A Friendly Gift by supernova

A young woman is shrunken down and held captive by someone who has strange plans for her, involving her friend and a bowl of cereal. 

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Chapter 1 by supernova

Stacey tumbled from the complete darkness of her tiny boxed-in prison on to a hard, shiny surface completely naked. Stuck in the complete darkness for two hours, the light was so overwhelming that she couldn’t help but squint her eyes to shield her dilated pupils. Stacey, having woken up in that closed space after falling asleep in her bed earlier, was completely bewildered at her current situation. Not knowing where she was or how she was trapped, her new freedom brought her slight relief as she breathed in the fresh air while looking at her reflection on her floor below. Her heart beating rapidly and her blonde hair drenched in sweat, tears fell from her grey eyes as she tried to shake off her dizziness and fatigue.

                Craning her neck upwards, Stacey jumped in terror as she caught sight of her captor’s face: a young-looking pale white woman with dark eyes, thick bold eyebrows, a pointy nose, and short black hair that swooped over her left eye. Immediately screaming in disbelief, Stacy stood up, running the opposite direction, only for a massive pink wall to slam down from the sky in front of her, blocking her escape. Recognizing the folded surface as the giant woman’s hand, Stacy looked up behind her to see the giantess raise both her eyebrows.

                “Not so fast, little one!” boomed the voice from above. “My friend would be very disappointed if her little present ran away!”

                The massive hand cupped slightly, surrounding tiny Stacey on three sides, the woman lunged her face forward so her lips were mere inches away from Stacey. “Do you know what’s going to happen to you? Do you?” whispered the giant lady breathily, the hot, humid air blowing Stacey’s hair back like a strong wind. The giant woman leaning back and turning, Stacey’s world darkened once again as the giantess positioned her ear so that her head was resting on her cupped hand. Now within full earshot of her captor, Stacey screamed again “Let me go! Please! What’s going on? Help me!”

                Moving her head back and giggling, the large woman, who was wearing a black tank top that showed off her clear-skinned milky white arms and shoulders, pointed her eyes up and moved them back and forth as if she were pondering something. “Well, I’m definitely not going to let you go so you can get rid of that thought right now.” she said. “But as for what’s going on, I can give you a demonstration so long as you promise not to try run away like last time.”

                Feeling the wind flow over her as the massive hand quickly moved away, Stacey looked up as the immense lady stood all the way up, showing off her thin hourglass-shaped body and white floral panties. Hands on her waist, she cocked her hips to the side and said, with a devious tone in her voice. “I’ll show you what’s going on, but you’re not going to like it, I can tell you that much.”

                Still gasping in shock and almost unable to breathe because of the emotional trauma she was undergoing, Stacy stared, frozen in terror, as she saw the massive woman drag down her panties with both her thumbs. After kicking the panties across the room, she raised her left leg and placed her foot on the surface Stacey was standing on, giving her a full view of the giant woman’s vagina and asshole, hovering above her ominously. Continuing to gasp over and over again, tears flowing from her eyes, she observed every detail of this woman’s private area. Above and next to her pussy were short downward-facing pubic hairs, trimmed but not completely bald. Her small clit was hidden under the fleshy hood, the entrance to her vagina concealed by the relatively sizable wrinkled lips. The sight filled Stacey with disgust and terror. Feeling violation and dirtiness, she shivered, covering her arms as if she was cold.

“You’re lucky you just got the little box. I usually carry around my shrunken pets around like this.” Remarked the giantess, spreading her lips open with her two fingers, exposing her glistening vagina. Wet, slimy sounds filled Stacey’s ears as the woman sunk her fingers inside her. “Where is she? I hope she didn’t fall out. Hmm. Oh! Wait! There she is! Still kicking, too!” The giantess let out a few light moans as she repositioned her fingers.

Stacy shrieked as she realized that the massive woman was gently pulling out a wriggling human being from her most private area. Slithering out with a “shluck” the tiny woman, who was completely naked and had dirty blonde hair soaked in vaginal fluid, looked like she was having a seizure. She shook and struggled as her hands were held tightly by the giantess’ glossy pointer finger and thumb.

