A Cruel Night of Pleasure by Haloichigo

A story of when the wrong person has been gifted great power and decides to use it in cruel sexual ways at the expense of innocent lives. 


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Cruel Night of Pleasure by Haloichigo

  A Cruel Night of Pleasure

I don't know what governs the universe or why things happen, but if there is some type of conscious will that controls or determines events, then all I can say is that they fucked up big time when they granted me the power to control the mass and size of anything I want and I mean anything. Seriously I can shrink an entire island full of hundreds of people to the size of a pencil point. I know because I did it.

As far as the world knows, that island and the people who were on it disappeared in some unexplained phenomenon, that has stumped world renowned scientist for years since I did it. Yeah that's right I didn't return the island and the people back to normal size. Instead I thought that it would be fun to inhale the little pieces of shit into my left nostril. I didn't even feel the island or its inhabitants enter me. Those poor germ sized people were probably caught in some build up of mucus, this especially might be true since I was sick that day with a head cold. "Hehe" How pathetic must it be to die in an ocean of disgusting snot?

With my powers, that's right powers... Plural. I could have been some type of hero, like the ones my big brother used to read in comic books or the ones that appear in the movies every year. But instead I use my godly power to do well... Naughty things, Naughty and cruel things and in a few moments from now I will use my powers once again in a cruel way all just to please myself. It goes without saying that a life will be lost for the cost of my pleasure... Hell who am I kidding? I am going to kill a shit load of people tonight for my admittedly sick taste of pleasure.

My first victim of the night is a young man who was hitting on me in the mall. He wasn't over aggressive by any means and he didn't seem like a douche bag who fucks a low self-esteem bitch every night. Nope, he was a sweet nervous boy, who just saw a pretty little thing that he wanted to chat up . I wonder if it is vain of me, that I referred to myself as pretty? Whatever I know that I am at least an eight... Seven on a bad day.

Today I look particularly sexy, if I do say so myself. But I always doll myself up for my cruel night of pleasure. That is what I call the night where I dispose of all the people I have shrunken throughout the week. I like to look my best since I am the last person they will ever see and I feel that I should at least treat my prey to beautiful sight before they die. of course I am sure they would be happier if I just spared them, but fuck that. I love killing and torturing tiny people. There is nothing like it in the world and it gets me off like nothing else.

I got myself a fresh mani-pedi. My nails are strong, long, smooth and painted a nice bright red. I am wearing my favorite and most stylish pair of white rim glasses. It is funny how I have god like abilities, yet I am still nearsighted.

My clothing is a bit gaudy, I must admit that. I mean an orange thigh cut spaghetti strap dress with black and white polka dots on the skirt part of the dress. My hair didn't need much work. I just had it put into a pony tail tied by a black scrunchie. It makes my golden blond hair standout even more. I also thought that wearing my strap heel boots would be a nice touch. For some reason guys like when girls wear boots like this. They are even open toed so that I can show off my pretty freshly paint toe nails. You wouldn't believe how many guys love my feet.

Until I started painting my toe nails and wearing open toed shoes I didn't realize how many guys would out right compliment my feet. Sometimes I blush, since well It is a compliment and all, but I feel disgusted when some pervy foot fetish fucktard says they want to suck and sniff my smelly feet. Seriously hearing that shit makes me feel gross.

Overall my attire today is pretty neat. I seriously look like some Japanese pop idol in this get up, which is kinda what I was going for. I am sure I made some weebos in the mall scream "sugoi" as they creamed their  pants - Disgusting fucking pricks. Unlike the nervous guy who hit on me, a.k.a my first victim of the night. I can tell that he never talks to girls, he stuttered the whole time, it was as funny as it was pathetic to watch him try to talk his weak pick-up game to me. I mean seriously grow a pair... Well to late for that, he won't be alive for much longer... Too bad for him. I wonder if he is a nice guy who just wanted to get to know me and take things slow, or maybe he was just hoping I would go to the men's restroom and suck him off. Well either way he hit on me and made it to my place. He could take that as a personal win, right?

I can't wait until he wakes up from his slumber, so that I can begin my fun with him. It would be no fun killing him while he was lost in dreamland. I want to see his face twist in agony as I slowly tear him apart, literally. I want him to beg and cry like a little bitch, just hoping that I would have a change of heart and spare him. Granted I am the one who induced his sleep in the first place, so I pretty much to blame for having to wait like this. I don't know how I do it, but for some reason I can render people unconscious for about an hour or so, it's seriously weird. All I have to do is look at a person and think "I want that person to be unconscious" and well... It happens right on queue. I am beginning to think I am a genuine god, or more accurately a devil. I mean the shit I do is pure evil, sometimes I even scare myself, but I always cum from the evil shit I do. Yep, I have issues and most of all I don't give a fuck.

