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Reviewer: DarcKage Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 19 2014 7:29 AM Title: The shrinking virus

I thought Jade was the main villain in the story for a long time, but she now seems like she's kind of helping Steven find a way out of all this. I could be wrong, but it almost feels like she wants him to succeed.

Author's Response:

Well how to say it. Jade is a really mixed character, she doesn't understand her own feelings and only see the world and anything she does as a competition she has to win. Her relationship with steven is not really what you think, it's rather a love-rivalry relation. Jade is the kind of girl who always got what she wanted ( boys or objects) and has always been jealous of her step brother. If you like this character, the coming chapter basically speaks about her feelings and why she acts this way. (She likes to show who's the boss and feel superior but isn't that evil deep inside.)

Reviewer: realRS Signed [Report This]
Date: March 18 2014 12:15 PM Title: Confrontation with Jade pt 1

Neat, you're really taking this version of the story slower.  I'm enjoying that Steve has some realistic coping methods.

Author's Response:

I try to focalise on the psycologic aspect of the story, making the shrinking occurs less often makes it more feared and more dramatic for Steven. If you want the story to go faster, please feel free to tell me , I'll take it into account.

Reviewer: riczar Signed [Report This]
Date: March 17 2014 12:18 AM Title: The shrinking virus

I was just going to comment on the previous chapter and how things seemed to finally be looking up for Steven.  Then I read the latest chapter and it looks like he's stuck again.  He's not THAT small yet, can his stepmom really seize control like that?  A couple of chapters ago, I thought that the law treats shrinkers as disabled people with guardians, but the last couple of chapters I'm getting the impression that shrinkers have no rights whatsoever.  Troubling and even more for a reason that Steven gets his friends involved and makes some moves to extract him from that obvious unhealthy household.  Frankly I think his side of the family needs to get out of that house fast!  Is Megan really that inept?  It's going to take her finding some courage to start turning things around.  She might be able to get a job, get custody of her brother and maybe make a deal with her stepmother for her father (he keeps helping her with her job in exchange for letting him go).  For now I ride the emotional rollercoster of your fine story and pray for a happier ending.

Author's Response:

Thanks for showing that much interrest in the story.
This story shows 2 different things in society: If the government do present them as disabled person, who need someone trustworthy to take care of them, many persons doesn't accepts them as normal persons, as the disease isn't well known at all there are multiple rumours about shrinkers that only engender hate towards them. Megan is introduced as a weak minded person,scared and became more and more submissive person since her father shrunk at first. I don't really want to speak too much of her evolution througout the story but she might be one of the key character that will influence in a good way ( or not ) Steven.

Reviewer: rubber Signed [Report This]
Date: March 16 2014 9:40 AM Title: Last day to school.

you're an amazing writer. keep up the great work

Author's Response:

Thanks, Christiawi9 helps me a lot in writing it, he's basically the one writing that as I only do the first version and check the eventual grammar mistakes.

Reviewer: riczar Signed [Report This]
Date: March 14 2014 4:31 PM Title: The shrinking virus

Glad that you're still writing.  Steven's a smart guy, but his pride is going to ruin him.  I hate to point out the obvious.  He's putting himself right into Jade's clutches.  He can resolve this by simply telling everyone.  He still has enough size to matter.  If he does what Jade tells him, he's guranteeing that Jade and her mother will get custody of him.  I really would like to start seeing some common sense from him.  The clock is ticking and he doesn't have time to mess around being Jade's slave and giving up half his money.  I look forward to reading more.

Author's Response:

More chapters will be added soon, Yes he is indeed a really pride person, but as he isn't stupid he will deal with it don't worry for that, the problem is that anything in this society is done against shrinkers, and it's really hard for them to just run away from their home. Will Steven manage to escape before it's too late or not ? I guess we'll see soon! Thanks for your kind words too ! 

Reviewer: smallguy26 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 01 2014 2:40 AM Title: Two girls having fun

Wow, that chapter just blew me away. Can't wait to see what happens next =)

Author's Response:

Thanks , I appreciate the comment, I'll do more of this if you liked it then ;)

Reviewer: riczar Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 24 2014 11:10 AM Title: The shrinking virus

Good chapter and a bit uplifting of the mood of the last few chapters.  Honestly if I were in his shoes I would be doing everything in my power (while still able to) to safeguard myself after I get too small to live a normal life.  Especially so that his stepmother doesn't become his guardian.  I would think he could still designate a guardian at this point.  There has to be counseling and general support for people in his situation.  His father acted too slowly and thus stuck with his bitch of a wife.  Scott at least had something to offer his wife to take care of him and his family.  Steven has nothing to offer except practical enslavement.  I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

Author's Response:

Hi, really interesting comment, Thanks.

Yes Steven is now seriously thinking about his future, what will he do ? Where will he go ? And also with who ? Will he let Megan and Scott in this house or will he be able to do something to help them ? 

You let some proposition in your comment that are really interresting, of course there should be some organization to help shrinkers but Steven is not the kind to let himself be guided somewhere without checking by himself, He would rather find by himself where he could go or who he could call for help and find someone who could be his guardian,the problem is that in this society shrinkers are seen as source of disease and less than human, so he has to be sure his potential guardian won't be someone like that. 

Thanks for the review and stars ;)


Reviewer: realRS Signed [Report This]
Date: February 14 2014 3:12 PM Title: The shrinking virus

Seems like you're going a little slower in this translation.  Thanks for writing, enjoying the chapters.

Author's Response:

Yep, I'm taking more time, the action will happen soon so don't worry about that ;). 

Reviewer: riczar Signed starstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 11 2014 11:29 AM Title: Back at school with friends.1/2

Looking at the way Steven thinks about his relationships and how it would be when he shrinks noticably, you'd wonder why he isn't considering suicide.  I hope he can come to terms with it, find someone that can actually care for him and dig out some kind of tolerable life when he's too small to live normally.

Author's Response:

Well this disease kind of destroyed his whole future so it is really hard for him to deal with that. He is however too pride to let himself die or submit. He is in a bad mood at first because he doesn't know how to react, I don't want to tell too much what's coming next but don't forget that he has many friends and even back home he can counts on his big sister and brother. Don't worry you'll see a badass Steven and some good allies pretty soon. ;) Thanks for your review !

Reviewer: diesel Signed [Report This]
Date: February 10 2014 2:23 PM Title: Another morning 2/2

Nice idea for a story. Well done. Looking forward to more. I am sure the step mother will be a pivotal character.

Keep up the good work,


Author's Response:

Thanks a lot. I won't spoil what's coming next but yes she is indeed a key character in this story.

Reviewer: christiawi9 Signed [Report This]
Date: February 08 2014 7:13 PM Title: The shrinking virus

Whoa, what happened? All the reviews and read count disappeared. Did you delete them and reupoad them or something italykeke?

Author's Response:

Yeah I deleted the story by clicking on the wrong button ... What a morron ^^"

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