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Todd found himself at a loss for words when his girlfriend told him to stay put in this new giant land Manionette Doll Launch Party at the IAC Building in New York City 4/5/12 Matt and Joel had been out of work for months when they applied  for the job. So when one finally came they didn't bother asking a few crucial details till it was to late. Best Viewed at Full Size The ground shook as the warning sirens blared. The shadows of the distant figures so large, they were barely human. Thousands cried one last gasp knowing that soon they would be forever silenced. Even after growing to substantial heights, Hayden still finds herself hounded by the paparazzi. She had hemmed and hawed for weeks. Several times she had walked to his apartment determined to let the door which held back her emotions give way only to toss another lock on the door at the last minute.   When she saw him jogging through the park with another woman it was as if the locks rusted and broke all at once. She reached into her purse pulling out a small gun, her arm wobbled as her free hand wiped the tears from her eyes. A moment later she watched as he crumpled to the ground.   You approach  two girls amazed at the tiny person they seem to be toying with. As you near them one of them glares up at you, before you can react a sick feeling washes over you.... Roger had gotten home late from the office and just crashed not even bothering to change. It felt mere minutes had gone by when what sounded like a missile going off. Panic laced screams swirled through the air with the ease of a gentle breeze.   The entire city shook violently as Roger flung himself out of bed to the sounds of buildings being sheered off the ground, and flying into other buildings. However above all else the distinct diabolical laughter permeated the air chilling Roger to the core. As he ran out into the living room the entire wall imploded forward sending brick and sheet rock on top of him.  As he craned his head back in pain his eyes bulged in shock. When Professor Richards awoke it was dark. He could hear people moving about all around him, but no matter how loud he yelled it was as if no one could hear him. All of that changed when he heard a metallic grinding, followed what sounded like a rusty latch giving way. An entire wall swung away as if it were a door.  When James took a detour off the interstate he had no idea that the next mile would be his last. Julian was on his bosses yacht for a dinner party when he tossed overboard during a unexpectedly violent storm.  Having no idea he was in a strange new world Julian rushed towards the city for help having no idea that salvation would be his demise. I was just experimenting with masks here. It didnt quite turn out as well as i wanted. George struggled against the vice like grip that the shoe strap held him by as he fought for his freedom. Steve always bought the ladies more drinks then they could handle. However, things took a turn for the worse... When roger said he'd do anything for a date, he didn't know what he was getting himself into. The hardest part about this collage was deciding between thats life and new york new york for the title. When her manager at the buy more forced her to work her weekend off again she decided to quit.   When he refused to offer a severance package she decided to make her own. When the help at the spa mysteriously shrunk they desperately tried to gain the attention of the now giant patrons. The negotiations took a turn for the Lenard thought he was going out for a night of dancing with two girls he was tutoring in math, however his dates had other plans for there now shrunken tutor. Professor Jacobs, was known as a tough grader, however when his most hated students started a club in his honor he was less then enthused to find out just how integral his involvement is.  Kyoko had asked Mr. Jacobs to work with her after school on her English. However, a cultural misunderstanding led to Mr. Jacobs not realizing she meant permanently. Selena seeks some revenge when a Paparazzi gets in her face at a priemere. The ground quaked as Tim scurried  down the now expansive walkway desperately trying to make it to the bushes for cover. In a instant Tim was knocked over as he felt the girls powerful fingers at his back.   