Reviews For A Little Contract
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Reviewer: Barrowman Signed [Report This]
Date: August 01 2015 12:02 AM Title: En Garde!

I agree on your view of Felicia. The little scary part is in the beginning.

"“I told you,” Felicia laughed, “I never liked Rebecca (and don’t get me started on Becky).  And a new name is a rite of passage, it symbolizes the new you and will help us let go of the past.”

That would hurt if a friend said that to me.

Reviewer: Barrowman Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 25 2015 10:07 AM Title: En Garde!

I like this setting. In this situation you will know who your true friends are.

Author's Response:


I don't plan to continue this story but part of me is really curious as how this relationship will go.  Felicia is definitely not a closet sadist and I have no vision of her turning into a cruel tormentor, but I wondef if she'll come to have fun having Rebecca as a pet, and whether Rebecca will embrace that role.


Reviewer: ChristianPlaysMCraft Signed [Report This]
Date: April 16 2014 3:02 PM Title: En Garde!

Please do a chapter two the first chapter was awesome so please do a second chapter

Author's Response: This is definitely a one off, but I hope to do more stories with similar dynamics

Reviewer: Mr E Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 16 2014 12:30 PM Title: En Garde!

I like how you bounced back and forth between the past and present. it's weird reading how a person wants to be a pet, i know she didnt have much of a choice with that weird family of hers, but thats what I liked about it.


If you do decide to make a chapter 2 it could go anywhere. I can picture an extended conversation between these two coming naturally. theres a lot of boxes that still need to be checked.

Author's Response:

Well if I do make a chapter 2 it will probably be extensively conversation based.  I really like the Felicia/Rebecca voices, they talk easily.

Reviewer: AdamX Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 15 2014 7:24 PM Title: En Garde!

Another of those get Adam interested in a story and then only do one chapter times I see...


Well a pox on your house sir!


Also good read.

Author's Response:

I was trying to get revenge on Jacksmith for the brevity of Youpet, and you got caught up as collateral damage.  

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: April 15 2014 2:56 PM Title: En Garde!

Nice story. Love the conversation about settting up ground rules. I am sure that it would go down this way in real life. Love the terrarium idea. That way she can check on her without getting up. Nice story. Another brilliant idea.

Looking forward to more,


Author's Response:

A gerbil cage seemed  a little extreme for this dynamic.  I could see Felicia telling herself that a terrarium was just like a little building, whereas Rebecca would see it clearly as a pet enclosure (that she has no ability to get out of).


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.  I believe you left a comment on Erica's House a while back that I accidentally deleted.

Reviewer: DarcKage Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 15 2014 6:08 AM Title: En Garde!

I really like it.


I hope you'll consider making more chapters.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the support.  I admit I wouldn't mind see little BeeBee working to earn her keep.

Reviewer: Jacksmith Signed [Report This]
Date: April 15 2014 6:03 AM Title: En Garde!

Shame to hear this is just a one-off, although it works great as such. You did a surprising amount of world-building in a very short space to give us a sense of how the society works with the introduction of the virus. The conversations between the girls were simultaneously entertaining and very human while still of course feeling very enticing with regards to the possibilities they were discussing. The cultural references were good for a chuckle as well. It's a testament to the intriguing nature of the content that you got a whole story out of people just talking about shrinking before it even happens. Very nice work here.

Author's Response:

Thanks a bunch for the detailed response.  I'm really glad this story was enjoyed, and I super agree that it says a lot for our fascination with shrinking that it's so easy to make an interesting story just about people gabbing about the same old stuff.

Reviewer: MrSirk Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 15 2014 5:35 AM Title: En Garde!

This was funny and works well as a continued story or just a one off. Although if it does continue it would be cool to see them meet Erica's family in passing.

Author's Response:

I thought about trying to place them in the same world, but for story purposes it was important that the Erica world be a little kinder to shrinkers, and the contract world be much more severe.

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