Oops, I Ate My Adopted Brother! by Frizzle

Olivia (41) adopts a young adult tiny, Tristan (18) to provide him a new life. However, her daughter Clara (22) isn't aware of this 'adoption' when she comes home and a huge misunderstanding unfolds... Poor Tristan finds himself in quite the horrific predicament as he gets a firsthand experience through his new adoptive sisters digestive system.

- All characters are 18+ and original characters created by me; story was requested by Malethor, thanks for the idea!
- Story has OPTIONAL scat scene, which is separated in barriers for easy skipping for those not interested
- GRAPHIC DEPECTIONS of the digestive process, BUT NON VIOLENT OR PAINFUL so the story will be rated R instead of X

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Story Notes:

Requested by Malethor, thanks for the idea!

Oops, I Ate My Adopted Brother! by Frizzle
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Tags for this story:
- Mouthplay
- Stomach/Digestion
- Eating food with tiny in stomach
- Humiliation & Shame
- Small & large intestinal scenes depicting graphic, NON VIOLENT descriptions of digestion
- Implied threats of repeat vore
- Occasional descriptions of feet of characters, but no physical interactions


The sound of a locking mechanism turning could be heard faintly throughout the house, followed by the creaking of a door opening wide. An older woman, Olivia Maxine, entered her home as she shut the door behind her. It was an exciting day, but not just for Olivia, for her newly adopted, young, adult son as well. His name was Tristan, but he wasn’t like anyone else, at least, in terms of his size.


          Olivia Maxine was a single mother of just previously one daughter. She recently turned the mature age of forty-one, though anyone could easily mistake her for her mid thirties. She was roughly five feet and seven inches tall, and had long, dark, brown hair that rested just beyond her mid-back region. She had gorgeous, hazel eyes, and was a rather average body type. She was a master realtor, the top of her profession and sold more homes than anyone else in the entire state.


          Tristan, her newly adopted son, was not like other people. He was a tiny, a small race of humans that were the biological failure of a mass experiment performed nearly fifty years prior, a defect which naturally follows through birth of course. Though he never knew his parents, he’d heard rumors during his time at the Tinies Orphanage & Adoption Center that his birth parents were mistakenly eaten during a mishap while attending a wedding. He was a baby at the time, being watched by a babysitter only for his parents to never return home.


          Tristan is eighteen years old, but tinies are considered legal adults at twenty-one years of age, unlike normal humans, therefore he was still eligible for adoption. This was simply because of the size difference, thus it was legally decided an older age and more life experience was pertinent to be considered a legal adult of such stature.. Olivia knew the hardships of being an adult tiny without a family, which was the reason she decided to adopt Tristan specifically.


The young man had short, brown hair. He stood just over one and a half inches tall, though a tape measure might argue that. He had light, blue eyes and an average, fit figure considering his size. Otherwise, in terms of his personality, Tristan was a rather respectful and mellow individual, though he occasionally loved cracking a good joke when the time allowed it. Most who found themselves in his company, considered him a pleasant and gentle soul to be affiliated with.


          Olivia’s only daughter, Clara Maxine, wasn’t home at that very moment. She attended a university, studying criminal defense to become a lawyer. Clara was twenty-two years old, standing at five feet and six inches, an inch shorter than her mother. Her blonde hair rested just below her shoulder blades, and her eyes were a gleaming green that would seduce even the most attractive of men. She was a rather slim girl, but fairly athletic as well. She was a stunning beauty just like her mother. She actively attended yoga classes in her free time.


          Clara had a dark secret, however, that her mother Olivia was unaware of. The young blonde, while not particularly cruel in terms of her personality, was absolutely uncaring in any fashion towards the tinies that lived in her world. She simply didn’t view them as human, not in her eyes, and she also had no idea that her mother had suddenly decided to adopt one as of that very day. Unbeknownst to all who knew Clara, she had racked up quite a count of unfortunate, tiny victims that have had the displeasure of crossing her path.


          At one point the World Health Organization had found and proven incredible research, that while the tinies were biological defects to nature in and of itself, this came with some surprising benefits for the smaller race as well. They’re bones were five times as dense as a normal human, and their muscle and skin density and strength three times that of humans too. While it still baffles most scientists and biologists to this very day, it had been proven beyond difficult to actually harm tinies without immense effort. Though this can be considered a positive outcome for a lesser race prone to unfortunate circumstances, at the same time, many had found it only prolonged their suffering in some instances. A particular blonde had proven that fact time and time again…


          Clara had learned of that shocking research herself, during a YouTube video browsing spree and other sorts, came across multiple breakdowns of this phenomenon throughout the tiny individuals. Most speculate that it was the result of the original victims having been shrunk, and passing their incredible, defected genes throughout their offspring after all of this time. Naturally, Clara had decided to put it to the test herself.


          She had attempted to crush a few tinies before, whether with heels, converse or simply her bare feet, but she found it rather boring and with no interesting results other than their discomfort and occasionally a few fractured bones. She did, however, wonder for the longest time what they might taste like. Naturally, her experiments proved interesting, and many tinies found themselves becoming her little snacks as Clara wondered if they’d survive or not throughout her body's natural digestive cycle.


          Miraculously, every single one that she swallowed whole survived. Every time Clara would unload them while she did her business on the seat of the toilet, she never once managed to kill a single tiny via this method. It didn’t infuriate her, she couldn’t have cared less about the outcome, instead she only wondered what the trip might have felt like for such insignificant, little beings. Sadly, for the tinies involved, she never cared to free them afterwards. Once her business was done, she still considered them waste just like her excrement, and they all cried in vain as she’d flush them away without a care in the world.


          Though Clara may or may not have been considered cruel in nature to her peers of the human variety, any tiny that found their way in her path might argue that as a fact without a shadow of a doubt. For Olivia, however, her daughter was an angel who worked hard in college and made friends with everybody, as she had a very outgoing personality. The young blonde would be in for a surprise, however, when she eventually learned that after eating and flushing so many tinies, she’d now have to call one of these pests her little brother…


          As Olivia held her right hand, closed gently, against her bosom, she made her way down the hall and into the kitchen. It had been a long morning, the process of adopting a tiny quite rigorous and an elongated process from a standard adoption of a human. It was all behind her now, however, as she flattened the back of her hand on the surface of the island countertop revealing her newly adopted, young, adult son.


          “Terribly sorry!” Olivia apologized as she gazed down at Tristan with a gleam in her eyes, “I hope the drive wasn’t too uncomfortable! I’d have thought they’d provide a more suitable arrangement for your traveling from the orphanage…”


          As Tristan carefully hopped off the palm of Olivia, he craned his neck and smiled anxiously at his new adoptive mother. At his age he was almost certain that nobody would adopt him, yet today he was met with the blessing of being adopted by such a gorgeous and loving mother figure.


          “No need to apologize!” Tristan assured, kicking his foot around nervously, “it’s a p-pleasure to m-meet you!”


          “No need for such formalities!” Olivia bent down and rested her arms on the countertop, getting her face much closer to Tristan as she smiled gently at him, “I know this is all a lot to take in, and I don’t expect you to be calling me mom anytime soon… But I hope you know that I am so incredibly happy to have you as a part of this family! I’m sure my daughter Clara will be happy as well!”


