The Mother-In-Law by Frizzle

When Jax is mysteriously shrunk in his own home and discovered by his enraged wife, his deepest fantasies regarding his mother-in-law suddenly become a twisted reality.



All characters are fantasy and not related to anybody in real life blah blah, my own personal creation blah blah, DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT LIKE FATAL VORE (soft vore not hard vore, semi graphic digestion)

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Chapter 1 by Frizzle
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- Foot worship/domination

- Butt worship / semi insertion / fart

- Soft vore leading to fatal digestion (no mouth play)











The yellowish, orange sky loomed overhead, the sun soon to set as the day became evening. The sound of a car echoed throughout the neighborhood, driving somewhat erratically as it made its way towards a typical suburban home down the block.

The car barely made it onto the driveway, the rear passenger tire speeding over the car before it came to a screeching halt. It had nearly hit the garage door, and was parked crooked along the driveway. The driver side door was jostled open, a tall man stumbling out of the vehicle and nearly falling on his face while trying to do so. He had his keys in one hand, and his unlocked smartphone in the other.

His name was Jax, and he stood over six feet tall. He was a heavier build, even for his height. He had blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. He was clearly intoxicated, and had just returned home from the bar. He stumbled across the driveway towards the front door, simultaneously attempting to send a rather inappropriate text to his mother-in-law.

For the longest time Jax has had the most peculiar, and to some, the most abnormal fetishes one could imagine. Jax always dreamt of being shrunk, and at the mercy of a gorgeous woman. It wasn’t just any woman he dreamt of being shrunk before, however. The target of his desires, as twisted as it might be, was his mother-in-law, Carolyn.

Carolyn is an older woman in her mid fifties with grayish, blonde hair that rests just below her shoulders. Her figure is rather full, especially in regards to her voluptuous ass. Though her tits sag a little due to her age, they are no less full and large. Her chocolate eyes could seduce even the youngest of men, and her pudgy stomach does not leave much else to be desired. She is a perfect example of beauty and age intertwined to that of perfection. Her only flaw, in the eyes of most, would be her few missing teeth due to years of smoking.

Her daughter, Bella, and Jax’s wife, has disclosed her lover's fetish to her mother, Carolyn, time and time again. To Carolyn’s initial surprise, she found it incredibly distasteful that Jax would have wet dreams about being shrunk at her mercy. What perturbed her even further, was the fact that Jax would openly reveal such perverted fantasies and dreams to his own wife, adding to Bella’s increasing insecurities. Carolyn had learned to keep this private, however, in the hopes that Jax might one day work out his unusual interests.

Bella was quite similar to her mother, with notable differences. She was considerably shorter than her husband, just over five feet tall. She too is full figured, but not overweight like her mother. She has a firm backside like her Carolyn with a pixie style haircut. Though she is aware of her husband's fetish, it is rather off putting to her and she finds it sort of strange and twisted. She was never comfortable exploring her husband's fetish, and if brought up, she’d avert the conversation as passive aggressively as she could out of discomfort.

The drunken Jax stumbled up the porch steps, fumbling his keys as he tried to find the house key. Though he assumed it was a side effect of the intoxication, he felt a strange tingling building up inside of his chest. He paid it no mind, focused on his phone whilst jostling his keys about to unlock the front door. The text was practically ready to send, but what was left of his sober mind hesitated to press the send button.

He had many fantasies of being shrunk at the mercy of his mother-in-law, Carolyn. He was infatuated with her beauty, not at all ashamed of the rift it might cause between him and Bella. The thought of worshipping Carolyn’s sexy feet, her voluptuous, round ass. She was a goddess in his eyes, and he had all sorts of dreams and fantasies of what she might do to him if he were only half an inch tall or less.

His pants grew hard just recalling the memories, his drunken persona fighting to send the text message that could undo everything in a matter of moments. He craved it so much, to be at her mother-in-law's feet. To be beneath her massive butt, forced to worship its greatness over his diminutive self.

Perhaps if Bella hadn’t been so dismissive of his kinks, he wouldn’t have taken it this far. From the day that his wife had discovered his oddities, he was met with nothing but dismissal and disdain for his accused ‘perversions’. Though Bella had grown to be passive about it, Jax had learned to take solace in the fact that his wife would never want any part of his fetishes, and this hurt him deep inside of his heart.

Remembering these facts, and being absolutely intoxicated, Jax made the rash decision of pressing the ‘send’ button on his smartphone. The phone beeped, before confirming with a check mark beside the text that it had sent successfully. By this time Jax had stumbled upon the house key, as he dropped his phone by his side and fumbled some more to put the key into the lock to get inside the house.

The text was a rather long one, and would be the beginning of the end for Jax. It went into great, detailed admittance of all his fantasies in regards to Carolyn, his mother-in-law. It depicted how he fantasized over her feet, worshipping her soles at the size of an ant. It depicted his love for her ginormous ass, perfect and shapely. The text noted that he’d choose Carolyn over anybody, even his own wife.

