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Reviewer: Carycomic Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: June 11 2022 12:58 PM Title: Chapter 41

Oh, how I hope that female Goliath meets her David.  Crashing and burning, real bad, as a result!

Reviewer: vegetaboy Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: June 10 2022 2:10 AM Title: Chapter 41

Things are turbulent for Desmond right

I mean part of me still is hoping for him and Jackie to get back together.

But things seem bleaker with each chapter. (I mean if she could see sense and listen to Desmond about what happened...)

10 foot 4!! Oh wow....

Another great chapter, you're going great work on this story. 

Reviewer: Anonimus Signed [Report This]
Date: June 09 2022 9:49 PM Title: Chapter 1

Nice bro

Reviewer: vegetaboy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 14 2022 7:23 AM Title: Chapter 39 ouch!

I was actually rooting for Jackie and Desmond. (any chance of them getting back together in the long run?)

The ending of this chapter is such a cliff-hanger. 

Well written, and a real rollercoaster of emotion and content. 

Can't wait to read more. 

Author's Response:

Hey, there's always a chance.

And don't worry the next two chapters are already written, I plan to release them soon. Really glad you liked this chapter. It's a pretty pivotal plot point so I'm glad it's been received well. 

Reviewer: k0ltonimo224 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 21 2022 1:06 AM Title: Chapter 38

Fantastic! Love this story, so happy to see it return, and I can’t wait to see how it all goes from here, great job!

Reviewer: k0ltonimo224 Signed [Report This]
Date: July 30 2021 1:34 PM Title: Chapter 35

Just found this story and binge read all 35 chapters in a single day. I love it! A great balance of completely compelling characters and truly hot moments. Can't wait too see what's next!


Author's Response:

I'm glad my story is bingeable! Stay tuned, my friend. More is coming.

Reviewer: EchoofZen Signed [Report This]
Date: July 23 2021 10:49 AM Title: Chapter 1

Please tell me he's not going to be an idiot and leave the cellphone on...

Reviewer: vegetaboy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 12 2021 1:35 AM Title: Chapter 32

Fuck Vicky!

I wish demsond had told Jackie everything that happened, Vicy deserves some punishment.

Great continuation of the last chapter, and really enjoyed the content in this one (even if I think Vicky should have had some payback for hurting him and breaking his freaking jaw)

Reviewer: Omanahan88 Signed [Report This]
Date: February 01 2021 3:56 AM Title: Chapter 31

Finally got some spare time to get caught back up with this story and I'm absolutely loving every bit! Loved the way this chapter ended and I can't wait to see more. Great work as always!

Reviewer: vegetaboy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 29 2021 10:47 PM Title: Chapter 31

I hope they work through their fight (though I do love the idea of him being in Jackie's musky hamper.....that's hot)

But yeah, very nice work on this chapter.

I still love Jackie and Desmond's relationship. 

Keep up the great work. 

Reviewer: johnsmith10992 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 29 2021 10:27 PM Title: Chapter 31

Wow this was an amazing new chapter. Hope to read the next one soon!

Reviewer: RubenO Signed [Report This]
Date: January 22 2021 11:40 AM Title: Chapter 30

This was a great read. It was hard to put down. I really like your writing. I liked the balance between dialogue and description as well as a great plot. Please keep continue writing. I look forward to your finishing this work. There are so many directors possibilities this can go. Keep up the good work.

Reviewer: Gokuto Signed [Report This]
Date: November 27 2020 4:15 PM Title: Chapter 28

This is prorbalby one of my favorite chapters yet. It has a very nice balance of plot, gentle/relationship stuff, and fetish stuff. I'm really looking forward to more chapters like this. I'm also really hoping we get to see more of Audrey, because of how different she is from Jackie.

Author's Response:

Thank you! I'm planning to develop Jackie and Desmond's relationship more as I continue writing. 

And I hear you about Audrey. She's one of my favorite characters to write, and I want to have more scenes between her and Jackie. She'll be returning at some point. I just don't know when at the moment. 

I'm glad to know there are still people out there who are enjoying the story!

Reviewer: arumaito Signed [Report This]
Date: August 13 2020 2:47 PM Title: Chapter 1

Wow I'm loving the progress. And here I thought the size disparity couldn't get any larger ...can't wait for the next chapter!! Thanks again!!

