Reviews For BFG Angleland
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Reviewer: Sir Purple Wolf Signed [Report This]
Date: August 03 2016 5:25 PM Title: Chapter 67: The Battle For The Mines

just wow. One of the best chepters so far with no doubt. Tucker actually killd people and that's scary considering he was such an inoccent boy at the beginnig. Who knew how much this quest will change him.

one thing i could not but notice was the fact they had cannons but not handguns wich is basiclly the same but on smaller scale, but i might be wrong on this.

Author's Response:

And the fact that it was a kill or be killed situation. In the middle of a battle second guessing can get one killed. He took no joy in the act.


Well Cannons did exist for many years before the invention of handguns. Maybe one day the technology will be invented but not quite yet

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