“See? A tiny friend for you!” Excitedly claimed the massive black-haired woman as she lifted the woman closer to Stacy. Coming closer, both the smell of the giantess’ pussy and the sound of the screams of the tiny woman became more noticeable. Now within arm’s reach of Stacey, all the tiny, trapped woman could do was scream with a look of terror as she made eye contact with Stacey. Leaning forward to try to grab the woman’s ankle, the slickness was far too much for her to get a grip, her hand slipped off the woman’s foot as she was lifted into the air again.

“Now pay close attention to this part, because this is what you’re in for later.” The massive woman bellowed as she looked straight up, holding the tiny, wet woman directly above her face. Stacey saw the giant woman widely open her mouth as she slowly lowered the tiny screaming lady into her mouth. Closing her lips around the woman and slurping, she removed her empty fingers from her mouth and looked at Stacey. Making direct eye contact, Stacey heard a distinct gulping sound from the woman, seeing her throat muscles jump and a tiny bulge descend behind her chest. “Ahh! So good. I can feel her wriggling all the way down.” The giant woman let out a slight, polite burp and turned away from Stacey, walking towards the panties she kicked to the other side of her room, which was painted a pleasant lavender color. Seeing her naked ass bounce slightly as she walked, Stacey’s vision went out of focus as the woman increased the distance between them.

                Hyperventilating in complete terror, Stacey’s eyes watered, tears flowing freely, her body feeling like it was overheating now, she couldn’t move any of her muscles as she simply watched the massive woman put her panties back on from across the room. “This must be scary for you, huh?” Questioned the giantess rhetorically as she slipped on a black miniskirt she found on the floor of her messy room. “Just think of what that other little bitch is going through inside me right now. I can feel her kicking and squirming, just like she did up my cunt. Old habits die hard, right?” She said, laughing at her own joke.

                “Anyway, my pussy is too sensitive to shove you in right now and this fucking skirt doesn’t have any pockets so I’m going to have to think about how to get you over to Becca’s house. Hmmm.” The giantess looked around the room, her pointer finger covering her mouth as if she was deep in thought. “Oh! I know! Come here!”

                Stacey saw her giant fingers descend towards her, thicker than telephone poles. Feeling her body forcefully jerked up between the woman’s fingers, she closed her eyes in fear. When the movement stopped, she looked down to see that the massive woman was stretching open her tank top so her A-cup bra was opened, showing off her small right breast with a quarter-sized areola, perky and erect.

“Here, hold on to that for a little while.” She said, pressing Stacey’s body on to her nipple, snapping the bra closed all around her.

Stacey felt completely humiliated, her naked body pressed up against this strange woman’s wrinkly, sticky nipple. Smelling nothing but breast sweat and the residue of pussy juice that wiped off on her when she was between the woman’s fingers, Stacey dry heaved and cried. Listening to the outside world bustle around her for several minutes, Stacey screamed and shrieked as she heard other voices, opening doors, footsteps, and car engines while in complete darkness. “Help! Ple-he-he-ase!” Shouted Stacey, crying, her tears falling on to the massive woman’s nipple. Her body covered in humid stickiness, Stacey tried wiping it off her face, only to feel her hand spreading it even more all over her. Hearing a bell ring and the familiar sound of a door opening, Stacey grabbed the nipple and stayed completely still to listen to the outside.

“Hey Becca!” Heard Stacy, the giant voice vibrating all around her.

“Oh, hey Jill! What up, bitch? Ready for our monthly marathon?” Responded a voice with a slightly higher pitch.

“Shit yeah!” Stacey heard footsteps as the world shook with each knock on the floor. “Cereal and cartoons, just like the good ol’ days.”

Feeling jerked back and forth and bounced up and down, she heard silverware clang and the familiar sound of some kind of crunchy cereal fall into a bowl. Listening as her heart rate increased, she recognized the sounds of two bowls land on a glass table. Clang. Clink.

“Get Pokemon ready, I just need to take a piss and I’ll be right out.” Said the shrill voice, footsteps getting less loud as she walked away.

“You got it!” responded Stacey’s captor, Jill.

Bathed in light once again, she looked up to see Jill’s face, two fingers not far behind. Grabbed by her torso once again, Stacey felt some kind of ring or tube surround her ankles. Not able to see beyond Jill’s giant fingers below her, she tried spreading her legs or kicking away the hard object.

“Come on, stupid bitch” Jill whispered in slight frustration.

