A Holiday Wager by Omanahan88

A married couple takes a trip every Christmas eve to the coast to visit with family. In an effort to mitigate the boredom that comes with holiday travel, they begin making an annual wager with an interesting set of stakes. Unfortunately for Jeff, his confidence in his ability to win is sorely misplaced as Kayla finally gets a taste of victory for herself.

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I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

The Wager by Omanahan88

I smirked as I watched my wife check her hair in the passenger side vanity mirror. I turned back in my own seat contentedly, as I turned the key and enjoyed the sound of the engine roaring to life. I watched the garage door begin to rise, giving us a crystal clear view of the snow covered lawn, adorned with adorable little light up snowmen and other Christmas decor. 

“Ya know…” I started to speak but I was instantly silenced by my wife, who snapped her fingers and pointed menacingly at me.

“Don’t you start! Not. One. Word.” She said succinctly, furrowing her brow at my growing smile.

“What… I was just gonna say good luck.” I replied with a chuckle. She simply shook her head at my less than gracious offer of well wishes, knowing that there was more to come. “I mean you work so hard on your hair and makeup, I’d hate to see it ruined like last time.”

This time I couldn’t hold back a wholehearted laugh that caused me to shake in my seat. Kayla grumpily crossed her arms as she sat back in her own seat. She brushed some of her beautiful blonde locks out of her face as she pouted over my cocky gloating. See for the last three years, we’ve been participating in a new holiday tradition. Previously, we always dreaded having to drive all the way to my parents house out on the coast. It wasn’t that we had any issue with my folks, but the drive was just so goddamn tedious, that by the time we drove out, had dinner, and then drove back, we ended up being totally drained for Christmas Day. And so it was three years ago that Kayla proposed a new wager that might help to provide that little boost of energy that we needed to handle seven total hours of road time.

“I mean, I just got a new pair of briefs… so they’re a bit  tight. So you’re gonna have to squeeze in there under my dick.” I taunted, grinning from ear to ear as I pulled out of the garage and began our long drive. Kayla pulled her phone from her purse and began to browse work emails, not looking over to feed into my playful teasing.

“Keep being an ass… it’ll just be more humiliating when I win this year.” She replied flatly, continuing to work on her phone. I looked over and let out a hearty laugh once more. In the three years since we started playing our little game, Kayla had yet to win a single time and I was getting accustomed to shrinking her down and doing whatever I wanted with her until Christmas morning. 

“Ooooh someone’s a bit grumpy…” I goaded, “Keep up the attitude and you can just ride home in my boot, like last year.” That little comment managed to get a small rise out of her, much to my delight. This time, she reached over and slapped me on the arm. It wasn’t quite a full on punch, but it was definitely much harder than a playful slap. 

“I swear to god Jeff, if you ever put me in that goddamn boot ever again I will murder you in your sleep.”  She shouted, grumpily falling back into her seat.

“Listen babe, all you have to do is win for once and you can get all of that sweet, sweet revenge that I KNOW you’re dying for.” I taunted again, reaching down to try to adjust my crotch. Damn, these briefs are crazy tight. I smirked again, Kayla was in for a rough ride home.

“Ugh, it’s not my fault that your mom sucks at kemps.” She said, still pouting. “God it’s so frustrating.” I chuckled again. She was right of course. My mother is god awful at plenty of card games, but none more so than kemps. She just had a bad habit of getting over excited whenever she had a winning set and I never failed to call her on it. I simply shook my head and reached over to turn up the radio. I decided I should give Kayla a bit of a break for the rest of the ride. There would be plenty of time for taunting once I had her shrunken down and dropped her into my underwear.


“Alright, how about we play some cards?” I asked, shooting a sly smirk over to where my wife was leaving against the kitchen counter, snacking on some deviled eggs leftover from dinner. She returned an angry glare as both of my parents agreed and we gathered back around the kitchen table to play our annual game. The four of us sat there and played cards, keeping up a jovial conversation as my father and I took the first two rounds of the game. I didn’t even need to see my wife to know that her frustration was reaching a boiling point and that simple fact caused a partial erection to begin to form. I couldn’t wait to have her trapped against my cock for that long ass drive.

