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Date: March 31 2021 11:41 AM Title: Kaiju Katie

"The engine has been destroyed by the acid so there’s no way to fly back out." - And even if the engine would be operable... Starting whilst floating with an non-specified Aircraft is most likely impossible - and flying more or less out straight up the esophagus a fool's errand.


"Arthur chimed in, “Yeah, and if we don’t stop her soon, that ship is gonna be dessert.”" - Normally spelling errors are just a minor inconvenience, but in this case it made me actually chuckle. No matter how big Katie gets, she cannot ever make a Cruise Ship (become) a desert. Carry it towards one? Sure, if she wants to. But make it one? Not a chance.


I'm kinda surprised that Arthur is the one to get grown instead of Charlotte to fill the "Motherrole". Granted, Katie is more likely to listen to her older brother than his friend (Katie probably cannot grasp the concept of a girlfriend yet.).


And about the "Ever Given": At least that was resolved by now without the help of any giantess. There are a surprising amount of Art that depict the stuck ship as a stuck giantess though. Surprised me as I came across it.




Author's Response:

Good point. There's no runway to get the plane in the air. As for the dessert thing, I didn't catch that but it's fixed now. I always reread my chapters after I write them, but sometimes I still miss errors and I appreciate when a reader points them out so I can fix them. And I chose Arthur instead of Charlotte mainly because of the fact that she will more likely listen to him, but also for another reason you'll understand when you read the final chapter.

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