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Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 31 2020 3:34 AM Title: Chapter 42

Wow, glad you are back and I'm loving the longer chapters! 

So many little arcs in the last one just now. Basically each person had a scene, either playing with a toy, or crying for one (if you are Mandy.)

Bree is an interesting character. I like that she is a police officer which grants her some crazy control over people. However, she seems like another Missy as far as personalities go. Jess is always on control and Missy and Bree just feel like the others. I will say that I like Bree slightly better than Missy though. 

Speaking of Missy, I forgot she has Gus and Chad. That's crazy. Doesn't Jess only have 1 you? Well, I guess that all she needs and she puts Steve everywhere. 

Then we have Mandy. Poor Mandy. She lost her husband and has been suffering this whole story. It felt weird to see her pleasure herself while watching Jess's video. That was not what I expected. Hmm, maybe Mandy should get her own toy to play with. I know you like Mandy having nothing, but man, the fact that Mandy got horny by watching her tiny husband get fucked makes me wonder what she will do to an actual tiny. I don't think it should be her husband yet, but some other tiny would be great for her. Or atleast she can have some of the fun she is missing out on.

Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: Try02 Signed [Report This]
Date: October 29 2020 11:37 AM Title: Chapter 1

Please shrunk mandy and humiliate her with alot farts and broke her sperit and tell as what is she think(monologue) like lost hear future and dreams and she know just buttblug fart for sadestic women That she enjoy humiliate and used tiny women

Reviewer: GTSBill Signed [Report This]
Date: October 07 2020 4:45 PM Title: Chapter 40

Glad to see you're back! I was afraid this story had been abandoned. Great chapter!

It'll definitely be interesting to see what happens with Steve and Mandy going forward. Part of me wants her to get Steve back on the condition that he remains tiny and Mandy then winds up using him as a toy like everyone else. Of course, it would also be interesting to see Mandy accept Jax as a barter. That would definitely be torture for Steve, having Mandy finally find out where he is only to barter him away for some other "toy". Or maybe they can use the hope of getting Steve back as a way to force Mandy and Jax to have sex again in front of Steve. So many possibilities!

I hope you'll keep updating!


Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 06 2020 10:25 AM Title: Chapter 40

Yes! I'm so glad you are back! Damn, it's been a while, but hopefully that means you are working your way back to continuing this story. I really miss this story. Lots of great characters and I think we are at a really juicy part in the story. 

I had to look at the previous chapters a bit since I almost forgot what was going on. I even forgot who Bree was. Luckily, I didn't have to read much to catch up on her. So now it's all coming together as far was who gets shrunken and who plays with them. 

So Jess still gets Steve. Missy gets Chad and Gus. Bree will get Sam. Jax is still up for grabs and of course, Mandy doesn't have a toy yet. If she disappears, questions will show up, and people might expect Jess to have don't something to Mandy. I hope Mandy doesn't shrink. She still is my favorite giantes, but Jess has the best personality. 

You made an interesting point that you wanted more toys. I like the inclusion of more sons involved. Something about a younger guy being captured by these sexy milfs is kinda amazing. Only really young guy was Chad so I really enjoyed the moments where he was inside a giantess, especially Jess. The way Jess handled Chad was amazing, from the way she seduces him in the beginning, to keeping him inside her for days! I loved that scene. 

The video that Jess made was awesome. It will definitely make Mandy furious if Jess sends it to her. I wonder if Mandy is going to do something about it. She already tried the police, but we know that didn't work. I absolutely love the idea of Jess using a tiny guy as a peace offering. I'm not sure about it being Jax though. I mean, he would be a great toy, but for some reason, the fact that he is almost willing to be a human slave doesn't really make his shrinking that much satisfying. I don't know about you, but I like it when the guys are reluctant to be shrinken. Not like Gus who was happy about it. (I mean, if I was Gus, beck Id be happy too lol.) I think I like it when the tiny guys protest. Haha. Yeah, so if Mandy does get a toy, maybe it will be a reluctant young man. Hmm, maybe Jess has a young nephew or soemthing and Mandy somehow shrinks him. Idk. I'm just fantasizing.

Anyway, glad you are back! 

I can't wait for the next chapter!


Reviewer: GTSBill Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 07 2020 11:54 PM Title: Chapter 39

Great chapter! It'll be interesting to see how things progress now that Mandy is aware of Steve's situation. Also funny that once she found out she still decided to have one last romp with Jax. I can see things going a few different ways from here. 

Maybe Mandy will decide she wants a tiny toy of her own. How funny would it be for Steve to finally be reunited with Mandy only for her to decide to subject him to the same kind of treatment that all the other women have? 

Of course there's also the possibility that the women will use Steve to blackmail Mandy into getting them to do whatever they want. And then it's a question of how far she'll be willing to go to be reunited with Steve. 

So many possibilities! Can't wait for the next chapter. 

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Date: March 05 2020 3:32 AM Title: Chapter 39

Well, Gus is fucked. Clearly Jess and Missy are going to shrink Gus and give him to Bree so she won’t bother them anymore.

Man, I miss this story! It’s great to see you again. Jess being in control is hot, especially with Steve. Missy has Chad in her ass, and they both are living their perfect life. The only loophole is Mandy.

I’m curious that you had Jax told Mandy the story. I was surprised that actually happened. It almost feels as if you are progressing the story a little more which is good, but I also like the chapters where there was little progress and just more sexy scenes, haha.

But with Mandy aware of the shrinking epidemic, maybe she will get her own tiny. Of course, no one will be good enough to her compared to Steve, but I doubt she will get Steve soon.

Imagine Mandy sneaking into Jess or Missy’s house and she puts some pills or something into some drinks and leaves Jess and Missy unconscious. Then Mandy reaches into the butts of Jess and Missy and pulls out Chad and Steve. She really only wants Steve, but she feels bad for Chad so she takes him too. That would be some plot twist, right?

Anyway, I love this chapter and I can’t wait for the next one!

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Date: January 31 2020 2:43 AM Title: Chapter 38

Oh my goodness! You have returned! I thought you were gone forever! Please continue this, it’s such a sexy story.

The break must have worked because you have not lost your touch, in fact, I think you improved a bit. You even made Missy a like able character in this chapter which is quite rare considering how much I initially dislike her. She was so seductive and maybe she learned a thing or two from Jess.

