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Reviewer: Shrinker82 Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 21 2020 9:12 AM Title: Chapter 4

Another great chapter! I think every guy has fantasies about his wife’s/girlfriend’s sister at some point, and the Karen’s playfulness only makes it better, especially sitting on his face while giving him a handjob.

Reviewer: Shrinker82 Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 21 2020 9:00 AM Title: Chapter 3

I must say, I really like the dynamic between John and the mother-in-law; the whole “little talk” while she’s giving him a handjob is really hot! This scene has actually inspired me to not only put something similar in one of my upcoming stories, but practically frame a whole novel around it: The dominating mother-in-law and the shrinking man—the smaller he gets, the more domineering she becomes.

Very good and inspiring chapter!

Author's Response:

Thanks a lot for the excellent review Shrinker82!  I'm very happy to have inspired you and will have to go  check out that story that you are eluding to.

I'm currently editing "A Stter for the Summer" and will be turning it into an actual physical hard copy in the near future as a paperback novel.

You can find my Deviant Art page where I will announce it's publishing date and details on how to order it here:

I hope to see you there and also hope that you will purchase a copy of it when it is ready.

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: November 05 2018 6:56 PM Title: Chapter 1

It's between a sitter for summer and in the name of science. Loved them both. But I found in the name of science, chilling. The fear of seeing her Giantess hand is exciting to me. I also believe her core temperature readings on him will be while he's awake now. So my opinion is, In the name of science.

Author's Response:

Yes, In the Name of Science is a truly chilling tale.  I agree with you there. That's for sure!

I got the idea of the anal probing from a story that I read at Tiny Guy's site (a GTS site now defunct for several years) about eighteen years ago.  My God has it been that long?  Sheesh!

The writer had talked about a couple who were abducting people at random and the nurse wife was administering core temperature tests with a rectal thermometer...  The writer unfortunately moved the story to a private site as he termed it because he was afraid that minors were reading it.   I was pretty upset that the writer had chosen to be so cavalier about doing something and then not telling the readers where they could find the next installments...  I think if I were to meet him today I'd punch him in the nose for being such a coward and doing such a nonsensical act seeming how all has been fine for internet writers of GTS genre all the way up to this day.  The paranoia proving to be unsubstantiated for over twenty years now.

I've asked people over the years if they remember that story and nobody seems to have, much less saved it...     So, In the Name of Science is kind of my way to continue it.

I have even considered doing my own mock up of the story or rewrite if you will just to keep it for internet reader's and posterities sake.

Oh, and to anyone who reads this reply and knows the story that I'm talking about, I'll give you a free whole story commission if you can provide me with it.

Sorry for the diatribe with the minor digression but it was the inspiration I had to include it in the above mentioned story and this one in the epilogue.


And Thanks a lot Diesel and everyone else for reading this story if I didn't already say that!


Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: November 05 2018 8:52 AM Title: Epilogue

I enjoyed the endings very much. All of them came to logical and exciting conclusions. Loved Mary Ellen corralling them and dropping them into her purse. Loved Ellen putting them to work and taking control of the situation and having her own pleasure.
I also greatly enjoyed Karen description of capturing tank. He really got his punishment as each lady took turns with the tiny dildo. That was fabulous.
Loved the dollhouse. Also loved Nate Dog escaping. He's too smart to stick around. It was nice of johnny and Sarah to occasionally leave him some food. I can imagine Sarah walking over and leaving the little bag of food.
This has been one of my favorite stories by anyone, anywhere. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and the realism that's in your writing.

Author's Response:

Which one of my unfinished stories would you like to see continue next Diesel?

Thanks as always!

Reviewer: Grandmaster B Signed [Report This]
Date: November 02 2018 7:31 PM Title: Epilogue

Really enjoyed this story especially the mall chapters showing the size differences. Mary was a nice change of pace compared to the usual mean giantess, gotta love giant milfs.

Glad Sarah was able to make a better life for John and the he got a good ending while the antagonists got what they deserved unlike other stories.

“ How did that lady know your name?”, I had a good chuckle.



Author's Response:

Thanks for your assessment Grandmaster B...

I figured that there needed to be balance rather than a one sided mean evil get the life smashed out of you that others do or that I am guilty of myself sometimes.   After all, it's not all evil out there.

John deserved a break too.  He'd really been put through the ringer and we have to consider how we would behave if bad things  happened to us again and again and again..  Many would break, some would kill themselves, and others might just shut down completely...  So there had to be some light for our protagonist somewhere I figured.

