A Cruel God by Shade

A woman hangs out with her giant god boyfriend while he is cruel and destructive to others, but gentle and sweet with her. Warning: focus on Giant Male/Small Woman interactions.

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Chapter 1 by Shade

I faded into consciousness, a musky smell filled my nostrils. It wasn’t unpleasant, far from it. Coupled with the soft gentle warmth surrounding me, it was a very relaxing way to wake up. I luxuriated their for a few moments. The soft pliable covering was draped over my entire body, warm against my stomach and boobs. I could hear a whooshing through my covers. It reminded me of a swelling tide, building, breaking, receding, then building again.

I relaxed, enjoying the sounds, enjoying the feeling of being completely enveloped by my partner. Fully awake, knowing I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep, I crawled my way out, so I could at least look at my lover. The light fuzz of his hair caressed my back as I crawled through the sensuous loose flesh of his scrotum. Soon I had slithered out from under his scrotum and testicles. I looked up and saw his colossal dick towering over me with rigidity. Morning wood, I suppose, I liked thinking my little wiggles against his soft skin had provided some of that increased size. His curly hairs twisted around the shaft like ropes wrapped loosely around a ship’s mast.

I smiled taking in the awesome sight of my boyfriend’s absolutely gigantic member. I heard a familiar high pitched noise from some where further up the bed. My smile faded. It was the sound of screaming tiny people. Looking up and up and up, I saw his handsome face with it’s well chiseled jawline and cheekbones; it’s plush kissable lips and fine layer of stubble. Even at my comparatively small size it’s so soft to touch and rub up against, almost like a soft suede.

The kissable lips currently had half a naked human dangling from between them. It’s legs kicked against his lower lip. His eyes were closed, and I knew that meant he was saving the little one’s futile struggles. I write little, but really whoever it was was on the same size scale as me. If he didn’t love me so much, it could easily be my legs dangling from those lips. It scared me, it filled my gut with pity and compassion for whatever poor soul was up there, but there was another feeling too. Calling it envy would be too simple, but it had that sort of flavor. The lips pursed, his cheeks dimpled, and the legs slowly drew up into the mouth until they disappeared completely. His mouth closed, his cheeks moved around. He was obviously savoring his victim. After a few seconds his Adam’s apple moved up and down as he swallowed his prey whole, as he did about half the time. I stared up at him, transfixed by the horrific, but now familiar, sight of another little life consumed by my boyfriend’s immense appetite.

Yeah, I wrote boyfriend there. Even though he likes to spend large portions of every day eating or otherwise tormenting humans my size, or even smaller or bigger depending on his desires, he was always very kind to me, very caring. His eyes fluttered open and met mine. They were crystal blue, perfectly complimenting his dark hair and creamy pale complexion. I always thought he looked like Snow White, if Snow White was a boy. Maybe that’s because we lived in a castle. Our eyes met. Even from so far below I could see his iris’s dilate.

“Oh,” he said in a gentle voice full of regret, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you. I woke up, and I was just so hungry. I had the servants bring me a few snacks from the cages. I tried to keep it as quiet as I could, but a few just started screaming in sheer terror.” He shrugged his shoulders. “What can you do, you know.”

“You know how much it distresses me.” I said. “Hearing your, uh, food scream and suffer.”

“I know, I know, but it’s so good. If only you knew how nice it feels. Having a little person so helpless and scared. The screams alone would be worth it, even if they weren’t delicious.”

“I know you enjoy it.” I said. “I would never ask you not to, you know, eat people, it’s just still so new to me. I can’t help but be a little disturbed seeing and hearing you eat people who are just like me.”

“But darling,” he smiled, “there’s no one like you. You’re just so perfect and wonderful. You shouldn’t compare yourself to the puny little nothings I eat.”

“Well, thank you,” I felt the warmth of a blush in my cheeks. “Anyway, it did wake me up.”

“I’m so sorry, dear,” he said, “may I kiss you to make up for it?”

I saw that bashful grin and that certain sheen in his eye and I couldn’t bear to deny him. I nodded my head. “Yes.”

His massive hand descended toward me, and I felt the usual flutter in my stomach, and other places. He grasped me gently, but firmly. His gently clenched hand was nearly as tall as I was, as were the individual fingers I could feel against my back. His hands were so soft and smooth, you’d never guess the terrible destruction they had wrought. It was like being carried in a big crane up to those lips, those perfect lips. He pressed my face into them, and it was just so warm and safe and perfect, I didn’t even mind that those same lips had slurped up another human being less than two minutes earlier. My head was held perfectly between his upper and lower lips, as if I was resting my head in the hollow of his neck. I gave the lips, the soft yard wide lips, a little peck. He carried me away from his mouth and unfurled his hand, and placed the other underneath it, so that I could rest on my back across his palm, with the other hand to catch me if I slipped.

Not that a fall would hurt me. He explained when he picked me that he was extending a measure of his own godly invulnerability into my body. It’s a pretty handy feature when your boyfriend and lover could easily roll over onto you by accident and steamroll you into bed pizza.

He gazed down at me, and I gazed back. He smiled. I smiled. I had never felt so safe and loved as I did being held in his hands, being held close to his body.

“I hope you’re not too sore after what we did last night.” He said.

“No, no.” I said. “The invulnerability is working like a charm. I didn’t even feel sore after crawling my way out from under your balls when I woke up.”

“Sorry I left you there. You just fell asleep, and it felt so good feeling my skin draped around you.”

“Don’t apologize,” I said. “I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t have fallen asleep it they wasn’t so comfy-cozy.”

“So you’d be up for it again?”

“Absolutely,” I said. “You could even be a little rougher if you like, really physically dominate me with those big gorgeous balls of yours.”

“Shucks,” he said. “I worry sometimes because of how many women I’ve crushed to paste under them. It felt great for me, but I got the impression they didn’t care for it too much.”