Jess and Steve are quite the good combo. I actually love how she took that extra moment to give Steve a glimpse of hope so she can feel him struggle to achieve it. That’s brilliant! Jess is still my favorite giantess in this story, and while I miss her time with Chad, Steve may not be so bad after all.

Hmm, I thougth Sam would shrink in this chapter. I had a feeling that he would push his son inside her, and then they shrink him and he is forced to watch the video of tiny Chad. (I think there was a picture or video of tiny Chad, right?)

I still wonder if Jax will shrink. He has been pleasuring all these women and he also has seen a shrunk guy before so I think Jess has to take care of him still.

Mandy is still as sexy as ever and part of me wonders if she will get a new sex toy. I doubt it will happen any time soon, but it’s fun to think about.

Anyways, glad you are back! And I can’t wait for the next chapter!

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Date: September 11 2019 3:54 PM Title: Chapter 37

Hmm. I like Jess’s plan, but there is one loophole, how would they know that Jax and Mandy would show up in his bedroom? It felt like Mandy wanted Jax more than Jax wanted Mandy so I was actually led to believe that they would fuck at Mandy’s house. Imagine that plot twist. No one shows up at Jax’s place and Jess misses her recording.

If Jess told Jax to bring Mandy to his place, wouldn’t he ask why? Ok, he might not, but who knows if Jax’s neighbors and stuff might see him with another woman. For Mandy’s neighbors it’s alright since people know her husband is gone.

I just had to point that out because I was imagining them fucking on Mandy’s bed, the same bed that Steve fucked Mandy for all these years, and recently when she used Steve as her own sex toy. I thought Jess was going to use that to make it more humiliating.

Speaking of Steve, it’s kind of weird to see him just accept being Jess’s toy. I always liked the rebel in Steve and how he fought back. I think the “truth” of Mandy starting all this really broke him down. Seems like it’s all downhill for Steve. Will he get a happy ending by reuniting with his wife and she notices him? I’m not sure if that’s your style since you and I both love it when Steve is with other women.

So Steve is back with Jess. Back where it all started. I’m so used to Chad being with Jess, that it feels kinda off for me, haha. I mean, I like Jess having Steve, but Chad just seems like better pair right now.

I like how you tried to make Chad seem like the perfect candidate for Missy. It’s funny because I think the last chapter I was trying to explain how Chad was perfect for Jess because of Jess’s daughter and how Jess got Chad’s mom and dad involved. So much devolved around Chad and Jess and now there’s this new story with Missy and Chad and while yes, they have a connection. I doubt it will be as strong as what Jess had with Chad.

Wait, so Missy is going to have 2 toys? Chad and Gus? I agree Gus is perfect for Missy, but I’m not sure about Chad. Maybe Missy will use Gus and teach Chad about worship and return Chad later. It’s hard for me to picture Chad with Missy for the long run. I’m already wondering who gets Chad next. Lol.

So Sam is going to be shrunk soon. Who gets Sam? Jess has Steve and I can’t tell if she likes Sam or Steve more. I was hoping Jess would shrink Sam and then she would pull Chad out of her pussy or something and force Sam to watch it.

Maybe Missy could do that since she has Chad now. But then Missy would have Chad, Sam and Gus. Hmm.

Then we still got Jax. Surely something will happen that will cause him to get shrunk. Jax is the only guy besides Gus that is aware of these shrunken guys. Maybe, he becomes a risk, I’m not sure. Or maybe he actually likes Mandy which makes Jess and Missy mad and they shrink him.

Hmm. Then Jax meets Steve and they fight. However, Jess records it and sends it to Mandy. Mandy watches it confused and in awe that she can see her husband before he “left” her. She thinks both guys are normal sized because when they fight, they are equal in size and there is nothing to compare their size with. (Ok, don’t add this part to the story, it was random. Haha.)

Yeah, overall, I wonder how long Chad will be with Missy. (Hopefully not too long, hehe.) and also how long will Jess hang onto Steve while she has to get Sam and help Missy get Gus.

Great chapter, I no longer wish to be in Chad’s position, haha. I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Gíday Bit of a mixed review but there haha, but I expected it, I did warn you that some parts may disappoint you, but Iím trying to make it exciting and interesting, I donít want my story to be predictable, I like throwing twists in to keep you intrigued. When it comes to Mandy and Jax being at his house, Well Jess did arrange Jax to take her back there, she wanted Jax to cheat with another woman in his bed, so if she was ever to show his fiancťe it would hurt that little bit more, also Krystal and Mandyís kids were at her house so that wouldíve been a bit awkward, just wanted to clear up the thoughts I had in my head, but now that I think about it, it wouldíve hurt Steve more if she bedded Jax in her bed while the kids were home, but she wouldnít have been able to be so loud haha. As for Steve he still has some fight in him, he hates being an arse toy and I think he will still protest about going in Jessís arse when she wants to use him in that way, Jess will surely punish him for breaking his promise. As for Missy and Chad, I loved the idea of Missy getting her hands on the son of the two people who betrayed her, their son is now her dirty little fuck toy and Sam will be in for a treat in the upcoming chapters, it also looks like Missy is going to end up with two toys, sheís a whole lota woman and she might just need the extra toy to keep her satisfied. Jess is going to toy with Sam for a bit but it looks like he will be eventually shrunk down to size, but Sam is an arrogant arse hole and neither Missy or Jess really want him, so weíll just have to see who ends up with him, Iím hoping to bring a few more characters into the story, Iím still in the process of who I can add and how they will fit, but Iím sure iíll come up with something, in the meantime I hope you keep enjoying my story and iíll chat with you after the next chapter. Thanks again for the feedback, always appreciate.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 06 2019 1:10 PM Title: Chapter 36

Wow, Missy almost revealed Steve to Mandy. Good choice of words. You know she really wanted to say Steve was inside her vagina right in front of Mandy. Haha.

While this was mostly a Missy chapter, it was quite entertaining. I see that you also found a new guy called Gus to be used as a tiny. I think he is perfect for Missy. I would rather have Gus be in Missy’s hands than Chad. Chad just feels like he belongs with Jess. I don’t know why. It just feels right that he can’t ever escape her. To see Chad with Missy would feel weird, but that’s just my opinion. The only other woman that I think I could see Chad with is Mandy, because I kind of like her being the unaware giantess and maybe Chad is trying to get her attention the whole time, but also turned on by Mandy. Otherwise, Chad is perfect for Jess. The way you described Chad’s life that other chapter felt as if he now has a special marriage with Jess’s pussy. (And Chads dad could put a ring on it. Get it? Hehe).