As if the matter couldn’t be worse, he even went into great detail of how he’d gladly sacrifice himself for her. He mentioned being eaten alive, swallowed whole like a tiny, little morsel to be digested inside of her magnificent body and become a part of her forever. As if to hit it home, he even left a minor detail regarding his interest in being farted on.

The text had certainly been sent, and though Jax had believed Carolyn to be unaware of his interests, little did he know he had merely admitted a fact she was already attuned with. Carolyn would receive his text, and unbeknownst to Jax, it would elicit a sinister smile to spread across her plush, pink lips.

At long last Jax had entered his home. He lazily kicked the door closed using his foot, his vision starting to become a bit hazy. He rubbed his temple as he kicked his shoes off, before shouting for Bella.

“I’m home… *hic*!” Jax knew he wouldn’t be able to hide his intoxication, but in a matter of seconds that wouldn’t matter.

His chest began to throb violently, his vision becoming black as he started to panic. ‘What’s happening to me…?’ Jax pondered this strange sensation, a mix of pain and tingling. Did he drink that much? Was he drugged? His head began to spin like a carousel on steroids, his eyes rolling like a slot machine as he felt a force pulling him forward.

Suddenly everything went black, and a loud ‘thunk’ was heard as the poor, drunken man hit the cold, hard ground.

“Jax? Is that you?” Bella had her air pods in while reading her evening novel, but had heard the loud thunk which caught her off guard. She pulled out her air pods and got out of the bed, putting her fuzzy slippers on before walking out of the bedroom.

She was wearing a red bathrobe, she had showered not long ago. Her hair was still drying, and she peaked down the stairs as if expecting to see her husband. He was nowhere to be seen.

“Jax? Are you home?” Bella waited for an answer, but one never came. She grew curious, walking down the stairs as she entered the hallway. She looked around and saw nobody, so she began heading towards the front door.

She could see her husband's shoes on the floor, and the door was closed, but not locked. She raised an eyebrow in suspicion, making her way towards the front door and looking through the peephole. She didn’t see anything, so she locked the door and turned around to look back down the hallway.

“Honey? Where are you!?” Bella tapped her foot impatiently, wondering if this was some sort of sick game. It was not, however, and her husband was much closer than she had realized.

Jax’s eyes shot wide open, his vision as clear as ever. The tingling sensation had gone, but immediately he knew that something was horribly wrong. As if the universe had to confirm this fact, the bellowing, thunderous footsteps of his wife were heard as he witnessed an enormous, fuzzy slipper pass over his entire body.

‘No way…’ Was all Jax could think, as he witnessed his now colossal sized wife literally step over his entire body in what seemed like the span of a football field. He was able to see right up her bathrobe, her freshly shaven pussy staring down at him teasingly.

The ground shook with force as Bella had stepped towards the front door, her other foot passing over him as well as he turned to watch her stare out the peephole before locking the front door.

“Bella!?” Jax quickly stook to his feet, looking at his arms, legs and torso as he realized that he had somehow shrunken down an incredible distance. He examined his surroundings, and based on the size of his shoes he figured he couldn’t be more than half an inch tall, maybe slightly smaller than that even!

He watched in astonishment as Bella turned around, looking back down the hallway. “Honey? Where are you!?” Bella’s thunderous voice rang through Jax’s eardrums, and as she began to tap her foot on the ground impatiently, he found himself struggling to stand upright as the ground shook beneath him.

“Bella! Down here! I’m down here!” Jax shouted, jumping up and down as he waved his arms frantically to get her attention.

Bella’s ears perked up, hearing the faint, yet distinct sound of her husband's voice. It sounded as if he were standing right under her, yet far away at the same time. She became confused, looking around but seeing nothing. Then, she looked down. Her eyes grew wide in disbelief, as she spotted her tiny husband standing only a foot away from where she stood.

“Jax!? What the hell!?” Bella couldn’t believe what she was seeing, “did… Did you do this to yourself!?”

“What?” Jax shook his head, “of course not! I have no idea what happened! I was drunk… I got home, wait… I was drunk, but I feel sober now?” Jax realized he wasn’t intoxicated anymore, or at least he didn’t feel like it. It was strange, but not as strange as his current, magical size change.

“You’re lying!” Bella clutched her face in frustration, not having pictured her evening going so awry. “I should have known… I should have known! You are doing this to me on purpose, you’re trying to force your fetishes on me! How could you do this to me!?”

“No!” Jax shook his head vigorously, “I promise! I don’t know what happened!”

Bella didn’t even acknowledge her husband's response, as she bent down in anger and plucked him off the floor. The tiny husband felt her fingers pluck at his shirt, lifting him off of the ground as she dropped him into her other palm. She began walking towards the kitchen, using her now free hand to grab her phone from her bathrobe pocket.

“After all of this time… And you do this,” Bella scoffed, approaching the island countertop and dropping Jax on top of it. He hit the granite with a ‘smack’, but otherwise he was fine upon impact.

She opened her contacts, and dialed her mother, all while maintaining a glaring scowl at her now shrunken husband. The phone rang for a short moment, as Jax paced back and forth in an effort to ponder the reasons behind his sudden shrinkage. It made no sense, and though it was technically everything he’d ever dreamed of, his current situation was a bit intense as his wife angrily called his mother-in-law.

