body created a tremendously pleasant sensation, like my whole body was getting massaged at once.  “That is, if you think you’re up to it.”


I was overjoyed.  The best games were always the ones where she challenged me to them.  “Sign me up!” I shouted back, making her smile.  It was such a beautiful sight, and I was glad to have caused it.


“Figured you would be,” she replied.  Jackie dug her thumb into the ground and slid it beneath me, pinching me between it and her forefinger.  Rapidly she picked me up, making me dizzy from the sudden rush of movement, and held me in front of her face so she could see me better.  She tilted her head forward flirtatiously, and I got a feeling I would like where this was going.


“In this one you’ll play the role of a pilot, strapped in to a helicopter exploring an alien world.  I’ll be the mothership, controlling your movements while you move along the terrain of this strange land.  Sound good?”


Asking me was only a formality.  “When can we start?” I asked.


“Right now,” Jackie answered, smirking.  With her free hand she reached over to her nightstand and wrapped her fingers around the fuselage of a quadcopter.  She picked it up and inverted it, then set it back down on her stomach.  Using two fingers, she undid a latch on the bottom, opening a clear plexiglass bubble.  It swung open on a spring, and Jackie moved me down along her body toward it.


Jackie set me down on my back in the newly-opened area amid a series of straps.  She delicately worked her fingers on them, wrapping one around my waist and connecting two others that ran beneath my armpits to it.  They had Velcro on the ends, and with a firm press she secured me inside the tiny makeshift harness.  For good measure I gave one of them a tug and found it impossible to move, the hook and loop mechanism too powerful for my feeble arms.


“I’ve put a tiny radio in there so we can communicate,” Jackie explained, “and I want you to stay in regular contact.  I’ll talk to you too so that you don’t get too lonely.  Ready?”  I gave her a thumbs up.  “All right.  Your callsign for this mission is Tiny-1.”  Her fingers pushed the bubble back over me, closing it with a loud snap.  She seized the quadcopter with one hand and turned it right side up, its weight driving my protective shell deep into her tummy.


After a few seconds the rotors whirred to life with a mechanical whine and I lifted off from Jackie.  I ascended enough to see over her chest and saw that she was positively beaming.  “Okay Tiny-1, I’m gonna start you off with a low-altitude pass over some ridges,” she declared, “please acknowledge.”  Her words came through the radio milliseconds before her voice reached me, creating a strong dissonance between the powerful, rumbling voice I was used to and the mousy tone being transmitted.


“Got it,” I said, and the aircraft began a wide circle around Jackie’s room and I swung outward with the aircraft’s turn, feeling the g-forces trying to throw me against the plexiglass.  The harness held firm, however, and I was in place when it came to a stop at the foot of her bed.  Briefly I hovered, looking at the imposing slopes of Jackie’s porcelain legs in front of me in awe before she inched me back toward her.


The aircraft glided low over Jackie’s huge, sock-covered feet, close enough that I could make out the individual threads making up the black socks.  It tilted upward, conveying me up her shins.  The cliff was smooth, and were it not for the vehicle I would never have been able to climb it.  I crested her knees and looked over the length of Jackie’s immense body to see her still propped up on her headboard, smiling broadly.


With a downward tilt the quadcopter began its descent along Jackie’s milky thighs.  When I reached the bottom of her pink boy shorts it leveled out, carrying me along the broad plain of her tummy.  After a slight adjustment it flew over her breasts and continued ascending toward her face.  As I passed over, I saw that she had a remote control clutched with both hands resting against her chest, carefully managing my movements with it.


Jackie let me hover in front of her face for a bit, the tiny rotors blowing her hair with their breeze.  She was beaming, like looking at me was bringing her as much joy as looking at her brought me.  “Tiny-1, report on what you saw,” she commanded, not breaking character.  At this distance her voice overwhelmed the sound coming from the radio and made the bubble around me rattle.


“It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” I responded, making her grin even wider.  “Request permission to land so I can explore on foot.”


“Negative, Tiny-1.”  It was worth a shot.  “We’ve picked up some very large objects in a nearby quadrant and need you to investigate after a quick turbulence test.”  She lifted a hand from the remote and held it in front of me, her long fingers poised to grab the aircraft.  Instead she poked a finger forward, striking the dome lightly with it several times.  Loud thuds reverberated through the cockpit with each hit and I swayed in the harness, but the vehicle itself remained in place.  “Tiny-1, report damage.”


“No damage,” I replied, and Jackie lowered her hand back to the controls.  “Tiny-1 ready for long-range exploration.”