Douglas was a successful businessman and parent. He believed in knowing everything that went on at home, and at his business. So when he felt his daughter was hiding something from her he took matters to the extreme. What Douglas forgot to take into account was that his shrink ray didn't shrink with him leaving him having to explain his actions to his now giant daughter. Randy's was madly in love with Jennifer, however what he didn't realize was his girlfriends little sister was madly in love with him. One day, while waiting at Jen's house Mackenzie confessed her love to Randy. Randy's rejection didn't quite go as planned. James was in a state of panic as he saw himself heading into the airport with himself going along for the ride. Mr. Adams heard a bunch of giggling and talking from a group across the library. As he made his way over he couldn't believe what he saw. Two of his colleagues had been miniaturized. As he looked at his two students questioning what was going on he felt a falling sensation wash over him as a mist hit him. Seconds later, the now massive faces of his two students were hovering over him in glee. Richard, Steve and Tom found themselves trapped on an alien world after their yacht sailed off course. In an attempt to get help, Steve and Tom send Richard out for help...Sadly, the three men are never heard from again. Jerry and Mark hadn't met before today, however little did they know they were about to become roommates. Unfortunately, Lindsay gripped George so tight he could barely speak as she carried him towards the front of the store George couldn't believe he was about to be sold in his own store. This has to be a mistake George thought, as he looked about his own store. He had gone from owner to product somehow. However, he knew he was in luck as his best customer approached. When Richard shrunk, he desperately tried to get his neighbors attention. After weeks of trial and error he finally made contact, not realizing the salvation he hoped for was not to be. Jerry always liked being the center of attention. After a freak boating accident, he got his wish.... Professor sands struggles against his immobilizing scrunchy bonds as he stares up at his now giant students.  Frank had gotten drug along on a day of shopping with his girlfriend Alice, however when he found himself shrinking in front of the changing rooms he was never heard from again... Is this the end for our hero? Tune in next week for the Escape Attempt, or The Capture. Brad was horrified having just watched his friend perish before his eyes as the giants footfall missed him by mere inches. Frantically Brad attempted to scale the mountainous handbag in hope of finding safety. Dr. Watkins was trying out a new experiment he wanted his students to run next week when the chemicals turned to gas he found himself shrunk. Unfortunately, for Dr. Watkins the two students who found him proved to be less then helpful. Tom, Greg, and Roger got much less of a vacation then they had planned on after there private plane was caught in a freak storm and were transported to a different planet. They unfortunately sought help from the wrong individual.  I wanted to see what I could do in 10 minutes. Here is the result. That time also included finding subjects. Greg had spent three months lording over his intern, passing off everything he could to her. All that changed when after a freak accident at work left Greg in a brand new role. Buy a little man, get a dollhouse habitat 50% off! today only!! Rumors have been circulating for years about why the university hires new teachers each year. Professor Givens finds himself learning first hand what happens when your less then accommodating to your students. As Steve and Tom swam for the surface the realization that the body of water they crashed into was not a lake or ocean, but a girls backyard pool occurred to late for that knowledge to be there savior. When George agreed to do a fitness study at the local university, he had no idea it was in reality an experimental study to go along with there thesis for admission to graduate school. The big room was supposed to be Alyssa's when her brother went away to college, however when he decided to go local and stay home she couldn't take it anymore. When Natalie got a Microtopian after months of begging she couldn't help but feel a bit of a let down when he was old enough to be her father. Scott's heart was racing as he found himself sealed in a realm of darkness. Everything sashayed from side to side as unearthly sounds boomed all around.   Everything shook violently for a moment, followed by what sounded like the very fabric of earth being ripped apart.   Scott peered out from the young girls purse, the teeth of the zipper hanging down like daggers. The grin of her face was deafening while his tiny heart sunk. I had this idea and was trying to figure out what image worked best. I ended up just posting them all to let you the people decide which you like best. I had this idea and was trying to figure out what image worked best. I ended up just posting them all to let you the people decide which you like best. I had this idea and was trying to figure out what image worked best. I ended up just posting them all to let you the people decide which you like best.

I had this idea and was trying to figure out what image worked best. I ended up just posting them all to let you the people decide which you like best. Figured i would work a couple of different angles with this one. As close ups aren't for everyone. Steve yells down to the tiny man sprawled out on the ground to run as to not have the same fate befallen onto the man. However, as the shadow engulfs the helpless soul his fate is already set.