Thanks a lot for the review Grandmaster B.  :)

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 02 2018 5:28 PM Title: Epilogue

I’m honestly a little disappointed about this chapter. I thought the focus was going to be about Mary Ellen. Instead, it featured 3 mini chapters of stuff that I honestly wasn’t too interested in at the moment.

Sure the parts with John and Tank are great, but I was expecting more Mary Ellen. The Mary Ellen part was way too brief in my opinion. She was excellent in it, and I love the role you gave her. I just wanted more of her and I was expecting a chapter full of her.

Also, the end of the story? Really? I thought the next phase was about to begin with Mary Ellen. I was getting tired of the mall scenes, but this isn’t what I meant.

A sequel would be amazing for this. You could include multiple tinies in multiple situations just like this.

I probably will give a more relaxed review later on, but on my initial reaction, I was expecting a Mary Ellen chapter that might start something new with all these tinies.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love your work Crocodile, I just think the hype I had for this was just way too high.

I hope you write again, and I can’t wait for your next story!

Author's Response:

The only hype that you have Tom is the hype that you gave yourself..   I informed you that I had realized that there was only a very small cadre of reviewers which told me that, yes, many people were reading this, but that it was not making enough of an impression on them to say so.  Therefore, one must listen to the direction that the wind blows sometimes... 

You are free to make any spin offs that you like.  I'd be thrilled to read them.

But I can not satisfy everyone all of the time (as in your case) and I came to a conclusion that I wasn't even satifying the bulk of the readers to begin with..  Therefore it was time to bring this story to a close.

Thank you for being one of the few who took the effort to make comments and helped to make it last as long as it did...  I just wish there were more of you but alas, there was not.


See you around when I get the will to write again I hope.


Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: October 31 2018 5:57 PM Title: Chapter 1

Hmm. @crocodile.

I’m used to you posting more frequently than this. Also, in one of my reviews, you responded that the next chapter was already written, so I’m curious what happened.

Author's Response:

True, and it is already written... I was just waiting to see if there's any more interest in this story.   There's over 5000 reads since the last post yet the same small cadre of reviewers...  So I've been allowing that to dictate what happens next.  And I think I've reached a decision now.

Either way, soon you will see the next chatper Tom.   Thank you for being a loyal and vocal fan of this story. ;)


Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: October 26 2018 11:36 PM Title: Chapter 11

Dr. Creep,
What an exciting and powerful chapter. Ewww, I think I just stepped on a little. No concern about him but there is concern with cleaning her shoe. I like that a sales lady comes over. It gives the reader the fear that they may be seen and captured.
To me the parts that scare me the most are the possibilities of being captured. The security lady is basically past tank and he makes the mistake of screaming in fear. Even big guys get scared. Of course tank's big is about 3 inches. I love how you show how minuscule they are to the lady. Tank starts his run and runs into a wall of pink flesh that closes. A fantastic sentence Dr. Creep. It really shows how tiny and helpless they are to Her. His pleas and begging show his fear of the Giantess. What can he do in her grip? This is chilling to me. His feelings mean nothing to the security lady. Into her purse he goes. He's just a little a worthless being in stature. Just a little creature that she can use or eliminate however she sees fit. One of the most chilling and favorite scenes of my life.
Now their exhausting journey ends and there's Curtis and his two lackeys waiting for them. Imagine John turning around and seeing the Gigantic Mary Ellen standing there. How She towers so far into the sky as she looks down at the tiny 3 inch men. I am especially excited to see Mary Ellen walk over and reach down and capture curtis and his two lackeys. Or does She walk over and simply step on them 1,2,3. The advantage of standing over men who are probably not as tall as her ankle.
My friend, I'm so enjoying this story. Between the exciting action and the overwhelming Giantesses.
The way the ladies easily squash the tiny men under their high heeled shoes or capture the miniature men within their massive hand it's my favorite story.
Thank you,

Author's Response:

The thing is, I'm pretty sure how this would go should a group of us be fending for ourselves at those sizes out in the real world..   People organized into gangs, lone wolves like Nate Dog.  Lost ones like John.  Accidentls like the sales lady..  Opportunists like the security guard etc. 

Yes the advantage is clearly to the soccer mom who happens upon them on another trip to the mall for cloths as women love to do.  For me, going to a department store is like being forced to change the oil on a car..  Something that has to be done but is a pain in the ass the whole time you do it.

