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Reviewer: gadgetmawombo Signed [Report This]
Date: January 18 2015 5:10 AM Title: Chapter 12: Tucker vs Jessica

 I was kinda hoping you wouldnt pull the whole: "true love conquers all" thing to settle this predicament...I know Tucker wouldnt stand a chance in a bout to the death with Jess but he could have made some manuever that allowed him to attack the necklace that controlls her or would have been more badass and intesting than the generic disney solution like we got. Other than that little criticism I DID enjoy the chapter! Im eager to read the (hopeful) asswhooping nostory gets next chapter!

Author's Response:

Well it would have been difficult for him to attack the necklace since he wouldn't be able to reach it. I have been hinting to a deeper connection between the two characters. You'll have to see what happens next chapter and BTW after the next chapter the story will take a temporary hiatus. I want to work on a BFG prequel story before continuing on but I will finish this arc.

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