          “I can’t wait to meet her!” Tristan said excitedly, while still nervous, also relieved at the chance to finally feel as though he was a part of a loving family. Having never known his birth parents, he’d only dreamt of this day for so long.


          “Well then,” Olivia gave the young man a wink, “shall we tour the house?”


          The next thirty minutes or so was a standard tour of the Maxine residence. Olivia had planned for the adoption of a tiny for quite some time, and while the standard options of fitting one’s home with tiny transportation and safety measures, Olivia was on a single income and could only go so far to ensure Tristan felt comfortable in her home.


          She gave him the grand tour of the bedrooms, consisting of her own and her daughters, Clara, before showing Tristan the bedroom that was reserved for him. Originally the office, now that Olivia worked out of home in the city, it had been retrofitted specifically for Tristan’s small stature. It was still in need of some additions, like a working mini-kitchen and functioning heat for the small bedroom enclosure, it was still more than Tristan had ever expected. As for traveling throughout the home, Olivia had planned to have herself and Clara stick to the center of the rooms, allowing Tristan safe passage following the span of the walls and other designated areas of which she soon planned to map out for him.


          After an extensive overview of the bathroom, bedrooms, living and family rooms, and then the kitchen, Tristan had eventually gotten a full tour of his new home. The little guy couldn’t have been happier, held safely in the warm and gentle palm of his new mother. Afterwards, they had ended up back in the living room which was at the opposite end of the house, away from the front entry.


          “So what do you think?” Olivia asked, as she sat on the couch and leaned forward to place her adopted son on the coffee table.


          As Tristan hopped onto the surface of the table, he turned to smile at his new mother, “I love it! Everything you’ve done for me, it’s amazing! I hope I can be everything you want out a son… I know I’m already eighteen, but you’ve made me feel like I’m a kid after today!”


          “You’re lucky that the legal adult age for tinies is twenty-one,” Olivia chuckled humorously, “while I think it’s ridiculous, I understand the legal reasoning. But that means I was able to get you, and I am very happy to have you in my home!”


          Tristan felt as if his heart was going to melt, “thank you Miss Maxine… That means a lot!”


          “Oh please,” Olivia chuckled again, “you can call me Olivia, formalities be damned!”


          The young man scratched the back of his head nervously as he smiled at the woman, “of course! Olivia…”


          The giant woman then looked at her watch, her eyes growing wide as she realized she was going to be late. “Oh shoot! I almost forgot, I have to go perform a house tour with a young couple looking to buy! Will you be alright here by yourself, or would you prefer to come with me?”


          “Oh! I don’t mind, I can watch television until you get back,” Tristan assured, “I’ll be fine!”


          “Here,” Olivia grabbed the remote which was on the couch from Clara’s last binge session, and placed it on the coffee table for the young man. “You should be able to change the channels with the remote facing this way, are you strong enough to push the buttons on the remote?”


          “Did it all the time at the orphanage,” Tristan smiled, “how long will you be gone?”


          “It’s only a twenty minute drive from here,” Olivia answered, “I’ll be back in probably an hour or so, two hours at most! My daughter Clara should be home soon though, so perhaps you’ll get to meet her before I return!”


          “I can’t wait!” Tristan loved the idea of having a sister, and couldn’t wait to meet her in person. Though this was still the awkward and nervous stage of his new adoptive family, the young man was certain that in time, he’d feel as if he were one of them all along.


          “Be careful while I’m gone!” Olivia pleaded as she grabbed her purse and headed towards the hallway, “Clara always watches television after she gets home, so as long as you’re near the remote, she’ll see you!”


          “Understood!” Tristan smiled as he waved her off.


          “Buh bye!” Olivia blew Tristan a kiss before scurrying down the hallway. Before long, the sound of the front door opening and closing could be heard until Tristan was all alone in the house.


          “Hm,” Tristan turned and walked over to the remote control, climbing into it and heading towards the power button. As he’d always done before, he jumped and slammed his feet onto the on button, and promptly, the television screen lit up.


          ‘Let’s see what’s on right now…’ Tristan thought, activating the channel menu as he began to sift through the channels in an effort to find something that interested him.


          Aside from the typical news outlets, cartoons and documentaries available, Tristan found himself struggling to find anything of interest. He managed to come across an episode of The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody which caught his interest. He had seen some episodes during his time at the orphanage, so he clicked on that channel and began watching as he sat on the remote and enjoyed himself in the living room.


          As the day went on, not even an hour had passed when Clara had finally returned home from her morning college courses. She parked on the street next to her home as usual, putting the strap of her purse over her shoulder as she held her car keys in the other hand. It had been a long morning, and she was a bit exhausted and eager to crash on the couch and watch some television.


          Before long she had walked up the steps of the front porch, noticing that her mother wasn’t home. That just meant she got more free time to herself, so she was happy to know she’d be home alone as she unlocked the front door and entered the house. She closed the door behind her, locking it as she slid her flats off and kicked them aside with her bare feet. Her toenails were painted a bright green, her feet a bit sweaty after a long day of walking around in her flats without any socks on.


          She headed into the kitchen and tossed her purse onto the island countertop. She placed her textbook down as well, before turning to leave the kitchen while pulling out her cell phone to browse her social media notifications and updates. Nothing particularly interesting found its way through her feed, as she turned into the hall again and made her way towards the living room.


          ‘A boring morning followed by nothing interesting,’ Clara rolled her eyes as she sighed, ‘whatever… I’ll just watch a show or something. The Bachelorette maybe?’


          Clara entered the living room as she looked away from her phone and towards the television screen. She was quickly surprised that it was turned on, a show she wasn’t very familiar with already playing. She then lowered her gaze towards the remote on the coffee table, and she raised a brow in surprise upon seeing what appeared to be a tiny intruder in her mothers house.


          ‘What the hell?’ Clara thought in disbelief, ‘how did it get inside? How the heck did it get on the table?’


          Clara slowly put her phone back into her pocket. She crossed her arms, gazing at the unaware tiny as Tristan sat on the remote watching the television. He hadn’t even heard Clara enter the house, the television had drowned out the noise behind him. The young woman sighed with annoyance, not amused that this apparent intruder was violating the space in which her mother and herself occupied.


          ‘Bold one,’ Clara thought, ‘did he break in just to watch some television? He’s not even scavenging for food? Strange, but it doesn’t matter. What should I do with him…?’


          The blonde slowly stepped over to the coffee table, being as quiet as she could to ensure his attention wasn’t drawn towards her. Clara glowered down at him, she was always annoyed by the presence of a tiny, but one in her own home? All she wanted was to sit down and watch some television, she wasn’t anticipating having to deal with another pest.


          ‘I guess it doesn’t matter,’ Clara shrugged as she started to lean forward, ‘I’ll just eat him like the others, at least that way I can get some pleasure while I’m watching my show.’


          As Tristan watched his show, he suddenly felt a slight shadow cast over him. He grew curious, as he turned around and was met with the enormous face of Olivia’s only daughter. At first he was a bit startled, but once he realized it was Clara, he quickly stood up and smiled at her.


          “Oh! You must be-” Tristan couldn’t even introduce himself before Clara’s titanic fingers lurched forward and plucked him off of the remote control. “Woah! Hey! What gives?”