“KEMPS!” My mother shouted at the top of her lungs, snapping me out of my daydream. I looked over to where she had a full set of sixes in her hand, celebrating as if she had just won the damn Super Bowl. I then turned back to my wife to see her with a testy little smirk painted across her own face. 

“Okay sweetheart, enjoy it while you can.” I thought to myself as we quickly began the next round. It was clear that my mother was still riding the high of finally winning a round and as much as I didn’t want to bring her down, I smiled as I saw my fourth queen enter my hand. 

“STOP!” My wife shouted, causing me to look up in shock. She was staring at me with an intense grin, along with both of my parents who sat quietly waiting for me to reveal my hand. And as soon as I set the cards down the entire table erupted with cheers and laughter, even my father who’s admittedly a better sport than I am. I looked up at my wife and furrowed my brow.

“Lucky guess?” I said, half asking and half brushing their win off as nothing more than a simple fluke.

“Guess you’ll find out.” Kayla said sneakily, reaching out to give my mom a high five, much to her delight. I tried my best to brush it off, trying to prepare for the next round. Soon the cards began circulating again and this time I made sure to keep checking on my wife who was completely focused on her cards. Her sly smile began to distract me as I began to get too focused on her and less so on my own cards. I felt my jaw growing more tense, God how I wanted to win this game.

Suddenly, I heard it. There was a soft coughing noise coming from Kayla’s side of the table and my eyes snapped up towards her, I looked up to see her staring directly at me, with that same damn smile on her face. I stared at her for a moment and began to open my mouth to shout ‘STOP,” but I hesitated for a moment. I looked her in the eyes and saw through her little trick. She was bluffing and I wasn’t about to fall for it.

“KEMPS!” My mother shouted again, causing my wife to drop her cards and burst out laughing. I sat in disbelief as I saw that she once again had a full set, bringing the score to 3-2. 

“Goddammit!” I shouted, covering my mouth as my mother reached out and slapped me on the arm.

“Jeffery! Language!” My mother scolded as my wife just grinned and shook her head. I quickly mumbled an apology and blamed my outburst on the surprising turnaround that they were pulling off. I hopped up from the table to grab another beer out of the garage fridge, buying myself a couple of minutes to cool off. I leveraged the bottle cap against the edge of my father’s workshop and slammed my hand down, sending the cap flying across the room.

“What’s the matter, tough guy?” A voice whispered from behind me, causing me to jump ever so slightly. I spun around to see Kayla grinning at me from ear to ear. She stepped into the garage and retrieved a beer for herself from the fridge. “Getting a little nervous? Oooh it’s going to feel sooooo good to finally be the one doing the tormenting. I haven’t even thought about how to bring you home. What do you think, in my shoe or between my tits?” She asked playfully, squeezing her arms together and causing her bosom to push outwards. 

“Keep it up tiny, now you’ve got me all excited over the game and I’m starting to sweat. Maybe I’ll tuck you under my balls for the whole trip.” I said wrapping an arm around behind her back and pulling her in for a kiss before heading back towards the door. 

“Keep it up, you’re gonna regret it.” I hear her say as she follows me back into the house. We sat back down at the table returning to both the game and the conversation with my parents. As the game continued, my father and I managed to win two more rounds, but unfortunately allowed the ladies to sneak in one more round for themselves. As the final round began, I couldn’t help but notice that my palms were actually sweating like crazy. I looked up to see Kayla staring at me, that same sinister smile painted on her face. 

I looked back down at my cards, rapidly picking up new cards from my left and passing them on to my right, desperately waiting for one of the cards that I needed. Just as I was beginning to feel as though this was the longest round of kemps in history, my heart leapt. A third two entered my possession and now I was only one card away from winning the game. 

“STOP!” My mother shouted, causing all of the cards to stop being passed. For a moment, I was overcome with dread, thinking that we had just lost the game, but I quickly realized that she had jumped the gun. I only had three of a kind, not four! 

“Ahahahaha sorry Ma! You’re a bit too early!” I shouted, throwing down my cards to show that I didn’t have a full set. “Jesus it was a close game though.”

My mother looked up at me, confused. “Well, I was calling out your father.” She replied. My mouth instantly went dry as I turned to see my father slap his hand down on the table and throw his hands into the air.

“What the heck Jeff? I’ve been sitting on four aces since thanksgiving!” He said, eliciting a loud laugh from the entire table.

