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Reviewer: D W Signed [Report This]
Date: April 09 2018 4:20 PM Title: Chapter 5 - The Crushing Climb

Incredible!  I just read your next chapter, "New Power Couple", at Deviant Art as You Commanded Goddess-Lucy.  It is a terrific set up for your lunchroom chapter. 

I don't want to give away too much here, especially since you were very clear with your command for us to go read your amazing work at D.A.  With that in mind I will say no more here at this time regarding the next chapter, though I did leave a comment for you there.  I hope it is to your liking.

BTW, you never have to thank me for doing as you cammand Goddess-Lucy.  Not simply because you just don't have to; but the truth is it is my honor.  Perhaps I should not be saying this, I have an Obediance Fetish, maybe Obediance Cumpulsion is more like it.

If you don't mind me asking, I understand it's just easier to write "bug", but do you ever call tinies "insect"?  It's simply a matter of opinion, I know, but "insect" seems more demeaning than "bug", as though you would have less respect for an "inect".  Actually, no respect at all for an "insect".  Again, it's probably just me and my imagination.

Thank you again for another great chapter Goddess-Lucy.

Oh, I might be posting one of my own stories soon, finally.

Author's Response:

No problem, I'm glad you're enjoying my stories you pathetic little insect <3

I actually do enjoy using insect sometimes, but bug is easier and insect has a feel you just need to get right. 

And don't worry about talking about the other chapters here, I just finished chapter 5.5 on the same day as 5 so I wanted to wait before posting it here, so I can stay on top of recent stories for longer ;)

And good luck with your story!

Reviewer: D W Signed [Report This]
Date: April 08 2018 10:36 PM Title: Chapter 5 - The Crushing Climb

Another great chapter.  I am in a bit of suspence however, what became of the gym teacher trapped between the wall and the heels of her gym shoes?

I agree with the previous comment, the winner getting squashed as Samantha casually walked out is a sexy display of her power.  I noticed you did something similar in the last chapter when Samantha licked up a boy and swallowed him without care.  It's a behavior of Samantha's that brilaintly highlights her power and tyrany, LOVE IT.

A question, did Samantha crush the eighty students under just one foot or both?  I ask because you wrote "Whoever doesn't reach the top is going under them" towards the beginging, then "Samantha's foot landed with a thud...", then "...put her full weight on her feet...".  Believe me, it's fantastic either one or both feet; I'm simply trying to imagine what your vision is because so far it's pretty hot.

Two other things.  I did as you asked{???  Hmmm, as YOU COMMANDED sounds better, but perhaps that's just me.} and went to Deviant Art and commented on "Homeroom Havoc" that you posted {under HERToering}.  I hope that is what you wanted from a bug who wants under your feet ; )   

Second, thanks for calling me "little bug" in you responce to my last comment.  That was very kind and extremely hot of you. : ) 

Author's Response:

No problem, bug~. Thanks for another great comment. And for doing as I commanded (you're probably the only one so far to actually listen).

As for your comments. Samantha doesn't really crush teachers, if she did they would have all been stomped on by now, her main prey are all her classmates. Though she did have a little fun trapping the gym teacher between her shoes, he looked just like a cornered ant!

And Samantha is pretty great with her shows of power, she is the Queen of the school after all. Every bit of torture she deals out barely takes any effort. 

As for the feet thing, because there were eighty of them climbing that would take up both of her feet, but if I was giving detail I'd primarily focus on one. 


Reviewer: dalespale Signed [Report This]
Date: April 08 2018 7:19 PM Title: Chapter 5 - The Crushing Climb

I love that she casually crushed the winner on the way out. There's nothing better than a merciless giantess like that. 

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