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Reviewer: vgiv Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 26 2017 10:47 PM Title: Girl VS Army

I've been spending most of my time on Giantess Booru these days, but decided to come back to World to browse. I'll have to go through chapter by chapter. This chapter just had the best name, so I gave it a go.

Jessica's one liners are amazing. She is much more iconic, forceful, and quite frankly, a lot more lovable than the already sexy gts we all got to know before the redux. Her personality contrasts well with Jack's own personality, which lacks her charm. Verbally, she backs up her size.

I LOVE giantess versus military/army scenarios. And this chapter captured the unstoppable, goddess like power Jessica wields and combined it with a mirthful humor. Jessica could easily wipe these guys out, but chooses not to.

I'll have to review each chapter when I've the time.

Author's Response:

Aw thanks, great to hear from you again. 


Well...Jack lacks her personality for now but things may change. 


It's easy for her to kill but I think deep down Jessica would want to avoid much bloodshed because she would not want to be seen as a soldier, the exact thing the government wants her to be. She's not a killer either, so she takes a measured response to armed grunts who cannot hurt her. She's not in danger at all, bullets cannot even pierce her skin so there's zero fear of someone hurting her. 

Looking forward to your reviews. I may send you an email soon, when my schedule clears. 

Reviewer: versusterminus7 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 05 2016 3:41 AM Title: Bios Page


You mentioned that you were planning a sequel to this so I figured I'd go through this story again. Still pretty in love with how complex the story is with soros and Lauren and how endearing Jessica is. I really love this. Tenouttaten

Author's Response:

Jessica is very endearing, glad you like her. Thanks for the review and I hope you'll enjoy it when I do release the story!

Reviewer: dood07 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 17 2015 12:07 PM Title: A Very Rude Welcome

Hey Nostory, it's me again.. I'm sorry to stalk you like this, but considering how I liked Downtrodden, I couldn't let some of your hours of work go to waste... I had to read this story :D

I'm a bit glad that I've read it all at once, cause this way I can review your complete work.

Ok, let's begin with the universe (you'll understand that I'm not a reviewer at all, so don't expect a wonderful criticism from me ^^), the story speaking about a giantess locked on an isolated island, a man who discovers her when his boat is unfortunately threw off by a storm, he lands there, etc.. And then all this thing about her being used as a weapon... It wasn't that original, but with this comes the strength of your tale. It's true, you made a masterpiece with something that isn't that much out of ordinary !! It's with this kind of demonstration thar we trully see what you're able to do, your genius is there.

To be honnest, I didn't like The Escape Redux as much as liked Downtrodden (maybe because there isn't this dimension of a rude past for your characters). Though I must admit that it was a really pretty story. Sure thing is also that I'm fond of love relationships, or very friendly at least, and there wasn't that much of it around here, so this is only a question of taste :) Once again, I see this fact as a strength in itself : the giantess you "built" wasn't meant to be there because you wanted people to interact with her, but she had a real meaning in this story, she's even a key element of your scenario. I'm not sure if my point is clear, but let me explain briefly : your giantess isn't really out of nowhere, all the story gravitate around her, and this is a good thing. Surely, this hazard causing Jack to meet her is a bit hard to believe, but in reality... Who cares ? The important thing is that they met, and then a strange relationship begins.. To be honest once again, this kind of relationship wasn't my cup of tea, but I believe it was well done, logical at least : A rich dumbass way too sure about his capacities and an endearing person like Jessica had nothing to do together, and this is obvious that they couldn't go well together. But I hoped that Jack was going to change, seeing how she treated him and all.. But the personality of your charachter would have been awfully less interesting (yeah if he had been more docile, then in what would have he been worthwhile ?). So yes, I would have liked a more friendly relationship between the two of them, and I've got to admit that when Jack tried to run away at night, I was hurt for Jessica. Her reaction was trully right from what I saw, some may have wanted her to be more cruel, but then would it have been logical coming from a woman as nice as her ? I don't think so. The scene when she's fighting against the jets was really really cool, but I was a bit disappointed when she arrived at Miami.. Sure you expressed the people fear and all, but I thought it would have more details, would have taken longer.. But as I've seen you were a bit in a rush with your other stories, and this is something I can perfectly understand :) 

I just have two things left, the first being the fact that I didn't see at all Lauren's plan coming, and it was something really well thought :) The part about her using Jessica as a diversion was a good one, maybe she shouldn't have underestimated her big ennemy :3

Also, I always search stories thought about the little guy in the relationship not being totally useless, because when he is given an important role once in the story, it is a proof for me that the story has been well thought, this isn't that simple to do so (I don't know if your see my point, I'm really sorry once again). Just to tell that appart the fact that Jack is rich and he can offer her a "life" in the end, this character has no heroic characteristic. Maybe it would have been better if this guy boring and unnerving in the beginning turned out to be someone brave and courageous :) but again your story is realistic this way, I am probably overestimating the power of love haha xD

Although with the end you proposed I am hoping he'll become someone better, and the way you showed him to us is really promising.