“I see,” I said, “so what’s on the agenda today?”

“Well I figure we’ll take a shower together, have some breakfast, and maybe pay a visit down to one of the worlds.”

“Oh,” I said trying not to sound disappointed, “what for?”

“A resistance movement has started on a world trying to overthrow my church. It’s a world I haven't visited in a while, so I figured something like this was due.”

“Wh-what do you plan to do about?” I asked, fully knowing the answer.

“Well, smite them of course. I figure on using one of the standard rebellion enforcement responses for a Churchworld: Descend on a city, empower my more zealous worshipers with size gifts, and lead them in annihilating the rebels infrastructure. It should be a hoot.”

“Sounds like a busy day.”

“It’ll be fun though. Do you want to come along?”

“I don’t know.” I said. “I’m still kind of iffy about destruction and massacres.”

“Well, of course you don’t have to come, but I am going to be gone most of the day. I’ll miss you.”

That one really pulled at my heartstrings.

“I’ll consider it.” I said.

“If you don’t like it, if it gets too intense, it’s perfectly fine if you want to come back home. I won’t judge you for it, and if I won’t, nobody else will either, or I will judge them.”

“Okay,” I said. I was of two minds. Of course it was sort of fun to watch him walk around a city crushing and smashing buildings with nothing but his casual movements. It was easier not to think of the people he crushed and squished. This time he would be specifically going after little humans. I wasn’t sure I had the stomach for it, but I knew how happy it would make him. “I love you, and I want you to be happy, and I know that crushing uprisings makes you really happy. I’ve seen the light in your eyes when you tell me about it.”

“Am I that obvious?”

“You’re too big to be anything else, babe.” I said.

He brought me up to his chest and held me against his soft fuzzy hair. I felt the gentle warmth against my naked skin, and could hear the low thrumming of his heartbeat. It all felt magical. I couldn’t help but slip into thoughts of the same hands that held me so gently ripping buildings and vehicles apart. The sheer power to destroy lived in these hands, but all they ever gave me were soft squeezes and gentle strokes. It’s quite a thing to be caressed by an apocalypse.

“I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” I said. “Okay, I’ll come along.”

“Well, alright.”

He brought me back up to his mouth and kissed the entire front of my body with his huge soft lips, then placed me down on his nightstand so he could get out of bed. I looked up along his slightly hairy well-toned body, enjoying every inch of the view or every yard at his scale, I suppose.

Picking me back up, he walked through the bedroom. He gave a high sharp whistle. In seconds a few off his servants flew in through the arched doorway that led out into the hallway. They had the appearance of angels, little winged humanoids, men and women, all with fit attractive human frames. I’d seen hundreds of them in and around the house in the time I’d been there. They came in every color humans naturally came in, plus a few they don’t, a few coming in vivid colors of green, pink, violet, and so on. I had the impression they all had names, though I’d rarely hear my boyfriend use them.

“Alright numb-nuts,” he said using one of his usual forms of address for the servants, “Clean up any squished tinies, make our bed, and then have some breakfast ready for us by the time we’re out of the shower. If you fuck it up, I’ll twist each of your little heads off and make you watch while I crush your bodies under my feet. Thanks to being a god, I’ll be able to make you feel everything even though your heads are detached. Then I’ll take your heads and put them up on a wall in the servant’s quarters where you’ll silently relive the pain once a day to teach the other servants not to piss me off. Got it?”

“Of course master,” one of the servants, a young man with bright feathery wings and light but well tanned skin said.

“It better,” he said. “When I ring the bells in the divine bath, there better be a prompt response, or you know what.”

The stern threatening tone in his voice scared me a little, but it was also kind of exciting. I liked having a boyfriend so commanding and in charge. Yet to me he was always as deferential as possible, as if I were the only one in creation he truly considered his equal.

He walked into our bathroom and placed me ever so gently on the marble counter-top next to the sink. As my feet touched the surface a rush of cold traveled up through my bare feet. I couldn’t help, but shiver slightly.

“Oh, no.” He said noticing even this small discomfort. “I put you down too suddenly again. I’m so sorry. “let me warm you back up.”

He scooped me back into one massive hand as gently as possible. As it curled around my body, its soft warm flesh drove off the cold in my body. With his other hand, he plucked up a washcloth hanging from a rack, placed it on the counter top, and then set me back down. It was like standing on a big fluffy towel from my puny perspective.

“There you go, now I’ll get the water running, and make sure it’s not too hot for you.”

“Thank you,” I smiled up at him, “that’s so thoughtful of you.”

He grinned like a boy, cheeks blushing, and went over to the shower. After some fiddling with temperature, and pressure settings, he came back.

“I think it’s just about perfect.” He said.

He plucked me back up, and carried me into the tiled stall. Water misted around me caressing my little body from head to toe.

“Well?” He asked.

“It is perfect.” I said. “It’s absolutely wonderful.”

“I hoped it would be,” he said. “Divine showers can be fine tuned to a ridiculous degree. Very useful hen deities want to accommodate smaller guests.”

“Do you have some soap that’s my size?” I asked.

Disappointment slid down his face, pushing the smile into a frown. “I’m so sorry. I forgot to get a tiny soap last night. I guess I got a little distracted with our activities after dinner. I guess mine’s a little too big for you.”

He pointed with his free hand to a white bar of soap sitting in it’s dish on a little shelf built into the shower stall wall.

I looked from the soap back to his big broad hand, then shifted my gaze back to the hand around me, holding me. I had a sudden brainstorm.

“You could soap up your hands, and then roll my little body around between them, getting me all soapy and cleaning me in the process.”

“That sounds like fun,” he said. “Let’s have the two of you trade spots.” He picked up the soap in his hand, and then gently placed me on the soap shelf.