What's this!? He seems to be moving. He looks a bit dazed, but he was able to make it to his feet without falling over like most of my victims that awake from my slumber inducing power. He is surveying the area, I am sure he will understand his situation in no time. I know that this situation seems far too surreal to him, but hell reality doesn't lie. Accept it little man, you are tiny and in the bedroom of somebody far bigger and stronger than you.

I wonder how small he is? I would say about three inches, I mean that was what I was going for, but heck if I got that size accurate. It is not like I think three inches and bam he becomes three inches. My power doesn't work that way. I usually imagine how small I want my victims to be and they become a size in terms of a visual scale in my mind. I can't will things to shrink and grow to an exact measurement, this power is all about my imagination.

Hey, he finally looked my way. I guess I will give him a nice inviting smile, signaling him to come my way. I am sure he has now accepted his situation no matter how mind-boggling it may be. I mean unless he doesn't trust his own eyes, but I am more than sure that he is adjusting to the level of bizarre that he is now a part of.

Now he is beginning to walk to me and his arms seem to be gesturing some sort of sign to pay him attention. I shoot him a smile and call him over with my finger. He begins to run to me as fast as his puny little legs could take him, it is pathetic of course... They are all pathetic. I am just glad that I don't have to sit on this uncomfortable, tacky cheetah pattern ottoman for much longer. Soon I can stand above my little victim. "Hehe" I wonder if he will be able to see it, under my skirt? I hope he does and I hope it freaks him out.

He stopped at a good distance, enough for him catch my full form with his tiny skewed vision. He's looking up at me puzzled, I am sure that he recognizes me as the object of his affection from the mall. He must have all sort of questions running through his pathetic little head.

He keeps staring at me. I bet he is trying to find the proper words to communicate with me, but Hell he could hardly speak to me in his normal size so I doubt that he will be able talk to me now that I am huge and imposing. Maybe I should just break the ice on this silence. I mean I could just snuff the little fucker's life out right now, but I want to enjoy this just a bit longer. But not too long. I have an action figure sized couple that I have been waiting to literally fuck all day long and I don't want them to pass out in the shoe box I left them in. Like all my victims I want them to be awake when I dispose of them. After them I have a  cluster of mants to kill. Seriously they are so small that the couple and this little fuck on my floor would seem hundreds of feet compared to them, but this guy needs to be taken out of the picture first.

"Hey there!" I say to him in the most seductive voice I can muster up, while shooting him a friendly wave for good measure. I need to sell that I am approachable, despite me being  vastly larger and what I suspect to be frighteningly imposing.

He looks like he is taking the bait and slowly walking closer to me. Some just try to run no matter how inviting I am, but I guess that this little shit here is smart enough to know that he would never be able to escape me no matter how hard he tried, so he might as well hope I am friendly and rely on my during his time of need.

"H-Hi there! I-I don't know happened to me and I need help."

Aside from a few stutters, he relays what he wants from me in a pretty composed manner. Though this could just be a facade, but can care less as long as he screams, dies and is easy to clean up once he is a bloody mess beneath my foot.

I look at him amused at his pathetic form, I wonder if my expression is alarming to him? I rise to my feet and stretch my slender arms above my head, before letting out a cute squeaky yawn.

He now has a full grasp of my enormity. I am sure he is scared shitless about how fucking huge I am, or he is thinking about how freakishly small and pathetic he is. I am sure that he is slowly losing hope for his future.

I giggle before muttering the words "I am glad that you are awake." Now I am sure that he is suspect of me. I can see it on his face, he is wondering if I am the reason that he is so small, but I won't leave him to ponder much longer. I have been waiting all week to have some fun and I don't want to wait moment longer. My bloodlust is at its peak and I am ready to pounce and kill. 

Without a sign of pageantry I raise my right foot a hair's width from his puny head. His neck cocks back in reflex. He is now taking in the view of the bottom of the toe area of my boot. My bottom foot wear littered with caked on grunge that I collected while walking is now all his eyes can observe.

I gently flick the toe of my shoe against his head, toppling him on to his back. Though I was holding back to not hurt him, I see him cringe in pain as streaks of blood trail down his face like a red web.

"I swear that I tried to be gentle. But if you think that hurt, then you better grit your teeth for what I have in stored for you. Consider this an appetizer for the entrée of pain I will be serving up."

"P-Please! Please don't hurt me!"

His cries are delightful and stimulate me to no end. I simply love it when my prey squirms. If he keeps on pleading like this I might cremate too early and we can't have that. It would be terrible to blow most of my load too early in the night. But I can't help but want to hear him plead more. Yep! I am going to make him beg.