“Roger, Tiny-1,” Jackie responded.  “There appears to be something blocking passage straight to it, so I have to send you the long way.”  With that the aircraft rotated until we were no longer face to face and I was instead looking out the window.  It lurched forward with surprising speed, jolting me with its sudden acceleration, and soon I was no longer over the great plateau of her bed.  She adjusted its position, tossing me back and forth with the aircraft’s sudden movements, before flying me over the ledge and through the open window.


It had been weeks since I was under natural light, and I blinked my eyes rapidly while they adjusted to the sun.  Heat from the late spring day hit me next, and I began sweating along the straps holding me in place.  Jackie stopped me just outside her window and rotated the drone so that I was looking back through her window.  After a quick wave she began my ascent, and I felt the harnesses tighten as I was pushed harder into them.


Jackie had me nearly skim the surface of the roof while I passed over it, making the rough brown shingles blend together like a desert.  Toward the middle I saw a huge gray metallic structure with a fan that spanned the entire wall, and a loud rattling came from it and penetrated my bubble.  I was kept well clear of it, and Jackie kept me at a nice, controlled speed while flying over the roof.


Once over the central ridge my descent began, and I felt my stomach leap.  A tree with broad leaves encroached over the roof, its long branches hidden by broad leaves.  Jackie slowed the aircraft as I approached, and the radio crackled to life.  “Tiny-1, you’ve got some bad skies ahead,” Jackie said.  It was odd hearing her natural voice on its own instead of the powerful rumble that made my insides shake.  “Gonna lower you carefully, then there should be a gate right behind you.”


“Roger, lower when ready.”  The drone crept downward, coming to a full stop to avoid running into branches.  A canopy of leaves obscured my view half the time, and the rest all I could see was a precipitous drop to the ground if the aircraft suddenly lost power.  Huge knots dotted the tree trunk, disrupting the chaotic pattern of brown bark.  Fortunately, if there were any animals among the branches they were hidden and not interested in approaching the vehicle’s whining motors, allowing me to descend in peace.


My descent slowed to a halt, then the aircraft carefully turned to face the house again.  “Tiny-1, going to try to access through that portal,” Jackie informed me.  “Be aware there may be a force field blocking it and we may have to try another avenue.”


“Ready when you are,” I replied, and the drone jolted forward before settling into a slow, calm approach.  Through the window I saw a gigantic bed with a navy blue cover rumpled in the middle, leaving clean, light blue sheets exposed.  I drew closer to the windowsill and held my breath, hoping it would work.  To my relief I did not bump against glass and entered the room without resistance.


When I was over the end of the bed Jackie rotated me to the left, allowing me to see more of the room.  It was incredibly clean, almost spartan compared to Jackie’s, without even a speck of dust on the fresh white carpet.  The only thing on the floor was a pair of black Converse shoes, their heels resting against the base of a bookcase that nearly reached the ceiling, its shelves lined with textbooks.  Opposite that was a huge desk, its top slanted, with a gigantic woman sitting in a chair in front of it.


I had seen the living colossus once before, at the party where I had shrunk.  Her long red hair was braided down her back while her cold blue eyes focused on the work in front of her while she held the top of a pen between her pink, glossed lips, nibbling on it.  She was hunched over, leaning a tanned, powerful arm on the desk so that her white tank top was pulled tight, its tail pulled out from the back of her black shorts.  A pair of long, toned legs ran to the floor, where the heel of one white sock-clad foot bounced up and down idly, making a steady thump each time it hit the ground.


“Tiny-1, what do you see?” Jackie asked over the radio.


“I’ve discovered the planet’s natives!” I reported back excitedly.  “They appear to be very similar to humans in appearance but with titanic proportions.  It’s difficult to be exact, but this woman appears to be around three hundred feet tall.”


“Has she noticed you?”


“Negative, so far as I can tell.”


“Roger, I’ll fly you closer for a better look.”  Jackie gently nudged the drone forward, drawing me toward the giantess at her desk.    As I approached it became clear I had vastly underestimated her size by a couple hundred feet from my perspective.  She continued working diligently, oblivious of my presence even when the vehicle was halfway across the room.


Suddenly she turned her head and her icy gaze locked onto the aircraft.  “Jackie!” she bellowed, making my insides quake and the canopy around me rattle.  “Why is your fucking toy flying around my room?”


When the rumble subsided Jackie’s voice returned on the radio.  “Tiny-1, I’m picking up some environmental noise, is everything okay?”


“The titaness noticed me,” I replied.  “She seems angry, and much larger than previously thought.  Suggest we can the mission and return to base.”


“Negative Tiny-1, we need more data, bringing you closer to her.”  The massive woman had returned to her work by the time my approach began, and I realized this was less a game as it was a way for Jackie to mess with her sorority sisters.  I just hoped her prank wasn’t going to get me killed.


