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Reviewer: Captain Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 26 2017 8:06 PM Title: Angela Awakens ~ con't

Nice exotic chapter. It sort of feels like this filler, but it's good filler. This story is godly especially the first couple of chapters. So, I hope for more development on Billy's side. I would like more Maxine and Diana, but that story arc might be over.

Author's Response:

  Thank's Captain, Billy Little, is the main focal point of the tale, while Maxine is decievingly leading him to believe that she is actually trying to help him , by searching for a way to get him back to normal, ...her daughter, Diana is his saving grace - in this situation, and she actually does care about him.  The side stories are meant to revolve around that central part - showing what is taking place behind the scenes - while Billy is completely oblivious...  

  More and more people are going to become involved in this, as Maxine becomes totally obcessed with this fantastic idea, ...I can't say anyomre without giving anything away, so...


Reviewer: licktoy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 25 2017 1:14 PM Title: Angela Awakens ~ con't

This chapter was delicious!

I also loved the scene as poor Denny finally slipped down between her butt cheeks dropping into her slick puddle of cum :-) What did he see when he opened his eyes when laying there on his back? ;-)

And then when he was rolling down into the mattress depression created by her ass - well the Einstein was right; the heavy objects bend the space creating so the gravity power :-)

The last scene as Angela forcefully masturbates and squashes the cock of helplessly pinned Denny is terrific!

I imagine she brings him close to the orgasm and then stops. She tells Denny there is a strict rule in her house, that he is never allowed to cum without her permission. And if he ever breaks this rule he will be severely punished. Then she teases him more and asks if he wants to cum. Denny begs her to let him cum. But she just tells him "No, you may not". Then the real fun foe Angela just begins. She continues to stimulate him. And horrified Denny close to cumming whimpers and begs her to stop. Angela enjoys the whole scene and cruelly mocks poor Denny. Finally she gives him a little flick into his groin and stops the stimulating. 

This chapter was simply fantastic!

Author's Response:

  Thank's LT!  As soon as I read your review, I realized that I should have drawn out the discriptions a bit more during that time that he spent down between her legs! Damn, the view from there, could have really added to this chapter...  I might have to go back and add some more detail to that specific scene.  I must admit, that I did spend a great deal of time on this one, ...but, I could have spread it out a lot longer without too much extra effort.

  Next chapter, we'll jump back to the lady Lawyers and find out what's happening with those two hapless Janitors... then, after that, I think we'll see whats happening with Tom and Amy, then...maybe, back to Billy Little for a little while, before switching again, and coming back around to Angela and her little pet.  

   ...Denny's in big trouble with Angela Cooper, she's a highly quaified R.N. Nurse, and her knowledge of the human body is almost as good as a actual Doctor's would be, and she has the ability to know just how much a person can take... And, she's really enjoying herself with this tiny little man, so... at this point, he really has no idea how much trouble he's really in for!  ;`)


Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 24 2017 8:55 PM Title: Angela Awakens ~ con't

Very hot chapter. Seemed like something Amy would do to Tom. Nonstop orgasms and no resistance.

Love the vivid descriptions of what Angela is doing to Dennis. I also love the dialogue and that she tells him that he will be her sex toy forever and that's his new job.

Angela excercised her control over him with her finger on her crotch. No matter what he did, Dennis couldn't stop Angela's fingers probing him.

"After what seemed like endless hours trapped between her huge legs". Amy is going to top this, right? I bet Amy prefers days instead of hours.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response:

  Lol!  I love it!  Amy and Tom are coming around after the next chapter, I promise!!!  ;`)

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