Ryuko Matoi's Big Day In the City by 2KFSK

Ryuko Matoi grows. Chaos ensues.

Written as a commission; I have zero knowledge of Kill la Kill, but hey! She big! Anyway, I had a lot of fun with it, and I hope you enjoy! Be sure to glance at the tags before reading.

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Chapter 1 by 2KFSK
Author's Notes:

She get big.


The subway slowly slid to a stop, and amidst the influx of people that entered, Ryuko managed to slip in. Keeping her head down, her gloved hands gripping the guitar case she carried around. A permanent scowl adorned her face as Ryuko attempted to find a seat on the train. Upon seeing an open area, the scowl faltered, and she moved to take a seat before a fast-talking businessman on his cellphone pushed past her and sat in her place.

“What the, hey! That was mine!” yelled Ryuko indignantly, uncaring of the other passersby that spotted her outburst. The man in the seat, however, was far too distracted to notice, at least until Ryuko stepped before him and waved a hand in front of his face.

“Hello? Anybody home? I said that was my seat you’re sitting in.”

Disgruntled mutters and exclamations of different permutations of “what a rude girl!” and “who raised that child?” caused Ryuko to throw her scowl back at the crowd, before returning her gaze to the bored man.

He replied, “Do we have to do this now, little girl? I have an important meeting at three.”

This caused a white-hot fury to erupt in Ryuko, and she fastened her gloves in preparation to give this man a piece of her mind when the train suddenly jerked as it began to move. Ryuko, who had neglected to grab onto a metal pole, was sent flying headfirst into one.



“What the hell?” groaned Ryuko, putting her elbows on the ground as she tried to prop herself up. She was in… some sort of short pit. A hole? A crater was more accurate. Bright light from above caused Ryuko to squint, light she eventually recognized as the sun. Miscellaneous screams sounded around her, which only added to the confusion. 


Ryuko looked at the surrounding crater and began to recognize it. Broken and ripped piping jutted out from the walls, causing water to pull in the deeper rocks. She felt… metal beneath her. And there, placed between her legs quite by accident, was a metal capsule.

“What in the world?” she gasped, finally getting it. 

That metal capsule was the train. And the screams were all coming from around and below her. Ryuko didn’t know how or why, but she had grown to a gargantuan size, subsequently bursting through the earth encompassing the subway as a result. The car Ryuko had been inside has been ruptured in two by her transformation, and cowering just before her, with an up-close and personal view of the massive bulge beneath her skirt no less, were the remaining passengers that had ridiculed her moments minutes prior.

Ryuko smirked and sat up, planting her chin in her hands as she looked down at the cowering people.

“What’s the matter? Not so fun when you’re the small one, is it?”

Ryuko then grabbed the train car in one hand, her fingers barely unable to touch one another around the item, and pulled at it, ripping the half-car from its track and tossing the people inside to the back of the compartment.

“Now, I don’t know how I got this way, but I do know this… for all you dumbasses that thought I was going to just be some pushover… I… You know what? I think I’m pretty hungry, actually.”

A collective yelp of fear erupted from the cup as Ryuko stared into it before she lifted it high above her mouth and dipped it downward. The group of eight or nine people within all came tumbling down, each landing on Ryuko’s tongue. Ryuko closed her lips and swished around, before she began to swallow them one by one, sending them each down her gullet with excruciating slowness.

On the collapsed remains of the subway line, those remaining people that hadn’t quite gotten away all screamed in terror at the sight, then screamed again when Ryuko turned her attention towards them.

“Alright, you guys’ yelling is starting to piss me off!” she burst out, a thundering boom as her voice was amplified several hundred times. Ryuko dropped the now empty train car, which fell between her legs with a crash, and began to stand up to her full height. Her black and red hair finally caught the midday sun proper as she ascended, upper torso of her form now visible to the honking cars and pedestrians that had had their commute interrupted by the inexplicable eruption in the road before them.

“Huh. Spectators,” Ryuko scoffed. She glanced briefly down at her skirt, already beginning to feel far fuller than prior as Ryuko fantasized more and more about this new situation she found herself in. Ryuko was quite welcoming of the idea of becoming a giantess; what better instrument to let out some of her pent-up frustration on than the city proper?