He held the bar in the mist briefly, then put it between both hands and rubbed back and forth between his hands. I knew he’d be doing the same to me in just a few moments. It filled me with a warm delicious delight that I can barely begin to describe. The thrill of anticipation raised goosebumps all over my body, and stiffened my nipples.

He put out his huge foam covered palm just level with the shelf. I sauntered over and hopped on. He replaced the bubble encrusted bar of soap. As my feet hit his soapy flesh and slipped, but his hand was so gentle and soft, it wasn’t any more painful than falling onto a big fluffy pillow.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

“Never better,” I called up, then flashed a thumbs up, and then felt like the world’s biggest smallest dork.

“Good, I’m going to rub you clean. With your invulnerability it shouldn’t hurt at all, but please alert me if there’s any discomfort. Now please, just lay down, relax, and let me do the work.

I did as he asked. I laid down, breathing and relaxing against the warm suds skin under my back. I was very aware of my nipples, sticking straight up from my breasts like little pink chess pieces. When he brought his hand down, it was going to brush right over them, I thought.

Then he did, and it did. I felt the immense loving pressure as I was rolled back and forth, back and forth by his strong warm hands. There was absolutely no pain, but tremendous pressure, like the world’s strongest deep tissue massage, which I suppose, it was in a way. I smelled the soap, a faint clean smell. There was barely a smell to describe, but I could feel it in my nose mixed with the scent of his clean wet skin. After what must have been several minutes of such delightful treatment, he slowed his movements to a stop, and lifted the hand that was on top of me.

He looked down at me with a smile and a warm look in his eyes. I knew he’d enjoyed it too.

“Clean?” he asked.

“Very,” I replied.

“Now, I need to get cleaned up too. I have a kind of an idea, if you don’t want to, there’s no pressure…”

“What?” I asked. “C’mon spit it out.”

“Well you’re so soaped up, what if I used your little body clean myself. Rubbed it all up and down, all over my body.”

I smiled. “That sounds like a lot of fun.

So he did. He rubbed me all over his fuzzy chest, and over his equally fuzzy forearms. He rubbed me up into his armpits, which might not seem that sexy, but it really thrilled that submissive part of me. My man was using me as his personal washrag, and there was nothing I could do about it. But there was nothing I wanted to do about it. Then he rubbed me against his feet, which was a similar experience, but even more so. People who are into these extreme size differences are usually into foot stuff too, and I’m no exception. Worshiping and adoring some powerful, handsome, loving man’s feet had been a deeply satisfying fantasy for most of my life, now I was worshiping and adoring the feet of the most powerful and the most handsome man I’d ever met in my life. He was turning out to be the most loving, too.

After rubbing my puny body all over his big strong feet, he brought me up to his genitals. Specifically the soft velvety pink-blue glans of his cock. It poked slightly out from a shorter than average foreskin.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to.’ He said.

“No,” I said, “I need to. Move me closer to it.”

With a slight movement, he moved me, so that his sensitive flesh was only inches away from my face.

I kissed it. One big long deep kiss. Then I kissed it again, just a little peck that time. I proceeded to pepper it with rapid fire kisses all around, moving my lips and mouth in wild chaotic patterns. I wanted it so bad, even though it was immense, longer than I was tall, I wanted to at least try fitting it inside me. The night before, I’d humped its base while he stroked it until he came, sending out gouts of warm pale cream splattering all around me and onto me. The feeling of the rich sticky goo on my skin had been so blissful that I’d crammed handfuls of it into my cunt using it as a sort of lube as I fingered my self inside before moving up to my clit. As I came, I wondered if a God’s semen could get a mortal woman pregnant, like in the myths. I hoped it would. I hoped I would be filled with his giant offspring and even though it was improbable, the invulnerability he’d granted me would allow me to survive, carrying it to term. A baby many times larger than myself would get squeezed through the vagina I’d had my fingers in just a moment earlier. The thought was so blissfully perverse that I came again imagining an immense being issuing forth from my pussy, ripping its way out and nearly rupturing me in the process. That was what I wanted that giant cock to do, but in reverse. I slowed down thew assault of my lips on his glans. Sticking out my tongue, I gave it good long licks up and down.

I could actually see it engorging as my treatments brought more blood into the already enormous member. I heard him groaning in pleasure above. He clenched his hand hard. If not for my invulnerability all my bones and muscle would has crunched into a red mess at that moment, instead it was delightful. He took me and rubbed me around his balls, he rubbed me against the veined underside of his cock, and then he thrust me up into the area between his foreskin and his dick head. My head was engulfed in warm sexy flesh. He rubbed it around in there a little, and then pulled me out and lifted me back up to his face. He brought me to his lips and we kissed.

The rest of the shower was regular old cleaning, and nothing too remarkable.

He stepped out of the shower stall holding me firmly in his hand. I was several levels of blissed out.

The he rang the bell. The door flapped open and dozens of the little angelic servants swarmed into the room dry towels in their little hands. This was one of their jobs drying him off after showers and baths. Me two now apparently as two female looking servants glided toward me each holding a fluffy towel in her hands. One had blonde hair with well tanned skin and bright blue eyes, the other had lighter skin with a slightly golden undertone and dark hair with narrow set eyes with prominent folds at the corners. Both were very beautiful at any rate. They hovered next to me lightly patting me with the warm super fluffy towels. It was wonderful, but I could read an undercurrent of nervousness in their faces. The blonde haired one brushed her towel over my right shoulder and accidentally scraped my skin with her longish well manicured nails. Her nervousness became outright panic. The dark haired servant’s mouth hung open, her eyes went wide, and she was just as obviously filled with terror.

“It’s alright.” I said. I looked where she had scratched me. There were to pinker than normal lines running over my collar bone. “See, it’s barely visible. And it doesn’t hurt at all, its alright I promise.” I tried to be kind to them, but honestly I was little annoyed. He was looking down at us.