“Mom? Yes…” Bella said into the phone mic, “I need you to come over, now! No… Yes… No… It’s about Jax, he’s somehow shrunk himself! I have no fucking idea! I don’t know, maybe an inch? No… Half an inch…? He’s small, can you come over? Okay, I’ll see you in a few minutes… Wait, what!?”

Jax perked his ears, stopping his pacing before turning to see his wife's eyes fuming with rage. He had never seen her so upset before, and behind the enraged glare he could see a glimmer of tears starting to form behind her eyes. Suddenly it dawned on him… The text that he had sent Carolyn.

“I’ll see you in a few…” Bella hung up the phone, throwing it onto the countertop before turning to face away from her husband.

“Bella…” Jax tried to speak up, but she wasn’t having any of it.

“Do not… Speak to me,” Bella hissed somberly, “this is it… We’re done…”

Those words weighed heavily on Jax’s heart, the idea of his wife not wanting him anymore was a hard pill to swallow. Understandably, he could see why she was angry regarding the text. In regards to his mysterious shrunken ordeal, however, he certainly wished that she would have believed him. But why would she? How did he even end up this small? He supposed that she had every right to suspect foul play, but that drunk text to Carolyn was the nail in the coffin for him.

A bit of time had passed, and Jax had found himself sitting on the countertop, legs crossed, for the majority of that time as he reflected over his day. Bella had stormed off to another room, unable to look at her own husband as she waited for her mother to arrive. At the very least, Jax was appreciative that his wife didn’t take advantage of his new size to harm him, not that she was ever a violent person to begin with. He did wonder though, what Carolyn would have to say about this entire ordeal, especially in regards to the drunk text.

He didn’t have to wait much longer, as the sound of the doorbell echoed throughout the house… 


Jax perked his ears, turning towards the entry hallway as he heard the heavy footsteps of his wife as she returned from wherever she had stormed off to. She came into view as she approached the front door, stopping just as she grabbed the handle to turn towards her shrunken husband. There was a glare in her eyes, an expression of disdain on her face. Jax’s heart sunk, as he felt himself staring into another person entirely.

Finally she twisted the handle, and the front door flung open. Bella stepped aside, gesturing for her mother to enter. After much dreaded anticipation, Jax’s mother-in-law entered his vision as she stepped into the house.

“Where is he?” Carolyn asked calmly.

“There,” Bella raised her arm, pointing an accusatory finger at her shrunken, little husband on the island countertop. Carolyn turned to face him, a slight but crooked smile spreading across her lips that only Jax could see.

This sent a chill down his spine, as he stared into the cold, seductive eyes of his wifes mother. He couldn’t figure it out, but it almost seemed as if she were pleased to see him, in a sinister kind of way. Carolyn walked gently into the kitchen, approaching the counter as she hovered ominously above Jax, who had to crane his neck to look up at her. She stretched upwards for what seemed like a football field's length. Her tits alone were like the size of planets to his own perspective.

“Do you have any idea how much you’ve hurt my daughter?” Carolyn asked outright, maintaining a look of dominance over the now terrified little man.

“I… I didn’t…” Jax was trying to find the right words, but Carolyn was much like her daughter, and did not care enough to let him speak.

“Did not what?” Carolyn mocked, “shrink yourself? Send me a text about how I am the only woman you’d want to submit yourself too? Or are you going to try and lie about that as well you sick, perverted, little man?”

“I can’t do this anymore mother,” Bella spoke up, “I feel absolutely betrayed… After all these years! I just… Can’t anymore!”

“Bella! Please! I love-” Jax was interrupted yet again.

“Silence!” Carolyn bellowed, her tone ringing through Jax’s ears as he abruptly shut his mouth out of fear. At his current size, he couldn’t afford to upset these women further. He wasn’t sure what they were going to do to him, he knew he had put himself in a terrible position because of the text alone, aside from his shrinking spurt.

Carolyn turned to face her daughter. “Honey, I cannot imagine the pain you must feel. Do you know how this happened to him? Did he tell you what he did?”

“No! He said it just… Happened,” Bella gritted her teeth, “but I know he’s lying! I mean… How does someone just shrink!?”

“Naturally, men are such liars,” Carolyn turned to face Jax again, “are you going to tell her the truth? Or are you going to keep digging yourself a hole?”

“I am telling the truth!” Jax shouted in frustration. “Look. I sent that text, I admit it! I was drunk, it was stupid! But I swear to God, I have no idea what happened to me!”

“Pathetic…” Carolyn scoffed, “you are a disgusting man. You should be ashamed of yourself!”

“You can have him, mother.” Bella crossed her arms, tears forming in her eyes.

“What…?” Jax froze, his heart waning at the words of his wife.

“Bella… You can’t be serious!” Carolyn put a hand to her heart in surprise.

“It’s like he said,” Bella hissed, “he’d pick no one else… I don’t ever want to see him again! I don’t care what you do with him… You can toss him in the trash for all I care. Just get him the hell out of my house!”