Ryuko smirked again, and she took a hefty step out of the pit, planting one shoe up top and onto a public park that had partially collapsed into the hole. This only resulted in more of the park falling in, as well as Ryuko tripping back in.

“Damn it!” she exclaimed before trying to step up again. Those escaping commuters who hadn’t been buried in the first few waves now found themselves once again tumbling under the dirt and rock careening downward as Ryuko unleashed yet another avalanche (and expletive).

“The stupid ground is too fragile for my goddamn sneakers!” she exclaimed. Then, an idea came to her as she put her finger to her chin. A smile tugged at her mouth, and Ryuko reached down to unlace her white sneakers. Upon pulling them off and digging her feet into the soft earth beneath her, Ryuko held out her hand and let the two massive shoes drop into the street, both of them crushing a car each as they crashed to the elevated ground. Then, bracing herself, Ryuko stepped up onto the street, her soft pale foot connecting with the hot, cracked asphalt of the road. The lack of weight added by her shoes resulted in her being able to walk on the upper levels without them collapsing, though each step did upend the concrete, unearthing colossal footprints the size of car lanes every time Ryuko fidgeted. Her massive step was accompanied by the sound of several dozen nearby parked cars rattling to their bones, and a few alarms going off. The sukeban stretched liberally, yawned, and soon enough Ryuko brought her other foot up onto the surface, this time crushing a white sedan as she arrived.

Putting her hands on her hips, Ryuko surveyed the landscape, looking through the valley of tall buildings that flanked her on either side, as well as the endless line of honking cars, each gradually getting abandoned as people fled their vehicles upon Ryuko making herself visible and her cruel intentions known.

“Heh. Ready or not!” yelled Ryuko as she lifted her foot once again.

This proclamation seemed to cast a new light on the freak accident of the delinquent-styled girl growing. If they weren’t scared before, now the people had the fear of god in them.

The first car Ryuko crushed was, (un)luckily (for her) empty. The glass broke out into a powder, the metal chassis deformed into a pancake, and the tires popped before following suit. Ryuko lifted her foot and grabbed it, examining the bits of metal still on the sole of her foot, unable to even poke her exponentially tougher skin at this size. Upon seeing no blood,  she made a fake pouting face.

“Aw, what? You’re running away? I just got started!”

Ryuko stood as she placed her other foot on the ground once again, eliciting another thundering boom that unleashed yet more car alarms upon the busy street. She surveyed the land as though it were her domain, and Ryuko’s mouth watered at the ability to unleash more frustration. The ground was almost entirely saturated with cars -- they were all so packed together that there was barely even any space to walk in between them or exit the vehicles at all. This didn’t stop many from attempting, resulting in a scant few managing to exit in time, but most tries just resulted in the open doors clogging up pathways, manifesting as a lengthy line of still vehicles observing the scene in stalwart fear, many of them occupied, and the few remaining that escaped not getting very far. 

Ryuko cracked her knuckles. This was going to be her playground.

Closing her eyes and adopting a leisurely stance, Ryuko took one pointed, giant step, her foot descending with humiliating slowness upon a second car. The smiling giantess opened one eye, and upon seeing that she had stepped upon another vehicle, she giggled.

“Did I do that? My bad,” she stated apologetically, shrugging as she put her hands on her hips once again in an ironic pose. Blowing a bit of hair out of her face, Ryuko abandoned most pretenses of care or intent, and she began to simply walk down the aisle, each footstep punctuated by a scream of some sort, a car alarm of another sort, or any combination of the two. Her arms swung from side to side, and the impossibly huge girl often stopped in her tracks, standing on her tip toes as she tried to see precisely where she was going next. By all rights, her mannerisms were more accurately approaching those of one on the boardwalk. A screaming, smoking, hellish boardwalk.

