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Reviewer: Rise8 Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: April 08 2020 8:04 PM Title: Chapter 24

Been loving the story so far. Gotta ask what's the chances of Maggie and the main character hooking up? Seems like there might be something that hes keeping down because of his obsession with Jackie. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Reviewer: Omanahan88 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 23 2020 7:49 PM Title: Chapter 1

I haven’t left a review in a while, but I have been keeping up with the story and I just have to say that you are tremendously talented. I absolutely love this story and I’m genuinely anxious about what is coming next. I want him to be happy with Audrey, I want him to live his fantasy with Jackie, but I also want Amanda to screw him over and torment him for the rest of his itty bitty life. Keep up the incredible work!

Author's Response:

Thank you for the glowing comment! Just to assure you: I want Desmond to be happy with Audrey just like you. I want Desmond to live his fantasy with Jackie just like you do. And I also want Amanda to screw him over and torment him for the rest of his itty bitty for the rest of his life too. Obviously, not all three of these things can happen. What I can tell you is that I will do my best to make an ending that is satisfying and makes sense for the characters. 

Reviewer: WTH I Love This Signed [Report This]
Date: March 20 2020 1:20 AM Title: Chapter 23

If (and when) this issue is resolved, part of me kind of hopes there's an alternate ending where Amanda not only succeeds, but Desmond's Mom, exhausted, just resigns to and accepts his fate, like: "It's alright, sweetheart, your sister and I will take good care of you from now on..." *as her curled fingers reach for him, as if to swallow him up into his new life* 

Just a thought, lol ;)

Again, can't wait to see what you actually do! 

Reviewer: WTH I Love This Signed [Report This]
Date: March 19 2020 10:55 PM Title: Chapter 23

Not gonna lie, that last scene is hot. 

I can't remember if Desmond has a phone, but if he does, he should've been recording Amanda's every move. 

Anyways, I love this story, and I can't wait to see what Desmond's Mom does, like if she finally confronts Amanda, especially now that she's basically guaranteed that Desmond will be one inch tall forever. 

Speaking of, I am really curious to see Jackie's reaction. I know she loves Desmond, so Amanda's predictions don't seem likely(I did like her promise of foot action, though!). I guess we'll have to see... 

Great work as always! Keep it up! 

Reviewer: Russellp Signed [Report This]
Date: March 19 2020 10:38 PM Title: Chapter 1

I realy like this story (thank you and congratulations), but somethings dont make sense, Because i like this story i try dont look to much about this. I care about the story and i think you are a good writer with a good imagination, because this i fell sad when i see things without sense. 

His mon didnt protect him from Amanda. She know Amanda torture Desmond and she let Amanda alone with him? Why Amanda know everything after 

“I know. I’ll explain everything. To you,” I gestured at my mom. “I don’t trust Amanda to not tell the whole world.”

My mother took no issue with that. “Wait in the hallway, Amanda.”

Desmont Mom is stupidy and crazy? She didnt nothing with amanda for her make Desmont runaway form home and she will not do nothing after she try sabotage his chances to grow?

How i told, i like your story, i think you are doing a realy nice thing here, but dont let your nice character sound crazy, stupdy and non sense. 

PS - sorry my bad english lol

Author's Response:

Hey Russell, I made some edits to the chapter after reading your comment. I agree that letting Amanda in on everything after expressly leaving her out in the chapter before didn't make much sense. So I added in some scenes to address those issues. Thanks for pointing this out because you've made the story better for it. 

And about Desmond's mom not doing anything, I don't think that is necessarily true. I have Desmond's mom tell her to leave the doll store. Desmond's mom also has a lot swirling in her head right now, and Amanda has gotten good at manipulating people over the years. With those two factors combined, I think it makes sense that Desmond's mom is necessarily as protective as she could be. 

Desmond's mom doesn't seem to be a fan favorite, and I've noticed that quite a bit. 

Anyway, I'm glad you like my story enough to heap valid criticisim onto it. Thank you!

Reviewer: Sereum Signed [Report This]
Date: March 19 2020 12:27 PM Title: Chapter 23

First off love the story, but to me it doesn't make sense that last chapter Desmond tells his mom he  "wouldn't trust Amanda not to tell the whole world" about the situation, so they make her stand in the hall. But this chapter they just include her in all the plans leading her to blabbing to the whole world about it.

Author's Response:

Yeah. I know. I made some edits to Chapter 23 that address the very issue you bring up. Thanks for pointing it out. And I'm glad you love the story!

Reviewer: WTH I Love This Signed [Report This]
Date: March 16 2020 11:00 AM Title: Chapter 22

Ooh I can't wait to see how this goes down! 

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 20 2020 2:10 PM Title: Chapter 21

Uh oh. I actually saw this one coming. Jackie seemed afwully not concerned with the shrinking andd she pushed people away from finding out the real reason. I'm almost surprised desmond reacted as he reacted. He seems so shocked

I'm looking forward to what will happen next. Hopefully Desmond doens't flee too hard.

Thank your for writing!

