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Reviewer: Seabee Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 16 2021 1:34 PM Title: First Outing

Wow! This story blew me away. Not only is it extremely well-written, but the ending is devastatingly terrifying yet realistic. Very nice job! I can't wait to read more like this.

Reviewer: mattgrecs Signed [Report This]
Date: February 22 2020 3:45 AM Title: First Outing

Same it was one of the hottest stories I’ve read in a while only thing I wish I knew what was said before she put him in his new lovers dick , and like eddai story’s I wish there was a chapter from the wife perspective and thought process behind his decline in position , but it is an amazing story definitely hall of fame worthy

Reviewer: Sereum Signed [Report This]
Date: February 02 2020 2:03 PM Title: First Outing

Love the chapter. I hope that John and Debra can mend their relationship, even though it's looking unlikey.

Reviewer: MacroGod Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 06 2020 5:33 PM Title: First Outing

Holy shit that was awesome! Great story! O_O

Reviewer: zaneofbane Signed [Report This]
Date: January 04 2020 6:31 PM Title: First Outing

Love your stories. (Support you on patreon.) Really hoping some drunkard makes a mistake and ends up putting John up their asshole by mistake and accidentally taking him home with thim without his wife realizing.

Reviewer: Bildo Signed [Report This]
Date: December 22 2019 6:48 PM Title: First Outing

This is a great story! I have been wanting to wright something along these lines, but the shrenken person would not be indestructable, so the wife would have to be extra careful.

 Excellent work!

Reviewer: tuyulboy Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 22 2019 7:47 AM Title: First Outing

i love this.. i love cuckold story in and this is a giantess verson..

but, i prefer FF/m, New World Order  (wife n lesbian lover, whole mens tiny)

so some time, i edit the cuckold story.. i found, wife lover become women, for my own fantasy. 

Thanks lot for share.. i can't wait your next chapter..


Reviewer: LittleRomance Signed [Report This]
Date: December 21 2019 11:49 PM Title: First Outing

Awwww so sweet!

Awesome story Mate! Keep up the good Work 

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