The Girl Who Grew by subasubaski

Taken from her idyllic existence and put in a world she doesn't understand, Enna makes the best of a bad situation.

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Story Notes:

I wanted to do a story about a physical competition with size-based stakes. I pounded this out in an hour. I may continue it later.

Chapter 1 by subasubaski

Enna lived in a cloistered interior room of an enormous, sprawling structure. She shared it with two other women, and daily the mistress of the palace would pay them a visit. The mistress was a woman of great stature,

standing a head taller than the subservient creatures over whom she and her partner would lord their authority. He had never come to see them, but his presence was felt whenever the tall woman stopped by to see them.

Enna’s cellmates had names, but never spoke them. Neither did she speak her own. They had been muted by a spell upon their capture and assignation to servitude. They would not have shared stories of their old lives with each other even if they could speak. She remembered an open space, green things that reached to the heavens, great thumping noises, and the light of the day. It had been a fairly empty existence, devoid of community or education or love; she didn’t know that, though. Her memories were hazy, and everything before the day she’d been taken blended together in a blur of noise and color. There was no pain or pleasure, though she knew of these things now.

On the most important day of Enna’s life, the mistress came to them with company. Three of her attending ladies approached the captives and stripped them of the simple, rough robes that they wore in seclusion. The brown things were torn from them and thrown to the floor. Then the ladies bound the hands of the three serving-girls and escorted them to the mistress, who stood waiting in the hallway. This had never happened before. It was a first.

“You have waited patiently for the day of your use,” the mistress said when the three women stood nude before her, “and it has come at last. My husband, your master and owner, has decreed that you will engage in martial combat today. The last standing of the three will be rewarded beyond her wildest dreams. The others will be subject to her whims and desires for the rest of time--though this will not be the extent of reward for the victor.”She wore a simple blue dress, which flattered her hourglass figure and drew attention to her height. She opened the door across the hallway from Enna’s cell, revealing an octagonal arena; in its middle was a pit. The walls of the room were filled with costumes, none of them intended to leave the wearer with any dignity.

“Take something down and put it on,” shouted one of the ladies as she shoved Enna into the arena chamber. “When you’re all dressed, we’ll explain the rules.” Enna grabbed the first thing she saw, a purple thong that was too small to cover her asshole; she could feel the floss rubbing against her pussy, and thought about changing it out. But the other girls were already dressed; she grabbed a little cylinder of fabric and threw it over herself, barely containing her breasts with it.

“The rules are simple,” called one of the other women. “Don’t kill each other, and the last one standing after the others are in the pit wins. Nobody leaves ‘til two of you are down. Now, fight.” Enna saw one of her roommates charge at the other, who hesitated before moving out of the way; she fell into the pit immediately, and screamed on her way down. The girl who had knocked her in looked Enna’s way next, but when she advanced, Enna came at her, as well; a punch to her breast knocked her down, and Enna had her pinned. She didn’t hate this girl, but she felt no desire to be pushed down the hole. Enna pushed and pulled at her cellmate, fighting to move her closer to the hole; but the other girl--such pretty gold hair she has, thought Enna in that moment--pushed her off and sent her rolling across the arena. She grabbed Enna’s leg and pulled her toward the center of the ring; but Enna kicked at her face with her free foot and knocked her back, stumbling, into the deep hole. A blood-curdling roar came from her as she tumbled into the depths of the unknown space beneath Enna and the four ladies of the palace, joining the first girl’s screams.

“You were the favorite, you know,” said the mistress as Enna caught her breath. “You had size on them. Bigger in a lot of ways. But nothing like what you’re going to be in a few minutes.” She snapped her fingers again, and Enna passed out while the three ladies came toward her with fresh bindings.


When she came to, Enna was in a new space. It was not like the stonework of the arena room or her cloister. It was a sterile white room with blinding light coming from a circle on the ceiling. She was bound to a table, tied at the hands and feet; but she could wiggle her body if she wanted to. Something was moving in her ass, and she realized that her clothes were different. Gone was the thong and the thin, torn brassiere she’d found. She now wore a bodysuit of sorts, one which plunged deep down her front, leaving the uppermost of her pubic hairs visible and showing off all of her tits. She could feel that, in the back, it left some of her cheeks exposed, leaving her with a constant asscrack. Something was definitely wiggling around in that tight space. It felt good; she squirmed as it rubbed against her asshole, and let out a little giggle. This brought a man into the room.

“You’re awake,” he said. “Good.” She couldn’t make out his face. It was obscured, as if by a thick smoke or fog that hovered in front of it like a mask. “I own you, and my privacy is very important to me. You’ll never know my name, but I know more about you than you ever will. This room--” he motioned at the space around her-- “will be your new home. It’s bigger than the last one, though it doesn’t look that way.” Suddenly, the metal rings shackling Enna to the slab-table released her and slid back into the table. She dropped to the floor, landing on her feet and feeling the thing in her ass move again. “You’re bigger now, too,” he said. “You see, you’re a bit of a piece of art now. I’ll have people come by every now and then to see you. The Girl That Grew, And The Girls That Didn’t. A big social statement. Much, much too big for you to understand. Your people are so interesting, so simple and easily entertained.” He tipped his head forward and the smog tipped with it. Then he left her, alone in the room with an object whose purpose she intuited immediately. It was a dildo.


Much later, lying on the floor in a puddle of her own cum, she felt something move in her ass again. She had forgotten all about it in her pleasure, but now it had her full attention. She reached into the back of her bodysuit and felt around, until she found the source of the motion. Enna pulled two tiny human forms out of her asscrack and gaped at them. They had been her cloistermates once, but now they were hers entirely.

End Notes:

Maybe there's more, I dunno.

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