"I kinda like you, so I will tell you what. I wanna hear you beg. Show me how much your pathetic life means to you, and maybe, just maybe you will live through the night."

I almost feel bad about the bull shit I just told him. I am sure that he really thinks that I will be persuaded by his words. But having a victim with a semblance of hope is far juicier to kill than someone who has already abandoned hope.

I really want to hear him squeal, so I decided to push how serious I am about harming him. I lower my boot and pin it down on top of his puny body. I could feel the minimal resistance of his body is up against my foot. I could hear him heave from the overwhelming pressure of my foot depressing into his frail body. I wonder if he will still be able to plead? Well even if he can't it will be fun to watch him try.

"Wait! For the love of god please don't crush me!"

"Is that all you have to say?" Come on! I swear that I have heard that like a hundred times in the past by other victims. Seriously it's the same shit over and over. I really wish that people would try to sell the worth of their life more, instead of just simply calling out the name of a deity and hoping that I would develop some compassion for them.

"N-No! I will do anything... I don't know how to convey to you how much my life is worth, if anything at all, but I will be yours if it means that I can survive and maybe you can return to my natural size. Please use me and abuse me as you wish, just let me live and give me my normal life back. I beg of you!"

Well that was a bit better and honest. I will give his attempt an A for effort, but of course nothing he spews from his dirty little mouth would have spared him from me anyway.

He tried so hard to sell his services to me. It was so amusing that I could not help contain the laughter bubbling with in me and just let the sound of hilarity rip. I swear that I tried to hold back, but I couldn't help it. His plea was so fucking pathetic and embarrassing, how could I not laugh? He has an unsettling look on his face, maybe because I just laughed like a maniacal bitch at his heart felt appeal.

"That's funny! Do you really think you have anything of worth to offer me!?"

Well now that I played "the beg for your life game" it is time to actually inflict some pain. I lift my foot off his puny body and keep it hovering close enough to still keep him in a well deserved panic. I am sure that he is slightly relieved, but that respite will soon end with a scream.

I love seeing the pure look of fear painted across his face. It just screams "I am going to die!" and it is such a fucking turn on. I think I will show him how turned on I really am.

I move my foot back so that he can see me. I pinch the tip my skirt with my delicate finger tips and slowly raise it up to my navel, giving him a nice view of my white panties. I know that white is pretty plain, but well I have something else that makes this up skirt view a bit more interesting.

He looks up, unable to control his perverted eyes from traveling up my legs and into my crotch. Then I see it, the classic look of disgust twist across his face. That is exactly the look I wanted him to display as he stares deeply at my beautiful bulge draped tightly in my silky undergarments.

I am sure that he is questioning if what he sees under my skirt real, but the throbbing of my erection ruffling the tight fabric of my panties is answering the question he wished that he would never have to ask.

"A-Are you a guy!?" He screams at me with his quivering annoying voice.

"Who said you can speak? You may only speak when asked to you little fuck."

I hover my foot over his right leg and swiftly stomp down on the limb. I could feel his tiny leg flatten beneath the toe of my boot. have you ever crushed a bug, I am sure you have. Then you know the sensation of feeling the little creature compress. It's tough hide cracks, until it becomes soft wet mush yielding to your weight and spreading into runny stain. Well that is exactly how it felt to pulverize his leg beneath my foot.

A blood curdling scream escapes his mouth. The hymn of pain is a euphoric stimulus running through my ears, tantalizing every pleasure point in my body. My eyes roll back, a warm sweat marches down my neck. I could feel a spittle of drool roll down the side of lip. It is pure bliss. I have waited all week to hear a scream like that.

I can feel my cock springing to life. Blood pumping like clockwork through my thin veins. The bog of warm seed in my sack bubbling and ready to fire out of the majesty of full erection. But I can't have that yet, it's far too early to waste sperm on my first victim. I take in deep breaths to calm down my twitching member before it burst.

My dick begins to soften, just a mild stiffness is left. I am lucky that a dribble of pre soiling my panties was the worst of my situation. Now that I am composed and not ready to go off like an uncontrollable geyser, I must continue with my torture session.

"Stop screaming like a bitch, you still have another leg so get over it." I hover my shoe over his head presenting him with a view of his pulverized  leg spread about the toe area of my boot.

"Look, you've gotten your dirty blood on my favorite boot! So how about you work to clean up the mess you so shamelessly left on it. Use that little tongue of yours to lick every bit of your leg off of me, NOW! Or I will mash your other leg."

I know what you're thinking, I am a bitch, right? How can I crush this poor guy's leg into putty and force him ingest it. News flash, I am a bitch and a psycho one at that. I thought that was clearly obvious by this point.

"P-Please N-No! It hurts... I ... I am in so much pain. My leg! Please help me?"

