"Out in the Rain" A Gulliverse Adventure by Tiny_One

A tiny Lilly has found himself desperate for food.  Living unseen in the lawn of a two giant co-ed college students, he makes the bold decision to try and find food and shelter within.  

Is this a good idea?

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Chapter 1 by Tiny_One
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Feedback Appreciated

As I venture out into the rain I am instantly soaked by the massive droplets falling all around me.  It was dangerous leaving the abandoned wormhole that I had been calling home, but hunger  had finally gotten the best of me.   The door of the house whose yard I had been squatting in looms before me.  Approaching it I try and see if there’s enough room for me to squeeze underneath the frame. A warm and dry world teases me from the other side of the gargantuan door.  As I crawl I’m met with a thick soft fabric.  After a few moments of pushing I give up.  The resident had shoved something under the door, presumably to stop a drafty wind. I sigh and begin to look around, hoping for another way in.  Finally I look  up and notice that the window next to the door is slightly cracked and there is a piece of vine growing up the wall next to it.

“Perfect”. I say aloud.

             I walk over to the vine and give it a few hard tugs to test its strength. Barely  moving at my effort, I can safely assume it will hold my weight.  Not that I weigh much or anything at my minuscule size.  Hand over hand,foot over foot I slowly begin to work my way up.  Luckily the rain had died down while I was clinging to the vine.  Just as I start to feel like I’m getting somewhere, fate comes in with other plans. 

            The tremors were so faint at first, I barely even noticed them.  However this changed very quickly as the intensity increases.    I hold on tightly to the vine as I hear the echoing sound of the massive door knob clicking next to me.  I see it turn like a planet's revolution, allowing the impossible large door to swing open.  A giant figure moves past me.  I try to turn to see what it was but the door slams closed, sending a simultaneous shock wave and powerful wind gust into me. A feeling of weightlessness washed over me as the vine moved violently back and forth.   A few moments of chaos it settles down and I’m able to take a breath and regain my bearings. 

             Once I was secure again I looked behind to see where the gigantic figure had gone.   Just as I do so the massive figure appears right before me. Time seems to slow down as my eyeline panes up, revealing a massive college aged girl. Looking down she shuffles some large white objects. I’m in complete awe of her. Long blonde hair cascaded down her back.  A pair of tight jeans accents her muscular legs. She was definitely an athlete.  

“This is insane” I say outloud. 

          The giantess reaches out and opens the door once again. I brace for impact as she walks through the threshold. Her massive footfalls causing tremors felt all the way up to my perch. The door closes and a familiar burst of air hits me, sending me momentarily swinging once again, like a tiny Tarzan. 

            I continue my climb until I’m finally at the window sill. Taking a moment to catch my breath I look into the house. It looks so clean and organized. The giant girl must take a lot of pride in that, I think to myself.  I walk under the giant window and enter the massive room.  First the warmth hits me like a snuggly blanket. I’ve been cold for so long I can barely remember what comfort feels like. I just stand on the windowsill for a second taking it all in. Then the tremors start to happen again, the telltale sign of an approaching goddess. She enters the room and I’m just awestruck with her beauty. I watch her as she goes about her business, oblivious to her new housemate. Suddenly I hear her voice as it booms around me.

“Brr. Where’s that breeze coming from...oh shit the windows open”

           My heart stops as I see her approaching my perch. Barely inside and I’m already going to be found and god knows what’s she going to to me. I quickly look around as she approached and i notice a string for the blinds next to me that goes to the ground. With all my strength I sprint to it and grab into to, all the while the titan gets bigger and bigger as she approaches me. I wrap my arms and legs around the string for the curtains and jump from the windowsill, sliding down down down towards the floor. I hit  just as she reaches the window will. Before I have a chance to move I’m surrounded by her gigantic feet. They dwarf me like rows of buildings as Iay there,  frozen in fear.

“Did Jenny leave this window open again? She’s lucky she’s adorable”


Looking out the window she reaches out and touches the glass, feeling the condensation on her fingertips. 

“Jeez when this rain going to let up”

          I stand perfectly still hoping she doesn’t look down and notice me. The aroma of her feet surrounding me gives a slight scent of rose. She obviously takes care of them.  After what seems like an eternity she turns and walks away, causing tremors to vibrate the ground around me as she leaves. I let go of my death grip on the string and curl up into a ball for a few minutes.

“What have I gotten myself into?”

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