Wow, that sales clerk was rude, but I think she could have been meaner. She said a few mean comments, but part of me feels that Missy may have heard similar comments from strange women before. I think the sales woman should say something completely offensive so we feel justified when Missy is using Gus. So far, that sales lady just seems like she is having a bad day after her sister stole her husband and is now putting that anger on Missy. Maybe Missy returns and the sales lady pushes Missy to the ground, or Missy buys a drink and the sales lady spills it. (I think the sales lady needs a name. Lol.) Another scene that could happen is Missy already has Gus halfway up her pussy and she is walking around the mall with him stowed in her snatch. Then the sales lady looks to see if no one is around and kicks Missy in the groin, sending Gus shooting deep inside Missy’s pussy. The sales lady wants to see Missy in pain, but Missy just moans and has an orgasm right there. The sales lady would have no idea that she just sent her boyfriend deep inside Missy’s pussy. Just a thought.

I like the creativity of Missy knocking Gus unconscious and taking pics. Then of course when she starts grinding her pussy on his face was hot. I can’t believe she just let Steve’s legs dangle that entire scene and had Gus look at that. It’s like foreshadowing and I like that. Looks like Gus’s fate has been decided.

Hmm. So if Missy gets Gus, where does Steve go? Back to Jess? So I wonder who gets Chad? Oh! Maybe Jess gets Chad back after Missy says that she already found a man. Then Jess hands Steve back to her daughter. Meanwhile, Chad is still in Jess’s panties, right? That’s so hot! His family is looking for him and Jess just turned Chad into a 24/7 sex toy for her. He has seen more pussy than the sun this past week. That’s awesome.

I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Great to hear from you again, I really enjoyed writing this chapter, you told me that Missy wasnít as creative as Jess, so I thought Iíd give this chapter to her and try and change your mind, I think by the sounds of it I accomplished just that. I have a clear direction where I want to go with this story and I know that some parts of it may disappoint you, but Iím hoping that when I finish each chapter and I start heading in the direction of where I want to go you will really enjoy reading it and youíll look past the disappointment of where youíd like to see this story go, Iíll just keep writing and posting each chapter and wait for your response and feedback and see how I go, as long as I keep you intrigued enough so you continue reading, I enjoy your responses and your feedback and I take a lot of it on board so you keep enjoying reading and I thank you for enjoying my story. But as I always say it would be really good to have other peopleís views on my story, more feedback and suggestions gives me more ideas. I hope you enjoy the next chapter and that goes for everyone reading this response and thank you for reading.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 29 2019 4:17 PM Title: Chapter 35

So, I’m wondering about this deal now. Jess is probably going to exchange Chad for Steve. She did mention that Chad will end up with someone more worse than her, so Missy or Krystal seem to be the likely options now. Actually, I think this chapter just confirmed that., I facepalmed just reading about her just letting Steve go like that. Like, she enjoyed the “dildo” so much that she just left it like that? She acted like Krystal’s dildo was something very special so I found it odd that she just gave it up easily. Also, getting it covering it poop doesn’t make a special disloyal worthless now. I’ve heard of people dig through poop to retrieve their cell phones back.

I was kinda hoping Jess trade with Mandy or something, dildo for dildo. That way we could see Mandy literally hand Steve over. Jess could say that Chad is a super dildo or dildo or something.

I did enjoy reading about Mandy telling Jess about how she used Steve. It was basically a recap of my favorite events the last few chapters. Then I liked how Jess was using Chad while she listened.

So now Jax and Mandy are going to be together but risk getting caught on camera by Jess. Maybe Jax will convince Mandy to help him or something. If he truly cares for his wife and baby, he would try to get out of this situation. Jax even knows about the shrunken guys, so maybe he might reveal something to Mandy for a plot twist. I don’t think Mandy will abuse Steve like Jess and Casey did, but I can see her just having Jax just fuck her a lot.

It would be cool to have Jess hold up a gagged Steve in view of Jax fucking Mandy. That sounds kinda hot to me. Hopefully Missy gives up Steve fast so we could get that scene soon.

So Jess gets to hold onto Chad for another day. If I was Chad, I would lick Jess to the center of her vagina. How many licks does it take to get to get the idea. Haha. I imagine Jess will have her way with Chad in an unforgettable way.

Soon, Missy will have Chad. Missy will most likely just keep Chad in her panties. I never saw her as the creative type, so I doubt she would do anything to impress me. However, I know how forceful she is about keeping a sex toy down there so Chad may feel more like a prisoner with Missy than Jess.

Then there is still Sam. Where is he? I forgot about him. Is he with his wife? At Jess’s house? I forgot. I think Jess has to shrink him soon. I think Sam would be perfect for Missy. Likewise, Chad could have a go with Mandy, and Steve could return to Jess again.

Then there is Jax. Is he ever going to be shrunk, or is he going to be that guy with the big dick? Or is that Sam? One of them has to shrink. I feel like there is a lack of sex toys at the moment.

It’s funny because for most stories, I prefer there to be only 1 tiny guy, but with all these sexy ladies, I kinda want more so they all can have some fun. Imagine a world where every guy got shrunk and women could play Pokťmon and collect all the guys. They could trade, share and experiment on ways to use them.

At first I enjoyed just having a shrunk Steve, but I actually like how this story just blossomed into all the guys at the mercy of these ladies.

I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Firstly I have to apologise for the late reply, my life became a bit busy but Iím back on track. I really like your idea of the Pokťmon game for women, where every guy shrunk and all the women would run around collecting them & trading us, youíd have no idea who you would end up with & you would have no choice either, sounds great, someone should write a story about that lol While Iíve been busy Iíve had a bit of time to think about my story and where it might lead, Iíve got a few ideas that I might implement into the plot and see where it goes, but your right about needing more toys, Iím sure the women that are involved in this little secret want more play time, there seems to be a couple of naughty ladies missing out, so iíll see what I can come up with in the next chapter, I know where I want to go with this story now, I just have to get there, so stay tuned, keep enjoying & iíll keep writing. Thank again as always, I love your feedback & your enthusiasm in my writing, enjoy

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 27 2019 6:26 PM Title: Chapter 34

Well, here is part 2 of my review. This one is mostly about this chapter.

Jess was the star in this one. The way she dominated Chad was sexy. Her little thought process of thinking about Chad’s new life was surprisingly sexy.