I caress my body all over while I sway my hips. The pain in his voice, the ugly expression of his crying face. It sends shivers all throughout my body. The euphoria makes my body feel light as a feather. I can't help but to release a series moans from behind my drooling lips. I can feel my eyes tear from sheer happiness. His pain is my joy.

I once again feel my crotch twitch back to life. I am afraid that I am about to shoot my load at this very moment, but I can't just waste my precious seed on a man I am simply going to crush. I need to save my white nectar for my other victims. I really need to regain control of myself before I ruin this night.

I once again take in deep breaths to calm the pulsating sexual energy coursing through me. I know others would just imagine certain things to calm their unwanted boners, but not much works for me. I could just imagine old people like most people, but then I am just reminded about the time I shrunk a bus full of senior citizens.

I didn't know where the old bags were going, but after they all boarded the bus I decided to shrink it down to the size of a AA Battery. I know it's rude to pick on the elderly, but there was no one around and I was well... Heck why hide it? I was feeling horny.

I remember plucking the tiny tube of cool metal between my delicate finger tips. I still remember the weak screams they made as I lift them slowly from the ground and toward my beautiful grinning face. I peeked through windows on the side of the bus. I watched as all the elderly fucks rummaged in a panic. I am sure that this was the most spry that they have been in years.

I quickly ran into a nearby park restroom to do my evil deed. I really wanted to bring them home, but I was ready to pitch a tent and I didn't want people to see cute, little me sporting a raging hard on. I sat on what was a surprising clean toilet seat, I must give my props to the local parks a rec. department.

I pulled my Hello Kitty panties down to my boney ankles. I could feel my smooth balls tingle as they situated on the cool seat, all the while gravity spread the flesh of my full cum sacks as it rest into the white plastic. I then pulled the bus from the safe confines of my bra, which I only wore to put on the illusion that I had even some essence of breast... I really wish I had tits.

I pinched the two ends of the bus with each of my index fingers and thumbs. I held the bus over one of my hairless creamy orbs and began to split the bus in half like an egg. A dozen or so flea sized AARP members sprinkled onto the folds of my right ball.

I cooed as I felt the speck sized elders drown in the supple flesh of my right testicle. I heard their weak cries and screams perfectly. My powers allow me to hear and see anything I shrink perfectly if I so choose to. I must say it come in handy, when I shrink my victims too small.

Some of the old homophobic men screamed some pretty nasty slurs at me. I am sure that you can guess what they said. I just laughed at the irony of theses old homophobes living their last moments on the right ball of a stranger.

I could smell my distinct musk wafting off of my slightly moist nuggets. I am sure that the smell is pure torture to them. I enjoyed watching the struggle taking place on me, but I had prior engagements to tend to and needed to end things quickly. I began to evoke my power to shrink them down further. They began to reduce at an alarming rate and I didn't let up for a moment. I continued to shrink them down until they were small enough to pass through the microbe sized gaps in the flesh of my balls and into my gargantuan sack, where they surly died moments later in the ocean of seed resting in me.

Great now I am getting horny again thinking about what I did to those old folk. I could always try to imagine a family member, but that just reminds me of what I did to my big brother.

Looking the way I do, my older brother would sometimes try to cop a feel to relieve some of his sexual tension. Of course I wasn't going to let him just take advantage of me. One day he invited me to a frat party, no strange strings attached. He was just trying to show me a good time and introduce me to some of his douche bag college friends.

The night was pretty fun. I mean I would have rather been in my home torturing some shrunken people, but sometimes I have to pass as a normal person and try to be social. After all, a facade is important for a murderer such as myself.

My brother was passing the time drinking and trying to get inside some of the campus skanks. Unfortunately he was a total mess, who couldn't talk to a woman whether he was sober or drunk. He was clearly frustrated and just wanted to get his rocks off any way he can. He invited me to an empty bed room. I thought that he was hoping to complain about his woman problems in private, but no. He invited me up to try to feel me up. I felt disgusted as he leaned in to me and groped my ass like a chew toy in a dog's mouth.

I could see in his eyes that he wanted me, his sibling to ease his sexual frustration, but fuck that. I wasn't going to have that loser use me just because he couldn't hit it off with some drunk bitches at a party. I am sure that you know how I handled the situation? That's right, I treated him to some size reduction. He was reduced down to the miniscule size of a pencil eraser.

He was so confused. It was fun watching him look around in disbelief, but he quickly got the picture. He called out to me seeking help, not knowing that I was the one who made him into the miniscule nub that he was.

I began to verbally tease my looser brother, just to make him sweat a bit of fear. I then slipped off my one of my black loafers. I twirled my nylon clad foot as it was released from the cramp confine. My foot smelled  a bit ripe from being in that shoe for hours and not to mention that nylons tend to hold a lot of foot sweat. At that moment I knew that my brother was going to experience some hell before he died.