“Is everything alright down there?” He asked. Then more sternly, “You two get to work drying my friend if you don’t want to end up as splatter on the tiles for the rest of these fuck ups to clean.”

they went back to patting me dry, more slowly and more carefully this time. I felt a little bad for them, but his stern tone also excited me. As they flew away from me to provide more support to the efforts to dry his much larger body, I heard a rumble. It came from his stomach. Dread wound up my spine like a corkscrew. I knew what it meant. He was hungry.

“Alright,” he said.

Before I knew it he shot out his other hand and grabbed one of the winged servants. A white male with brown hair and a firm muscular build. He took the servant up to his mouth. I looked up, transfixed with horror, but unable to look away somehow. He put the servants head into his mouth, and bit down hard, shattering the little ones skull with an audible popping noise mixed with a quieter splatter noise. I knew he’d done that for my benefit. I told him the other day that it seemed more merciful if he snuffed out their lives instantly instead of torturing them or letting them melt away in his stomach. He agreed that for my benefit he would try for instant kills when he ate the servants or any of the other tiny people who were his regular meals. I stared as he took what was left of the little winged body and popped it into his mouth. He chewed for little bit. I could hear bones snapping and crumbling between his mighty teeth. After a short time, he swallowed and made a yummy noise.

“Mmmm, he really hit the spot. A great appetizer before breakfast.”

“Thank you for not letting him suffer too long, you know I can’t stand to see it.”

“I understand, and I do my best to respect your preferences. I wish you could see how far beneath you the little ones are, though.”

“Well,” I said, “I’m one of them.”

He grinned quietly, as if enjoying his own private joke. Then my stomach rumbled. I was little surprised given the grim spectacle I’d just witnessed. I supposed that I was adjusting; getting used to such sights and sounds. He perked up, obviously having heard my hungry tummy.

“Sounds like you’re starving, tell the servants what you’d like for breakfast, it will be ready by the time we get down there, or what I just did will pale in comparison to the punishment I’ll inflict on these losers.”

“Alright, I would like a french style omelet with buttered toast and some coffee, three spoons of sugar and a splash of milk, please.”

“Right away Miss.” Several servants said in unison, and flew off away from us and out of the bathroom.

We were fully dry, so he ordered the rest of the servants to go and do the rest of their daily chores: Cleaning the mansion, corralling tiny people for his breakfast, and bringing our clothes. He also informed them that they wouldn’t need to prepare a noontime meal for the day, as he would be enforcing his will on a disobedient world, and would eat while he was there. They actually cheered when he said they could use the time off to punish disobedient food slaves and smaller tinies in whatever way they saw fit.

We got dressed. He merely wore a toga like robe made of some fine white clothe and a pair of sandals. I dressed much mo0re casually in an evergreen turtleneck sweater and a pair of jeans, both of which I’d brought with me when I came here. I stayed barefoot which was a longtime preference for me when I could get away with it.

He carried me downstairs and through a series of halls. Posted regularly along the walls were little cages. Most were empty, but quite a few held tiny people of various sizes. He kept them so that he could be entertained by them anytime he wished. Some held people even smaller than me. I would have actually been able to crush or eat them myself, if I were inclined to. Not that I could imagine being inclined to.

We went through a huge, even by god sized standards, door frame into the expansive dining room. Servants were flitting about around one end of the long banquet table moving dishes and glasses into place. Giant sized ones for my boyfriend and small sized ones for me. From my place in his hand I saw a small table set for one atop the, to me, huge banquet table. From my perspective it was at least three football fields long, if that. The small table was set with a covered plate, a covered dish, and a pitcher of orange juice with a clear crystal wine glass. On the larger table was set what I had come to expect for my love’s breakfast. Hundreds of little humans of various sizes. Most were my size, a few were about double or triple my height, though still doll sized by my boyfriend’s standard. Still other were of the most miniature stature, some only half or even a quarter of my height. There was also a platter of buttered toasted bread with various jams and spreads to one side.

I sat down at my little table, while he sat down at the big table. I uncovered my plate and found a perfectly yellow, smooth, and creamy looking omelet underneath, in its characteristic tube like shape. I uncovered the metal dish and saw toast as perfect as I’d ever seen with plenty of butter. I looked up at my boyfriend as he settled in, looking over his own breakfast.

“Pretty good for once.’ he said. “Nice variety of sizes and physiques. You didn’t include any elderly or underage food in here did you?”

The servants insisted that they hadn’t.

“You better not have.” He said. “Children are delicious and scream so nicely as I chew or swallow them, but it’s greatly upsetting to my love, you understand?”

The servants nodded their understanding.

We ate our respective breakfasts. My omelet and toast were simply perfect and the orange juice was cold and refreshing.

My boyfriend’s tinies were tied to little toothpick like sticks that were stuck down into a foam mat set on the plate. The scene looked a little bit like a medieval picture of an impalement field.

He plucked up one of the smaller “toothpicks” and the tiny along with it. This was a truly small person, seeming to only be two or three feet tall from my perspective. It was a middle aged man with a bit of belly, but otherwise fit. He screamed and bellowed as my boyfriend’s tree trunk sized fingers pulled him up through the air and up to his mouth. My boyfriend put the stick in his mouth, pulled it out empty, and swallowed quickly.

I sighed with relief that he’d eaten the man quickly with minimum violence or chewing. It made it easier for me to just appreciate the raw power at my love’s command.

I dug further into my omelet, savoring its eggy buttery perfection.

My boyfriend continued pulling up the stakes and their inhabitants, eating them bit by bit. There were still about half of them left.

“well, that was pretty good for a bunch of losers.” He said. I’ve got to save room for the people I’m smiting later today, so you servants may have your pick of the leftovers.