          She didn’t respond to him, as she lifted him up to her eyes and inspected him closely. She bit her lip, finding him rather attractive from head to toe. Clara always enjoyed eating the attractive tinies, it gave her a sense of superiority over them in a way she couldn’t quite explain. They said good looks are a genetic bonus that supersedes any moderately attractive person, so by devouring a good looking young man like this particular tiny, Clara considered it an act of dominance mostly in her own opinion. Also, they always seemed to be a bit tastier than the ugly ones.


          “W-what’s up?” Tristan asked nervously, “h-hey! Can you p-put me down?”


          “You don’t seem very afraid of being caught,” Clara finally spoke, lifting her eyebrows while a smirk spread across her lips.


          “Caught?” Tristan was confused, “my name's Tristan! Your mother Olivia brought me here! Did you think I broke in?”


          “She did, did she?” Olivia rolled her eyes again, annoyed at her mothers overly kind nature, “well that’s a shame. For you, at least. I’ll just tell her you ran off or something, I’m not about to have her bringing tinies off the streets to keep as pets. Buh bye!”


          “Wait, no, you don’t understand-” Tristan was again cut off as he felt Clara lift him a bit higher into the air, and directly over her lips. His eyes began to widen, as her lips slowly parted open until her throat was in full view from below.


          ‘This one better taste as good as he looks,’ Clara thought as she eagerly lowered Tristan towards her gaping maw, ‘what was my mother thinking? Bringing a random stray off the streets? What if he brings his friends! She’s too kind, I swear…”


          The young man felt his heart beginning to race as his new ‘sister’ began to lower him towards her mouth. He froze in terror, wondering what she was doing and why she was doing it to begin with. He realized that Clara must not know who he is, or why he was actually there, but why was she lowering him into her mouth? Then it dawned on him, and he remembered the rumors of not just his parents, but other tinies being the victims and prey of deranged humans.


          ‘Oh no…’ Tristan thought in horror, ‘is she… Is she going to eat me!?’


          Before the young man could reveal who he was, Clara let her grip on him go as he tumbled a short distance towards her mouth. He tried to grab her lip, but his hands smacked the front of her pearly whites harshly and then throbbed with pain after the impact. Once he was inside of her mouth, he landed on top of her wet tongue with a splat, his face smacking into the muscle and drenching the entire front of his body in her thick spit.


          He realized this wasn’t a joke, she really was intending to eat him, and he turned to look outside of her mouth while her lips began to close shut. He started to panic, he had just been adopted by the most gentle and loving woman he could have ever hoped for, and now her daughter was aiming to devour him. It had all happened so fast, Tristan hardly even had a moment to comprehend what was happening. He had assumed Clara would be as sweet as her mother, but that was not the case.


          “Wait! You don’t understand! My name is Tristan! I’m your adopted-” Tristan was cut off, his voice trailing off as Clara clamped her teeth and lips shut, sealing the distraught, young man inside of her salivating mouth.


          His heart continued to beat out of his chest, the woman’s tongue shifting immediately as it forced him to the roof of her mouth. Her tongue oozed with saliva, her tongue compressing around his body as it enveloped him, his back being smushed into the hard palate above as he felt his skull throbbing in pain, along with his back. Though tinies were considerably durable, that didn’t mean they didn’t feel pain either. There was nothing pleasant about being forced against the palate of a woman’s mouth, especially when her saliva oozed into his nose and mouth as he began to cough and sputter.


          ‘Mmmm,’ Clara pressed Tristan firmly against her palate, as she strode over to the couch and sat down comfortably. She reached for the remote and began to look for the show she wanted to watch, before she began sucking on her little treat. The more she ate tinies, the more she grew fond of their struggles and pleading. Besides, she knew he’d be fine, they always managed to survive her body’s harsh digestive cycle, though afterwards she couldn’t care less what happened to them. Once she flushed the toilet, they no longer existed in her mind.


          As Tristan struggled against the strength of Clara’s massive tongue, a sudden shift in pressure within her mouth caused his eardrums to shatter. A series of squelching noises, followed by a vacuum suction of oxygen being removed and relocated within her mouth, just about sucked the air right out of his lungs. His eyes nearly popped out of their sockets, his mouth hanging open as he tried to breathe, only for more of the air to be suctioned right out his lungs while Clara sucked on his body mercilessly.


          Then her tongue began to rub all over his body, his shirt and pants being ripped and torn as the rough buds of her tongue dragged them all about and ripped them to shreds. Her spit was rubbed into his body, and as he took in deep breaths during the periods he was able to, he also found himself swallowing and choking on Clara’s saliva as tears began to stream down his eyes. He couldn’t even scream, he was too busy trying to breathe and not choke to death as Clara relentlessly sucked and tasted him like some sort of living jolly rancher.


          ‘P-p-please!’ Tristan thought with despair, ‘I’m y-y-your brother! Y-y-your a-adopted b-b-brother! It hurts! It h-h-hurts…!’


          Once Clara found her show, The Bachelorette, she tossed the remote on the side of the couch and leaned back into the cushion as she kicked her bare feet onto the coffee table. She scrunched toes, still sucking and shifting Tristan around her mouth without a care in the world. She felt his clothes ripping apart at the seams as she worked his body with her tongue, she was aiming to strip him naked entirely like she did with the others.


          As Tristan’s pants came clean off, his shirt followed closely behind as he was left in nothing but his socks and underwear. Then the tongue began to grind against his body more violently, and he was repeatedly slammed against her palate before being shifted all around as he barely had any time to fight or react. She wasn’t sucking on him as hard as before, so he was able to breathe a bit easier, but it was still a nightmare as he never caught a break even once the moment her mouth had clamped shut.


          ‘Damn, what are his undies made of?’ Clara thought as she mindlessly attempted to rip them clean off, ‘damn things won’t come off! I wanna taste and see how big his cock is. I bet he has the biggest cock of all the men I’ve eaten.”


          Finally, after using the back of her tongue to really grind and rub against Tristan’s crotch, she managed to rip his underwear clean off. At some point during the ordeal, his socks had also slipped off, leaving the young man completely naked in his adoptive sister’s mouth. He sobbed even more, opening his mouth to protest only to get another glob of her spit in his throat as he choked and sputtered repeatedly. He felt humiliated, violated even as this young woman treated him like he was worthless.


          ‘There we go, now let’s see what you’re packin’ little dude,’ Clara quickly pressed him back against her palate, using her tongue to gently glide back and forth across his cock as she felt it soft to the touch. ‘Awww… Not even hard? Well let’s fix that, make it at least worth your while before I gobble you up.’


          Tristan couldn’t even believe what was happening to him. He hoped in his mind that Olivia would return soon, and save him from this nightmare as he felt his adoptive sister’s tongue starting to glide across his cock. He was certainly a grower, not a shower, and his soft dick was massaged and well lubricated by Clara’s tongue and saliva. Tristan was a young man, and naturally at his peak, he couldn’t help but begin to feel himself getting turned on by his own adoptive sister as she worked effortlessly to turn him on.


          Slowly his cock began to stiffen, his cheeks flushing red as he closed his eyes and felt nothing but shame. He could only remember the story of his parents, and wondered if they had suffered a similar fate when they were eaten themselves. The thought of being devoured alive horrified him, and he just wanted this to end so he could return to the safe embrace of his new adoptive mother.


