Standard Self Care by tinygirlvoyeur

Just a little story idea I had today.

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Yes, I'm still alive.

This Is The Only Chapter by tinygirlvoyeur
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Ivy tossed her long blond hair over her shoulders as she got out of the shower. She dried herself off and opened her bathroom cabinet. Grabbing the brightly colored box inside, she opened the lid and took out one of the half inch tall wrappers. It began to squirm as soon as her fingers touched it, of course. Tearing away the plastic, the tiny mant (man-pet) inside let out a high pitched squeak as she lowered him between her legs. It was only natural for a woman to want to wipe away any excess shower water or discharge between her legs, and what better to do with it than a mant? Ivy chuckled as the little screams made her pussy lips tickle. How cute. She bent down and used a hand to part her bright pink labia. The "scream" from the mants never got old.

Running the tiny from the opening to her cunt to the hood where her clit rested, Ivy hummed to herself as she repeated the motion several times. Up and down, up and down. The little mant, she noticed, had red hair. Interesting. Peeking between his legs, Ivy was pleased to see the penis there was halfway stiff. Of course, the mant was terrified out of his puny mind-it was written all over his face-but the body had a chance of betraying him, as always.

"Ooh, a treat!"

The sorority sister pursed her full pink lips and then pressed them against the mant's groin. The tiny mant began to squirm and was making noises, but she had brought the kind who were no longer able to speak (she would have to use the product's app to give them that privilege again) for a reason. The little penis was already stiffening as she suckled on it, occasionally kissing the hanging testicles underneath it. She took the testicles into her mouth as well after a moment, pinning the mant's arms and legs to his pale, freckled sides. This was the job of any decent mant owner/caretaker, which was also why they were off limits to anyone under the age of adulthood...well, usually most mant owners let them take care of themselves, but Ivy subscribed to the school of attachment ownership. Why not make your mants loyal to you through consistent pleasuring? Of course, new ones like this would take awhile to tame, but nothing a few club nights in her signature transparent orange high heels couldn't fix.

As the mants' body began to turn red, Ivy stopped sucking on the miniscule genitalia. Flushed and twitching in her hand, the mant didn't protest now as she spread her cunt lips again. She pressed the mant against them, making sure his little face was right against her clitoral hood. His little penis and testicles were right at the opening of her vagina. She felt a queef exit her then, causing the penis to twitch. How adorable. Maybe later, she'd reposition him so his face was against her pussy and he could breathe in her queef and drink her discharge. She closed the cunt lips, trapping the mant against her. He was still twitching a bit, but Ivy quickly put on a pair of underwear. She would put another mant in the back to enjoy any farts on the way out, as usual. The ones she had already trained and were loyal to her lived cushier lives in her apartment, but these were still new to...well, everything.

Ivy put on a bra and got dressed. Her sorority sisters were going to be volunteering with her and they had a lot of walking to do around town to pick up trash! Thankfully, the little mant between her legs would keep her pussy company. Each of them had their own mants as well, of course. Any self respecting woman did, though all had their own preferences. Sheena, for example, preferred hers extra small, much smaller than what Ivy cared for. The other blond usually had dozens of nano sized mants on her at a time, all on or in various parts of her body, but to each their own. Ivy preferred to have just one or two mants in specific places in order to focus her attention better.

After brushing her teeth and doing her makeup, Ivy added the mants to her asshole (her farts would keep him nice and warm) while two loyal mants she had next to her bed dutifully went into each of her sneakers. Those actually had been rewarded with names and generally could just hang out whenever Ivy wasn't around. She put in the special insole gel that went around each shoe dwelling mant that was custom formed to the bottom of her foot before putting on her shoes. The food for them all went into her purse-she would feed them at lunch, since it was most convenient-and made sure that the ones staying at home in her room at the sorority house had water and food.

"Be good until I get back!"

The mants all watched her leave, though she did leave the television remote for them. They were allowed to have a Netflix profile due to their loyal service, though Ivy could lock them out at any moment.

Hearing a car horn honking outside, Ivy grinned as she went to meet her friends. Her pussy was still being tickled, which she planned to enjoy the feel of all day.

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