“Honey… Are you sure?” Carolyn couldn’t believe the words that came out of her own daughter's mouth, “you must realize… The things I’ll do to him…”

“Good,” Bella scoffed, “I’ll call you in the morning, I’m going to bed.”

Bella stormed up the stairs, as Jax began to grow concerned. His wife wasn’t going to just give him to his mother-in-law, right? Jax started to panic, “Bella! Wait! Please! Don’t go!”

Carolyn whipped around, taking her index finger and shoving into Jax’s body. He felt himself whip backwards, her finger forcing his chest down and into the granite countertop. His head whiplashed due to the sudden force, the back of his head smacking the hard granite as he felt himself losing consciousness. Carolyn’s finger dug into his chest, his body pressed firmly into the counter. He couldn’t move, and his eyesight was starting to fade to black.

“You are so predictable…” Carolyn cooed, “rest easy you pathetic, little man… You’re all mine now…”

Jax’s eyesight faded away, his groans ringing in his ears like a faded dream. He wasn’t sure what Carolyn was talking about, aside from being ruthlessly cruel to him. All he could think about was Bella, and how he might have been able to convince her that this was all a giant misunderstanding.

This was the beginning of a long, torturous series of tribulations that Jax would ultimately find himself in. His life was about to change, and not for the better.

Tuesday 5:47PM (1 day since the incident)


“Wakey wakey!” The echoing voice of Carolyn jolted Jax’s eyes wide open, his mind humming loudly as he jerked upright.

“Gah!? What!? Where? Wait…” Jax grabbed his throbbing head, feeling extremely dizzy as he tried to find his bearings. He attempted to stand, but that quickly failed as he found his lower body was completely pinned under something massive.

Slowly his eyesight began to return, the hazy outline of several, enormous objects surrounding him. After a brief moment of confusion, he quickly began to remember everything that had occurred the night before. He then realized that he was pinned under a giant, fleshy toe. As he looked up, he found the toe belonged to Carolyn, who looked down at him with an evil grin.

“I must say, I never intended to knock you out for nearly an entire day! I greatly underestimated my strength…” Carolyn giggled, gently applying pressure with her big toe which pinned Jax to her shallow, carpet floor.

“Ow!” Jax felt the pressure of her toe press into his groin and legs, causing his knees to bend unnaturally, “you’re hurting me!”

“Am I?” Carolyn laughed mockingly, “not nearly as much as you’ve hurt my daughter, I can assure you!”

“I… Bella! Where is she!?” Jax looked around frantically, but quickly realized that he was at his mother-in-law’s house. Bella was nowhere to be seen.

“She doesn’t want you anymore, Jax,” Carolyn proclaimed, “I usually managed to prevent men like you from getting anywhere near my daughter… Unfortunately you two got married before I could make my move. Oh well, it all worked out in the end! Who could have known you’d have a kink for your own mother-in-law? Ha!”

“Wh-what…? What are you talking about!?” Jax had no idea what she meant, but he was more focused on her big toe crushing his lower body.

“Doesn’t matter,” Carolyn decided not to say anything more about it, “I have had a long day, and I think it’s time we both lived out a little fantasy, don’t you?”

“What?” Jax looked up at her confusedly, “what fantasy?”

“Oh please!” Carolyn teased, “we both know you are absolutely infatuated with my feet! Don’t you want a taste?”

Carolyn shifted her foot, her big toe lifting and granting Jax a moment of reprieve. It ended abruptly thereafter, as he watched the ball of her foot hover over him. Every wrinkle, every pad of each of her toes, it was absolutely magnificent. Though he felt concerned with his current predicament, he’d be lying if he hadn’t dreamt of such a view his entire life.

“How’s the view?” Carolyn teased, scrunching her toes back and forth as if to mesmerize her shrunken, little captive.

Suddenly she lowered her foot, and the tiny man found himself engulfed by its flesh. She had a sweet, yet salty smell. His body was pressed firmly into the carpet, the sole of her foot swallowing the entire outline of his body. His nose dug deep into her wrinkled foot, getting a good whiff of its scent. He couldn’t resist, and he ended up sticking out his tongue to taste the foot of the woman he had long dreamt about.

The taste of her foot was salty, the texture rough. Jax absolutely loved the taste, savoring it as he licked as much of her skin as he could given his position. Carolyn barely felt his tiny tongue, but she knew exactly what he was doing. She smiled to herself, slowly grinding her foot back and forth to elicit a different kind of reaction.

Jax felt the sole of her foot twist, his face nearly going with it before it halted to a stop. Suddenly he felt intense pain, the grinding adding to the pressure he already felt as her wrinkles twisted and warped his legs, arms and face. As much as anybody would have wanted it to end, to a certain degree he actually enjoyed it. The idea of always being forced under the feet of his mother-in-law, it was absolutely intoxicating.

“Do you like that?” Carolyn cooed, very much enjoying the idea of Bella’s now ex husband being grinded beneath her foot. She had no intention of ending him so soon, however, she was merely indulging in the fetishes that she knew he had craved for so long.

She put a stop to the grinding, slowly sliding her foot backwards a little as she felt his head slip between two of her toes. She bit her lip, looking down as she spotted his face between her large and second toes. He looked exhausted, but also satisfied. She knew he was enjoying himself.