A special thanks for the scene with the wild dogs : It's true I am fond of feet (and I would like to draw your attention on the fact that this didn't stop me from reading your stories without that much foot interaction) and usually not really liking the crush scenes, but this one... Maybe it's a bit because she does it to save him, but it was pure bliss... :3

You'll understand that I had things to say on this story and I'm not that strong to explain them, plus they weren't that much positive, but trust me if I did this then it was because I thought for a long time about The Escape Redux. Even if my words aren't always kind and I might seem rude, be sure to know that I liked very much the story. Your stars are very well deserved, because the time it took you to work on something this good is clearly visible.

Frankly, great job man. Nice done :)

Hope to read more of it later, trully :)

Author's Response:

Thank you for reviewing and I don't call this stalking, its just reading haha.

The idea was generic and I don't hide the fact that the idea behind this is not creative in itself, I just wanted a giantess on a deserted island meeting a shipwrecked guy and he'd have adventures with her. I'm glad you liked how I  did it. 


A lot of people tell me that, that they like Downtrodden more than this one and its fine ,I guess Downtrodden is easier to relate to. There wasn't any element of a romance because this story didn't need one, I didn't want to have that part. Maybe in the sequel, due to be released in 2016 will have it?

I agree that if Jack were too nice and well behaved, the story would be a lot less interesting and even boring, glad you liked the scene where fought jets. I apologise for the Miami portion , was rushing and it showed. I'll try to avoid that but just wanted to clear my stories. Lauren's plan was good, simple but very effective as only Zoltan and Jessica noticed.


Jack offering her a place is at least some respite from the fact that Jessica is now homeless, its a step in the right direction for him.

Oh you liked the fight in the jungle? Great, I'm not a person fond of feet but it was never meant to reach out to foot fetishes out there. I like it when a giantess kills to save her friend :)


I'm not offended, glad you liked it and thankful you took the time to type out this review to point out my mistakes.

Hope you'll enjoy the sequel! 

Reviewer: youre_my_slave Signed [Report This]
Date: October 10 2015 6:23 PM Title: Bios Page

Any chance I could get the name of the man in Jack's bio pic?

Author's Response:

I am surprised someone even commented on this so long after the story ended :D


Its Chris Evans AKA Captain America. Why do you ask?



Reviewer: Barrowman Signed [Report This]
Date: July 18 2015 4:50 AM Title: Bios Page

@nostory. Wow 70metres even. Almost 40x times larger than her original size.

This poor girl is a victim. If Jack makes a deal with the government he can keep her and watch after her. Find the perfect place for her and build her a house with all kinds of facilities so she won't get bored. A remote Island is the best place. The people who care about her need to visit all the time to show that she isn't alone.


Author's Response:

Huge isn't she? Far larger than any animal on life without equal in strength and stature, she will probably go her life as the only person to know this pain. 

I don't think Jessica would accept a home on some remote island again, she didn't walk away from the government only for Jack to put her back on an island where he and those close visit every now and then. She'd flip out and no one wins in that scenario. She wants to get her old life back, a life along side the people she loves. 

Oh and congratulations on being the 50th reviewer!

Reviewer: Prodi Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 15 2015 7:41 AM Title: A Very Rude Welcome

Thanks for another fantastic story! You and vgiv are certainly among the best authors on this side as far as the plot-oriented stories go and this ending certainly makes me anticipate the sequel. Between the military wanting her back and Caitlin’s feelings for Jessica, it will certainly be interesting to see how that unfolds, especially since Caitlin’s feelings, right now mostly anger, could quickly turn into jealousy. I guess Jack will have to be careful if her wants to keep his girlfriend...

Keep it up. I'll always be following your stories :)

Author's Response:

Thanks for the compliments! 

vgiv definitely helped to improve the story, turning Jessica from docile giantess into a sassier giantess was his idea and I am glad to see he liked it, Jack being a total douche at the start was mine. 


There's a lot going on now for Jessica, Jack and Caitlin as you've pointed out. The government wants Jessica back plus lets not forget the public reaction to Jessica herself, Jessica will have to deal with that. Caitlin and Jack just got a little more complicated  since the former despises her and Jack is caught between the two due to his change of heart over Jessica and having to keep Caitlin from jumping at Jessica.

The sequel will be out once I finish Downtrodden, it is all planned out and I just have to flesh out the outlines I have so   once I finish the last 10 chapters of Downtrodden you should see something. 