I plucked the littler fucker from the floor and I wasn't gentle about it, I am sure I broke a rib or two, but who cares he was going to die anyway. I tilt my loafer with my free hand angling it like a slide for my brother to travel down. He gave me stern protest about whatever it was he thought I was going to do to him, but as you know I am not one to give in to the words of my victims.

I dropped him onto the heel of my shoe and watch him tumble down into the toe area. I can sense that there is still life in him, another random thing I can do for some reason. I didn't think that the drop would kill him, but heck tiny bodies are fragile, I should be more careful when handling people that I want to preserve for a while.

I then slipped my slender foot back into the shoe. I could hear him scream like a little bitch as my toes travel down the slope of the shoe and toward the toe area where he laid waiting for my sublime, sweaty digits to crush him.

I didn't care if the person I was about to kill was my brother, people were all insects to me that equally deserved death by my hand, no matter the relation. I finally felt my toes reach the end of the tunnel. I could feel him fighting against the wet nylons carrying my vinegary foot aroma. I was sure the inside of my shoe was as humid as it was smelly. I began to curl my toes, just to fuck with him a bit. It felt good to have a tiny person being bullied by my feminine toes.

Instead of apply more pressure and ending him quickly I decided to head back to the party and mingle for a bit. Throughout the night I could feel him slipping further away from the world of the living. By the time I made it home he was nothing more than a stiff and a smelly one at that. I chucked his corpse into my toilet and sent him away with a flush and maybe some piss... Okay I pissed on his dead body, so sue me.

I am still feeling flushed and horny. These trips down memory lane are doing a lot more harm than I thought. How about I think about animals. I begin to think about all forms of wild life and soon my erection begins to soften. I have never killed an animal the way I killed a human and don't plan to, in fact I am very fond of animals and wouldn't want to torture them. Too bad for the little fucker on my floor, I don't feel the same way about humans.

"Come on! Put that tongue to use. My boot is not going to clean itself, or maybe you would love to have me crush your other leg?"

"P-Please no! Stop this, I beg of you. I-I will do anything for you. I know that I can be of use to you, please use me as you wish, but d-don't kill me."

"You can serve me by shutting the fuck up and licking your mangled leg off of my boot like I asked."

I gaze down at my little victim, lost in the thought of my cruelty. I least that is what I thought he was thinking about. I notice his perverted eyes looking beyond my shoe and up my skirt. I am clearly baffled about this what I would assume straight guy trying to sneak a peek at my package. I move my foot away from his face and follow his eyes, now not blinded by the toe of my shoe, I can clearly see his leering eyes burning a whole into my panties. I guess my hunch was correct.

"Oh? Enjoying the view?" I ask in a playful tone paired up a devilish grin.

"N-No! I was not looking."

"Do you like what you see? I guess I am so pretty that it doesn't matter what organ I am sporting. Tell me what do you think I am? A boy with a girl's body, or a girl with a dick?"

"I-I don't know. I am sorry for staring, I won't do it anymore, just help me. I don't want to die."

"What do you want me to be? Boy or a girl, heck maybe you don't care?" I ask him as I walk away toward my computer desk, to fetch something Interesting. Something I could use to teach this little perv a lesson with.

"I don't want to choose, I am afraid of answering wrong."

"You're honest, but I am sure that you think I am a guy, right? You can't help but to think that I am a male and you are afraid to die beneath a boys foot."

"I see, but no matter what I have to punish you for ignoring my orders and leering at me like a piece of meat." I see that the perv is about speak, obviously some sort of groveling and I didn't want to hear any more from him.

I drop down to my knees quickly. His body bounces as my weight quakes the floor around him. His face twist with fright and god damn right he should be scared because I am going to show him some more pain.

When I went to my desk it was to fetch a thumb tack. I figured that it would be a fun tool to use on him. He screams as he sees my sharp little instrument in plain sight. He waves his arms and screams in pure dread, knowing that I will not hesitate to use it on him, I am sure that he regrets ogling me. I naturally ignore his pleas and quickly thrust the thumb tack through his lone leg, pinning him to the floor.

The boy cries and gargles a painful wail. It is pretty sad, to see a human in such anguish... Who am I kidding? This is entertaining as fuck. I rise to my full majesty standing above the groveling man convulsing and foaming from the pain of having his leg run through by the large metal steak.

I can see that he won't last much longer. The loss of blood and shock to his nerves will soon stop his weak beating heart. I can just watch him die slowly or I can humiliate him at his final moments. You know what I am going to choose.