The populated street, still so cluttered and claustrophobic in its evacuation, provided endless fodder for the girl’s feet, oftentimes without her even having to try. Ryuko would simply go where the screaming was the loudest. A single step would often be sufficient enough to silence those in her immediate vicinity as the shock of seeing their contemporaries reduced to red piles of mush was quite effective at inducing within them a catatonic state. The masses of humanity struggling, pushing past the cars and each other, was the greatest boon to the sukeban as she needn’t seek out targets to be on the receiving end of her stress relief. As at this point she could not avoid stepping on people even if she wanted to. Not that she would want to.

Still, every once in a while, though Ryuko was not actively looking, she found herself taking notice, from the corner of her eye, of a particular straggler. Maybe it was a car she missed on a first pass, that by some catastrophe had closed its door a bit too loudly. Whatever it was, it was enough to get the giantess’s attention. She paused in her stroll, a sight that – paradoxically – was often far scarier than her detached and leisurely trek down the lane, and slowly aimed her gaze to the offending vessel, which would invariably begin to rev its own engines and try to drive away, traffic jam be damned. In this case, it was boxed in by all four directions, yet still attempted to make some sort of maneuver, even as the hovering of Ryuko’s foot approached it with all the sinister leisure of a spider, approaching a fly caught inextricably in its web. Her toe was enough to prevent the car from making any more moves, pinning the vehicle in place as the fat, colossal digit lay upon the roof. The vehicle revved and revved wildly, the screeching of the tires no doubt mimicking the screeching likely occurring within the vehicle. How many were in there, one? Three? No matter… Ryuko had no limits on the punishment she had planned for this stupid city. Everyone could get in on this fun if they wanted to.

Her toe rubbed on the roof of the car in a taunting circle. The friction provided by her smooth appendage dragged the car bit by bit in the direction of Ryuko’s foot maneuvers, and a squeeking sound was discernible between the smooth car roof and the rubbery, oily surface of Ryuko’s skin. Then, her toe slid a bit forward, to the front of the car, upon the windshield. First her big toe, then a companion, until finally, five toes were now obscuring what had once been these occupants’ only window to the life-giving sunlight. Shrouded in the darkness of Ryuko’s foot, it only began to become more and more suffocating as Ryuko flexed her toes and squeezes as she pressed down. The glass began to crack, the metal began to bend and break, and the car was starting to compress. The glass finally shattered, briefly revealing the fearful shrieking Ryuko had only been able to catch hints of before she finally allowed the complete weight of her pale foot to descend upon the car, flattening the vehicle to nothing but a few strips of metal, plastic, and some dusty glass shards. A reddish blotch began to pool out into the crevices from beneath.

“Well, that’s taken care of!”

And she resumed her stroll.

Each step she took brought cataclysmic results. When her foot lifted, it brought with it a burst of wind as air rushed to fill the space once occupied by such a large, fast moving object. The fleshy appendage whizzed through the air before it began its descent once again, alighting upon whichever publics work project or engineering marvel it sought fit to destroy at that point. Her foot landed upon cars and people indiscriminately as the giantess absentmindedly scratched her nose, sniffling a bit. Beneath her as she walked, a survivor of her destructive pass-over pushed aside a large scrap of metal from atop herself, stepping out in her tattered clothes as she surveyed the land around her. A dark, croaking fear intoned from her mouth as she turned slowly, reverently, seeing the way the destroyed, footprint-riddled road was growing more and more encompassing as Ryuko finished her work. At least, that was her last thought, shortly before Ryuko said to herself, “Huh?”, turned and flicked the woman into a nearby building with her toe, and continued walking. The reaction was more akin to what one might do upon seeing an any or a beetle in their bathroom shower than anything resembling a human reaction. But Ryuko had risen above such pedestrian concerns for human life; when your feet alone have the ability to decide people’s fates, what do you truly have in common with the rest of humanity?

Soon enough, the line of luxury cars had begun to dwindle, slowly growing as more cars arrived, saw what was ahead, and quickly made an illegal U-turn out of there, only to crash into other cars doing the same thing before the drivers exited and opted to run on foot.

Then, Ryuko eyed the ground and spotted it close by. A group of suits, all running in the direction of a nearby back alley through the crashed cars. With an almighty stomp that shattered windows and overturned trash cans, her left foot fell in front of the alley.