Reviewer: youre_my_slave Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 14 2015 1:06 PM Title: A Very Rude Welcome

Wow... Caitlin's a riproaring bitch. Think she's feeling encroached upon... Maybe one day she'll realize that things could have turned out very, very differently if Jessica was cannibalistic, mentally unstable, or sadistic. Maybe she'd learn how lucky she is to see Jack ALIVE, considering how Jessica could have eaten him or tortured him into submission if she had different temperment. Caitlin needs to know where she stands.

Author's Response:

Yeah not the best impression from Caitlin although we've seen her twice before this meeting. 

I hope Caitlin does realise the error of her ways since Jessica could be using Jack as a buttplug if she wished to and she'd never see or hear from Jack again.

Thanks for the reviews!

Reviewer: gadgetmawombo Signed [Report This]
Date: July 14 2015 12:23 PM Title: A Very Rude Welcome

Woah, Caitlin has a mean streak in her doesn't she? But also, Jess has got to get some thicker skin honestly, because now that she's exposed to the world, people are going to say things much worse than what Caitlin just said about her! And it makes sense too, Jessica is very very different, and it takes time for humans to get used to things that are different.

Author's Response:

Caitlin is still sore over nearly being eaten. Jessica has been pretty sheltered all her life with her father, Zoltan and the government protecting her from scrutiny so now that has been lifted, a lot of people are going to say terrible things about Jessica. Jessica is not just different, she is large and powerful which scares people since no one knows what she can do but that her potential for destruction is potentially limitless. 


Thanks for all the reviews, hope you'll enjoy the sequel! 

Reviewer: Barrowman Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 14 2015 8:29 AM Title: A Very Rude Welcome

Jack has enough money to build a giant house for her. She is almost 60 metre. About 35x times the normal size of 1.70 metre. That house can be 420m by 420m. hight can be 100m. A little land around it. Problem solved.

Enjoyable story by the way.


Author's Response:

Jack can definitely afford to build a huge house for her , as a multi billionaire money won't be an issue for him.

Your numbers are good but you are a little off when it comes to Jessica. Jessica is based off real life model Jessica Gomes who is 1.77m in real life and she was 60 metres until her last growth spurt which puts her at about 70 metres in height but the house would still work. Good suggestion and we'll see how close you are when it comes to the sequel(s) 

Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: gadgetmawombo Signed [Report This]
Date: July 13 2015 12:54 PM Title: Home Is Where Your Giantess Is

Good chapter! Im glad to see Jack step in and be a man for once! And hopefully this little setup will lead to some GTS romance because honestly its what was missing for me in this story!

Author's Response:

GTS romance? Probably not in this story, maybe in the sequel. Jack giving Jessica a place to stay is a great gesture from him but I don't know if everyone else on his side will want her moving in. It might not be the best move on his part. 

Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: gadgetmawombo Signed [Report This]
Date: June 19 2015 11:16 PM Title: Heart to Heart

So far this story hasnt scratched the same itch as the original stories and i think its probably due to the lack of romance and low amount of giantess-tiny interaction. Id say the characters all stand out better and the writing is better but it lacks some of the charm of the originals. Just my 2 cents, I still dont really know why you decided to scrap them...

Author's Response:

Well you more or less said it really, the original ones didnt have characters that stood out much apart from Jessica and the writing was mediocre. I understand the recent chapters lack giant-tiny interactions but it will pick up, just hard to do so when there is only one giantess so far. 

Thanks for reviewing!


If you really want the originals drop me an email and I will send it to you , both of them. 

Reviewer: dragonking64 Signed [Report This]
Date: June 18 2015 6:33 AM Title: Heart to Heart

First you remove the original 2 story series of The Escape and bring up The Escape Redux and then you don't frinish the story.  Where is the rest of the story at?

Author's Response:

Sorry if you didn't like the reboot but I hope you can find it in you to give this a chance. 

Reviewer: dragonking64 Signed [Report This]
Date: June 18 2015 6:31 AM Title: Heart to Heart

First you remove the original 2 story series of The Escape and bring up The Escape Redux and then you don't frinish the story.  Where is the rest of the story at?

Author's Response:

I plan on finishing this one, its all planned out and there's only 3 chapters left, this story will be finished soon but I do have Downtrodden and that needs some editing for the final arc. I deleted both of the originals and I didn't plan on finishing the original 2 because I found I had messed up the plot and characters to the point it was becoming impossible to use. So I rebooted. If you want the originals I can email them to you, just send me an email and I'll be happy to do it. 

I realise I lost quite a bit of readers by rebooting but it'll work out in the long term as the sequels I planned will go in a different direction than Aftermath. Plus I already mapped out the sequels so its a matter of fine tuning and finding time to finish it. S

Reviewer: vgiv Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 09 2015 12:38 PM Title: Bios Page

I thought of it. I get that scene. I'll add it too the list of scenes that will lead to a series.