I think it would all be too easy for the Giants if this event truly did transpire...  They'd have the strength, size, speed, and in some cases the intellectual advantage over us too..  They'd have access to technology that we couldn't even dream of operating anymore like computers, phones, and automobiles..   We'd have to rely on them for just about everything which would mean that the power structure that we once fit into with them would reverse in virtually every situation which I tried to show here.

Thanks again Disel!  

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: October 26 2018 11:30 PM Title: Chapter 1


Hmm. I really want to keep guessing, but now I wonder if I’m going to guess the right events going to take place.

That’s not going to stop me from analyzing the future though. :)

Hmm. You say that my predictions were wrong. Perhaps Mary decides to talk to the group and figure out what is happening. She recognizes John and gives him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she kills Kurtis and his goons because John asked her to.

Or Mary decides to keep all the tinies to herself and not even give them to her daughters. Maybe she puts Kurtis’s thugs in her shoes, and then puts Kurtis inside her asshole. Then for the 2 good guys, she keeps them in her bra, one in each bra cup.

Oh no. The worst possible idea would be that Mary just kills everyone except John and she returns John to John’s family. Now that would be boring. I’m hoping she has some fun with at least one tiny. Please tell me this idea is also wrong. Lol.

Oh, this idea is a total stretch. Kurtis used to be Mary’s husband and she finally recognizes him. Mary takes them all home and we see her evil side as she gives them all strict rules. She takes Kurtis and punishes him in front of the other guys. Some are painful and some are sexual. Eventually, she kills him and the guys get scared.

Ok, this idea might seem more realistic. Being the lovely soccer mom she is, Mary takes them all home and feeds them. She takes good care of them, but doesn’t let them leave except John whom she trusts. John doesn’t want to leave Nate alone with the thugs so John decides to stay, but he freely wanders her house. Then the next few chapters detail their everydaily lives.

How about this: Mary captures them all and gives up Kurtis and his thugs to security. Mary decides to let Nate remain free in the mall after John tells her. Then Mary decides to keep John for herself and remembers the time she held John in her hands, her fingers feeling him up and savoring that memory. She holds him close to her chest and feels his little heartbeat. John can’t help but feel aroused as this young soccer mom presses him into her chest. She smiles and tells John that he is safe and she takes him home and so on...

Ok, I think I’m running out of ideas now. I love making predictions about sexy situations such as this!

You don’t have to say which ones are right or wrong, but I am curious about your thoughts on my random ideas.

Author's Response:

I liked your idea of Mary being Kurtis's exwife!  Why didn't I think of that?  

Some of your other ones are like.. Whew!  Talk about a  Friday the 13th gore movie twist! 

But suffice it to say, all of your guesses, though intriguing are incorrect. 

You wont have long to wait Tom...  This much I assure you of.  But rest assured, everybody get's what's coming to them. ;)

Thanks again Tom! :)


Reviewer: johnsmith10992 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 26 2018 7:40 PM Title: Chapter 11

Oh snap! What an ending. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for him.

Author's Response:

You'll see.. ;)

Thanks John.  :)

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 26 2018 6:30 PM Title: Chapter 11

Oh my goodness! What a cliffhanger! Please tell me you are posting the next chapter soon! After this ending, I am so anxious to see what happens next.

Let’s stsrt with the beginning of this chapter. They are chased by Sammy and he gets stepped on by this beautiful woman, I’m sure. While I may think the stomp was exciting, I doubt John did as Sammy’s organs flew onto John.

Then there was tank and how he got captured by the security guard. I love how you described that Tank was trying to point them out but he couldn’t since the guard was pinning his arms to his sides. Now that’s kinda hot because it flirts with danger. Also, I love how she said that she will earn 1000 bucks with him. It really makes me wonder what she will do to him. I’m guessing she will rent him out as a toy. Now wouldn’t that be the life.

Then there was that final scene, where Kurtis and his goons are ready to fight John, but Mary Ellen shows up and my heart almost stops. She identifies John and it looks like she is ready to pick him up. You said she is in a sports jumpsuit. I looked it up, and it looks nice. Makes me believe that she is athletic and fit, which I hope she is.

Now once she called out to John, you said “everybody” looked up to see the soccer mom, which makes me wonder if Mary sees Kurtis and his thugs too.

Since Nate is with John, we know for sure that she sees Nate with John, but since Kurtis is by a bench, I’m not sure if she sees them.

