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Reviewer: Northgate Signed [Report This]
Date: April 15 2017 5:43 PM Title: 'Rewards'

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite stories of all time.  The episodes with Amy are fastastic and have a lot of the same elements that I have written in my stories including ones I never published.  I am hoping Billy never gets out of Amy's clutches and she just keeps coming up with more fun and games for them to play.  Great work.  Please keep it up.


Author's Response:

Thank's North!  Yeah, Amy's quite the beauty isn't she?  I originally only intended to introduce Amy, and only have her in the back ground, just around when Billy was in Maxine's offfice - and, just have her appear at certain times - but, she quickly evolved into a more intricate part, after Diana's friends discovered Billy and attempted to kidnap him. 

Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 07 2017 1:21 PM Title: 'Rewards'

Ok, now I'm in my dream position. Took me a while to figure out which position he was in.

Also, I was hoping Billy was awake when she tied him up and put on the panties. I relish the fear Billy has when Amy gets horny.

Hmm. More room to breathe? I think Amy might want Billy even closer to her body all snuggled up in her groove. She could gag him too, forcing him to smell her sweet scent. Tight jeans or yoga pants could press him into her also. While she wants to give him a reward, you know she wants to feel him again soon.

I bet in this position, Amy would get wet often and would have to go to the restroom often. There, she can thank Billy for pleasing her and she say that she is going to keep him there all day as she pulls her panties back up.

As for making an excuse for Maxine, my hands are tied, just like Billy. (I wish I was Billy right now.) Amy could say that Billy was sick and she could make up a story that she studied nursing for a year and needs to take of Billy. Or Amy finds some special project that distracts Maxine so much that she forgets about Billy. Maybe, Amy finds Maxine a love interest and he seduces her.

Otherwise, to keep him forever is pretty difficult to come up with an excuse for that. I think Amy could realistically only delay giving Billy back, but who knows, there may be other ideas that I'm not aware of. Besides, I want Amy to keep Billy forever too!

Amy savored the feeling of Billy in her panties. His every moment tickled her and gave her the wildest sensations. "Billy! I'm going to work today! And you will be my little assistant." She giggles. Billy instictively thrashed inside her underwear, much to Amy's delight and Billy's regret. Amy stood up and began walking to her mirror, hips swaying to a rhythm like a model. Amy stopped at a full length mirror and smiled. She could see the outline of Billy hugging her and his body fit perfectly against her. She posed and watched as Billy's body twisted and turned trying to adjust to her movements. Amy lowered her hand and pressed her finger on the back of Billy's head until she couldnt see it on her panties. Amy began blushing knowing where his tiny head went. After a few delicious seconds, Billy finally withdrew his head. She laughed and decided to get dressed. Amy normally wore a skirt to work but this time, she wanted soemthing tight. She enjoyed feeling Billy against her when she pushed his head and wanted more of that. She took a pair of skinny jeans and examined them. "This will do nicely". Amy purred as she began putting them on. The jeans struggled to get around her shapely hips, but eventually, they made it and Amy clasped the button shut. She looked down and was glad that Billy's outline was no longer visible, but even when she grazed her finger by her crotch, Billy moved quickly making Amy smile. Amy fixed the rest of her attire and made her way to her car. Sitting down was something else. As she bent her long legs and twisted her lovely hips, she felt the jeans compress and felt Billy jammed up against her. The feeling was exhilarating! Amy had to enjoy it for a few seconds before starting the car, the engine vibrations helping her get turned on. It was going to be a long day for Billy.

Amy arrived to her office feeling sexy and confident as ever. Knowing that Billy was trapped inside her panties made every little second count and she was going to capitalize on it. Amy sat down in her cushioned chair, once again savoring the experience. "Just focus Amy, focus" she told herself. She knew Billy might distract her, but the fact that she was working with him in her underwear made it worth it. Amy began working, but not long before the presence of Billy got to her again. Amy decided to use this to her advantage and pulled up her favorite giantess website. She began reading some stories and then some reviews. She was fascinated by one particular review. It contained a little snippet of exactly what she fantasizes about. "Tied to panties, front side, keep him there all day," and then she noticed the reviewer was none other than TomSpeedy, her personal favorite. Amy wondered what it would be like to find a shrink him instead. "I would keep you in my panties and as my little sex slave forever. You would like that Tom, wouldn't you..?" She murmured to herself. Just then, Amy heard a familiar voice. "Good morning Amy". Maxine said with a smile on her face. "Uh..good morning to you too!" Amy chimed back. "Say, how is Billy doing Amy?" Amy quickly replied "Great, I think we are getting along". "Oh, that's nice" Maxine said. "Just hold him a bit longer while I sort some things out". Amy smiled. "Gladly". Just then a noise came from Amy's panties. "Did you say something Amy?" Amy quickly put her hand on her crotch and pressed down. "Nothing at all, just clearing my throat". Maxine frowned. "Take the next day off". Amy calmly replies "thank you". As Maxine left, Amy stormed off to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet and pulled down her panties. "Billy, that was clever, but you left me no choice." Amy took a tiny piece of toilet paper and using her pinkie fingernail, forced it into Billy's mouth. Billy began shouting but it was muffled. Amy smiled. "Perfect". She pulled her panties up with Billy tied up and gagged and now he was forced to smell her through his nose. Billy tried to move his head away from the moist hole but soon, the light was gone was Amy pulled up her jeans forcing Billy into her and sealing him into darkness.

I can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: April 07 2017 10:11 AM Title: 'Rewards'

Cool chapter. Love the description of being in her hands. Her laughter so loud that it hurts. Too have a Giantess get you off is magnificent. Terrific story.

Author's Response:

Yea, I don't think that enough writers include the 'Hands' into their stories very much.  It can really be quite the experience when she picks someone up, and just holds him...

  Thank's D!

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