 I hum a delightful tune as I un-strap each of my boots. I then toss the foot ware across my room. The bang of them slamming on my floor causes the tiny couple I captured in a shoe box to shriek. Now I know that they are awake from my sleeping power, meaning that they are ready to be tortured, but first I have to finish my date with the perv on groveling on my floor.

I love using my sexy feet to torture my victims, even the ones who love pretty feet feel the anguish of my deadly foot play. I hover my right foot over the tiny boy, then  I press the ball of my foot on to what's left of his torso while scrunching my slender toes so that the pad of my middle digit presses into his face. It's funny to see how much bigger my toe is compared to his head. I can press down and pulp it into a fucking stain on my smooth pad.

"Lick my toe clean, insect!" I bark at him .

I hear his weak scream muffled under my puffy toe flesh. Then I feel his tongue getting to work. It seems that he doesn't want to resist me any further. I already showed him how serious I am about hurting him and he most likely figures that it would be in his best interest to obey my every command. Or maybe he just wants to lick my cute toe that badly.

I can feel his thin slimy tongue scraping the dirt from between my massive ridges. He coughs in disgust from the muddy grim that he is being forced to ingesting from my prints. My toes are by no means un-kept, but at his size my normally unnoticeable dirt becomes frighteningly apparent.

After his annoying gagging he resumes his duties, but at a slower pace. Which is understandable since his body is a wreck, yet his hormones are still working at full capacity. How do I know? Maybe because I can feel his tiny dick pricking my flesh. He either has a fear boner or just likes my feet. Either way it's disgusting.

"So you are horny? Does it even matter to you that I might be a boy? Would you still be turned on knowing that this foot belongs to a someone as the same gender as you?" I roughly stroke my toes up and down his body, making sure to give a subtle curl of my toes on his hard on. "Do you care that a boy might be rubbing your dick playfully with his toes?"

The shrunken perv began to scream in anguish. He was about to die and his last moments might be having his dick pleasured in what he believes to be a pseudo gay experience. This is the ultimate torture for him and I fricking, fracking love it. He then begins to grunt almost as if he is enjoying my toe job, or maybe it's a grunt of pain... No it has to be pleasure, what man wouldn't get turned on by my lovely toes rubbing their dick.

"It seems that you are enjoying yourself too much, we can't have that." I press my big toe onto his left arm and press down with devastating force, crushing  it into red gunk. He let out an ear splitting cry of emotion. I can see his body sweating profusely and trembling as he gargled volumes of mostly acidic vomit.

I couldn't help but to laugh, I mean it was a hell of a sight. Maybe not funny to somebody who can be considered sane, but to me this was a comedy act and a porno all wrapped in one. I lift my toe from where his arm used to be. Strands of meaty gristle stretch connecting my rising toe to the floor, until they make and audible snap, freeing my toe. Without any form of pageantry I press my bloody toe onto his other arm and smash the little thing into a gunky stain.

He doesn't even scream he just trembles and spits out whatever his churning stomach is trying to get rid of. I then run my big toe over his erection, which began to fade back into a limp state. I guess it was only natural. I mean he is dying after all.

"You were not the most behaved victim, but you were fun to toy with. You are dying a pretty painful death so I will put you out of your misery, for being such an enjoyable little prey." I stick to my word and hammer the heel of my bare foot onto his puny  head, exploding it like a grape. Brain matter sprays in all directions, I can feel the wet gore seep into my pours.

That was fun, but my night of cruel pleasure is just getting started. I fetch the shoe box holding my shrunken pair. I could feel them struggling to break free, but I taped the lid down to the box, just in case they woke up and tried to escape the cardboard prison.

I peeled off the tape and chucked the lid. I looked down at the naked couple staring back at me is fear. The man was a pudgy 30 something year old and his girl is a cute freckle faced red head with a cute pot belly. Over all she was too good for him in the looks department. I seriously couldn't wait to fuck her. She looked like she hadn't received a good dicking in a while and by looking at her man was not big enough, hell he was puny, even his belly button was bigger than his sorry excuse for a penis. Luckily for my cutie red head, I had a more than big enough dick to make her wail and curl her toes.  

"How are you so huge!?" The pudgy fuck yells at me.

"Please don't hurt us, we will do anything you want. Just please let us live." The red head's plea is no different than the little pervs that I just killed. Seriously can anyone beg for their life in an adequate way?

I walk toward my desk and tip the box over, dropping the little couple hard on to the wood surface. They groan in pain. Maybe they even broke a bone or two. I hope they did "hehe".

The guy looks up at me with something I rarely see, anger. Usually my victims are scared shitless, but this fat fuck must be pretty tough to stare at me with that expression. "What the fuck is wrong with you!? You scrawny, not tit bitch! You better help us get back to normal size."