          ‘Please…’ Tristan thought and begged, ‘make it s-stop… This is humiliating…’


          Clara did not stop, however, completely unable to acknowledge his thoughts nor would she care anyways. She could feel his cock getting hard as it began to stiffen and press against her tongue, and she smiled with satisfaction. Once it was fully erect, she felt quite pleased with herself.


          ‘Oh yeah…’ Clara thought with glee, ‘that’s definitely the biggest cock I’ve tasted so far. Cool, I’m satisfied. Time to go little dude, down the hatch you go!’


          The young, cruel, blonde woman never had any interest in actually finishing the young man. Once she’d compared his dick size to her previous prey, she was satisfied and opted to finish the task. Poor Tristan was not only humiliated sexually by his own adoptive sister, but found himself hard and his balls aching once Clara stopped rubbing her tongue against his crotch. He had never felt so humiliated in his life, tasted and pleasured to the edge by his new sister. She was indeed a beautiful woman, but Tristan was at odds with his mixed feelings as he felt her tongue fall flat in her mouth.


          ‘W-what’s going on…?’ Tristan thought, as he sputtered and hacked out a giant glob of her spit before taking in a deep breath, ‘is it over? Is she going to let me out?’


          As if to answer his question for him, Clara’s tongue shifted him once again as he felt himself being pushed backwards. He reached forward and pressed his hands into her wet tongue, looking behind him in horror to see her throat pulsating while her uvula dangled from above the depths. He shook his head in horror, realizing that she was intending to swallow him whole. Meanwhile Clara lifted her chin slightly, which caused Tristan to slide towards her throat a bit faster as she began to lift her tongue to swallow him whole.


          “Wait!” Tristan shouted, finally managing to utter some actual words for once, “please! I’m begging you! Don’t eat me! I don’t want to be eaten! I’m your brother! Your adopted-”




          The back of her tongue crammed into his face, interrupting him as he felt his legs sink into her throat with immense force. The back of his head smacked her uvula, which then swayed about and proceeded to smack him in the head at a few different angles. Though she had tried to swallow him, he was only halfway into her gullet as Clara hadn’t quite positioned him properly to succeed the first time.


          The young blonde quickly clutched her throat, realizing she made a slight error in her attempt to swallow him whole. Now his hands dug into the back of her tongue, his head smacking her uvula which only caused her to want to gag, while his legs kicked around above the pharynx of her upper esophagus.


          “Ack!” Clara had to really maintain her composure to ensure she didn’t cough him back up, she just wanted to get it over with at this point and return to her show.


          As Tristan tried to climb out of her throat, his heart waned as the back of her tongue lifted up suddenly and crammed him even further down.




          It was over, Tristan had lost. He felt the powerful muscles all around him squeeze and contract, his body tugged into the abyss below as he passed the pharynx and immediately entered Clara’s tight throat. Meanwhile Clara was able to take a quick sigh of relief, lifting her chin again and pressing her fingers against her throat as she felt Tristan slowly descending. Her throat bulged slightly, as she traced his movements with her index finger, until he eventually disappeared behind her chest where he’d travel the remaining distance towards her gut.


          “Mmmm,”  Clara licked her lips as she scrunched her toes again, watching the television as she felt the tiny, young man squirming every inch of his descent. ‘He’s a squirmer, I love it! Guess I’ll see him again in the morning.’


          The position of one descending a throat is not comfortable by any means. Tristan felt the tight muscles of the esophagus expand and contract around him, working him down slowly, feet first, as he headed straight for Clara’s gut. He was at a loss for words, not able to shout or scream with the exception of sobbing pitifully to himself as the mucus covered insides of her throat slid across his naked body. His cock only grew more erect, the slimy interior coating his body further with spit and other food particles that never made their way to the stomach.


          After what felt like an eternity of descending the dark abyss of his adoptive sister's tight gullet, he felt his feet press into something slimy and wrinkled below. He tried to look down to see what it was, but he could hardly move aside from shifting and squirming in vain. More saliva oozed over his body from above, as Clara’s mindless gulps of the saliva that pooled in her mouth continued to drop on him from above. He couldn’t believe this was happening, being swallowed alive like some sort of snack, by his own adoptive sister!


          ‘This can’t be happening…’ Tristan sobbed in quiet thought, ‘I was supposed to have a family… This was supposed to be a fresh start! Why did she eat me? Why doesn’t she care!?’


          As Tristan asked himself why someone like Clara could be so cruel and uncaring towards him, he felt the wrinkled surface beneath his feet begin to expand and open. His heart raced even faster, feeling himself starting to slide through the disgusting, slimy sphincter that connected Clara’s lower esophageal passage to her stomach. As Tristan’s legs entered the stomach, the sphincter swallowing him up to his waist, his legs began to kick as he tried to press his arms outwards and stop his descent.


          “No!” Tristan began to shout in a panic, “not like this… I’m not food! I don’t belong inside of there! Please! Let me out! Let me-”


          Once more his words fell short, the powerful contractions of the esophagus forcing Tristan through the sphincter as he found himself plummeting a short distance. His legs flew upwards, and he fell ass first into a shallow pool of Clara’s gastric acids. Her stomach was rather empty, it didn’t seem as if there was much left to digest from her previous meal. Whatever she had eaten previously had seemingly all but passed on through her intestines now.


          Tristan quickly splashed about, freaking out as he realized that the nightmare was only just beginning. Groans and gurgles emanated from deep within Clara’s bowels, ringing in his ears painfully as the now hot and humid environment shook all around him. Any sweat or tears he now produced all but evaporated in the harsh climate, the stomach folding and contracting due to Clara watching television on an empty stomach.


          “No way… No way!” Tristan tried to stand to his feet, but the giantess’ stomach continued to fold and contract as it gurgled violently, gastric juices splashing about and washing over the tiny, young man.


          “You can’t eat me!” Tristan cried, “I’m your adopted brother! Please! I don’t want to die! I want to be part of the family…! Please!”


          The only responses the young man received were either the groans and gurgles of Clara’s empty gut, or a torrent of gastric fluids splashing over him as he repeatedly lost his balance. He did manage to tumble his way towards the lining of the stomach, but he wasn’t sure exactly what direction he was facing in the pitch darkness of his predator’s vile stomach.


          “You can’t do this to me!” Tristan shouted in vain, “I didn’t do anything wrong! I don’t deserve this… Do I!? Please! Please let me out, I’ll do anything, anything!”


          He began pounding and kicking against the inside of Clara’s gut, crying profusely as his tears evaporated as quickly as they streamed down his blotchy, red cheeks. He felt hopeless, as if he were going to die in the stomach of the woman who was supposed to be his older sibling. He remembered the cruel look in her eyes, as if she saw him as nothing more than an insect, a morsel to devour and savor. It was the most humiliating, horrendous fate he could have ever fathomed.


          Meanwhile, Clara had almost forgotten about him entirely up until the moment he began to pound on her stomach lining. Her eyes lit up, a smile creeping across her lips as she looked down humorously at her gut. She lifted her shirt, revealing her smooth and toned belly as she wondered what her little morsel was experiencing within the confines of her glorious body.


          ‘Little fighter, aren’t you?’ Clara thought amusedly, taking her fingers and gently pressing against the front of her stomach, before pressing firmly into her gut where she felt Tristan pounding on her from the inside.