“Guess YOU were a bit premature there sweetie!” Kayla shouted in between fits of laughter. I could feel my face getting visibly flushed as I took my seat again and just stared at the cards. The conversation continued, with minimal participation from me as I was still in shock from losing my wager for the first time. Eventually it got late and my wife and I said goodbye to my parents, preparing to take the long trip back home. And for the first time, I was the one doomed to be subjected to the auspices of my wife. As we walked across the driveway towards my truck, I couldn’t shake this sinking feeling in my stomach. I was genuinely beginning to regret all of the taunting I’ve done over the past few years. 

“Babe…” I started to speak but Kayla cut me off again. 

“Ah, just give me a second, I really want to savor this.” She let out a heavy sigh. “God I’ve been dying for this since last year’s bullshit.” She said, spinning on her heels and glaring at me. I backpedaled slightly, despite knowing that there was nothing to be done about it at this point. I tried to stammer out an excuse as I felt myself begin to quickly dwindle in size, but after a few moments I found myself standing at only a few inches tall on the frigid asphalt. Kayla’s well manicured fingers came swooping down to retrieve me from the ground. She brought me up to her face and grinned an enormous toothy smile at me. Her gargantuan features struck absolute terror into me. 

We had tried shrinking tech at one time to try to spice things up in the bedroom, but neither of us were really into it. Don’t get me wrong, I considered my wife to be the most spectacularly beautiful woman in the world and at this scale, there was no denying that she was nothing short of an absolute goddess. The simple fact of the matter was that neither of us were participants of the macro/micro fetish. However, once Kayla suggested this little game of ours, the potential for humiliation really got the both of us going. Now I found myself in the vulnerable position of our little arrangement and I was dreading this ride home. 

“Okay, since we’ve got a nice long ride ahead of us, I wanna go ahead and get started with the torture.” She squealed, tossing me down onto my leather drivers seat where I had been sitting so confidently only a few hours earlier. Kayla stepped up into the truck and hoisted herself overtop of me, letting her gargantuan, jean clad ass loom overhead like a meteor threatening to destroy my very existence. I watched in terror as she swayed her buttocks back and forth. She was enjoying the sensation of dread that she was inflicting on me and she made no attempts to hide that fact. 

“Oh wait, one more thing.” She said, reaching down to press one of the buttons on the truck console. I watched as a light flashed on to indicate that the driver’s side heated seats were now activated. “Let’s get some sweat building up.” She chirped playfully as she brought her titanic behind down on top of me. 

The instant that my giantess wife settled down into the seat, I felt all of my breath being forced out of my body. I struggled to gain a grip on the endless wall of dark blue denim, my tiny fingers unable to contend with the taught fabric. I looked up, seeing the wall of Kayla’s jeans come to a stop, miles above my head. From this angle, I could see up her back to where a waterfall of golden blonde locks fell past her shoulders. Then my gigantic wife looked back over her shoulder, laughing as she saw my head and shoulders peeking out from beneath her ass.

“Kiss my ass Jeff.” She said with a smirk, shifting her weight back and forth in the seat. I groaned as the enormous weight began to grind my tiny body into the faux leather seat. The entire experience was certainly uncomfortable, but thankfully my pain tolerance was through the roof thanks to the shrinking process. And because of this fact, coupled with my wounded pride, I wasn’t about to let her bully me into submission. Sure she could try to humiliate me, but the way I saw it, she couldn’t hurt me so I had no real reason to give her the satisfaction of seeing just how much I hated being the tiny one. 

She raised an eyebrow seeing my blatant act of defiance, but she just kept smiling as she turned back around to face the road. “Have it your way.” I heard her say, before she leaned forward and adjusted the volume knob on the radio. I heard the sudden start of Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You,” before Kayla lifted her gargantuan ass off of the seat, only to flop it back down again, this time ensuring that my entire body would be caught beneath her twin globes. I gasped again as all of the oxygen was forced from my body by my wife’s jean-clad buttocks, but this time the crushing weight didn’t persist. I opened my eyes, wheezing for breath and nearly screamed as I saw what was happening. Yet again Kayla’s round bum came careening down towards me with the crushing power of a freight train, only to be lifted back up into the air moments later to repeat the whole process again. 