I love that moment when Jess was about to take Chad out and she pushed him back in. There’s something about giving him a sliver of hope and then preventing him from reaching it.

Oh my goodness. The part where Jess forced Chad to watch his ex girlfriend fuck his own dad in front of him while he is shrunken is crazy hot. He literally cannot do anything and Jess made sure to keep his mouth shut. And the video was just a bonus for Jess to keep. I can see her masturbating to that video in the future while using Chad for pleasure.

And then the cherry on top was when Jess told Chad about who fucked her last night while Chad felt his dad’s dick ram him inside. Chad probably realizes that his parents will never find him because Jess will make sure it won’t happen.

Mandy didn’t do much this chapter, but wow, I love the teases she did to her own “dildo” as if it was listening. However, she took tiny Steve with her to work today and I have a feeling that Missy knows that Mandy has him. I think she put the pieces together than Krystal lost it and Mandy found it. However, Missy probably thinks that Mandy is AWARE of Steve, but she isn’t so this should be a fun conversation is they demand to hand Steve over.

Hmm. Who could Jess say that is worse than her. My only answer is Krystal. Jess wants to trade Chad to Krystal so she can get Steve back. Either her or Missy. Maybe that’s why Missy looked worried when Mandy arrived. She doesn’t have a tiny to play with, but Mandy has one which complicate the situation.

Great stuff, I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Iím going to try and rewrite my response from last night, you & I do have similar interests, Like I mentioned before I donít like feet play or vore, Iím more into vaginal and arse play, just the thought of being used to pleasure a womanís most intimate places turns me on, the power they would possess is exciting to me, when it comes to women I think women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, women were of course gods gift to man and they should all be treated as such, I believe there are way to many shallow men out there that just look at the outside beauty and donít even give inside beauty a look, in my eyes every woman is beautiful and every woman should be able to experience the pleasures they deserve. Like you Iím not into mother and son stories, incest doesnít excite me much, but I wouldnít mind if it was mums best friend or the big beautiful neighbour that shrinks her son and stuffs him in her panties while they sit and have coffee or chat over a wine, even a woman stealing her sisters husband and using him as a fuck toy in her sisters house or maybe a woman that has a vendetta against my wife and kidnaps me from her, thatís what gets me excited, I think Iíd like it to be a big beautiful woman though, I wouldnít mind if she was shaved or hairy either and boob size doesnít bother me either. I had a weekend away with my wife a few months ago and there was woman staying in the room next to us, she had the blinds open and she was laying on her bed watching tv with just her night gown on that only just covered her privates, it was like she wanted to be seen, later in the night she had pulled her blinds closed but leaving enough gap that she could still be seen, my wife and I both walked past and caught a glimpse of her, this time she had her mighty pulled up so her privates could be seen, she had a thick forest of black pubes and her hand was between her legs, I couldnít stop thinking how hot it woulda been if she had hold of me using me to pleasure herself as my wife walked past, my wife in the next room hearing her moaning wondering where I was, and after she was completely satisfied and had used me as much as she wanted instead of giving me back to my wife sheíd just slide me head first into her sweaty greasy oily arse hole and leave me there until she wanted to use me again. I think a life of being a slave for women who donít get the opportunity to feel wanted or pleasured by a man or to have a man make her feel sexy and beautiful would be a very satisfying and pleasing life, Iíd put my hand up for that lol. But anyway back to my story, Iím glad you enjoyed my last chapter, it was enjoyable to write, Jess and Casey are becoming extremely confident and domineering and them qualities excite me, Mandy has her eyes set on a new flame and Iím hoping to take that further, but nothing ever runs smoothly while Jess is involved, Missy and Krystal are now without a toy, hopefully Jess will help them with that, and both Jess and Casey seem to want Steve back, so there may be a trade of some sorts, but who will it be ?? Youíll just have to wait and see, there may be some more shrinking or there may not be, Iíll see where my mind takes me. Anyway I better get back to writing my story so I donít disappoint anyone, as always I enjoy reading your feedbacks, it would be amazing to have some more women readers leave there point of view and to give some feedback, I enjoy talking to women who enjoy the giantess fetish. Thanks again and talk again soon

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 27 2019 3:49 AM Title: Chapter 34

I think our interests are very similar so you could easily figure out how to make me happy without changing much of what you want to write. Last thing I want to do is basically write a story for me that you are not even into. Usually, I write until I myself as turned on, and then I add stuff that others may like. It’s much easier when they like what you like which is probably how they wanted to review you story.

And that’s kinda how I feel. I agree that a woman holding another tiny guy captive is pretty hot. For me, it doesn’t matter who the guy is unless he is not biologically related. If he is, then I get turned off, but all the other guys I could picture had some intimate romance with a giantess.

The twist of having the tiny be related to another woman that is also related to the giantess is kinda hot, and it’s really entertaining. There is the milf neighbor who uses the boy while talking to his mother. There’s the teacher using a student while talking to his parents at a parent/teacher conference. A police woman punishing a criminal inside her while talking to the criminal’s lawyer. A nurse using a guy who is dating a doctor. A yoga instructor using a teenage boy while she teachers his mother some yoga. The hot mom of your best friend using you while she tells her son that his friend is “safe”.

Another aspect of giantess stories I don’t see often, but I love reading about are milfs. I see a fair share of mom stories, but sometimes it’s the actual mom, and step mom doesn’t really cut it for me. It helps, but still feels too close. So all these situations where it’s a slightly mature, but sexy experienced woman takes advantage of a young teen, I get really excited. Kinda why I love the Jess/Chad relationship.

You are right. There’s barely any bbw stories about anywhere and not just on this site. I just think it’s not that common as a fantasy that people are into. For me, I get turned on by the typical model, a little skinny, a little fit, sometimes I like the extra curves in the hips. But you probably knew that. What you probably didn’t know is that I’m not the biggest boobs fan despite my love for that female body that the general public seems to adore. While I do think a flat chest is unnactractive, I find a woman with enormous boobs also unappealing. Usually small to medium is what I’m into, but for giantess stories, I kind of treat it like the butt. It’s sexy, but not as sexy as the vagina.

Hmm. I never done this before, but if I had to rate body parts from 10 being super hot to 1 being not hot, I would have the vagina at 10. Then the butt at 8.5 and the boobs and 8. The mouth is a 6 and feet are a 3. A body part that is a 1 would probably be the shoulder. Hair, waist, hands, knees, etc are around 2.

