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Reviewer: Wust Signed [Report This]
Date: March 22 2019 1:20 PM Title: Prologue: Can't A Girl Get Some Privacy Around Here?

Are you still planning on continuing this story? And if so, any updates on when?

I absolutely love your work, with The Escape being my favorite story on this site and Downtrodden running a close second. Unlike the other authors I’ve seen, you actually write your characters in a way that makes them seem like real people rather than just tools to make giantess things happen.

Jessica specifically is written very well in my opinion. She has more personality than most main characters in professional works while not being a shallow gimmick character.

I really hope you haven’t abandoned this story. If you’re having problems in real life or going through writers block, I wish you the best of luck.

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 20 2018 3:37 PM Title: Prologue: Can't A Girl Get Some Privacy Around Here?

Any news on an update? I'm really looking forward to it.

Author's Response:

Hey thanks, I'm writing the next chapter but its difficult with my writer's block :/ 

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 25 2018 2:15 PM Title: Heart to Heart

Yes, when is that update where we have all been waiting for coming ;)

I can feel we are getting closer.

Also, thanks for writing the last update.

Author's Response:

Oh man, I don't know when the next update will be. Maybe in May? 

Reviewer: geeman Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 17 2018 5:30 PM Title: Heart to Heart

Pretty good update. I'm still reading this story. Im not sure exactly why I'm not as engaged as I once was with this one. I think it's probably just that I wish Jess and Jack were together so we could get sexy gts stuff, lol. Anyway I like that Jessica is clearly in love with Jack, she firmly admitted it to herself!

Reviewer: youre_my_slave Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 16 2018 2:58 PM Title: Heart to Heart

Kind of still hoping Jessica and Caitlyn power through their differences. I mean, I do enjoy stories where best friends end up together, however I also enjoy stories that realistically portray the fact that men and women can be friends without it going beyond platonic love for each other. Honestly at this point I'm hoping for a harem ending like in an anime, where either Caitlyn and Jessica are friends and both love Jack, or Caitlyn and Jessica love each other and Jack loves both of them. A girl can dream.

Author's Response:

Regardless of how this ends, I totally agree with you. Men and women can be friends, and not every story needs to end with the guy and girl hooking up. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 11 2018 7:38 AM Title: Bursting At The Seams

Very nice to see you writing again, I really missed this story!

I am also starting to wonder how long Jack can cope with Caitlin and if maybe something will happen that will change that ;)

Thank you for writing, and I am already looking forward to the next addition (which hopely will be added soon)

Author's Response:

You're welcome, it's great to see that there are people out there who appreciate my work. 

Every man has his breaking point, it's just a question of whether he finds his or not. 

Reviewer: vgiv Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 10 2018 6:10 PM Title: Prologue: Can't A Girl Get Some Privacy Around Here?

It’s so nice to see an update to this story. I do love how well Jessica takes the mishap, and how absolutely, positively angry it makes Caitlin that Jack was trying to, or, was going to try and help Jessica out.

I imagine that the cameramen lucky enough to catch a pic at the perfect time are going to think very carefully about what they do with their prize. I for one would keep it safe and private. A little memento from a meeting with such a amazing giantess.

Eva has that motherly kind of affection for Jessica. It’s subtle, yes, but it’s there. She clearly sees Jessica as more than just something she can profit off of, although the revenue is undoubtedly a welcome side benefit of such a relationship. And if Jessica is getting some much needed work experience in then all the better!

Fantastic chapter as always, look forward to seeing what you intend next!

Author's Response:

If that cameraman showed that picture around ,he might find an angry giantess at his front door. Thanks for the review as always! 

Reviewer: geeman Signed [Report This]
Date: June 25 2017 4:30 AM Title: Girl Talk

Something I've noticed about Jessica these past few chapters and actually in this new "retelling" of the story is that she is surprisingly quick to anger and quick to contemplate violence. How many times has she bullied someone with her size because of some offense or thought about killing them for a minor quip or something along those lines? Not a good character quality for someone trying to fit-in among normal society.

Anyway, decent chapter. I'm still not sure where you're taking this story, to be honest I feel as if it's not really going anywhere if you catch me. What's the point of making Cait and Jess friends? Is Jess and Jack even gonna be a thing, it doesn't seem like it. If not are you gonna introduce some other guy character for Jess to get with? I don't know. It's not clear where any of these relationships are going. Or where this this story is going for that matter... It's still fairly enjoyable to read but I wish there was a more clear goal or something in sight.

Author's Response:

To be fair, when Jessica thinks of killing someone, she isn't too serious about it. I get what you're saying, and there will be repercussions to her behaviour. 

Don't worry, you'll see it as the story progresses. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: meereten01 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 25 2017 1:21 AM Title: Prologue: Can't A Girl Get Some Privacy Around Here?

Thanks for updating the story!

Does having a stomach flu cause you to have less time for other things so more for writing, or do you mean that it causes you to have less time for writing?

In any case, I hope you get well soon.

Also, will Caitlin become a giantes?

Author's Response:

Thanks man for the well wishes. Caitlin will remain a normal woman for the rest of the story.

Reviewer: Ordinary guy Signed [Report This]
Date: June 17 2017 3:11 PM Title: Prologue: Can't A Girl Get Some Privacy Around Here?

Nostory, please send to this adress ( the 2 original stories you wrote about the Giantess Jessica Gomez and which you are remaking now: ¨The escape¨ and ¨Afthermath¨. Feel free to send them either by Microsoft Word or PDF format.

I would apreciate your answer.


Author's Response:

Hey I've sent it, let me know if you didn't get it. 