The fluttering servants cheered with glee, and I braced myself for what would follow. The servants, all of them at least two times larger than the largest of my boyfriend’s breakfast tinies, swooped down upon those that were left. Those that were left screamed. The servants went to work devouring the remaining victims in whatever way they preferred. Some were happy to gulp their prey down whole, others tore into them chewing and ripping them apart, and a few of the more lewdly inclined sucked a tiny up into their genital parts. It was an orgy of screaming and indulgence. In the past this would have put me off my food, but I must confess that by that time, I’d become somewhat numb to such horrors. I finished my own breakfast despite the grim cacophony.

My boyfriend stood up from the table and held his hand down to me. I got up from my little table and hopped aboard.

“I’m sorry if I’m cutting breakfast too short, but I really must keep on schedule with this smiting. Sadly I cannot control the passage of time, so I must be going if I want to get there while it’s afternoon their time in the capital city. I like to strike just after lunch and go on into the night.”

“Yes,” said, “you told me that when you first explained your ways to me.”

“I suppose I did at that. I apologize for forgetting.”

“It’s alright,” I said, “just don’t explain again, that would be excessive.”

“Of course,” he said gently, “if you don’t want to accompany me, I understand. Smiting is one of those things where I just can’t restrain myself from going a little overboard.”

“It’s okay.” I said. “I’m getting used to it. I love you, I want to see you having fun, and I want to see you destroying buildings and stuff.”

“Cool,” he said, “well let’s not waste anytime. To the gate.”

He carried me along as he left the dining room and walked the long hallway to the transport chamber.

“Hey asswipes!” He called back to our servants who were just about done with their feast. “Make sure this whole dump is spic and span by the time we get back. And try to refrain from eating too many of the food slaves. If I come back and they’re under quota, there’s gonna be a few demotions around here, got it!”

Then he opened the door and carried me in. In the room there were hundreds, perhaps thousands of wooden pedestals, each highly varnished. Atop each pedestal stood a metal rod. At the top of each rod was metal rimmed circle of glass. Looking through the glass, one could gaze upon any of the many worlds that fell under my boyfriend’s dominion. The walls were made of numerous little class panels held together with occasional wooden ribs which arched up to the roof, which was also made of the glass panels, essentially a conservatory. My boyfriend walked up to a pedestal that’s glass with flashing red off and on. A plaque at the base of the metal rod read: Churchworld #0148

“Here we are.” He said.

He looked deeply into the circle. Everything started to go hazy. I suddenly felt quite tired. I drifted off just as the whole world ran around me like wet paint.

Time passed, and I was entirely in my own brain. This was what had happened the other times he’d taken me to one of his worlds. I hadn’t when he first brought me to his castle, but it did every other time. In the quiet time I thought about the people my boyfriend ate. He told me when I’d first come here that he needed them for nourishment, and also liked to have fun with them. He assured me that they were all unworthy beings, and I shouldn’t worry too much about their feelings or fate. It was getting so much easier to live with. Sometimes I even thought about what it would be like to eat or crush some of the more annoying servants. Only for a moment, but was it wicked of me? Other times I thought about being his food myself. The idea of being overpowered and swallowed, completely engulfed and dominated by this handsome man with beautiful eyes and a warm smile for me could be very appealing. We talked. He assured me that I wouldn’t be hurt, my invulnerability would protect me, but still I didn’t like the thought of being vomited or pooped to get out. Maybe when I got more used to my new lifestyle it wouldn’t gross me out, but it still did at that point.

The world faded in. I looked around. Judging by the scale of things, this world was about the size of the one I originally came from. That would put my boyfriend somewhere around 60 ft. tall, and the city scape about 40 or 50 feet below me. He held me securely though, and I new that my invulnerability would protect me at any rate. It had done when he’d done other rampages.

“I’m going to put you atop one of these sky scrapers while I grow to a more dominating height, if anyone or thing gives you trouble, just shout for me, and I’ll be there.”

He expanded, going up to around 700 feet tall. I gazed down and watched his neatly pedicured bare feet expand plowing through vehicles, small buildings, and anything or one else standing in their way. The sheer power sent a shiver through me like nothing else.

He walked around a little, and I could here the massive booms and crunches as he trod. It was only a step or two, but dozens must have perished beneath him. Their bodies were nothing before his might. Their buildings were nothing before his might.

After a moment he apparently found a good spot. He put me down on a fairly flat roof of one of the city’s skyscrapers, about 500 feet above the city. I looked around and saw that it was a clear spring day with a big blue sky with only a few big poofy marshmallow clouds to interrupt it. I looked up at his face, and he smiled down at me, a bigger smile than I’d ever seen.

“Have fun!” I shouted up and waved to him.

“You don’t have to shout,” I heard his voice in my ear, as if through an earpiece, “I’ll maintain a communication link between the two of us the whole time. We should be able to talk anytime you like. I have to get in touch with my priests and bishops here. Chew them out, chew a few of them up, and then quell this insurrection.”

“Alright, honey,” I said, and blew him a kiss.

He went walking off in no particular hurry. I could actually make out the screams and crashing from below. With each step, my boyfriend left an oblong crater big enough to feet at least a couple family homes inside. The cars and people really didn’t have a chance in all this, but it was easier to overlook that when they were just little specks so far below me. In the distance ahead of his enormous body, I could see a large ornate structure, similar in scope and design to a cathedral. I supposed that was what it must be, a cathedral to my boyfriend.

As he stepped further away, he shrank himself a bit with each step. Other buildings were negligible from his point of view, but I supposed he would prefer to spare a structure specifically dedicated to his worship. After a time he dwindled down smaller than I could follow, so instead I surveyed his footprints.

Each contained crushed concrete, smashed brick work, and mangled twisted metal. The power, the sheer destruction made my heart flutter. I pushed away thought of the lives that had ended down there, the people who were undoubtedly still trapped in the wreckage. A chilly wind blew past me on that rooftop as the sun warmed me up from above. I went to the other side of the rooftop to gaze upon the destruction in that part of the city. My shirt brushed across my skin, and I realized that my nipples had gotten very hard.