You could probably guess, but the panties are my favorite piece of clothing for a woman to wear. I don’t really care if it’s a thong, g-string or any other name in it, but if the tiny could fit in the front, it works for me. So I loved how Jess just dropped Chad down her panties again. Amazing!

I’m going to write another review for this chapter since it’s like 3 am for me and I don’t think I can write much more without falling asleep. It was a really hot chapter and I will describe my thoughts soon.

Author's Response: I have to apologise for my lack of response, I did actually write a response last night, but in my sleep deprived state I must have deleted it instead of submitting it, iíll get to writing another response soon.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: August 24 2019 4:33 PM Title: Chapter 1

Yeah, good stories are hard to come by especially when most of them seem to be unfinished or they never get updated.

Usually I try to find good stories by looking at the title, then the description, and then the tags. If there are reviews, I would read them next and perhaps check it out.

However, most of my favorite stories have some sexy scenes that makes me drop my jaw at some points, including this story. So recently, besides looking at the “most recent” section, I can look at the profiles of some of my favorite authors and check out the favorite stories of authors I like and see what they are into as well. Who knows, they may have found a story that I may never heard of yet.

Yeah, Tom’s story is special to me. It was originally based off a fantasy of mine which Duggernaut and I had agree upon. The main giantess used to be Lina in that story, but soon my fantasy changed a bit and so did the story. Thankfully, Duggernaut changed it gracefully so it didn’t look too abrupt. My fantasy went from girlfriends mom to sexy teacher which is where Miss Harwood shows up in that story. Tom’s story took over 2 years to be completed so it’s crazy how he include both fantasies of mine in there. Nether of us knew how big or popular that story was going to be.

At first, it was just me reviewing it, and soon others began to follow. I remember getting mad at first when random reviewers began to suggest their own fantasies to be added. But once the story fulfilled my fantasies, I didn’t mind it going in a different direction a bit.

One big thing about Tom’s story was that there was very minimal feet related content. Now I don’t mind giantess feet, but it never turned me on compared to the more intimate parts of a giantess and that’s what I wanted the story to focus on.

Giantess world has plenty of feet dominated stories and I was glad to see a story get popular that wasn’t centered on feet. Just by 2 cents on that.

Yeah, new stories will pop up here and there that I may like and there might be some old gems that I have yet to find. Who knows. Right now I’m glad to enjoy a story such as yours at the moment.

Author's Response: Your right about good stories are hard to come by, itís so frustrating to start a story and start getting intrigued by the content only to have it stop and not finished, Tomís Story was enjoyable to read and I looked forward to every new chapter, so bravo to Duggernaut and yourself for the inspiration, Iím like you when it comes to feet, not a big fan of it or a growing giantess or a shrinkie thatís to small, Iím more of a sex toy size and I love the idea of a woman shrinking a husband, boyfriend or son of another woman, kidnapping their loved one and using him for pleasure while the other woman mourns their loss, if you havenít guessed already I also love the idea of that woman who kidnaps the loved on to be a big beautiful woman, there is never enough stories on here about bbwís having all the fun while a beautiful skinny shallow woman loses out, so all my stories are based on that, but every now and then I like to incorporate beautiful but strong nasty minded women just to keep things interesting. I fell in love with a story about a flight attendant who met a guy before boarding the plane, I canít remember the name of the story, but he was a married man about to fly home to his wife and kids, unfortunately he never made it, but the flight attendant had some fun with him. Iím also not a big fan of vore, I donít mind if the shrinkie is eaten and eventually comes out the other end in tact, but not something Iíd write about, I just love the thought of a woman stealing another womanís husband and standing right in front of her with her husband hidden in her most intimate private parts pleasuring her as she talks to the woman who has lost her husband, itís just so naughty and nasty and I love that sort of scenario. Anyway thanks for your response, I really enjoy receiving your feedback, but iíll try to keep you happy and get back to the next chapter, hopefully youíll keep on enjoying my story, talk to you after the next chapter

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 21 2019 9:54 PM Title: Chapter 33

Wow! That was sexy!

My 2 favorite giantesses having their way with their men. Funny thing is that both giantesses have 1 tiny guy inside them while they interact with a larger man on the outside.

The teasing in the beginning with Jess and Sam was getting a little redundant when they flirt about how they want their cock in her and how they want to fuck and so on. Or maybe I just thought there was too much of it. Just a tad bit. Sam keeps saying he wants to put his cock in her and Jess keeps saying she wants his cock inside her again and again.

However, I did like how Jess put Sam’s ring on her pussy lips and take a pic of it. It basically shows how Jess has their whole family at her mercy, especially since Chad is still inside her. I gotta say, love that moment where you mentioned that Chad’s head was almost out, just enough to tease him, but then keeps him inside her. Also, the details of him struggling inside her is just fabulous. Jess should charge rent, but I guess she is by having Chad pleasure her in payment.

Then we have Mandy, who quickly became sad about Steve, but then quickly decided to drink wine and get horny again much to Steve’s dismay and our delight. The fact that Mandy is drunk actually plays out perfectly since she may forget that Steve is inside her even when she wakes up.

Probably the one time that I think Mandy’s ass seems like the better hole to put Steve in. Mandy is becoming the naughty girl and she wants to be more kinky. I like it. Even love her dialogue when she says “naughty boy” when Steve enters her anus. Haha! I can only imagine how Steve is reacting being shoved up his giantess wife’s ass and being left in there.

Then we got back to Jess and Sam and wow, I love how Jess had to work for this one. Sam wasn’t as easy to seduce as the young Chad. She had to make a deal and even suck his dick to tease him first. For Chad, she basically forced him to worship her from the beginning.

Sam played it perfectly. Enticed by Jess and her seductive tactics, but ultimately remembering his family. However, once he realized that things were going to far, he was tied up and sat and forced to eat her out. That’s my sexiest position to be in with a girl. Tied to a bed and a girl begins facesitting me forcing me to lick her pussy. I would have loved to be in Sam’s position at that moment.

Lastly, Jess goes into the 69 position and reveals that she has the ring deep within her large ass. Sam is disgusted at first, but can’t stop himself from cumming inside her, both onto Chad in her pussy and also on his ring in her ass. Then finally, Jess falls off to the side and goes to sleep with Sam tied up next to her. I would love to see Jess wake up and ride his face again. What a way to wake up!