His body was still engulfed by the flesh of her sole, but his face was now able to breathe in fresh air as he found himself staring between the two toes and at his mother-in-law’s face. He was getting hard, his dick starting to press into the flesh of her foot.

“I can feel it, you know that, right?” Carolyn gave a quick laugh, amused with her progress.

Jax blushed out of embarrassment, but he found himself thinking a bit more clearly now. “Why… Why are you doing this…?”

“Why?” Carolyn faked an expression of thought, “because I want to? I enjoy toying with little men, weak men. You are so easily turned on, and it was so easy to get Bella to hand you over to me, I didn’t even have to ask her! It was her own fucking idea! Ha!”

“You… You wanted to have me?” Jax was extremely confused.

“Shhhh…” Carolyn applied a good amount of pressure, and Jax found himself gasping for air as he felt his lungs collapse.

“Worship my feet, you fucking insect!” Carolyn released a minor amount of pressure, but only to allow Jax to breathe.

“P-please…” Jax started to tear up, the pain was absolutely unbearable.

“Worship. My. Feet!” Carolyn demanded, “you are mine now! My feet alone are greater than you! Every part of my body has more purpose than you. You are nothing. Do you understand me?”

Jax froze, teary eyed, looking up at his mother-in-law. Could he even call her that anymore? She seemed more like his goddess now, and he’d never wanted something so badly in his life, but never like this. He didn’t have a choice though, and he knew it. He started to get the idea that Carolyn knew more about his situation than she was willing to admit, but did it even matter?

Like an obedient little slave, one without much of a choice, he began to do precisely as he was instructed. He turned his head, stuck out his tongue, and began to lick the side of her big toe. It was as salty as the ball of her foot, but a little sweet for some odd reason.

“Good boy…” Carolyn cooed, easing the pressure a little bit more so that his arms could be freed, “now rub them too.”

With his arms now freed, he quickly obeyed. He began to rub the crevice of her toes, licking her flesh, and all the while getting incredibly hard from all of it. Carolyn merely enjoyed it, not that she hardly felt his pathetic actions, but the idea of his subjugation brought her immense pleasure. He was all hers now.

“We are going to have a lot of fun together…” Carolyn cackled wickedly.

Friday 9:05PM (18 days since the incident)


The sound of the television barely hummed inside of the living room, another random game show like other channels and shows. The lights had been dimmed, smoke filling the air as Carolyn huffed away at her cigarette. She was wearing a white top, but was buck ass naked as she lounged in her comfortable, leather loveseat. She was all alone, or at least that’s what one would assume with the naked eye.

Carolyn hadn’t felt much commotion for several minutes, only taking notice after taking a few more puffs of her cigarette. She rolled her eyes, as she began to grind her ass back and forth along the leather exterior of her cushion.

“Wake up you lazy fuck!” Carolyn huffed, “are you even making an effort down there?”

She began to feel a struggle up against her asshole, deep within her ass cheeks. She giggled cruelly to herself, amused at the suffering she was inflicting. She had a little over half of a month with her new slave, and though it took a week to really break him in, she had been quite pleased with his progress.

As an act of temporary grace, Carolyn had decided to give the poor little man a small break. She lifted her left ass cheek up, peering down from over her shoulder to barely see Jax sweating profusely as he laid flat on the cushion. His face was flushed red, and he was breathing heavily as if he had been suffocated for a while. Carolyn was quite amused to say the least.

“You’ve only been down there for twenty minutes, and I’ve barely felt you lift a finger!” Carolyn scoffed, “what the hell is taking you so long?”

Jax managed to calm his breathing, sitting up barely as he looked up at his goddess with a look of shame.

“I-I’m sorry… You’re just so heavy!” Jax cried, having a difficult time meeting her request, “it was hard to breathe!”

“Are you calling me fat!?” Carolyn hissed, “you have ten minutes to make that asshole cleaner than the fucking floor! I want you to be able to eat your dinner off of it! Do you understand me?”

“But…” Jax was hoping for mercy, it wasn’t going to happen.

“No buts!” Carolyn interrupted, and with the final word she used her hand to spread her cheek before dropping her ass back on the tiny man.

Jax found her asshole snug against his upper torso once again, the puckered, wrinkled surface spasming as if Carolyn was purposefully manipulating it in an effort to tease him. Of course he couldn’t know this for sure, the human body had all sorts of autonomous functions.

As his new goddess resumed watching her show while smoking the last of her cigarette, Jax had found that she sat in a new position. The pressure was far less that before, and he was somewhat able to breathe despite the putrid scent of her ass enveloping his entire position.

It had been so long since he’d been shrunk, he had lost all track of time. Every day was a new day to serve his new goddess, and every day he was torn between lust and envy. He was lustful for his goddess, to serve her like he had always dreamt of. He was also envious of his life before being enslaved into eternal subservience, as his heart still wanted to be with Bella again. It was never going to happen.

“I still feel nothing!” Carolyn shouted, beginning to grow impatient.