I heard his voice in my ears.

“In a second me and some of the bishops are going to get pretty big, should be quite a show.”

I looked back toward the cathedral. In just a few seconds I was rewarded by the sight of five fit attractive men, including my boyfriend, growing up out of the city to the hundred foot range. Still far below my perch, but big enough to cause lots of damage. Each had a fit, muscular body without being too bulging or grotesque. Just the physical type I prefer, oddly enough. Two were dark skinned black men one with long well cared for dreadlocks and the other with a hi top fade style haircut that I remember being popular in the 1980s and 90s, another was tan skinned with East Asian looking features and a short undercut hairstyle, the fourth was white with long flowing blonde hair, and the fifth was my boyfriend.

They moved out, careful not to damage the cathedral, but heedless of anything else. His voice was in my ears again.

“We’ve got a heretical uprising in this city. We’re going to move in and annihilate the entire neighborhood to teach everyone a lesson.”

When they got to a certain point some distance away, the giant with the dreads pointed at a particular area, and said something to my boyfriend. My boyfriend said something back. All the men laughed, and then got to work.

They moved like unstoppable dreadnoughts toppling any building that was their height or taller first. They were obviously enjoying the action and within less than a minute were each sporting a bulbous throbbing erection. There cocks bobbed about as they did their business, thrusting a fist through a building front here and wrestling a building out of it’s foundations there. They seemed unconcerned about the people, though I could see dozens plummeting out of the holes they made to the unmerciful city streets below.

“Hey, watch this.” He said into my ears.

I looked and my boyfriend was waving in my direction. He said something to the other men. They all smiled and waved at me too. Then my boyfriend stepped up to a building about twice as tall as he was. He grew himself bigger and bigger until it’s roof was about level with is chest. He waved again, I supposed to make sure I was watching.

He thrust is hard throbbing yards long cock directly into the building like the glass and masonry were nothing but cardboard. Driving it in all the way to the hilt, my boyfriend proceeded to hump at the building driving his dick in and out, literally fucking the building.

His voice came into my ears, it was moaning and gasping with pleasure. “Mmm, so good. I’m going to fuck this building baby, please watch me fuck it.”

“Of course,” I said, “It’s really hot. You’ve got so much power.”

He pulled and thrust his pelvis, slowing down his motion somewhat.

“I can feel all the little bits of furniture and… other things brushing past and over me. It feels so nice.”

“I know you mean people,” I said, “but thank you for trying to spare me.”

“It just feels so good to feel them down there. To feel them popping into little red smears, just for my pleasure, and then when I get off…”

“I know.” I said. ‘You love thinking about all the pathetic little gnats struggling and drowning in your cum.” I sighed. “It doesn’t make me happy, but I know you love it, and I love you.”

I didn’t want to say it, and barely admitted it to myself, but I kind of liked visualizing little folks mired and drowning in his fluids too, I even liked to picture myself there among them. The thought gave me a tingle, and the tingle made me brave. So I said:

“Wait, don’t come yet, I…” I paused, and in the distance I saw that he had paused his humping. “I want to be in there. In want to be in that building while you blow your load and demolish it.”

“Very well, if that is what you’d like. If I pull out now the building will just fall apart, so I’m going to use some of my god power to teleport you over here, if that’s cool with you, of course.”

“Yes,” I said.

I heard a whooshing sound, and in the blink of an eye, I was elsewhere. I heard people screaming, I felt vibrations coming through the structure around me. I stood looking out a gaping hole toward my boyfriend’s enormous cock. At our respective sizes it’s girth was many times taller than I was. Bro0ken masonry and glass covered the floor along with flattened forms that used to be humans, my boyfriend’s unfortunate victims.

“Are you comfortable?” He asked.

“I’m ready.” I said.

The sight of the enormous pink cockhead plowing toward me, filled my entire mind with lust, despite the gory remains plastered onto the floor and even onto his dick itself. I stood there as it charged forward.

Here it comes. I thought. My hand wandered down to between my legs.

“What are you doing lady?” Some distant voice shouted.

His cock thrust forward and I was ready to get plowed under by it.

Suddenly something else plowed me under. Something collided into my side knocking me out of the path of the oncoming dick. I looked and saw it was a man about my own age, white, and a little on the thin side.

“Sorry, miss.” He said. “I don’t know where you came from, but I had to get you out of the way of that, thing.”

I looked him in the eyes and in an instant his face changed. The concern left, replaced by nothing but sheer terror.

“Oh, no!” He cried. “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, please, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“It’s alright,” I said, smiling, trying to relieve him of whatever this strange terror was.

“Oh, thank you, I promise I’m loyal. I know he wouldn’t be doing this if someone on Earth didn’t deserve it. I make myself available every Stompmas, and even gave up two of my daughters for Swalloween last year.”

“It’ll be okay,” I said. “You should really run to be honest. I don’t know if it will do any good, the building will collapse at any moment, but you should at least try.”

“Yes, miss.” He said. He scrambled up to his feet, gave me a little bow, and made a run for it. It was cut short as my boyfriends cock rammed back into the building, knocking the man over with its tip, and steamrolling over his body. I heard his last screams cut short, followed by the cracking of his bones and the squishing and pulping of his flesh and organs. It was awful. It should have turned my stomach; made me vomit; something. Instead, I felt a bit bad for him, but my arousal wasn’t diminished at all, my love for my boyfriend didn’t seem affected. I stood back up. He drew his cock back slowly, revealing a long smear of blood and guts where my would be rescuer perished. I ran back in front of it, so the next thrust would hit me.

It did.

His cock bowled me over and rammed straight over me. I was pinned under tons of cock-flesh, and it didn’t hurt at all. It was exquisite. He started pulling back out, fraction dragged me along with it, pulling me over the man’s warm gooey remains. My disgust and arousal merged; a strange mixture for me. The high pressure of my lovers cock on top of my body shifted things more in the direction of arousal.

