A Friend's Last Words by Swiftmend2

A man shows us what it's like to have a friend with pretty feet.

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A Friend's Last Words by Swiftmend2
Author's Notes:

If I had to die under someone's feet, it would be under the ones who I love the most."




A surge of memories flooded your mind. The day you and Vannessa met; it was the turning point of your life. You started schooling in kindergarten, and the place seemed a bit frightening at first. You watched as your parents waved goodbye, their car going away until it was out of sight.

Right after, the bell rang, and the school teachers calmly directed to inside the school building. You walked inside the bricked structure along with the other children. It was a brightly colored room, and wide too. The teacher went through her lessons, and eventually, before you knew it, it was time for a break. Most of the kids went outside to recess to play basketball, 4-square, etc. You didn't feel like doing much, so you sat down and observed the room.

Everything was strange and new. You know what was the strangest thing though? This was the major changing point and your life would revolve around them every day since then. You spotted a girl at another table, alone, her feet in flip-flops. She scrunched her toes, and wrinkled her soles. She played with her shoes, inserting her feet in and out. You felt something and it was a weird sensation to say the least. Your heart was strummed like a harpsicord, and soared like an eagle, something that had never happened to you before.

"Vannessa?" the teacher asked. "Yes?" The girl with flip-flops answered back. "Can you be a dear for me, and take this folder to the office? I need to look after the other kids." "Okay." She took the folder, and the teacher went with her out the door. "You sure you'll be okay in here?" the teacher asked you, a little worried. You nodded. She shut the door, and you went to acquire your prize...


After break was over, the bell rang, signaling everyone back. This was the bell to go home. Everyone got their backpacks, including you. As you headed out a door, you heard a voice ask confused, "Hey, has anyone seen my flip-flops?"


The day after, you returned to school with a spring in your step. A cricket laid on the sidewalk, so you carefully cupped it in your hands. It chirped, and you continued onward. You went into the school building, and sat down. You saw Vannessa was barefoot this time. You felt guilty, yet, at the same time, glad. You went through the routine of lessons. Then, the bell rang and you decided to go out with the other kids to recess. You searched the area and found Vannessa sitting out in the field.

After some peptalk, (It is indeed an art to persuade yourself to do something), you walked over there and joined her. Her face illuminated with a smile. "Hey." "Hey," you sat down with her. "What you doing?" "Oh, me?" She slided her feet across the grass. "Nothing much. Just relaxing, you know?" She picked up a particular yellow flower. "My mom says that this is a Chrysanthemum. It's supposed to be a sign of happiness. Although, she also says that they won't grow back if you pick them. Too bad everyone wants one; they're the prettiest flower around. That's why this field is nearly plain. I'll give this last one to her."

You nodded and unfolded your hands to check if the cricket was still there. As you did, however, he leaped forward, escaping your grasp. As it did, Vannessa's foot came slamming down, silencing the chirping you once heard. A smirk came across her face. "Hey, what was that for?"

She shrugged. "It was just a bug."

You would think you would be furious, but instead, you just gave an uneasy laugh."Yeah." The bell rang, signaling the end of school. She got up and swiped off the dust on her clothes.

"Maybe we can talk some more later?"

"Alright, that sounds good to me."


The time flew from then on. We became friends, and not long after, best friends. We usually hanged out at your house. "Remember," you said as you both reached the house, "no shoes."

She raised her eyebrow. "How come?"

Luckily, you were prepared for this question. "My mom likes the house clean, so we have to remove our shoes every time we come in."

"Alrighty." She took off her flip-flops, her favorite shoes to wear, and sat on the couch, scrunching her toes.

"I'll be right back," you smiled as you went to your room, and got her flip-flops from kindergarten. You decided it wouldn't be right to have them anymore. Wrapping them in a box, you attached a tag that said, 'Do not open till you get home.' You gave her the box, and she had an expression of wonder upon her face. She shook the box, trying to figure out what was inside.

"What's in it?" Her face expressed utmost curiousity.

"You'll know when you get home."

She smiled and said, "Thanks." You sat down on the couch beside her feet, and tried your best to not look at them. After all, you didn't want her to think you were weird or anything. "Hey, do my feet look big to you?" she asked out of the blue.


"Well, my friends said they looked ginormous. I wanted to see what you thought." She swayed them from side to side. Her toenails glistening with light-green polish.

"I think they okay, I guess."

"You guess hmmm? I'm not buying it!" Then, to your surprise, she pressed her sole against your face against the couch. You were taken back from the sudden turn of events, and you tried to figure out what was going on. However, you couldn't think straight with the pressure and scent of her feet.

Even with the slight headache, it was exhilarating. You tried to push it back to make it seem like you weren't enjoying it. As you did, she would push with more effort every time you did. Then, for the first time ever, you licked her foot. To this day, you would never know what made you think of doing such a daring act. She stopped and scooted back a little.

"D-did you just lick my foot?"'

"Well, I..." your face flushed a bright red. There was an awkward silence.

After what seemed like eternity, she broke the silence. "I better be getting home," she murmured nervously, getting up, taking your gift, and putting on her flip-flops that she had left at the door.

"See you tomorrow then?" You asked. She didn't answer, instead just closing the door behind her.


She matured as time went by. She improved in all aspects of the body, if you know what I mean. She grew prettier everyday until she was a bombshell, which led to my problem of mustering the courage to ask her out. In class, you would sit diagonally back from her seat, allowing sneak peeks of her soles when she played with her flip-flops, sandles, etc. Sometimes, it seemed deliberate, but maybe that was just your imagination.

You would try to talk to her when class was over, but you usually lost her in a sea of people. However today, when the bell rang and you went out into the hallways, a warm hand clasped yours. You looked to the right and saw none other than Vannessa! She winked at you slyly. At lunch, you and her talked about classes, how you both were doing, and such.

"Hey, are you doing anything today?" she asked curiously.

"Uhh," you checked your phone, both to see if you had anything to do today and to make it seem like you weren't desperate. "Nah, why?"

"I'm going to the park today to study for the test. I thought it would be nice if you would come along too." "Alright." "Okay, I'll see you then." She walked out, and you decided this would be the day you ask her out.

As you walked to the park, you noticed Vannessa feet. You tried to act like you didn't notice it, but Vannessa saw you as you walked in.

"Hey!" She quickly stood up and hugged you tight. You were suprised about how much she actually liked you.

But right when you sat down, you started to get this tingling sensation. It felt like you were shrinking. Your size decreasing by the second. By 2 minutes you were on 1'5 inches tall. 

As you looked at Vannessa she just smiled with a grin. You started running for your life, but at her size she just easily picked you up and put you in her backpack and went home. 

It was a long uncomfortable

End Notes:

There's more to come.

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