Reviews For My Sick Sister
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Reviewer: Her-chocolatebar Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 19 2019 5:32 AM Title: My Sick Sister

Omg!!! That story has made my day a good one! :)
No buts and pooping! Also a story not all about getting off on senseless violence and-or being shrunk and becoming nothing more than a foot slave or human sex toys... and thankfully nun of that other crazy sick content... which too many stories here on the new age version of site
Sadly alas... this is not very much like the place I knew once special and awesome world it once was.
Anyway be that as it may? the theme of your story was consistent throughout... and Dillon was the man! :)
Loving Hannah inside and out! staying caring and anti-inflammatory right to the end! Lol
Not only Short and sweet... I found it to have been entertaining and thought provoking.
It was brilliantly written and its ending was suitably predictable!
There was quite an irony for me having stumbeled on this story today.
Alas... It was not much unlike a dream I enjoyed being the best part of... only just a few weeks ago.
Sadly though... I woke up and spent the day wishing to dream episode 2 the following evening. Lol
I'll write a description of my dream in detaile... and perhaps you could help me make a half decent story out of it? :)

Reviewer: Godzilla 2000 Signed [Report This]
Date: May 16 2019 4:36 PM Title: My Sick Sister

will that suck to be the brother at least he made his sister feel better

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