With his thoughts in disarray, and his goddess growing angry with him, all Jax could do was serve her needs obediently. It was his life now, he had no other purpose. Even if by some miracle he was to be returned home, his life would be forfeit. Bella would never be with him at this size, and she had already made it clear that their marriage was over. Jax knew that serving Carolyn, his mother-in-law, his goddess… It was all that remained.

A tear trickled down his cheek, as he obediently stuck out his tongue and leaned his head forward to lick her butt hole. He rubbed it along the lining of her wrinkled anus, collecting all the sweat and other matter that stuck to it like paste. He could feel the wrinkled, rippled patterns against his tongue. Aside from the rippled flesh, the texture was rather soft and squishy. The taste was absolutely awful.

His tongue circled around the outer edges of her asshole, essentially completing a full rim job but on a considerably smaller scale. His goddess had stopped barking at him, so he figured she must be satisfied with his efforts for the time being. He started shifting his tongue inwards, continuing to lick every inch of the continuously spasming anus as his tongue became coated in vile sweat and refuse.

After completing half of the job, Jax knew that he needed to dispose of his current collected waste, and he didn’t like his only option. Hoping that it would impress his goddess and grant him favor later on, he closed his teary eyes and slipped his tongue back into his mouth. The taste was revolting, he might as well been swallowing feces. He cried to himself as he forced it all down, swallowing twice before sending it all down. The disgusting deed was done, for the first half of his duty.

“I hope you’re enjoying yourself down there,” Carolyn cooed, having no idea at how willing Jax was to complete the task she had assigned him, “I always saw you looking at my ass at family events, even caught you staring at your own wedding with my daughter! Ha! You’ve always been a pathetic pervert!”

Just as Jax had leaned in to finish the other half of his goddess’ asshole, Carolyn had decided to teach him a brief lesson regarding his old, perverted ways. She dropped her full weight, pressing her ass into the leather cushion as hard as she could. Jax found her asshole forcing itself into his face, engulfing nearly his entire head as he began to struggle violently.

“Hnnng…” Carolyn bit her lip, the struggles against her puckered anus sending pleasant vibrations throughout her body. She took another slow puff of her cigarette, enjoying the moment.

Every second was torment for poor Jax. The puckered asshole had slowly expanded, allowing his face to get sucked in as it spasmed yet again and attempted to pull his head inside of her ass. Though this was normally something he dreamed of, to actually live this nightmare was far different than what he had dreamt of.

With no way to breathe, and the anus swallowing his entire head like an afternoon meal, he began to scream and kick violently as he felt his life slipping away. His lungs began to collapse, and instead of inhaling air, he inhaled more sweat and refuse that filled his throat and caused him to choke as Carolyn unwittingly suffocated him to death.

Just as the tiny man thought this would be the end of his pathetic existence, Carolyn’s eyes opened wide as she felt her stomach begin to gurgle. Before anyone could even react, the woman let out the biggest fart that she had arguably ever released.

Jax felt her anus expand, freeing him only for a brief moment before a torrent of hot, steamy gas spewed in his face. The force of the blast was so powerful that his head was shot out of her asshole and into the leather cushion. It lasted seemingly forever, small particles of fecal matter and a tremendous amount of noxious gas gushed out of her anus and into his entire body.

“Gahhhh!?!?” Jax screamed in horror as he felt his eyes burn as if they’d been lit aflame. The smell crept up his nostrils and into his lungs, causing them to become inflamed due to the toxic fumes. The particles of fecal matter were all over his body, a thin layer of misty fart sweat now coating his entire body.

“Oops,” Carolyn giggled innocently, “hope that didn’t stink too bad!”

The act had actually turned her on even more, as she slowly squirmed in her leather loveseat. This entire ordeal was increasingly arousing, and she loved tormenting her little slave. As she puffed the last few hits of her cigarette, a tingling sensation elicited an unwanted, autonomous function. Carolyn felt a little trickle of pee squeeze out of her pussy.

The hot piss trickled backwards past her taint, collecting just around her anus before dripping onto Jax’s face. The warm liquid splashed him in the eyes, causing them to burn even more as he frantically tried to wipe it all away. Carolyn reached over and put out her cigarette butt in the nearby ashtray, before resting comfortably again in her seat.

“You wouldn’t mind cleaning that up for me, would you?” Carolyn asked with a cruel smile, “once you’re finished, I’ll let you out! Now back to work!”

This had been a far worse experience than he could have ever depicted, but the sound of being free rang through his ears. He most certainly wanted this to end, though he was worse for wear he had decided to push through the pain and finish his task at hand.

He leaned forward once more, sticking out his tongue as he began to clean the last of her anus, now coated in her warm, sticky piss. Surprisingly her pee had somehow made the taste of her asshole a bit more tolerable, though it was still unpleasant to say the least. Before he could even get half started, however, Carolyn found herself squirting out a lot more only a moment later.

Carolyn laughed maniacally, having done the second act on purpose. Inflicting misery on her daughter's now ex-husband was utterly exhilarating. For so long she had wanted to part them from one another, as she had never considered Jax to be a man at all. Not only had she succeeded, but now he was the object of her desires, a toy to be abused and used. There was nothing she wouldn’t do with him, but as all things begin, they eventually come to an end.

