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Reviewer: Foxinbox Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 02 2019 2:25 PM Title: Introduction.

I think I discovered a new fetish of mine with that hex maniac

quick question tho, do you plan on using and of the girls from pokemon sword and shield?

Author's Response:

Glad to help you with that :D

Fetishes bring the world together. xD


I do plan to use the girl's of S/S. I just don't plan to until they come out and I get some more info first. That said, the female protagonist, I got her number. >:3

Reviewer: NRawkGTS Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 27 2019 6:13 AM Title: Introduction.

Despite very 'Pro-woman Anti-male' NWO settings are generally not my thing, I do like some of the implications of this world you've created.  Though with the Whitney chapter you have set a precedence for anyone to just say they beat someone and shrink them regardless of a battle, so I don't know why any of the girls bother with a battle, or if they ever lose what would stop them from shrinking their opponent before they had to pay up?  Not saying that they ever likely could, but if a male trainer does win a match, could he still be shrunk regardless?  And with the law side with the winners (or women in this case) to the point that someone like Misty can publicly murder double digit trainers a day, why would men not just go into hiding?  Sorry if I sound too negative towards your setting, but I know if I were in this world and not one of the first people shrunk and likely killed, I'd either leave and go off the grid (which would probably be safer) or join/form an underground resistance to disable this tech (which would be easy if you get the right Pokémon).


Still, the Iris chapter is probably my favorite so far and only because she seemed like even if you lost to her, if it was a good match she'd let you live or at least live an easier life than the ones that disappoint her.


For potential future chapters, while Hex Maniac girls, Olivia, Pheobe and Wicke are my favorite Pokégirls, given the setting I'd actually like to see your take on how Liza and Tate (the psychic twins from gen 3) are getting along with these new laws.  Specifically, the two share emotional and physical sensations like pain and pleasure, so Liza would most likely want to keep her brother safe since they can't turn off their psychic link, but would it be sisterly love that motivates her or pragmatism?  Would she lament not being able to keep him shrunk and close at hand because of fear he'd feel just from being so small, and if someone did try to do something to him how would she react?  I feel in this world, these two would have a truly unique perceptive on how both sides of society feel about the change sine in turn, Tate would feel the joy and pleasure Liza feels when she shrinks and interacts with defeated Trainers.  Maybe he'd even start to get addicted to the feeling and help lure in unsuspecting Trainers for Liza to then beat...


Actually, if you don't want to run with this idea and it's okay with you, could I take a crack at it?  This story sounds way too fun to not write! ^.^

Author's Response:

My man, I appreciate your view on it and I get what you're saying about the ways the new laws are perceived. That said, it’s still a new concept in the Pokémon world, which Is why I didn't make it years down the line. New trainers don't quite know what they're getting into, and cocky trainers try to beat the odds. There's a lot of aspects that I didn't fully cover due to these being short stories but I wanted to make it seem like a new world order. I've never attempted a story like that before, and I really just wanted a way to vent some sadism. :P

When it comes down to the battling aspect, that’s enforced, but that doesn’t mean people won’t try to break the law for their own benefit regardless. Not to mention the police are led by officer Jenny’s, and they’re no exception to the laws either.

As for there being a resistance to these new laws, there definitely is, and I want to go into that later on, (much later on). But that doesn't mean there isn't one specifically opposed to stopping them. Many evil teams now have new interests instead of stealing Pokémon or world domination.

When it came to the Whitney chapter, I wanted to make it clear that really, anything can go. The laws are meant for battle but they can be ignored in the end depending who’s doing what. There can be nice trainers, sadistic ones, uncaring ones, or empathetic ones. It depends on who’s doing it and what their motives are. When something like complete control over someone else becomes a common day occurrence, there can be a vast number of ramifications and outcomes, which is exactly what this series is supposed to be about. ^,^

I wanted to really just test out new ideas that I generally don’t get to use. Sticking to the same thing over and over again can hone what you like, but it can also dull the senses when it comes to stuff you’ve never experienced before.

As for the topic of girl's you want to see, I'm actually working on a Hex Maniac chapter as we speak. It's a bit different though then any of these, and It might rub people the wrong way so, we'll see how that goes... xD

I kind of want to use her character for a few different scenarios so I might use different ones from different regions. Her designs just to adorable not to.

Also, if you're up for it, I've done co-writing with multiple people on this site before. If you'd like, I can add you onto this story and you can make some chapters yourself if you want to give your perspective a chance to shine. I'm not saying I won't do the Tate & Liza story, but I think you have more ideas in your mind for it already then, I do, lol.


In the end, this series isn’t supposed to be as fair as my other work’s. It’s meant to be one sided. But that doesn’t mean I won’t have calmer scenarios in future chapters. I just wanted to give a hypothetical what if in the end, and give people my take on it, all the while delving into fetishes and kinks I don’t write enough about. :3


Thank you for your insightful review. I really like when people break down my work. It helps me see things I generally don’t.



Reviewer: ikkle Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 26 2019 10:02 AM Title: Introduction.

This is another amazing story, I really liked the Misty and Whitney chapters! The unfairness of the Whitney scenario was pretty special too.

For future chapters, I’ve got a couple ideas.

I can imagine Agatha or Fantina ghost typing people and having them possess articles of clothing.

I’d really like to see the mom from Gold/Silver find some tiny trainers on sale and excitedly buy some, after all, this law passed when she was an adult and she never got a chance to try it out!

Author's Response:

I'm glad you enjoyed it Ikkle. I wanted to try something new with this series and I'm glad people seem to appreciate it. ^,^

As for your idea's, I planned to do something like that already actually. However, I didn't think to use either of those two girl's, lol.

I'll see what I can do. :D

Reviewer: dinofreak1337 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 25 2019 12:43 AM Title: Introduction.

A promising start! Love the premise, can't wait to see more!!!


As for girl requests, I would love to see Dawn in a vorish scenario, maybe gentle or cruel, either sounds fun!


And I'd really love to see another Lillie/Lusamine chapter. Maybe Lusamine getting fed up with her daughter not being a proper mother and shrinking her, or Piillie shrinking Lusamine and taking her own revenge.

Author's Response:

I plan to use Dawn. She can definitely be hungry in her chapter. But I doubt she'll be too gentle. :P

As for Lillie and her mother, anything can happen. :3

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