“Now where do you think you fellas are headed? You’re just in time for the main event!”

One of the salarymen decided to say screw it and abandon his impromptu group, making a run atop her foot. A brave but stupid decision, as Ryuko’s foot shifted before he could make it, and her toe landed on top of him, the boulder-sized appendage more than enough to utterly engulf the man as he struggled. A bit more effort, and the struggling ceased, and a splatter of blood spreading from underneath the toe took its place.

The remaining businessmen looked up at Ryuko’s smirking face and decided to turn the opposite direction, back into the street, only for their path to again be blocked by Ryuko’s other foot. For that brief moment, the group of people were all situated directly underneath Ryuko’s crotch. One of them, in a moment of dumbstruck horror, paused in his escape attempts to point up at Ryuko’s gargantuan cock, compressed against her striped panties but nevertheless quite literally a far larger package than any of them had ever seen in their lives. This distraction was all Ryuko needed for her plan, as without any telegraphing or preamble, she jumped up, legs out forward, and landed her massive ass on the rest of the group, obliterating them with nary a second thought.

HAHAHAHAHA, man, the look on you guys’ faces! That was priceless!” Ryuko cried, kicking jovially as she guffawed. Her outstretched left foot was now where a city bench once stood, its anti-homeless architecture in splinters. Her right foot was currently digging through the front window of a jewelry store, and those who had taken refuge within were currently trying to escape in the carnage, only for Ryuko’s heel to methodically crush the lot of them with three distinct thumps.




Three for three. The sidewalk had been destroyed, and in the crater was the group's final, disassembled remains, speckling both the concrete and Ryuko’s heel.

“Hell yes! Another triple!” said Ryuko as an odd feeling began to overcome her. A feeling that was quite familiar.

“W-w-whoa!” Ryuko exclaimed as an unreal energy emanated from her body, and without preamble the sitting giantess began to expand in all directions. Her foot that once simply invaded the facade of a jewelry store was now a part of a leg that was invading the entire strip that composed a market street. Her skirted ass was expanding as well, leaving a divot far larger than there once had been, and even further eclipsing the now paltry footprints she left behind in her wake. Before, Ryuko’s feet could encompass cars. Now, she would struggle to walk without either side of her body contacting the buildings.

“I have no idea how this shit happened…” Ryuko said as she began to stand up again, full height now exceeding the tallest of the district’s buildings by roughly sternum level, “But whatever it is, I want more of it.” 

Ryuko turned to the tallest building in her nearby vicinity, crouching as she squinted in at her reflection. Then, her eyes widened, and she grinned once again before stuffing her hand through the glass, effortlessly shattering an entire swath of the level of the building. She dragged her hand along the floor, a colossal beast scooping up the screaming workers into its maw, before she pulled the limb out once again. Ryuko opened her palm to see a bit more than half a dozen people filled within, each looking roughly half an inch tall to the giantess.

“If you really valued your lives, gawking at me was probably not the best way to preserve them,” she quipped before holding her hand up high and letting it slant down, sending ever more people sliding into her gullet. 

One landed on her tongue, and Ryuko smiled. Two landed on her tongue, and she grinned, still trying to keep her mouth open. A three landed, and Ryuko laughed, a booming laugh heard for hundreds of meters in any direction. This laugh, however, had the adverse effect of sending the final captive, a woman, a bit off from the intended direction. She was blown forward by the chuckle, and instead landed within Ryuko’s bra, just poking out between her two mounds on her chest. While relatively modest at Ryuko’s normal size, their gargantuan mass absolutely dwarfed the woman as she tried desperately to claw her way up from between her breasts, eliciting a chuckle from the giantess.

“Heheheheh! That tickles! But nope, can’t let you do that,” she said, taking one pinkie finger and poking the woman’s head down, completely engulfing her within the chasm amidst her screams.

“And now to make it permanent…” said Ryuko ominously, taking the outer sides of either breast into her hands. With a strained face, Ryuko began to flex her breasts as she pushed in from side to side, teeth clenched, eyes narrowed, vein popping. Just faintly, deep within, it was possible to hear a woman’s suffocated screeching, but after a few moments of Ryuko’s strain, it stopped all of a sudden, before a trickle of blood fell from her shirt, painting a thin streak of red straight through Ryuko’s bare midriff.