Jax continued to lap up her piss, swallowing each amount slowly and painfully as he sobbed miserably to himself. Carolyn was absolutely a goddess, this much he had come to accept. He was nothing, a speck beneath her glorious ass cheeks. Her asshole alone had nearly devoured and suffocated him, he was less than dirt itself.

As he made the final stride to complete his horrendous objective, Carolyn revelled in the moment while she finished watching the game show on her television. The most hilarious part of all of it, to Carolyn at least, was she could barely feel him the entire time, but he didn’t need to know that.

Sunday 11:17AM (76 days since the incident)


Time was a concept. It doesn’t even exist. It was invented by man as a means to keep track of one's day to day life, month to month, year to year. But what if you didn’t have a way of tracking such things? What if your life had no concept of time, or at the very least, a reason to care about it? For Jax, time no longer existed, and even if it did, he had long forgotten how long it had been.

His abode was dark and quiet. The smell was of musk and soiled lingerie. For however long he’d been taken by his new goddess, she had decided that his sleeping arrangements would be atop her soiled clothes for the day. She always made sure to wipe her panties all over her crotch as asshole, soiling them as much as she could to ensure they’d be nice and ripe for her little, obedient toy.

The rest of her clothes were far too large to use as anything other than a mattress, so Jax was forced to use her soiled panties as a makeshift blanket as the weather began to grow colder. It was humiliating, but some nights he managed to enjoy what he could of his situation and would add to the already soiled mess by releasing some of his own sexual frustrations. He had begun to dream of Bella almost nightly, dreams of everything returning to normal. Dreams of his wife loving him again. That was all they were, however. Dreams.

A ruckus outside his abode had caught his attention, as the little man looked up in the darkness. He could hear his goddess shifting around the bedroom. It was likely in the morning, but he wasn’t sure what time exactly. He wasn’t left waiting much longer, as a flooding light blinded him temporarily as Carolyn lifted the hamper lid to look down at him with a crooked smile.

“Good morning, sunshine!” Carolyn laughed heartily, “I hope you got some sleep. It would be nice to have gotten some decent rest for what I’m about to do to you.”

Jax stood to his feet, looking up at his goddess as he studied her gaze. Something about her expression was off putting, she didn’t seem as eager to abuse him as she normally did. Of course one would think he’d be happy to deduce such an idea, but he knew his ex mother-in-law all too well to know that something was most certainly out of place.

“What… What are you going to do?” Jax asked, his voice showing that of pure exhaustion after his months of captivity.

There was a short silence, before his goddess frowned and let out a long, unenthusiastic sigh. She reached down and plucked him from the hamper, holding him in her closed fist as she strode over to her bedside and sat down. She turned her hand over and flattened her palm, Jax rolling onto her back before he quickly sat up to look at her with uncertainty in his eyes.

“Bella called me early this morning,” Carolyn revealed, “she was asking about you…”

Jax’s eyes lit up, his ears perking with excitement. Bella had asked about him? Had she regretted her decision? Did she still love him after all? His heart beamed with the possibilities, but out of fear of over exciting himself on nearly zero evidence, he decided to wait and learn more.

“She… She was?” Jax asked curiously.

“She wanted to know what I’d done with you,” Carolyn said, “she almost sounded as if… As if she was starting to regret giving you to me.”

He was starting to get excited, “r-really?”

“Yeah…” Carolyn then shook her head, “I’m sorry, Jax. I can’t have you in my daughter’s life. I cannot risk her wanting to have you back, not after all this time. Because of this, I told her I ate you a few days after I took you as punishment for your perverse actions against me, and Bella!”

“What!?” Jax shouted, his heart racing. This couldn’t be true, no, this had to be a joke. “Why!? Why would you do that!? Why would you lie to her!?”

“It was only a half truth!” Carolyn spat, a cruel grin starting to spread across her lips, “of course if she ever found out you were alive… Well. I can’t have that, can I? So I guess this is the end of the line, hun. It’s been fun, but I’ve decided I’m going to dispose of you, and eating you means zero trace.”

The world began to spin, Jax’s eyes nearly rolling back into his socket in disbelief. Had he heard her correctly? Was this some kind of test? After all this time, all the work he had done to fulfill the needs of his goddess, was this going to be his reward? To be devoured like some kind of prey? The thought of being chewed up, or worse, eaten whole and digested… It was horrific to even think about.

“Bella actually wanted to come over for brunch as well, so I don’t really have any time to waste,” Carolyn sighed heavily as she used her other hand to pluck Jax from her palm, starting to raise him into the air.

He began to panic, tears filling his eyes as he realized that she was indeed telling the truth. Why wouldn’t she be? He knew she always hated him, and he had to be honest with himself, he was a pervert. He sent that text in a drunken mistake. He had always fantasized about her. Now his life would end the very same way his dreams always had.

“Please… Please have mercy…” Jax sobbed calmly, knowing that a struggle was utterly pointless against this absolute goddess. There was nothing he could do. Jax knew this. Carolyn also knew this.

“Mercy is for the weak,” Carolyn cooed, tilting her head back as she began to position Jax above her lips, “and by now you should know… Your goddess isn’t weak!”

