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Date: April 08 2020 2:12 AM Title: Chapter 1

Oh didn’t see the part of the description where it says he releases a bio weapon on America LOL! But maybe still do a story on my other idea that would be so cool to read 😭.

Okay hears my other idea, he accidentally releases the bio weapon on America, except it’s a shrinking/growing disease. So it’s really contagious *coronavirus cough cough*, and it slowly grows women and shrinks men. The 20 y/o assistant finds out he released it so she punishes him with her almighty foot. Then he can be dominated by other women as it spreads through America. Also maybe you can add a twist where women get a super powerful sex drive, like a thousand times more stronger than men’s sex drives, lol that would be funny and interesting to read. So they would always wanna be dominating men with their foot and dominating men in other ways.

Alright that’s my other idea, let me know how it goes!

Author's Response: Thank you again! I donít really know if Iím going to continue this story after seeing how long it took for someone to give a suggestion but I like the idea and Iíll try to write something soon, maybe even have the first chapter out tonight!

Reviewer: zMark3 Signed [Report This]
Date: April 08 2020 1:48 AM Title: Chapter 1

Seems like a great story. I’m gonna call him the assistant. I noticed when he goes in the elevator, the floor he goes down to says “experiment”. I think that’s great because that has a lot of good ideas for the story. Here’s my idea.

There’s a doctor that’s running the experiment on that floor, and the other giant 20 year old girl is
her assistant. Although this is a dirty evil
experiment because she’s tricking people that work as scientists and other workers to go down to that special floor as tinies without them knowing they’re part of a experiment. Some go down as tinies and others as normal people walking out of a elevator so people won’t get suspicious. They can choose who goes down as tinies and who goes down as normal size people with their futuristic like technology. So the experiment is how the subject reacts and what are the psychological effects to being stuck to the experimenters foot for a long period of time. Since they know the foot fetish is the most popular fetish, how is the subject before the experiment, maybe they document his likes/dislikes, outlook in life, level of happiness, if he has any fetishes, and his overall well being. Then after the experiment maybe like 5-10 years later they re-document him again, and see how much it changed him as a person or if he’s really the same person at all. When I say being stuck to the experimenters foot, I mean that in a literal sense. Every hour of the day the assistant is in her shoe under her toes, or maybe she lets him out to get some fresh air but she still puts him under her foot under the desk, or wherever but always against her foot. Also the experiment won’t just take place in the lab but also I’m the experimenters personal life too. Maybe she feels that he has been getting too numb to her foot lately so she’ll stay up a few nights and rub him against her foot on the couch. She may have conversations with him so they can get to know each other but ALWAYS with her foot on him. If she watches TV she rests her foot on him. When she goes to bed he goes into her sock. When she takes a shower he’s by her foot. And the rest of the day he’s inside her shoe. And you can get her 20 year old assistant involved by asking her to take turns. It doesn’t matter who’s foot he’s stuck to but as long as it’s any females foot he’s stuck to. Basically his whole life will be engulfed by her foot, so much so it defines every aspect of him. I think it would be very interesting to see the changes in him as a person through the experiment. I guess you can say it’s a molding process, a molding of his life to her foot. In the beginning they are two separate parts, him and her foot, but after so much time passes of him engulfed by her foot, days, weeks, months, and even many years, him and her foot become one, and form an interesting unity. All he knows is her foot, basically he becomes part of her foot, or part of her body, they aren’t separate. He knows her foot more than her face, maybe he hasn’t spoken in so long because her toe is constantly covering and muffling his mouth, the smell of her foot is ingrained in his skin. Whether the outcome is good or bad idk I’ll leave it up to you haha. Then maybe you can have him meet other characters that are also part of the experiment, and see how they’re affected by it, have they gone lunatic or dying? Maybe one of them is his close friend or lab partner? Plan of escape?

That’s all I got so far. But yea seeing how the psychology of a person changes over time by being engulfed by something like that would be really interesting to read about, over many years what kind of person does it change them to? I’ll let you know if I have any more ideas! Happy writing!

Author's Response: Hey, thank you so much for reviewing, I Honestly started this so long ago that I wasnít expecting there to be a review on it, I personally am not real into the foot stuff so I most likely wonít do this or if did it would be bad because my heart wouldnít be it in but I think itís a really interesting concept!

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