          Almost immediately did Tristan feel Clara’s stomach cave inwards, smacking his entire body as he literally flew across her stomach, rolled across the shallow pool of gastric acids, and found himself at the opposite end where the stomach had begun to fold and contort, gurgling continuing to echo throughout the stomach chamber as it contracted violently.


          ‘Hm,’ Clara immediately realized that Tristan’s movements had all but come to a halt, but she also felt her belly rumbling and gurgling, and she realized she was starting to get quite hungry. ‘I know mom will probably make something when she gets back, I should just stick with a snack.’


          Clara got up from the couch and made her way into the hallway as she headed towards the kitchen. She remembered there was still some homemade oatmeal leftover from the previous day, something her mother had made for her to eat for breakfast in the morning before her courses. It had sliced strawberries and bananas in it, and was overall very creamy and delightful. All the while her stomach continued to growl, as she remained completely oblivious to the fact that the young man she’d swallowed alive, was indeed her adopted, little brother.


          Tristan was experiencing a hell in the making, as the folds of Clara’s gut continued to fold and contract around him. He felt his arms and legs get crushed repeatedly, thick strands of mucus and slime oozing from above and coating his body as he was massaged entirely by her stomach folds. A thick, bubbling pool of gastric foam had begun to form in the center of the stomach, spreading throughout as more secretions of gastric enzymes filled the blonde’s gut. As she prepared her oatmeal, her body signaled that it was time to eat, and was preparing to digest whatever found its way into her stomach.


          ‘I don’t know how much more of this I can take…’ Tristan thought as he fought hard against the powerful contractions of Clara’s stomach folds, foaming agents starting to envelope his body as his environment became increasingly harsh to handle. Throughout all of it, however, he never felt any immense pain or stinging from the acids in her gut. ‘Why is her body not digesting me? Is this a joke? How long do I have to suffer…?”


          ‘Beep! Beep! Beep-’


          Clara opened the microwave before the final beep could finish, her oatmeal steaming hot as she licked her lips with delight. The smell filled her nostrils, and her mouth salivated as she looked forward to devouring the entirety of the leftovers in the container. She dumped it all into a bowl, dipped her spoon into the creamy, thick oatmeal, and headed back towards the living room where she promptly planted her butt into the couch cushion and lifted her feet back onto the coffee table while she continued to watch The Bachelorette.


          Once Clara had gotten comfortable on the couch, Tristan found himself finally breaking free of the contracting folds in her stomach. He slid across the slick, wrinkled lining of her stomach, before splashing in the shallow pool of acids and getting a face full of the foaming agents that continued to develop inside of the stomach. Furthermore, the distraught, young man found the level of the gastric juices rising, now up to his waist as he stood up and finally managed to balance himself. After being trapped inside of Clara’s stomach for over ten or twenty minutes, he had started to calm down, but his mind was still frantic.




          A deafening groan came from above, as Tristan found the stomach vibrating and contracting again. He managed to keep his balance, the gastric fluids now leveling with his lower chest as he heard squelching and oozing sounds from overhead. He wasn’t sure what it was at first, assuming it was like the rest of the numbing sounds inside his adoptive sister's belly, but soon he realized that wasn’t the case.




          A torrent of thick, creamy oatmeal splashed all over him suddenly and without warning, and he realized that Clara had to have been eating something. Chunks of oatmeal, strawberries and bananas coated his body and splashed upon him repeatedly from above as Clara practically slurped it all straight out of the bowl like a psychopath, an insatiable hunger she had to satiate as she gulped down the ‘snack’ in nearly one go.


          ‘Are you kidding me…!?’ Tristan thought as he struggled to stay above the lake of acid, ‘why!? Are you that cruel!? Have I not suffered enough!?’


          Another torrent of oatmeal began to rain from above, the stomach filling rapidly as the absurd amounts of oatmeal began to fill the blonde's belly. Tristan found it nearly impossible to stay afloat now, the thick, creamy substance not nearly as watery as the gastric fluids. The oatmeal was thick and viscous, refusing to flow or relent as it amassed beyond reason threatening to devour Tristan like a predator itself. Tristan was getting mouthfuls of the spit coated, slimy oatmeal as he coughed and choked, violently spitting it out before he vomited himself, adding his vomit to the rest of the vomit that swirled and churned around him as Clara’s stomach digested its contents immediately and without remorse.


          ‘This is it…’ Tristan thought in horror, feeling himself getting swept under the mass of oatmeal and gastric acids as the stomach gurgled and churned relentlessly, everything breaking down with the exception of Tristan himself, ‘I’m just part of her food now… I’m nothing to her… Truly nothing…’


          As he cried profusely, he was tugged under the ocean of acid and oatmeal, all of which churned, burned and swirled within the confines of an uncaring, heartless Clara. He thought he was going to die, as he slipped into an unconscious state after the lack of oxygen finally got the better of him. Unfortunately for him, however, he wasn’t dead yet. In fact, considering Clara’s earlier experiments, his journey throughout her digestive system had only just begun. Poor, little Tristan had no idea of the horrors that awaited him further into her digestive system.


          Meanwhile, Clara couldn’t have cared less about the fate of her tiny treat, as she gobbled the last of her oatmeal before tossing the bowl onto the coffee table carelessly and licking her lips before wiping them dry. She bent her head to the left, popping her neck before letting out a large belch.




          “Damn, that hit the spot!” Clara declared out loud, rubbing her belly as she felt it had become quite full. Even then, she failed to acknowledge her little treat from nearly half an hour prior. At this point she had all but forgotten about him, though she’d be sure to remember him in the morning… Maybe.


          An interruption came as the front door could be heard opening down the hallway, Olivia returning from her house tour. She was exhausted, kicking off her heels and revealing her own bare feet, her toenails painted a bright red. She tossed her purse onto the table near the door, wiping the sweat from her forehead as she made her way down the hall and towards the living room.


          ‘What a day…’ Olivia thought as she headed towards the living room, ‘I wonder if Clara and Tristan have gotten well acquainted in my absence!’


          As Olivia entered the living room, she saw Clara with her feet on the coffee table as she watched television. The mother smiled, but immediately realized that Tristan was nowhere to be found, and wasn’t on the coffee table where she had left him. This is when Clara noticed her mother, turning to smile at her.


          “Hey mom!” Clara greeted, “how was work?”


          “Where is he?” Olivia asked, ignoring her daughter's question.


          “Who?” Clara had forgotten about her tiny snack, but just as she recalled what she had done, she was about to concoct some sort of lie until her mother immediately began to panic.


          “Your adopted brother!?” Olivia asked in a panic, “it was going to be a surprise? I left him right on the coffee table, next to the remote!”


          Clara felt her heart sink. She almost wanted to check her ears, had she heard her mother correctly? She had assumed it was some stray tiny off the streets, but was her mother actually telling her that it was instead an adopted tiny? She thought she was going to lose it, had she known then obviously she wouldn’t have eaten the little guy. Clara was very busy between her yoga sessions and college courses, she had never noticed all of the renovations of the office and never been told about Olivia’s intentions to adopt a tiny.


          ‘Adopted brother…?’ Clara gulped anxiously as she realized what she had done, ‘are you fucking kidding me…? Why wouldn’t she tell me she was adopting one of those tiny pests!? Fuck! I can’t let her know I ever saw him, or else she’ll kill me!’


          “Clara!?” Olivia was on the verge of a panic attack, as she began looking under the table and around the room, “didn’t you see him when you got home!?”


