Office Assistant by chicletsized30

A young, overweight, girl with self esteem issues take a job at an office.  One day she's an office assistant, the next day she has the world at her feet.

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I've had this idea for a while as well. I'm new to the whole writing thing...please any advice you can provide would great.  

Getting the Job by chicletsized30
Author's Notes:

First chapter...just setting up the scene. Not sure where I'm going to go with this, but I expect her to grow more evil as the story goes on.  Would love an entire office worship fest haha.


Bernadette was incredibly nervous as she walked into the big building located in Center City Philadelphia.  She had been interviewing for this job for over a month now, and it seems like the company was ready to make a decision.  The hiring manager told her it had come down to just her and one other girl.  As she slowly walked to the security desk to sign in, the door man Steve, greeted her politely and activated the elevator for her for go up to the 9th floor.   Bernadette made her way to the elevator and thanked Steve



Aside from the sheer nervousness of being in the final interview, Bernadette also had a few other insecurities.  Much to her dismay, she was extremely overweight.  To paint an accurate picture, she was probably close to 5'2" yet she weighted over 350 lbs. She naturally had a rather round and pudgy face, and her stomach sort of hung over her pants.  It's a good guess that about 150 of the 350 pounds resided in her gigantic ass. In many cases she required a special chair to sit in, which she kindly provided herself so as not to inconvience her place of employment during the hiring process. Each quadricep was about the size of a well-built mans torso, and her calfs were slightly drooping with excess fat.  Her feet...oh her poor feet.  She had a rather long foot for a girl of her size, wearing a size 8 in womens. Her biggest issue here was that because of her large size, her feet were wide and flat.  She actually caved in her arches because she was so heavy, and her foot was wider then (left to right) then you face is.  Each toe was short and plumply.  Despite the painful ailments her feet suffered from, she did enjoy getting a weekly pedicure.   Aside from the fact that the massage and treatment felt wonderful on her feet...there was something about having another human being toiling away at her feet.  In a world where she knew she was never going to be perfect, for one brief moment she felt like a queen, with maids throwing themselves at her feet and attending to her every need.



As she stepped on the elevator she felt the usual drop from her enormous weight being added on.  She fought the slight nausea feeling she got from being on elevators...for some reason they didn't sit well with her. Maybe because she was already providing so much gravitational pull. When the doors opened she got of and walked towards the receptionist office.


"Why hello again dear! Here for your final interview?" asked the nice but overly energetic receptionist Gerri.

"Yeah, fingers crossed I get the job" Bernadette responded and took her seat quitely.  She looked down at her feet and the black flats she was wearing.  For a girl of her size and stature, heels were just out of the question.  She slid off one shoe to look at her foot.  Wiggling her toes, she thought briefly about what if would be like for a bug to be trapped underneath her giantess soles.  Despite other issues, her feet were incredibly soft.  Bernadette imagined pressing the heel of her foot onto the little bug.  As she applied pressure, her soft skinned foot gave way before the bug's exoskeleton did, creating a soft impression on her foot.  

Sometimes...when she was really nervous, she would envision that instead of a bug at her feet it was a person.  This was obviously nonsense to think about, but since she had such low self esteem, sometime it helped to elevate her mindset.  Right now she was envision it was her hopefully future boss.  No bigger then toe nail, she chuckled to herself at thought of the diminutive man trapped and struggling under her foot.  Sometimes she would imagine that she scrunched the person between her toes while they licked and clean each one.   Deep down beneath the folds of excess skin and fat, a certain part of her body begain to moisten up.

Suddenly a man walks through the doors, "Hello Ms Spencer! Pleasure seeing you again.  I see you brought your chair with you.  Shall we go back to my office and begin the interview" the man said.

"Yes thank you Mr. Dustin, I'm ready and I appreciate you giving me the time today" Bernadette said politely.

"My pleasure Ms Thomas...we are anxious to hire someone and look forward to them starting soon. 

As they both walked back to Mr Dustin's office, Bernadette looked around the office and thought about the possibilites of working here.  She was excited and hopeful all at the same time

Mr Dustin sat down at his desk. Shuffling some papers he push them aside and said "Listen I'm throwing the HR handbook out for a second. I'm not talking to you as a boss or a hiring manager, but a real person.  This job is going to require you to move around the office, deliver orders up two - three flights of steps, multiple times a day.  I'm a little worried that you do this giving of fitness"


Bernadette was so blown away. Never had a boss so honest and forthcoming with her.  She would be lying if she didn't admit she was a little offended, but she was too afraid to say anything so she just responded "Yes I can definitely handle all the work...I'm more active then I seem" 

Mr Dustin just looked at her for a minute.  Out of no where, a big smile covers his face and he said..." hired, you start tomorrow, be in at 9:00am"

Bernadette was so excited she didn't know what to do!  She went to stand up qauickly to shake Mr Dustin's hand and out of pure excitement, as she stood up, her ankle gave out on her (which was not uncommon at her size).  Instead of falling forward though, she rolled it and fell to her right, landing with a huge thud.  On the top of Mr Dustin's shelf, a golfball fell off and landed on the floor.

"Oh my God, are you ok?" shouted Mr Dustin


"Yes I'm fine, my apologies, sometime I can be a little clumsey with my ankle.  

"I hope you don't have this issue regularly...I have a think about feet and ankles, I really dislike them, so I'm hoping your not going to be lounging around with your shoes off once you start here" says Mr Dustin

"No of course not. I intend to conduct myself with nothing but the high degree of proffessionalism Mr Dustin, but thank you for your concern" Bernadette said. Thinking to herself she though he didn't sound concerned at all.  This slightly upset her.  Well Mr just saved another bug in Bernadettes dreams because you are going to licking and worshipping at her feet all night long thanks to this little episode, if only in her fantasies and dreams.

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