I gasp at how bold this guys words were. His girl tries to hold him back from saying any more. I guess that she is the sensible one in this relationship. I mean who does this guy think he's talking to. I am a god and he's a fat worm. how dare he bark at me.

I swipes my long red index nail across his chest, slicing through his man tities... "sigh" I really want to grow tits. He looks down at the blood trailing  to his abdomen. His face is stunned, maybe he didn't think that I would become so violent so soon, but he made fun of my chest and I can't have that. The red head screams as she watches her chubby hubby bleeding from the deep gash.

"What do you want from us?" She cries ash she presses her hands against the bloody wound. maybe she thinks that she could stop the bleeding or something.

"What do I want from you guys? Well it's simple. I am going to kill your man and I am going to fuck you to death, literally. Feel better about knowing what's about to happen you?"

The two sit there quite, pondering if there is any mistranslation in my words, but it was pretty clear. They knew that today was their last day on earth. Suddenly without any communication they began to run away from me. I evoked my power once more and began to shrink the waddling man down until he was no higher than the ankle of his girl.

She looked down and screamed in terror as her man became the size of a toy compared to herself. The further reduced man fell to his ass as he saw the red head standing over him as a titan.

"Look guys, there is no escaping me. I can shrink you as much as I want. I can make you so small that a single one of my blood cells would be the size of a planet compared to you, so let's not go making trouble and just play along with me. If you are lucky, you might survive the night."

"You will really let us go and return me and my husband back to normal size?"

"That depends. I am going to have my way with you, but you might live if you can take the pain. It's the only option you have to survive, so I suggest you play along."

The naive girl nodded in agreement and why wouldn't she, it's not like she had any other option. "Good. Now lay your husband in your mouth. She didn't even question me or hesitate, she just lift her husband off the desk, gently enough not to crush him. Of course he was not happy with this, he struggled and pleaded with his wife, but she did not pay him any mind. She knew my words were all that she should be listening to. She opened her mouth wide and began to slip the tiny man into her maw, feet. "Stop!" I commanded when the fatty was sticking half way out her mouth.

I then began to evoke my power to do something I don't usually do. I began enlarged the husband, but not too much, just enough that his body was large enough to forcibly pry his wife' mouth open. Any bigger and her jaw would have disconnected and ripped at her cheeks. The dumb red head began to wail and wave her arms in distress. It was pretty hilarious to see the woman ball gagged by the body of her own husband.

Her husband was too large for her  to spit out, he was completely lodged in her damp orifice and if she tried to forcibly remove him, there was a good chance that he would killed in the process. She looked at me disappointed, as if I didn't keep my word or something.

"Don't panic so much, this is all part of the game. You have to face this trial if you want a chance to survive." The weak woman collapsed to her knees with her head sulked. It was truly the look of despair. I could feel my crotch tingle with desire. Her utter dread makes me want to blow my load, but unlike with my last victim, I won't hold back my sexual desires.

I slipped down my panties, the girl watched with a voyeurs eyes. She knew the time to fuck her was near. Suddenly my member began to throb with life and pop from under my skirt. I held it back for so long, now it is finally going to be able to have its way and cum.

The woman's eyes widened and her face twisted to disgust. I am sure that she fully expected to be used as a living dildo, but now she could see that I was going to penetrate. I am sure that the couple never expected cute, little ol me to be sporting a functioning dick.

"I see that you are confused, but don' t think too hard about it. Think of me as either a girl with a dick or a boy with a girl's appearance. I doesn't matter what you assume I am, the same will happen to you my red headed cutie. I told you that I will fuck you, right? Or were you hoping to be inserted into a cute girls pussy, too bad. Today you get the D."

I reached down and grabbed the tiny girl. Her husband began to scream profanity at me. It would be in his best interest not to piss me off, since it would only make me fuck his wife with anger. I grip the top half of her body and I let her bottom half dangle. I lower her down to my erecting cock and position her as needed.

"Now my dear, let me explain what's going to happen here. I am going to run my dick through your ass hole. Why your ass? Well it's the hole with the best angle for me at the moment. Why am I explaining. I am sure that you don't care about how easy I want to access you."

I could feel her struggling in my hand, she wants' nothing more than to escape this ass tearing experience. Even if she did escape all that awaited her was a drop to her death. Yet suicide is preferable to what's about to happen to her

"let me warn, It will hurt a lot. I mean I am going to feel sorry for you the whole time, that's how bad it's going to be and I never feel for my victims. Here is the deal, you can bite down on your husband if the pain becomes too much to handle, but if you bite down enough and kill him, then I will treat your body as a flesh light and fuck the inside of you. If you keep him alive, until I slip my head through your ass then, you guys will be freed to go home alive and restored to normal size."