          “N-no!” Clara lied, “the television was on, but I didn’t see anyone! You adopted a tiny…?”


          “Yes!” Olivia became frantic, “oh my God! I never should have left him alone! Tristan! Tristan, where are you!?”


          Olivia became unhinged with regret and guilt as she scoured the living room. She checked under the couch, the entertainment stand, and even took a quick glance at Clara’s bare soles to make sure her daughter didn’t mistakenly step on him. After yielding no results, she started going room by room in an effort to find her newly adopted son. She felt awful, as if this was entirely her fault. She had no idea that Tristan was closer than she realized, quite closer to his adoptive sister in fact… A bit too close.


          ‘Fuck me…’ Clara clutched her forehead in frustration, ‘I ate my adopted brother? I tasted his… Ugh! And here I thought he broke in, or he was a street stray! Way to go Clara…’


          The young woman tried to snap out of her frustration, hearing her mother upend every room she stormed into as she tried to locate Tristan. Clara sighed as she stood to her feet, pacing back and forth as she tried to contemplate what to do.


          ‘Whatever… She’ll get over it!’ Clara thought, ‘just another stupid tiny… She can adopt another one! I’ll just flush him down the toilet once I take care of my business, just like the rest! What’s the big deal anyway? He’s just a stupid bug…’


          “Tristan!? Oh God… Tristan!?” Olivia could be heard breaking down in the kitchen now, as Clara rolled her eyes in annoyance.


          The young woman turned off the television before heading down the hall and towards the kitchen. As she turned and entered the kitchen, she could see her mother sitting on the floor in despair, sobbing profusely as she inspected the bottom of her feet. She also had Clara’s flats and her heels nearby, and it appeared she checked those as well. She was a wreck, wondering where Tristan could have possibly gone off to or what might have happened to him in only an hour’s time.


          “What if we crushed him!?” Olivia sobbed, “I’m horrible! I’m the worst mother ever! Why didn’t I take him with me!?”


          “Mother…” Clara was annoyed, but at the same time she felt awful for her mother. Though Clara had no regard for tinies, her mother was not like her at all. The young woman approached her mother and sat down beside her, reaching her arm out and holding her mother in an attempt to soothe her emotional breakdown.


          “I’m sure he’s fine,” Clara assured, “why don’t you go to your room and get some rest? I’ll keep looking for him, alright?”


          “A-are you s-sure?” Olivia stuttered as she tried to regain her composure. She wiped the tears from her eyes, doing her best to listen to her daughter and try to remain calm.


          “I’ve got this, I can’t let my new brother get lost on his first day here, right?” Clara smiled at her mom, before Olivia nodded somberly as she stood up.


          “Please!” Olivia pleaded, “call me the second you find him!”


          “Of course!” Clara stood up and shoved her mom towards the hallway, “now go take a nap, I’m sure Tristan is doing just fine!”


          As her mother headed towards her bedroom, keeping her eyes on the ground diligently to ensure that her adopted son wasn’t on the floor and in her path, she closed her bedroom door and did as her daughter suggested. After such an exciting morning of meeting Tristan and touring the house with him, all she felt now was guilt and dismay as she wondered what sort of fate had befallen her adopted son. Meanwhile, Clara balled her hands into fists and clenched them tight in anger as she began to pace furiously back and forth in the kitchen.


          ‘Fuck…’ Clara thought in frustration, ‘it’s been at least what, forty minutes? Fucker has to be in my intestines by now, no point in trying to puke him up.’


          Clara stopped in the middle of the kitchen, lifting her shirt and staring at her smooth, toned belly with a glowering gaze. She sighed, pressing her hand firmly into her gut as she tried to feel any movement, but alas there was nothing but the gurgling and rumbling of her stomach as it digested the oatmeal and her newly adopted brother.


          ‘I swear to God,’ Clara threatened, ‘the rest of those little twerps I ate all survived… You’d better survive too!’


          Clara lowered her shirt and facepalmed herself, stepping backwards and leaning her back against the fridge as she sighed in annoyance. Of all the tiny prey she’d eaten and flushed away, she ended up eating the one tiny that her own mother had adopted. She would never understand her mothers love and interest in tinies around the globe, but Clara loved her mother deeply, and she knew that if Tristan didn’t make a return, it would devastate Olivia for the rest of her life.


          ‘You’re lucky my mother cares about you so much that she adopted you…’ Clara thought angrily, ‘fine! Fine, fine, fine, fine! I’ll pull you out of the fucking toilet in the morning… Yuck! I hope you fucking suffer in there you little twerp! You really just ruined my entire day!’


          As Clara stormed off towards the living room to try and forget the colossal error in judgement she’d made less than an hour earlier, she could only hope, for her mothers sake, that Tristan would end up surviving her digestive cycle like the countless victims before him. Though she might have cared less about his particular situation, she couldn’t let his disappearance affect her mother so tragically either.


          Much time had passed while Clara tried to forget all about that late morning, as the confines of her stomach gurgled and folded continually with the now bare remnants of her oatmeal she’d eaten some time ago. As more foaming agents dispersed across the lining of her stomach, her gut folding and contracting the last of the oatmeal that barely remained, there was nothing else present within her nearly empty belly. The last of what remained was slowly taken through the pyloric sphincter, which connected her stomach to the small intestinal tract where the next stage of digestion had advanced.


          Tristan slowly began to come too, feeling himself lodged in a considerably tighter space that he’d previously found himself. His eyes slowly flickered open, but his face and brows, including his eye lashes even, were coated in a thick mucus and gunk which prevented him from seeing clearly. He groaned, but he found himself unable to breathe as he tried to take in a deep breath. He felt weak, exhausted even as he felt his body move at a very slow pace.


          ‘What… Huh?’ Tristan could hardly think as he felt something contract all around him, working him back and forth, until pushing him forward. ‘Where am I…? Am I dreaming…? Am I… Dead?’


          He tried to move, but found it impossible to do so. He tried to breathe again, but instead he found his mouth had filled with a foul and disgusting substance, though he hardly had the energy to react to it. Then he realized he couldn’t breathe at all, in fact, he felt as if his lungs were full.


          ‘What’s happening to me…?’ Tristan thought, wanting to scream and cry but unable to do either, ‘why… Why can’t I just die… Why do I have to suffer…?’


          The poor, young man then closed his eyes. He adjusted his face and tried to wipe the crap from his eyes so he could try and see. Instead he only covered his entire face in a foul, slimy substance which only worsened his already horrible vision.


          ‘Oh God…’ Tristan finally realized what was going on, ‘I’m… I’m in her small intestine… Aren’t I? No… Oh God… Why!? This can’t be happening… How am I still alive? Why can’t I breathe…?’


          A sensation around his cock sent an unwanted chill up his spine. He realized a great number of odd, finger-like tentacles appeared to be rubbing themselves all over his body. Though he didn’t know what they were, he also felt his body getting crushed periodically, the peristalsis motion of the small intestine causing him to slowly travel throughout his adoptive sister’s digestive tract. He was horrified, this was simply the most horrendous experience he’d ever been through. The worst part was he was still alive, somehow, and he knew that his trip was far from over.