The drone approached until it was nearly perched over her broad shoulders, loose strands of auburn hair blowing wildly from the motors.  She raised her hand from the desk, and with a quick blow she slapped the front of the aircraft with the back of her hand.  It pitched upward, making my insides tumble while it flew backward and Jackie fought to right it.


“If that thing gets in my face one more time I’m going to smash it!” the monolithic woman shouted, jostling my still-settling insides.  “I have too much work to deal with your stupid games!”


“Uh, she seems pissed,” I radioed to Jackie.  “Loss of life and aircraft a very real possibility, requesting again to come home.”


Instead of responding Jackie pressed me forward, navigating the drone in an arc around the woman until it was against the wall.  Just before impact she stopped and turned the aircraft so that it was facing her titanic sorority sister and advanced.  Jackie dropped me until I was about level with the woman’s head while she continued the approach, making sure I would be seen.


For a moment I hovered in front of her finely-chiseled face, hoping that she had just been bluffing.  My hopes were shattered when her hand raced up from the desk, striking the drone directly on my cockpit with a powerful swat.  It did a backwards somersault and crashed into the wall, bouncing away and flying toward the ceiling in an uncontrolled, spinning arc.


“Mayday, mayday!” I called while the world whipped around me.  “Giantess has struck the vessel and I am spinning out of control, get me out of here!”  Through the canopy I could see rudders moving and rotors tilting, but nothing was stopping my spiral.


Before Jackie could regain a modicum of control the red-headed titaness leapt from her chair and lunged at me, fury in her blue eyes.  Her hand seized the fuselage, and I was cast in almost total darkness when her palm covered the plexiglass bubble.  Light returned almost instantly, but I wished it hadn’t.  I was racing toward the ground with incredible speed after she spiked the drone, and there was nothing I could do.


With a deafening crash I hit the ground, the impact throwing me forward in the harness.  There was a horrific racket and the drone bounced back into the air, leaving behind several loose rotor blades that dropped onto the carpet.  I was tossed about while the ruined aircraft sailed through the air on the power of the giantess’s throw alone.  It slammed back to the ground upside down, its rotors useless even if they had not been ruined by the force of impact.


Dazed and sore all over I tried to move, and to my surprise one of the straps holding me in had torn loose.  Able to move again I tried to slip free of the other ones, but my progress was slowed by pervasive bruising all over my chest.  Gritting my teeth, I tried to fight through the pain but was only able to slip my arm out a little.  With a groan I fell back against the fuselage, and it dawned on me there was no release for the canopy from the inside.  I was trapped.


A shadow engulfed me when the giantess took a step forward, and with one more stride she was astride the ruined drone.  She took a moment to pose victoriously over her kill, relishing the thrill, while I stared up at her in terror.  Her monolithic, sandy brown legs rose higher than my stunned brain could comprehend, and her pitch-black shorts blocked the rest of my view.  Panic gripped me, and I began trying to squirm free of the straps again.


Slowly she raised a foot, drawing out its ascent to build trepidation.  I watched helplessly while the gigantic, sock-clad foot raised higher into the sky, spelling my imminent doom.  No matter how hard I struggled to get free I could barely budge, and though it was painfully slow her foot was rising faster than my arm was sliding out from the strap.  In only a few seconds I would be crushed, and there was nothing I could do about it.


When her thigh was completely horizontal the titaness waved her toes back and forth, taunting me before bringing it down.  I tried to brace myself, but with how long she was delaying it was impossible to prepare.  While her toes danced in the air I slid out a little more, though I had no idea what I would do if I actually got free.  Even if I were not trapped, there was no way I could get away from her.


Suddenly the enormous foot slammed down and the giantess let out a bone-rattling grunt.  It smashed into the downed aircraft with tremendous force, buckling the fuselage beneath the sole.  Her heel landed directly on the canopy, and I heard the plexiglass creak and groan under her immense weight.  I looked up at the flattened sock above me in wide-eyed terror, disbelieving that it had saved my life.


Unsatisfied, the colossus raised her leg again, but this time did not waste time toying with me.  With another tremendous grunt her foot sped down again, stomping on the drone with enough force to crack it in half.  The impact threw me around inside the dome and a long split appeared in the dome.  Even with my body screaming from pain and my mind scattered from chaos, I knew that with just a couple more of those I would be flattened.


She did not allow me a reprieve.  Practically screaming she brought her tremendous foot back down, sundering the ruined fuselage in half.  Her heel pressed down, and with the increased pressure the bubble finally split.  Half of it was torn free from the latch while the other remained firmly held in place by its hinge.  The intact harness straps that held me in fell away, and I was finally free.


Though I was no longer restrained, there was not much I could do.  Gravity took over before I could stand, and I slid down the belly of the ruined fuselage.  I ran into the titanic foot pressing down on me, and I looked back to see cracks appear down the length of the dome’s remnants.  If I was going to escape with my life I had to make my move quick, and luckily it was just a quick dash to the small gap between her foot and the remainder of my cover.