Ryuko took the time to stretch, once again loving the feeling of the hot sun drying out the bloody strip on her bellybutton, but inadvertently found herself bumping into the buildings behind her.

“Whoops!” she exclaimed, when her knee knocked itself into the building in front of her, causing what remained of its front facade to collapse, quickly burying the sidewalk and part of street in a dusty gray pile of brick and stone.

Ryuko scratched her head and said, faux apologetically, “Guess I just don’t know my own strength!”

With another glance at her surroundings, Ryuko saw in the near distance where the downtown area really seemed to erupt from the ground. Even from here, she could tell these buildings were at least far larger than she was, with some almost achieving twice her height.

“Hmmm…” she pondered, before reasoning, well, it looked like around a 60 second jog. 

Shrugging, Ryuko said to herself, “Welp… on my mark, I guess.”

Then she began to jog.

The leisurely traipse was certainly a performance; the athletic girl was used to fighting and could certainly have sprinted to the city center if she so chose. On the other hand, jogging gave the movements of the gigantic creature a dreamlike quality, as she seemed to hang in the air for barely a moment before her left foot came crashing down, sending near-tons of dust and asphalt into the air upon impact. Then the cycle would repeat itself. As well, while Ryuko ran on the road that was appearing rapidly more empty, she would occasionally see up ahead the odd sprinting passerby herself, trying with all their might to make it into a side street before the giantess saw them, only for Ryuko to momentarily adjust course and send her next step directly atop them, newly enhanced size now not quite crushing the stragglers so much as divorcing them from their physical organization. This would intersperse the aforementioned cloud of dust with the new dimension of misty blood and viscera. She spotted dozens of people and cars on the trip to do this, sometimes a group, and near the end of her stroll she even saw a city bus coming out from an intersection! With that development, Ryuko crouched at the end of one cycle, and unfurled herself like a spring, leaping into the air before landing both feet atop the screeching public transportation vehicle with a terminal CRASH.

The bus was decimated, the only recognizable pieces being the two strips of metal that made up the roof and the floor. The rest of the machinery and humanity within had been so utterly mangled by the impact that they were indistinguishable from the pile of collapsed asphalt within which the bus lay. But, just for good measure, Ryuko decided to hop a few more times on the impact zone, her lithe toes doing a fair job of catapulting her up and down.

“Perfect… and hey! Looks like we’re here!”

As she gestured, Ryuko could now see this far fresher landscape to wreak havoc within. The people hadn’t quite gotten around to abandoning the place post-haste, and as such there were quite a few vehicles still on the road as well as gradually thinning crowds, all traveling as fast as they could in whatever direction was opposite Ryuko herself. Aiming for the nearest car, Ryuko wound up the shot and kicked it, sending the activated vehicle in an arc high in the air before blasting a hole in the middle of a nearby skyscraper. It also, however, left Ryuko with a sore big toe.

YOWCH! Shit!” she exclaimed, grabbing her foot and hopping several times, her erratic behavior sparking a far more instinctual terror in the tinies nearby as none could predict her destination, which was in this case another nearby skyscraper. Tripping, Ryuko fell backwards into the monolith of glass and steel, obliterating the north wall, and causing the rest of the building to collapse upon the fallen giantess in a slow tsunami of displaced concrete and building materials. It flowed out in a tide, eclipsing the area in a mist-like fog and sending most that were not caught in the collapse into a coughing fit. 

A deathly silence replaced the prior din of cars, screams, and yelps. Vehicles stopped as the mist near completely obscured the former skyscraper, and survivors allowed themselves to peek from behind their chosen cover to see what had become of the scourge invading their city.


Like a death bell, Ryuko’s smug laughter seemed to be amplified by the dust hanging in the air. Her breathing did a good enough job of dispersing enough to finally show the girl, seated on the pile of the former skyscraper. Her head was propped up on her palm, and her legs were spread wide, skirt stretched out as it allowed a glimpse at the most existentially odd quality of the giant girl: the giant growing cock she possessed, now seemingly struggling against the bounds of its underwear. Even at such an enhanced size… the panties did not appear to be winning.