I’m also guessing that Sam will be shrunk next chapter. Hmm. Will Sam be in her ass while Chad is in her pussy? That’s kinda hot. Imagine Jess talking to Sam’s wife while they are both inside her.

As for Mandy, I’m not sure how she will get Steve out without realizing that he is there. Maybe she will believe it’s her dildo and remove it casually. Maybe she will feel horny and shove Steve back inside.

Or maybe Mandy is still drunk when she wakes up. Maybe a hangover effect. She takes him out and all she sees is a tiny person, but she can’t really process that it’s a real person or that it’s Steve. She then names this tiny person as Jax and imagines that the tiny guy is now a tiny version of Jax. She talks dirty to it, imagining that Jax is listening, and decides to toy with him. Steve meanwhile is looking right at Mandy as she stares back at him and her words are turning him on. However, she mentions the name Jax and Steve is upset and confused. Mandy says that she wants Jax to fuck her all day but she has to go to work. So she decides to take some tape and with Steve, she tapes him to the pussy side of her panties, exactly in the wet spot that she created early. Steve’s back is against her panties and meanwhile, he is still tied up and gagged from Krystal when she mummified him earlier. Now Mandy is telling the tiny Jax (Steve) that he is going to pleasure her all day long and that there is no escape for her little man. Steve starts squirming as Mandy once again steps into the holes of her panties and Mandy gets excited saying that she wants him to squirm against her all day. She says that her pussy is hungry and just wants a taste and a tiny drop of her juices actually drops right onto Steve’s face. Steve tries to shake it off, and once his vision clears up he sees an up close view of his wife’s pussy ready to swallow him up. Then there was darkness and squish. He feels the wet kiss of her pussy lips lock onto his face. He feels her body heat and her pussy lips hugging and squeezing him. Her panties wrap her toned legs and butt nicely securing itself to Mandy’s shapely hips. Steve struggles in protest and Mandy enjoys it. She reaches her hand down to her panties and presses the back of Steve into her through the panties. Steve hears the tape stretching and one piece snaps. He worries that he might get lost in the deep cavern known as Mandy’s pussy. She moans and finishes dressing up, covering Steve into complete darkness, his other senses heightening. His wife’s aroma surrounds him with every inhale he takes. He can hear every step and moan she makes. He could even taste Mandy’s juices as they cascade down his face. Lastly, all he feels is Mandy. His body trapped against her with no escape. He feels her powerful legs as they move and her pussy tries to suck him inside. But none of these sense were any match to the mental thoughts that were going through Steve’s head. He was tied, gagged, and trapped inside the panties of his own giantess wife and he had no idea when he was going to be free. He felt as if this was some never ending cycle where she gets turned on and uses him over and over again. Maybe she would keep him inside these panties forever. While he is happy to be with his wife again, this is not how he imagined it. He was able to reason with the other giantesses since they were aware of him, but here his own wife believes that he is a simple sex toy that isn’t even alive. She might push him to new limits that no man could ever survive. Steve could only hope that Mandy realizes that it’s him sooner than never or he would be stuck as her sex toy forever.

As you can see, I love fanfiction of this story. I just can’t resist. I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Wow, I love reading your feedback as much as writing my story, you really need to write some more so then Iíve got something to read from another persons perspective on giantess, I know what I like and thatís what I write in my stories, but I havenít been able to find any good stories to read, I absolutely loved ďTomís storyĒ by duggernaut, that was amazing and I was saddened when it eventually ended, I have read a few other great stories, but I started my giantess journey with the Valkyrie stories, thatís what got me hooked on this amazing fetish, it would be amazing if it could actually be possible. Iím glad you enjoyed my last chapter, but the next one might jump around the characters a bit and I hope you are able to follow it, Iíll be trying to give you the story from all the characters as the scenes all happen at the same time so then I can bring them all together, if that makes sense, Iím still trying to mix up my words and scenarios to keep it interesting and not the same stuff and as you said redundant, so bare with me Iím still learning and still trying my hardest to make it really good reading, I really appreciate your feedback and itís your words that make me try harder to please in every next chapter. So again Thank You and I look forward to your next feedback after my next chapter. Enjoy.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 18 2019 10:05 PM Title: Chapter 32

The Mandy-Steve scene was perfect! The only one detail that I would’ve changed was having Steve’s upper body pressed against her vagina rather than her asshole.

Otherwise it was amazing and erotic! I love how you included both of their perspectives to see how they treated the scene differently. Mandy sees Steve as a sex toy and Steve sees his wife as this giantess determining his fate.

The hottest part was easily having Mandy pull up her sexy panties with a tied up Steve riding passenger. I could only imagine Steve’s face as he tries to escape his panty prison but then Mandy locks him up and keeps him secure.

I can see Mandy going to work with Steve while Jess goes to work with Chad. This workplace just got interesting. Everyone will be horny. Haha!

One thing I am curious about is that shouldn’t Mandy realize Steve is in her panties? I mean, she should feel something. Maybe she takes a look and just thinks it’s a dildo, but imagine she discovers Steve like this: all tied up and gagged stuck in her own panties while she wears him to work all day long. She might feel sorry for Steve but also turned on by then.

This was easily my favorite chapter since I’m so happy Mandy has her own toy and it’s her own husband at her mercy. I never thought of Mandy as the naughty type, but this chapter changed my perception of her and I love it. Mandy is a naughty lady and I like it.

Wow! I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Anyway, I read “Traveling home” and I liked it. To me, it’s very similar to this one, especially since it’s about a guy named Steve. Lol. In addition, I like how the guys seem to have multiple women after them. There was that one scene where this random lady was asking Steve why is he with her and he ultimately said that she was his wife. There’s some twistedness that I find very entertaining, and that scene shows how Steve has changed. This story, however, Steve is passed along faster than a hot potato which makes me like this story much more. Also, the whole Chad/Jess situation is something that I wished more stories had. To top it off, the Mandy/Steve situation these last 2 chapters just makes this story so much better!