I was expecting Mary to find John one on one, and play with him, but I think having more tiny guys is a better solution. Mary has daughters, I forgot how many, but I think they wanted John since he was a tiny guy to play with.

I think I know where you are going with this. Mary will take all of them. John, Nate, Kurtis and his friends. Obviously they should be carried separatly. Then, Mary will give her daughters one of the thugs each so they can play and do whatever they want with them. Perhaps Kurtis gets a quick death from the giantess and I’m not sure what happens with Nate. For John, Mary keeps him for a while as her own play toy, hopefully sexual. Since she remembers John’s name, she had to be at least thinking about him, having a small man in her hands, at her mercy.

Well, at least that’s how I would imagine it. Please tell me Mary is a naughty soccer mom. It’s so exciting! With the addition of these other tinies, many things can happen with Mary Ellen! I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Well the good news is that I already have the next chatper written Tom and there will be only a brief wait for it to be posted so that people don't get overloaded with this material and have time to digest.

They are all out in the open so if she sees John she sees them all.

The $1000 dollars for the security guard was a referral to an earlier chapter where stray humans wind up in orphanages and that she was going to collect the reward for turning one in.   And I liked the frustration angle for Tank to want to be able to bring his rivals down with him but the stupid security guard just was too excited to take notice of anything other than what was her immediate reward for turning him in.

As to your prediction to what happens next, please don't become a psychic this week as you're bound to have a rocky beginning..

I'm actually happy to see that you got things wrong at the end of your review because this tells me that what comes next was not so predictable which I abhor being.

I think that you will be happy with the next chapter never the less though and wont it be better that the unexpected happened rather than something that you saw coming?


Thanks again for patroning this story Tom and leaving very thoughtful remarks and assessments. :)

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed [Report This]
Date: October 24 2018 4:35 PM Title: Chapter 1


Hmm. There is where I would hide, and there is where I think the these characters should hide.

For these characters, I would suggest hiding by a food court so they can collect scraps and survive longer.

However, if it was me shrunken in a mall, I would desire to seek the attention of a gorgeous woman mostly because I’m motivated by my giantess fantasy. As you said with the clothing section, I would hide by the bras and panties section.

I would probably hide and wait until I find a desirable customer and I will decide to get her attention. I would wait for a woman that is alone since I won’t want her friends or family to see me. I will see which pair of underwear she is interested in, and I will climb up and hide up there. Or if she is too quick, I will climb her leg and make my way to her basket or soemthing. I could choose to stay with her underwear or I could stay on her person.

Then when she goes home, it’s important that she discovers me while I’m on/in her underwear that she just bought. That way, the sight of me entangled in the fabric may give her some naughty ideas.

Honestly, this could be how I start a future story. Haha. But yeah, if I was tiny, that’s where I would hide.

Author's Response:

You might want to start in the underwhere section and wait..  I just don't think a person 3 inches tall or a little smaller could climb up in time to make himself known to her or even get inside of the panties that she was going to buy...   And to only complicate matters further, women tend to pick up several different articles of clothing before they make up their mind so you'd  have to be a pretty good psychic too..

The only reason why they are leaving Nate Dog's food court to begin with is because John want's to try and leave the mall and strike out on his own...   Otherwise I think your food court idea is sound and I too would probably loiter in such a place if I were in John's government issue shoes! Ha!

It's nice to see that your wheels are turning though Tom.  I'm sure you'll think  up a even better strategy for being taken in by the Giantess of your dreams or enhance the one that you've already come up with to more plausible levels given enough thought...   I too think about this sort of stuff all the time so will be rooting you on from here if you ever do indeed decide to make a story along those lines or any lines for that matter!

Thanks again Tom and should have a new chapter up very soon!

Reviewer: closetslave1 Signed [Report This]
Date: October 23 2018 6:31 PM Title: Chapter 1

Another great chapter. I'm really loving this story as the tension really is quite indescribable. I must confess that I too was hoping that Rebecca would grab herself some new toys. I dunno what it is about those younger giantesses, but they always seem to be so cruel, and yet at the same time nonchallant in the way they treat their tiny charges.

Can't wait for the next chapter...

Author's Response:

Not to give away any spoilers but ...  Well, just keep reading Closetslave. :)

Rebecca was just used as a ploy to show what horrors many people would be regularly experiencing out there if that reality were a true one..  I also wanted to use her as a source to save the guys rather than abduct them and save them with nothing more than her ominous presense alone.