Reviewer: Rise8 Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: April 08 2020 8:04 PM Title: Chapter 24

Been loving the story so far. Gotta ask what's the chances of Maggie and the main character hooking up? Seems like there might be something that hes keeping down because of his obsession with Jackie. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response:

Hi! Sorry it took a while for me to respond. I would say there's a relatively small chance of Maggie and Desmond hooking up. They're better as friends than as lovers in my mind. 

Reviewer: Omanahan88 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 23 2020 7:49 PM Title: Chapter 1

I haven’t left a review in a while, but I have been keeping up with the story and I just have to say that you are tremendously talented. I absolutely love this story and I’m genuinely anxious about what is coming next. I want him to be happy with Audrey, I want him to live his fantasy with Jackie, but I also want Amanda to screw him over and torment him for the rest of his itty bitty life. Keep up the incredible work!

Author's Response:

Thank you for the glowing comment! Just to assure you: I want Desmond to be happy with Audrey just like you. I want Desmond to live his fantasy with Jackie just like you do. And I also want Amanda to screw him over and torment him for the rest of his itty bitty for the rest of his life too. Obviously, not all three of these things can happen. What I can tell you is that I will do my best to make an ending that is satisfying and makes sense for the characters. 

Reviewer: WTH I Love This Signed [Report This]
Date: March 20 2020 1:20 AM Title: Chapter 23

If (and when) this issue is resolved, part of me kind of hopes there's an alternate ending where Amanda not only succeeds, but Desmond's Mom, exhausted, just resigns to and accepts his fate, like: "It's alright, sweetheart, your sister and I will take good care of you from now on..." *as her curled fingers reach for him, as if to swallow him up into his new life* 

Just a thought, lol ;)

Again, can't wait to see what you actually do! 

Reviewer: WTH I Love This Signed [Report This]
Date: March 19 2020 10:55 PM Title: Chapter 23

Not gonna lie, that last scene is hot. 

I can't remember if Desmond has a phone, but if he does, he should've been recording Amanda's every move. 

Anyways, I love this story, and I can't wait to see what Desmond's Mom does, like if she finally confronts Amanda, especially now that she's basically guaranteed that Desmond will be one inch tall forever. 

Speaking of, I am really curious to see Jackie's reaction. I know she loves Desmond, so Amanda's predictions don't seem likely(I did like her promise of foot action, though!). I guess we'll have to see... 

Great work as always! Keep it up! 

Reviewer: Russellp Signed [Report This]
Date: March 19 2020 10:38 PM Title: Chapter 1

I realy like this story (thank you and congratulations), but somethings dont make sense, Because i like this story i try dont look to much about this. I care about the story and i think you are a good writer with a good imagination, because this i fell sad when i see things without sense. 

His mon didnt protect him from Amanda. She know Amanda torture Desmond and she let Amanda alone with him? Why Amanda know everything after 

“I know. I’ll explain everything. To you,” I gestured at my mom. “I don’t trust Amanda to not tell the whole world.”

My mother took no issue with that. “Wait in the hallway, Amanda.”

Desmont Mom is stupidy and crazy? She didnt nothing with amanda for her make Desmont runaway form home and she will not do nothing after she try sabotage his chances to grow?

How i told, i like your story, i think you are doing a realy nice thing here, but dont let your nice character sound crazy, stupdy and non sense. 

PS - sorry my bad english lol

Author's Response:

Hey Russell, I made some edits to the chapter after reading your comment. I agree that letting Amanda in on everything after expressly leaving her out in the chapter before didn't make much sense. So I added in some scenes to address those issues. Thanks for pointing this out because you've made the story better for it. 

And about Desmond's mom not doing anything, I don't think that is necessarily true. I have Desmond's mom tell her to leave the doll store. Desmond's mom also has a lot swirling in her head right now, and Amanda has gotten good at manipulating people over the years. With those two factors combined, I think it makes sense that Desmond's mom is necessarily as protective as she could be. 

Desmond's mom doesn't seem to be a fan favorite, and I've noticed that quite a bit. 

Anyway, I'm glad you like my story enough to heap valid criticisim onto it. Thank you!

Reviewer: Sereum Signed [Report This]
Date: March 19 2020 12:27 PM Title: Chapter 23

First off love the story, but to me it doesn't make sense that last chapter Desmond tells his mom he  "wouldn't trust Amanda not to tell the whole world" about the situation, so they make her stand in the hall. But this chapter they just include her in all the plans leading her to blabbing to the whole world about it.

Author's Response:

Yeah. I know. I made some edits to Chapter 23 that address the very issue you bring up. Thanks for pointing it out. And I'm glad you love the story!

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