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Reviewer: imagin8 Signed [Report This]
Date: September 22 2016 3:16 AM Title: Chapter 73: Finale

This story has been a pretty big part of my routine for a long time now, with updates each Wednesday, so I'm very sad to see it wrap up - I will miss it. I'm pleased to see that the story kinda went full circle, and ended back in the everyday goings-on of Morgan - that's a very LOTR kind of ending! It does feel a little bittersweet though, and there is a palpable sense of anticlimax, but I do have some thoughts about it which I'll just blab about briefly.

I did not see the kissing thing coming at all, and I thought it was pretty cute for that to be the solution. I had a few theories which I thought were going to come to fruition: firstly I had a feeling that the bag of money would end up being a bottomless one, a bit like the 'humble' carpenter's cup in the 3rd Indiana Jones movie - it would prove to be a 'you chose wisely' sort of deal. Building on that, I then expected Tucker to have to trade that bag to the robed figure to save Jessica from her shrunken affliction, which he would have done, and they would have gone home with nothing, not because they failed, but because he gave it away for her.

Secondly, I expected Gwen to play a bit more of a part, even as a kind of tragic parable in closing, so her running off was, again, a bit of anticlimax. I thought for sure that she would instead try and wangle her way into getting Tucker to try and help her, and he could have been all smug like 'Bitch plz' and dropped her off at a tavern to turn tricks.

Thirdly, whilst I would have preferred Tucker to have earned some of his Father's respect by a) not dying, and b) actually being a Knight (you can't tell me his Dad would just shrug that off as no big deal because it doesn't bring in coin, surely he must realise what that would entail - honour, fighting prowess, influence etc), I quite like the idea that he's super dismissive, but then, after a while, things start to pop up that indicate how amazing his son has actually been. I'm talking like people bring tales back of heroic deeds and it sounds like his name (Tacker Martin), or influential people pass through and some of them have heard of him, or even someone he knows stops by, and then his Father's jaw just hits the deck. I also can't envisage him being a blacksmith for long, he'd be bound to get itchy feet and act as a kind of protector or ambassador for Morgan, earning the respect of the people because he's humble and worked hard.

But yeah, that's some of what went through my head. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable read and a real tale for the ages - some great ideas and situations, and throughout, a sense of real companionship between our heroes.

Author's Response:

Thankso the lengthy feedback and I am glad that you enjoyed. Maybe there will be more in the future but there will be a BFG Anthology series stating soon.

Reviewer: Sir Purple Wolf Signed [Report This]
Date: September 21 2016 11:05 AM Title: Chapter 73: Finale

That's it the story is complete.

When you come to think about it the ening is a bit sad since Tucker is back to his boring life and there are no more adventurous to him on sight right now. However he did get Jessica in the end and that the greatest treasure he could get from the quest.

It's been so long ago when I started reading this story and it's so nice to know you got your next chapter waiting for you in the next week. I really waited for Wednesday to come each week. It's hard to find someone who is willing to commit for a story for such long and actually finish it and for that my good sir I truly wish to thank yoo :)

BTW the fact that the old mysterious man actually did make back was greatt and cleverly done.

Author's Response:

I'm glad that you liked the ending an thank you for reading. It has been a joy writing it and maybe in the future Sir Tucker might have another adventure but of course he needs some R&R first.

Reviewer: Jessica snape Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: September 21 2016 5:41 AM Title: Chapter 73: Finale

YAY I LOVE THE WAY YOU ENDED THIS!! It was so sweet I really loved this story I'm gonna miss it

Author's Response:

I'm glad that you liked it. Maybe one day we will see the characters again.

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