          The numerous villi of the small intestine, which were the small, finger-like projections that helped absorb nutrients from the contents of the small intestine, also acted as an inadvertent, pleasurable sensation which made poor Tristan erect once again. He felt his dick getting hard, and it made him sick to his stomach. His lungs were actually filled with mucus and other digestive enzymes that he mistakenly swallowed and inhaled during his unconscious state when he entered the small intestine. Despite this, somehow, he was alive and forced to endure this hellish nightmare as Clara’s body dragged him through her bowels.


          Tristan didn’t feel any pain, however, and the worst of it was simply the taste and smell of the foul contents of the digestive tract. He could feel the goopy oatmeal lathered all over his body, the villi working diligently to absorb anything meaningful from it though Tristan was indigestible as the small intestine opted to push him along in the hopes he’d be ejected with the rest of the waste. As far as Clara’s body was concerned, the little fellow was a foreign invader of whom they intended to remove promptly. This allowed him to travel far more quickly through her digestive cycle than the rest of the contents, though he didn’t realize it at that moment.


          ‘How much longer will this take?’ Tristan wondered, ‘I’m literally inside of Clara… My adoptive sister… I can’t believe this is actually happening to me… Why is she so heartless? I couldn’t even stop her, I’m a worthless nobody… She probably didn’t even want some loser, tiny brother…’


          While Tristan condemned himself for being born at such a worthless size, slowly succumbing to his own insanity as he accepted the fate that Clara had brought upon him, he slowly reached the end of the small intestinal tract. He felt his body beginning to reposition itself in an upward manner, a larger opening starting to take him forward as even more powerful contractions began to take fold. Suddenly he was ascending, or so it felt, because he had finally reached the ascending colon. This was the first part of the large intestinal tract.


          ‘Woah… I must have entered her large intestine…’ Tristan realized he’d finally moved through the worst of it, or so he’d hoped. Though of course, he seemed to miss a few key steps in the process that were soon to come.


          The powerful muscles of Clara’s large intestine shifted him through the final phase of her digestive system. He found the pressure considerably worse now, as he felt his skin starting to shrivel. He became uncomfortable, as if something was happening to his flesh that he couldn’t explain.


          ‘What’s that…!?’ Tristan was starting to panic, still unable to breathe, and finding himself feeling dry despite being coated in mucus, enzymes and other matter.


          The large intestine was simply doing one of its many functions, absorbing any salt and water from its contents that hadn’t yet been digested as food. Since Tristan was still in one piece, it had begun to absorb the water from his skin as he found his body shriveling up slightly. It wouldn’t be enough to do any permanent damage, but it felt as if he was getting mild sunburns which started to cause him moderate discomfort.


          ‘Why!? Why does it just keep getting worse!?’ Tristan tried so hard to cry, wanting some form of reprieve where he could get it, but anything he produced was simply absorbed by Clara’s large intestine, which only saw Tristan as her food that refused to be broken down and digested into nutrients for her body.


          As Tristan continued his way through the final intestinal tract, wishing desperately to just die, his adoptive sister was now asleep in her bed. She wore nothing but a pair of red-laced panties, the bedsheets hardly covering one of her legs as she laid flat on her back. Her right hand rested atop her belly, her head turned slightly as she snoozed with a slight smile across her lips. While her adopted, little brother was tortured mercilessly inside of her gorgeous figure, she slept like an angel.


Nobody in the world who’d see Clara in this very moment, could ever fathom the absolute sociopathic nature that she felt towards tinies all around the globe, including the one currently on his way towards her rectum. Despite what it had felt like for Tristan during this entire experience, morning had already begun to approach as the sun slowly crept over the horizon, the smallest fractions of light starting to make their way through Clara’s bedroom curtains. Her bowels groaned and rumbled, as the remnants of her meal the day before made its way towards the exit. Before long, Clara’s body would begin to signal that it was time to drop a load.










          As the little man was forced to remain awake for the duration of his final hours, he started to recognize an even more foul smelling odor that began to fill his nostrils. Though his vision was still hazy, he could barely see what appeared to be a massive object not far ahead of him. A series of tiny particles began to reveal themselves stuck to the sides of the large intestinal tract, and then Tristan realized his journey was indeed about to end, though he might have to wait for some time in arguably the worst part of Clara’s entire body.


          ‘No… I forgot… Oh God…’ Tristan felt his heart sink until it was no more, realizing that from the moment he’d initially been eaten, this had always been his fate. ‘Clara… Why… Why did you do this to me…?’


          At the end of Clara’s digestive tract, Tristan found himself in the process of her waste management. The muscles of her large intestine forcefully crammed him and her waste together in masses, creating chains of feces as they began to pile up for their eventual release. Tristan found his hands, legs and arms all becoming engulfed in Clara’s shit, which enveloped his entire body as he became part of the solid mass as the large intestine worked effortlessly to form the logs of the woman’s poop.


          The entire ordeal was revolting, Tristan trying to scream and fight but all of his energy had long been expended. He could no longer open his eyes, his nostrils filling with shit, his ears filling with shit and lastly his mouth when he attempted to scream and beg for mercy. If he wasn’t certain about wanting to embrace sweet death before, he had most certainly begged God himself to do the merciful act now and end it before it could get any worse. All the while Clara slept still, as if nothing was amuck, while Tristan experienced a cruel fate that hell itself would find difficult to compete with.


          As the mass of excrement, Tristan included, was worked towards the end of Clara’s digestive system, it all remained stored until it would be time to move the mass into the rectum for ejection into the open world. Tristan, unable to sleep, experienced a perpetual suffering that would be hard to ever match again. He remained buried in Clara’s clumped shit, not able to move a single muscle as he sobbed mentally and wished every second that he would just die and let it be done with.


          After what felt like an eternity, however, his world suddenly began to shift at long last. Despite the repeated vibrations of the contracting muscles of the digestive system, a more notable movement, erratic almost, made Tristan realize that his adoptive sister must have been asleep previously. The movements continued, until Tristan felt the mass of shit he was clumped with begin to move rapidly as the large intestine shifted most of the fecal matter into the rectum as the body began to recognize an imminent bowel movement.


          ‘Oh God…’ Tristan thought in horror, ‘it’s finally going to end, isn’t it? Is this what I think it is? Is this nightmare finally going to be over…?’


          The movements of his adoptive sister shifted a lot, then began to slow down to a gentle series of rippling effects, up until he felt a massive shift as a drop effect occurred until he felt a slam reverberate around his prison before he was met with silence and stillness. He had been ejected into the rectum from the large intestine, feeling his right arm and head barely sticking out of the log of crap, now feeling something happening beneath him.


          ‘What’s going on…?’ Tristan thought, ‘please… No more… Am I really going to have to wait even long-’


          The young man lost his train of thought as he felt the waste beneath him eject rapidly and abruptly. The log of shit that claimed him as its own began to squeeze through the rectum, and Tristan knew then and there that Clara had indeed headed into the bathroom to relieve herself. A wave of relief washed over the distraught, young man, that at long last his nightmare was coming to an end. He had no idea what would come next, but for now he felt as if he needed to sputter and vomit all that he’d ingested so he could finally start to breathe again. How he’d survived the entire ordeal, was baffling to him.


