A change of apperence by Xlover

Kayla decides to get back at Jaden. So she shrinks him. And with the amount of people who know this increasing. She must decide who to trust. And who to crush.

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My first story helpful comments appreciated. Ignore the Dylan's adventures and everything else. I don't know how it happened 


Chapter 1- a new change by Xlover
Author's Notes:

First story ever.

I’m running. Running as fast as I can. My legs are pounding but if she finds me it will be all the worst. I duck behind trees and cars but she tosses them aside like dominos.

“What do you want from me!” I screamed.

“I want you idiot!” Kayla says in a voice that could shatter bones. Her freckled body was naked and I could see her massive cunt gleaming in the autumn night.

She’s found me! It too late to run. Her glasses are reflecting stopping me from seeing her eyes. But I know she’s getting wild with the ideas of what to do to me.

I run anyway panting and screaming.

But it’s too late and her red ruby fingernails close around me stopping air from flowing. It getting harder and harder to breathe. Her hair, cut in a low bob is swishing as she relents and lets go a little.

“Why did you run?” She says in a puppy whine.

But I know her. She’s just playing with her prey.

“Let me down! NOW!” I yell.

“Okay. If you insist.”

Now I see what she’s about to do. Only now too late. I’m dropped and fall towards her gigantic pussy screaming the entire way.


The entire class looks in my direction. I can’t believe I fell asleep during the test! And the harshest teacher was administering it.

“Is there a problem mister Jaden?”

“No Ms.Pinker.” I reluctantly said.

The whole class laughed their asses off, then stopped realizing whatever punishment I got they could just as easily get.

“That 2 weeks detention for disrupting a test. I advise you to care more about your fellow classmates.”

They could rot in hell for all I care I though.

“Why are you the biggest idiot on campus?” whispered Kayla.

“Why don’t you go back to choking on dick?”

“I’ll think about it pincushion.”

Pincushion? That was her worst insult yet.

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“Oh it will. In time.”

“Kayla! Jaden! Are you both talking back there?”

“Of course not miss Pinker.” Kayla said in her tattling voice. “Well Jaden told me to go suck a dic- a dick.” Then Kayla starts crying her fake saltwater tears.

“That’s 2 months detention Jaden.”

The class couldn’t hold back their laughter. Even my friends, Delisha, Ceccily and the two Laurens were giggling. Guess I’d have to expect that from sophomores in high school.

“But she said-” I yelled forgetting that Kayla’s her favorite and nothing would make her think bad of Kayla.

“That’s an F on the test. Do you want more?”

“No Ms.Pinker.”


After class ends I met up with my only friends.

“So are you coming to the sleepover Jaden.” Lauren B asked. Lauren is the tan and built well. She’s lean and tall. She has stereotypical Jamaican hair and always bring earbud with her wherever she goes. She’s the smartest person I know and gets 110% on every quiz. But she has this weird laugh that gets annoying sometimes.

“Of course not. Once his Mom finds out about his F…” Lauren A says. This Lauren is the exact opposite. She is short and underdeveloped but not afraid to snap a neck. When she’s mad she’s basically the devil. She’s tan with long straight hair.

Ceccily is pale with big breasts and the weirdest sense of humor ever. Delissa has glasses and braces but she manages to make it work to her advantage. She has a humongous ass and titan breasts that a stripper would die for.

“What ever guys. Go on and leave. Can’t miss detention.”

“See you tomorrow!” I yelled as I walked towards the detention room. Then I saw her.

“Kayla can’t you leave me alone?”

She just giggled. A odd scary giggle. She was holding something behind her back. The cool crisp air suddenly felt a lot more harsh.

“Uh Kayla? Are you okay?”

“The really question is will you be?” She said as she pulled out a gun that was yellow with green marks.

Then she fired the gun and I screamed.

Dying doesn't hurt like I though it would. Then I look clearly at her and see that Kayla is getting bigger by the second. As she gets bigger I start to fade with black spots dancing around my eyelids. The last thing I see is Kayla’s enormous fingers close around me.



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Feedback appreciated 

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