Reviews For Couples Therapy
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Reviewer: Starkadhr Signed [Report This]
Date: June 06 2019 1:41 PM Title: Riposte

I have just finished reading all the chapters and ... let me tell you that you have produced another masterpiece: the story is masterfully narrated, the characters escape the standardized granite roles of the giantess-tiny relationship. And the idea of the setting ... wow. So fresh and original. A couple therapy: who can thought about it if not you?

It is lovely to be able to see how the "giantess femdom" sessions are directly influenced by the therapy sessions... and the character... wow.
I absolutely love, in particular, the sub-plot of the therapist, who is secretly torturing the poor Mr.Smyth. I can't wait to see what the Therapyst will do. Her intentions. Will she do, hypocritically, anyway a good job? Will she ruin the tiny husbands' life for a personal purpose?

P.S. Despite the other's opinions... I really hate Miriam (the character itself, not the way you wrote or created her). I'm sorry... I know that inside of me I should have compassion for her, for her obvious wounds of the soul... But she abuses her husband... and pretends that everything is perfect, that her husband likes this. And Brent is prey to the most classic example of Stockholm syndrome (in part).

Author's Response:

Oh, thank you, my friend! I'm glad you enjoyed this so much. It was a challenge but a lot of fun to write. I'm really glad you enjoyed this!

As for the idea, I'm afraid I have to admit that this was a commission! Someone requested size couples going to therapy to talk out their problems, and they left the details up to me.

Yeah, Miriam! People love her or hate her. For that reason alone, I like her. She's a divisive character, and sometimes she's in the way, and sometimes she moves the other characters along. She was a lot of fun to work with.

Reviewer: teradonk Signed [Report This]
Date: May 28 2019 10:45 AM Title: Introductions

very well-written story. miriam is so hot, sexual fiend. loved it when she said she farts on brent. ooh boy, that's my ticket. i can imagine a whole sub-story where somehow brent shrinks even further, down to under an inch, and miriam can't hold back her lust and goes animal on tiny brent with her ass, farting, and even scat fantasies.


great job!

Author's Response:

Thank you very much, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! That's Miriam's style: no self-consciousness, all appetite. What could an inch-tall little man possibly do with a sex-starved ogress like her, though?

Reviewer: argdude Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 27 2019 10:00 PM Title: Introductions

Fantastic! Big fan of Miriam. Not enough thicc characters around like her.

Author's Response:

Glad to hear it! You're not the only one who's a fan of her: this was a commissioned piece. Think we should see more of her?

Reviewer: spaceranger123 Signed [Report This]
Date: May 27 2019 4:52 PM Title: Introductions

more buttocks play/emphasis!

Author's Response:

Glad you liked it.

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