Kayla hummed giddily as she bounced in her seat, enjoying the cheerful music and her first time in the proverbial winner’s seat. Every time her rear end made contact with the chair, she could detect the small lump of resistance that was her husband. And it felt downright cathartic to finally be getting some payback against that smug little prick. “Payback is a bitch.” She thought to herself as she felt the seat warmer beginning to really take effect.

To say that Kayla’s butt drops were unpleasant would be an understatement. Every time I felt the massive wall of denim lift off of my miniscule body, I quickly struggled to fill my lungs with air again, only to have her ass slam into me again a few seconds later. In the few moments where her rear end was pushing down into the seat, she made small movements to the left and to the right, causing my body to be rolled underneath her like dough beneath the world's largest rolling pin. “Fucccckkkkk!” I shout loudly as I begin to get friction burns from being trapped between her ass and the rapidly warming seat. This bouncing continued for what felt like several hours until she either got tired or bored, but Kayla finally came to rest with me trapped handily underneath her. 

I gladly took solace in the fact that I was no longer being pummeled by a barrage of butt drops. I filled the time by taking quick, shallow breaths since even though she was no longer jumping on me, Kayla’s body weight still made it tremendously difficult to catch my breath. As time passed, my heart rate began to settle back into a normal range and now that I wasn’t focused on not suffocating, I was able to realize that my tiny little pocket of hell was beginning to literally feel like an oven. Since I was unable to remove my bare back from the heated seat of my truck, I was left to simply absorb the excessive amounts of heat radiating up into my body. 

As I sat there, cooking like a panini under Kayla’s ass, I found it even more difficult to continue to breathe. As the heat increased and the pressure failed to relent, I was forced to take tiny, shallow breaths, only now the air supply beneath my wife was becoming incredibly humid. Judging by the presence of the massive seam pressing into the side of my head, I had to assume that I was pinned right under the canyon between the giantess’ asscheeks. And based on the sheer amount of sweating that I was doing, I guessed that Kayla’s crack was equally muggy. Unfortunately for me, the small amounts of oxygen that I did manage to drink in, all had to pass through her toxic crevice before I could have it. As my breathing became more and more inundated by the earthy odor of my wife’s perky butt, I thought about how I could only blame myself after the things I put her through in years past. 

Eventually the colossal weight of my wife’s giantess ass was lifted off of me and I began to take deep gulps of fresh clean air. I also attempted to lift myself off of the seat but apparently I had been glued to the fake leather by my own sweat and the roaring temperature of the seat warmer. I simply watched as Kayla climbed down out of the truck, taking a few moments to stretch out her legs and back in the cool winter air. Once she had blood flowing again, Kayla turned back to look down at me stuck to the seat. 

“Good ride? Bet you wished you were a better listener huh?” She asked rhetorically. I looked up at this gorgeous giantess and smiled. True, the last few hours were pretty hellish, but compared to what I’ve put her through and what she could’ve done to me, I felt as if I’ve gotten off pretty easy this year. 

“Ha, are you kidding? That was practically a vacation. You know I love that ass.” I shouted back, retaining my signature cocky swagger in my voice despite the fact that she was still thousands of times bigger than me. “Gotta admit babe, you make a much better tiny than a giantess.” Kayla shook her head at my attitude and smiled sweetly down at me. I winced slightly as her comparatively cold fingers dug into my sides and peeled me off of the sticky surface. I began to shiver even more as Kayla pulled me out of the warm interior of the truck and into the frigid December night. Crouching down and huddling my arms around my chest, I attempted to use her massive digits to shield myself from the cold. Then, as I tried to stay warm, I noticed the peculiar glow of lights overhead. 

“Oh no fucking way.” I said, stunned by the bright neon sign that read Nina’s Corner Deli. I spun on my heels and looked up to see Kayla grinning down at me wickedly. 

“Oh, yes way! I’ve gotta get a cup of coffee, want anything?” She teases, reaching down to unzip her big, bulky snow boot.

I tried to shout up at her again but I was quickly deposited into the stuffy winter shoe. I landed with a heavy thud and began mentally kicking myself for opening my stupid mouth. As I stood back up, I couldn’t ignore just how damp the insole of her boot was. And my god… the smell. In the three years that we had been playing our little humiliation game, I’ve heard my wife complain about how intense the smells were at such a drastic scale, but I couldn’t possibly have imagined it for myself. 