          Clara’s anus expanded, the final log of shit expelling from her asshole as Tristan squeezed through it and finally felt the light wash over him. He felt a sensation as he fell a short distance, until he submerged beneath the cold, watery depths of the toilet bowl. The log of poop began to drag him down, as he felt his innards expel as he vomited while under the water’s surface. All of the mucus, enzymes and other matter and waste had all been expelled from his stomach, as he found the strength to finally break free of Clara’s turd before he slowly began to float to the surface.


          The moment he broke the surface of the toilet water, he felt his lungs seize as a torrent of mucus and other gunk shot out of his mouth and nose. At long last he took in a deep breath, so violent that he felt as if his lungs were on fire. He reached up and scrubbed his eyes, but they began to burn as he groaned in pain.


          “That would be my piss water,” said a voice from above, which happened to be Clara who was peering between her legs and into the toilet bowl.


          “W-what!?” Tristan finally managed to open his eyes, looking up to see the gigantic, shit-stained asshole of his adoptive sister. Her clean-shaven pussy was also in view, and he found himself in absolute disbelief as he looked up at the woman who he’d been inside of for nearly an entire twenty hours or so.


          “Disgusting…” Clara rolled her eyes as she grabbed some toilet paper and began to wipe her asshole clean. She knew she’d have to fish him out of the toilet, and she wasn’t looking forward to it. She wasn’t about to do so without cleaning her butt hole first, uncaring whether her shit-smeared pieces of toilet paper fell on her little, adopted brother or not.


          Tristan watched as she used the toilet paper to clean her asshole, dropping a series of pieces that began to descend towards him. He quickly swam to the side, the shit-smeared toilet paper landing in three or four separate locations as the giantess cleaned her anus and and began to stand up as she pulled up her panties, followed by her pajamas that she had put on before leaving her bedroom. She was only wearing a bra as her top, while turning around to look down at the tiny swimming in her urine and shit.


          “Well? What did you think?” Clara gave him a cruel smirk.


          “W-what…?” Tristan looked up at her in despair, his eyes swelling with tears as he found himself at a loss for words.


          “W-w-what…!?” Clara mocked him heartlessly, “God you really are pathetic. Usually I flush you little pests after I shit you out with my waste, but of course my mother adopted you, so I guess you drew the lucky straw, twerp!”


          “P-please! Don’t flush me!” Tristan was terrified. After enduring such a nightmare, the thought of being flushed with Clara’s shit terrified him down to his core. He was finally free from her vile and wretched bowels, but now he wondered if he was going to be flushed away like excrement.


          “Are you even listening to what I’m saying?” Clara rolled her eyes, “relax! I’m not going to flush you. I would have, but my mother would hate herself forever if she thought she lost you… So I decided to give you a break.”


          Clara reached for something on the vanity nearby, bringing a ladle into view. She quickly dipped it into the water, as Tristan felt himself being pulled out of the toilet bowl. Immediately afterwards Clara flushed the toilet, as Tristan looked over the edge of the ladle and watched her poop and piss vanish as the toilet swallowed it all. Then she turned on the sink, dipping the spoon under the faucet as Tristan found the torrent of water engulfing him.










          “Wash up, I’m not picking you up until you’re clean!” Clara instructed, using her free hand to squirt some hand soap into the ladle as Tristan anxiously cleaned himself while feeling utterly humiliated. He was grateful that she didn’t flush him down the toilet, but he felt immensely shameful after getting a view of her nude regions and being treated like a worthless pest.


          For the next ten minutes Tristan was forced to scrub every orifice and crevice of his entire body. Though he was now free from the bowels of Clara’s body, he still felt disgusting and defiled. He was also intimidated and fearful of his adoptive sister now, terrified that she might eat him again or do something worse. He obeyed her every command as he scrubbed himself clean, wondering what she might do with him afterwards until the faucet was finally turned off before he was dumped unceremoniously onto the countertop.


          “Now you’re as good as new!” Clara teased, bending down to get a closer look at her naked, adopted brother. She quickly noticed that his cock was still erect, which of course brought a devious smile to her lips. “Big cock you have there, how did it feel against my tongue yesterday?”


          “W-what…?” Tristan slowly covered himself anxiously as his face flushed red. He had almost forgotten he was naked, and felt embarrassed as Clara gazed at his nude body.


          “You ask ‘what’ a lot, it’s kind of annoying,” Clara retorted, “did you enjoy the view of my asshole and pussy? It’s a shame I’m your sister now, huh? Guess it doesn’t matter, not like we’re related or anything, not really, right?”


          “I… I don’t know…” Tristan struggled to say a word, afraid that he might say one wrong word that would inflict her wrath. Between her harsh statements of disposing of him, and her sudden flirtatious comments, he was mixed between fear and shame. They might not be related through blood, but they were technically adoptive siblings now, and considering how gorgeous she was as a young woman, naturally Tristan couldn’t ignore her attractive nature.


          “Just calm down,” Clara chuckled humorously, “was it that rough inside of my body? I guess I never took time to ask the others, I just flushed them without a second thought. So tell me, what was it like traveling through my body like a little treat?”


          “It was horrible…” Tristan held his knees up to his chest, tears starting to stream down his cheeks all over again as he recalled the horrific event. Though he was happy to be free, and safe for the time being, he realized that Clara was enjoying his torment, or so it seemed.


          “Yeah I suppose,” Clara’s smile turned into a frown, her hands rising and clutching the counter’s edge as she glared at him. Tristan looked up in fear, the ominous expression of his adoptive sister sending chills down his spine. Her head slowly came forward, getting menacingly close to the little guy as he looked into her eyes with fear.


          “You’d hate to have to go through that again, wouldn’t you?” Clara asked threateningly.


          “No!” Tristan shook his head furiously, the notion alone of having to endure that nightmare all over again absolutely horrifying, “please! Please don’t do that to me again!”


          “That’s what I thought,” Clara leaned forward even closer, the air from her nostrils wafting over the tiny, young man, “I’ll accept you as my little brother, for now. My mother seems to like you, and I suppose I can just eat other tinies and flush them down the toilet… But if you ever tell her what I did to you, or anyone else, I’ll eat you again, and again… And again! I’ll get away with it too, I always do. Got it?”


          “Got it!” Tristan nodded frantically, “I’ll do whatever you want! Please! Please don’t hurt me!”


          “Awww,” Clara smiled again, standing tall as she took her index finger and patted Tristan on the scalp, “you’re so adorable when in distress! I’ve always thought about keeping a tiny as my foot slave, and for other uses… But I guess I have you now! You’ll be my little adopted slave! And also my mothers adopted son. How’s that sound? Little brother?”


          “Anything…” Tristan closed his eyes and sobbed, realizing that the new life he’d always dreamt of wasn’t going to be exactly what he’d hoped for after all. He struggled to fathom what kind of future awaited him in the home of his new adoptive sister, and the cruel acts she’d force upon him in the coming days, weeks and months.


          “Great! Well I’d better get you back to our mother before she really starts to worry!” Clara picked Tristan up and clutched him tightly, “oh, and by the way, do you have any idea how you survived the entire process? No matter how many of you tinies I’ve eaten, they always survive! I knew you were all more durable and whatever, but none of the research I’ve looked up mentions anything like this. Any ideas?”


          “I… I have no idea…” Tristan admitted, “I thought I was going to die many times…”


          “Hm, that’s horrific,” Clara laughed as she left the bathroom and headed towards her mothers bedroom, “I guess we’ll have to figure it out then… Won’t we…?”


The End… Or is it?

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