“Where are you, babe?” He asked.

“I’m right underneath your cock, dear.” I replied. “Everytime you thrust back and forth, I get dragged through the remains of your victims.”

“That’s so hot,” he moaned, “I’m gonna blast any second.”

“Not without me you don’t!” I shouted. “Slow down so I can get into position.”

His cock stopped moving. I crawled my way out from under the dick meat and ran out in front of his head.

“Alright, commence thrusting.”

The head plowed toward me, pulled back, plowed forward, pulled back. A twitch ran through it, and I knew what was next. I stood arms and legs spread, ready to receive.

Good timing on my part, as a half second later, a tremendous gout of my boyfriend’s hot sticky seed splattered across my chest. I’ll confess that I loved wet and messy sex before I met him, but having a lover who comes so much that you could bathe in it took things to a whole new level. I rubbed hew warm goo into my chest like rubbing lotion into my tits and nipples. They felt so hard, and bumpy, and just good. I had a fleeting thought that all those smushed people had been worth it for this pleasure, but I pushed it aside. His dick pushed too. Straight into the building. It was clear that now that he was coming, my love intended to show no restraint on the building. More semen gushed over and around me as I clearly heard beams and supports buckling. I took his goo and rubbed it down into my thighs, in and around my lower lips, I slid my gooey fingers over my clit and in seconds I was moaning and groaning in pleasure at the power and destructive force of my beloved. He humped and humped and I came and came. The floor collapsed under me and I fell. Fell through masonry, plummeted scraping against steel and re-bar that would have surely skewered me and cut me to ribbons.

Other mortals weren’t so lucky, and in my fall I saw numerous other people my size slam into metal, get impaled on re-bar or wood. I seemed to fall forever.

I only “seemed” though, because before long I hit the ground with a flat smack of impact. Oh, it felt no worse to me than falling onto some pillows or a bounce house floor. Just a flat painless smack across the front of my body. I was about to flip onto my back, when the rest of the building fell on top of my, burying me under tons and tons of building materials, office furniture, and, I assumed, assorted office workers.

I didn’t have to assume for long, because I could hear the screams and moans of others who, somehow, survived the destruction.

“Help! Help!” I heard a man cry.

As soon as I heard it, the rubble began shaking and moving. It sounded like the debris was being shifted by some machine. I was pretty sure it was just my boyfriend. After just a few seconds most of the debris was moved elsewhere, and I could see the blue sky above. Then a face came into view looking straight down at me. I looked up into his beautiful eyes and saw that they were filled with concern. I lifted one arm and gave him a thumbs up to let him know I was alright.

He smiled widely and reached down through the shattered reamins of the skyscraper towards me. I felt his warm hand wrap around me as gentle as it could, and the rushing of air past me as he lifted me up. He brought me up to face level.

“Are you alright?” He asked in a sheepish tone.

“I am,” I said, “but those poor office workers. Couldn’t you have given them some time to evacuate before you just fucked their workplace to death?”

“Sorry, my love, but it feels so good. Their little bodies popping and smearing around my dick, the knowledge that someone came in expecting a normal day at work and I turned it into a completely unimaginable nightmare, the pleasure of the whole act tormenting these little fucks it’s just,” he gave his fingers a little “chef’s kiss”.

I couldn’t help giggling a little at that. “I would never stop you doing something that gives you so much obvious pleasure and enjoyment. It’s just so brutal.”

“I respect your feelings and sensibilities.” He said. “Would you like to go back home now. You got to have a bit of fun, and the bishops and I can purge the rest of this heresy ourselves.”

“I see,” I said, “I do want to watch you smash more buildings. It’s such a thrill when I don’t have to think about all the little people. Maybe you could just put me on another rooftop?”

“Done,” he said. He looked up and got the attention of his Bishops who paused their various acts of destruction, squishing, and devouring. “I’m taking my beloved somewhere where she’ll have a great view of the action. You can continue your work herding, squishing, and eating the little folks, but don’t, I repeat do not, destroy a single building until I get back here.”

The others nodded, and went back to their work. I could hear the chorus of screams from their victims. He walked with me held in his hand. I shifted so I was sitting cross legged on his palm, gazing out, looking for a good rooftop. He walked at a gentle stroll which was nice to me, but judging by the sounds coming up from the streets, not any nicer to for the people of this city. We chatted.

“So you’re having a good time?” he asked.

“Pretty much, wait a sec, wasn’t I covered in your spunk just a few minutes ago?”

“You were,” he said. “But I didn’t want your clothes to get messed up too badly, so I used some god power to make it evaporate.”

“You used some god power for me?” I exclaimed. “I feel very loved.”

“Well,” he said, “I get it from hundreds of universes everyday. I can afford to spend it on my girlfriend every now and then. Plus, you are very loved.”

“Aww,” I sighed. Just then I spotted a skyscraper with a big flat rooftop with a pool and lounge chairs. It also had a few dozen people gathered on it obviously fearful of my boyfriend. Without thinking I pointed to it and said. “Oh, that one would be great if it wasn’t for all the people on i-” I caught myself, but it was too late.

“You wish is my command.” He said with an audible grin.

He turned toward the building and strode up to it with slow measured steps. About half the people on it scrambled to the edge and jumped off. I suppose just to control their own fates.

“Oh,” he said quietly, “those jumpers are going to pay big time when we get back home, babe.”

He took a couple more steps and stood there gazing down at the little people. I counted about eighteen. They were all of various builds and skin tones. All dressed in clothing reflecting their jobs that day. A few men in nice suits. A few women in nice dresses or pantsuits. Others were dressed more casually. It was about fifty fifty between men and women. The building stood at about the height of his belly.