Yeah I know that this game is not fair, It's pretty much all in my favor, but I am not a fair god. I just think that this will be sexier giving them a sliver of hope and quickly snatch it all away.  

I hold her in place and begin to lean the head of my cock towards her round cheeks. The girl would have been screaming but her fat husband wasn't muffling her voice. She looked back at my monstrous cock. She began to tear up as she watched the purple veins flaring through my pink glands. I then feel my sensitive her press into the soft cheeks. I moan like a bitch in heat. My body is already on fire and I haven't even spilt this bitch open yet.

I could feel her ass cheeks parting to accept my head. She begins to groan franticly in pain. The slit of my cock makes contact with her tight little hole. She begins to quiver as a glob of pre-cum oozes from my parting slit. The glob pops, splashes across her backside. I am sure that she feels disgusted, but heck at least I provided some lube.

I begin to push her body into my shaft, I could feel her ass tearing as I bore my way through. Her face begins to glow a bright red, sweat runs from every pour in her body as she convulses uncontrollably. I told her it would be painful, but I am sure that she didn't think it would be this painful and to make things worst I am not even in her yet. I am just widening the tunnel a bit.

I proceed to push into her. I can see her staring at me, with the look of "please stop" written across her face. So what do I do? I push harder. Her eyes roll to the back of her head, while snot gushes from her rapidly flaring nostrils. Her agony is so fucking sexy. I hope she just chomps the fat fuck already so that I can go all out and fuck her to death, but a deal is a deal. I can't abuse her the way I want until she kills her husband.

I then hear the husband screaming, a smile creeps across my face since I already know what's happening to him. His wife can't seem to take the pain and she is biting down. Her teeth is impaling the flesh of the man that she loves. He cries in horror as his fat belly rips with gashes from the teeth sinking into him. I am sure she could taste his salty blood running into her. I will admit that human blood and guts is an acquired taste, it took me a while to enjoy the taste of human. Maybe if she lived long enough she would learn to like it. Sadly her time is limited.

The fat fuck's mouth begins to gush blood as his organs begin to sever under his wife's guillotine like teeth. Then in a flash, her mouth begins to snap back together as she chomps through the poor man until he is sever in half from the waist up.

His lifeless torso splatters to the floor. The red head spits out his legs and begins to cough out the blood and fragment of flesh caught in her teeth. "Game over!" I announce as I squeeze down on the girl and shove my cock with full force through her ass hole and into her fragile body.

I could feel her bones snap as I rip though her. I begin to jerk her body up and down, I could feel her organs burst against my cock. The poor woman's mouth gushes blood and chunks of viscera that I am pushing out of her body.

I can feel my cum sacks bubbling with desire. A hard pressure of seed runs up my pipes and I fire a heavy volume of cum into my living sexy toy. My sex juice bust from every hole in her head and the pressure was even strong enough to create some new holes. Cum continues to fire out little by little into the worn loose flesh wrapped around half of my dick. I moan and squeal with every ejaculation.

I look down at the pliable sheet of flesh that was once a woman. I pinch her skulls head and peel her off of my dick. I toss the fleshy film onto the ground and watch as it leaks cum and blood on my floor. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to mop today, but heck sometimes I can't help myself from making a mess.

I came so many times and it was so fucking good. But after a good fuck comes  a nice snack to recharge. I walk toward my dresser, my drooling cock dripping cum in a trail following behind me. On my dresser is a bottle cap and it is filled with a hundred or so college students. They look like moving grains of sand, that's how damn small they are. It took me a while to gather them all, but I heck I am committed to my hobbies and micro sized victims are fun to have once in a while. There is not as much personal interaction, but I feel so much more powerful when I kill micros.

I lift the cap and relish in the sounds of a hundred of little cries. I poke the tip of my tongue from behind my slender lips and thrust it into the cap. The screams become louder as my slimy monster laps and crushes the microbe shits. I twirl my tongue around the cap, gathering each and every body onto the tip of my tongue. I then pull tongue  back into my mouth. As soon as the micros enter my cavernous maw, I begin to slosh around them around. I hum in delight as the little contents are sent spiraling in a spiral of my saliva.

I could feel the grain like individuals splashing all around my mouth. Between my teeth, against the roof of my mouth, under my tongue, every corner of my mouth is preoccupied with at least a few dozen or so drenched students. I then slosh once again this time bringing all the micros onto the center of my tongue. I then gulp down the ball of corpses, with an audible gulp. I didn't need to gulp, but I just find it sexy and adds some finality to the deed.

All in all this was another successful night of cruel pleasure. Now I must work this week to gather more victims for next Friday's festivities. I am not sure what activities would take place, but I know that I will cum, many will die and I am going to look sexy doing it. 


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