“I bet you thought you were hoooome free, didja?” taunted Ryuko as she reached her hand into the strap of her skirt, connected to her suspenders. With the dexterity of the untrained swordsman she was, she unclipped it, causing them to dangle freely as she maneuvered her hand to unclip the rest. The world remained transfixed as Ryuko then reached her thumb within the waist of her skirt and panties, and slowly pulled the both of them down at once. They traveled down her street-long thighs smoothly, wiping away most of the dust as Ryuko began to stand to her feet. The panties took a brief minute as her monstrously long penis, shoved within haphazardly and not knowing it would be used for this purpose, had gotten stuck in the folds of the garment before an annoyed Ryuko freed the package. 

The last vestiges of dust cleared from the air, and in its place, Ryuko stood mighty, a colossus, properly displaying the most effective instrument in her disposal as it glistened and shone. A drop of precum was already forming, dangling from the bulbous tip before it fell to the ground like a shimmering star, sizzling as it hit the asphalt.

With her remaining lower garments in her hands, Ryuko held them to the side and let them fall, the massive draperies of fabric drifting to the ground like a cast-aside flag. 

As they hit the ground, a rumbling began to reverberate through the city, almost as if on cue. And Ryuko smirked and said, through gritted teeth, “Yes… oh, HELL YEAH!” as the already titanic girl began to grow again.

“She’s growing again?!” was heard, a puny voice lost amongst the shifting of gravel and asphalt, and eventually buildings, displaced merely by Ryuko’s expansion. She had been big before, but as her shiny black and red hair ascended further and further into the sky, silvery reflection of the sun more apparent than ever, she seemed to be nearer to deityhood than any being in existence had yet been. Her toes bulldozed cars, then roads, then skyscrapers, until finally entire city blocks were threatened by the colossal mountains of mass and flesh. Her soft yet strong appearance combined with a shaft that was quickly exceeding the biomass of a California Redwood gave her very existence all the weight, gravitas, universality, and androgyny of a proper god, and her expression of manic glee told all present that this god would not play nice.

When she stopped growing, the clouds to Ryuko looked as near to her as a ceiling fan might appear in the average home. The city had gone from being a confining, claustrophobic tolerance; now, it was sprawled out before her, rolling with the contours of the surface of the earth in an elaborate carpet. 

Ryuko scrunched her toes and let loose an impossibly gentle sigh. Her dick responded in kind, twitching at the feeling, both physical and psychological. The atoms that made up what had once been several conjoined neighborhoods massaged the crevices in her toes better than the finest pumice stone, and though she could not see it, Ryuko knew that countless humans had been caught in a similar conglomeration. 

Lifting her foot, Ryuko stared down at the city, pondering where to place this first step to christen a new era, before she decided on the tallest building in the area. It was so tall, well, damn, it almost reached her shin. That was a no-no.

The foot descended. An apocalyptic shadow engulfed the area in eclipse, utterly decimating any hope the survivors had for exiting this calamity. The spire on the skyscraper was the first to go. Though it tickled Ryuko’s soft sole briefly, it could not even hope to pierce her taut skin, and it crumpled to pieces as the foot came ever closer to the ground, deleting floor after floor, until at last her foot encompassed what seemed like an entire borough. Ryuko grinded her ground-bound foot on the floor a bit and did an obligatory lifting up of it to see the little bits and pieces of mixed-up raw dirt and organic matter still stuck to her sole. Some of the crumbs rolled off, posing considerable danger to any still alive below, meaning of course there was no danger to speak of. Beyond the sole, five perfect craters speckled where the toes had been, each unique in their destructive capacity.

Ryuko placed her foot back into the imprint and slid backwards, heel-ways, in the direction of the toes of her other foot. Its travel was an endless wall of pale pink, unable to be escaped, and culminated in a brown valley within which lay nothing at all.