Reviewer: WTH I Love This Signed [Report This]
Date: February 18 2020 3:27 AM Title: Chapter 21

I KNEW IT!!! :) 

Great chapter, man! My hope has been realized: Jackie is in control! 

Hopefully, after he's done cooling down and after he's talked with Maggie, he'll remember for like the 500th time that he loves being tiny for Jackie. Especially now that he knows Jackie is in control, his condition is nothing to worry about anymore! ;) 

Also, I still love how Jackie does get a little carried away in her roleplaying, but still genuinely cares about Desmond and loves him! An almost perfect girlfriend! 

Great work! Can't wait to see more! 

Reviewer: Ask-Giantess-Lover Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 31 2020 11:02 AM Title: Chapter 20

Genuinely incredible work so far. I hope to see more soon!

Author's Response:

Thank you. I plan to continue the story. It just might take a while :(

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 29 2020 2:59 PM Title: Chapter 20

This story is pretty hot. But it also leaves me wondering what will happen. Will he just shrink into nothingness? I don't hope so, because then there wouldn't be a story anymore.

Thank you for writing and until next time, this is Three dog AWWW and you're listening to Galaxy News Radio. Bringing you the Truth, no matter how bad it hurts!

Sorry, I had to end with that one, this Fallout 3 quote has been stuck in my head since ... 2008

Author's Response:

I don't exactly understand the relevance of Fallout 3 in this instance, but thank you for the praise! Desmond isn't dumb. He's just paralyzed by his overwhelming sexual desires. The question is whether or not his thinking mind will prevail, or will his cock continue to guide his actions?


If you've ever heard of "Man vs. Man" or "Man vs. Nature", this story is "Man vs. Cock". :)

Reviewer: WTH I Love This Signed [Report This]
Date: January 22 2020 9:55 PM Title: Chapter 20

This is story is so great! And this chapter was no exception! 

"I was literally a toy to these women now.... I got passed around the room to be poked, fondled and played with." I've always loved the "sleepover" type scenario like this one. So I must say, this would be a dream come true! ;)

Part of me is hoping that there is some kind of target height, or that at least Jackie will eventually have some control over it(because I'm positive that she's the cause of it). I just don't personally like anything smaller than Minkin because interaction seems so difficult smaller than that, but I guess we'll see what you do! Also, Desmond's mom's reaction to this size would be really interesting to see! 

Keep up the great work! 

Author's Response:

I always love your comments. Very insightful and interesting. You'll just have to wait and see. (I admit, this story has taken a lot longer than I originally thought.)

Reviewer: johnsmith10992 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 08 2020 5:17 AM Title: Chapter 18

What a great addition. Man oh man, he is fastly approaching dildo size...

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 07 2020 2:59 PM Title: Chapter 18

Suddenly Audrey makes so much more sense now. Seems the little guy simply can't avoid attention. And it's also nice to see how smitten Jackie was by him.

But deep down, I'm still worrying if he will survive this ordeal. At least I hope the story will continue for a bit because I like it.

Thank you for the update!

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 05 2020 5:25 AM Title: Chapter 17

Seems like Jackie didn't exactly create an environment that encourages openness in their relationship and seems quite controlling. It would actually surprise me if they can actually get away with Adudrey's plan. Jackie will find out for sure. And I'm not even sure if that plan will work out like Audrey thinks it will. This just screams trap all over. 

Thank you for writing and I'm  nervously holding my breath for what will happen in the next one.

Reviewer: MacroGod Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 30 2019 1:11 PM Title: Chapter 14


Author's Response: Haha yeah, not to toot my own horn, but that chapter was probably the sexiest stuff Iíve written to date. Iím so humble, arenít I?

Reviewer: MacroGod Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 28 2019 9:02 PM Title: Chapter 13

And just when I was starting to think that Jackie might actually not be that bad, she just HAD to prove me wrong by going crazy about Des’ exes… Also, how did she know that orgasming makes Des shrink, because I’m pretty sure he still hasn’t told her that detail yet, so that’s very suspicious… But even with all that being said, I’m sure this next chapter is about to be the hottest one yet… 👀 lol Fantasic story!

Author's Response: I believe I meant to put in a scene with Desmond telling Jackie that when he orgasms he shrinks. I think I accidentally cut that scene out. Itís a plot hole. My bad... But thanks for all the reviews, MacroGod!

Reviewer: MacroGod Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 27 2019 9:36 PM Title: Chapter 12

Okay I've gotta admit, Jackie definitely deserves some points for helping keep Des in college because she really didn’t have too… 👀 lol

Reviewer: MacroGod Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 26 2019 12:20 AM Title: Chapter 11

Damn... Des really screwed the pooch with this one... 😅lol

Reviewer: MacroGod Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 24 2019 6:47 AM Title: Chapter 10

Just when I think Jackie couldn’t be any MORE suspicious, she proves me wrong yet again… lol I wonder what the conversation between her and Des’ mom was REALLY like… Anyways, I’ve still gotta admit, “Goddess Jackie” sure does have a nice ring to it… 😅 haha

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