Author's Response: Thanks again, Iím glad you enjoyed that chapter, I really enjoyed writing it, there is more to come in the Steve/Mandy scenario, I just wanted to break it up a bit so you didnít get it all at once and I had to get back to the other characters before I forgot what they were doing, But Iíll hey come back in the next chapter, i feel like I need to keep the story flowing for everyone in it and it may annoy some people because Iím jumping from one scenario to another, but I like to make sure I keep all my characters up to speed & in the same time zone if that makes sense, iíd Love to tell you whatís coming up but I donít want to spoil it for you, youíll just have to wait till I post it to see whoís in the next chapter. Also thanks for reading ďtravelling homeĒ & giving me your thoughts, I wouldnít mind that happening to me one day, hopefully when I finish this story I can get back on to ďthe wrong spellĒ & try & finish that one off before I start any more. Once again thank you for your response and Iím so glad your enjoying my stories.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 13 2019 8:45 PM Title: Chapter 31

Wow, I think the next chapter might be the best one yet, because this might be one of the best setups I have seen on this site.

Thank you Krystal for being lazy and forgetting about Steve. Hopefully she doesn’t say anything to her mom, Missy, because I like the thought of Steve in the hands of Mandy.

Wow! Mandy is actually thinking about using Steve without knowing it is him. One good thing about Krystal is that she got Mandy in the mood. Mandy is horny and this is new, so I wonder how she is when she is turned on. Mandy has made every girl jealous because she was the one to marry Steve. So Steve might actually be turned on here. I bet he is scared and excited at the same time. I feel the same way thinking about it.

What happens when your giantess wife accidentally mistakes you for a sex toy? Not only that, but you are tied up and gagged with no way to tell her that it’s you. Fate is basically give a reward and punishment at the same time. So Steve is literally at the hands of his own sexy wife. He is very familiar with this pussy for the years that this couple has had sex, but now he is about to experience her pussy from a whole new perspective. This is very erotic and sensual.

I can only imagine Steve’s perspective during this whole situation. He slides out of Krystal and he is struggling to escape while drenched in her juices. Then Krystal leaves and he feels another woman enter the bed. He knows it’s his wife because she told Krystal to leave, but his wife doesn’t know that he is stuck on the bed. Suddenly, he sees her delicate hand reach over and grab him. He believes he is saved, but then she never bothers to look closely at him. Then, she takes him to the bathroom and cleans him up, giving Steve hope that she will eventually notice him. She doesn’t. Instead she takes him back to her room and leaves him on the table next to her bed with a clear view of her while she gets back into bed. Steve is confused and wonders what is going on. He watches Mandy take her phone in one hand and then begins playing with herself with the other. Steve is surprised and is also getting turned on. “Is she watching porn?” Steve thought, a little curious now as he watched his wife. She began typing and he saw her getting replies, the whole time her hand never left her pussy. Whoever she was talking to was turning her on and this made Steve mad. Every woman wants to use him as a sex toy and then his wife seems to have already forgotten him. Steve just wanted to shout and scream, but he was left helpless and forced to watch as his own wife continued to pleasure herself.

Man, I love writing fanfiction. I think Steve’s perspective in addition to Mandy’s might be pretty hot also. I could only wonder what happens next chapter.

Then we have Jess continuing what she does best. Making men serve her. Or I should say man and boy, because Chad is still a boy being taught female anatomy from a very sexy teacher we have as Jess. First he learned about a relationship with Casey, then Jess taught him how to cheat on her, then she taught him how it feels to be shrunk, then used as a sex toy, then all about her vagina and now all the way in her cervix. Chad is living the life.

I love how Casey asked Jess if Chad was still inside Jess and for how long. That’s kinda funny. He has been inside Jess’s pussy for a very long time and I love how she just keeps him inside her.

What I liked about Krystal was how she tied up Steve. I think it would be great if more of these giantess decided to tied up their little shrunken toys. Maybe Jess could squeeze Chad out, then explain how he is going to be stuck in her pussy forever as she is tying him up. Chad squirms and protests, but Jess gags him also. Jess then dangles the helpless Chad over her pussy, already opening itself up sensing that it’s favorite meal is returning. Chad watches in terror as her pussy opens up and he sees the dark hole that he is all too familiar with. Jess releases her grip and Chad slips right in between her pussy lips which close behind him, sealing him inside. Chad struggles even more knowing he can’t use his arms and legs like he used to. He squirms like a worm, giving Jess many delightful sensations. Jess doesn’t think she will ever let him out.

Then there was the scene where Casey and Mandy were texting each other. I’m not sure what I think of it. I think strategically, if Casey and Jess know that Mandy likes Jax, then they won’t think that Mandy has Steve. I kind of like that Steve is now Mandy’s little secret. If Mandy plays it off that she likes Jax, then no one will suspect her of having Steve.

I do like how Casey is posing as Jax. Girls know what girls like to hear so it must feel good for Casey to know how easy it is to manipulate her. I wonder if Casey is going to take a pic of Jax licking her out and send it. That would anger Mandy, but maybe it might turn on Mandy seeing a man licking a woman like that. After all, Jax has a fiancť, so maybe Mandy might get turned on to see Jax with another woman which she can easily put herself in Casey’s perspective. Mandy doesn’t seem to be so innocent after all, lusting after a man with a fiancť. Who knows, maybe Mandy has a kinky side?

After reading this chapter, I can’t tell which tiny is having the better time. Chad, being a 24/7 pussy prisoner for Jess, or Steve who has been in every woman’s pussy including the bad ones like Krystal, but now has a chance with his own wife. Hard to choose.

However, I will say that the Mandy/Steve dynamic might the most exciting thing now compared to the Jess/Chad group. Mostly because that Steve is immobile and gagged and his wife is about to use him as a sex toy without her knowing. That might be one of the sexiest situations I can think of. Man, imagine if Mandy leaves Steve stuck inside her while he is all tied up. The she goes to work and goes to sleep with him still inside. It might be overkill to have 2 giantess’s keep their toys inside their pussies but that’s what I like. Now I think Jess needs to spice it up with Sam getting involved or possibly getting Chad all tied up.