Her lips parted, her tongue slithering out like some kind of pink serpent. Her jaw was flexible, her mouth forming a massive oval shape as it appeared to become unhinged almost. Her throat was a massive pit, her petite, pink uvula jiggling just above it. Her gullet pulsated as her tongue extended far beyond the limits that most women would be capable of doing.

“Please… I love Bella… Don’t take me away from her…” Jax sobbed, starting to reel at the sight of her threatening, yet somewhat portentous maw. She was an apex predator, a goddess of amongst goddess’. As much as he feared his fate, once again his bodily desires took hold as he felt his member grow hard.

The sight of this only made Carolyn giggle harmoniously, knowing that Jax’s nature worked against him. She knew that he might plead for her mercy, but she also knew that deep inside he wanted this more than anything. It was all coming together for poor little Jax, and soon he’d become a part of her forever. Isn’t that what any good, tiny, little subject wanted? To serve their goddess in the penultimate manner before death?

With the release of her fingers, Jax plummeted to his destiny. After many years of dreaming, fantasizing about being swallowed alive by his mother-in-law, it would finally come true. He landed upon her tongue with a thickened ‘splat’, her saliva coated tongue already covering a third of his body.

She made haste as her tongue was pulled back into her mouth, and before Jax could so much as beg a final time, her teeth clamped shut. He was sealed inside, as her tongue slowly shifted upwards at an angle. He felt himself slowly sliding towards her throat, the deep, dark abyss waiting for him down beneath. He did not scream, he did not even let out a peep. He only tearfully sobbed to himself as he took hold of her tongue to halt his descent.

His goddess felt such action, as her tongue began to bob up and down with grace, causing Jax to lose his grip as he was slowly pushed further and further towards the throat of his conqueror. He tried poorly to get another hold of her tongue, but her mouth was far superior to him in any way. Her tongue alone was strong enough to overpower him, and he knew that in the end he was nothing more than a pathetic morsel for his goddess to enjoy.

What does one gain by eating a single cherry? What is to be gained by eating a single chocolate chip, or a single bite of a pizza? Nothing of course, nothing but a singular piece of pleasure. Jax wasn’t meant to provide anything of meaning to his goddess, only to satiate her desire for absolute will over him. She no longer needed him, and devouring him was the ultimate form of dominance. His pathetic little body would become a part of her, but not in any way that truly mattered, and that was what hurt him the most.


Head first was the way Jax made his descent, as Carolyn’s massive tongue shoved him into her esophagus. His surroundings became immensely tight, a pressure unlike anything he’d felt before. A series of ripples were washing over his body, a wavelike manner that he assumed was the throat muscles working him down towards the abyss that would become his tomb.

He did not fight it, he did not scream or panic. Jax knew this was the end, that there was nothing he could do to stop it. He was beginning to have trouble breathing, air becoming thinner and thinner as darkness swallowed him. Before long he felt his face press into a slimy surface, before it expanded and he felt the throat muscles shove him through. With a short drop and a ‘splash’ he found himself submerged under a pool of toxic stomach acid.

His skin was immediately singed as he was now engulfed by the stomach acid and other food matter floating about his goddess’ gut. He barely managed to acquire the strength to reach the surface, as he gasped for air. Instead his lungs filled with a noxious, stale air, his lungs burning as did his eyes when he opened them regrettably. Everything about his environment was miserable and torturous. He hadn’t planned on doing so, but the immense pain caused him to panic and scream in agony.

“Oh God…!? Oh God! It burns! Oh my God it burns!!!” Jax screamed in horror, his hands finding the ribbed wall of his goddess’ stomach as he began to claw and punch at it. His skin was beginning to burn now, his eyesight fading even though it was too dark to see anyways. The more he screamed the more his lungs burned from the inside out. No living thing could survive in such a wretched place, and suddenly his lifelong fantasy didn’t seem so appealing to him anymore.

Slowly his voice began to die, his body growing weak, his flailing coming to a halt. He began to slide down the wall of her stomach, his body slowly receding into the pool of acid as he felt his life leaving his body. His last thought wasn’t of regret, or even of his love for Bella. His final thoughts were just of pain, miserable, horrendous suffering and pain.

“Wow…” Carolyn bit her lip as she patted her belly, “I actually felt him inside of me! Too bad it ended so quickly though, I can hardly feel him anymore!”

Carolyn sat up and headed towards her closet, quickly disregarding the evil act that she had inflicted on her daughter's now ex-husband. She began looking for something to wear before Bella arrived for brunch. She couldn’t help but smile, wondering what it must have been like for Jax to slide down her throat, knowing what would become of him.

“Maybe now my daughter can marry a real man…” Carolyn scoffed, “otherwise I might have to shrink the next pathetic loser she comes across next! I suppose I should have told Jax the truth about his predicament… But… What would have been the fun in that? Ha!”


After finding a suitable shirt to wear, Carolyn grabbed a pair of pants to match before heading off to the bathroom to change. She closed the door, the silence of the bedroom deafening as the light of the sun began to shine through the curtains and over the still open laundry hamper.

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