Hearing a crunching sound, Stacey looked down to see that her waist was now surrounded by a massive, orange Froot Loop. Fitting snugly, Stacey had no chance to escape as it was far too tight to remove. Pounding it, trying to crack it off, she saw Jill’s two fingers around her, holding the Froot Loop by its edges. Looking at Jill straight in the eye, she saw Jill put her pointer finger up to her mouth, making the “Shh” sound. Winking, Jill gently placed the Froot Loop, Stacey and all, into Becca’s cereal bowl.

The shock of the cold milk immediately sent Stacey into a shivering fit. Floating like she was in an inner tube, she couldn’t move because the rest of the bowl was far too crowded with other loops. Looking up, she saw Jill typing on a laptop and pressing buttons on a Playstation controller.

“I’m back!” shouted the shrill voice.

Stacey looked up to see a stick-thin, slightly round-faced woman standing above her. Wearing extremely short cut-off jean shorts showing off her extremely white legs and a long, thin, billowy, white short sleeved blouse with a neck hole large enough to show off her collar bones, Becca wore her light red hair tightly tied back in a ponytail, which showed off her larger-than-average forehead. With big, green eyes with slightly dark rings around them and a somewhat short, round nose, Becca was still attractive, albeit unconventionally. In her frenzy of terrified thoughts, “These girls should get more sun” entered through Stacey’s mind for just a moment. Looking down, Becca’s thin orange eyebrows raised in excitement. “Froot Loops! One of my old favorites!”

“Yeah, I figured you need some fat on you!” Exclaimed Jill, pressing a button on the controller.

Waving her arms to the point of near-exhaustion, Stacey kept shouting “Down here! Please see me! Don’t eat me! Please!” until her voice was completely hoarse.

Seeing the spoon descend for the first time gave Stacey a rush of anxiety. Trying to kick her legs to get away from it, the Froot Loop remained motionless despite her desperate struggles. Looking up to see the first spoonful of cereal enter Becca’s mouth, she saw her round jaw move up and down, crunching the cereal between her teeth before gulping it down with an audible “gluck”. Seeing Becca’s throat muscles jump reminded her of when she saw Jill swallow that poor woman earlier, knowing that she’d be eaten very soon.

The spoon descended again, this time picking up pieces of cereal right next to her. Shrieking as her Froot Loop inner tube shifted position, she kept trying to get Becca’s attention, despite her being transfixed on the television. She didn’t want to die, especially not like this. The thought of being fed to another person was revolting to Stacey. Trying to wriggle her way out of the cereal piece, she found that the moisture absorbed by the loop helped her twist her waist. Now with renewed vigor, she tried her hardest to break free from the Froot Loop that immobilized her.

Feeling herself jostled each time a spoonful of cereal ascended into Becca’s mouth, Stacey could only focus on freeing herself from the tube. She could finally twist herself all the way around. Trying to crack the cereal piece in half with her fist, she only felt soreness in her hand and desperation in her heart. Looking up to see another mouthful descend down Becca’s throat, Stacey tried harder and harder to get the Froot Loop away from her. Looking around at the rest of the bowl, she saw that she was within only one of five or six loops still left floating in the milk.

“Hey, Becca.” She heard Jill say, Stacey shooting her head to look over at the massive black-haired girl. “I bet I can drink my milk faster than you can yours.”

“Bullshit! I still have a few pieces left!” Becca retorted, pointing her finger at the bowl containing tiny Stacey.

“So do I! It’s part of the challenge. Swallow them whole.” Said Jill reassuringly.

“Okay, fine. On the count of three.” Responded Becca, both her hands now around the edges of the bowl.

Stacey’s heart started beating rapidly, her eyes widened, and a chill went up and down her spine at least twice as she felt the milk shake, rising from the short, glass coffee table. Finally able to break free from the orange Froot Loop that contained her, she swam desperately away from Becca’s face. Looking up to see the massive woman get closer and closer, Stacey saw each and every tiny little detail of the redhead’s face. Her pink, smooth lips, her round nose covered with tiny blackheads that would be invisible to a normal sized human, the tiny wrinkles around her eyes, all terrifying to tiny Stacey. Still trying to swim, she felt the current overtake her. Despite swimming away from Becca’s gaping mouth, she felt her body drift backwards, towards it.

