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Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: December 29 2017 2:47 PM Title: Chapter 4 - Erotica: Oral Dexterity

Just to clarify my earlier comment about spoilers - Even though there wasn't much with the existing characters in this story, we now know that Nick, Kaya, and Chloe survive all their adventures (I was pretty sure they would but now there's no suspense), Kaya becomes human size, Nick presumably does too (unless that was a miniature laptop he was using), and Chloe seemingly gets cleared of all charges from her giantess rampage. That's what I meant.

I guess with me being invested in the other story, even learning that much was a let-down. I don't mean to sound harsh with this. Plenty of stories are told non-linearly. As a writer, you're free to structure your universe however you want. I'm not crazy about the time jump but that's just me. Looks like others are really enjoying this story. Maybe I should wait to read Nick vs. College, then double back and read this one.

Author's Response:

I understand :( I'm gonna miss your reviews for awhile 😭😭

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 29 2017 8:51 AM Title: Chapter 4 - Erotica: Oral Dexterity

I always thought Ashley was just your average girl who got lucky to be paired up with Jane. This chapter made me realize that Ashely could be a super hot model that Jane selected herself.

Sometimes I think Adam would have been a better sex toy becuase I want to see Ashley not hold back, but if that were the case, Adam would probably be dead and there would be no more fun. Out of respect for Richard, Ashley saved him which lets us know that his adventures are just starting and that he is not expendable.

Being a sex toy is awesome in the giantess world, but if you are considered expendable, then your world just got scary. However, if the giantess cares for you and wants to keep you alive, then you are in sex heaven. You get to keep enjoying her sexy methods over and over again without fear of intentional death.

For Richard however, he might want Ashely to let him die. He considered this whole ordeal a nightmare last chapter and I don't think he wants to keep waking up into this bad dream.

I loved the aggression of Ashely. I mentioned this before, but now we see how dominant she is capable of when she wants to be. Part of me thinks this was just an episode fueled by her anger at Adam. Jane and I hope it's just the beginning of Ashely's new door to her sex life.

Ashely went down on Jane, licked her up, again and again, and at one point, it did feel a bit repetitive. Here are some examples from different paragraphs:

"Her tongue bent downward, as she began to slip the tip of her tongue between the lips of Jane’s vagina; licking all the way up to her clit"

"he looked upwards to see Ashley’s tongue licking the tip of Jane’s clit."

"Ashley brought her tongue back down"

"Ashley’s tongue reached just below the lips of Jane’s snatch, as the tip of her tongue slipped in between them once again as she worked her way back up to Jane’s clit."

"Ashley had reached Jane’s clit once again, licking it more vigorously this time."

"Ashley’s tongue once again began to slide back down, continuing the back and forth motion of which she was engaging in."

"Ashley’s tongue finally reached just below the lips of Janes pussy, as it once again began to slide itself between them in an upward motion."

"Ashley’s tongue once again washed over Richard’s naked body, her moist wet tongue rubbing against his hard member. "

"Ashley’s abnormally long tongue slid all the way into Jane’s pussy,"

I only mention this becuase there was a point where I thought I accidddntly scrolled back up to a previous paragraph so I had to make sure I was not rereading soemthing. Turned out, it was a new paragraph, just similar.

Another thing I was trying to imagine was how did Richard enter Jane. Was it headfirst, feet first, or butt first? You mentioned Ashely ramming his gut with her tongue which makes me believe that his legs folded up towards his head and his butt/back went inside first. Then, instead of what parts of his body are still entering Jane's pussy, you mention how far up inside he is such as "about a quarter of the way inside". It's funny, becuase the paragraph previous to this you mentioned that Ashely's long tongue pushed him "all the way inside" and I was confused. I would have liked a better description of how far he was inside Jane at various parts of this chapter. Or when was Ashely licking Jane where she was no longer licking Richard too.

So Richard was naked this whole time and Ashely is licking the front side of Richard constantly and I'm not sure if she was surprised by Richard cumming, or was it becuase he took so long? Or was it becuase she wanted to fuck Richard while she was with Adam and finally got his load? Ashely should have known that licking his dick like that would cause him to spuirt, so I was wondering why she seemed shocked as she retreated from Jane's pussy.

I love how Ashely is such a tease! Just backing away from Jane twice, leaving Jane wanting more desperately. But each time Ashely came back, she brought a little something extra to add to Jane's orgasm.

