Halloween Super Short Vore Story by Frizzle

A young man finds himself in a horrible predicament when a woman doesn't find the candy options to her liking.

(Inspired by an art piece whom I forget, if I remember I'll update this summary)

All characters are self made and this is my own work. If you don't like vore, then DO NOT READ IT.
All characters are 18+

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Halloween Super Short Vore Story by Frizzle
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- Clean Vore (no blood/violence)
- Instant Size Change
- Cruel Giantess

This was a quick short story posted to my LEWDS thread on Discord, decided to share it here. IT IS VERY SHORT, not intended to be continued either, just a simple, sweet vore story for a quick read.


A young, 18 year old boy is at home when his mother instructs him to answer the door for trick-or-treaters. He rolls his eyes, groaning with annoyance but nods with obedience. Sure enough in a manner of minutes the doorbell rings, as the mother closes the bathroom door to do her duties before resuming command of the candy bowl.

"Only hand out one piece!" The mother screeches from inside the bathroom.

The young man rolls his eyes, opening the door to find a young woman about his age, maybe slightly older by a hair. He raises his eyebrow, having expected a child and not an adult woman, however young she may be. He clutches the candy bowl in his hands, sighing as he grabs a piece anyways and dumps it in the pillowcase in her hands, which is quite full.

"Just one?" The young woman rolls her eyes, "no, that simply will not do... You're looking pretty tasty though, I think you'll be a great Halloween treat!"

"Wha-" The young man couldn't finish his sentence, before everything went dark.

The mother eventually finished and flushed the toilet, hearing her phone beep in the other room. She leaves the bathroom and notices the front door is left wide open, scoffing with annoyance and closing it before locking the door and returning to the living room. She cursed under her breath, wondering why her son would be so careless when it was so cold outside. She didn't even realize he was gone, as she picked up her phone and realized the RING doorbell camera had recorded a clip that seemed to be a length longer than necessary for something as simple as handing out candy to children.

The mother, being nosy, opened the app and checked the recorded feed, watching as a young woman stared directly into the camera. The mother had chills runs down her spine, wondering who this person was and why they were acting so incredibly strange. Her eyes expanded in horror however, upon seeing the woman's mouth open wide, her tongue slithering out just a tad while her two fingers stretched her cheek apart to give a very clear view of the inside of her wet, salivating mouth.

The horrific part, however, was not the moist tongue and drenched lips of this salivating young woman, no, it was the tiny person that seemed to be atop her tongue. The young mans legs were slipping into the woman's throat, his arms waving frantically and his mouth moving as if he were screaming for help. Tears poured out of his eyes, but her camera wasn't set up with audio so she couldn't hear anything anyways. The young woman's gullet pulsated in reaction to the young mans frantic movements, until her tongue kicked backwards and up against her soft palate, effectively shoving the young man straight down her throat.

Even that wasn't the horrific part, no, it was far worse. The mother recognized the young man, her own son, the very son she had instructed to hand out only one piece of candy. The young woman smiled cruelly, licking her lips as she lifted her chin to expose her throat to the camera. It bulged violently, visibly moving as the young man frantically fought and kicked to escape, as he descended her esophagus and towards his final destination. The mother began to cry, holding her mouth in horror as the bulge disappeared, and the woman appeared to burp on screen though again, she could not hear it.

The woman then walked away, skipping along with her pillowcase full candy, without a scrap of remorse. The mother closed the app, she couldn't believe it, it had to be fake.

"Jacob!?" The mother screamed, "Jacob!? Where are you!?"*

The mother would scramble about the house looking for her son. His bedroom, his closet, the bathroom, every room in the house, but he was nowhere to be found. She even checked the outside, running down the streets, but she never found that young woman, or her son. He was gone, forever, devoured by a remorseless stranger, to be digested within the confines of her gut.

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