“Alright,” He said, “I have to give you folks some credit. You’re all either too brave or too scared to jump like those other quitters did. Rest assured that when they get to their afterlife they will not have an easy time, no sir.” he paused, I suppose letting that knowledge sink in. “Now this is my girlfriend, you all got that right.” They all nodded, but I noticed that a couple of them were actually starring at me instead of him. I saw blind terror in their eyes. It reminded me of the poor guy who tried to save me from my boyfriend’s dick. He continued his speech. “She wants to watch the show from this rooftop. Who can blame her, it’s got a nice pool and some comfy looking deck chairs. Anyway, she would prefer to do thisa with some privacy, so none of you little jerks can peep at her, see, you cant be here right?”

Most of the people seemed to nod in agreement. A few got down on their knees obviously pleading for their lives. My boyfriend just gave a wry smile.

“That’s the spirit, but it’s a little too late for that. I need to clear you folks out know, you can guess what that means.”

Faster than you would have thought from his size, my boyfriend took his free hand and used it to scoop up all the people. As they begged and pleaded, he only smiled wider. He opened his mouth, held his hand to it, and tipped them all in. He chewed them up, crunching their bones like sardines. I could still hear there screams of fear, and now pain as they met their fate. For some reason I couldn’t pin down it didn’t bug me as much as that sort of thing had earlier.

He placed me down ever so gently on the rooftop.

I looked up at him.

“This is the second time I’ve noticed someone looking at me in fear. Little old me, that guy in the building looked at me like he thought “I” would smite him or something.”

“Huh,” he said scratching his head for a moment, “probably just due to your association with me.”

“I guess.” I said. “I’ll have to get used to being a little feared if we’re going to stay together.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess.” He said.

“Anyway, before you get back to it, what exactly did these people do that you’re smiting them for?”

“Well, I don’t usually even need a reason, it’s just fun. But in this case someone in that neighborhood we’re purging made and distributed a heretical pamphlet called ‘The Gods are Jerks’ so you can’t let that sort of thing stand.”

Gods,” I repeated back to him, “I thought you were the only god to the people on your worlds.”

“Oh right,” he said as if just remembering that he’d forgotten something, ‘Sometimes, I let other gods in our neighborhood have a go at a few of my worlds, just for fun.”

“I see,” I said, but something in his tone was off. He was obviously holding something back. A thought crossed my mind, and as it did, it was as if I were waking up from a long sleep, thoughts built on thoughts and I knew what I knew.

“It’s me,” I said. “I’m the other god right? I’ve been playing this role as the loving tiny mortal girlfriend to the big bad giant god, and you get off on pushing my mortal boundaries until I give in and get used to wanton slaughter and destruction, maybe even come to enjoy it.” I paused thinking, considering the feelings flooding my mind, “Because I do enjoy it. I enjoy carnage, and destruction, and cruelty for it’s own sake.”

He nodded.

“And really, you and I are husband and wife joined in divine matrimony and bonded in our mutual love and compassion for each other as well as our disdain and cruelty towards the lesser beings?”

He nodded again. “I’m so sorry,” he said, his face filled with remorse. “I messed up your fun.”

“It’s okay, dear.” I said. “It’s not your fault. It’s those heretic pamphleteers who’ve messed up my game.” A heady brew of rage and lust bubbled its way up my throat. I smiled what I hoped would be a particularly wicked smile. “So we better get back to smiting them.”

“You forgive me?” He asked.

“Of course you big galoot, I love you.” I blew him a little kiss.

“Do you want to get big and join us?”

“Maybe later, but I do want to be down there while you and our bishops get to work, also where are my nuns? Shouldn’t some of the sisterly order of chaos and destruction be helping with this?”

“I told them not to. I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face, since their so devoted to you, and love you so.”

“Well,” I said, “you might as well bring them out now that the jig is up. Anyway, I want to be down there on the streets enjoying the carnage and chaos in this mortal frame.”

“Alright, I’ll put you down.”

“No need dear, I’ll just take the express.” With that I jumped of the building and enjoyed the long plummet to the street, and the coolness of the air rushing past my body. Even slamming against the concrete had a peculiar charm, just because I could do it without getting maimed or killed, unlike the suckers who jumped as soon as they saw my husband approaching. Speaking of which, I looked around and saw more than a couple human bodies, shattered by the fall. I thought what a waste they had been. I kicked the body of a woman in a paintsuit laying a pool of her own blood.

“You little idiot,” I said, “If you had allowed my husband to devour you we would have given you a dignified life as a food slave. Since you defied his desires, instead you will be a micro micro, one of the trillions of super duper small tinies we give out to the food slaves to eat and use and abuse as they see fit. You’re going to digest in the belly of someone who’s going to digest in my body, and that will be your everyday life for eternity, just running around trying not to be the food to my food. We’ll probably just give you to the people my husband ate for additional irony, how about that, eh?”

She didn’t say anything, being dead and all.

“Ready?” My husband spoke into my ear.

“Absolutely,” I said, and walked on ahead through the carnage and shattered streets my husband’s tread had left. “And remember to let the sisters have some fun too, darling.”

“Of course.”

I looked over, and saw my husbands enormous feet.

“I want one last moment as an innocent tiny mortal girl.”

“What’cha thinking?”

“I’m going to run, and your going to chase me and try to step on me.”



I ran as fast as I could through the rubble and slag. After I had gotten about two blocks ahead, I heard the low bass boom, of giant footsteps following me. I heard the enormous crunching of breaking asphalt. I ran and ran, my invulnerability seeming to leave my legs tireless. I felt I could go for days. Up ahead of me, the street opened out into some kind of public square. I heard the screams of people and saw a mob panicking and trying to flee into the side streets. Then I heard the boom of his feet ready to catch me in the next couple steps. With a naughty tingle in my heart and in my loins, I ran straight towards the densest part of the mob.

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