But I do agree with you how young people can be very cruel and selfish which somebody drastically reduced in size would have to put up with whether they wanted to or not.  That in itself is something that seems to be overlooked a lot in this genre for some strange reason.   Her brother Paul will always have to be av victim of her impulses and he will be one probably for the rest of his life.


The next chatper will be very soon Closetslave and thank you for chiming in with some comments as they are truly appreciated!



Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 23 2018 5:44 PM Title: Chapter 10

I love the tense slow pacing of the escalator scene. It felt like a mini movie.

Using a giantess to stop other tiny guys is quite the strategy.

Just to clarify, the size is 2.75 inches, not feet, right? Or did I get them mixed up?

I was wondering if maybe Rebecca would have seen the guys chasing John and Nate and decided to take one of those guys along with her brother.

I love how you posted only 2 days after your previous chapter! When I saw this on the most recent again, I thought I accidentally was on the second page, but no, you posted again, which is awesome!

Hmm. I never thought of an escalator as something that deadly. Great use of the environment. That’s creative.

Is this the last Mall scene? Maybe I’m just getting anxious, but I think I’m in love with Mary the soccer mom. I would love to see her again.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Two point seven five inches is the current height of our main protagonist..  Most others stop at 3" or three inches.

Right, the weather had finaly turned chilly in my neck of the woods which means less to do outside so when that's the case better to write I figure.. In fact.  I think I do most of my writing in the winter for that single solitary reason.

He, he, he..  Don't worry about Mary Ellen.. She's out there somewhere... Prowling around. ;)

When I come up with scenes that I think are potentially lethal if you really think about them is when I'm out in the real world doing real world things....  At three or less inches tall, just think of how massive an escalator would be... Something that we take for granted at  normal height would be terrifying to someone due to what it actually does.. It spits out uneven metal stairs and swallows them back up.. There are metal grooves on the tops of them for constant traction but to a tiny foot they would be very unpractical and even dangrous if you foot got caught in betwee them.  If you are on them while they are doing that then this immedietly becomes a problem...  They are moving as fast as a freight train to you as well if we remember how little distance would be covered by somebody so small... Then you've got the metal gears making everything shake.. Again, something very slight to us yet monumental to someone who weighs only ounces or less.   And escalators are in most all stores that have two stories or more in a mall..  So they'd be quite unescapable if you wished to move between levels..  Hence they were featured prominantely..


Ok, now Tom, I challenge you to go to a shopping mall this weekend or the next and just look around the department stores... Where would you find cover and more importantly where would you try to traverse a world of Giants who you do not wish to discover you lest you become their next interesting acquisition?....  Looking around, I would use clothing racks or the undersides of sales desks if their bottoms were recessed a little from the fronts/backs/and sides as many do...  


Sometimes when I go out I like to look around me and try to image where I would go if I were in a grocery store or shopping mall etc... Then I start to see the places of cover or certain detection if I were caught out in the open or if a room didn't offer any protection... Then you default to lighting and shadows as the next best thing..  Just stuff I think about all the time, he he.


Thanks a lot for your thoughtful review and I hope that my responce was adequete to what you wanted to know.

As to if it is the last Mall scene, I'm sorry that I can not give you any spoilers at present but just ask you to please keep reading...  There will be another update very soon so thanks again. :)





Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: October 23 2018 2:56 PM Title: Chapter 10

Wow, a lot of action in this chapter. Nate has proven to be a very resourceful guy. Worth the shoes that he gave up. I thought for sure that Rebecca would end up capturing the gang. A horrible thought for them but one that would lead to less aggravation for Rebecca's brother because She would have new toys to play with.
Running across the aisle is dangerous but it may be the only way to lose them. Plus I trust Nate's instincts.
I was surprised and happy to see a new chapter. I guess once you get on a roll the creativity gets flowing. This is such an exciting part of an already thrilling story. There's nothing like living the shrunken life. I am greatly enjoying this story.

Author's Response:

Well..  Fate has some things in store for the gang suffice it to say without giving out any spoilers..

You will be happy that another one will be posted soon too!  Striking while the iron is hot shall we say.

I'm very happy you've stuck with this story this long and suffice it to say, this story will have an ending and will not be left in lymbo like some of my others have.

