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Reviewer: Nothingness Signed [Report This]
Date: June 16 2017 8:37 AM Title: Melancholy Daze - pt. 2

You do a good job at showing how powerful women can be towards men even without the said men shrinking which makes the control of power they have over men all the more erotic. I still can't help but pity the shy guys like Dennis and Billy though but I guess that's because I can relate to them having been a shy fellow myself (and still kinda am) once. Awesome work, man!

Author's Response:

Thank's. I'm finding that the descriptions are extremely important. In order to visualize something happening, it takes a well-described setup. The phrase, 'Little things mean a lot' comes to mind, ...describe everything that you can, the more details - the more real it will feel.  I'm still working to improve my skills every day, and I know that it could be a lot better, ...but, the writing process is something that can always be improved, ...I'm always finding something else that I could've done a little better...  

Reviewer: licktoy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 15 2017 9:22 AM Title: Melancholy Daze - pt. 2

Very nice chapter!

Same as in previous chapters I like the level of detail. E.g. when you described how Angela slid to the edge of her seat and her thighs spread apart :-) Or the whole scene how Angela got Dennis into her palms. I also like very much you describe smells.

The best part was how Angela loved to tease Dennis to make him blushing and embarrassed. She simply enjoyed "torturing" him :-) And he could do nothing about that. Or more precisely his personality (good man, but weak and maybe a bit shy?) prevented him to do something. So Angela's natural dominance started to smell Dennis is the right man for her :-)

So now Angela finally got Dennis. He is shrunk and helpless in her power which gives her endless possibilities to dominate him :-)

I am really really looking forward how this continues. How she will become more and more demanding and poor Dennis will be more and more like her slave :-)

Author's Response:

  Thank's LT!  I'm just letting my imagination take over, ...I can't say for sure how many chapters this part will be, but, I told myself when I started this, that, I'm not going to rush it!  Lol!  The slow process seems to work better for me. The focus being on subtlety and visualizations - and the idea of keeping a steady flow going -  creating a good personality for the characters and maintaining it the same, throughout the story. And, always maintaining a constant underlying fear of the unknown in the background.  That's my recipe! I hope it works!  ;`)

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: June 14 2017 11:52 PM Title: Melancholy Daze - pt. 2

Fabulous chapter. From Maxine gripping him to her raising her voice. Angela's,dennis is that you?Great description of each of their hands. The description of what it's like to be in a was fun to read. The heat from going outside. Nice touch. Loved it. Really well written. Another marvelous chapter.

Author's Response:

Thank's Dee!  I try to make it seem as real as I can, ...hopefully, I'm getting better at this! :)

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 14 2017 9:59 PM Title: Melancholy Daze - pt. 2

I love how fast the pace is with this chapter. Maxine brings Licpet to Angela, Licpet tells the story, Angela tells her side of the story, Angela takes Licpet home and is about to celebrate. Lots of things happened and that's what made this a great chapter. A great balance of dialogue and action.

Also some great narration. The line about Maxine holding him up like a human sacrifice: perfect! He knows his life is over so it is quite a great analogy.

After hearing about the backstory, I feel bad for Dennis. He was being faithful and his wife was trying to set him up for a divorce. That's a great test to put on a spouse to see if they are committed to the marriage but once they have proven it, then they should stay married. Stacy should have asked Dennis to spice it up, but instead she just gave up.

I love that part when Angela was thinking about having Stacy react to a shrunken Dennis. Just imagine Angela putting Dennis in her cleavage and she hugs Stacy and the two of them are squeezing Dennis and his ex-wife has no idea.

So there is a part 3 to this? Then after this is diesel's chapter, or will Tom get a chapter in between or soemthing? I know Amy is really anxious for her little man coming home. So am I.

Well, I can't wait for the next chapter no matter what happens in it. I just hope the next one after Friday's update is soon too.

Author's Response:

I'm just letting my imagination take over, ...can't say how long it will be right now.  After I get to a certain point then I might start to see the direction, but that's a little way down the road...

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