Reviewer: Pixis Signed [Report This]
Date: June 17 2017 8:52 AM Title: Backlash

Great to see you continuing this story. The way you describe the scale and power of Jessica as people are standing at her feet or held in her hand is really hot. Nice to see she was able to exercise restraint despite Harold's words.

Author's Response:

If things go as planned, this will be a long series detailing Jessica's adventures. I haven't given up on it, just got a bad case of writer's block and my internship taking me away from this. Thanks! 

Reviewer: versusterminus7 Signed [Report This]
Date: November 11 2016 10:30 AM Title: No Such Thing As Bad News

Man, it is sooooooo obvious that Jack and Jessica belong together!!! I hope things work out in their favor :) I'm such a hopeless romantic. Tenouttaten, Nostory

Author's Response:

Do they? I mean sure, I like it when a giantess starts seeing a little guy but there's still plenty of story to go. 

Reviewer: versusterminus7 Signed [Report This]
Date: November 05 2016 9:19 AM Title: Caitlin's Concerns

Heartbreaking to see Jessica like that. I do hope Caitlin comes around somehow with Jessica, at least on some level. Great stuff, Nostory!

Author's Response:

Thanks man, Jessica definitely deserves better; I think she'd feel less down if Caitlin weren't such a bitch to her. 

Reviewer: versusterminus7 Signed [Report This]
Date: October 29 2016 8:16 PM Title: Beach,Bikini,Babes

My favorite part is Jessica posing. So adorable. Well done, nostory! :)

Author's Response:

She's a sexy giantess who doesn't realise the effect she has on people, its super adorable. Thanks dude! 

Reviewer: geeman Signed [Report This]
Date: October 29 2016 2:15 PM Title: Beach,Bikini,Babes

Gotta respect Jess for deciding to give the couple their space and not get too involved, despite her feelings. Anyway, I'm surprised you decided to keep Caitlyn in this story, in fact she's a far bigger character than in the original! I seem to recall you saying in the original in a response to a review that you wish you didn't have her in the story since it made it tougher for Jack and Jessica to end up together...

Author's Response:

 I regretted saying and doing that because in the original, it didn't give Jack and Jessica an obstacle to be together. I should have kept Caitlin alive in the original or at least killed her off convincingly. This is my way of fixing that, whether Jessica and Jack end up together remains to be seen.Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: SpookyTaco Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 29 2016 12:16 PM Title: Beach,Bikini,Babes

She appears to be having fun modeling. But it's time for her to make a move on Jack. Or vice versa! Can't let Caitlin have the victory.

Author's Response:

She needs the fun , after being cooped up in her tent and island. I don't know if she should be the third party, even if one of the first two is a bitch. Thanks for the review! 

Reviewer: versusterminus7 Signed [Report This]
Date: October 22 2016 12:26 AM Title: Taking Stock

I'm still not over how top notch your writing at the beginning of the chapter feels.

Great stuff, nostory!

Author's Response:

 Thanks man, it feels great to hear you say this!

Reviewer: SpookyTaco Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 21 2016 11:07 AM Title: Taking Stock

Looks like Jessica found a job! But I agree, a million dollars seems a bit on the low side. She should have requested a percentage of the sales on top. Would give her incentive to improve at modeling.

Author's Response:

Hey thanks for the review!


I've read other stories where the giantess, standing hundreds of feet tall gets paid easily an eight to nine figure sum for basically her first ever modelling job. I think its unrealistic to get so much and well, I think food might be cheaper if you buy in bulk. I also think a million dollars for your first job is a pretty big sum as it is, what with the clothes thrown in and stuff. Then there is the fact she got free clothes to wear. 

She may get increments, provided she sparks a spike in sales. It may be a bit early to request fof a percentage of sales but I could see that happening if the job works out. 



Reviewer: JIM58 Signed [Report This]
Date: October 10 2016 6:00 AM Title: Prologue: Can't A Girl Get Some Privacy Around Here?

Hey there, I really like your work; have you thought of an infrastructure build/repair job for Jessica (I.e. Super linesman) factually the work would be well suited and would be worth 8-9 figures; plus the outroads and sidetrails for the plot would be endless. Maybe not where you wanted to go, but it might add a lot of interesting scenarios and depth. Respectfully speaking there are a lot of GTS stories about models, this route would be different because it would center on her redeeming herself and connecting with society; while zoltan and jack work on their home brew in the background for awhile.
Again, this is just a suggestion , looking forward to your reply.

Author's Response:

Thank you for review and your suggestion here. I think its fair for me to say that Jessica would not necessarily be limited to model work, she may engage in other forms too if she should feel the need to. I don't think she really needs to redeem herself, she hasn't killed anyone so the story won't really be about that. She'll get her chance to connect with society soon, trust me. It will be touched on, its just up to Jessica if she wants to grasp it. 

Reviewer: SpookyTaco Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 06 2016 7:29 AM Title: Me, A Model?

Wonder what Eva has in mind. Jessica can't exactly model the latest swimsuit since she wouldn't fit. She could advertise non-clothing related items: tourist locations, beverages, food, restaurants. Simply capturing a portion of her body in the frame would draw ones attention, tho perhaps more to Jessica than to the item being advertised.

I'd say it's a risk for Eva, though likely one worth taking.

Author's Response:

Thanks for reviewing. 

I think Jessica could model clothes, it would require making a very large size but if Eva has the means to do it, Jessica could model clothing too. It would make use of her looks too and perhaps there might be other incentives if she does clothes too? Given that those clothes could only be worn by Jessica or the Statue of Liberty, you get what I mean......


Yeah if it works, Eva's company would taste an unprecedented level of success. Jessica alone would get attention , as a giantess and now a giantess model she is going to draw attention just by turning up; like if The Pope turned up to officiate a wedding. You know it will be on every paper in ever country. 

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