So stay tuned Diesel as I'll have more for you very soon my friend. :)

Reviewer: bobbylaws1 Signed [Report This]
Date: October 23 2018 6:57 AM Title: Chapter 10

This is an excellent story, and the periods between giantess interaction only reinforce the character and plot development.  Looking forward to seeing what's next and how much smaller John gets!

Author's Response:

Thank you Bobbylaws...  :)

Pulling off character development was exceptionally hard for this story due to the lack of attempted chronological order.. Perhaps a drawback to all of the other freedoms that this writing style gives.

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 21 2018 1:35 PM Title: Chapter 9

Wow Crocodile. I honestly thought you forgot about this story. It’s been awhile. Well, I’m glad you are back because I see potential in this story.

I forgot about the mall scene. The other guy is kinda interesting, but I miss the giantess action. I know you have a third part to the mall scene, but I kinda do want John captured.

This teen girl scene felt like foreshadowing that John may eventually get captured. Ever since chapter 5, I have been asking for the return for the sexy neighbor soccer mom and I think this mall could be a great option to bring her back. You even said in your reply that you thought about bringing her back a lot. I know your opinion of her may have changed, but hopefully you still want to bring her back.

I find the neighbor extremely sexy since she had jogging gear on, doesnt seem crazy, but she is also interested by the way she was feeling John up with her fingers. I remember her name was Mary, and I would love to see Mary get her hands on John again. In chapter 5, John mentioned that he didn’t want to think about being given as a toy to Mary’s daughters, but I was thinking if John becomes an adult toy for Mary herself. I see her being this single soccer mom that is working hard for her family and working hard on her body and will see John as a form of stress release and excitement. This story could escalate into something erotic easily.

Once again Crocodile, I’m glad you are back and I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

Mary Ellen is her name Tom and... Well..  I wont give any spoilers away but suffice it to say, that I don't beleive that you are going to be let down when it comes to who is involved in this story or whether or not they return.

I have to make things as plausible as possible ( a pet peeve of mine ) so therefore must see things as they have developed through to their believable ends...

Stay with me and please keep up your support..

As a reward for the regulars doing just that, I'll post yet another chapter very soon..   Go Nate Dog and John!!!



Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: October 21 2018 4:20 AM Title: Chapter 9

Loved it. It was cool his following him around and mimicking his safety precautions. It was exciting to almost be seen. I'm sure pauly wanted companionship. Misery loves company. Luckily Rebecca didn't notice him. She really would have loved to have taken him home.
One one hand he realizes how hard it is out here in the real world. Eating scrap food is never good. Eating food that some Giantess had stepped on would also eventually happen. He knows how much better he had it at home but also how poorly he was treated and how much his feelings didn't matter. I'm so glad that you've restarted this. It's such a fascinating story on what it's like to be small. I especially like the close encounters of being caught. I wonder who will eventually capture him? Maybe the neighbor. Just wondering out loud.
Loved it,

Author's Response:

We'll have to wait and see about who captures him if he is captured at all.

But I do truly like talking about the little things that are not as sexy when it comes to how it would really be..   Most people only focus on their fantasy about given situation...  But what about the other 23 hours of the day...  Then things become not so fun and the fantasy if taken into the correct context is found to be a chimera...  I've dwelled on this many times and the pit falls always eventually outweight the benefits of such a reallity... They day to day boring and depressing issues that would develop.. Or the terryfying downturns if somebody wants to sink even further into the unpleasantries...

I'm glad that you can appreciate some of the realities that I'm trying to convey here Diesel.  You always have all of your lights on which makes you a brother in arms not to be overlooked by me.

Thanks for the wonderful review Diesel.


Reviewer: johnsmith10992 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 20 2018 6:12 PM Title: Chapter 9

Nice addition. Looking forward to the action ramping up! I noticed in this story you jump around quite a bit. Any chance this’ll go back to some of the stuff you skipped over but hinted at with his wife and sister in law?

Author's Response:

This story was intended to be jumped around in.. A different style from a chronological order yet adhering to it to a minor extent...   Just the nature of this type of story John.

The wife is being covered now... And I thought I did a lot with the sister in law already but we'll see what the future holds.

Reviewer: logan9 Signed [Report This]
Date: October 19 2018 5:48 PM Title: Chapter 1

Hey crocodile, we haven't heard from you in a while, was a huge fan of sitter for the summer and was loving where you were talking this story, it inspired me to begin my own shrink story. Hope to read more soon!

Author's Response:

Thanks Logan.. Soon has arrived!

Enjoy. ;)

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