Panicking more and more with each gulp she heard behind her, she waved her arms, splashing as much as she could to get away from Becca. Desperation filled her soul as her tears mixed with the milk all over her face. Shrieking as she saw darkness all around her and warmth come into contact with her skin, she expected a swift descent deep inside the woman about to consume her. Still shrieking in absolute terror, she remained still, stuck in the crevice that lined the middle of Becca’s tongue.

Hearing massive sucking sounds as she was pressed up against the roof of Becca’s mouth over and over again, the milk covering her was replaced with thick, slimy, rank saliva. The smell filling her nostrils was slightly sweet, but it mostly smelled like wet garbage. Unable to get a grip on any of the fleshy, wet surfaces, she felt her fingers slide around the roof of Becca’s mouth, unable to push it away. Feeling a grumbling from below, Stacey screamed yet again as she was blasted with a burst of foul-smelling humid air accompanied by a loud, wet belching sound. Wretching in the horror of being in Becca’s completely dark, humid, moist mouth, Stacey tried crawling, but to no avail. The slickness rubbing against her naked body increased her terror, the helplessness of being trapped inside this stranger’s mouth frustrated Stacey, causing her to pound down on the wet tongue, feeling the wet taste buds under her fist.


                Both Jill and Becca made eye contact as they slurped down the milk noisily. Dripping down both their chins, droplets of milk landed on their bare thighs, barely noticeable on their pure white skin. Each gulp caused their throats to jump slightly, sending another wave of milk down into their stomachs. Becca, not knowing of the terrifying scene happening right under her nose, moved the bowl away from her face just one second after Jill did. Becca, feeling a remaining piece in the middle of her tongue, sucked the flavor off of it. Strangely, it tasted salty, almost like sweat. Letting out a belch, she gathered up a pool of saliva and swallowed the last piece down to her belly.

                “Ha! I win!” shouted Jill, waving her arms in the air, taking a victory pose.

                “No fair! I had to swallow more pieces than you did!” Retorted Becca, giggling as she wiped the milk off her face.

                “Whatever, you want another bowl?” Asked Jill, wiping her face as well.

                “Nah, I’m good for now. I’ll wait a bit. That was a lot of milk.” Responded Becca.

                “I’ll pour two more after this episode, kay?” Said Jill.

                “Sure, sounds good to me! I’ll be done digesting this by then.” Said Becca.

                Jill bit her lower lip and exhaled. “Yeah, you will be.” She said breathily, squinting at her friend.


“Gluck” heard Stacey all around her. Feeling her breasts and torso squeezed through a tight, bumpy ring, Becca’s wet esophagus slithered over her naked skin. Screaming, she sensed she was descending in her chest as she was being forced downward face-first further into darkness. Hearing muffled voices and giggling above, the vibrations of Becca’s voice reverberated through Stacey’s tiny body. Becca’s massive beating heart pressing against her, Stacey wriggled and squirmed against the near-endless strength of the esophagus’ peristalsis. Rhythmically forced downward, the smooth skin glided over her like she had been oiled up until Stacey felt a wrinkly ring suck on her face.

Stopping quickly, the entrance to Becca’s stomach tightly slid around her, as if she was being forced through a too-tight inner tube that had been lubed up with mucous. As her face entered the stomach, the sour, burning air caused Stacey to squint and gasp, filling her nostrils with the most disgusting smell her brain could process. As the sphincter squeezed Stacey’s legs all the way through, she fell face first into a mass of extremely hot, slimy vomit.

Immediately feeling pushed by Becca’s stomach and forced between two mucous-covered wrinkles, Stacey screamed as the warm fluid washed all over her entire body. Hearing nothing but vile “shluck” sounds all around her, she pressed against the stomach walls, trying to move. Her hands slipping from all the slime, Stacey’s mind raced. An immensely overwhelming mixture of emotions flooded through her brain as she fought the near-endless soup of cereal and body fluid. Naked, she felt the warm goo between her legs, toes, and fingers. Trying to wipe it off her face, she got some in her mouth. Spitting out the vomit, she dry heaved, trying to vomit herself. She had never been so disgusted and terrified in all her life.