This 12-inch strapon. Jane has been using it on Ashely for a while now, but Ashely says she always wanted to use it in this chapter. Part of me wondered if Jane was able to take all 12 inches since it looked like her first time. After reading it, she took it like a champ and she took all 12 inches on the first thrust by Ashely! That is impressive but also must be paintful. Makes me wonder how deep Ashely's pussy is becuase she was rammed by this strap-on by Jane for a while now and I wonder what would happen with Richard in her vagina instead. Sometimes, I forget how long 12 inches are. It's a freaking whole ruler! Just imagining that Richard went that far up inside Jane is super erotic. Also, Ashely couldn't even find him when reaching for him first. So Richard traveled far up her pussy. Maybe 13-14 inches deep. I think Ashely has a deeper pussy. Would love to see him swim in that hole soon.

Jane seems to have one flaw as a giantess. Otherwise she could have been one of my top dream giantesses on this site. Her flaw is that she doesn't care if her sex toys die or not. Sure it adds a thrill here and there that she will go to the extreme with them, but I would not be willing to be a toy for someone who just lets their toy die. Also, why would Jane let her sex toy die? Doesn't she want more fun? I like it better when the tiny guy wants to die to end his misery, but the giantess prevents any attempt of death and tells him that he is her sex slave forever and there is nothing he can do to end the constant sexual torture. Well, that's how I envision it. If Jane had that mentality, she would be awesome. I'm starting to lean toward Ashely, but I'm not sure how sexual she will be with Richard since these last few moments with him.

As much as I think Adam would have been the better choice, it is easier for me to imagine myself as Richard. He is just a random guy that stumbled upon two women fucking in an office and got shrunk. To be in Adam's position, you would have to be committed to this woman who is probably out of your league. Ashely sounds like a 9/10 and Adam sounds like a 6. It's hard for me to imagine being with a girl like that so if it was Adam here, I probably would not be able to put myself in his shoes and that would ruin the moment. But by having Richard here, I think any lucky guy could end up in his position which makes it scary but also sexy. At any moment of our lives, we might end up like Richard. Damn. What a way to go.

So Ashely still respects Richard after all this sexy time. She just had a moment of frustration and took it out on Richard. Jane misread it as Ashely changing her mind about Richard completely. I did too. But she still has some love for Richard, sexually and as a friend.

Couldn't Ashely just take Richard home with her and hide him from Adam and Jane both. Maybe out him in her makeup collection, or put him in her underwear drawer. Somewhere Adam won't look? By having Richard in Jane's possession, there is always this uncertainty that could jeapordize Ashely and Jane's relationship. However, if Jane finally respects Richard, then it all works out. I hope this near death situation doesn't cause them to refrain from sex. This chapter was the best so far! So erotic!

You say the next chapter will be out in a day or two like it's a bad thing. I'm here cheering becuase that's very soon!

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

The next chapter will slow down a bit, plot wise. But chapter 6 will pick up into the action again, in which I'll try something new that I've never done before.


Thanks for the feedback!

Reviewer: MiloDanzig Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 29 2017 3:33 AM Title: Chapter 4 - Erotica: Oral Dexterity

Ok, this was the hottest chapter I've seen so far. I loved Richard getting smacked by a big tongue while inside another woman's pussy.

This chapter gets the highest rating from me because I love Ashley's conflict. She wants to treat Richard humanely, yet she can't just let him go. The best stories, giantess or not, come from meaningful conflict. Ashley's moral dilemma is leading to something great for this story.

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: December 28 2017 10:31 PM Title: Chapter 4 - Erotica: Oral Dexterity

Not sure if you're aware but someone's oral cavity would be their mouth. "Oral" refers to anything relating to the mouth. You seem to be using that word incorrectly.

That aside, it was a pretty hot chapter. Poor Richard just can't catch a break. I'm curious why one of the ladies is so adamant about not killing him, yet doesn't seem to be particularly cautious with him.

In all honesty, the timeline jump from your other story (and the accompanying spoilers) still bothers me so I'm having a hard time getting into this one. I'm trying though.

Author's Response:

Don't worry, Nick and Chloe aren't making any more appearances (except maybe a short phone call to Kaya, but that's about it)

Shit, you are right I did use oral cavity wrong... I need to fix that! Thank you!

I get that you feel like Kaya being in the story poses as a spoiler... but I guess I don't necessarily feel that way. I'll try and tone it back a bit, and focus more on Richard's situation along with Adam. Kaya will still be in the story, but I'll just focus on her missing Richard and such. This was quite a leap I took to include the story in the same universe, just wanted to try something new but still familiar.

Thanks for giving it a shot! I promise I'll try and do better.

I promise... Nick VS College will still blow you away! I have HUGE plans for that story!

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