“Last chance, do you want a snack? Or would you rather just eat my toe jam?” Kayla’s voice called from outside the stuffy boot. I looked up towards the opening to see her wiggling her bare toes before me. I didn’t want to dignify her with a response, but it didn’t really seem like she needed one because soon after her foot was forcing its way into the cramped space once again. I instantly began to retreat into the farthest section of the shoe, knowing that my wife had fairly small feet and there was probably going to be some free space for me to crouch in.

And when Kayla’s manicured toes finally came to a stop, I was technically proven right. I was forced to crouch down, but I managed to fit perfectly in the space between her big and second toe. However, there was little joy to be had in being correct as my tiny 5’8’’ tall wife walked into the store. Her now massive toes squeezed me on both sides, giving me a sweaty, smelly hug as I sulked underfoot.

Every step of her massive foot was incredibly jarring, with the sudden shifts in momentum making this whole experience feel like a half functioning rollercoaster. There were a couple of moments when the movement appeared to have stopped, making me think that she might have made it back to the vehicle. However, a quick squeeze from her toes followed by more thumping footsteps made me think she might just be enjoying her victory. 

Eventually though, Kayla did make it back to the vehicle where she proceeded to unzip the boot and free me from the muggy prison. She tipped the boot upside down, forcing me to tumble out onto the leather seat. I looked up to see her standing triumphantly overhead, her arrogant smile almost as unpleasant as the smell of the grime between her toes. Almost.

“Look out below!” She shouted, much to my own confusion. However, I quickly came to understand as Kayla placed her boot on the floor of the cab and immediately flung herself into the driver’s seat. And once again her gargantuan behind was coming down on top of me like a meteor. 

“Sonofabi-“ was all that I managed to squeak out before I was crumpled beneath several metric tons of buttcheeks. I could feel her shifting back and forth, causing me to be uncomfortably rolled around under her. Thankfully the weight was lifted off of my small frame and Kayla’s long fingers came down to retrieve me. 

“Ah, sorry. Didn’t see you there! You’re a lot smaller than I remember.” She taunted, setting me down in her lap. I looked up into her grinning face and crossed my arms. I considered giving her a piece of my mind, but I thought better of it. I didn’t want to be a sore loser, nor did I want to give her the satisfaction of knowing that her torment was succeeding. Plus this whole thing was supposed to be fun, and if I couldn’t take it on the chin then I would have no right to enjoy it when I win next year.

“Enjoying yourself?” I asked her. She smiled down at me as she pulled her still bare foot up into her laps

“I should be asking you that. I think we both know I’m having a good time.” Kayla admitted. The giantess flexed her enormous toes as she reached into the paper bag that she received from the deli and produced a small package of peanut butter crackers. “Look! I got your favorite!” 

My mouth began to water just seeing the delicious crackers and I realized that I was genuinely surprised that she thought to do something nice for me. I thought back upon the last three years of our little game and I quickly started to feel like a crappy person. Not once did I ever consider giving Kayla a snack or even a little break while I was tormenting her. God, I’m such a dick.

Kayla proceeded to peel open the plastic wrapping and produced one of the crackers before bringing it over into her lap. She held the cracker over my head and we both marveled at how big it looked next to my tiny body.

“It’s probably a bit too big huh? Oh, I know!” She broke the cracker in half and then proceeded to squeeze the treat in her fist. I had to marvel at how little resistance it gave against her powerful goddess-like hand. And when she opened her fist again, all that remained was a crumpled ball of peanut butter and cracker fragments, coated in a dusting of pulverized cracker. Then, much to my surprise, Kayla flexed her toes and wiped a large glob of the sticky mess in between her big and second toes. And at that exact moment, I realized that she wasn’t doing this to make up for tormenting me, this was a part of the torment.

“Eat up! We’ve got a long road ahead and you’ll want your strength!” She said, splaying out her toes and pushing me closer to her foot. I put my arms out and tried to brace myself from being pressed into her foot, but I truly had no way to resist her. My face was forced into the still sweaty folds where her big toe began to curl up into the rest of her foot. Immediately my mouth was filled with sweat and grime that I had to sputter and spit out. 

