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Reviewer: Jbaron Signed [Report This]
Date: October 31 2016 1:24 PM Title: Maxine Pt. 2

Great writing and a very interesting and erotic story. Can't wait until the next chapter arrives. 

Author's Response:

Thank's J baron! I really appreciate it.  Thanks for 'favoriting' me, too!  I'm attempting to keep this intricate plot going but, sometimes I get carried away in the details, ...I constantly have to keep 'refocusing' on the main storyline, and searching for a different angle of approach.     

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: October 29 2016 2:17 AM Title: Maxine Pt. 2

Maxine part 2 was fantastic. The realism with which you write is amazing. The pleasure yet the closeness to death. Maxine is my favorite character. Love to have her as an owner.
Looking forward to the Amy chapter. Looking forward to hearing Maxine talking with Amy. It is always fun when Giantesses talk about you like your not even there.
Enjoyed it,

Author's Response:

Yeah, ignoring someone is a form of domination, ...aside from the humiliation of being disrespected.  The idea of a beautiful giantess having complete control of your person being, and acting so nonchalant about it does seem to be something that is most prevalent within the fetish fantasies.  Although, I've noticed it in more often in the violent type stories...  Thank's Diesel!


Reviewer: TomSpeedy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 28 2016 8:18 PM Title: Maxine Pt. 2

Ok, Maxine is so far the best giantess yet. But I'm sure Amy is about to steal the show.

She is 27 which is in that perfect range of sexiness in my book. She was on a giantes website which means she should have plenty of ideas for Billy.

I really wonder what Amy has in store. I hope she likes keeping him in the front of her panties as well. It's my favorite spot. Maybe, Amy will tie him up so there is no escape.

Perhaps, Amy carry him to her house in her panties. She can tie him to her panties. Just wrap some thread on his wrists and ankles and and tie knots to the front of her panties and make him spread eagle.

Man, I have so many ideas for Amy, but I just don't even know much about her to predict what she will do. I'm simplify judging by how sexy and controlling she was in Maxine's office.

Maxine had 2 parts. Amy should have 3 or more. 1st chapter for the journey and welcome to her home with lots of teasing and sexy stuff. 2nd chapter for Amy fulfilling her fantasies and 3rd chapter for more ideas!

She can tie his wrists to a string and let him dangle while she guides him to her sensitive parts. She can dangle him above her mouth, her cleavage and let's him slide into it, and finally, her panties. Then, she cuts the string and let's Billy fall down into her pantie trap.

Amy could gag Billy too. A small piece of cotton ball, or tissue could work. He can't call for help that way.

Instead of a cage, Billy has to stay on her body 24/7. Sleeping, showering, and even while at work.

I hope she talks dirty to him too. "Guess where you will be staying all night, Billy? That's right, you will be staying inside my panties and there is nothing you can do about. If you do a good job down there, I can give you a little reward. I think you will like that, won't you Billy?"


"Oh Billy! I know just where to put you." Amy pats her crotch. Billy looks down in fear. "It's all warm, nice and cozy Billy. It could be your new home. You don't have to thank me, after all, you will be pleasing me the whole time, won't you my little man. Mmmhmmm. I think we are going to have so much fun together."

I think I know what I'm dreaming about tonight. Amy is stuck in my head and I can't wait for her next chapter!

Author's Response:

Oh, ...the possibilities!   ;`)  Thanks for the input Tom, I'll consider your ideas...

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