This continued. Ryuko sauntered with purpose, stepping here, demolishing there. She was truly an unstoppable force, her feet becoming pinpricked with -- if one looked hard enough -- the splatters of tens of thousands, a number that could easily achieve far more if left unchecked. Her toes dug into the ground below, excavating untold tons of dirt and humanity, carving their own lanes as they replaced the boroughs, counties, and streets that once made up this bustling city. The sight of them, skyscraper-sized in their own right, brought a humbling silence about the city as they laid waste to the metro area.

And Ryuko loved it.

She loved the way her feet were able to reduce it all to dust. Destroy. Diminish. That people had achieved a significance to her less than that of grains of sand was beginning to exceed even the existential beauty of her leisurely stroll through main street. And it was beginning to get to her.

Ryuko groaned, no longer quite as willing to make quips and out-loud comments. Her cock was calling to her; no, it was screaming quite loudly. It twitched and throbbed, and another droplet of precum was dangling from its tip, going from side to side until it touched down on the ground, a slow-moving flood that threatened whatever poor street it found itself upon.

“Okay… okay…” Ryuko grunted, and she removed her gloves, them falling to the ground and gently covering another county in their blanket.

Hands free, Ryuko reached down and gripped her cock. Squeezing it lightly, she lubricated it with the precum, an easy-enough task, and began to stroke it gentle. Then a bit harder.

Ryuko fell to her knees. The giant being’s descent seemed excruciating slow as she did, until she crashed into the ground, eliciting a shockwave that upended much of the remaining city not covered in footprints. Her own feet were positioned right beneath her butt, and her dick’s tip would currently be leaking a slow-moving waterfall of cum on the residential district were it not being stroked up and down by the delinquent girl’s smooth fingers. Cursory moans escaped Ryuko’s mouth as she stroked and strokes, a bit of drool cascading from the side of her mouth, the wet slapping sound inescapable until Ryuko finally got on all fours, clutching the ground with both hands and humping the Earth. Her dick slid smoothly along the ground, obliterating everything within the rod’s path once, then returning to ensure the deed was finished again, and again, and again, until its path was a veritable canal of the precum mixed with the destroyed ruins of humanity, in ever since.

It was only then, did Ryuko cum.

She screamed a primal scream as she lifted her head up to the heavens. Her dick had aimed a spurt directly upward, resulting in it arcing and most likely landing on a patch of farmland several counties over. Taking the pole once again, Ryuko aimed it properly this time, destroying the patches of the city that had not been directly obliterated by her feet. The stream of the viscous fluid invaded every crevice, and the crevices it could not invade, it destroyed. Her generous manhood had an even greater capacity than would meet the eye, as it seemed to go on for almost a minute without signs of slowing down. In Ryuko’s drunken, lusty stupor, the creamy whiteness was invading the entirety of the city, encroaching on the rest, and in some cases, forming a number of unorthodox lakes in the crevices left by her footprints. Only when this started to occur did the stream die down from a geyser to a mighty river, followed by a stream, then a brook, until finally, a fire hose.

Ryuko breathed heavily. She stared down at her work of art for a good, long while, far too emotionally exhausted to do anything else. She looked at the murky splooge, no doubt housing an insurmountable number of bodies in all sorts of disarray. The had achieved a calmness, not unlike the aftermath of the Great Flood. Buildings had been wiped clean, and judgment had been passed by the world’s new god.

The teenage delinquent smiled at her work as she took to one foot. Her toes squelched in the moist ground and she rubbed them together, enjoying the smoothness. She took to another foot.

Ryuko eyed the massive puddle she’d created for her gloves. A bit of red fabric peeked up above the line of liquid, so she decided to leave them for another day.

After what felt like hours of surveying her new domain (but was likely only a few seconds), then spoke.

“That’s the last time…” She paused to catch her breath. “…I’m taking public transportation.”

Then she began to walk out into the distance, her endlessly long legs simply a prelude to her waggling, flaccid dick, even now still larger than an aircraft carrier. Along in the distance, there were ever more patches of gray, ripe for the smashing.


End Notes:

And now she bigger.

Hope you enjoyed!

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