The foot stopping my slide lifted as she prepared for another stomp and I slid down the rest of the way, touching down on the surprisingly soft carpet fibers.  I looked up in horror while the foot hovered over me, preparing to stomp down and snuff me out.  From the size of her mammoth feet, I knew there was no way I could get clear before it came down.  Even if I were in prime physical condition she would easily smash me.


Just as it came down the door swung open, and the surprise must have thrown off the giantess’s aim.  It struck the ground hard enough to generate a powerful earthquake, making my teeth chatter and chilling my insides.  I turned my gaze from the white sock curving into my vision toward the door, and saw a pair of black socks and alabaster legs in the doorway.  Fighting through the agony that coursed through my body with every movement I forced myself up and began limping toward them.


“What the hell are you doing, Fulda?” Jackie shouted,  She did her best to make herself look imposing, but even I knew she was severely outclassed by the redhead.  All I could do was stagger towards her and hope that, if it came to blows, neither of them would step on me in the chaos.


“I warned you, didn’t I?” Fulda retorted.  “Your dumb toy got right in my face, so I smashed it.”


“My favorite shrink was in there!” Jackie protested.  I inched closer to her thin black socks, hoping she would be able to pull me out of this situation.


“Why do you think I kept stomping on it?” Fulda asked smugly.  “Is that him?”  I risked a look over my shoulder and saw that she was pointing right at me with her eyes eagerly following my slow progress.  Jackie’s expression must have betrayed her, since the redheaded giantess added, “Goodbye, Jackie’s favorite shrink!”


Fulda’s foot surged forward, and in an instant I was beneath its shadow with a stark white ceiling above.  Her sole swung down, broad enough that no matter which way I dove I would get splattered.  In an instant I would be reduced to nothing more than a tiny red stain on her sock, and no trace of me would be left once that went through the wash.


The imperiling foot stopped just short of utterly smashing me, the cotton fibers of Fulda’s socks intertwining with my hair.  I looked forward and saw that a massive black wall just in front of me, close enough to interdict the ball of Fulda’s foot.  There was less than a toe’s height between me and complete oblivion, and I had Jackie to thank for it.


“Jackie.  Move your foot,” Fulda said through gritted teeth.  I hunched over and walked toward what little was open around me, trying to get clear before this battle of the titanesses heated up.


Lucky for me, Jackie stood her ground.  “Not until you agree not to smash him,” she said, even though she must have been in immense pain from having her toes stomped on.  While this was happening I continued my trek, emerging from beneath the colossal foot.  Careful not to draw too much attention to myself, I walked along the slender but still enormous foot flat against the floor in hopes that Jackie could snatch me up to safety.


“You know I can’t do that,” Fulda shot back.  “Why don’t you just walk away and I’ll get you a new shrink?”  I passed Jackie’s big toe and began moving beside the ball of her foot, running my hand along it as I went.


“Oh, you don’t need to do that,” Jackie replied.  “This one will do just fine.”  The attention of both giantesses shot onto me, and there was a flurry of rapid movement.  Fulda lifted her foot from atop Jackie’s toes while Jackie stooped over, swiping a titanic hand down for me.  The white-socked foot raced downward, targeted to be flush with Jackie’s foot, and I braced for impact.  Just before I was squashed the hand set down atop me, forming a protective shell and wrapping its pale fingers around me.


My fleshy cocoon slid backward, freeing itself from Fulda’s foot.  I was already dazed and confused, so I hardly even noticed the extreme g-forces on my body while Jackie stood back up, my insides so shaken that my stomach might have actually been in my throat.  “Thank you for returning him to me,” Jackie said, her booming voice muffled by her hand encasing me.  “I’ll be going back to my room now.”


I must have slipped into unconsciousness during the walk back, since the next thing I knew I was lying on a vast plain of pastel blue cotton with a pounding migraine.  My bleary eyes looked up the incline and over the wide ridge to see a pair of teal eyes looking back at me.  Jackie’s lips were pulled back in a thin smile, and her hot pink hair was a little disheveled.  How long had I been out?


“Welcome back,” Jackie said, pleasant vibrations washing from her belly through my whole body.  She gave me a light poke with a finger, nothing more than a nudge, though it still made pain radiate from my bruises.  “I was starting to think you were gone for good.  How’d you like playing pilot?”


All I could manage in response was a groan, making Jackie laugh and sending another series of strong vibrations through me.  “That’s okay, we don’t have to play it again,” she said.  “Right now, I just want you to rest.  There’ll be plenty of time for games later.”  She began gently stroking me with a finger, and I drifted back to sleep.


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