Things are looking great, and I absolutely love this chapter! I can’t wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Wow that would have to be the best review Iíve ever received, Thank You So Much for liking my story, Iíve listened to your feedback and Iím trying to see what I can fit into my story without getting to far from my own personal preferences, I only started writing because there were no new stories that appealed to me, so instead of waiting for that off chance that maybe someone would write a story I liked, I decided Iíd start to write my own stories with the content that I enjoy, I canít match the length of your review but I hope you keep enjoying what I write, your feedback has given me a few ideas when my mind has gone blank, I try to keep it interesting by using different words to describe objects and scenarios, so I hope that is showing through, I know my grammar is still not the best, but Iím trying my hardest to make my stories easier to read so they become more enjoyable to all my readers, I hope I can keep this story going and keep the interest of my readers at the same time, so letís see how the next chapter goes, thanks again for reading and thank you so much for your reviews and input, like I said I enjoy reading your reviews and I like to know how Iím doing. One other thing, have you read my story ĎTravelling Homeí if so what are your thoughts, it was a quick little story that I had in my head and had to write before I forgot it, let me know what your thoughts are on it. Once again Thank You

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 11 2019 1:14 AM Title: Chapter 30

Erotic chapter. Jess sure knows her way with men. I just wish Sam was already shrunken so she can keep him.

Love the teasing throughout the chapter. We got the revealing clothing, no underwear, the onlookers of men around her, and her positions while sitting to show off her crotch. Clever and sexy.

Jess is right. Most young girls don’t approach guys or control the situation. However, when a woman does approach a guy confidently, that further attracts everyone to her. Also, the way Jess controlled the conversation shows that she knows what she wants and is determined to get it. Sam can’t resist and will return to satisfy her. Hopefully, he shrinks next time.

Well, only 2 characters showed up this chapter, so there isn’t much to talk about other than this sexy scene.

I swear Chad has been stuck in her pussy for more than 24 hrs now and I love it. Would love to see Jess pull him out to see his reaction and then shove him back inside. Or, maybe Jess could tie him up to the front of her panties one day so he is forced against her pussy lips. Then at work when Jax isn’t licking her, she would have a tiny Chad licking her. Chad may be the luckiest guy in this story so far.

I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks again for your input, you know I look forward to it, it was a sexy scene and I throughly enjoyed writing it, there were only the three characters in this chapter, but hopefully the next chapter will involve a lot more, Iím starting a build up to one of your suggestions and iíll see if I can fit it in this chapter. I share your enthusiasm about Chad being the luckiest guy at the moment, but honestly Iíd like to be either of the shrunken guys, but thatís my take on it, I hope you keep enjoying my work, while I have readers out there letting me know how much they enjoy reading my stories then iíll do my best to keep writing

Reviewer: Lolpi Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 08 2019 3:42 AM Title: Chapter 1

Hey! I’ve been reading your stories since the very first few uploads of “A Jealous Friend” I decided to comment now since you’ve requested for more readers to leave reviews. I love these stories you are, by far, my favorite author on this site. With the last few chapters you’ve done an amazing job keeping the story interesting and engaging which many stories on this site fall off after the first few chapters. Like TomSleedy, my only gripe recently is that Steve is no longer with Missy and instead with her daughter. Would love another chapter where he is returned to her and put through more torture from her. Also cannot wait to see what happens between Chad’s dad and Jess.

Also as a final request I hope you can get these stories out faster again similar to the rate you were at last year with multiple chapters on multiple stories almost everyday. I understand if that isn’t a possibility though.

I look forward to leaving more reviews soon!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review, itís great to hear from readers that enjoy my stories, Steve will continue his journeys, he doesnít seem to be a one girl man, and Iím in the middle of setting up Jess & Chadís Dad as we speak, I have to apologise for the slow response of chapters, but Iím getting them up as quick as I can, unlike my other stories I had quite a few chapters written before I posted them, so I could stay in front of the stories & post chapters quicker, but I took a bit of time off and fell behind in my writing, so like I said Iím getting each chapter up as soon as I finish it, but Iím glad your enjoying my story and itís good to hear youíve enjoyed my other stories, Thank You So Much for the response, it means a lot.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 08 2019 12:54 AM Title: Chapter 29

Wow! Love the progress in this chapter. I thought I hated Missy, but actually Missy is much better than Krystal. Hopefully, Steve leaves Krystal as soon as possible.

Since Krystal is heading to Mandy’s place with Steve inside, we might actually get a scene where Steve might accidentally escape and Mandy might find him. I think it would be sexy if Mandy has no idea it’s actually Steve since she is unaware of the shrinking situation, and then believes Steve is a sex doll. Maybe Krystal could tape Steve’s hands together to his sides and legs together, and suddenly, Steve is a doll, and since he can’t move, Mandy might not notice. Just a suggestion, but it would be kinda sexy.

Then we got Jess. Now she is just collecting slaves at the moment. She has one inside her pussy, one outside licking her pussy, and now she is inviting a third one for coffee. Is Jax going to be under the coffee table? Lol. I doubt Jess could pull that off.

This is a great chapter, but I think this is more of a setup for next chapter since it seems a lot of crazy stuff is going to happen soon.

I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: I love your enthusiasm, it just makes me want to write more & to throw little twists in for all the lucky guys in my story, wasnít to sure if youíd enjoy this chapter with Krystal, but as life always throws us curve balls, it canít be perfect all the time, I hope it was a lot easier to read as I took your advice to split up between he scenes & hopefully my writing skills will keep improving, thanks again for the feedback, I look forward to it after every chapter, Iíd just love to hear from more readers from time to time, but like I said I really enjoy your feedback, so thank you

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 04 2019 8:46 PM Title: Chapter 28

First off, we need some spacing between those paragraphs. I mean, when I’m reading about Jess and Chad, it suddenly turns into Casey and Jax as if I missed something. But it seemed like a new paragraph which didn’t have a spade in between which confused me.

As far as the content goes, I love it! I love Jess playing with Chad again. I especially love that she stuck him in her push this time. She deserves the pleasure for all this teasing. Casey was great too, but Jess was the star.

Lol, Chad’s Dad is Missy’s ex? What a plot twist! I also am glad that Steve will be out of Missy’s hands. I prefer him with Jess or even better, his wife! If Jess is going to get Steve back, then maybe she can prank Mandy by giving Steve as a doll or something. Except he looks like a tiny sex doll. Mandy feeling horny without Steve will consider using the toy which happens to be Steve and that would be fun to watch.

So Missy gets Chad’s dad, Jess wants to trade for Steve, but I hope she doesn’t give up Chad. I always liked the Chad/Jess combo.

I love the abundance of slaves and can’t wait to see which giantess gets which guy.

I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback, I enjoy reading your feedback as much as I do writing my story, iím glad your still enjoying it, would be great to hear from other readers, but I look forward to your feedback, Iím sorry about the spacing & paragraphs, I havenít been writing long and Iím still learning, so your feedback helps a lot. Thanks for reading & I hope you keep enjoying my story.

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