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Date: July 04 2022 4:14 AM Title: I / Me / Myself

I really liked the shopping scene. Especially the tension that was built up. I felt Aaron’s worry as even I felt that he could’ve been punished at any moment. 

We already know how powerful Emma is, so that uneasiness is kinda fun to watch as Aaron struggles with that fear. 

Also, I love how Emma is portrayed as this amazing person to the public, but for Aaron, he sees her as his living nightmare. He wants to escape, but fears the consequences. Man, I love it! 

The body changing scenes are so cool and sometimes confusing lol. I swear, I never get used to who is doing what to who lol. But then again, Emma is in control about 99% of the time I think I understood this time. 

At the end, I like how he shrunk and she is currently holding him under the blanket so he can’t see anything and is trapped with all that body heat. Would love to see her slide his tiny body down between her legs and sleep with him trapped down there. Lol. 

Anyway, I enjoyed this chapter and I can’t wait for the next one!

Author's Response:

Trying to explore the characters a bit! Makes the sexy parts a lot more fun when you can understand the motives of the people behind them.

Glad you enjoy it. It'll keep going!

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