“C’mon, take a lil bite.” She gloated, finally positioning my head between her toes. From this angle I could see the grimey gooey mess smeared in the tight crevice. And while there was a powerful scent of peanut butter, the fragrance of my wife’s foot sweat was dominating my senses. And so I did my best to keep my mouth and eyes shut as she pushed me closer and closer to the sticky pile. 

“What? Not gonna eat? Oh come on, it’s your favorite!” She said, positioning my head even closer so that my face was now smushed into the foot butter. “No? Oh well. Maybe we can just let it cook in my boot for a while and you can have it when we get home.” 

The giantess then pulled her foot away and proceeded to stick it back into the depths of her boot. She brought me back up to her face so that we could see eye to eye and she began to giggle about half of my face being covered in sweat and peanut butter. 

“Oh, let me get that for you!” Kayla stuck out her massive tongue and dragged it along my face. I tried to take solace in the fact that I must’ve tasted like feet, but I doubt that she minded too much given the circumstances. She then held me up between two fingers and turned the vehicle back on. “Now, I’ve got a proposition for you. I’ll promise to take it easy on you for the rest of the ride home…”

I narrowed my eyes on her. She was trying to look as cute and innocent as possible which told me that she was thinking something particularly nefarious. I just had to wait for the catch.

“All you have to do is agree to stay little tomorrow too.” Kayla batted her eyelashes for additional effect, but I think she definitely overestimated how cute she was at this size. Don’t get me wrong, she’s gorgeous, but at a certain point of immensity, cute simply isn’t something you can pull off.

“No fucking chance. The rules are that you get until midnight.” I said defiantly, much to her chagrin. She pursed her lips and looked at me as if she were a pouty little child, but I wasn’t at all inclined to sign up for an extra day of torment. I’m small, not stupid.

The gigantic woman looked at me for a few moments, her face painted with disappointment, before her expression contorted to one of uncomfortable anticipation. She then leaned to one side and reached her free hand back towards the seat. I couldn’t see what was happening, but shortly after I heard the sound of a short but loud fart. I looked back up at Kayla with horror, but she was staring back down at me with playful malevolence. 

“Oh really? Are you sure?” She said wickedly as she swiftly brought her cupped hand back up into her lap while simultaneously using her other hand to clap me inside. 

“Don’t you fucking date!” I screamed up at her as she clasped me between both hands. Immediately I recoiled as my nose and mouth were filled with the pungent stink of Kayla’s raunchy fart. I began pounding my fists against her skin desperate to get out of this hellish prison, but her skin barely even registered my attacks. Desperate to keep the taste and smell out of my mouth, I pulled my shirt up over my face and held my breath for as long as I could. As tears welled up in my eyes, a distinct memory from earlier this evening flooded to the front of my mind. I recalled Kayla going back for deviled eggs no less than four separate times tonight and at this moment I understood her strategy. These were the most heinous egg farts that I had ever been subjected to in my entire life.

Finally my wife unclasped her hands and allowed me to draw deep breaths of fresh air. I collapsed into her palm and Kayla began laughing loudly as she caught a slight whiff of her own gas.

“Phew, you sure you don’t wanna negotiate?” She asked again.

“Fine, Jesus Christ, fine! I hate to negotiate with a terrorist but I didn’t predict you resorting to chemical warfare!” I shouted up to her. 

“Yay! I knew you would see it my way. So you agree? You’ll stay tiny tomorrow too?” She asked. I sighed. I wasn’t eager to spend all of Christmas at her mercy, but if she could agree to not fart on him anymore then it would be worth it.

“Yea, if you agree on no more farting, then I’ll stay little tomorrow.” Kayla looked confused by my comment.

“No more farting? No no no. I never said that.” She clarified herself, much to my discontent. “I just said I’d take it easy on you. I ate all those goddamn eggs, I’m not gonna let these stinky boys go to waste.” 

She smacked her ass again and I stood up to try and understand why I would possibly agree to this? “Then how is farting on me taking it easy? You’re crazy if you think I’m gonna take your farts and sign up for another day too.”

“Suit yourself. Just remember, this would’ve been a lot easier for you on the OUTSIDE of my jeans.” My eyes went wide as I began to piece together what she was saying. 

