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Reviewer: iHategiants666 Signed [Report This]
Date: September 04 2016 9:07 PM Title: Chapter 71: A Quest's End

Well, it's about damn time.


I'm not saying you took too long, I'm just satisfied that Gwen finally got her comeuppance. She's been a total bitch to everyone and it would have been so annoying if she had gotten away with it. I also like that you mentioned the existence of male gods, proving that the world is not just consisting of Godesses. 

Speaking of which, the God that punished Gwen... she was rather undignified with her grammar, using the word: "fucking" instead of "raping" and saying "happy" instead of "pleased" or "goodbye" instead of "farewell". Not complaining, just noting that she seems more... modern. Definitely would not want to get her bad side.

I hope Gwen DOES stay that way. in my opinion, she is WAY past the point of redemption and deserves to live out her mortal live--- actually scratch that. She doesn't deserve to die at all. That would be granting her peace. If anything, she should retain her immortality but remain forever trapped in her human form. That would be the best curse.


And then the shocking twist: Jess ends up miniaturized. And not just at her frail five-foot-nine mark... but at 0.5 inches. That's even smaller than Ant-Man, Grey Matter or the Atom. What does THIS mean? (Also, loved the role reversal, Tucker picking her up)


ONE LAST THING. No offense, but a lot of your sentences seemed fragmented, suggesting you were in a hurry to get it done. It didn't affect the story, but I... well I just have a habit of pointing these things out. Désolé.


Author's Response:

Thanks for the comment. Jessica isn't quite that small but she definitely is much smaller than normal. For Gwen she'll do everything she can to regain her powers but whether she will or not is another matter entirely.

Reviewer: Sir Purple Wolf Signed [Report This]
Date: August 31 2016 7:41 AM Title: Chapter 71: A Quest's End

Wow did not expect that to happen. I guess next chapter is the last and hopefully we will get some answers to what just happened.

Author's Response:

Well maybe not the last chapter but very close to it. The series is almost at its climax.

Reviewer: geeman Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 31 2016 3:41 AM Title: Chapter 71: A Quest's End

Finally! Some consequences for Gwen's ridiculous behavior up to this point! I mean seriously what a brat, she's always come off as a stupid little brat with too much power! Sucks about Jess though, hopefully she gets to be at least normal human size!

Author's Response:

Thanks for reading and I thought that it was a fitting punishment for her. Death or banishment didn't seem to be bad enough for her. This is her worst nightmare, hopefully Jessica will grow in size. But for now she has some time to be small.

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