Ps I will be writing Incorporated later tonight. Hopefully. Probably.

Author's Response:

Okay but I might use something similar in a story, modifying it until its different enough from yours. 

I look forward to the next chapter, cannot wait to see how it ends.

Reviewer: vgiv Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 09 2015 1:49 AM Title: Bios Page

Realistically speaking, seeing how it is Florida the first thing that old guy would have grabbed would be his gun if he heard something.

I like how Jessica takes a swim in a bayou of all places. 

You see... if the assholes in Miami had been gentleman like, she would be in a Jacuzzi sipping margaritas and giggling. But chivalry is dead in the US, so welcome to America Jessica, enjoy that murky water and cops shooting you.

Author's Response:

Hehe...I know Florida has a lot of swamps( like Singapore but on my side its mostly in the north and east) but she doesn't have a lot of choice when it comes to bath tubs or baths at all. So the murky waters of the bayou will have to do until some good samaritan offers her a better place. 

I should write a scene like that, a giantess sits in a jacuzzi wearing a bikini that leaves nothing to imagination while all around her, men the size of her thumb try schmooze and suck up to her in the hopes of winning her heart but she knows who she wants so its all just harmless flirting for her. 


Reviewer: gadgetmawombo Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 07 2015 5:56 PM Title: Discovery

I think Jessica needs to get over herself abit. I get that she's a beautiful lady but as soon as she's naked she just assumes the entire world must be perving on her when in reality most people would be freaked out by her sheer size to perv on her. I can tell you now, that even though I'm a macrophile, I'd probably be too freaked out by Jess especially if I'd never seen her before to stare at her.

And wasn't it dark out when that old man saw her, plus didn't he call her "sasquatch"? Shouldn't that be enough for Jessica to confirm that he wasn't perving on her? Anyway, it was a good chapter, I think in the original story Jessica also though highly of her beauty and also thought people would perv on her.

Also, Jack needs to get over himself too. Cmon dude, you're not important enough for Jessica to go through all this trouble just to catch you! You're just some shmuk that ended up on her island! I guess both of them do share some character traits, in that they think highly of themselves XD!


Author's Response:

Well she is a big woman and it would be easy to see her assets out there plus she does find the old man's story rather fishy but she hasn't got time to deal with him so she let him go. He could have easily called her that because he panicked. 


Jack is a rather self absorbed brat but he knows what Jessica is like when she is angry so he assumes she rejected his apology to exact revenge. Pretty stupid but that is Jack for you. 

Reviewer: vgiv Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 31 2015 9:58 PM Title: Goddesszilla

What a dick move. Hot girl shows up to a beach after a long swim, and no gentleman buys her a drink? The gall of people these days... making a lady go out of her way for a bite and something to wear.


Author's Response:

Haha and they say chivalry is dead? Jessica should definitely have gotten more than being forced to change in public, wear rags for clothes, eat raw and unprocessed food and then get fired on by some ungentlemanly soldiers for it. Yeah, chivalry is dead. Although she did endanger Caitlin with her eating so Jessica isn't totally blameless. 

Reviewer: gadgetmawombo Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 31 2015 3:05 PM Title: Goddesszilla

So we have like six chapters left of this? I wonder if Jack is going to romance her in this story or not, maybe in the sequel? Anyway, this is starting to draw my interest again so kudos! This was definitely my favorite chapter of the story!

Author's Response:

  I would only do that if Jack could win our vertically gifted heroine's heart over in that amount of time. Thanks for liking it, I wrote most of it in one sitting so wasn't sure how it would be received. Normally I take my time to write things out but with college, time is at a premium so I need to finish these stories first rather than write one chapter a week. I can do that again after this and Downtrodden ends. Most likely I will follow it up the sequel to this one , got it all planned out while I still need to plan my second Intersizables story. 

Thanks for reviewing, hope you'll enjoy the end of this one!

Reviewer: Hank the Boggle Champion Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 31 2015 2:04 PM Title: Bios Page

Nostory, by the way the F-35 is still under construction and will not be released until 2037. A fighter more suited to your scenario would be the F-22 Raptor the military's most in use advanced fighter. If you are looking for a carrier based fighter look at the F-18. Another fighter to look at would be the F-15,and F-16.

Author's Response:

 Oh wow, thanks for pointing that out. I must have missed that out when looking up planes to use. That's pretty informative , thanks! Although, we could just get overlook it this once since their measures for dealing with a giantess means more advanced technology right? :)

Reviewer: vgiv Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 26 2015 9:43 PM Title: Convict

You get bombed, shot, and destroyed by F 35's, and the first thing she does is scream over the loss of her couch. Lol, Jessica's really American to care that much about a sofa.


Author's Response:

Hey it was your idea XD I liked it so much I threw it in, plus its a funny scene in a very serious chapter. 

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