Becoming exhausted, she continued fighting the endless current that was Becca’s stomach churning. Pressed between two stomach folds, she wriggled as the two walls of the organ slid against each other with Stacey in the middle. Trying not to breathe in the acrid air, she couldn’t help herself. Attempting to only inhale through her mouth to avoid the smell caused a wave of vomit to be forced into her mouth, leading her to even swallow some of it. Crying in terror, Stacey couldn’t make any noise but constant shrieking and screaming as the dark wetness overcame her. Smelling nothing but the foul stench of digesting food, Stacey wanted nothing more than to lose consciousness.


                Jill and Becca sat on opposite sides of the couch watching the large, flat-screen television at Becca’s apartment. Watching the adventures of Ash and friends, just like when they were children, brought back feelings of nostalgia to both girls.

                “My tummy feels weird. It’s all fluttery, like I have butterflies in there or something.” Noted Becca.

                “Maybe it’s ‘cause you drank the milk too fast.” Jill said, licking her lips and exhaling strongly.

                “Eh, it doesn’t feel too bad. It’s weird, but it kinda tickles. I’m sure it’ll go away in a few minutes.” Said Becca.

                “I know it will.” Responded Jill, her eyelids relaxing, feeling moisture soak into her panties.


                “Please!” Screamed Stacey, knowing full well no one was there to hear her. “Oh God, please! Make it stop! Make it sto-ho-hop!” She cried as the stomach walls pressed her into the mash of chewed Froot Loops. Humidity filled her lungs as she inhaled the stink, causing her to cough uncontrollably. Still in the pitch darkness, she tried wiping the chyme from her eyes, knowing it was a fruitless endeavor. “Ugh! Ugh!” She said as she was forced on to one of the stomach wrinkles, feeling it slide between her legs, rubbing up against her bare vagina. Feeling humiliation to her very core and knowing this would be the end, she just screamed in terror, not knowing what else to do.

                The burning became unbearable. The sour, harsh acids turned her skin’s soreness into extreme pain. Trying to wipe herself off in vain every time a new wave of chewed food splashed against her bare skin, the stinging all over gradually became worse and worse. Choking on Becca’s stomach contents, Stacey cried and coughed at the same time, sending her body into spasms and her brain into a terrified frenzy. Shaking uncontrollably, Stacey inhaled a mixture of air and vomit, causing her to throw up the stomach contents she swallowed earlier. Smelling nothing but sour acid, tasting nothing but vomit, and feeling nothing but slime cover her skin, Stacey felt a new, colder mass land on her body, knocking her out, never to awaken again.


                Swallowing more mouthfuls of cereal, Becca said “The tickling feeling is gone. Must have been nothing. I guess I was still hungry or something.”

                “I guess!” Responded Jill, her legs now squirming together. “Y’know, I like these monthly marathons we have. I love these old shows and eating this sugary cereal. Reminds me of Saturday mornings. Remember actually waking up early on Saturday? I can’t even imagine that now!”

                “Yeah! I know, right? I also forgot how much I like Froot Loops!” Becca said, rubbing her belly.

                “Believe me, I like it too. We should get together and eat cereal more than once a month, I think.” Said Jill.

                “That sounds great! Let’s make this a weekly thing! Weekly marathons!” Excitedly exclaimed Becca.

                “That sounds perfect.” Said Jill, twirling her shrinking ring, thinking about how many more people she could feed to her best friend.



                The next day, Becca walked through the hallway of one of the main buildings on the campus at which she went to school. Wearing a tight, turquoise v-neck tee shirt and a black frilly miniskirt, she had no idea that a woman’s corpse was stuck in her rectum, embedded in a log of feces. A look of terror frozen on her face as it pressed against the inside of Becca’s asshole, Stacey’s grey-skinned body was contorted into an unnatural position, now part of the redhead’s bowel movement.

Just before she was about to enter her classroom, a familiar feeling came over Becca: the need to relieve herself. Taking a left into the ladies’ restroom, she entered one of the stalls and pulled her panties down to her shins. Spreading her ass cheeks open, her anus widened to release the hunk of shit from her body. Stacey’s partially digested skin slid against the inside of Becca’s asshole as it slithered into the toilet bowl with a plop. Now releasing a hot stream of urine on top of the floating brown log that contained Stacey, she unknowingly dislodged the tiny victim from her poop, causing the body to float in a yellow pool before it was flushed down forever with a wad of shitty toilet paper.


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