“No, Kayla don’t you fucking dare!” I screamed as I was brought around behind my wife’s back. She hooked a thumb into the waistband of her jeans, allowing me a view down into her pants. Typically I loved getting a peek at her underwear, it just reminded me of when we were young lovers and she would walk around my apartment in nothing but her panties. But now, the mere sight of her ass was filling me with pure, existential dread. 

“Kiss my ass, baby!” She shouted playfully as she released her grip on my body. I plummeted down into the crevice between her panties and the coarse fibers of her jeans. By the time I came to a stop, I could feel Kayla’s soft cheeks on either side of me. This meant that I had fallen into the tight confines of my giantess wife’s asscrack. Which meant that I had a front row seat to the next gassy emission that she would decide to bless me with. 

“Here it comes!!!” I could hear the muffled sound of her voice coming from outside of my prison. And sure enough, the gurgling noise coming from inside of her body finally reached its climax. And after a second of deafening silence, Kayla’s anus opened up once more to release a hurricane of fetid effluvium directly on top of my helpless form. I also noticed the shaking of her body as she laughed about my suffering, however I was far too preoccupied to even consider her ridicule.

“Oh my god, it’s like death incarnate!” I screamed as her fart forced its way inside of my body. I didn’t even try to avoid smelling the awful gas, knowing that there was still at least two and half hours to go on our trip. Certainly I could’ve tried, but I had a hard time believing that she was anywhere near being done farting. 

And oh how right I was. Over the course of who knows how fucking long, Kayla proceeded to blast me with fart after stomach churning fart. And I couldn’t be certain if her gas was getting worse over time, or if my mind was simply trying to reject my reality, but I never got even remotely close to getting accustomed to the stink. Additionally, Kayla made a point to let me know that she hadn’t forgotten me several times over the journey. After each fart there was a decent chance that she would lift one cheek up off the seat and say something snarky. 

“Did you hear that?” Was one that she used a few times, never once failing to make herself laugh when she did so. One time she said, “Ugh, this one feels like it’s gonna be wet!” Hearing that made me begin to freak out and begin thrashing around quite a bit, which in turn made her laugh again. The fart finally came and thankfully I remained dry. I was pretty sure that Kayla wouldn’t actually cross that line, but given the past several hours of my life, it wasn’t something I would be willing to put money on.

I quickly lost track of time in my wife’s fart prison as she continued to drive us home. But eventually I felt the vehicle come to a rolling stop and shortly thereafter the sound of the vehicle stopped outright. Mercifully the intense weight of my giantess wife was lifted off of my body. Two fingers came diving into the seat of her pants to retrieve my body from its cramped position between her cheeks. They then swiftly brought me back around to my wife’s beautiful, smiling face.

“Well, I’ve gotta say this was much more fun than last year.” She gloated, carrying me across the driveway and towards our home. “I think we should do this again next year.”

I laughed and shook my head. “No chance. You got lucky this year, but next year I’m gonna get you back sooo fucking good.” 

Kayla brought me back inside and discarded her coat and boots, before carrying me into the living room. “You know, you really shouldn’t be making threats already. I’ve still got an hour and a half until midnight.” I looked up at the clock and realized that she was right. I typically made her big again as soon as we got home because I knew that she wanted to get a shower as soon as humanly possible. But technically she was right, the rules stated that the loser could stay little until midnight on Christmas morning.

“I guess you’re right about that. Just remember, you’re not always gonna be the winner.” My warnings didn’t seem to phase my goddess wife as she threw herself down onto the couch and flicked on the television. She then gently set me down onto the couch beside her and stuck her tongue out at me. Then, she lifted her right ass cheek and thigh off of the couch. I chuckled to myself as I looked up at her beaming smile. 

“Merry Christmas babe.” I shouted up to her as I walked into the dark cavern beneath her. Kayla allowed some time for me to crawl underneath and get into a comfortable position. Once I had chosen my spot, I leaned forward and planted a few quick kisses on her massive rear before lying back and awaiting my fate. Despite all the crap she put me through tonight, I was actually pretty glad that she enjoyed herself so much. 

Moments later, Kayla’s ass came settling back down on top of me. She looked up at the clock and smiled as she laid her head back and shut her eyes.

“Merry Christmas sweetheart.” She said softly, another soft toot squeaking out on top of my body. 

End Notes:

Happy Holidays everyone! I wish you all the peace and comfort that you deserve!

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